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Episode 86 · 2 months ago

My Playdate with Wilford Brimley


Hello you beautiful and mysterious internet beauties! On this brand new episode we get to talking the problem with playdates, giving up physical items that you love, drug addled icons we aspired to be, This Fool from Hulu, Vice Principals on HBOmax and of course, sharing some oats with Wilford Brimley. This summary doesn't do the Selling Out Show justice, but how can one properly package all that awesome using human language? Nope! Can't be done! So get lissssnin'!







and don't forget the little lube that could 


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...we were kids just called hanging out. Man, didn't need a label. Play date like it didn't need to be assigned. But even then, when when I say kids to people who have listened to this program before, I know I'm kind of general. It could be anywhere between the ages of Zygo to uh, eighteen, when I say kids, but when we were younger, I never had anybody over my house ever, like people didn't come to hang out at my my pad, not many, not once. So for me it was a lockward because, you know, the way I was raised. I had a single mother, okay, who was gay and smoked a bunch of weed. And I'm saying this not to, you know, bring down the image of my my mom, because she did a hell of a job, obviously. Look at me. Yeah, and there's nothing wrong with those things anyway. Well, no, no, no, no, I'm a peach. And Yeah, just back then there was like this whole well, I mean, for one, smoking a whole bunch of dope thing. You know, you don't want the kids coming in a fucking house reeks a freaking Weed Guy, what are you doing? Being raised by Cheech and Chong, the whole lesbian thing. That was an entire issue upon itself, you know what I mean? He didn't want people to find out back then, sure, because then you know that'd be uh, aspersions would be cast, yeah, and stigmas, stigmas indeed. But I mean I also had, like we just said, there's nothing wrong with that. My whole thing was because, I think I watched too much television. I had this almost Sitcom esque view of reality, thinking that if anything was on a place like that, that you know it was, it wasn't right and people were going to judge me for it. Yeah, you know what I mean. And you, on the other hand, would always have people over your home when we were teenagers. Yeah, yeah, your place was crawling with friends hanging out, eating your food, food, enjoying your your parents spoils. You know, we took advantage especially. Yeah, most definitely. Yeah, you did not have the same situation I did, where you weren't worried about people coming over and smelling dopen, you know, gay jokes or whatever. But, uh, I say all this to you now, I guess, to kind of present how I approached life as a parent, because I don't care if my son has friends over. No, a big deal. It's not a big deal for me. I don't mind. I encourage it because I never had that when I was a kid. But you know, with covid and what have you, we haven't had many visitors lately and even even if we could, it's not like he ever invites people over. I don't know if that's like just the new thing or what have you. E'sn't going over to a lot of people's houses either. Hence why it's a play date right, something that has to be arranged, scheduled, designed. It's an appointment. Okay, it's all this week we had one. Oh, baby, we're gonna have a play date at my house. So you know what? I cleaned? I made this place look spotless, not that it was that bad. I'm not living in, you know, a kidney litter box here or anything. Hell, I don't even own a cat, but I still wanted to be, uh, you know, nice and Shnazzy. I want to be the Cool Dad, ultimate dad powers on effect. I ordered some Domino's pizza, I had a movie I rented, all lined up right to rock and roll, like these guys are gonna have the best time of their life. My son would grow up someday become mega successful, look back upon his life. I'm choking up thinking about it, and say my dad rented sonic too for that play date, and that's why I am who I am to day. You know what I mean. And the new generation, the new generation, there you go like Pepsi. And then, uh, the kid fucking canceled. You got a near infection and couldn't come over. So I spent all this money on freaking Domino's pizza and move these and entertainment. Gonna have a good old time and, uh yeah, just me and my kid watching sonic too. Wow, you wouldn't always all that money on you and your kid. Whoop. Yeah, well, I mean, you know me with money, I always can allocate it to other things selfishly, because that's how I roll, that's what I do. I only care about myself, truly, intristically, but anyway. So we're like, well, maybe next week, right, Kad near Che what are you gonna do, sickly little bastard? It is what it is, you know what I mean. So here we are today. Today's one week from the cancelation, and I swore to myself I'm not going to clean today. This kid's walking into whatever kind of house I got. It is what it is. I'm not renting nothing, I'm not buying nothing, no way, no how. And what was I just doing before we hopped on air together? Mopping cleaning. One thing I did do. I cut corners on the pizza business because I bought a frozen pizza and a bag of chips. Yeah, man, don't risk that... fee. Yeah, well, they even the fee. Just freaking processed crap in a box. I'm spending all this money on it. Ain't good for you. Yeah, you know, avoid the annoid Bra for Real, you know. But Anyway, I'm talking all about this because, you know, I don't know how you approach it now with your step son. Does he ever have people over? Um, even our listeners like, what do you guys do with your kids? Is it like? Okay, real quick, we had a friend of ours named Bob, you know Bob. When he was a fucking kid. Holy Cow, his house was like Grand Central Station. His mom was feeding people, Bing, Bang, boom. It's almost like one of those movies where you see they had an ethnic family. Everybody's gonna come over, everybody's gonna eat. You know what I mean, like you think you're part of the group, your blood baby. Yeah, I don't. That's such a foreign thing to be even when I went over his house, I felt like weird. I'm like, what, how do people exist like this? This intrusion, I hear that, you know. Yeah, I I definitely had my share of people over as a kid, I I think. I mean I didn't have huge parties all the time, but by the time I was a teenager, you know, like my folks would go away for like week vacations and they kind of would trust my brother and I and we would occasionally have like a good party, you know, a few people over spending the week over there sometimes, which was fun. But but yeah, man, like when I was really young, yeah, I didn't I have parties here there. But you asked about how things are with Joey nowadays. Um, he is very similar. I don't know if it's something as similar as your son. I'm saying like, Um, I don't know if the if it's something about just the way people grow up now, with virtual hangouts and screens and playing on the xbox slide I've you know, or whatever online, it seems like a lot of the hangouts are virtual and they're like, you know, I'd rather just sit in my room on the screen rather than like go out and do something, and this way I can do that and hang out with a friend. So why would I go over there? Like