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Ep.#62 Polly Ticks


We...are...BACK! So, anything crazy happen lately? On this episode the Selling Out crew discuss the riot at the US Capitol, play a gameshow piping hot with political trivia called "Hail to the Beef", take a look at the life of MF DOOM, plus Genghis Khan geneology, chapped hands and Jimmy Dean. 




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What it does is beaches into your brain chemically and no cat your happiest memory chemically and then knocks on that emotion and releases it chemically, and then it keeps your happy, happy. Hello, hello, hello, and thank you for tuning in to the selling out show where we screw up life at our leisure for your listening pleasure. We have a great show plan for you today. We're we're going to talk about the state of the world, the entire planet earth. Actually know, we might bring it down a little bit, stay more focalized and just talk about the good old us of a. But I am one of your host, David Scholtzon. Over here at my side is my co host Nate Gorezinsky, and at the other side my other cohost, toby scofield. Gentlemen, how are you both this fine evening? Um, I'm good. I'm happy to be with you guys on the other side of New Year's you know, to disc to discuss this wonderful, wonderful reality we live in. But I don't know, tell me how you doing. I'm doing pretty good. You know, the last time we talked, I feel like the world was just slightly different, like I feel like so much has happened since the last recording session. It's kind of weird. Yeah, that's fair to say. Different in a good way or bad way. I mean, it was just me. It was already a trash fire, you know. Yeah, yeah, I mean, I don't know it could it be worse? I think it's worse. I'm gonna say worse. Maybe, maybe a little worse. Yeah, I mean if things ended up okay, I mean, I don't know if we want to spoiler alert here, but the way things are, in my opinion, has kind of ended okay. But I don't know if where you want to start this, Dave, your kind of running this. Yeah, you're running, you're driving this buggy. I am the ringleader, Huh. I am the trying, the rickshaw operator. Yeah, our humble little program so, yes, without further ado, let's talk some politics. Let's get come, let's get politics for politics now, guys, the elephant in the room, or the elephant in the capital really, HMM, happen to be the siege on January six two thousand and twenty one. We just thought everything was going to be rosy in all right, crazy he'll billies and Maga's or Maga's or Maggots, whatever the hell you want to call them. It's your preference. You're free to call them whatever you'd like. Storm elephants. The elephants toward the United States capital. Now I, for one, can say I was pretty shocked by what I saw on TV, even though I did in fact expect such a thing, knowing that anybody who followed the big orange turn in the White House would not let go of that power. How did you guys feel seeing this stuff unfold on TV? Okay, so I felt like there was a huge what's the word? What? I know, I'm trying to think of the word. I went blank on it. There's not very good in consistency with these, these fine folk. I'm not I don't care about politics at all. Okay, my issue comes down to the BLM movements and the riots that happened and people immediately being like, Oh, it's okay for be alum de riot and break businesses and stuff, but this isn't and every comment I saw on facebook, and I shouldn't have been like this, I shouldn't have tried to butt in because I'm not a I'm not a smart, well spoken man. I don't want to big, but in ski either. You know what I mean, you know better stick you telling those kind of waters, the sharks and that. Yeah, yeah, so I did, but in like a dummy, and I was like, listen, the BLM movements were about an unjust murder and people were pissed because I really just murders. M Yes, let maybe stretting. Not just who's murders, yes, but the these people wanted justice for innocent people being killed. Right, these people that are capital were crying...

