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Episode 55 · 2 years ago

Ep.#55 Whatcha Upta


Dave and Nate discuss why Def Leppard is most relevant in the summer, wonder if a Fitbit is the Life Alert for our generation, picking a nostalgic feeling worth bottling for sale and Nate's Notes takes a look at live acts. From David Bowie's Glass Spider Tour, Gwar and even GG Allin, spectacle and schlock are ready to rock!

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Welcome to those selling out show. You're really example. What it does is beaches into your brain chemically and no, cat your happiest memory chemically, and then blocks on that emotion and releases it chemically, and then it keeps your happy, happy. Hello, hello, hello, and thank you for tuning in to the selling out show. Or you screw up life at our leisure for your listening pleasure. I am one of your host David Scholton, over here by my side is my partner in crime. Yes, indeed he is back, Mr Nate Gore Zinski. Nate, how the Heck Are you? I'm a sticky and sweaty that's like a death leopard to summer. It's all the gifts of summer. I'm up in my old recording studio, as it were, my old bedroom at my folks house, which gets a little hot because I have to have the window shut because it gets a little loud. This little inside baseball for you listeners get to hear how the sausages made. Yeah, great minds, Dave, but I don't actually remember that deaf leopard lyric. I just remember something. Do you remember it? The I'm sure, sticky sweet. There you go from my head to my feet. Yeah, now, the yeah ties it all together. It is a pretty little bow. Yeah, it really is a pink little bow slapped on top of the lyric. And I'm glad you're sweaty, sticky, hot and sweet from your head, head, head, head to your feet, because it is summer and summer's a glorious time. It's wonderful, and you know, it's even better about the summer. What's up? It's when I was born. It's when I popped out of my mother's nether regions and join the human race. And I just celebrated my birthday. That's right, that's right, YEP, and I shouldn't be so happy. I'm old a shit. Well, Dude, let me just say happy birthday on air. So it's recorded in the annals of history, the annals anals, HMM, history, sure, right, and yeah, so happy birthday here. Thank you. Thank you, but up now I'm a little curious. You sent me a text on my actual birthday, right, but you feel as if this doesn't count or it's not credited towards a well wish or well wishing. HMM, you have to say it on air. So what kind of person do you think I am that, I'd say, Oh, yeah, he never sent me a happy birthday message, even though, you know, written in in in text form. I know the Internet's pretty permanent as well, so it is there somewhere. There's a record of it in print and in the audio format. So there you go. You can never say I didn't say happy birthday this year. True, true, true, but I will say this. You didn't end the text with a yeah, much like the poorous. Some sugar on me lyric, but again, would have really, you know, tied it brightened up the room. Here you go, if you will. Yes, the little verbal Feng Shway, can we say? But Anyway, I'm going to tell you this right now. My wife gifted me something, but when I received it I was a little confused by it. Okay, now, nay. Are you familiar with the company called Fitbit? I've heard the term, but I couldn't tell you what they really do, other than I know people get them to get healthy and they it keeps track of something, whether they're steps, Shit like that. The hell, I don't know. Tell it, tell us dive. That would be pretty amazing if I got one and I just immediately became healthy. You know, that'd be something else. But no, I guess you're on the right track. Wherein it's supposed to inspire you to do things better in your life and, yes, in...

