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Episode 52 · 1 year ago

Ep.#52 Training Wheels


On this episode we be talkin' about bicycles! Well, actually how Dave has failed as a father in teaching his son how to  ride one. Gene Wilder comes to us in a dream with a strange request, extramarital affairs with a coronavirus clause, a small rant about our lockdown rights and to wrap things up, Nate's Notes takes a look at electronica music and the art of Aphex Twin.  



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What are you doing? Good man, Bettadvange Acaus, he ain't bad e, F, welcome to the selling out Sho Feli when it does is reaches Indew, brainchemically, O Kacor, happiest memory, chanically, oot, emotion, chemically, Andlo, hello, hello and thank youfortuning into the selling out show where we scrip Lipe at our leisure. For Yourlistening pleasure, I am one of your host David She'l and by my side, is mypartner in crime, Natgorzinsky Nate, how the heck are Ya, pretty good man,things got a little lonelier at the homestead. We've been we've beensplitting time with Carley's son with his father, and it used to be likeevery two days: He'd go back and forth, but with the virus and the quarantinee,it's been every two weeks, so you get yeah, you get a little more attachedand he gets a little more attached. So it's harder sseparate, so itwas alittle little sad yesterday for 'em and and for me too, I'm not going to lie,but it's nice. Now we have two weeks to just Kindo, just the grown up time.Yeah. Just you know what you get those two other weeks with the kid to bondyeah, and this is a good thing. Bonding is wonderful. Sherman is an importantpart of our structure of living of how we're raised. You know I agree yea andI I bring all this up, because my son has recently learned how to ridea bike. Do of no thanks to me whatsoever should have been a betterbonding experience for him, but I am a terrible father. How you mean I have. I have a scarred psyche when itcomes to learning how to ride a bike, because my father, when I was a youngman, was very pushy. You Know He. He was insistent that I learned how toride. To the point that when I made a mistake where I fell, he wasn't themost gentle about it. You know what I mean so in turn I can specificallyrecall that was the first time I ever swore at the man wel very tender youngage. I gn UCK fist and I threw the bike and he just left me in that packing litand said you can ride your rest home, Mer, wow wow. I guess what whats Ibrode my ass home. Really. Yes, I did. I figured out how to ride the bike, andI guess that was a a true learning lesson, but still you know the thing isI don't want to be that same guy? No with my kid, I don't want to be likethat. So I don't know. Maybe I'm giving Hem too much time to learn how muchcushion may being too gentle at the same time biting my lip and frustration,because I'm getting so pissed off Lut Yi just smoke and go get your balanceand move, but you know what that little bugger figured it out on his own and hewent man, but I gotta say this: It made me think a lot about. Well, I guess not justbikes in general, but a lot of things is if we have a way to do something. Why are we making it more complicatedon ourselves now, with the training wheels on a bike right, you got fourwheels. Anybody can ride the damn bike, so why do we have bikes with two wheels?What's the point of that? Why can't we have training wheels on the bike? Allthe time yeah just do put put bumpers on the sides of the bowling lanes, orey exactly. Why are we making life thatfucking difficult? I don't get maymayes 'cause, I'm sensitive and I I didn'twant to see him fail. You know so I'm like well just keep going with thetraining wheels. This fine, you know everybody has to do it, don't worrytheir son. You know at the same time. I why why the fuck are we doing that? Idon't know man, I don't know. I dig what you're saying I'm just I don't know. I guess they do kind ofmagnemic tricycles right. That's that's similar yeah, but it's not sociallyacceptable. Yeah rine around on a tricycle right, you're supposed tolearn how to ride a bike. So you know why not just yeah keep the TrainingMels O. I I don't understand you know I don't get it. Why are we got to takeHem off? Who you know? I could probably look it up right now online. I don'tknow who invented the bike. I don't know whose concept this actually, whoinvented the training wheel, Yeah Tha, yeah, more importanttyes. Thank youwould be more important to him. I would give him a harty high five and to theinventore of the bike, a big fucking...