...about, yeah, who may have one or didn't win. And Yeah, that was my biggest issue with it. Yeah, if there would have been, I don't feel like there was. In their head, we got it, we got a state it. Like they think that the election was stolen from trump. Right, but like, if they were actually fighting for something, like if there was something tragic that happened, I think I'd be like yeah, Dude, like fucking storm at like, you know, get changed. But this was just because they were upset, not the right can don't their way. That's what you're saying. It wasn't. Yes, yeah, it wasn't the right cause. Right. Yeah, this was just like okay, this is history repeating itself. Just about because the the civil war. I mean what happened before the civil war? The all the confederate states, they left because of their guy didn't become President Lincoln one and they were like Oh, this Lincoln and his crazy views, and so it's almost exactly the same. Yeah, and then even even Texas didn't what what'll happen at the Texas capital when, like a couple of days ago, oh, and like a bunch of another siege? I don't know, honestly, I there's been I don't even know what I'm in. I'm at some potentially you're pissant little state, yet cracker Jack State. You got there, but told me. I watched the news. You tell me. I don't even know what's going on. This is a hot take. Is this fresh off? Well, US know, this is just a few days ago. Like something happened where a bunch of armed guys went up to the Texas capital, and Texas law says that you can have firearms on that said property, because course it does. Yeehaw, weird takesins down here in the zoo. So yeah, they were like wanting to secede or something, which is very much like the beginning of the civil war. Like all the the confederate confederates leaving because their guy didn't win. Well, so, toby, not to interrupt you, and I want to hear nate's take as well, because, you know, you are a political toby, so it's kind of good you went first. You don't really have a side, right, no, you don't know, you don't pick. Yeah, you're like, I'm good with all this crap. I think they're idiots. Can I say that money, we're all all anybody who is political or has any leanings were all fools. No, I think the people that storm the capital. Yes, okay, that's it. Yeah, all right. Well, the only thing I was going to say to you was when you would mentioned that history is repeating itself in the confederacy and everything else. They had mentioned on you know, news medium many times at this was like the first time ever confederate flag was actually, you know, waived and strown about within the capital of the United States. So, yeah, in many ways this was unprecedented. What had occurred? Now, nate, what you think in their kid? Oh well, I was thinking, first of all, when we're talking about the when toby was talking about the cause and how it's all for a dude, you know, arguing with the results of the election. I'm thinking, yeah, and it's an election that the dude. The dude doesn't even seem to want the job. You know, he doesn't like he's not around, he doesn't seem to want to get any of his briefings. He's never been interested in learning how government really works. It seems like he just he's more in love with just his own power and and it's all ego that they never has there been a man who's been solely run by his ego, like obviously more like out there he's like he's just a big swollen ego, and it's now the guy is like a big run nerve of an ego because he's been put there two thousand and twenty has been a roughiear on everyone, but maybe most of all the Donald Trump, it seems like you, because by now he's like lost the election multiple times, multiple challenges. He's his legal teams been made to look like fools. Everyone's been expected like it's just it's ridiculous. And now he's lost his party, the the Senate, as well, as you know, the Democrats holding on the House. Not to get turn this into a big political thing, but I guess we are talking about what's going on indeed. So let us so heat so so trump, trump inadvertently. I saw a great meme where it said trump inadvertently made America great again. Look at that. Everything. He he lost the right the Senate, as well as, you know, the presidency and everything else. So I don't know, I'm I'm I try not to be. I try, I'm trying to not be my father's son. My father's a huge right winger. My father's a Fox News Guy all the way. He's he's a trumpeist. It's like, but I am the plays music. Well, no, not a trumpeterer. Noo Oh. Yeah, I'm like I missed that coming over my head and that's like a Nicky...

Mouse Club of I'm sorry, I could help it. Yeah, no, but I'm just saying I I would deny that I was like my father for so long. Gonna like I am exactly like him, like, but I'm on the other side. But like, I can't. I have trouble stay away from arguments about it. I have trouble keeping politics out of this show sometimes, you know, like we tried and we we've tried not to for the most part. I think our are politics have kind to come out here there, but for the most part we don't make the show about that. And but it's like so all encompassing right now. If this episode can be like a time capsule, which they should be, you know, we have a recorded piece of history. What's going on right now. Our show can talk about like look, we can look back on this. You know, we weren't recording when one hundred and eleven happened, but this is like another national crazy event. And so yeah, so we might as well talk about it. And Yeah, it's weird time, folks, looking back, that is really weird time. What is what? What if when, in twenty years we listen to this recording again and we're and we're like, Oh man, if only we knew back then that trump was actually on the other side, like he was doing all this crazy shit to united us. This cheese, this was this plan all, this was his plan all along. That's like you character that's like a Tiefo. Is the one storm and into the capital now, please. I hope. I hope he tries to spin it one day where he's like, my plan went perfectly. Would I mean, you know, if you smart enough, someone aroun him would probably say something like that. All this is all according to plan. Yeah, we want to do the whole time. Kelly, Kelly and Conway is going to be denying that he ever was president at all. She just denies everything. You're Kaylee MAC and I didn't seen Kelly and conway a while whoever whatever blond he has representing Ye Front of a microphone in camera. But you know, nate, you said he had like the worst or he has the worst two thousand and twenty one right now. Yeah, all WHO's the election multiple times and peach twice. Yeadi look him good, good, yeah, fucking guy litting all these motherfuckers, diet, covid and everything else and really only caring about himself in another country he's elected to represent. Absolutely, I'm not I'm not saying I sympathy. That's gonna a fucking prison cell. That's what's next, you know, that's where he fucking belongs and that's why he doesn't want to concede the election, because he knows he's in big motherfucking trouble. Yeah, and a lot of debt. That if he loses the impeachment, if he's convicted of that, he can't. He can't like benefit from all the benefits that ex presidents get. He can't run again, obviously, but he yeah, because we haven't even mentioned until you just said that that. Yeah, that's another thing that's happening right now is the president is the first president in US his street ever be impeached twice, rapidly, you know, and