...fact, live healthier, because it tracks all the things that you just mentioned, plus your sleep, your heart rate. Now, I'm not an Adonis. I'm really not God's gift to anything. It's a nice way of me trying to imply that I am a fat fuck. Okay, now this, looking at table, you're looking good man. It's your birthday. You're another year older. You look just as young as you did last year. Yeah, last year, yes, twenty years ago, not so much so. When I get a Fitbit, I started thinking to myself a couple things here. First off, Huh, she really wants me to start moving around a little bit more, maybe track myself? And, yeah, yet again, use it as some form of inspiration to get off me bom MMM, yeah, but little another hand, a little yes, thank you, a little hint. On the other hand, though, I was thinking like because, because this thing, I can talk to it, I can give it instructions, and it reminded me back when we were kids. Right, and a lot of people will relate to this. There was a product. There was an infomercial on TV called life alert, targeted to senior citizens, that if you're in danger or in any sign of distress, you push the button, you say something into it and the paramedics will arrive and help you out. In many ways, a fit bit or a Smart Watch even in general, because a lot of them do the same thing regardless of brand. HMM, this is our generations life alert. Ah, wow, man, that's true. It's like right, space age life alert. Yeah, yeah, well, are we in the space age though? I guess I don't know, but I know as a kid I would. If it were in watch format, I would have automatically thought it was cooler, like the life alert commercials. I was like wow, this is lame. Some old person hit in a button. But yeah, if it were on a watch, I would have probably gotten one just because I would have felt like Dick Tracy or something. You know. Well, do you know what? You read my mind with that? I do feel like Dick Tracy and that is pretty, pretty cool. Yeah, but if you did get that as a watch when you were a kid, you would have been pranking nine, one one all the time. That's true, that that would have been a really big problem for your folks. Yeah, now, this thing is is and I'm not like, this is not a paid advertisement or something for the company. I mean, I just got one, so I want to talk about it, but I must admit it is pretty handy and in many ways it is kind of changing my mindset on how I should be treating my body, especially now at the age then I'm at. Which is right? Should I say on air? Are just not a spring chicken? Well, that's up to you, man. Yeah, I'm forty two. Nate was badgering me about it, so I'm going to put it out there, for I really push a few years old. You Push me off the ledge, buddy. Yeah, but still, you know, I could use to lose a few get more active. In many ways I have thanks to this little Handy Dandy. Dude. It does make you healthy. It is something you buy to get healthy. It's a thing that makes you healthy. I was right. Well, yeah, I did, actually, because I can talk to Alexa on it. So I push the button. I said Alexa, a fall and I can't get up, and sadly it did not contact nine and one on my behalf fallen and I can get up nostalgia is one hell of a drug. Y'All have memories or moments in our lives that we shoud we could go back to, revisit and possibly live again, because they brought us so much joy and happiness. Or maybe it was even a bad thing that taught us an important life lesson. Whatever, but I have a question for you, nate, on our program today. If you could bottle, okay, put a feeling in a bottle that you've experienced in your life, slap a label on it, sell it, your whole world can access it. What feeling would you use? Hmm, I, HMM. You know what, I have a perfect answer for this. The feeling that I love more than any other.

I would bottle the feeling you get when, you say, you wake up and you've had to pee all night and you just woke up and realize it and you finally pee, even if you've just been holding it for a long time, when you're awake and during Ly pee. Right, dude, there's that feeling. I don't know if it's just the the muscles relaxing on their bladder, what it is, but it's I swear to God, that's the closest way I can describe when people ask me how opiates feel, it's like that sort of feeling, if I could bottle a feeling. Now, granted, this is more of a physical answer, right. You know, I don't know if you were getting at more of an emotional feeling that you could bottle or but I'm taking it to that level. That's a feeling that I still to this day and never gets old. Okay, I'll tell you what. I have a name for your feeling and for the product that you can sell out to the masses. You can call it sweet release by Nate Gores in Ski. What do you think us? I'm dignant. Okay, I'm digging it, man, you're my you're my pr man, Hey, yeah, representation, I am your prickly like it here, but yeah, man, I am. I get you like. That is I mean that could be relatable to a lot of different things. If you are uncomfortable or you're experiencing some form attention and then you just get relief. You know I mean. Right, yeah, so I can totally that's true, but I think specifically, man, specifically the pea feeling. It never gets over me. Man, I know you know we could, we could market it to a broader function, if you will, but I think I think specifically that one. I'd be happy with just that feeling alone. But I don't know, man. I think the question is a great one that I assume you've thought about hers you're bringing it up, so you want to, you want to tell us what you are I will. You're feeling would be. I will in a moment, but first I gotta note the fact that I was trying to relate your feeling to many other things and you brought it straight back to the