that's that's the VIBE I get from Joey, but he um, yeah, he'll have a hangout once in a great while and and when he does I love it because I've kind of been able to mold joey into like showing him good movies that I or my my opinion of good movie or humble opinions. Right. So we've now got a bunch of kids that are, you know, fifteen now, but probably at the time they might have been thirteen or twelve, that all of a sudden are huge, big trouble little China face. Very nice. Yeah, so I'm spreading that inappropriate films. Oh, it wasn't that bad. It's not like there's nudity and stuff and that. You know, those kids are twelve, like I said, they were twelve thirteen at the time I was seeing those movies when, or a big little China anyway, I saw that when I was probably eight nine, you know. So who the funk are Uni deify the movie ratings, Whatever, Association of America? Oh why? What was what was big one little China rated? You should know. You love the damn movies. Your favorite movie? You can't remember? Google that. Get on it right now. It's PG but I'm gonna look I'm gonna Guess Triple X. Oh, yeah, him, control went down on. Yeah, Dude, yeah, let's find out. Big trouble a little. China, yes, was rated PG thirteen. So if they were thirteen, were right on time. Well, guess what, you're not right on time, because in the eighties pg thirteen to this day's standards, with with inflation, it's like being triple X. that's true. There were PG movies with swears and back then and PG thirteen. Yeah, the the amount, I think they go by like the amount of like the word fuck, like how many times that appears and like things like that, or like sexual whatever it's like nowadays. Circuit. Man, it was rated P G and then you see that Ali sheety analbead scene and go on, how the hell did they get away with that? Yeah, I know, man, like the like the the amount of times they were like homophobic slurs said by like little kids in movies back then. Like, you know, I don't want to get myself canceled, but the other half word, if you know what I'm talking about. Like I was watching a movie like the gate, which was like a horror movie from when we were kids, and it was more or less like it's all kids in the movie. It's all like young people. Um and yeah, the kids are all throwing that word around and lab and F bombs and all kinds of I don't dude, Monster Squad. Remember like that was like a little kids... more or less, and there was the whole thing about like well, this has to be read by a virgin and they have like this one character that's a girl and she's like she tries to read this passage and the spell or whatever doesn't work and they're like, well, I did it with him, but he doesn't count, and it was like this whole scene. I remember being a kid and just like confused by that. And then, you know, welcome to Reagan's America's okay, come on now, make America great again. Alright, so Joey's not having anybody over. He's online hanging with the homies in the virtual chats whatever. My kid he goes over people's houses once in a blue moon. He doesn't. I don't. I don't know. He doesn't really do like a lot of online gaming. He does a little bit and he plays with his friends and stuff, but it's not overly whatever. Like I wouldn't even call it sociable. You know what I mean? He's just a lone will o man, this kid. I guess. I don't know. I think the pandemic and everything had a hand in a lot of that too, though, because it made it more normal for young people. Like when you're young, two years is a huge chunk of your life. So that's just it becomes. Well, that's how things are. It's been two holy years. Like for us we've got two years, is a fraction of our lives, but for a kid they're just like well, I guess this is how it is now. We just hang out alone, you know. Well, I think going over people's houses to the the precursor to that was actually doing something outside where it's like hey, oh, you need to take a dump, yeah, come over my house, you go, pop a squat, grab yourself a cannon Dr Pepper while you're at it. Why not? You know, because you're already walking train tracks or something stupid. Oh right, right, right, which is what we used to do back in the day because we were young and stupid. It's like, Hey, what do you guys want to do today? Let's hit the train tracks, see how far we can go and maybe we can hit the next town. Yeah, we're like hoboes. Yeah, I know, but it was a him. Yeah, that was the ship. It's almost as if my kids said to me tomorrow, Hey, Dad, I'm just gonna go, uh, walk the train tracks and maybe see how many vagrants I can point out and keep a log up them. I'll be like, yeah, that's awesome. Can I come with that? Sounds like a blast, but if you told me you're going to Disney world, I'd say funk that. Yeah, I have no interest in that. But counting hoboes on the side of a dirt path, Oh man, now we're talking. That's the good juice right there. That's a jumbo juice. Yeah, it's good fun. We used to go underneath like the bridges and stuff. I remember. They'll be spray paint about, like necro beast reality right, hey, look at that. That's great. That right there. That's that's art. That's what that is. That's somebody's expression. Right now they call it graffiti. No, no, now you're gonna identify. That's what you gotta do. Identify as a NECRO BEASTI list. What is that on your twitter profile? No, come on out, but now I'm getting Gross, I'm getting weird and, uh, you know what, maybe maybe people shouldn't allow their children over my house. He's in the back room right now talking to his buddy. They got this podcast and he's saying some weird ship. So, yeah, not a cool guy. Take away his his dad powers. He's talking about taking my kid into train tracks and underpasses. And then you're like, let's watch some filthy films. Filthy, fil filthy, dirty John Carpet. Yes, indeed. So well, anyway, everything is still planned today. Let's see if the kid shows up. He's gonna get his frozen pizza, his potato chips. He that's the other thing, too, is we're texting the mother of the kid. Last week, like looking for any dietary restrictions before I ordered the dominoes, which isn't a sponsor, doesn't pay me at all. I shouldn't keep saying their names so often. Yeah, but he's like yeah, Pep Roni for the kids. Good, so we get the pepperoni pizza. Yeah, that's another thing you didn't have to ask about back in the day. You know, do I need a NAPPI pen? Yeah, right, is it's necessary. You know what I mean? Do you have to clear my house of all peanut products before he comes in? Yeah, does he uh insist on doing a hot yoga after a meal? It sounds like the kid. You might need to ask about those things. He's sickly enough where he's already canceling play dates, and I feel bad, I shouldn't call him that. He's just a child, but he is coming down with all this weird ship like all the time. It's almost to the point where you think is like, is that like the excuse? Like it's a setup before they cancel? Oh, yeah, he puked the other day. Yeah, he's got this here infection. No, we had covid two weeks ago. Oh, this is okay. So what's all this info for? Where you give me the fucking medical file for what's what's happening? You'RE NOT gonna make it Friday or what? Come on, right, you know, it's like there's preparing you for the yeah, preparing you for the cancelation. You know. Yeah, I don't like that, because I think I've done that.