for reason is yeah, yeah, yeah, he was the one inciting the the riots at the Capitol building. He was the one, yeah, just stoking the fires, like starting the fires. He's the one. He's the reason for the fire. He's been starting this thing for not just dude, he started it back in two thousand and sixteen when he said if I lose this election, it's because it's rigged. He's like setting that shit up way in the beginning. So his fans were ready to be pissed off if he ran and call it and in justice. He's been doing that the whole fucking time. They, more than fans, are cultists. That, yeah, that's I was, but that's the thing. Yeah, what President has had fan right, I know he's our fans. Yeah, Colt, what do you call him? Whatever you want, but like fans. Just not step on anyone's toes milling Grou Do. Cool, but right. Like what president has had fucking fans that had their fucking merchandise, except ninety year old women that are like I I love this. President. You know what, most people our most previous presence wouldn't because it wasn't political theater played out the way it is now. You know what I mean exactly. It's not the same thing. This is our reality TV now. So, yeah, this fucking piece of craps going to merchandise everything under the sun, you know, right. And he was a reality show star, so he was. He was a game show host, you know, he was reality to so this is just more of it. And Yeah, it's it's I saw the best thing a friend of mine. I keep talking about memes or things people posted, but honestly, God, my friend posted, like now, the bidens president. Watch me never put a sign out or wear a hat with his name on it for four years. I can like a fucking Weirdo, you know, like who does that? No, he's right, and it's safe to wear red hats again. I thank God for that, because I already I have those straight. There's for years. Yeah, yeah, right, you know, we see were his backwards, so you can repel it set anyway, but I mean he was rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, and he did it for the nookie. Yeah, I'm going to tell you, guys, something, though, right now is very serious, and this is when I when I was watching all this stuff on fold on TV, I was less like, Oh my God, look at these hill billies smashing windows of the capital and fucking I can't believe they're on the floor and everything...

...else like that. I kept thinking all the terrorists and have ever tried to attack America. They win, they've won. They did it and they didn't have to do it. We we're we're set in a mission to destroy ourselves. We see, and the thing that we should be most scared of going forward is, okay, cool, we got if you're like me and they, and you know you are a liberal, you thinking, okay, we got control. Okay, so, maybe we're not crazy about Biden, but there's going to be things are going to be able to be passed and not have, you know, the Republicans going to knock me, able to snuff this stuff out, for example, like the hire minimum wage, better studios pages. Yeah, all this stuff, you know what I mean. But that brings me back to like, for example, when Obama was president, because before trump get elected, all these motherfuckers were laying in the weeds. All these sons of bitches were out there, but they weren't able to go out in public and talk about things, yeah, the way that they can with trump. They're not eboldened and, I you know, allowed to do so. So they're still going to be there, all these crazy, fucking racist, evil, sicko nut bags there, still there. How do we get rid of them? You know what I mean? That's gonna be the type of thing. They still going to have kids and grandkids and minds are going to mold and warp in all the worst ways and we're going to have to deal with this again in the future. It's not over. It's not only by a love, of course not. It's not even the the points of view as far as racism and whatever. It's the weird denial of reality and in the network of like misinformation, like Weird Shit. I mean these networks had that were the couple that were supplying all this nonsense to the to the people. The people believe such crazy shit. But it's because they're being told it from someone. And it's not just trump. The networks were like making him seem more legitimate. But honestly, I've been saying, like, if you're willing to accept the word of one source over all other, for like evidence, then it's the same thing. That's why a lot of these trump supporters are also big bible people. I mean no offense to some religious people, but it's like certain things where it's like you deny evolution or it's certain like over all other evidence because one source tells you. And why do you believe that one source? Because that one source says that that one source is correct. So, yeah, you know, it's a circular logic, and that's that same shit. It's that's why so many of them are also like going into storming the capital and then praying to Jesus, like consecrating the act in the name of Christ and all this craziness, like it's I don't know, man, it's it's weird. We're at a weird point in the and what's scary. My point was just that what's scary is not just that there's so many racists and whatnot, but so many people that just believe in crazy shit, like reality, like like alternative facts. Yeah, like we can. That's why the flat earthur's are around. Oh my God, I'm well here. Nate and told me both you guys, like. I've said this before, okay, and I think it bears repeating now. Is that. The other thing about his cult base, if you will, is some of these and we all have friends that might be Republicans or or they were seemed like much more sane people before it trump took office, and the reason this is because, even if they don't agree with all this crap, he might have one thing, just that one fucking thing, that is like a taboo issue or something they might be considering a dirty little secret, but they care about it. Yeah, and it's like cable, like you bundle your Internet in your phone and everything together. Yeah, so they're like, oh well, okay, he's going to stick up for immigration or whatever and keep the mherrants out. So, even though I think everything else he says is whacky, I got a stick with him, right, I got the bundle package. So now here we go, you know. Yeah, because it's a checklist. I don't agree with climate change, abortion, like all these things. If you're you know what I mean. It's get right, it's a package deal. So yeah, so you may only agree on him thing, but they still go along with it because they don't want to be considered liberals. They want to be far left snowfling Socialists, socialist. I would vote from Bernie Sanders. I did vote for Bernie Sanders because, God damn it, can we just talk about the irony of the snowflake thing and fuck your feelings? Yeah, that's that's it. We don't even have to touch on it anymore. That just says enough about upset right there. Well, guys, you know we got pretty heavy and serious about this, you know, and, to be honest with you, we had a few laughs too. But I mean it is a very serious issue. In Nate had mentioned and where I told we discussed looking back on this. Twenty years from now we're going to be like wow, that was a really big moment in the history of our country and something I know in our lives maybe. I mean I have a kid. Yeah, see, be in the fucking history books for Crown out loud. But that being said, I really want to take some time here to expose you both to a little game show action. If you will kind of open up my tweed jacket, let you into my inner...

