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Selling Out Show

Episode 58 · 1 year ago

Ep.#58 Never★Ending★Story


Big news! We've given birth to a brand new baby and named it MOON CHILD! Ok, that's not true BUT we've added frequent collaborator Toby Schofield as a new co-host on our humble little program. How did we initiate him to the mayhem and merriment we provide on the world wide web? Well, Dave trashes the beloved 80's film The NeverEnding Story, which leads us into quite a conversation about childhood films. We also pack this episode with a plethora of topics, including but not limited to: Aerosmith sucks, Alanis Morissette hooking up with Uncle Jesse, Slaggin' off, rappers ruining horror franchises, hot dogs on the beach, Critters, vocabulary lessons, the Fantastic Four, cowboy sex kinks, and if that wasn't enough, Nate's Notes focuses on live acts getting creative in a Covid-19 world. Pack your bags folks and prepare for a joy ride specifically designed for that clump of gray matter rattling around in that noggin on your neck.

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