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Episode 53 · 1 year ago

Ep.#53 Dookie?


Hey Hey! On this episode, Nate is away but our pal Toby joins the show to talk the perfect solution for gift giving and how it's ultimately a one way street, we have a top 5 80's television theme song draft (that goes a wee bit awry), PLUS we discuss the cuss words you used as a kid that just don't cut it anymore. 


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What's welcome to the selling out show. Your Feeling Nimble. What it does is reaches into your brain chemically andno, cat your happiest memory chemically and then knocks on to that emotion,freezes it chemically and then it keeps your happy, happy. Hello, hello, hello, and thank you for tuning into the selling out show. I'mone of your host David Shultz, and we have a great show plan foryou today. Coming up in a little bit, we're going to be talkingabout the top theme songs from s television. Now, normally my partner in crime, nate, would be here by my side, but he has takenthis one off, so instead I am joined by my good pal, TobySchofield. told me. How are you? I'm I've been pretty good. Howmuch? So? Oh, I'm fucking fantastic. You know, whenyou are a friend of the show, you have filled in in Nate's otherabsences. So it's good to have you back. No, it's good tobe back. It's been it's been several months now, hasn't it? Yeah, so what you been doing with yourself? Well, I mean now you knowthat's something you can actually tell people about, not something it's like adirty little habit or a secret that you want to keep, if you knowwhat I mean. Wink, wink's not a hey, not just it's stilljust doing my podcasting thing, hanging out with the kids, just really nothing, especially with, you know, world, world stuff happening. Yeah, Ilike how you just didn't name drop was actually happening in the world.You just like world stuff. I you know what I I don't want itto be dated so much. People know. Yeah, I think we do,I really do. Yeah, yeah, absolutely don't. By now and you'relistening to the show, I'm surprised you know how to use the Internet. But Hey, Tob sir, let me tell you something. My birthdayis coming up, buddy man. Yeah, congratulations. Well, I don't knowif congratulations are in order when you start to reach my age. Yeah, you know what I mean. I don't know. Well, maybe likeyou survived this long, so congratulations, but you've made it another year.Yeah, but it's not like when you're a kid. It's fun and youdo all kinds of crazy shit. I mean when you're a little kid,that is, you get toys and you know, it feels really momentous tohave your birthday like you wait for it all year. You know, it'sup there with Christmas, for crying out loud. Oh Yeah, for sure. When. When was the year that you're like, I don't care aboutthis birthday? I think mine was like twenty five. River was just likeI don't I don't care anymore. Really, that's a weird age to bring up. Is One you don't really give a fuck anymore because you're in themiddle of Your S. I mean you're in your prime. Yeah, butI was. I was not partying. I didn't have a good s like. I worked S I didn't go party. I was out of town, liketwenty five days out of the month working and I did that. Imean I'm still doing that. Well, not to the same degree, butI didn't live the s like everyone else. I guess maybe that's why I'm oldand grumpy already. Is just from work. But Yeah, like abouttwenty five is just like. You know, we're not having like birthday parties andsleepovers anymore. We're not going to the bowling alley. I mean,I'm done with it. The Bowling Alley,...