...workings. Told you he was driving this buggy. Yeah, because I want to do a little trivia. What do you guys say? Sure, okay. This hum digger of a program is being brought to you by our sponsors Northland Baper, Alpine HAP and SMUNK blube. Be Sure of is an Alpine hampcom, northland babercom and use code, selling out nineteen, the same nineteen percent of your entire order as a cracker Jack of a deal, folks, and Smunk Glue will make your partner happy. Oh yes, and beaty, I can testify that that. Now on with the show. Welcome to America's leaves favorite red, white and own headed quiz program let me here's your host, Max million. Oh hold on, applause, Ladies and gentlemen, thank you, thank you so much. I truly do appreciate it. Welcome to hail to the beef, where you are impot us to US anyway. All kidding his side, we are joined by two dapper young gentleman today, Nate Gore Zinsky and Toby Scofield, who will be answering Trivia questions that pertain to the American government and US presidents. There are three rounds of multiple choice questions. Some real brain busters here, if you know what I mean. So throw US saddle on them donkeys and slide down them trunks. It's now time to play hail to the beef. Okay, guys, now who wants to go first? I'm happy to go first. Okay, you is told me. Seems lesson at Dude, he's done this game show a bit before, lesten. Let's dive right in. He I just saw what Jim Carrey's yes, man, and you know I'm saying Yes to everything. That's okay. Great. Toby did take part in Jive Turkey, which was our right Thanksgiving an episode, I believe, two years ago, like two out of three question atter. I still want people to check out that show, so no spoilers, please. Okay, these questions are random and the nate. You're going to go first. So all right. The first question, which President famously claimed I cannot tell a lie, was it hey, Duayne Elsando, mountain dew Herbert, come out, show be Dave Kovic or see George Washington. Man, this is tough and I phone a friend. You could rule they have no rules whatsoever. So you can ask your cat if you really wants. I'm doing Fiz, but do you think he says I should say Washington, but I'm not sure. I'm an. I'll do a fi no, Washington, Washington. You are correct, sir. Yes, it is indeed George washing it because he was a little prick that decided to chop down his father's cherry tree. was that first answered choice from idiocracy? It was. Yes, it wasn't you. That's something familiar. Okay. So do I get a point for that? You don't. Damn you cadn't add a boy toby now for you, sir. Okay, ratolt. Presidential Kennedy ran with the campaign slogan of a chicken in every pot, a car and every garage. Was it a Richard Nixon, be Herbert Hoover or see Frank Underwood? I want to know what the joke is for Frank Underwood, because I don't even know what that character is. Oh, so you know it's not a president is are you trying to tell me? I'm that I don't remember frank underway. You don't. Okay, all right, well, I don't know all my president's okay, I'm just gonna say what was the answer? Choice A, because that Richard Nixon. Is that what you said? Hey, was Richard Nixon be with Herbert Hoover? And See, was Frank Underwood, Herr Hoover? I feel like I'm being tricked on. That's not the right name. I don't know, I feel stupid. Already. Give me a loan with a Richard Nixon, because that's the only one that I recognized. And you would be incorrect. It was actually Herbert Hoover in one thousand nine hundred and twenty eight, who is a Republican, and he won the election and years later the Democrats would mock him saying where are our chickens, because I guess he didn't prompt deliver on that promise. Right. And Frank Underwood was famously impeached for touching underage boys. Yes, that way, Kevin Actor, Kevin Spacey, Yes, from House of cards, Toby, so you we're on de side. Okay, okay, I hear a sound.

