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Episode 89 · 1 month ago

Kathleen Celebrating Christmas in the Detox Gift Shop


We herald the happy return of Nate G to the show by recasting classic Christmas films with Hollywood heavyweights Clint Howard and David Lee Roth, Give a Kratom course correction, get the inside track on how Roku ruined rehab, talk TV with The English and Willow, Wax nostalgic about...well, nostalgia, plus how to woo our way into Kathleen Kennedy's wallet. All this and a whole lot more in the mighty Selling Out manner! So slap some earmuffs on the kids and send Nana to the Netherlands, time to click PLAY!






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This episode of The Selling Out Show is brought to you by our partners at Wonky Weeds. All set to relax, sit back and just let your mind wander freely after a hectic day. Check out Wonky Weeds Delicious Delta eight Edibles. Wonky Weeds Delta eight comes from US grown hemp free from chemicals and pesticides. You can find their amazing line of products at Wonky Weeds dot com. What it does is breaches into your brain chemically and lo tat your happiest memory Chema clean, and then knocks on to that emotion and plead Chemic clean, and then it keeps your happy happy. Hello, Hello, Hello, and thank you for tuning into the Selling Out Show, where we screw up life at our leisure for your listening pleasure. I am one of your hosts, David Cheats your own, and boy do I have a treat for all you find fur folks today we have a return. Yes, indeed, I'll return for the ages. Oh yeah, my good pal, my buddy, my partnering crime, Nate Gorzinski is here today. Nate, how are you? I'm good man. I've been on a little adventure since we last talked. It's been kind of kind of crazy. But I'm doing great. Uh yeah, man, feeling good. I was just thinking before we started recording, how good I feel? Man, I'm like, I'm ready to go up and been. You know, not to spoil everything, but I got I've been working, I'm back going to the gym. So I just I just feel real good man. Yeah, you get a suitcase full of stick is from all your adventures. Ye, Visa's stamped whatnot. You know, climbed to the highest mountains, uh, spoken with the wise men, were a celibate or used to be celibate until you climb that mountain. So that's all good stuff. And you know what, we are going to dive into some of those adventures because we have a great show planned here, chock full of goodness. But you know, before we dive into that, it's a special season right now, Nate, that's true. You're aware of this. Yeah, yeah, the whole Black Friday thing, right, is that what we're talking about? Well, yes, that's a precursor. I mean Thanksgiving. I'm surprised that even exists anymore, considering that it goes from Halloween to Christmas pretty much right off the bat. But yes, indeed, it is a holiday season. And I don't about you, but I'm pretty jacked for Christmas. I am very eager to play the role of Santa Claus, not only because I will in fact beginning kisses, but my kids getting a little older now. So it's uh, the Santa myth or myth mythos statho both faced lie that you tell children to make them believe in magic, and then they get the rug yanked out from under him. There is no magic, nothing is real. Your whole life is nothing but a big, ugly fib But anyway, it's it's soon enough, it's going to come to an end. Yeah, you know, and I'm dreading this. Really, what is it? Because it's like the end of an era, like the magic kind of goes away. Is that what it is? Because well, yeah, yeah, that's part of it. The other thing is I'm not the person who's gonna be ruining ruining it. It's gonna be some rotten, little fucking, shitty petrie dish craphead at his school. It's probably you know, his man, and he's gonna come home to me and I'm oh, yeah, well, that kid's a liar. He's a liar. I'm not the liar. I'm the one who gives you all that cool ship, you know. And then wait, I can't say that. Oh yeah, within the next year or so, you'll be admitting it, and then you're just gonna throw his sense of trust out the window. Well yeah, I mean I think the gifts don't hurt. Hey, at least I bought you all that ship all these years, that cool thing. That's the thing. It was me, it wasn't Santa, you know. That's the thing. Santa's getting all the credit for all the ship you get him, and so it'll be nice to get those kudos a little bit, you know, the selfish part of giving. You know, Yeah, the credit will come after the crying. That's what's gonna happen. After all those tears are shed, I'm finally gonna be able to say, yes, I maxed out my credit cards to make sure you had a very happy capitalist Christmas, right, And that is me And that gratitude that you'll get for all those years, that that back gratitude will cancel out the anger that you lied for all those sen It'll even itself out...

...and you'll just be Dad, you know, ye, just dad, just good old dad, and dad loves watching Christmas movies. Oh man, I do well, you know, listen, Nate, I'm not like Hallmark Channel watching Christmas movies because those are just terrible. Sure, you know, but I mean the classics. I stick to the classics. Uh. Have you watched any Christmas movies yet this season? Or we watching them? Or what we watched? Our our tradition is like how Halloween Thanksgiving? No, not not Halloween. We're not like the stores. We don't start Christmas immediately after Halloween. After Thanksgiving. However, the night the night after we eat on Thanksgiving, we watch the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It's kind of become a tradition. Yes, I love that you said that, because that's a tradition of mine as well. Um, it's always been my number one Christmas movie. Actually, it just got bumped down last year to number two, despite the years that it was at the number one spot by eight Bit Christmas. I don't know if you've seen that yet, but I I sing the praises of that film all the time. But Um says, you did bring up Christmas Vacation though you are very familiar with with all the lines in the movie, because you know, everything now has become just iconic, me me meme worthy. Yeah, and with that, I think there is one role in that film that could benefit by a recasting. Uh. Now this may come as a surprise too many, but I think, especially now we know the guy's a complete nut job, it probably helps my case a little bit. But you know, cousin Eddie, right, I think Cousin Eddie could be recast. And um, here is going to be my pitch right now, So bear with me as I play my recast version of Christmas Vacation. Do you hear it? It's a funny, squeaky sound. You couldn't hear a dump truck driving through a nitro glycerin plant. I'd maybe I'm only gonna tell you what David Lee Roth needs to be cousin Eddie. What do you say, Diamond Diamond because you put him in, yes, the blue leisure suit he's in the film. I think that would improve that movie exponentially. I don't know if I can talk to the producers, the company that owns it, maybe get it recut or something. But I mean I'm on a gold mine of an idea here, right right, It's like the the era of the Zack Snyder cut. You know, we can influence and reshoot films, So this is the cheat your own cut. Yes exactly, Nate. You get me, guy, you get me. Could you just imagine, for example, when as seen with cousin Eddie, let's say shitters fall, but in assless Chaps, how much better would that have been? I mean, just come on, I deserve an award for this, I really do. Ye jumping and doing the split says he's dumping out the shipter into the to the drainage ditch whatever. Yeah, exactly, going to jump jump, Yeah, dumper in the sewer. I mean that didn't make any sense, but yeah, you get the whole gist everything. So you know where where does this begin? Where does it stop? That's what I want to know. Where what happens? Now? I've come to you with gold in my hand, and uh, you know we do with Christmas Vacation. You can do it with other films too. I mean we had the technology. Hell, I just made my own clip of what I wanted it to see in the film. I mean, is there any how about you hit me with something you think would be a ultimate recasting of a classic. Sure, sure, I mean I'm starting to think that, you know, Clint Howard, Ron Howard's brother, the character actor, Oh sure, I think he would have been a great Ralphie in a Christmas story. I can't really Howard, not at all. Just the bull grown Clint Howard, weird looking, big bald head just beating the ship out of the bully, and that that would change that scene dramatically. This bald man punching this you know, great school kid in the face and bloody in his mouth. I think it's a good idea because the real estate on the four A head when Santa pushes him down the...