prostate and Ding Dong. I'm very meat and potatoes. Yeah, you are. You wouldn't let that go. You're like, yeah, but it's gotta be when you got to take a leak. That's when is the P that that's it, man. Yeah, yeah, that's the stuff. Oh Boy, who me? I love it, man. Now for me right what I was a kid, I was often up to no good, started making trouble in my neighborhood and I would often lie to my mom. Well, hold on, let me add a little context to the whole thing. Here. Is, when I was in my early teens, all my friends were older, they all had automobiles and they had a certain level of freedom to go and do whatever they want to do whenever they wanted to do it. So I would lie back to this again. I would lie to my mother, tell her I was going over somebody's house, when really I was jumping in my buddy's car and we were crossing state lines to go drink and camping somewhere, basically the party. Yeah, now Nice on the open road. The moment you cross the border into a new state, it felt like the air was different, the sunlight was different. Hell, even the trees and the foliage and everything was just, it is, exotic. who was wild? It was new, and we're only talking two hundred bricking miles here, right, but still, I even thought of myself as some kind of commodity where you'd walk into a supermarket chain that you weren't familiar with because they don't have it in your neck of the woods, and you look around and think, Oh my God, all these girls in here want to bang me because I'm from Massachusetts. They don't get that very often around here, do they? which is a very egomaniacal thing. Exotic, exotic, right. But yeah, I was trying to say, it's very egomaniacal thing to believe that, you know, Oh, just because I'm from a different state, I'm wanted sexually or in any form or any capacity. But still, man, just that feeling of being free, even though I did have to lie... get it. It felt so fucking good, so good, sure, and I can never have that again, a good one. You know. It's like with you and your pee thing. That's going to happen to you tomorrow morning. Yeah, God willing. Yeah, right, me lying to my parents and say I'm going somewhere I'm not and traveling somewhere for the first time. That it's impossible. That's it, it's over. That I can't happen anymore. My Kid could do it to me, but also I'll break his fucking ass bone for doing it. You know what I mean? Yeah, yours is yours as a higher value than mine, just because of rarity. You know, the supplied demand fact. Yeah, I think yours will will fetch a higher, higher price on the black market, open market fishmocket. Yeah, so, but I mean really, it kind of sucks it. I'm tying in my my bottle feeling that I want to give to all of you find listeners out there, to me being a deviant, but I mean I think really being a kid, that's part of the process. You got to do some shady shut right. Yeah, I mean, besides that, I think our listeners are used to us not being angels. That's kind of it's kind of been a running theme throughout our show here. I know we we talked about that quite frequently. But I mean you got to have some experiences from when you were a youngster that you I mean we know you got a ton of stuff from from your teenage years and you a don't like that. You've talked about on the show before. But there's got to be some of those moments that you've had where you just went man, I was I was quite the bad boy. Yeah, dude, I mean I can definitely relate to what you're saying. I think I think you're feeling that you brought up. Part of the appeal of that bottled feeling would be the feeling of getting away with something, because that's that's part of right, you know, it's yes, it's the it's the feeling of being in this new place and whatnot, but but getting away with things always has a little something sweet about it and I used to get this feeling a similar feeling, I guess you'd say, when I would skip school. Sometimes, when I would, you know, be out with friends, we'd go on the road. We'd usually go to an arcade or go somewhere to you know, it's smoke pod and just hang out, whatever it was, but a lot of times we went to like an arcade or something and being on the open highway. I remember something about the the road at that time of day, because it would be I didn't get up at the same time I got it for school on the weekends. Usually I was a late sleeper. So for me to be up as early as I would be to go to school and all of a sudden I'm on the road, but going to do something fun and whatever, it was like. It just had a certain feeling, something about being on their venture. Man, yeah, man, and and and something about the the the way the sun would hit the road, whatever it was. That time of day just felt different, obviously when you're in school as opposed to when you're out on the open road and doing what you're not supposed to to do. And and man speak. Speaking of school, I will say I definitely had a story that just popped in my head. We're talking about being knucklehead kids. And Man, this one day I must have seen a movie that inspired me to pull this stupid stunt in school. I I brought to school because I thought it would make me look cool, a little baggy that I had filled with flower and so it looked like drugs. I would say I looked like cocaine. I don't think I was old enough to know that it was cocaine. I was just like I've drugs and I think go to school with this little baggy of a beat bag of drugs, fake drugs, to school right, and I don't know what. I just showed kids at recess. I'm talking I was probably eight years old. I was little. I wasn't like a teenager doing right, and I'm like luck, I've drugs, and all I remember is, yeah, I showed these kids and it recess. And now we're back in class and of course we're all little kids.