I've kind of like given the laundry list of excuses before canceling on somebody for something, you know, because you hope the options yeah, because you're hoping, like during that whole time it's almost like you're pleading to them, like just tell me not to bother, please, please. And that's when I got my toe amputated. That was Tuesday and that Wednesday, you wouldn't believe the craziest thing happened to me. I was watching the anal beat scene with Ali Sheity in short circuit and all of a sudden nice strain of muscle in my neck. Darndest thing. What a Quinky dinker right there. But you know, I am very interested in our listeners perspective and all this. We do on occasion get some nice emails and I would like some more. So if you are a parent, or maybe you want to be a parent and maybe you imagine being a parent, maybe you've seen a parent on TV, I don't know. But if you have any opinions on this or any of the other topics that we've talked about on this show, make sure you email selling out show at GMAIL DOT COM or hit us up on the socials. Selling out show, twitter and UH, instagram, and at selling out show one on the book. Yeah, you know, that's another thing too. I don't really do the social media with other parents. Yeah, I know my mom, my mom, not my mom. My mom would fucking never done that ship. I remember she used to get piste that. When I was in little league and I only played for like a season, they made it, made it mandatory the parents had to work the snack bar. Can. I'd be pissed about that too. I'd be like, what the fuck? Do you know how much I gotta pay for all this ship? I gotta pay for the uniforms, I gotta bring his ass to practice and now you tell me I gotta Sling Popcorn. Damn, what the Hell is the matter of I don't know. I feel bad, though. I feel like I'm talking negative about my mom. I'm like, yeah, she smoked a lot of weeds, she's gay, she didn't like going uh doing the freaking snack bar, but she worked very hard for two ungrateful fucking children. Ungreat we were horrible kids. I think you're making her seem relatable more than anything. Okay, good, because I did not grow up with any money. We grew up fucking poor. That's the other thing I remember when we were kids. Are Refrigerator broke and thank God we live in New England. Because to keep the milk cold, we put it outside the window in the snow, but we couldn't afford a new fridge. But I'm saying this is a setup, because this is like one of the worst things ever was that she didn't make a ton of money, but when she go grocery shopping, she come home with the bags. She must have felt fucking great, like Hey, I am a provider, look at this, the bounty I am bringing home me and my brother. Man, the moment she came through the door, rated those fucking bags like eight ships before we could even put it away, right and like she used to freak out, like you ate all the groceries, that was all the groceries for the week, and ate them two hours. So yeah, just let her know what kind of Shitty kids she had to deal with. Hungry Boys, man. Balance it out. Let's balance it out. So I won't keep you updated on how it goes with the play date today, into mystery. I want you want to know us. Yeah, right, US tweet US or Instagram us, which I guess it is weird because Instagram is about pictures. So what we do? D M slide into our D M S. right, that's what they call it. Am I hip with the kids, hip with the lingo. Imagine that we're get to play date and I'm like Hey, you guys, uh, enjoy the movie? Yeah, you guys have a sliding into each other's D m S. would be like what, guys, come on, it ain't all just about Hula hoops Nintendo Games. I know what's cool with the kids. But anyway, you know, speaking of youth, talking about all that, I maybe for those factors that I just brought up. I'm really into collecting things, and I say this because, growing up poor and not having a lot of things and having kind of like a weirder, offbeat childhood, you connect more to physical items or uh, you know, whether it be action figures, comics in my case, those kind of things or whatever, because they bring you joy. They bring you happiness as a nostalgia factor to them, because of that moment in time that maybe your life wasn't so great or a little different and you're like wow, that that's what was my my island in the Sea of uncertainty, sure you know what I mean, and you carry those things with you as an adult. As we all know, Nostalgia, Geez, Louise is his own industry. Now you know what I mean. Um, people can't get enough in nostalgia, whether it's rebooting TV shows, you know, like who the funk wanted Fuller House? Who? I mean, like, for Real, you really want to see the...