...punch to the Schnaz, but how about you,NAT Youe can to eat memories, about learning how to ride a bike. There wasAnlo experience for you or any any such thing. It's funny men, my brother and Ispent a lot of time on bikes. I I have so many memories of bikesmen that it asjust such a big part of my childhood and and so it is important for kids tolearn. I know that it's it's it's a part of childhood man and Wehave, along driveway which helped to learn, but we didn't like live in one of thoseneighborhoods or I a cold sack where you can. You know I don't know, pray in a circles, maybeoever without trapping flying by exactly we lived on this. We this mainroad, that's got cars flying they go forty I meanthe speedlimit, I think, is it's more than just like a thirty. It'sit's definitely they fly is my point. Well, you learn how to use your breaks.That's why you lesan Nember one GE to the en an driveway and break yeah,that's true, but uh we would go on these long rides man. Wewe rode around. It was like stand by me or SOM reall, his longtracks, where you exploring and Shid, but my brother was the type that couldhe'd ride his bike and he could stand up on the frame and like have his handsout like Jesus on the cross almost and be riding the bike would be riting. Hewould be going, he would h, you know, get some momentum and he'd jump up onthe thing, stand up and show afto all this Shim. He v Mx Messiah Itwas, pretty done but H, but I willsay there was this summer where my friend Dominic and I kinda ran away. Itwas this whatever. It was a scenario where his family wanted to move and hedidn't want to move so he was like Kindo like well. If I run away, thenthey can't make me move so, and I went along with him like some idiot. We were,you know young and yeah sure we took th. There were two bikes at my house. Therewas mine and my brot and my brother was at the age where he wasn't riding hisbike anymore. So it wasn't like we were stealing his bike and, like you know hehe would miss it. It was he've been sitting there for a few years at thatpoint, and but the point of all this is that when our folks got us when theyfinally the way the cops brought us in was that they said. Oh, we stole a bite,so they were able to Kinda contain us. They were able to grab us, and I meanwe were young. They probably could have. The law probably stated that we were,our parents were allowed to just grab us and bring us home, but right, butthey, but they added an whatever they added a few charges 'cause. We alsoended up with a a charge of fireworks because we had some like black catfireworks in her pockets and that that was a weird sum. I don't learn yet, butwait hold on for a second, your folks right. They called the cops becausethey were concerned that you ran away well, they they knew what the deal theyknew. What was going on that the dominacs family was M, like it was madeclear very quickly why we were running so it wasn't like they were just likemy kids gone to help us they were they found out where we were sleeping. Wewere actually sleeping outside that night. We slept on this. You know kindounder some power lines like on some rocks, and it was. It was interesting.It was a nice summer, so we spent nights outside, for it was like a fewlike a week. I think, basically, that we were ouwas. We spent one night in afriend's attic and actually that was we slept during the day 'cause. We havebeen up all night and he said well, you can sleep a couple of hours of my attic,but it was like an oven up there, so it was like eeeping, it was so hot and Ithey I just want to know where the whole like prosecute them to the fullextent of the law T at came in. I guess I haven't gone to that. It's totall,like you got fireworks you're. Looking at five to ten. For this, we we e. Wewere hardand criminal you're, just trying to support your body. He Wa'ssad he's going to move away yeah, but we I mean we were young. We wereluckily it wasn't like during the school year, but this was summer, likeI said we were Roun Oll night and my brother had played detective Kinda andfound out from some of my friends who I was in contact with where I was staying. Like my friends.ratted me out. Basically, I had friends that were, I was like you know, don'ttell we fom, we wereyeah sure, and then, as soon as my brother 'cause, mybrother was friends with them too. So as soon as my brother calls he's like,where the fuck is he and where they and h they, they just said o sleeping upin,the power La you can't say no o the Bx Messiah. You seen this guy. Do some ofthis fines work there's no way you tellng him. No he'll know that you'relying impossible yeah. So then pastid yeah the cops. We woke up the pointjust to rap this up. The point is we we were sleeping on. These powerlan rockspretty far away from Tha road, and I...