So some other little knucklehead kid just brings it up nate as drugs and our way out, man for your flowery man, and the teacher at first just kind of laughed it off like yeah, yeah, this is an eight year old kids. She's not even taking it seriously. But enough kids started like making seeing about it, saying no, they're in his bag. He showed him to us. Eventually the teacher, curious as she was, open my bag and pulls out this little baggy, and I'm talking about this. This bag was. I say little baggy, this was probably a sandwich baggy full of powder, which would have been like ounces of cocaine. It would have been a lot of right, this would trafficking, right. And but what made me laugh when I was thinking this memory more than anything else was, of course it's bedlam in the classroom. There's kids are freaking out, summer, laughing, summer, like, Oh my God, this probably kids crying. They're young. And this one kid, who was kind of a quiet nerdy kid, decides to take charge and runs over and sticks his little pinky finger and dips it into the powder and puts on his tongue, because he probably saw it in a movie to learn it from watching dad. Yeah, and he's like, he's like it's okay, it's okay, it's just it's fake, it's I think he said it's flower whatever. But it's like thinking, that's like what would you have done if it wasn't you know, like, first of all, the teacher would have been fucked. There's a kid, this kids got a numb mouth and probably bouncing off the walls and you know he's trying to be a little hero. Whatever was, but situation just made me laugh my ar because at the time, I'm I was just like, Holy Shit, I'm in trouble. I mean, I wasn't really in trouble for a bag of flower no, bring the prank itself is exactly yeah, sure so, but yeah, man, so it was just just the not not one of my finer moments, but definitely maybe a precursor to l that's adventures. It. That's what did do. And that fucking kid man that you said, he dipped his pinky in there. So here's a pro yeah, it'd be great to be like turned you and said you know the street value with this? Do you, young man? Who you're dealing with here? Christ? Maybe? Yeah, he was this quiet, nerdy kid. Maybe he wanted to go into business. If it was real, maybe he's like he's got a head from numbers. Yeah, maybe you breaking back the connection to the product right. Holy Cow, that's funny. Yeah, eight year old kingpins man Yep, you got it, but yeah, do it. Do I have time to tell another silly little stupid sure, hit me with him when I was a kid. Hit Me Right now. All right, man, I feel like I'm hogging. I feel like I'm hogging this segment, but I'm just I'm full of them. But so a few years later, this is another idiot kids story. But a few years later now I'm probably I don't even know. At this point I might have been twelve, I may not have even been whatever it was, maybe whatever post flower brother and I, yes, I it was exactly post my drug kingpin days, right, but my brother and I were up to no good with to this is an interesting story in that my brother has been decidedly less of a fuck up than I was. Like I'm the one that kind of yeah, has done jail time and had problem whatever. I had my colored history and colorful history. I don't know that sounded racist, but my brother is usually the one who's, you know, more wellbehaved I was. I don't know if well behaved is the right word, but he's managed to stay out of trouble right more than I. Fall you and this, this prank, this night actually was pretty much started by him and he's kind of the star of this show. But he had a friend over, so it was the three of us. We had been squirting cars that drove by on our...

...street with squirt guns, like hiding in the woods and just kind of like shooting them. As you know, Super Soaker, so's big splash. But we, you know, we thought we were, I don't know, big causing big stink, doing the whatever. We were having fun, laughing or asses off, and we decided to bring things up and notch my brother said, you know, I would be even funnier. He built this concoctions a built. He creating stuff. Is Concoction whatever of corn, corn meal. I don't even know if what it was exactly. It was. It was a powder and water. Is probably some of the drugs from my yeah, it's going to say maybe if you're what are you talking about? Corn Snatch or whatever? Yeah, Coin Stars, that's the word I was looking for. But yeah, whatever it was, he we made like a slime. It was this pasty slime. We put food coloring and everything, so it was green and purple, different, different batches of it, and we would put a little dollop of it in this Seran wrap and twist it tights. Was a little bomb, a little packet of it, and you threw it and it would pop and this this slime would go everywhere. So we decided to start throwing that at cars because you know, nothing Dad's going to happen with that. Dude waters. One thing you know, it's see through. They turn on the windshield wipers. It's gone. This could obstruct vision. We could have killed people out yeah, Hello Dude. So the three of us are on the side of the road, hiding in the bushes and we've got a lot of woods on my street, so it's a lot of woods and a few neighborhoods, but everything separated by little patches of woods and where. You know, we probably threw a couple that didn't connect and because I remember being out there for a little while, but finally one did make contact. It made this pop, this loud sound as it connected with the windshield, of course, and it exploded. It was under pressure and probably, I don't even know, it may have shattered the windshield. I doubt it. I don't think it cracked the windshield. But the point is the next sound we heard. We're tires screeching yeah, and somebody getting out of car going what the fuck, and we just all start running, of course, because it's we're in the woods, but we're still right off the road. So we go run, running through the sectional woods and that, like I said, there's neighborhoods through the woods that way and whatnot, but it's pretty rural and we got separated. My brother and I got separated from Ed and Ed kept running and we found out later. I think we heard some commotion, but he ended up getting caught and getting his ass kicked and cops showed up and my brother and I basically just dipped into this little section of woods, and I know this is rambling, I'll I just wanted to say we that night we saw cops going by, we saw flashing lights. The cops were looking for us with flashlights and we're ducked in this little section of woods. And I'm just bringing this up because it's like years later. I had so much experience with cops and my brother really never had, but that night he was like a pro he he had me ducking down in the woods, was covering me with pine needles and leaves and branches and things, and I remember thinking, because my brother and I didn't always get along. Sometimes it was like we were at each other's threat, but I remember that night feeling like he's like kind of helping me out and almost taking care of me, and we dude, whatever it was, we didn't we didn't end up getting caught that night and we the cops cleared out. We're both it's the middle of the night at this point, probably zero in the morning, and we creep out of the woods and the cops are all gone, but we're afraid to go home, so we don't know if the cops are some reason they're and so we just like walked around basically all night, most of the night anyway, and tried sleeping in the woods at one point. I remember mosquitoes and just making it intolerable. But yeah, I mean, just to wrap this up, it was just, yeah, crazy, another knucklehead experience, but we could have killed some people. Were like throwing stupid bags of slime...