...though. Huh, that's at thepinnacle. Let's go ahead. I'm going to the roller skating rink formy birthday. motherfucker. Yeah, you know, Dude. Yeah, whatthe Bowling Alley, I mean bowling alley or skating rink? You you hadlike the arcade machines. It wasn't just the bowling alley or just the skatingrink. It was arcades where there's all kinds of cool stuff. You know, it just felt like bigger and better. There's pool tables, there's air hockeypeople, there's people. Hey, all right, you know, Iyou know, Tope, I don't know when I lost the passion for mybirthday. Really I think it's like an evolution. You know. It's justlike, for example, when I was twenty five, I still loved celebratingmy birthday and I could remember doing that up until my s that, Ithink around some time in that decade, I started kind of looking at ita little bit different. My priority shifted, you know what I mean, whereit wasn't like, Oh, I need to celebrate me or I needto party, I need to drink, I need to do this or thator whatever. So now do I look forward to it? No, becauseI'm getting older and ever so closer to my inevitable demise. But let metell you, gift giving has changed. Yeah, receiving a gift to change. For me, for example, this year, my wife asked me whatI wanted. I told her about a few things I was interested in.As she said, well, you know what, go get them, goget them for yourself, or I'm on mine. Yeah, well, Hey, I mean to me personally, there's nothing better than that. You getto choose your own gift. No surprise, but no surprise is necessarily required.Yeah, you know what I mean. You're going to get what you want. It's a surprise in itself to be like Hey, pick it.Wait, what? Oh, really, you really, but here's the here'sa trick, because it's always a trick. That's always a catch. Is that? If I was going to do the same to her, make thesame proposal and go, okay, what do you want? Really, goahead, go online, do whatever you want, order it, I'll payfor it. Oh Man, it would start World War three in my house. I would have no spont tonity, I would not be romantic, Iwould be the ultimate villain of all villains when it came to gifting. Now, to me and you, obviously, the situation sounds completely ideal. I'ma collector, you know I mean. So there's certain things that I mightbe interested in that she doesn't really have a knowledge base on. It's notlike she's just going to go to a department store and buy me a pairof jeans. I might want a magazine, a comic statue, I mean,whatever the case may be. So, therefore, I know more about Ihave that knowledge base on what should be paid for it, what's goodcondition of it, etc. Etc. You know what I mean. Right, I don't know fucking Dick about flowers. Yeah, I have to go buyflowers anyway. How is it, stare? It's not fair. Butyou know what, what I with my ex wife, I was in asituation to where I could get away with that and be like, you know, what would you like? Tell me what you want, and she wouldtell me or she would pick it out. I remember one time we were atbest buy and she's like, man, I really want an Apple Watch,and I was like, okay, I'll buy it right now. Letme go buy that for your birthday and and she was like why didn't yousurprise me? Well, that way you can pick the color that you wantif it you know, if there's something special you want with it, ifthe wristband part. But then you're right, it does turn into you're not romantic. You don't surprise me. Yeah, it's fucking both. There was acatch twenty two, with like even her agreeing to it, like shegot what she wanted, but it's still wasn't good enough. Her Eyes saidyes, but her heart said no,...

...that's wrong. It was too easy. That's what it was. I think women are just too complicated. Iwas a child of the S. okay, this is when I grew up.This is I mean, I was a teenager in the S, soI can kind of claim ownership on a couple different decades. But my innocencereally was nurtured and blossomed and whatever word you want to throw at it andthe S and I watched a fuck load of TV. So here's what Iwant to do. We are going to pick our top five s television andtheme songs, but we're going to do it draft style, meaning now,I don't you know what's going on here, but for any listeners out there.So I'm gonna let toby go first, because he's the guest on this humblelittle program yes, and now he is going to pick a TV showtheme song yet again from the s glorious decade. Now, whatever he picks, I cannot pick, even if it's on my list. Anybody who's afan of fantasy football would know how this system works and I think this iskind of like one of those kitchy kind of novelty things other podcast do.But what the fuck, let's try it here. You know what I mean. What can I say? I'm shameless, I don't care. I'll rip offanybody. But yeah, I need to say I was born in eightyeight, but I I was the nicket night kind of kid. I watchedall the ad shows and stuff on the the reruns, and so that's whereI've got all my knowledge. Now, some of these I feel like Ihated the show with a passion, but anytime the theme song came on,I don't know the words off the top of my head right now, butit's suit. If it's playing, I can sing along with it. Sothat's kind of where I'm I'm thinking of the ones that are just like,as soon as you hear it, you're like, Dad, there's that show, whether you loved it or hated it. You just mentioned something very important,because there are some ground rules here to this a little friendly competition betweenyou and I who can come up with the best top five list here.One of the rules is I will not play any clips from the songs onthe selling out show. Okay, so if you want to emphasize your pick, you have to sing that theme song. See, that's right. That's it'sgonna it's going to get me because I don't know if I can rememberall the words or even of the mess some of these. Just do thebest you can, okay, because I am not going to play any ofthese clips. You have to impress the listeners, sway them, if youwill, to your list, to your choices, by crooning that theme song. Another rule is they cannot be from a cartoon. We're looking for primetime TV. That debuted had to have debuted from nineteen eighty and ended innineteen eighty nine. If it was cartoons, I'd be singing thundercats and you knowall the other come on the s cartoon. It's just that's impossible.You know I mean transformers, like you said, thundercats, Scooby Doo.Well, Scooby Doo with S S right. That came out debut ye dead.But the theme song, and that's kind of like the point I wastrying to make, was eat if the show debuted in nineteen seventy nine,we cannot pick that theme sets right here. That's right. Okay, are weclear on all the rules here? We I. I'm I'm pretty surewe're clear. You think I explained it well enough so the listeners understand andwe don't make a complete mockery of this process? I think we over explainedit and I think they're tired of US explaining it and they want to hearour opinions. All right, well,...