...slide. Yeah, right, I said, it's perfect right there. Yeah, so there you go. That's a dude that kid. Take the kid's tongue could get stuck to the forehead instead outside, you know, it would be good. I like that one. It's not as good as David Lee Roth. Uh you know, grand placing cousin Eddie, right, Yeah, but it's up there. That's it's more of a vis It's a visual thing, yeah, it sure is. But I like it a lot. Uh. You know, do you know you know what's funny? Clar's funny Clint Howard came to my mind because so since our last meeting, since I've last been on the air here, Yeah, why, I went on a little trip to visit my brother who lives in Colorado. You know, I talked about how I visit him here and there. But it wasn't for a ski trip, like this was Halloween. This was Halloween, and so there was no snow anywhere. But we went to this town called Tell You Ride. It's like a really nice mountain town and like this little valley. It's just this cool, quaint little town is rich people and whatnot. But they do every year at Halloween they do a horror film fest and it's, you know, it's a pretty well respected, you know, well known film fest. If you look up to Tell Your Ride horror Fest, it's it's a thing like okay, I'll take your word for it anyway, I don't need to google it, alright, alright, all right, it's just in case you need some proof. But bibliography included. Okay, but no, we went, um we there's a bunch of little theaters in the town. You go and watch movies. It's like three days long. You just kind of look at the schedule what's playing, and you see a bunch of underground horror up and coming stuff, mostly a lot of little shorts like nine minutes, five minutes, little like horror scenes that people film that are really cool. But my point as this year there was a special guest and there's a famous among certain circles, a famous horror movie in the eighties called The ice Cream Man. It was about a psychotic ice cream and and actually might have been the nineties and the ice cream and was played by Clint Howard, and they were doing the anniversary of it at this horror festival. They were playing it the movie from back in the day, and Clint Howard was there and he was They had a little ice cream social at one point if you had a ticket you could go and get ice cream for free whatever, and Clint Howard was one of the people scooping the ice cream. So it's just the surreal, surreal thing. Clint Howard was scooping as ice cream Man. Then like yeah, it was you know nice guy. You were there, you had the ice cream with Clint. Yeah, we took I took a picture of him. Holy Moley, that would have been like invisible line. Maybe guy, you ever think about that. I mean, all that money you got you brought is rich. His daughter's load, everybody's loaded. You must have a few bucks too. Yeah. Well he had a full beard this time. He looked a little bo look a little mountain many and it kind of made him look a little more normally. He was wearing like a beanie hat and a had of beard, so it just kind of looked like some mountain man, you know, with a bushey beard. But but you realized what it was. I took a picture of him. You can see that it's him. But yeah, he's uh, perfectly scoop and ice cream, big beard, really hairy. Yeah, yeah, you got little hairs in your ice cream. It was great. It's a little pube with your rocky road. Thanks. But it's yeah yeah, wow, yeah. You know, I think on the eBay set, his memorability or his pubes probably don't sell for as much as you think they want. It's it's a sentimental thing. I will never throw it away. Yeah, hey, you know what, more power to you. And you know, for a second there I was wondering where the hell are you were going. I'm like, this guy just derailed my whole Christmas vibe talking about will yeah tell you righte and yeah, trust you me. It's a real thing. I'm not making this up. I really met Clint Howard. Yes we believe you. But you know what, the end result, it was a nice little addition to the show. Sure, like listen, have faith, man, I will get there eventually. You're just gonna stick with me, you know, Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll bring it back. Let's bring it back this way. Okay, just one more time for the people in the cheap seats. Do you hear it? It's a funny, squeaky sound sold sold Merry Christmas to everybody. Tiny tim you two? Oh you know? Do you know that that woman? Do you know that she was the original voice of Betty Boop? Really? Yeah, I didn't even know. I hate Betty Boops, so now I hate her as an extension. Well I'm sure she's disliking Yeah, yeah she is. So you you're were full of useful information. Let me tell... Oh yeah, Nate will tell you all about it. You feel better because an old woman is dead. Oh come on, let's just stop stop taking out of proportion, making this mountain out of a mole hill. But I am I am glad good written us to old garbage, So you know, thanks for the memories, babe. Uh, Let's let's change gears here a little bit. Let's mix it up because we're having a lot of fun. Yeah, let's stop Christmas, let's stop. Yeah, let's nip that in the bud. Let's cut cut that out. Huh. But you know you have been gone for a long time, Nate, and I think we all deserve an explanation, considering the last time you were on the show was September, which was quite a while ago. So do you want to fill us in it all and you know what you've been up to, what you've been doing, or do you want us to go funk off? Yeah, man, if you want to, you know, if you want to go there, we'll go there. Man, Well, how far do you want to go? We'll just see. We'll jump in the car and however far the gas takes us, well we'll go there. But okay, Ev, I'll let your vehicle two miles. I hope you charged up, Ellen, fucking musk piece of ship. I got to throw that there, all right, it's about you. I'm sorry, that's carry on my way weird side, all right? Um? So yeah, since September, things have gotten weird. Um. I'm gonna put a little preface to the story by saying, um, we started this series a couple of years ago. This series of shows, our show. Um, I guess it's a series. It's a bunch of episodes. Yeah, you know, series, more than a couple too. It's been like four years, That's what I'm saying. Some years ago. It's a couple of a couple. Yeah wow. Yeah. But I wanted to correct before we get into everywhere a bin. I just wanted to correct something that we started this show with the first first episode. I made a foolish claim and kind of like spread some misinformation. I just want to now, years later, want to correct it after hopefully nobody's nobody followed my advice. Well, misinformation is the trade of the day, isn't it. You were ahead of the curve. I was doing fake news before it was cool. You were you are. Oh boy, here we go. We confession time. Yeah, man. Um. So on that first episode, I mentioned a product called create Um, and I talked about how I myself have a past with opiate addiction and this stuff. Cretum is sold legally