...that probably covered this dude's windshield. Yeah, well, there you go. That's a feeling. You should have putten a bottle and called brotherly love, even though I yeah, maybe Predator, the movie Predator, if your brother had seen that. That could have been the reason why he decided to cover you and all the junk. We definitely were big fan. He didn't want the cops to see your heat signature and possibly blow you up with a laser. So yes, you definitely smear and mud on my face. He definitely saved your life that night. But yeah, you're a terrible human being, oh my God, because, you know what, you're right. You could have killed somebody doing that Shit for crying out loud. I mean, I don't know, and I bet you weren't being select I'm older our friend. I'm sorry, just like thinking of you having a kid and me and my basic, my step kid. It's like thinking of if they pulled some shit like that up, pissed off I'd be. I'm trying to tell you too, is is you know, God knows how old you were, but you guys were throwing this crap at every car. You weren't looking at WHO's driving by and thinking, all, look at this guy in the Beamer, look at that son of a bitch, he deserves our slime. Or Oh, look at that poor AUS Schmuck, he's driving a dodge omney. Let him go now. You would just fucking chucking that shit every you wear. Yeah, indiscriminate, indiscriminately. Yes, indeed, terrible, terrible, we we were terrorists. Don't say that to you a loud buddy. I'm not covered up with pine needles protect you this time. You may be fucked by saying that. I think the feeling that needs to be bottled from that would be the feeling of catching the kid that hit your car with some shit hutching him in the face. That's the bottled feeling on when back, that might be highly illegal as well, but you know what, you have shared some very interesting stories this day. But I'm also interested in the stories are listeners might have or what feelings they would like to put in a bottle. And if they want to tell us, it is easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Follow us on our socials at selling out show. Great way to reach out to us or send us an email. Selling out show at GMAILCOM. And while I'm here, I also want to hype our partners. Now, I don't know if it's appropriate time for it that we just determined that nate is a terrible human being. Who knows that? They still want to be affiliated with us, but hey, I promised I do it. I like their stuff, so I'm going to continue to do so. So first up we have Alpine hempcom. If you love CBD, if you never tried CBD, you know what, there's no better place to start at than Alpine Hempcom. Check them out. They have everything under the sun that you would possibly need, from coffees to tease the capsules. You've heard me say this each and every episode, even pet products. So with that, if you've heard me say this every episode, why aren't you checking them out? Is Easy. Alpine hampcom northland vaporcom. I'm a huge vapor. Let mean literally. That's why I have the fitbit. I'm too big. I need to become a smaller vapor, at least in waste size. Northland they hooked me up with some delicious e juices that are dike tone and artificial sweetener free, which is important because you want to know what you are in fact putting in your body. Now at northland and Alpine hemp. If you go there and use code selling out nineteen, you will save nineteen percent off your entire order. Both sites very cool. Check them out. And last but not least, we have spunk lube. I always try to say their name with flare because I love them and I don't care. Best Lube on the market used by professionals in the adult film industry. But while let them have all the fun, you can have the award winning spunk lubricant ship directly to your home discreetly by visiting spunk lubecom today. Dust up your lps. It's time for nate. No, no, in one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven, David Bowie embarked on a tour in support of his album never let me down. This...