...toby, without further ado, youhave the number one pick in a s television theme song. Draft man,who this one's hard? I don't. I told you off my committed ago. I've got a list of ten and every time I look at them it'sa different number one or a different number two. Like the list keeps changingand as I'm looking at them, you said to go with number one.What is the one that you don't think? Okay, what something you're afraid Imight steal from you or you know? Okay, here's something I didn't explainedin my longwinded explanation. I was just talking about. The basis ofthese do not have to be because the show was great or iconic. Itcould just be personal preference. You like the song, it doesn't matter.Just swing for the fences, buddy. Do pick whatever you want. I'mgoing like I said a minute goo. I'm going for the songs that,even when I heard them, if I hated or love the show, whenI heard it come on, it got me like singing it and I'm likeno, that's stupid show, all right, but I like this show. Iused to love the show. I think this is what I'm I thinkI'm going with number one. It it could change if we did this againat another time. Going with the Jefferson's. The Jefferson's was not the s didJefferson. Jefferson did what? My head isn't explode. Know what.I'm looking it up. That had been the S, early S. Oh, what's s? Holy Shit, we're moving on. No, Dude,Oh my God, you're fucking this wallow we even begin. You know whatyour list is now known void. Oh No, going are you should watcha lot of s TV on nick at night. ha ha ha, Imean, you know, it didn't say that. The years, as Iwas watching them snag that. I like double check on all my show.Okay, God, what all failure of a segment. This is hey,hey, hey, yeah, that's this salvage and with cheers, John,with cheers, cheers is so good. Everybody knows your name. Okay,sing it, let's hear it. Yeah, you've got it's part of the processhere, Buddy. You picked it. Number one is cheers. What didthat sound like? I've never heard it before. Can you sing itfor me, toby? But that's the thing. It's all I know isthe dude, D D Dude, and I don't know whether the words aswell. Everybody knows your name. Yeah, do you go? Well, that'sgood enough, I think. I think that was as show is iconicand I'm you know, it's funny. Before you did that whole Boner,Jefferson, this thing which totally expose the fact that you have no fucking knowledgewhatsoever. I didn't know that. I thought that was s I'm gonnable theyeah, that's why I'm saying get no goddamn knowledge. But here's the thing. Is like that was the it's not even on my list. Cheers,and I don't want to get crucified for it. But I was like thatthat's going to be an obvious thing because the long running nature of the show, how beloved it was, everything else. So cheers is a solid pick.So we'll pick. Not We you get cheers as your number one pick. All right, all right, I saved myself with that, Jefferson's.Well, you did, because I think you picked what many people would considerthe number one, if not television show, that the theme song of the entiredecade. But yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah, you're notmessing with a, with a nobody over here, buddy. You got meand I'm dangerous, I'm lethal, okay, and I'm going to hit you withsome stuff that may not be traditional. Okay, I'm going to warn youright now. See, you can come with you cheers and whatever Francis, Shmishi. Everybody who loves me shows do that. All right, goahead, go for it, because I'm coming with some of the dark horsesthat deserve the win. Now for my number one pick in this draft,and I'm glad you didn't pick this, because not only was it a fantasticshow, but the song, it's just...