over the counter and people talk about how if you're an addict, that can help get you off opiates, you can, you know, it'll satisfy that kind of crazy thing. And when I talked about it, I had recently started using it, and I was singing its praises and I was talking about how, yeah, this stuff is great. It's it's not as strong as opiates, is not technically not an opiate. It's and it's not addictive. And that's that's the point I wanted to bring up because I was foolish. I hadn't done enough research and I hadn't done enough of experimentation, apparently, because before long I realized that I was the stuff feels good. I'm surprised they sell it in the stores because it does. It feels like a drug. It feels like a mild opiate. And so when you're into opiates, if somebody that's into opiates, yeah you could sort of. I don't I don't think it would help you if you were in withdrawal from opiates. I don't know if that would really help you, but um, but my point is it would. It would kind of get rid of that craving if you had a craving for an opiate, this stuff would kind of fill that gap. You know. I started doing it because of my addictive personality. I was doing the ship multiple times a day. You scool, put in some water you to start make a little t and I was making these like big scoops of it like four or five times a day, like every like four hours that I was awake. If before long, if I went four or five hours, I would start like yawning and my eyes would start watering. And it was like a mild opiate withdrawal. And you know, as an addict, when I start feeling ship like that, I just start doing it more. I'm like, all right, well let me if I do it, it's going to stop that feeling. So I just automatically start doing it before long. Dude, dude this. You talked about how long we've been doing this show. So I've been doing creative that whole time, and the last year or two I've been just like, dude, how am I gonna get off this ship? And like, first I was feeling guilty about the show we did, so I'm trying to write that wrong right now, but yeah, I've been kind of like just desperate, and you know, I'm in a band. I remember I was playing a show one day and I had forgotten my crea them at home, and dude, I was..., I had trouble getting through the show, and like I said, this stuff is sold legally over the counter. You know, it's like, um, so my warning to everyone out there is just be careful. You know, it's something if you try it once or twice, I don't, it's not gonna hurt you. It's definitely less dangerous than an opiate than like heroin and fentanyl, but it's it's not without its problems. You know, it's not without its dangers. So so everyone just be careful. I apologize for the misinformation. And dude, just as an addendum, the path of my story took me. I finally was able to get off those off that ship. So so there's that. But um, yeah, well, I mean it did. It takes a lot of cards to say you're wrong. You know. The thing is, I don't recall the exact conversation we had that first episode, but did you say, hey, everybody, this is non addictive stuff and it's gonna change your world for the better. Basically, oh not good. I'm not good at all, okay, well you know yet again here we are you corrected. But you know what you did say. You hadn't been taking it for that long when you were recommending it, so you were kind of taking advantage of Yeah, I would say a good jump. Yeah yeah, And there is a lot of false information like that online. I I succumbed to it, you know, I was like the Church of creat Um we we I don't know. I think we even talked about that in the show. We said it. It sounded like something like Kratos from God of Wars. Yes, he said, screwed him. You're refreshing my memory. All right, that'll do it. Oh yeah, Well, you know what, this is a good lesson to everybody. If you haven't heard our episode, just go back and listen to them. Just take them with a little bit of a grain of salt apparently. But h yeah, I definitely go would check those old ones out. I need to. It's been a while, right, So yeah, So where have I been? Um? Because I've been like doing this addictive substance for the last few years, and all of a sudden, like I've been having a lot of back pain. I started this new job and I've been standing up more, and my back has just been bothering me more. Because another thing that listeners will know if they listen to old episodes is that I had a spinal infection a few years ago and I was absent from the show back then too goes in the hospital for like two months. Um, but I'm all better from that, except my back it's a little weaker, you know. It's it's got some problems. I've got a lot of arthritis and some whatever, some some issues with it lately. So that and like my social anxiety with this new job, it's like a job I'm dealing with the public all the time. I just I started, you know, I don't want to get too detailed, but I started backsliding. I mentioned that I, you know, having a history of addiction. I started backsliding and things were getting out of control again. And before it got too bad, like after a few weeks of this, like old behaviors, I said, I need to freaking fix this before you know, I'm back in hell. I I was so grateful to be out of that lifestyle for for a couple of years. I've been good for years at this point. But it just shows how that ship can sneak back up on you, and and so I ended up going to get some help. I went to a facility which I've been to over the years, over my decades of you know, history, I've been dozens of times to these sort of places and um, so it's no big deal. But the reason I'm it's discussion worthy is just because over the years, like with it's it's amazing to see how much the system has changed, like when you go into That's kind of the theme of this show is like, you know how much things are different now from when they were when we were younger, and this and that and like oh yeah, so this I'm just saying, like the back in the day, it was a certain way. You got certain food, you got certain groups and therapy and things like that, and like, um and like whatever, like the type of care you got was like very I don't know, it seems like I'm way I'm wat start to interrupt you, but I'm waiting for you to say, now you get all your treatment from robots. No, but it's it's not robots, but it's a lot less contact with people. Like they I think they started realizing that between the lack of like help it's harder to find help to work in these places. Um, I don't think they pay great and it's frustrating work and and a lot of people that work in these places maybe addicts themselves, and so you know, there's that risk of someone relapsing and not being able to work in a facility like that. Maybe and like Ship like that, you know, it is what it is. But but over the years, it just seems like maybe it's that, maybe it's a lack of help. Maybe it's the act that they realize that most people that are in treatment don't feel...