...what happened with the Tanner family in the future? Aren't something's better left unsaid? Man, could DJ become like a crackhead? She's a veterinarian. Okay, so it's similar. Yeah, yeah, totally fucking getting high on that Ketamine. Um. But Anyway, I've been, uh, like I said, collecting things my whole adult life, and is great because when you're an adult you finally got money for ship too. So I guess this kind of ties into white nostalgia is so popular because you know, we've grown up and they're like, oh, we we can get your wallet. That's what we can do, right, we can come and seize your cash because we know you liked he man so much that you will pay to have this heman action figure reissue whatever. And we got you. Yeah, I've been collecting action figures, which is kind of lame for a dude in his forties to be collecting action figures, and keeping them in boxes. I mean it's a stereotype, it really is. It's like that nerdy ass fucking like not going to open the box. This could be worth some money someday. But realists, realistically, the value for any anything is because people didn't treat ship with respect back in the day, you know, making it rare right now that everyone treats it that way. That's it's less rare for it to be in perfect shape. Where ship, that's the thing, Ain't worth the Goddamn thing. I mean whatever. We however, met much of molded plastic costs and that, you know, labor costs in Taiwan, which is probably even less than that per hour. Yeah, but it brings uly. Yeah, but that gives me a good idea for the play date today. I said, good idea, a good idea. I can put the kids into Labor. Wait, what forced labors? I can, yeah, exactly. I can have them started sucking, putting shirts together and manufacturing things, any of it's even better because they can get all the components from different countries, bring them here, have child labor to it and then to say assembled the USA and people buy the hell out of it. But I recently I was like, man, I don't know, I think I'm gonna give up on something. And the reason why I say this is there's in the action figure world a thing called pre orders. They announced it. You can order it ahead of times when it's released. You know, you got it at that price point everything else. And there was a figure that I really really wanted, like at the moment it was announced, I was like drooling, like Oh yeah, I want that like a motherfucking desert needs rain. Man, give me that ship. And I recently stop thought about it. I mean we're just kind of like my life situations as is and what's going on. I'm like, do I really need this? I want it so bad. It's such an immature thing to want this of all things, you know, and it's not like it was super cheap either, and so I canceled my preorder. Oh Man, yeah, that was a big deal for me. It was like, you know, that's pretty thicking, that's a big step day. Well, there's a other moments in my life I've I've had to say no, especially in the whole realm of collecting, and I won't bore you all half to death with the stories of it, because I could go on, I mean really a long time talking about this stuff. But I'm like, am I done? Is this it for me? Like what is it gonna take? Like what special item in action figures would it make me say I cannot live without this? I already have a lot. So I mean, maybe I am done. Maybe that's it. Maybe the goose is cooked on collecting plastic. You know, it's like with me and the comics. I can never give those up, but the comics are more okay, right, action figures, when you're a kid, you play with them, when you're an adult you keep them in the box. Comics are a story. I want to read them. I don't collect them just to like keep them in a piece of plastic and whatever. I don't deal with them, I don't trade them, I don't sell them. I read them and enjoy them. So something I can't and I love stories, I love entertainment. I can't, I can't quit them. Yeah, but the action figures, it's a static thing. They just sits there on my shelf. Decoration. Yes, thank you, a decoration. I enjoy looking at them, but yeah, I could probably go without. So how about you? Is there anything out there that you're like man. You know, back in the day I wanted this so fucking bad or I dedicated to years of my life to this thing. Now I don't need this ship. Yeah, I mean yes and no. I I definitely have had my fill of like feeling like I need this, like, whether it's musical equipment and C D S. back in the day, um, always band shirts. I went through a period of just like ordering band shirts and thinking like that feeling of anticipation when you know it's coming in the mail and then when it finally shows up it's great, but then after a while you're like that's just another one of my shirts. And but I also have had some situations in my life where I'm like, you know,...

...all those things. I don't think there's anything wrong with you know, I don't think you're like wasting money by buying things like that or should feel bad about it, because honestly, like, what else would you spend your money on? You spent as long as you've got your needs met, that's the important thing. Obviously, if you can't afford your bills and whatnot, then you need to you need to bails. Well, who doesn't? But I'm saying, if if those are taken care of, then it's like everyone's got something they like, whether you're eating then an expensive meal, or you go to see a movie, or you're buying action figures or you know, whatever it may be. And Yeah, I mean I I bought an expensive base not long ago that I've my whole life. I've wanted a fretless base and and then I saw that there was a five string fretless base, which is even more of a luxury for me. And you know what I mean. I've had it for not quite a year yet, but probably about half a year actually, but it's still bringing me tons of joy. But that's one of those things that I used to to make music, so it's like I'm constantly using it. But but yeah, man, I don't know. I I come at it from a different side because I've I've lost a ton of ship. I know, I'm sure we've all lost a ton of ship, but in my life, like there were times that I'd like get locked up and have a bunch of stuff out an apartment that I just lost because I couldn't, you know, I had no one to go clean out my apartment, so it just chucked it up. Yeah, whatever, you know, it hurts. That's painful and it's happened more than once. So so, anyway, I've kind of learned that whole like don't get too attached to stuff, is what I'm trying to say. But at the same time, if it brings a joy, there's no shame in it either. So I don't know, man, it's it's you just got to find that balance of like this brings me joy, so I'm at peace with craving it or wanting it, but at the same time, yeah, you can't fall apart if you can't get it or if you lose it. That's it's a fine line of balance that we all gotta find, you know, but we all have it, I think. I don't think you're I don't think there's anything strange about, you know, spending money obsessively on collectibles because, yeah, like I said, we all have our things. Very well said, nate, and I think, uh, for anybody who had listened to our previous episode with my health bombshell about my hip. I'm going to have the surgery, so I'M gonna be out of work for a while. My finance is going to be a wee bit out of whack. You know what I mean. So, with that being said, spending money on action figures was also kind of like that's gonna hit right when I'm out for a while. Christmas is right around the corner. Do I really want to be buying all this stuff from myself? I do, but should I? You know? So that's where I was at. I think I'm just gonna, you know, take this as an opportunity, man, fucking uh, to let it go. Say Hey, you know, you gotta be, you gotta be. It really special for me to say I am going to buy you and put you on my shelf. But when you said people were throwing your landlords or wherever, we're throwing your stuff out, oh, that's the worst. That's like that's like a punch right to the plums. There's nothing you can do. Your CRAPP is just out there and someone else is going to take it. Yeah, that sucks. It just gets tossed. I know. I've had so many like full seed collections and, yeah, clothes, things like that. I mean I didn't, I didn't never add a ton of like expensive ship, but I had stuff that was important to me. You know so. But yeah, you know. And I struggled with that stuff a lot too. I lost a lot of tapes and CDs of music that we'd recorded together with friends or other bands that I was in and stuff like that. And that stuff you can't even