...was no ordinary tour. Bowie had always had a flare for the theatric. His early days saw him take up the mantle of a fictional care or ziggy star dust, complete with stage costumes in the storyline for the fake rock star and his band, the spiders from Mars. But in one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven he wanted to do something really special and extravaganza for the eyes and years, calling the show the glass spider tour, he put on a concert that musically spanned his career in visually looked like some post apocalyptic dance show, along with dancers all choreographed by Tony Basil of Hey Mickey fame. The band members were decked out with Proto steampunk cyborg outfits. Peter Frampton was one of the cybernetic characters playing guitar. The whole spectacle took place on a stage that was framed by the titular glass spider, its legs bordering stage left and right, while it's bulbous body and round head looked down from above. The glass spider tour was the most expensive tour ever undertaken and caused Bowie and his entourage a ton of stress. Unfortunately, despite being seen by somewhere between three and six million fans, depending on the source, the show was not very well received by critics and was ultimately considered somewhat of a giant failure. Even the album that it was supporting, never let me down. Wasn't one of Bowie's better albums. It kind of ended up being the concert performance equivalent of having Costner's water world, just an embarrassment of money spent on something that basically flopped, a legendary cautionary tale of sorts. In spite of all that, I respect the hell out of Bowie for the attempt. I mean, I enjoy the hell out of a no frills, five dollar punk rock club show as much as the next guy, but there's aside me that loves a really theatric show to maybe has something to do with my first girlfriend being a show choir girl who introduced me to all the classic musicals, from Tommy to Jesus Christ, superstar, Phantom of the opera to fucking pippin. I don't know, but some of the bands I really got into had a definite visual side to their performances. Skinny puppy were a pioneering electronic act that I've mentioned a lot on this show. They took the sounds of bands like craftwork and suicide and fused them with a healthy dose of Goth. Their early s shows utilized fairly bare bones effects, as they were just starting out and probably spent all their money on their music equipment. Synthesizer's back then were super expensive anyway. They did what they could, though that usually amounted to not much more than turning on a fog machine, putting on white makeup and decorating the stage with plastic skulls. As the years went on, their budget increased considerably and they incorporated screens playing weird psychedelic imagery, lots of fake blood and prosthetics so their singer Ogre could stalk around the stage like some weird monster. During one tour he came out on stage with these metals stilts attached to his legs and arms, like some weird mechanical daddy long legs. Skinny puppy actually got in a little trouble one year in the late S. from there on, stage antics they'd always had a social or political message of some kinds that made their show a lot deeper than just a gory horror show like Guar might do. In the show in question, skinny puppy had taken up the anti vivisection cause and at one point ogre donned blood soaked doctors scrubs and started performing surgery on this...

...mechanical dog that looked pretty realistic. Real enough where an audience member called the cops and after their performance a couple plainclothes officers came back stage to check out the aforementioned dog. Of course, nothing came of that, but the band ended up spending the night in jail after a heated argument with these two officers, and they had to pay two hundred dollars for disturbing the piece. Skinny puppy shows continue to dazzle crowds with visual effects and costumes. I've been lucky enough to have seen them on a few occasions myself. Some live shows take things to a whole other level, where the bodily fluids aren't just corn Syrup and food coloring. The dillinger escape plan were a mind blowingly heavy and talented hardcore metal outfit from New Jersey. They started in the late s and just kind of wrapped up a year or two ago, some would argue, at the peak of their success. A big reason for them stopping is that their shows were physically taking their toll on the members, who are all starting to get a bit old for there on stage antics. Guitarist and bandleader Ben Wineman was known to jump off amps and smash his guitar around, suffering a few injuries over the years. But their singer, Greg Pucciato, who has an intimidating presence with his bodybuilder frame, definitely did a number on his own body and at times on his audience. There's footage of Greg Pucciato just running out off the stage across the heads and shoulders of the unsuspecting crowd, like a more aggressive form of crowdsurfing. He'd often breathe fire or perform with blood dripping down his face from some head injury or another, often from bashing himself with the MIC. He'd also jump from stay drigging or walls of Speaker Cabinets. In the early two thousands, when dillinger were still fairly new and just building hype, they performed a set at the redding festival in England where Greg Chat on stage into a bag and before throwing it into the audience to hold them all. This is a bag of shit. I just thought I'd show it to you so you'd recognize it later on in the day, making references to other bands on the bill, specifically puddle of mud. He then rubbed the leftovers from the bag on to himself and went on to perform a surprisingly critically acclaimed set that day. Of course, when you mention shitting on stage, one name always comes to mind. GG Allen fronted a few bands, most notably the murder junkies, and he was a notoriously colorful character. Gigi was actually named Jesus Christ by his somewhat strange parents who thought they may be giving birth to the savior himself. Jesus is older brother and eventual bassist, Merle. As a toddler, would call him gig because he couldn't pronounce Jesus in the name stuck. I could do a whole segment on gg and there are documentaries you can watch if you really want. Check out hated GG Allen in the murder junkies. That's probably the best known one. Pretty comprehensive, but I'll just mention that Gigi was a drug taking machine, a heroin addict and a heavy drinker. But he wasn't super choosy. He was known to take laxatives before shows. To make things especially exciting and fragrant. He would perform naked, with his famous micro penis shamelessly on display. He bashed his own teeth in with the microphone and attacked audience members, often hitting them with the...