...good and they don't want to be woken up every like hour to go to a group when they just rather lay in bed for the first day or two that they're there, because that was the thing that would always happen, You'd always get woken up. You feel like Ship, they make you go to these groups and you know eventually the group's help, but in the beginning you're just like I just want to lay down trying to kick you know, I'm trying to deal with this. But nowadays you're if you have two groups a week, it's like it's like there's nothing going on. It's like you go there you get your medication that you may get, and you lay in bed, you sit in the day room. They you know that there would be a TV in the day room. Nowadays they put Roku TVs in every room, which sounds great, got bad. Yeah, posh, it sounds great, gat it isn't great. It's it's nice to have the distraction and to kill the time. But dude, so it's like four of us in this room and it's a big room, and there's a Roku to be in the wall, and these dudes would just keep the light off in the shades drawn all day like a movie theater, and watch like Ship and watch it all through the night, Like I hate going to sleep with a light on, and like I want it dark, especially when I'm not feeling good. Just you know, I mean, they were nice guys all this Ship. We ended up watching the whole series from episode one till the end of Breaking Bad, which took dude, it took like three days of like steady watching like you know, like and uh, it's a great show. I had seen it before, but it was nice to redo it. But dude, this is why I bring this up. I had two of my roommates that I was asking them, you know what, they never call you to get your meds? You know, um, what are you here for? And one of them was there for alcohol, one of them was there for some I forget but that. I'm like, you guys aren't getting meds. They're like, no, So you called this place, you came here, You're here for a week. They're not giving you medication. You're not getting any groups. You called to watch Breaking Bad in a room. Basically, that's your Roku TV is enough. Man, if you've ever been any amount of murder, she wrote, you'd be checking yourself in there right quick. You need some Angela Landsbury. That's the fix you need. Fuck methodone. I need some Jessica Fletcher in my life, you know what I mean? Yeah, man, it's you know, yeah, I know breaking It's funny. We watched Breaking Bad and then we watched Narcos, so it's like all these drug references for shows. Dude, Like they had no ban on like what you could watch or anything. So everyone's like watching Crazy Ship and like we're just fine, we're all adults. But it's just, you know, a bunch of addicts watching drug material on TV can be a little that's rough. Yeah, Risky is right. Yeah, that's that's not a great way to curb their impulses, you know what I mean? Yeah, oh yeah, let's let's kick that smack. Hey, what do you want to watch? I want to watch uh smack aty smack smack on broke. Yeah, there you go. And I just made up a fake show. So Hollywood producers call me smack itty smack Smack is available? Is train Spotting three? I think? Oh okay, I was gonna say, you know, you're you're no originality. You're just throwing fucking movies that already exists out there. I'm coming with those fresh ideas. Good that detox did you? Buddy? You're an That's what you do, man, That's what I do. So I do. I don't act on them. They just sit in my brain, you know, like a like a you know, addict trying to reform themselves and in rehab, they just sit there watching Roku channel. That's what they do, all right. So you got your medso the other people didn't get their meds. You were at least proactive enough to say, hey, med me while I sit here and watch Breaking Bad for the time. Yes, absolutely, man, and alright, so I'm gonna I'm gonna reveal something right now that I also was able to bring in. I know this sounds like contradictory to what I was there for, but um, keep an open mind. I managed to bring in small a small bottle of THHC oil like tincture to like help me ease the pain, because I'm telling you, cannabis is far less dangerous. I wasn't there for cannabis withdrawal, you know what I mean. I was there for opioid withdrawals, So like the cannabis honestly helped me kind of just calm down while I was in there. Um, I found that out. You know. Another time I went in, I was able to get some in and like years years ago, and I realized it's like this is it's harm reduction. You know, It's not like it's it's not an addictive drug I'm doing. It's it's helping me. I almost think they should start using cannabis in detoxes because next, yeah, they give you you...

...know, if you're an alcoholic, they give you like valium or librium, which is another drug. If you're kicking opioids, they give you Method one which is another drug and they're just they decrease it whatever, but they could use cannabis, and honestly, I feel like helps me more than any of the comfort meds they give you, any of the you know, stuff of your stomach or your you know, muscle relaxes this and that, Like the cannabis honestly provides more relief when I was when I'm going through that ship. So it's natural, yeah, but it's it's of the earth. Even though that begs the question, you know, uh, to sneak something in there river? Uh, you know, is there what kind of situation is that to sneak in the contraband? Oh it was I don't I don't think it's as racy as you're you're implying there. I mean, I've been going to these types of facilities like I mentioned for you know, years, you know, dozens of years, dozens of times going in and so over the time you kind of like learn where the little like chinks in the armor are, where the little you know, where you can kind of get through. So that's all I'll say. It wasn't It wasn't like a nature's pocket scenario. Okay, you know how to swim across the moat, so the gators don't get you exactly, that's what you're trying to say. Yeah, no gators nipping at your heels. So, oh yeah, Nature's pocket. I can see it right now in the frozen food section, next to the hot pockets. Nature's pockets. Nature's pocket. It's like an organic hot pocket. Is it ever? Is it ever? Baby? Oh? Yeah? Oh lord. Well, you know, I'm glad that you're feeling better. You mentioned you're in the gym, getting healthy, getting swollen, feeling, feeling jacked, all that good stuff. You know, if you're in a good place again. Because we're all humans. Ship happens. We're not robots, as much as I wish we all were. Yeah, so you know, fucking stuff happens, man, Stuff goes, Diane. Yeah, you know, I'm I'm feeling good about it. Like I feel like if it took that relapse to get me off the creatum, because that's what I'm saying, like, I couldn't get off that ship, and I ended up relapsing and which brought me to a detox, and during the time in that detox, I ended up not doing creative for that week. So I was coming off of that too. I was having trouble getting off it on my own, so this, you know. And and I couldn't have called that facility and said can I come there for creatum withdrawal? They'd be like what legal? Dude? Yeah, they'd be like, dude, just sell it here. We sell it a gift shop at the d T and have a gift shop on the way out. Oh my god, and imagine that the Detox gift shop. Oh we're terrible human beings. Went to Anytimes and all I got was this loud was the Johnny Yeah, there you go, There you go. I went to Detox and all I did was sneaking some contraband to get a swollen anus river. You know, come on now, swimming mote. Uh yeah? All right, Nate, Well, is there anything you want to add to any of this? And you want to kind of move on to a different, different thing about your gear, we canna move on wherever you want to move. I want to apologize to our listeners because my head hasn't been right and this marks I don't know if it marks the first maybe the first or second episode that I haven't prepared a needs notes, and I I feel I feel awful about it, but you know, cut me some slack. It's been a rough month or two, and uh, I'll get back to business. I promise, I'll make a promise right here that i'll have one ready for the next one. But you know, but I'll just say life is beautiful. It's full of music. I'm I'm jamming, or maybe it's just to get a musical reference in there. I've been back into playing music, back into discovering a lot of new music listening to it. So my life is still full of music. I just don't have a lot to share about it today, so because other things have been on my mind. But that's all, Dave, That's all I'll say. Right on. I'm sure there's a Nates Notes enthusiasts out there who's been waiting this entire time but listening to what's