get back, you know. I mean that's no stalgic you made, yeah, created that. Yeah, those are like tangible memory, you know, that you can literally go back and listen to. And I just don't have them anymore. And that and that. I struggled with that for a long time, but you know what, it's just I eventually learned that that it's in the experience of making it, as opposed to having the thing, the shiny thing, at the end of the process. It's like, I don't know, it's nice to have a little thing to a memento, but memories are important and I don't know. That's what I tell myself anyway. So I don't hang it up. Let me ask you this then, my friend Mr Zen master over there. Yeah, is there something that you couldn't live with out is there something right now in your life that has stood the test of time? You're like, Hey, man, I don't care what it is. Uh, as far as what it costs, you know where I got to carry it, where you gonna take it, whatever the case may be. But I really want it. I never want to lose it. Think about that one. Uh, the brain is blinded. Yeah, man, because I'm I'm just, I'm I feel... I'm finally out of place where I know I'd be okay, you know what I mean, like it would suck. There's some things that would be really painful to lose, but I feel comfortable with the fact that I know ultimately I'd be okay, and that's maybe that came from just, yeah, ending up in shitty spots or whatever it is. But whatever it is, I'm grateful they're at that spot because, yeah, man, but why? Aside from aside from your collectibles, is there anything you feel that way about? HMM, yeah, I know, I was gonna if you're gonna flip the script and turn the question on me, I was gonna say my columics, Dude, you know. So, yeah, no, not really as far as physical things. Yeah, because we're not talking about people or pets or anything like that exactly. We're just talking about, you know, stupid shit. Yeah, man, so for me, yeah, definitely, my collectibles. Oh, I love them. I love that I have them, even the action figures. I'm ready to get up on the ones I own. Oh Yeah, yeah, man, that's that's good stuff. But no, that's about it for Moir. For me, you know, I think I missed a really good opportunity to plug that last episode even more because I was like, yeah, the health bomb, Michelle, I should have made into like a dateline commercial or something, you know, kind of did more with that, making people interested who you know? Hopefully you've all listened to our back catalog or shows, but if you hadn't and this is your first time here, welcome. But then two, I should have sold that better to you. I really should have. Yeah, I made it seemed much more dramatic and if you didn't hear last episode, you don't want to miss it. You can't live without it. You can't. This is the one thing you cannot give up in your life coming this fall. That's better and it should raise the whole part before with that. Yep, dill late, zero one, zero, zero, one one, I'm doing binary ship deleting. So yeah, I think we're ready to move on from this. What do you say, nate? Let's guys get back to our roots here the program because you know what, we've had a segment since day one, the first fucking episode, and that's a little thing we call nate's no's. But before we do, I want to thank the partners of the show. I almost said programs. I said Pushow, which could be a thing. Looking up in the dictionary. People. It's real. It's silent. Actually, sure. Uh. We got a really cool cupon code to give away that I really desperately wish that people don't sleep on, because it's a big and it's a good one. I just mentioned Christmas is right around the corner and, as a matter of fact, I'm already buying Christmas stuff. I mentioned I was gonna go broke because I need to fix my health. Welcome to America, welcome to the US of a, where you get sick and all of a sudden, but you know, there you go, there goes your your savings. But Anyway, this supposed to be a plug for, like I said, our sponsors, and I'm like, AH, me, the dangers of unfettered capitalism in our average yeah, cheese. My whole point was like, Hey, buy this stuff now, because we gotta keep on code for it and it's perfect for Christmas. And you're ahead of the curve, which is a good thing if you like vaping, if you like relaxing with products such as Delta Eight. UH, Sativa. I guess that's the thing that's hip with the kids. Now I'll ask at the plate eight. Hey, you kids ever training sativa? Uh No, that's ill advised as well. But anyway, these following companies you can use code selling out twenty and you'll save are if your entire order, which is fucking incredible. And those sites are Alpine Hemp Dot Com, Northland Vapor dot com, death by GUMMY BEARS DOT COM and wonky weeds dot com. 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...while let them have all the fun, you can have spunk loop delivered discreetly to your front door right now by visiting spunk Lube Dot Com. Trying today, and you can thank me later. Now we are on, like I said, with that time tested age, old age, old segment called Nate's notes. Let's fucking do this, baby. Duck up your LPS, it's time for nate. No, we were wild kids, both Dave and I, as well as the rest of our group of friends. We were open minded, creative people. For the most part, a bunch of US played in bands, some of US played in more than one. I know it doesn't always has happened this way, but being open minded and art se can sometimes go hand in hand with drug experimentation. Maybe it's the way music affected us. Like how, for me, long before trying any drug, music could almost transport my mind to other places. It was like a pseudo hallucinogenic experience, before I even understood what that was. I would listen to music and, if it was done right, I wouldn't hear musicians playing in a studio, I'd hear like the soundtrack to some weird visuals going on in my mind. I don't know if that's a form of Synesthesia, but that's the best way I can describe it. So when I discovered weed and then, of course, other psychedelics like acid or mushrooms, those bright and vivid images that music showed me came alive even more so. And when I would write music with friends under these conditions, I was only really happy with the finished product when I got that same feeling of this doesn't sound like a band, it sounds like the background music on an alien planet or something. or at least those songs were the ones of which I was most proud. By the time I started playing shows, however, I was dabbling in drugs that were less conducive to creativity. My mind, it seemed, was so open that all scents poured out of it, and I started trying the substances that everyone knows are bad news. I guess I figured they lied to me about how dangerous psychedelics and pot are. Maybe all the negative hype surrounding Meth and opiates is overblown too. Spoiler warning, my hypothesis was flawed. They may have been exaggerating about getting stoned and tripping, but all the bad press about the hardcore it is pretty spot on. I never had some big break or real shot at the big time that I subsequently sabotaged. Nothing so specific, but my band split was doing pretty well for a local wooster band in the late nineties. Regular gigs, CDs and other Merch that were selling pretty well, and some connections with big national acts that were manifesting into bigger audiences and opportunities to go on the road. It's sure had the feeling of momentum, but we were young and we were a little irresponsible with our partying. Some of US drank too much, some loved pills like xanax and Valium. Some of us were already strung out on heroin and hitting detoxes. I remember Dave's aunt's boyfriend, Derek, saying something about how we were doing it backwards. You're supposed to achieve some sort of success before you get all messed up on drugs. I guess we just figured we were ahead of the curve. Our heroes were people like David Bowie, Trent resiner, Kurt Cobain Lane Staley, people that not only didn't conceal their drug use, they often wrote about it. The drugs were like a muse for some really powerful material. The problem was that all that material overshadowed the negative consequences that came with that lifestyle. I mean we heard stories in the tabloids about Dave gone from Depeche mode being arrested and almost dying from heroin. Of course, Kurt cobain had killed himself by that point, but I was almost too young to really even process or truly comprehend the implications of that. At the time. Lane Staley was alive, I'll stop short of and well, and I just knew his lyrics to song...