MIC stand. He was an equal opportunity attacker and a unapologetically when after women, which would cause men to jump on him. The shows invariably turned into brawls and were often shut down early. Going to a GG Allen show wasn't so much about seeing a great live band, as it was about watching a live train rank. I'll say one thing. People still remember him. His brand is specific and his legacy secure. GIG died while partying and there were groupies and other partiers taking pictures with what was actually his corpse, thinking he was just wasted on unconscious. You can see those pictures online. He died as he lived, and he was then buried as he died, wearing a jock strap and a leather jacket, still caked in blood and shit. It from the night's events unembalmbed, so his body was discolored and bloating in the casket. At his strange funeral, which became his final bash, the attendees posed with his body, putting joints and other things in his mouth, placing bottles of booze in the coffin with him. Interesting Dude. So again, as great as it can be to just watch a talented group of musicians perform a recital of their music on stage, a number of artists have advanced the art form of the more visual and theatric side of things, sometimes to the detriment of their own wellbeing and sometimes to the detriment of our health as spectators. So definitely do some research before going to see a band. Imagine your friends taking to CGG Allen back in the day and you had no idea who he was. Shit, I mean literally Shit. Did you remember Gig I do, but I you know, I like how you just compared. Well, he didn't compare them directly, but still. Yeah, when you look at the glass spider tour, right, that set cost ten million dollars to build, and David Bowie would spend a million dollars a week for his crew to be on the road. Even had to build smaller sets to fit of the spider to fit indoors. Right. So we're talking aliens and millions of million dollars compared to gig Allen go into the dollar store and buying a bottle of L accidives to put on his show. So yeah, that's says. Yeah, noticeable difference there. You know what I mean? Well, Hey, I I book ended the segment with the two greats, will put it that way. Rest in peace, Bowie and GG. That's something I never thought I'd hear in the same sentence. I'm not going to lie to you. That's a very bizarre pairing to put together because now you look at it, both the artists and I guess in GG's case I use the word artist a little loosely or, you know, in a liberal sense, because I remember him and the shock value with something else and that made it interesting. But Realistically He, David Bowie, is leaps and bounds in light years. Literally. I had talent wise and everything else, and of GG Allen. But yeah, I totally remember that. I remember, like I mean, come on, you're a teenager, you listening to Punk Rock, you're getting all wrapped up in everything and then you hear about this one guy who just, yeah, like you said, he just would do these crazy things on stage, unbelievable acts that were, you know, just lawless behavior. It's just insane and that's appealing in many ways to a young person and it's a yeah and its own way. He was the height of rebellion for its own sake, like self destructive rebellion. It was pointless. It was complete anarchy,...