going Damn, when the hell are they gonna get to that Nate's Notes? I mean, that's all I live for, and uh, you know, I don't know there's no Nates nose coming. Sorry, put down your lipstick and your semi automatic rifles. Yes, maybe next time out. I have to apologize again on Nate's behalf since he said sorry so many times. I'm gonna say sorry too. But I'm not sorry for anything really, I'm just saying sorry to say sorry. I'm just happy to be alive, Dave. Yeah, I'm I'm happy to be waking up. You know. I know I'm bringing the whole episode to this weird energy, but I am feeling like super good, super healthy, super renewed in my like vigor for life and like you know, I just like a huge weight is off... shoulders, especially the great um ship. So yeah, man, great life is good. I hope everyone enjoys it, has a great holiday too, you know. That's all. It's very good, very good, Uh says I don't have any segue music prepared before I get into my next little bit here, I am going to play some pure gibberish to kind of lighten the mood. Sound good, great? God damnit baby not. I'm a gonna tell you what I want to thank the partners of our humble little program, h Northland Vapor, Alpine Hemp dot com, which actually got the dot com. Northern Vapor didn't get that treatment. You see that uh death by gummy bears wonky weeds at those sites. If you use Code selling out twenty you saved tw off your entire order. Stocking stuffers h Yeah, nice guests for the family who want to relax. 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I watched way too much TV because I'm a fat turd. I am a big, fat turd tastic human being and it's obscene how much TV I watch. And I'm not ashamed by that. Really, I mean, come on, you're human. I am human. I but I detox and roku sounds like a wonderful thing to me because that's what I'm doing at home anyway, you know what I mean. But you're in a more comfortable bed than I was. That was half the pro Oh yeah, yeah, I bet, Oh, I bet. My bed is super noise. It's a king size too, for anybody who wants a glimpse on how the sausage is made, a little peek behind the curtain, when the magic happens. When Dave Chichen Rohan's about to get down, he's got a lot of room to work. I mean, you need a lot of highway. This motherfucker kicks at zero to sixty and like nobody had business. Yeah, but I have a recommendation because it's very rare. Despite how much TV I justmitted to watching that a show blows me away. I mean, I am just like sitting there and awe cannot wait until the next episode. Uh, an eager anticipation not only due to the factor that the story is good, but I mean every aspect about the show is a delight, whether it's a casting, cinematography, to the score. I mean, tip to tail, just an amazing production. And that is the English on Amazon Prime. And I know Jeff Bezos is evil and Amazon is a terrible, terrible entity, but man, did they make a really good show? Holymoally. Yes, a Western, So that throws some people off from the get go. I don't like Western's, right, I understand you. I get it. I don't blame you for it. It's a very specific genre sure that I think you kind of have to kind of be groomed into in a way. It's not like anybody nowadays just wake up and go geez, I like Western stuff. We've got computers now, man, It's not like the fifties where it's like cowboys versus Native Americans and shit, yeah, exactly. Tumbleweeds. You know, maybe if you're a big fan of Bush, you're in the seventies, Pubia stallue like the tumbleweeds an you like westerns, but no, seriously, this show is starring Emily Blunt. I'm not a fan of hers at all. Mrs John Krasinski, I'm sure she must love that. Everywhere she goes, everybody's like, hey's your husband, Mr. Fantastic in the Marvel movies or what? But no, this is She's a producer on the show as well. It's basically about a rich, wealthy which means the same thing, aristocrat from England who comes to the Old West post Civil War UH to exact her revenge and forges a unlikely alliance with the Native American Scout. And I really I can't say anymore without doing you some hard arm. For those who want to invest... time to watch it, I will add this though, six episodes one basically little over an hour episodes, so your time will be vested in that. But then it's over. It's only gonna be one season. That's all I gotta say about. It's like a story. It's a self contained snore. Yes, yes, it's a long movie. If it does well, they'll figure out a way to fucking stretch it out. You never know, you know, I mean that's the way. Yeah, this is this is very true. Anyway to milk the past for the drop of tea juice, it's worth indeed, Dude, my my favorite show that I've talked about several times on this The Leftovers, that that was on HBO that season one was a book. I mean, it's there's a lot of like changes done to it, but basically the story ends the book that it's based off of ends at the end of season one. Seasons two and three get fucking crazy and like, to me, that's like the best stuff. But it's like it has nothing to do with the book, you know what I mean. So like they found a way to stretch it out somehow. So I don't know, but the author was involved. So the author of the book was involved. It can be done as long as the almighty Dollar is involved. I mean, it's like you were talking about with the Breaking Bad in the Detox. I have never seen Breaking Bad or better call Saul. But that's like a parallel universe thing, right, Well, I mean it's the same universe, but I mean it's like it doesn't have it's not a sequel or a prequel, or it isn't even have Oh it is okay, but well, you know, what fuck me, fucking I'm just a moron. But no, seriously, my point was this, though, if I can never get it out of my my rambling faces, it's not the main characters of Breaking Bad and Things don't have to be anymore. It could be like a side character or something. And he expanded off into its own series. Sure, yeah, they could do that. They do, so the horse in the English could have his own show, Dude, the mandaloror in That's like, that was like a whole story. This guy that looks like Boba Fette, the character from Star Wars, but it's not. It's not Boba Fette. Is somebody that has armor that's very similar to Boba Fett's like from his whatever his people. But it's like it's in the same universe. It's none of the characters really, I mean, you know, aside from a can over here are there but the people of the Mandalorians. The Mandalorians and it's the name of the show. Yeah. Hey, you know what's funny speaking of that, all that is pre show. Today we were relating talking about something we've both been watching on Disney Plus and that is Willow. Yeah, the new Willow series, the new Willows speaking of just beating a dead horse. That's that's the that's the sequel to the English right there. They took a dead horse from that series, beat the ship out of it, and Willow popped out. I mean, geez, Louise, and you know, I'm no fan of the original material at all. Wow, man, do you not like the original movie? What speak? Speaking of the Star Wars that's a George Lucas story. The Willow was written by George Lucas and Ron Howard brother directed it. You know what? There you go. If I had met Mr Clint Howard and I'm saying his name with respect right now because I'm gonna say something very bad, I would not only suggest the invisible line, but I say, hey, guess what, Willow sucks. You should be happy you weren't in it because it stinks. Terrible fucking movie. So wasn't it He probably played one of the trolls that's like covered in hair and you can't see what they look like, you know what? Right? I mean? I could go online right now and look, but I don't care to because I just don't like that movie. So why am I watching the new television series? I ask you ask everybody asked. I don't know. It's like, hey, it's on. It's easy to digest, you know. So there you go. Even though I'm gonna tell you something right now, Nate, We're gonna have some some serious controversy going on with this new Willow show because Willow is woken. You want to know why there's a lesbian kiss in the first episode, Baby Turn your Kids gay like Colebran DeSantis. Oh yeah, there's a little lesbian lip blocking going on there, and Disney just wants to make sure everybody knows this gaze out there in the world. Someone through a whole book and some water to burn all the sinners that have produced a script Black Willow and oh lord, these groomers and Kathleen Kennedy's cult of Disney. There's another person who's rich needs to go see a dentist. Oh yeah, she's got some chicklets up in there. You ever seen her her grill? I don't think so. I don't think I really paid attention of...