...was like junk head and sick man as kick ass poetry. I missed the inherent warning in them, blatant and spelled out as it was to hijack a phrase. So I made a big mistake. Try to see it once my way my bands collapsed. Things got dark. Life went on from there, but that was basically the end of any rock star fantasies I may have had. As I've gotten older, I've come to a sense of piece about how my life turned out. I'm in a good place. Finally. I've started playing music again. I'm learning all the Scales and music theory that I skipped over as a kid, and that, along with some really nice new instruments that have since gotten, has made me more enthusiastic than ever about making music. And I know things could have been far worse. I mentioned Kurt Cobain and Lane Staley back there, and of course they stand as symbols for not only the amazing Seattle music scene of the early nineties, but also for the dangers of obtaining superstardom when you have a crippling addiction issue, that weird curse of getting everything you want when what you want is potentially deadly and you have a problem with moderation. I often feel bad for the other guys in Nirvana or alison chains who survived not only the implosion of their planned career path but also the loss of a close friend. But to keep it in that same Seattle scene, imagine how the guys in mother love bone must have felt. For those unfamiliar with that name, mother love bone were the first band who attracted the national spotlight to Seattle. Back then, before Nirvana, before alison chains, Mother Love Bone were being plucked from obscurity on their way to superstardom. There's singer, Andy Wood, was a charismatic, talented and natural showman. Critics would call him the only stand up, comic frontman in the Seattle scene. Unfortunately, Andy also had a history of opiate use and had been in treatment multiple times. I guess he thought he was ahead of the curve too. They recorded their major label debut LP apple, and the wheels were in motion. Days before the records released date, however, wood was found unresponsive after a heroin overduce. They kept him on life support for a few days so his loved ones could say goodbye, and the album apple was released to positive reviews shortly thereafter. If you don't know the rest of the story, here's the nates notes cliff notes version. Andy's roommate and friend Chris Cornell of sound garden formed the one off project template the dog, named after a line in one of Andy's songs. With Jeff Ament and stone gossard from mother love bone. Then Jeff and stone formed what would ultimately become Pearl Jam in the aftermath, and they've gone on to become one of the biggest bands in the world. You can say all's well that ends well, but remember there were a few other guys in mother lovebone who didn't go on to such lofty heights. Their dreams died with Andrew Wood. Being a fan of all those seattle bands as a kid, I was always familiar with mother love bones music, as well as their legend and place in the scene. Andy Wood's story was part of my lexicon, but it didn't really hit home until I was old enough to really relate. I'm sure my addiction made a mess of things for my bandmates. I could always perform, but I would sometimes be late for gigs or miss practice. I had to disappear into detoxes and was just we're all unreliable, but at least we weren't on the cusp of some huge break, some huge record deal or tour, and then drop dead, killing any chances for the rest of the guys. Listen to uncle nate kids when they tell you heroin is a dead end street. When they tell you crack is whack that meth is death, they're not fucking around. It's not some kind of reefer madness propaganda. PSYCHEDELICS can potentially be dangerous if treated carelessly, but they're not going to lead you to a life of enslavement or a quick death from overdose. We need more honest and nuanced drug education. It's not as simple as all these substances are equally bad, but some of them genuinely are really bad. There's no need to experiment with those anymore. We've done it for you ship. If you could find happiness and Inspira Asian without any...

...of it, I'd say that's your best bet. Yeah, we used to party. Yeah, yeah, that's for sure. And you brought up my uncle Derek, or my former uncle Derek. Yeah, he got divorced, so I don't know what you call them now. X family members, like X bandmates. He was right. What the hell are you guys doing? Partying like Freaking Rock Stars? You gonna wait until your rock stars to in fact party like that? Like, what are you doing? You know? Yeah, so, yeah, big mistake, whoop. See. Uh. It is interesting, though, that you had mentioned hey at least we weren't super famous, so I didn't fuck anything up that would, you know, hurt someone financially, but at the same time, you know, kind of funked up your own life there, Kimasabbi. Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, what are you gonna do? I've been I've been watching. For some reason I've been on this kick of like watching documentaries on Lane Staley and Andrew Wood and like a lot of that stuff, man, even even old nirvana footage and stuff. It's like I hadn't thought of that stuff in a long time, like that's all the the beginning of my musical experience was all those bands that came out right as I was like twelve, you know, just getting into music. So for some reason it's like, yeah, I've been just getting back into all of it. And Yeah, the story of Andy Wood just kind of you know it. It's similar to even sublime, like that whole story of Bradley No from Sublime. He he died right as they were taking off, like they they weren't quite at that point. Like Andrew Wood died right before their debut album came out. Like at least sublime had an album out already and they were like working on their second or third record, whatever it was, when when Bradley overdosed and ruined for the rest of his fucking band, you know, I mean, I know it's not just that he ruined it for himself, he ruined it for his family. He had a baby, Bradley Noel, Anyway, did Um, you know ship. You know, you had a dog. It is dog, Lou dog that you know. So, but it's just I just think about that, like, man, you know, at least we made it through there. We've had friends die since. We've had friends die when we were young like that, but we, I don't know, we still have a chance, man, we do. Yeah, I think a problem was the influence of UH, celebrity. You know, you would think back then, Oh yeah, man, fucking screw celebrities, screw all this stuff. We're inuntil like this, this music scene. That's different right, it's it's not the norm. We are the