...woke up to the sound of foot, steps andND. Then I heard someone I I just kindof said: Hey man cause. I thoughtit was a hiker or something- and I hear good morning and I knew as soon as theway he sat at the timber in his voice. I was like that's a fucking cop and itwas- and I ended up with some community service, painted some stairs on apublic park like beach thing and and that's the rest of h s history. I had asmall juvenile record and didn't get in trouble again until I started doingtime in my early twenties and that you know that's the whole other story, Othat was a precursor there. It was being on the lamb an bites bites tobring it all around my bikes right bikes. It's funny that you said Uh theStan by me thing, because just the other day and I remembere how me groupof my friends, I l make this into like a little treasure map scenario toanybody. If they ever want to look this up. So if you're ever in WebsterMassachusetts it mind you, these clues are Goingto, take some digging. Theseare not the actual cordnats like I'm, not giving you longitude latitude. Youhave to do some digging here, but if you go on the train tracks, rerestoretwenty four ones in the opposite direction of Oxford Massachusetts K. Iknow this means nothing to anybody. lants me see you remember, you knowthis. Is Anybody Otran there you go if you, if you foll, ow that direction.You come to a bridge, and this is the same time that the red, hot chillipeppers had that hit single on the bridge. So we would joke we going on othe bridge. Downtown and we'd DONL hang out there, its ine a club house, butthe reason I I think more importantly H, I I I guess just came into my brain atall- was that we us to spray paint crazy stuff down there and one of theguys he wrote Neckro Bsteel Fecolpelia, O sovehindhim Ino, it should have beenit should have been like yeah, one of your death metal bands or somebody, andI was hi. I wonder if that's still there, you know all rusty and flaky andthat someday archaeologist might find it and go what the fuck was the matterwith these people. You know like banksy men. Nobody knowswho you are I didn't do I did not write aguys and you got you guys. I did notwrite that, but still it it's out there. So if anybody wants to go hunt it down, I just gave Hou Fikuwhat NicreNecarobsteel Pico fiel, feeling that's what it was yeah. So it was like youhad animal yt it like Beingdon't, ask don't ask. We were kids, we just likeyou with the fucking firecrackes and the bikes. I I mean well honestly. Ithink this is more nefarious 'cause. If you think about it, even under a bridge,we we don't belong, and this is the kind of Shit uniou buddies. Think aboutyeah someone's going to turn into Jeffrey dimer H, at least at least. Hedidn't draw some blood under the bridge downtown Nono. We did not, but hey youknow, training wheels, Huh, MN, Ou, remember back in high school. Therewas always that one guy who dated that girl who had the Dream Book and shebeat parties trying to interpret what you know y R. Your nightmare was aboutand you like this crazy bitch and you knew the guy was only with her 'cause.He wanted o Banger, so he let that sh was. I was we. Okay, Te, you were a acouple of them. Actually I was with a few of them H, you now and they'drattle on about Oh yeah. This dream means that you fucking, I don't knowthat y. u you need to be free or you miss this dead relative or whatever youknow its go: Yeah, yeah sure, honey. Whatever you say bed anyway, I had a fucking, weird ashdream the other night and I wish someoneas. Well, that's what I want. Iwish I had that crazy ash chick from one Thousan, nine hundred and ninetysix, that you were hooking up with here right now to help me out with it, because in this dream, gene wylderlegendat already the comedian es. Everybody knows him primarily, Ibelieve for being Willi, Wonka, woryithe Radner's husband depends onyour Po v Byt. He came to me in the dream and he said deeve there's a movieout there. I need you to find it is lost, but it needs to see the light ofday the world needs. This film is staring me in Richard Pryor. Now, ifyou remember, they were always well. They had to go. They had four moviestogether: Okay, they di four films, some of Hem better than others, but Igues O. was it senoeval here in eval Ye Sino eval here noeval They Rais, OStreem Silver Streek, another? U and stir crazy stircrazy, so he he saysto me y. You gotta release this film. You got to do this. For me, it's calledbutter, Scotch and Basil. Okay, the name of the name of the film, please o Godly, delicious it like aLovin, spoonful kind of song, or...