...what she looks like. Just like she's like this monolithic figure that I just know of, but I don't really know what she looks like. And like, well you should, I mean, you should really familiarize yourself with people who are just billionaire wealthy, just in case the opportunity to shiver arise where you could be like the pool boy comb. I thought you were gonna say when the opportunity came to like kidnap them or something. No, I'm a lover, That's what I am. I'm straight up about love. I don't mess around with any of that kidnaps shipped me. I see Kathleen from across the room and I'd say, hey, bring those chicklets in that big wallet you got over here. I'm gonna smooch your rootsky for you, baby. Yeah, I know you produced Indiana Jones. Tell me all about it. Yeah, over of course a caviare yeah, Kathlee, Yeah you wish that, uh Superman returns when Kevin space see uh you know, the award winning uh speaking again and sex offenders and ship Oh man, he's brushing his teeth, Kathleen. I did not just suffer a stroke, Harry Kirk. Uh. Hey, but Kevin Spacey was pretty good in House of Cards. We used to watch that back in He was fucking good and everything. Yeah. No, he's a great actor. It's just he's a horrible, horrible person. Yeah it's a shame, right, Yeah, it's like you almost it would be easier to accept, like, Okay, Harvey ween Weinstein, I was gonna call Weenstein. I've fucking suck that up. But anyway, you know what I'm talking about, that fat fucking pockmark piece of ship. He's an ugly cock sucker. So he you know, he it turns out he's a you know, fucking sex criminal. You oh, well, a piece of ship. Throw away the key. And then it's like someone who's really talented, you go, oh, man, you know, do I want to believe this? Can Kevin Spacey? Really? Is he really laying own them boys and making him touches? Oh? Come on, Kevin, You're too talented for this. And then the people that were like pressing charges, some of them like witnesses like died and ship. There's like all these like weird things of surrounding that case. Dude, Like it's more than just the the event. The event is bad enough, but like the ship that's happened since around the case has been like shady, like there's I don't know how much of it is just conspiracy theory bullshit, but there's a lot of bad press around it. I'll just say I'm sure check it out, you know I won't. It's fun reading, it's great. Yeah, I don't want that in my search history. Yeah, let's get back to Willow. Let's get back to how terrible Willow is. Let's search Willow like will Yeah. So I remember you telling me why like a factor about the old original movie Willow that now I can't unsee Do you know what I'm talking about? Absolutely? I do, but you you can say it don't have to alright, So, yeah, you were even saying, like we basically you could have a drinking game where you take a shot every time Willow yells mad mad again Mad Yeah, which is which is the name of Val Kilmer's character in it. But he he does. Now that I that you've said that. Every time I watch it, all I can hear is mad mart again every like two minutes. I can't ignore it. It'll be fucking smashed drunk by the end of the second act, like probably in jail because you committed a crime you were so drunk. Uh the so much? Yeah you really, Kathleen Kennedy, But you know why, I can either woo her via. You know, my my lovely tactics that I have. What do they call that? What's the name for that? The official word for that? Your groove, your libido? You're flirting, flirting? I guess yeah, my flirting, my libido seduction here said, Yeah, there we go, dictionary, Nate. I'm gonna call you Nathan dicktionary. The Seduction The Seduction of Kathleen Kennedy would be my book. Um, yeah, but I'd rather do that than sue her, kidnap her. Yeah, well, we'll figure this out by the end of the episode. I think what's the best course of action with Yeah, we'll figure out one way or the other. All I know is if I'm sure she listens to the show, Yeah, it's probably her favorite probrable. She might already turn it off because there was no Nates notes. She might have been one of those was like, well, what the funk am I? What am I doing here? I came here from one thing and you're not bringing it so audios. Motherfucker's. I hope she turned it off because now we're talking about how to get her money. Well, I I'm offering my services in return. It's not just you know, but I threaten a kidnapper. You did in trouble, not me. I'm looking. I'm looking at her from across the room, Kathy, That's what I'm...

...doing. I'm giving her the eye, my beautiful blue eyes ever love him blue eyed? Dave over here? So she produces Willow. Uh George Lucas, he mentioned that like that, I was supposed to carry any weight with me? Whatsoever? Yeah? Now, George Lucas is a fallen star, is he? Is he? Now? Yeah? I think so. I I dread aging like he did. It's a nightmare of mind because he's got that gobbler on his chin, the gobble gobble. Sure, he's He's probably one that wishes everybody to skips from Halloween to Christmas snow coma fucking turkey. But again, he's got more He's got more money than David Crockett. So he's good to go. He's fine. But you like Willow, Hi, you're enjoying this series, then you're getting your money's worth out of it. Yeah, dude, Willow was Willow who holds a special place in my heart. I was I enjoyed that movie when I was a kid. I was all about that fan see ship, and I don't know, I thought it was all right. And uh, years later there was like a Nintendo game of Willow that I have fond memories of two, so I like that that association with it. And then this is a little known fact that I'm sure some people know, but I don't know if you know. There was a show I think it was on HBO called Life Is Short and it was like one of those fake reality shows, almost like a Christopher Guest kind of thing, where it's like it's a a mockumentary, I guess um, but it was following Warwick Davis, who plays Willow, who also was Wicked the Ewalk in Return of the Jedi, and he's, you know, been in a ton He was a little person that was in a ton of movies, but he was like a star, you know, and he was in Willow that was his big vehicle. But this movie, I mean, this show, this mockumentary show was called Life Is Short, and it was about him and it followed him like it was like like the Office where it's like following him around and he's talking to you know, this confess chinels and following him through his day. But it would be things where it's like one episode, Johnny Depp is calling him because Johnny Depp is going to be playing a little person in a movie and wants to just follow him around and watch him. Like it's like, really, it's really funny, you know, and he but he's having him like Okay, now go stand in that trash can over there for a minute. I just want to see you know how you look, and like like making him do embarrassing things and like it's I don't know, like Johnny Depp some weirdo, but it's it's really funny and like the people are playing themselves. But in that Val Kilmer at the time, it was around when he was in um mcgruber and he was you know, he had put it, he had put on a little way, you know, and he was kind of but he played himself as a washed up version of himself, and he kept like harassing Warwick Davis, trying to get him to like, come on, you gotta agree to do a new Willow and it'll save my career. And that was like the whole joke of the show was that they're going to revive Willow, this one movie from the eighties, and like that was the whole theme of the Fucking Life is short show like of Val Kilmer's like arc and now they really are making it in Val Kilmer thus far hasn't been part of it because he's had throat cancer and can't really talk, and I don't know if he's ever gonna make an appearance. But thus far he's been like a you know, notable absence from the cast. Yes, he's mentioned the plenty. Yes, Mad Martian his name has been is ringing out again, Yes, and he's his care you know, I've noticed in this show to replace his character, they've kind of given his attributes to a few different characters because they have he has children spoiler alert, um a daughter or a son, and then he had like a protege named Boorman and Squire and they kind of each have qualities of Mad Martigan about them in the show that I've noticed. I'm like, Okay, I guess that's you know, that's a way to do it, you know, just filling filling that part. Yeah, well, put a little natilla on the toast and spread it out there a little bit to go around. But I'm not I'm not wowed by the show. I think it's okay. I just I was surprised. You were like, Hey, yeah, I dig it. Man. I'm like, whoa, You've got that nostalgic vibe for Willow. And I would counter with this, people of our age, here's a theory for you. Uh, we're more nostalgic for things, not only because we were basically we ones at the time where technology really took a massive step forward, um entertainment wise, especially because I mean if you think about we were there for like Jurassic Park in ninety three. Who the funk that you're going to see computer generated dinosaurs on screen? Or George Lucas again. Uh, indust you a light and magic and stuff and all the effects they did from movies like Willow. But I'm spoiling it. Um that was Hopefully they pay me for that.