...out of this goddamn world. It'swritten well, it's sung well. It's a beautiful message within the song.In one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, a little show debut you'd on theABC network, known as growing pains, and a theme song for growing painswas called as long as we've got each other. Are you familiar withthis song? Yes, are you good, because that means I don't have tosing it. So anyways, as we continue on. No, I'venever heard in my entire life. Okay, all right, show me that smile. Look again, Shaw Smile. Don't waste another man in on yourcrying. We're no win here. The End, the best is ready tobe again. As long as we've got each other, we've got the worldspinning righting our hands. Baby, you and me, we gotta be theluckiest dream who's who never quit dream man. Yeah, that was my you've gotthe touch. I was I was gonna do the the the extra withyou, but then I was like wait, I don't know all the words.I just fucking gave you a verse and the Chorus and that okay.So I fucking knocked that out of the park. So Am I number onepick of this draft? I chose as long as we've got each other.Told me you're up with your second pick. Okay, this show used to comeon all the time and I just double check to make sure it laterthan me. He's, because now I'm not sure of myself. Yes,I didn't like this show when I was a kid because I probably didn't understandit, but it's so popular now. HMM. Everyone wears the t shirtto see him at target all the time. Okay, Tarja, old and goldengirls. Oh Oh, that's a good one. That is a greatone. Why? It's a wonderful pick and it's I'm just I just knowthe first part of it, the the thank you for being a friend.I don't know the rest of the words, but you sounded like a big triloquousdummy when you said that. That was extremely creepy. He if Ibeing a friend back in your box, you know, like that. Weird. I'm sorry, but lay down the road and back again. It's aswonder your I would hear it comefit. I sorry, I'm singing back here, but it was one of those ones I would hear come on and belike, oh no, I hate this show and I remember always flip.But you'd hear that first part and you just knew right away. So well, yeah, golden girls, golden girls, great. I don't know why youdidn't like it. It was a fantastic show. I was ten whenI was watching it. I didn't understand. Well, blanche was a horny oldlady. Yeah, I didn't understand horny. I didn't understand all thatyell. Hey, you know what, though, you didn't understand it then, but you just scored an awesome pick. Yeah, there we go as numbertwo. So right now, you really you know what for the forthe lack of singing, proress, proress. I've been say that right, whatever, say words, this is what I need. Nate. Nate correctsme on this. She's like, you just said that wrong. Idiots.Yeah, I'm dumb. I don't know how to say big words. Yeah, me, neither, and I'm trying to use them. So is aterrible, terrible thing, but here we go. You've got cheers and goldengirls. So that's a pretty powerful roster so far. Thank you. SoI am writing this down so I don't forget later. Okay, so forme, let's see this one. My next pick for number two. It'san instrumental Oh, always right. But it is such a powerful song thatwhen this show would come on TV,...

I mean you just had to Hummalong, and it took you on a journey in itself just to listen tothe tune. It was one hell of a diddy. Plus the show wasn'ttoo shabby itself. And I'm coming in very late in the decade, asthis show premiered in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine on NBC. Butthat would be the theme to quantum leap. Oh, okay, do you knowthis one? I don't know this and this wasn't a show I everwatched, but I know it was a it was a thing, it wasn't, it was definitely thing. Oh boy was it a thing. Yes,it was Dr Sam Beckett leaping from body to body making turning wrongs into rightsand fixing history. But I guess I can try to hum the song,since it's only fair. I'm making you sing them. But here we go. But Um, a bump. But Da da Da, DA, daDa da Da, DA, DA, Da, Da da Da. DuoDoo Doo Doo Doo Doo dooo Doo. Beatdo Doo Doo Doo dooo Doo butthen it would get like more intense. From there. It'd be like butUMP, bump, bump, bump, bump, bootoo do Dodolu do bomBom Bo, and so right then you were travel you, you were likesay, I'm Beckett Man, you were leaping yourself. Yeah, it wasfantastic. So I almost went with it for number one because, to mypersonal preference, it might be the best theme song ever written for any televisionshow any decade. But I'm going with quantum leap. Okay. So I'mtrying to double check the year on this show and it is also a onethousand nine hundred and eighty nine song, okay, and it is also aninstrumental Seinfeld. Wow, wow, you see that? That is that islike so tricky, because if you're going to say to me, like what'sthe most iconic theme song of the S, I would say Seinfeld, but you'reright too. I would too. But this one was my loophole thatfell into the s and it's such a weird song that burnt the brand parently, like just the weird like use me to sound like a porno, Iknow, I know, but it's that weird baseline. It's so weird.But you know immediately and you know with when they would have like the littlecut scenes in between and they'd play. That's like just a little piece ofit. It was just a running theme through the whole show. It's good. I'm not going to try to do it again. You know what,to be honest with you, I'm trying to rack my my data bank,my memory here. Yeah, I'm not sure they used it on like thepilot episode. Oh really, I'm not positive, but you know what,we might have to do some research. That's going to get an asterisk.But for now, and maybe a listener can help us out, because it'sbeen quite a while since I watched the premiere, which wasn't very good one. I can give one more at the end just in case we gonna haveto good Christ. No, that's a last thing I need, especially withhow you been humming these songs or doing these songs. Are Ready Hey,I don't need another halfass performance from you, toby. I'm doing a fantastic joband I don't like your criticism. Oh, excuse himoir, but Iwas I was criticizing, speaking of which I said the pilot episode of Seinfeldwasn't very good and it wasn't right. However, that's one of my favoriteshows of all time, easily. Oh yeah, fantastic fucking show. Okay, but you're going straight for the you're going straight for the fucking hiss that. You go for the name recognition. That's what you're doing. I'm gettingthe people on my side with like yeah, I know that show, I likethat one. Yeah, and the Jefferson's. Okay, now this oneis another instrumental and I'm going to go.