...something yes, peaches and herbs or what was it? Whatthe name of the ban? INJSENC PEP somed tar, you gon, whatever yeah, loving, spootful, whati do't asking me.I don't know anymore this thin. This dream is messing me up. Man, yesbut,okay, so I wake up I'm a little disturbed by this thinking that Irmight actually be a movie called butter, Scotch and Baisill out there- or maybeI should I don't know rit about this talk about this who's, something aboutthis and the real world appliant to the real world. Tochange bout, the youcan't hire gene wilder aunt or Richard Par 'cause they're, both dead, they'rebothin. I can't dig into this. I cannot find out the truth, but if I were toactually talk to someone about this, an Sayman, this might be real. I dreamedabout it last night and they're going to think up. fucking Bash Shit, crazy,yeah, youhave time to do right. Now you do good, I'm going okay at least you'remonest at least you're honest about the whole thing. It's kindolikeit's Kindo,like a cult right. I I just watch Waco on nepfoes and okay. Well, it wasn'tall that great. It was very sympathetic to the branch dividiens not saying yeah,I'm not tshing it shouldn't have been 'cause. I don't really know what wentdown. You know you can never trust the news, but Um cy. Still I I said my wifewhowas watching with me. You know I think Dave Carash was like a hundredand fifty years too late and she said well. What do you mean? I'm like? Well,if he I, he ' Hal this rhetoric and all this stuff earlier. He probably wouldhave had organized religion by now yeah th y. They probably would have givenhem his own, like county out in like Utah n right, Exac, exac out his oldhomestead, a D fucking whatever. But now you know it's Harde to believe these things, an I'm, not okay. Let meslow my role, I'm not saying you shouldn't believe any of his teachingswhatsoever or anybody else's for that matter. T EOS get laid well yeah, so IDN Yo with the fucking dreambookgirl, so you guys are two peas and a pod here. If I were smarter, I wouldhave started a cop y yeah. I think I agree with a hundred percent. No, Imean I'm not even joking. I think those guys have something cooking h.They have they us. They use that different fucking brand of oilthat'SFOR sure, but they definitely got something cooking over there. But thething is: If I sae, if I went out into the streets in yelled June, well, Theyrtold me: I need to find this film H, I'd be locked up. It fucking block meup and throw away the key. So I need to know what this dream really means,because I'm not a profit prophets t at don't exist. Well, I think the thing that's strangeright. You would think that that dream would be very literal. Like I had thisdream o it must mean that either yeah this movie exists, or I should writethis movie or whatever, but in those dream books nothing is literal it'll belike. Oh, you dreamt that your teeth were falling out, which means you'regoing to come into some money. You know or if you dream, of a fucking spider,it's good luck and you're goingto get laid,but if it bites you, then it means your father's Goingta ask you for money. Youknow it's all. likenothing makes sense, but that's what's fun about the books.I guess kind o but Yeahman. Nobody. You can't fuck in say that the same thinglike things mean the same thing to everyone. You know it's it. Your dreamsare very personal. In my opinion, I don't think there's any meaning todreams. I just think that you know your mind is piecing togetherthings that have been running through it. In an interesting way and no dreams, fascinate the fuck, outofmeman and I've, I suffer from sleep paralysis, sometime which is sort of aweaking dream. Scary thing where you can't move and you're basicallyunconscious, but you see your room around you and I'll try to yell toCarley my girlfriend and it'll come out like like it's like, takes all my strengthto make any kind of noise, and I'm just trying to get her to shake me and wakeme up, and she knows now to do it, which is cool 'cause. I've we've beentogether long enough where she, if she hears me, making these little noisesshe'll like wake me up ten