What does that mean? Is Our deadly rhetoric round nate, which Texas senator, helped incite the attack back on the US capital January sixth, two thousand and twenty one. Was it a ned blues, be Fred Snooze or see Ted Cruise? It was the man with the most punchable face in politics, Ted Cruise, and you are correct again, sir, very good. No cat needed to help you with that one. Who was that first answer choice? It was ned blues, Fred Snooze or Ted crews. What I feel like I'm getting screwed already. What do you talking about? I went first, man, you should have gone first. Damn it. Okay, these are randomly geminated. You can't, you can't trick me this time. Okay, nothing's gonna Nothing's getting past all right, you gonna get this one. I got a good feeling this one is right up your alley. So, toby, your question. The fairness doctrine was a policy established in one thousand nine hundred and forty nine that required the holders of a broadcast license to present controversial issues of public importance in a fair and balanced manner. Now there had to be honest, equitable and, as I just mentioned, balance, but it was later eliminated by the FCC in one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven. Who was the president at that time? Was it as Ronald Reagan be David Palmer or see Yahoo's serious. Hold on. Is David Palmer from Dave? Know that's the President of day? No, no, M it. Okay, a a rot. You got one correct sir. Yes, and yeah, it was Ronald Reagan. Yes, it was that. It was be David Palmer, which is from the television series twenty four. Okay, which actually a little side note here. When I was watching the siege on the capital and like where the fuck is Jack Bower? Okay, shit, ared Butler, any of them? It didn't matter, none of them. It was just like, okay, we all that stuff you saw on TV was an absolute live okay, nate, for your final question. So far you're two for to let's see if you can go all the way and run the gamut and get them all correct. I'm two for two like trump. You are. You are. which president was immortalized into forms of currency, one being a fifty cent coin and the other made of chocolate? Was it a JFK B OPP or C Nwa? MMM, tempted say and Wa, but I know it is just easy. So that's not the whole group. so that's a trick. I think I'M gonna go with JFK, because I want so one of those fifty cent coins once, once, and you are in fact correct, making you the winner. Yes, by default, because Toby, you got and wrong. So I know you're not going to even embarrass him with the last. Well know, because if the next question is it, I think he should hear this, because toby is in fact a big Gamer and this has to do the Games. Okay, shit, okay, toby, in one thousand nine hundred and forty two, the mayor of New York City, Mr Laguardia, Band what game, stating that it provided means for juvenile delinquency, gambling and corruption. Ay, our cheesy be pinball or see Ski Ball? Who? Who? That's a I would have to say, like pinball. I'm going with pimball. I don't know. I don't know when pinball was was invented, but it sounds good right. pinball sounds fucking good. Like I could I can imagine, like an old I don't know. Yeah, Pimo. We're going with them ball. WHO ARE CORRECTS? And I cannot believe it because toby, I going to be honest with you, nate, to be perfectly honest with everybody here, that game was in fact rigged. I gave toby all the herds. I know it's yeah, yeah, WHO's serious? President, who serious stuff? Well, okay, that was all right. Some of them answers were easy, but yeah, see, my plan was to get a little top heavy on our friends jerky. He likes to make me sweat. Did you sweat? Are you sweating a little bit? I was. I was stressed out. Yeah, nice and Sweaty, mom is spig Jettie, you're nervous, gonna make you sweat, like see and see music factory. That's all he did. Reference. Let's look that one up in twenty years. What the hell. Well, gentlemen, thank you both for playing this trivia around. It's been a blast, highly enjoyable. And Yeah, you win. So, being the winner, you can do anything to toby that you would like. All right, too bad, he's so far away. All I can do is...

...flash him, showing my junk so big. Yeah, that did not just happen. So, guys, anyway, what do you say? We take a little break and then we're return. Maybe some needs notes. Does that sound good? Sure? I mean, nate, you're the winner. We can do whatever you want. We can just say I want you guys to write in Nate's notes and doing right now. Okay, in one thousand nine hundred and forty two pinball New York City, dust up your lps. It's time for nates. No, no, No, two thousand and twenty left many scars. Lots of people have been brutally impacted by tragedy. So I really have been lucky myself. But whether it was loss of financial stability, loss of a loved one or a general sense of loss of connection, no one really made it through complete the intact. I remember thinking back on all the memes and jokes from the end of two thousand and sixteen, when it seemed like that was the shittiest year imaginable to be so young and naive. One of two thousand and sixteen s sharpest things to some of us was the death of David Bowie, the death of a legend that came seemingly out of nowhere, as David and his people had kept it a secret that he was in failing health. The amount of joy that Bowie's work has contributed to my life is a gift that I'm eternally grateful for, and so I feel a little guilt honestly having to admit that part of the sting comes from the fact that I personally won't be able to enjoy another record of new material from such a talented songwriter and performer. But it also just feels like a bright light has gone out, as cliched and in retrospect, candle in the wind ish as that sounds. But you know, as we were just about to celebrate the end of this awful year on December thirty one, foolishly assigning some evil Mojo