This is on my list. I'mtaking it for number three. I don't think it's even on your radarwhatsoever, but the song is in fact iconic. The show was wonderful andit holds up to this day extremely well. Hopefully you've seen a few episodes ofit. If you haven't, I do recommend to do so. Iknow it's on syndication and you can see many of these also on Youtube,but this show premiered in one thousand nine hundred and eighty four on NBC andit was called Night Court. Oh, that's a good one. The basslineto that, yeah, just hits you in the belly and guts. You'reready to watch the show. I mean it just puts you in the mood. It's just a great tune and, like any of the other instrumentals,like the quantum leap one I just mentioned before, you could take that awayfrom the television show and it's just a really good song on its own.I think it's one of my main criteria is, I think, for pickingthe songs that I am picking, whether it's an instrumental or not. It'sjust like if I didn't even know the show existed and I heard this songon the radio, I'd still be like hey, this, this, thisslaps man, this is pretty goddamn good. I really lock this to you knowwhat I mean? Yeah, but you know, you know, youknow the theme song for Night Court, don't you? Yes, boom boomboom boom, boom boom boom, too good. Doom boom boom boom boomboom boom boom good, too good. Boom booted it any by. Yeah, I'm expecting like some applause here, like roses to be thrown at yeah, there you go. Yeah, wow, wow, this might be the worstradio of all times. This could be it. I'm wondering if isthere an award for like worst performance on a podcast? I hope so,because we've got this week, but we might win it, baby. Okay, so I picked night court. So just to kind of keep people upto speed here, your pick. So thus far we've only got two lefta piece. But you can pick cheers, golden girls and Seinfeld, while Ihave chosen growing pains theme song, Quantum Leap and night court. Nowyou are up with pick number four. Okay, again, I'm doing researchnow as I'm I'm making sure my choices still thick criteria. I think I'mgonna go with night rider. Who that was on my list. Who finallygot one that was on my list. Very good. Yes, I digthe night rider and you know it as soon as you hear it. Thethat man. How do you even do that? That that I don't howdo you do it? Yeah, no, I'm it's your pick. You gottado it. It's got like an echo on it, so it's hardto do it. You can't even hum it. Really try and did it. I mean you can get when it gets later into the song, butit's with you in the high pitch thing you're doing. I've got a highpitched voice. That's just what happens, man, when your voice is squeaky. Yeah, you got that right. That's something else. I wow.Okay, but night rider, night right, all right here, just, yeah, let's just a night ridder. Yeah, yeah, night rider numberfour. Um, okay. Now on my list I have if I wastrying to appease the people like you, there's some obvious choices here that Icould make. That if, for example, if someone was listening right now andgoing, Dave, your list. It's just isn't as impressive as Toby's, despite the fact that motherfucker can't sing for Shit. Yeah, I shouldthese out and people go WHOA, that way, oh, that was agood one. But yet I have to stay true to my heart and mysoul here, true to myself really told... Therefore, I am pickingit seems like it's the it's the trend, but it isn't also an instrumental thisshow debuted one thousand nine hundred and eighty four on the CBS network.It starred Angela landsberry. Do you have any idea what this show could be? Toby, no murder, she wrote. Oh, okay, sand and theactress's name. Oh, yes, you know she wasn't on your nickat night. Humus Angela ry, but that song. Yet again, Ifeel like I'm a broken record bringing this up. It brings you somewhere.You know what I mean? It really does. It's not just something that'salways impressed me with movies, especially in the S, and I know we'retalking TV here, but have you ever seen the movie back to school starringRodney Dangerfield? Yes, yeah, I cite this movie a lot because ittells you the origin in the opening credits, and I love that. I thinkthat was fantastic because you don't have to waste time for the actual sittingtime of a film to understand how the characters got from, you know,before, until point a that you see in the movie. Here now,when you have an instrumental that isn't the case. It doesn't tell you thathere's a woman who's a novelist that also basically everywhere she goes someone dies andevery episode she has to solve the Goddamn murder. Right. Yet the songis just fucking and fantastic. Is a beautifully written piece and it goes somethinglike this. Bump, bump out, done, done, don't, done, done then, but London, don't, don't, don't, don't, don'tdo dn't, don't, don't do. And even then, like the quantumleap song, it goes heavy, it gets thick, it gets rich, it gets darker, it's got some more boom to it to let youknow this motherfucking shit is serious. It's super serious, super serious. That'sright, Jab flet you up in your shit, mofucker. But is agreat show. I