counterculture, but looking up to them and keeping these rock stars as our idols, that's what they were doing. They were doing drugs, so it's gonna be cool to do drugs, it's gonna be cool to be uh, you know, imitating these icons. You know, what I mean, and I guess choose wisely. Uncle Nate tried to give you a lesson earlier. There it OHS, I would say the same as a parent now. I mean if my kid was into I don't know what's hip now. I don't know what's trending, but if there was, let's say, the new version of Kurt cobain or something, I'd kind of be conscious of it and weary of someone who's, you know, publicly a junkie and you know they're successful, and I know that's great and everything, but at the same time it's like do I really want my kid looking to this person as yeah, and, you know, someone to to emulate? Sure, Dude. Like all recently there have been I mean now it's actually probably a couple of years since, but there were a ton of these like that whole scene. It's not quite mumble rap, it's like hip hop, but they mixed kind of Indie rock with it. It's like everything's kind of blended. Now I'm an old guy trying to like analyze the young kids music, but there was all this stuff. There were these bands, like little peep was a guy that was this huge. He was again, yeah, like just getting huge. Not My style of music, but the kids loved him and looked up to him. And there's another one named Mac Miller. But like, these are rappers, but they did more than just rapp like. They produced some interesting music and Um, but the thing is they were so open about their drug use. It was very similar. And nowadays it's all things like Zan x, like everyone's doing. There's a there was a rapper named Lil Zan, like x a n Lil Zan, and his whole thing was just being all fucked up and and so it's still there and it's almost, I don't know, like everyone's doing fentanyl now, and there's a reason why kids are cooking chicken with Niquil man. You know, you know, I wasn't trying to make it sound like it's such an isolated thing. I times changed, yet they never change, right, I mean really, it's just my kids so young. He's only ten, so it's not like he's really into music like that little Zan yet. Yeah, no, Little Zan up... my house. No, no, no, but the day is young. Who knows what could happen later franking those jams, some mumble wrap up in here. Who knows? I don't know, but I can't. I can't keep up, man, it's too much fucking ship. I just got sucking UH bifocals. Oh Man, yeah, I need to get some. See, look at that, I do my my I dog gonna tell me. Yeah, I might need to get to get and I wear contacts. I didn't even know they made like bifocal contacts where it's like if you look up, if you look down. I don't even know how that works, but it's funny because I was just saying that to kind of, you know, show how old I am and how hard it is for me to maybe uh see what's up with the youth, because, hey, you know, I'm at the age now, I'm having hip replacement surgeries, I'm having Uh bifocals going on here. I mean falling and I can't get out. That's that's right, Mrs Fletcher. I'm at that point. I falled. I just can't get up anymore. But and I said, but my point was is, in an effort to show how uncool I am, you were like I need those two. So you're my demographic bra right, that's what you are. And here's another thing. When you find other people that were bifocals don't say bifocals, they're gonna say, Hey, those are trifocals. There's three explain three points of vision in them. It's not like the old school you get the line and you just look down to see something close. Now there's a you know, you can see far, near and close and no lines on the lenses. Just blends just like fad, fucking smooth as smooth can be. Man. So yeah, no one even knows I'm incognito. wowfocal. You know what I would saying, because I wear contexts all the time and I don't understand how that works with making it because because as the Lens is over your pupil where you see, if you look like through lenses like glasses, if you look down a little bit to read, then you're looking through that section of the Lens. But with contacts the lenses move with your damn eyes. So how is it? But yeah, but my mother back in the day, I remember she would because, yeah, she started having to you know, if she wore her contacts, that helped her see far away, but she couldn't see up close while wearing them. So she would wear one lens for a while and I'm like, I tried doing that for a while and that just sucks you all up because it's like one of your eyes can see far away and one of them can see close up and your brain's gotta get used to it. And Man, talk about feeling like you're on drugs. Oh Yeah, forget about it. But you know, I think now that we're bonding over by focals and vision and stuff, we have bad influences, even at our age. I mean we're looking at the people like Wilford Brimley, for crying out loud, to you know, I mean, did you know there's like a twitter account called the Wolford Brimley line and it because here's the thing about this guy. Right, we all know diabetes and everything else. He was not that old when he did cocoon. He wasn't that old. He was like in his early fifties or something. So this account, uh, share celebrity birthdays when they hit the same age that Wilford Brimley was when he did the movie cocoon. Just the other day jared Leedo was, yes, he is at the age. Google how old jared leto is? Do that, yeah, because in front of you don't. This is exciting. Radio what we're doing right here. This is this is it. Yeah, so let's hop on our fucking devices here. Do that please. All right, jared, let is let's see, he is fifty. There, you got out of here. Wow, yeah, you're shocked, right. Yeah, but Wilfred Brimley was fifty when he was in cocoon. Allegedly, yes, this was this was the thing. He was, uh, eighteen thousand five hundred thirty days old, nine months and yes, whatever, I'm trying to read something to with my trifocals. So motherfucker was fifty. Way Did cocoon. So this whole account was just like dedicated to learning people when someone has crossed the Wilford Brimley line. You know, I so. First of all, we talked about big tromple, little China being being a John Carpenter film. I think of Wilfred Brimley often. I think of the thing, which was another movie Wilford Brimley was in and he didn't have a mustache in it. So it was weird seeing Wilford Brimley without a mustache in the thing. Um. But then, other than that, I always thought that Wilfred Brimley they totally missed an opportunity. They could have had him selling shoes and athletic air for Adidas and he would say by Adidas.