to the ticks of clocks, as though a little further around the sun would be magically where all the bad news would end, two thousand and twenty held one more surprise for some of us, making a further argument for believing in cursed time periods. Daniel Doomlay, a man who's gone by many names throughout his storied and prolific career in hip hop, was reported on New Year's Eve to have died. I mean it was reported on New Year's not that he died on New Year's. The weird thing is that Doom Alay, or we can shorten it to his chosen moniker doom, and remember all caps when you spell the man's name died two months earlier on Halloween, and this was the first any of us fans knew about it. Doom was one of those perfect blends of a super talented word Smith with really well defined, albeit fictional, persona. He was a big crossover act, appealing to alternative music fans in those who just appreciated his sense of playfulness in his constant references to Saturday morning cartoons, movies and comic books. But he could also be considered your favorite rappers favorite rapper, one of those dudes who just commands respect from others in his trade. The story of doom the artist started when he was known as Zev Love X, performing with his brother D J subroc in the Group K M d. They had some success in the late eighties with their debut record, but their label got cold feet when the second K M D record addressed sensitive race issues a bit. It to overtly, not just lyrically but with the album artwork. The record was shelved and for Zev Love X, Aka Daniel Doo Malay, it couldn't have happened at a worse time. His brother and partner, DJ subrock had also just died suddenly after being hit by a car. For the next decade nobody really heard from Ze love x. He got older, gained some weight, drank a lot. Most importantly, he owned his craft. And then a funny thing happened. A mysterious word Smith called MF doom appeared on the scene in the late S, who wore a metal mask over his face, who rhymed about being a horribly disfigured supervillain, who modeled his persona after famed fantastic four nemesis Dr Doom. The name is both a nod to do Malay's interest in comics and cartoons and a play on his own last name, doom, from doom lay. The MF was...

...originally said to stand for mad flows, but over time it came to mean metal face or metal fingers. When he was acting as a producer, doom became famous for wearing the mask, which went through a couple transformations but most famously was fashioned from a repurposed helmet from the movie gladiator. He'd otherwise dress in a remarkably unremarkable way. He never wore jewelry and he took pride in not wearing the cliche gold chain. He'd often be so nondescript that on tour he would reportedly hang out at clubs before donning the mask and taking the stage, completely unnoticed by the rapid fans that would soon be singing along to every word once the show started and people knew he was the dude from kmd back in the day. He just had changed a lot over the years and didn't really make public appearances without the mask. And Yeah, he was really just this Chubby dude wearing normal, unflashy clothes and a shiny metal mask over his face and often glasses over the mask. I could go into the iconic albums. He released albums under the name MF doom and eventually just doom spelled with all caps, as well as a ton of side projects under names like King Geetera, Victor Vaughan, mad villain, danger doom and others. Projects he did with various producers and a lot of work with other MC's guest spots. He did on work by other artists, from cool Keith to gorillas, but that would take forever to go into all that and honestly it is better for you to just go discover it for yourself. It's all jaw dropping poetry, all super clever word play. I'm partial to the first Victor Vaughan record myself, and the mad villain record that he did with producer Madlib is regarded as is legendary for good reason. So those maybe a couple places to start if you're new. Doom really was a pioneering artist in his influence has been felt more and more over the years and the output of dudes like Tyler, the Creator Thundercat, or childish Gambino, dudes weirding things up in the realms of hip hop, R and B and Funk, dudes that are unabashed in their love of comic culture, gaming and anime. Doom was that guy that said I'm one of you, and it really seemed true. He was a nerd when it wasn't cool, yet he was still so cool. And they're now stories coming out about an almost finished sequel to that aforementioned legendary mad villain project that is most likely going to see the light of day sometime this year. Kind of strange, how I mentioned Bowie being the last artist whose death really affected me this much, and in both of these cases their deaths were complete shocks to their respective musical fields, but at least I can take selfish comfort in the fact that both artists left some last piece of work to remember them by, even though both had already given us so much more than we really deserve. So see you later, doom. I miss you. I know you guys. I don't know of how much you're into hip hop, toby, but I know Dave's not a big hip hop guy. But doom is just a character and even if you're not into hip hop, it's like you gotta appreciate like the references he's rhyming about flux capacitors and fucking you know what I mean, like he's crazy and he's amazing. And then, yeah, I feel like just a month or two ago you were telling me you were like, you know, because all my online names are toby van dum and you're like, Hey, have you ever listened to M F doom? And I I've heard of him and stuff, and I remember you sent me a song and I was like all right, it's pretty cool, but like I you know, yeah, it was just a month or two ago so and like you had said, when did he get sick? In October? Yeah, well, no, he's okay. So I didn't mention this in my