love murder she wrote. When I was unemployed, I watchmurder she wrote every fucking day. Couldn't get enough of it. Therewas one really shitty episode where a horse solves or murder. I don't reallywant to get into that right now. I might even brought it up inthe past, but overall, I think personally, I solid number for pick. Now. I've had to I'M NOT gonna lie. I've had to strikeoff one or two extras that I thought fell in the s but we're not. As I was, you know, looking them up to a double checkand this one almost didn't make it. But I and I you're gonna hateme, because I'm not gonna be able to sing this one either. All, I'm a terrible yes hose breaker. Okay, but it's such and Iknow what you're going to say you're already going to say. Now I woulddefine this with the S, but it's on eighty nine. It's in theS. is still counts, but per your rules, eighty nine if ina nine. Now remember this is your last pick, last pick. Andyou know what, I stand by this pick as being a top theme songfor my top five. Not Not because I had to strike some out,but I stand by it. Okay, even though I think it would definitelymake it into the early s picks. Better. It's family matters. Okay, okay, so it's eighty nine. Right, it's right there. It'sprobably more defined with the S, but it's eighty nine. It fits familymatters. Family matters fits. That's what you're trying to say. Now hitme with a theme song. All I can remember is the very first linesaying it is your last one. This is this is it, buddy,this is the last one. I don't even know the full line, though. I just know the the you know what? I can't even think ofjust google the damn thing. Well,...

...yeah, Oh, man, Idon't want to sing this one because I'm gonna be so off, off tone. Now I'm about to jump off the Goddamn roof. told me. Isaid something about a rare condition. Yeah, okay, condition. Did Dude todo that? I don't know. Seeada, I can't do the restof the words at all. You make for a terrible doctor, you reallywould. They be like a dog with some matter with me. Am I'regoing to die. It condition. Ha, exit stage left as it thanks.Thanks, Dr Toby's he's. I just don't know what it is.It's got something. Condition. Yeah, so they boy. There you go. All right. Well, listen for my number five pick, and Istill, I guess, some we really haven't cross pollinated it all here.I mean you pin night rider, which was on my list, but Imean, I do have some alternates on here, but now I'm looking fora crowd pleaser. What the Hell, you know what I mean. Rightme. Let me finally, I was starting to say earlier I was beingtrue to myself. Let me sell my soul to the devil here anyway.Even then, it's not really the case, because it is a good song.Is it my favorite? That's still on the list. No, butI'm going to use it anyway because I want to win. I want tobeat your ass because, okay, it's a rare condition. One thousand ninehundred and eighty CBS. Magnum Pi, Tom Selick, the mustache, theHawaiian shirt, the Detroit Tiger's hat, the whole look, the whole Motif, and it. Listen, they've just remade that fucking show and the themesong is virtually the same, because really that good of a song. Yeah, I know I've never watched it, but I've seen the commercials and theyplay the theme during that. So I'm like, Oh hey, look atthat. They didn't even bother change in the tune. I know that I'mgonna Watch that. That's what they're feeling. Boom boom, boom, boom boom. Yeah, like they hit you with the whole thing. There's someguitar palm muting, or I think it's palm muting going on there. Imean, what other great thing about these instrumentals, and the Magnum Pi themein particular, is you could just make up your own lyrics if you reallywanted to, and just, yeah, just sing whatever the fuck you want. What would you sing? Going to this star too by grandy diapers,so she do Li no on the living real claw. Boom, but UMP, bump. But it didn't need an into. Boom boom boom, boom, boom, boom boom. I mean, I just made that up. Yeah, no, US, that's how easy that was. Loved it.Say My grandmother's got a bladder condition and and it works. It doesn't matter, because it just everything would fit. You know what I mean? Yeah, so I think that was a very good pick at number five. Thankyou very much, and that does it. That's where we are at. Soto recap, toby chose cheers, golden girls, Signfeld with a somewhatasterisk, night rider and then family matters, which I didn't write down, butI am doing that right now, while I chose growing pains, quantumleap, night court murder, she wrote, and Magnum Pi. Now we havepresented our picks to you, the people, and it's your turn tolet us know what you think. How do you do that? It iseasy, peasy, lemon squeezy. You can find us on our social medianetworks at selling out show. I use twitter. It's my main thing.I like it. We also have the Instagram, or you can send usan email selling out show at gmailcom. Do you have a favorite show ora theme that did not make either of our lists or you just think we'rejust idiots, which probably is the case. Let me know. I want tohear about it. Toby, I'm...