All Right, I'm just gonna let that Hang. Yeah, yeah, Yep. Well, we're not at the Wolford Brimley line yet. We're close, we aren't there. So he's still an influence on us and we just emulate his life and the way he lived it. I mean, yeah, he's another he's just one of those guys. I mean, I don't know how many there really are, but there's always some. When you go Cheez, I thought they were much older than they really are. It's all that quaker oats made him look old. I don't like oats, so I'm safe. I am safe, but I have been using these trifocals. I mean, let let me get this out of the way too. I look fucking hot. Yeah, I look super attractive with my glasses on. So, even though I am approaching the Brimley Line, I baby, I am one fine piece of meat. But Anyway, I've been used in them to watch a lot of television, as I do. I like TV, and there's a couple of shows I want to tell you and our listeners about because I am getting hip to him, I like him, I'm digging him, and one of which is, have you ever heard of this show on Hulu called this fool? Okay, well, this fool is a comedy. It's like half an hour thing too, so it's great if you get a short attention span. But it's about this one guy, Julio, who lives in south central L A and his cousin just got out of prison and he works at a Rehab Center called hugs for thugs, where they rehabilitate and reintegrate the ex con into society to try to lower that recentivism, uh statistic. Yeah, but it's a really funny show. I've really enjoyed it and something I like to as a lead actor on there is he doesn't seem like he was born into acting, obviously by looks alone. No, they actually made fun of his appearance quite often, which is humorous. But Um, sometimes he delivers his line and things like that and you're like that's just funny because it's just not natural for him. But anyway, your boy is a happily married man, and I'm talking to your boy, is me. But Oh my God, there was an actress on this show that plays Julio's girlfriend, Maggie, whose name is Michelle Ortiz and, oh my Gosh, Oh name, I'm I can't I can't get enough for her on this show. Like when she's on, I'm just like, look at her, she's fucking stunning. That's like, Oh yeah, don't tell my wife and don't tell the girl from the new Predator movie. Yeah, she was the other one amber mid thunder. So you know, there we go. We get the Wolford Brimley line. Maybe we should have the David Charon Line of like these girls that are on these shows. I just fucking dream weaver worthy Dave's angels. Yeah, but yeah, that show. I I highly recommend that. I mean it's not like funny to the point where you're rolling around the floor, but it's clever, it's good. I really do enjoy it. And then there was a show on Hbo Max that Um, I don't believe he's on anymore, but it went for two seasons. Maybe you've heard of it, called Vice Principles. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and I was weary of this show initially because it has um, what's the dude who plays Kenny powers? What's his yeah, Danny McBride. Thank you, Danny McBride, and you initially think, okay, well, it's just Kenny powers in the high school. Danny McBride is not a very versatile actor. Sure, he's Danny McBride, always Danny McBride. Yeah, that's a nice way to put it. He's just Danny. It's like Vince Vaughn. He's Vince Vaughn in every movie. He's just Vince Vaughn. Yeah, well, it's funny because, you know, we're like just making fun of the fact the guy's a crappy actor or whatever, while right now he's sitting in a mansion. Oh yeah, it's okay, you know, yeah, living his best life. But in season one his rival is played by the actor Walton Goggins. Dude, he is so fucking good in this show. There's a couple of times in my life. I don't like to defend millionaires or celebrities or what have you, especially when it comes to awards, because you're like, fucking, who cares about awards? It's like a whatever popularity contest. But there was a character from ozark, I don't know if I talked about this on the show, who played the brother Wendy's brother. I don't have his information in front of me right now, but he got robbed. He should have been nominated. His acting was incredible. I don't think you mentioned that or not while I was on the show. Well then, you know you're fucking fault, not mine. Okay, but anyway, this Goggins motherfucker on seasons one. Season One of Vice Principles. So good, so good. I'm like, how did he not win an award for this? Now,...

...just as a warning, season two is an absolute piece of Dogshit. So if you watch continued, I can see. Oh Yeah, trust you me. I'm like this sucks Um. But if you watch season one and just never watched another episode, you're gonna be like this is great, this was really satisfying. So those are my recommendations. And then if you see the actress from this fool, make sure you let her know. Show at GMAIL DOT com. Maybe set something up, not not anything, you know, dirty. I am Mary Happily. Sure, long time, but you know, just talk. Just want to Basque in her glow, in her glowness. Yeah, or maybe just, you know, kind of talked to her about acting, her methodology. That could be interesting. Maybe we can have her on the show. We don't ever have guests on this show, and there's a reason for that. I mean, I have my reasons. Did you have a reason you wanted to say? Because you're about to say something before I interrupted you. I don't even realize if that's true. I don't think I ever have anything to say. Just I start talking. Sometimes you, you cut me off, sometimes not, but I don't ever really have anything important to say. That's wonderful. This is why you're the best co host and the Biz. That's right, man. You're like, I got nothing to like, the guy from major league, monty. Yeah, you're fucking Monty from major league, but I write nates notes and that's it. That's it. One Trick Pony right here. But I don't like having guests because, you know, you gotta. Everybody loves me. Some me right. So you like talking about yourself, and especially if you are someone, uh, that's got some kind of status, whether it's a d list or whatever, you could still go on forever just, you know, gloating about your exploits, and that used to happen to me years ago when I did some other podcasts. We would have guests and you could ask them questions and this I'll find and Dan, you right, but then they would just go on and on about, you know, how fucking wonderful they are, and then when they try to be humble, it was all bullshit. So we don't really do guests on this show and I had a person from another show who's very successful, much more successful than we are. Just to keep our humility, he's like, you guys gonna do guests, man, you guys got a great format, you get you in a have a lot of chemistry. You need guests and you're gonna go to the fucking next level. License screw you, man. This is fucking Punk Rock, motherfucker. This is what we do. Know. What do you know? You know, fucking making all that money on patreon and literally best life, sucking. People know who you are because you get a fucking podcast. Yeah, fucking suck a fart out my asshole. Yeah, yeah, I don't need no guests. Maybe someday we'll have a guest, but if we do it's gonna be I I only want like the weird guests. I don't want anybody who's like on TV, unless it's just oh yeah, I I take it all back. Okay, even though with her, you know I'd have to bring it up. Yeah, the mole alight. All right, that was me ramble. I've had way too much caffeine. I like pounded a huge thing of coffee while you're doing eights notes, since I keep quiet to let you you know. Wax On, wax off, yea wax, poetic, wax, musical, all that stuff. So, but I think we should probably hit the road down get out of here. You know, it's been fun. It's been a blast talking about all the stuff we talked about and hopefully entertaining the listeners out there, the ones that are willing to tune in without us having a big name guest. Yeah, I do too, alright, I hope, Yep, they don't try heroin and listen, they listen to Wilford Brimley. Yeah, by Adidas, by Adidas. All right. Well, I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time out of your day to make our show part of it. I appreciate it. Virtual hugs all around. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been the selling out show. Why? God that loves so love, tell me only enough. They can't hear US coming and say they but me got a start running away in my flood disease, mad going. So what in me? Six, so gunning. It Tain't say my escape, my loving.

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