piece and I'm sorry I'm just keep talking here, but I'm just such a fan and this affected me so much. But so they never released a cause of death. Like his girlfriend said, basically he died back on Halloween and okay, and now it's too much later. So just quickly, he his son had recently died. Like he had a teenage son who died. I'm talking in like two thousand and seventeen, two thousand and eighteen, and they're the rumor is that doom killed himself. They haven't really confirmed that, but it's like, and I'm almost like, did this girl like wait until like the end of the year so we could at least just be like look, the years ending, the you can get through this. Like if if you found out back in October, it would have sucked, you know, you would have been just like bock this year, but now you're like at least years almost over. I just found that really weird that, you know,... again, I feel like it was maybe two months ago, which you know, which is close enough to October right at this point. Weird. You. Yeah, it's just really weird timing that you were like yeah, and it was just because of you know, you were like, Oh yeah, do you listen to this because of all of your doom references. So as soon as I heard the news I was like Whoa, nay, it was just telling me to listen to him not too long ago. It's weird and I you know, I'm not an MF doom fan, I am a comic Book Fan. Nate, you mentioned references and to kind of relate this to your piece a little bit, you said he was your rappers favorite rapper. Right when his passing went public, I recognize all the names paying tribute to the man more than a familiar with a man's body of work itself. Yeah, that's what I mean, you know. Yeah, I mean, like you'd said, it was also not specific to one genre. Yeah, I mean I saw Tom York. Yeah, we do. A head actually up paying his condolences to the family. So he did have a very deep and profound impact on a lot of people and the industry itself, you know. So, yeah, I was quite the news and stirred up social media quite a bit as well. Yeah, yeah, it's a big shock. That night, I remember I was getting ready. I was watching the three stooges marathon with my girl and Joey and and yeah, all of a sudden I'm on Fay facebook, like Holy Shit, my friend of mine had put dooms face as his, you know Avatar whatever on facebook and his profile pick, and I was like Oh, that's cool, you know. I just kind of like went on this thing. Yeah, and then I'm like Whoo, it's a church. She's Yep, yeah, just bum me out, man. But but you know, hey, it's sad but, like I said, the new mad villain album, I can look forward to that and honestly, he's really so many like individual tracks. He's one of those dudes that just kept writing and kept appearing on other people's stuff. There's a great track by gorillas. I don't know. Damon albarn is also a you know, inspired by armor, loves working with them, and there's there's this work he's done with a ton of people, Rizza from the Lutang, all kinds of people. But his works is like Jimmy Hendricks, legitimate children. Yeah, they're all over the globe, they're everywhere. Yeah, yeah, just or who was it? Genghis Khan? They say, like a certain percentage of the world or yeah, Med a certain yeah, it's I'm related to Genghis, concented from him. Yeah, yeah, that's a lot of YEP, that's why I'm I got my lovely shape of my body. Yeah, it's very her conquerors body. Yes, yes, and yeah, totally is. Yeah, I'm not going to conquer anything except for the bridge. This bridges go win down. I also mentioned earlier that that made quite the big stir on social media, and I must mention that we are also, in fact on social media. So if you ever want to get in touch with the selling out show, it is easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Send US an email selling out show at GMAILCOM, or visit all of our socials at selling out show, because, hey, why not? That's the name of the FRAGGIN show, right. So, yeah, and you know, if you want to make fun of toby for anything, like his lack of political knowledge, prowress, or maybe it's all the way you produce prouress, prouds, poup. Yeah, Hey, I'm a con, I'm gonna Murder You you make fun of me for something to I don't care. Well, hey, or if they just want to talk mf doom with you, make sure you drop us in line. We would love to hear it. So all right, guys, I have to change gears a little bit here, because it is a new year. We've been dealing with so much. We thought it was over when two thousand and twenty eight, I don't know why anybody was like, Oh, yeah, as soon as that clock takes over, man, all the bs is done, when, I mean, we'd even mentioned it was like a bomber in Nashville and then this freaking siege in the capital. But there are many things to look forward to in two thousand and twenty one, most notably here. More content from us, yes, but other than anything that we mentioned earlier, is anything currently driving you nuts right now that's happening or anything that you're potentially eager to have happen in the foreseeable future. I'm looking forward to going to live music. Obviously I do his segment on music every episode and I'm like ready to go see some shows. Man, the online of Garantee, but that's even people something you get vaccinated. We don't know what's going to happen, so that's like a maybe, yeah, I guess. So I guess better happen, better fucking happen. I think everybody's hungry for any form of normalcy, to return live shows, of course, being a big one, a real big one. told me. How about you, my young friend? I mean really, this... when waiting for concerts and live shows again, ma'am, there's it's used to it was just like, oh, I can't go to the show because I have to go to work, and now that like that, the option is just completely gone. It just makes it that much worse. Of like, AH, I can't go if I want to, or if I came, goes, I could die, or I