...sure you want to hear about it. Well, I need to know how big of an idiot I am.Well, we also want a winner. Oh, yeah, yeah, no, I want to know that I'm a winner and I'm an idiot. Ithink. I want to be honest with you. I think mine is betterthan yours. Sonna, a Booboo, stick your head and do do now, because I am a winner. I also want to use my podium thatI'm standing on right now. We my big golden metal to thank the sponsorsof the show. First Up, we have Alpine hempcom. The sea bedrevolution has arrived. If you have missed it, there is no better placeto start than Alpine Hempcom. They have everything you could think of. Imean literally anything and everything CBD related, Gummies, tinctures, capsules, petproducts, coffees, tea's, I could go on all day. Make sureyou check them out. Fantastic prices over at Alpine hemp north and vaporcom.Northern Vapor also has three retail locations and South Fargo, North Dakota Morehead andAmidgee Minnesota. All of their e liquids are dike tone and artificial sweetener free, and he made me think of Dave. Why is that important? Because theyare one of the rare companies that cares about what you are putting intoyour body. But there are a great bunch of Folks Down There at NorthlandVapor. I can't recommend them any higher. Make sure you check them out.And now both those websites, alpinehampcom and northern vaporcom. If you usecode selling out nineteen, you will save nineteen percent off your entire order atcheck out. Make sure you do that. Last but not least, we havespunk lube, which I want to send a toby because, listen,you're lonely. Yeah, okay, yeah, very you're a lonely guy, andI imagine them must be a lot of chafing going on under your roof, buddy, so much I can't even walk straight. You can a fuckingpiece of beef jerky between that's right. I mean snap into a slim gymhere, but I am not promoting slim Jim's and I am not macho manrandy savage. Spunk loop is an award winning lubricant use by professionals in theadult film industry. But why let them have all the fun? You canget it shipped directly to your home, discreetly and at great prices, byvisiting spunk lubecom. You know, toby words. Words are fun. Wordscan be used as weapons, whereas can be used to communicate, to showhow you feel, what you're thinking, poetry, songs, you name it. We use words for everything. I'm using them right now, but there'ssomething funny about how we, as children, use cute kind of I was aboutto say pet names, but they're not pet names. But what wouldyou call it? Like a an innocent name? Yes, thank you,there's an innocent name for things. Yes, excellent. Now one of those things. This is going to sound weird, and this is what I'm getting at. Why does this sound weird? But when you were a kid,would you call your penis besides Toby Junior or kid dynamite? or I meanI would proper say Dong. was was the choice for me as a kid? Ding Dong, Ding Dong. Yeah, so you just go, Oh,stop playing with you Ding Dong, or I don't, I mean whatever. You know what I mean. I know, like when if I haveto say something to my kids, it's, you know, Ding Dong and seeDing Dong to me sounds like someone stupid. Don't beard Ding Dong,but I guess you're right. And don't be a Dickhead, don't be apenis is. Don't mean don't be a penis, don't be a Ding Dong. But I mean dinky was one that was used a lot when I wasa kid. Yeah, I've heard Dinky, but when you're an adult that comesan age. Were you just not allowed to use it anymore? Yeah, you know what I mean, like I can't go to the doctor anduse that word. Now, imagine if I went and said, Oh,doc, I got a problem my dinky. Can you check it out for meplease? He's probably calling the cops.