...which I yeah, kids going through whatever phase punk rock kids go through are drawn to that. And there is not another gg around. I mentioned how Greg from the dillinger escape plan did a little craziness. He he shot once famously on stage. That was you can find a lot about it online, like it's it's people make a big deal about it, but it's like that is nothing if everybody knows gg Al, that's in your grating on a poop scale here. I made you know it is because if you think about it, and in the histriting scale, musicians, a lot of artists did a lot of crazy things that earn them notoriety. But now we're specifically talking about whoop, Yep, Yephop, total duddy beating the shit out of the crowd. It said beating up women that you watch some footage of him. He is just grabbing women in the crowd by the hair and like bashing their heads on the stage and yeah, like just horrible shit. He was a horrible, horrible dude, but he ended up just going out. He, he, he burned out. You know, this city is better to burn out than fade away. That Dude fucking burnt out and stinkily. You just just well, you also mentioned Guar, and briefly, briefly, but still. I mean as a teenager, I was also a Guar Fan, and I'm and they were, I mean, truly kings of the the audio visual medium. Yeah, and as far as being appealing with their live shows and doing just these crazy things that you wanted to buy a ticket because, hey, man, I'm going to get sprayed with fake blood or seamen or see someone putting through a meat grinder. That doesn't happen every day. Yeah, but rest in peace to Dave Brocki, odorous rungus from Guar as well. You know, we're talking about all these dead yeah, musicians. So, yeah, but what do you find appealing? What would you rather see? You know what I mean? I think this is something that we could use a little bracketology for. You know, we march madness. You know what lives show would be the best live show, and you could put other when we talk about David Bowie, other people that put on these rock spectacles that cost million and iron made. You made rush. Yeah, I mean the list goes on and on. And then on the lower tier of the spectrum, here these punk rockers or more indie acts that would just do outrageous things and see who comes out on top. But I also think it's an age thing, because when you were younger, you like, yeah, man, again, you mentioned, hey, I could go see this for five bucks. I don't need to expend seventy five to go see the glass spider tour. I can five bucks, and I mean I am facetoface with one of my favorite musicians. This is really, yeah, quite the experience. But yeah, younger, that makes more sense. When you get older you go Nah, I think I'd rather go see all the lasers and the big, big spider with the vacuum legs. I'd rather not get smeared on me or raped, you know whatever here. So yeah, yeah, you know, another interesting thing about and we talked about this off air, was a news article I shared with you in back to war here with odorous Uungus, who you mentioned. It passed away, Dave Brocky. How now they're tearing down all the monuments for any, you know, historical figure that has any racist ties, as they should. And they mentioned in Virginia they were going to rip down the Statue Robert E Lee, and I've heard that the governor, I think it was the governor, who has already approved that that statue gets taken down. But they wanted a statue or the fans of war and they started, you know, one of those petitions online to have one erected of odorous uungus and I say yes, do that. I would be happy. Yes, I would go visit that. I'd make a pilgrimage. You would see that statue. I probably would. I don't know. I I was more of a casual Guar fan when I was younger, but I've come to respect at least their theatrical visual side, some of their music. It's fun. Yeah, they were kind of Punk, kind of metal. They were.

They were fun, but and they had a lot of a lot of imagination was put into sure, the songs and the visual aspect, in the artistry to making all those costumes. Man. So I probably would. or well, I'll put it this way. If I happen to be in that square five hundred miles of the country, I would probably find my way you, grab some pork rhymes, some coffee, take a little take a little jaunt, a little drive over there to see that statue. Sure, why not? Then I can agree with the futures with it. I mean that's cool. And as far as my Guar fandom, it did kind of die when I get older. You know what I mean? It was just something I kind of matured out of. I don't know many forty year olds that are like yeah, man, I'm I really want to hear or that Guar album is a classic and I need to, you know, here it on spotify or whatever to get me pumped. Usually that's not the case. We all mat sure, we kind of grow out of it, but even in hindsight I think they were better artist and we gave them credit for it, not even visually with the costumes in the live show, but musically as well. Sure, so, who doesn't want to crank meat sandwich on their way to the museum? Yeah, yeah, total. So that's a very interesting piece and that's going to keep me thinking for a while. I'm kind of serious now, but doing a little, I don't know, thinking about that, like what live show what I most want to see? Now, mind you, I'm also the person that refuses to pay to go park somewhere, so I'd have to take that out of the equation, like the whole driving somewhere and the aggravation involved in that, because they can be playing in your backyard base. Thank you. Yes indeed, if I can see any show, just walk out my door and boom, there it is. What show would I most want to see? And that's actually another interesting question that we could pose to the listeners or again ourselves. So, yes, very good, very good. But on that note, nate, I like saying that that sounded good. On that note, nate, because we just did nate's notes. ha ha ha. Yeah, that was a dad joke and a half. But anyway, that was nate's noteworthy this fitbit is telling me I need to do more steps, so I got to get the fuck out of here. I gotta go do that. Probably Masturbate tricket, make it think I'm doing more work than I'm actually doing. So, HMM, yeah, as gross. So, yeah, anyway, burn some calories, dude, fuck it. Yeah, there I go. I'M gonna go burn some fucking calories. I should just said that to begin with. What's that? What the Hell's the matter with me? I should have been so truthful about that whole thing. But anyway, but yourself out, I that's what I do. That's what this show is for. But I want to thank each and every person that took the time to tune into this little ditty that we put forth. For you. Virtual hugs all around. Can you feel it? I am squeezing you. Yes, and something maybe poking you, but I'm gonna go take care of that in a moment. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been the selling out show piece. Why? God, six.

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