can in fact others and they would die. Yeah, yeah, but day would show up and his Genghis Khan gene would fucking come out fall flare and he would be heavy in front of it. Audio just be fucking everyone. Yeah, I'd fucking and killing. This what I do. I'm you know. Yeah, I remembered what say. I was just going to say. I remember years ago, you go into a show and doing like headbutting contests with with another friend of ours and myself, and and then you got kicked out of that same show twice in one night. You may back getting the Donald Trump gotten peach and I was kicked out of a cool Keith show twice, so white that when one night, big comment, we he had it twice in one term. I got nice and one night at the Middle East and Boy Messenger and not even you didn't even get kicked out the second time for breaking back in. You got kicked up for a whole other reason the second time, like it wasn't like they caught you and threw you back out, like you got there for a whole other shit. Jesus School. The first time. Just kind of like expand on the story a little bit, was they put me in time out and I put me on like this chair and they're like you sit here and you simmer down there, young man. And then, yeah, I, you know, went right back into the Fraga, booted out and came back in. But yeah, it you know what, just to kind of show a contrast here, that was the wild, crazy me of yesterday year. And now to kind of go on. What I was asking you guys. was annoying me more than anything in two thousand and twenty one is it's been very chilly where I live and I have chapped hands. HMM, yeahs a chap and I was actually literally sitting in my house today looking at my hands and thinking what is worse? A chapped hand or a chap lip? Hmm Hmm, I don't know. Can you imagine? You Huh, what's that? You imagine young Dave thinking that you're going to be old Dave thinking of these kind of questions instead of like breaking back into show? Well, like told me, let me tell you. New Year, you know, high celebrated. I bought a twelve pack of seagrim's wine cools, which I think each one has an alcohol content of three point two, and I mean I would pick one up, look at and they'd have, you know, good names like Jamaican me happy. Want to play on words down my throat, you delicious bastard, and I played Uno with my family. So I say this to you because, yes, if you talk to me, the guy for the get kicked out of the show. I was called me Middle East Dave, terrible, like a no fly list or something. But yeah, comflute, he would have right. You know, he would probably break into Skynet, have an elaborate plan to come to the future and murder me, because how the fuck would I ever consider that a good time? But I did, and now I sit here with chapped hands and they bother me. Any of the name of the show, chapped ass, what we what in the name of the show? What do you want to call the show as that? That's the epitome of the name of this show. Yeah, show, you selling out old last yeah, and it's cool, manager wine. Cooler, is it? I never thought I was gonna do it. Even in the store when I was buying almost like no, you can't do that. That's like against everything, every fiber of your being, and I'm everything that you stood for as a kid. But everything I stood for was wrong, you see. So it was kind of like wise, I want to still celebrate and have a good time, but I don't want to get to a place where I'm going to be like a shit bag. So let me just fucking drink response honestibly, I went to bed that night. I want a couple rounds. Who Thank you, and I didn't have that much of a buzz on. I slept comfortably in the next day I was like, Hey, New Year, knew me. Yay, great Genghis Khan Jean's yeah, yeah, fucking conquer yeah, I'd be headed all my opponents. Yeah, but yeah, this chapped hand thing I keep bringing it up because I don't know guys this, but I keep using these socks. Yeah, Damn, I know, man banks. I'm not to said drying. Yeah, you've core guys lube. Yeah, I could put spunk Blubon, I think. I don't know. I don't know if it heal anything. It probably just make it better. If I was fisting somebody. That's probably true, you know, but other than that I don't know if yeah, what kind of medicinal purposes spunk Lu would serve on my chapped hands? And I get a nickel for every time I say chapped hands. That's why I keep repeating myself over and over and over and over again. All Right, gentlemen, I think this does it for our first installment of two thousand and twenty one, our grand return. I do want to mention that you can find us on all of your favorite pod catchers, Whi should sounds like an std if you ask me. And and Toby, you have an announcement to make, don't you, about our little program where else can we be found?...

Oh yes, there's a little spot on the bad secret media website. So go to bad secret Mediacom and you can find all the links to everything, for the social media, for selling out and some of the podcatchers that you just want to stop shop for it all other great also. Yeah, you can check out my other shows and stuff on there. I got there's links all kinds of stuff. So yeah, go, go check it out. Bad secret Mediacom links, spicy links, spicy spices and links, spicy links is salfas. I had sausage links for breakfast. Did you, Jimmy Dean? Um, I think they were. Actually, yeah, look at yeah, see, you sold all them for a sponsor. Yeah, it's called Jimmy Dan. Still Alive? No, he was gonna say Jimmy, I love you. You can stig him up. Yeah, there you go. All right, we gonna get the fuck out of here. Anything else you guys want to say before we hit the road? Jimmy Deane, get in touch with me, call my people. Jimmy didn't call his people. Okay, so that's how we're going. And there's okay, wonderful. I am Dave, that is nate and that over there is toby and this has been the selling out show. He's s.

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