You know, I've got another wordfor you that it seems like adults never use. That you only useas a child, and that word is dukey. Nobody says anymore, butwhen you're a Kiddy, I gotta go dukey or or whatever, but nowyou never say, Oh, yeah, I took a big Dukey this morningor that mean knows like Dukey. Nobody. Nobody says, except for a wholeHogan, maybe a no holds barred but you get my drift, youknow. I mean it might be something I would say to the kids justto try to find you an adult. That's the point of the whole thing. We're telling kids to save these. Yeah, okay, that you know, it's true, but I'm not going to tell another. Adults like I'vegot real bad dukies today. Oh, I guess some Dukey on my shoe. Yeah, I stepped in Dog Dukey. Yeah, no, what, noone fucking uses it went away. That's so. It is a reallyweird one. Doo Key, it is a weird one. You know what, do you have any other words that maybe you thought were like a swearor a cost when you're a kid that really aren't? Who? So,okay, this, this is a this is really I got to explain itfirst, but I didn't know, I still don't know, if this wasconsidered a curse word or a bad word. Heard when I was a kid therewas a casper movie, the Live Action Casper movie. Oh yeah,one of the uncle's he's being sucked into the vacuum cleaner and he makes ajoke because it's a vacuum cleaner. They suck. He says this sucks andI remember being a kid and being like who they said a cuss word,because we were not allowed to say sucks at school, like we weren't allowedto say, oh, that sucks. I remember kids getting in trouble forsaying that sucks. Is that? was that ever a customart? So what? But besides all that, spoiler alert for the Casper movies you just mentionedwhere the uncle's get sucked into the vacuum. That has to be the biggest plotline of the whole movie. Goes gets sucked into back. No,I don't know, I haven't seen the fun things. Kidding me, it'sbeen a while. So the seated I was like, Damn, do Iforget something? No, no, no, but I don't know. It wasdefinitely a word that I wasn't allowed to say either as a kid,but I don't think that's an end all, be all kind of bad word.You know what I mean? Like yeah, this sucks. Unless Idon't know you, you live in some like Uber Christian family where you'RE gonnaget wrapped on the knuckles with a ruler if you say anything whatsoever. Thatmight be considered or or your skirt is a little too high or something likethat. You know what I mean. Sucks seems very borderline. But Imean, is that what it is? Is because there could be a sexualmeaning for it, only for you. Well, that's what I'm saying,like, because I mean what if I was like man, that blows.Well, this is a made a big deal that Bart Simpson would use theword this sucks or say sucks on TV at the time. Yeah, theydid, didn't they? Yeah, they did. They're like, Oh,this is this is wrong, this, you know, of course the musthave been like parent organizations or groups or whatever. Holy Rollers were like,Oh my God, I cannot believe he is saying sucks on TV this animatedcreature. But yeah, so I can, I guess I can. You know, tap my gabble on that. TAP, TAP, tap. Thatis legally a cuss indeed. Wow, have we added a new cuss wordto the the cuss word dictionary? So, officially, no, no, wewe're not allowed to do that. I do not work for urban dictionary, but I will say this. There are some other words. I don'tthink it used enough. Do you think there's a swear out there that justdoesn't get the love that it deserves in people's vocabulary. HMM, you getto think I gotta do that a thing.

Cool, yeah, see, notI my friend. No, no, not Dave, because I'm bringing thisword back. It drives people insane, but I use it quite frequently now, especially with the current state of politics in the world. But Ilike to say Twat, oh, that person such a fucking Twat, youknow. I mean, Jeez, what Twatty mctwatterson over there fucking saying thisaid do when that? So I've been using that quite a bit and Ithink more people should as well. You know, you think Twat is abad word. If you want to set off any woman in the world,call right. Don't see word, I know, but I did not.I use the t word. Thank you much. TWAT is somehow a lesserof a word than the sea word. I'm not even going to say itbecause I don't want any female listeners to get upset with me. You don'tsay the sea word unless it's nuclear. That's the bomb. That's too dudes. I have to like synchronize their keys and type in take the codes atthe same time. As like a we ready to launch. We are readyto launch, sir. Are you sure ready? This is a sea word. This is serious business. Once we go there, where's no going back. Mr President, yes, I authorize the use of the sea word.You know, it's the countdown. Three, two, one, turner key couldyeah, exactly. All right, toapster, I have to go hidenow in my bunker, but before I do that, why don't you tellthe listeners where exactly they can find you in all of your stuff? Youcan find me on instagram and twitter at Toby Van Doom. I do topodcasts, and I'll just give you one simple link. Go to bad secretMEDIACOM and you can find my retro video game podcasts and my conspiracy podcasts,and both both satire. We say dirty things, so don't expect obviously don'texpect intelligence. You've heard me on this show. So yeah, not gettingnone of that. Nope, ass for sure, but definitely check toby out. Toby, thank you again for being on, and now I need totake a shower and perhaps talk to a professional, because I am forever uncleanafter having these discussions with you. I do want to thank each and everyone of you out there for tuning in virtual hugs for all of you.Can you feel it? I am squeezing you, giving you my thanks.I am Dave, that is toby, and this has been the selling outshow. My Six.

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