Otherwise I'm going to turn to the King. We consume stuff in a way where we only had like two or three tapes of something, or if you had HBO, something was played at nauseum over and over and over again. So whether it was good or not, we have these feelings for something because we were exposed to them in a certain manner that made us care for it or fall in love with it or whatever. It's like I love the movie Forrest Gump. Well, you know, if you look at Forrest Gump now particularly the best movie ever made? Or no, no, no, it's really it's got a lot of flaws beyond visually and everything because of the technology. As much as I was just touting, it was limited compared to what we have today. But we only had so many things we could watch in our house, so it would be on constant play, over and over and over again. You know, ALF wasn't a good television show. People talk about ALF like it's the best things to slice bread because if you compare it to what else was on nighttime TV at the time, maybe that was the thing for you. You were seven years old, What have you ay? An alien on TV? This is a great I love Puppets, Big Bang ba, you know. Yeah, yeah, this is ago a pre Sopranos world where TV hadn't made that boost forward into like you know, film quality TV and like but yeah, no, I see what you mean about like rewatching and like, yeah, now we have the option to watch anything at any time, so why would you rewatch something when you could literally watch anything else? But back then, yeah, I'm gonna rent this movie. Oh, we have it for two days. Maybe we'll watch it two or three times, and then you know, next time we're at the store, there's nothing there. I'll rent that again. It was okay, you know you had one movie or you yeah, HBO was playing the same four movies on a loop or whatever, like, yeah, you're right. You bought a movie and you watched a bunch of times, you know, like you're it off the TV. Yeah, and you're like, this is what I got. I I mean, I've seen House To eight thousand times. Is it a good film? No, it's fucking terrible. But you know it was on and you taped it, and that's what you had. You know, all this, man, I was. I was so waiting for you to like melt and go. Dave, you're right, Willow Socks, I've been exposed. You're correct. But my my kid, he's got Nintendo online. Right. So sometimes they'll ask me about old games, and none of them really stick. If I say, oh, Metroid Cinds, that's the ship I used to play, it's not really jiving with him. But for some reason, Super Mario Brothers too stuck. And so the moment I heard the music. I was like, let me try it. He's like yeah, dad, And I'm like, and I'm doing my thing and I died and I'm like, oh well that's over. He going. He's like, stupid old man. He's like, no, no, no, no, no, no, you rewind it. I'm like what He's like, Yeah, otto say so you can rewind it from right before you died, and you cannot make the mistake you just made to die. And yes, for real Nintendo Online. So if you play any of these old games, you can just the moment you croak, hit the back button and you're back however long you want to be, and keep playing. Yeah, Neo from the Matrix your way back. Yeah right. And you know, I'm saying to him, I'm like, dude, that's cheating. That is unacceptable. This is ridiculous. The whole point of the game is that you're gonna learn from losing. You gotta, you know, figure it out. And the same side the other side rather not the same because it be making the same argument. But I'm like, that's kind of cool. Hey, all right, there you go. If only I had that when I was a kid, that would have been something we had a game Genie. Remember the game geneever, dude, and that thing would just like debug your game where sometimes it would just make it like tweak out where like it's like, oh, you you have invincibility, but your character doesn't move as he moves across the screen. He's just frozen, like you know. It was just something would look weird or they'd be like weird ship like something. I don't know, it's bizarre. Now now you can rewind the game. Yeah, I was gonna say with the game Gene, he had to strap on the like Ripley's armor from Aliens or whatever, like on your cartridge to make play right. So it wasn't just like, oh yeah, game Gene is a download, dad, No, it's a physical thing. You had to strap onto your cartridge. Yeah, so it could fight the alien Queen. Yeah, cartridge porn get Away from Bitch. Oh yeah, there where you go? I Yeah, I was saying McDonald's jingles and now you owe James Cameron some money. Yeah, James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver avatar to gonna go see it about it? No? Yeah, I'm sure I'll see it when it's streaming. But I am just I'm just love it. I love it. We just went...

...from like we used to watch where we had to watch so what I had the tape of and a man maybe streaming. Yeah, movies lose their specialness too, because if you go to a theater, Yeah, it gives a movie a little more gravitas. Like I remember watching like fucking the new trilogy of Star Wars. We're going back to George Lucas here the the Force Awakens or whatever, the first of the three new shitty shitty Star Wars movies. And the first time I saw it, because you're seeing X wings on a big screen and tie fighters and fucking whatever lightsabers, You're like wow, like it's big. It's a momentous thing and it's something like you almost feel emotionally like manipulated, I guess. And like so I watched it. I'm like, yeah, it was kind of cool. Man. And then I talked to like my brother who's had time to analyze, and he's obsessed with Star Wars. Like he we grew up, he was big in Star Wars. He's just like picking the thing apart, like every scene like come on, like this blah blah blah, this this this, And I'm like by the end of it, I'm like, I hate that movie now. Yeah, but I realized if I had watched it on a TV, all that ship is way more apparent when you're just like kind of watching it, and it's the the projection of it, the the like present, the sound. You know, you're in a dark room, you freaking overpriced popcorn in your lap, covering your bone. I mean, come on, right, I hate the theater by the way, so it's weird. I'm selling it right now, but it's the experience is what you fell in love with, right, But then when you when you stop and you dissect it and you start thinking about it, like the story really sucks and everything else. So whatever, I didn't mind. I didn't see in the theater. I saw it at home. Yeah, I'm not anti trilogy. I thought it was okay, it was you know, let you feel like I keep saying this, We're digestible, but I mean it wasn't. I wasn't you know, it wasn't repulsed by the newest Star Wars films because yeah, you know why, you want to know why I really like the new Star Wars films because I think the producers Katherine Kennedy is fantastic. I'm as she produced it, butter her up so I can really Yeah, yeah, sure I do, baby, whatever you say, how do I open the vault? Tend to the left, eight to the right, four to the whatever. Yeah, and that's just to find the clitoris money. So yeah, movies went a trip now, Nate. We do have to hit the road soon because you get places to be people to see. Um. But I did want to add real quick that you had mentioned off air, which I really wish you'd just save all the stuff for on air, so I don't have to do this right now. But you enjoyed a new form of massage prior to visiting with me today. You please describe it to our our listening audience, please, yeah, just quickly. So, I have a membership at one of the big gym chains, you know, and you you pay a certain amount and yeah, you can use the gym equipment, but then you you can get into their little lounge that has tanning beds and these massage chairs that just kind of like you know whatever, they massage you like a little robots. And then they have the hydro massage beds where you're like incline. You're laying down and you're laying on this it's like a thin piece of plastic that they shoot a jet of water up at you. Basically, it's like jets of water shooting at your back, but you don't get wet because it's like a layer of plastic in between you. But it fucking it's like being in a hot tub, but you're not getting wet like the jets. And they're like, you can control how strong they're. But dude, when it's like ten minutes long, you can control where it goes on your body. Have it just focus on one area whatever. Dude. The minute it stops, I go in there and I take like two big rips off my HC vape pen. And by the time that thing is done, with like ten minutes of just this vibrate, you're vibrating, your muscles are all being like loosened up, and by the time it's done, it just stops. And for like ten seconds after it stops, you just lay there and you feel like your whole body is just tingling and vibrating. It's this amazing feeling. But it's great after you work out, you know, you go on listening it sounds luxurious and wonderful. I mean it's wonderful. It's like a biday, but your honesty dry. Yeah that's nice. Yeah, it's like a full body bidat, but with like a dental damn over it or something. It's just like a latex barrier, you know, saging your aura keeping at pure and clean, bidating or if you will, getting all the toxic chemicals out of your aura chakra cleans right, yeah, just like spraying all the fecal matter off of... soul. Yeah, there's a lot of it, and you end up tingly and squeaky clean, you know, squeaky clean, Yes, you do. Uh, you know it's funny you say that because I do have a clip loaded up. I think I'm gonna play this left over. So let's let's go to that right now, Ocean freeze, so well we get you clean. Oh yeah, wait a minute, quite just a second. You mean, just say what the product does or no one's ever tried that? Well, it's it's it's crazy, why it's nets Oh yeah, that's a that's a line that lives in my head. Rent free as the NEOs would say, uh, you know, as far as movies go, Muppets Take Manhattan is an absolute classic of a film because I I owned it h once a billion times. Probably sucks, you know, No, no, I'll fight you on that one. But still that's a wonderful clip soap. It makes you clean um the land. I wish Jim Henson, Yes, and I wish more companies were just honest about things that they sold. Like us. We're selling you a good time baby. That's our podcast is free. We don't ask you for any money unless you want to send me some money. Um now would usually could you guys send us some money? Yeah? You know, Nate, Jim, membership isn't free, right man, I got Venmo, you know, get in touch with Venmo. Him up. He needs to sit in that massage check. There you go, pit balot whatever it takes. Man. But Nate, you know, I'm so happy that you finally made your return after months of being away from the show. It showed, you know what I mean. I'm sure our regular listeners were like, geez Davis, just sucking dude. You held it down, You did some Toby, you did your own episode that was you held it down, my friend. And yeah, well you know, how how are you feeling just quickly before we go after your fucking surgical, fucking adventure. Oh yeah, my surgery. Oh my nut, I'm nuck in my back. Oh I uh, my hip feels pretty good. That's what I had, by the way, hip replacement surgery. For anybody who stuck around this long and didn't know. I'm a very young man, handsome man, healthy man, but I needed a new hip socket ball thing. I'm a jiggy. I have a giant scar, and um it is on my hip. So you'd only see if I was wearing a bikini, and I would if you did inquire. So if you ever seen me on the street, ask anyway, even if I'm wearing blue jeans, Just ask and I will tell you that. Well. No, no, no, no, no, that's my skin, my flesh, my body, my privacy. Yeah, there you go. Unless your name is Cathleen, don't talk to me. No seriously, though, I'm going to tell people that I saved a boatload of orphans delivering life saving medicine to senior citizens in Sri Lunk from a shark. That's what I'm gonna tell people, and that's the story. I'm sticking to it, all right. Well, but I'm okay. I haven't a bit. I got bit baby, bit by the love bug. So yeah, but thank you for asking, and thank you for waiting for the last possible minute to inquire about my health. I was just trying to keep you from having too much time to bitch about it, man, that's all. Yeah, I'm just kidding. I'm totally kidding, man, I am. I am concerned with how you doing. I was trying to get us out of here, all right. I thought the begging for money thing was a perfect way to cap this whole thing off. Yeah, I pushed things too far. That's how I do. Okay, Tom waits, Oh yeah, he has a song where he says, my little Catleen I was really we don't have that yet. You bet we didn't have the clips of it all comes next time. I'll play it completely out of context. That's what I do. Want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to listen to us today. Virtual hugs for everyone, and in the case of Nate's so nice to have him return to the show, hopefully you'll be here next time as well. I'm done flying flying solo without you. Yeah, doing it no more. I'm going to commit to it, writing a Nates notes for next time, I apologize again. I'll shut this motherfucker down, all right, That's what I'll do. Yeah, you know what I'll do. I'm gonna go get a new co host. That's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna have you replaced. How's that sound? And essay every flicking episode, don't you know what? Actually they probably could you know what they write about vegetables. I'll get the fucking corn kid up in here to host with me. How's that sound? Mother? Alright, I might let you do that then, because I would love to hear that. Yeah, he likes Cone and they's been fucking kicked out. I'd happen. I'll step said,...

...any you go, you're a noble nobleman, You're a noble steed. Ray look let's go alright, alright, anyway, I am Dave. That is Nate and uh this has been the selling out show. My god that loves so love tell me only know they can't hear us coming. They say they more me and got that stuck running away my food disease. Fack click, So what did ma six so cunning? See where I just gave my.

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