I'll, be thank you so much 'cause, it'sterrifying o. It feels like you're, you're paralyzed, and you have this weird feeling of dreadand Uhuh. But Anyway, I'm getting. I have a wait. Wait! WEEEFORE! You getoff this tangent. How do you? How do you know its a dream? I mean you're ina dream. Well, no, the thing is it's your body's asleep but you're, seeinglike I'm seeing my real room like I, I can't turn my head, but I know Carley'snext to me or I know whatever the you know, it's it's like being in Acoma,it's so fucked and you can't move and,... I said it's thist, weird feeling.Sometimes it's like you have this feeling of like and it's not just dreadlike I can't move. Sometimes you have like a feeling. It's like a nightmare.Almost where your mind does start to kind a fade into like just dream conceptswhere you'll think somebody might be in the house like there's like sometimesI'll get scared if it I'Llbelie. I haven't been scared of the dark, sinceI was a little kid, but when I'm in sleep Aralysis, I'm thinking, Oh shit,it's dark and scary. Like it's, it's weird man, it's like a hightmare, but Iam aware that I'm in the bed- I know you know what day it is where I am. Iknow all of it, but I cannot fucking move and I'm like yes screaming withall my might and it's coming out like a whimper, but that is not butter, Scotchand BAISL. Today. That is definitely not wow. That sucks yeah. Look it up. Sleeparousestshit sets a lot of people put um more of a spiritual or supernaturalspin on what's happening like a lot of people say: Oh, it happens, and I and Isee these beings at the foot of my bed- and you know it's one of these thingswhere multiple people are looked like the alien obductions wher ow people saythat and they have similar stories like there was this man with a BlackSilhouette Bo Bumbe blow and and to me I have like a feeling of dread and I'llhave it feels like a nightmare, but I've never seen like people there and Idon't know like people like. I said they put some kind of supernatural egets. I believe one putting you in that state or something you know likeparalyzing you and I think it was aliens fiddling with you, bum really dude. 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Imagine you were having an extramerital affair at your office. The girl is probably a psychopath Yyou'e. Go you got in over your head, you know what I mean. It's happened toeverybody, I don't blame Yeu, it has. You know shegoes down and you'd better, be ready, but think all this you're stressing outover and then all of a sudden, the lockdown hits Corona Virus and N H.You've got Ta work from home, okay, yeah! Imagine the sense of relief. Youhave at at that point in time that you don't need to go into work. You don'tneed to see this woman and you're also, possibly thinking oh well. This tin ofpart is going to be good, maybe she'll get over it. My wife will never bust mebecause she's going to move on with her..., she's Goingta find something tofill that hole to fill that need, and it won't be me. Yeah Man, you've been filling her wholetoo long. Oshe Goto look crazy. She liked the way you filled that hole. Sheshe sure, as hell did, but I mean this scenario sounds stupid right I meanIhas' and it's probably happening right now it could be, but this is alsosomething that'LD be good fit for a Sitcom yeah and the thing about that isit's only a matter of time. You see W. We have movies and TV shows basedaround lockdowns around Corona virus or people's story or what happened or howthe government dealt with this whatever this is all going to it's funny.Beecause we stared for entertainment during Corona virus in the future. Someof our entertainment will be based around the corona virus. Oh absolutely,the world is different. Like things have changed and th you definitely will see. Pop Culturewill reflect that art imitates life. So you see that stuff. You know as culturechanges, so does the entertainment 'cause. Otherwise it doesn't seemrealistic. It already seems weird, sometimes when I'm watching T V, and Isee people like hugging that haven't seen each other in a while or a crowdeds. You know what I mean I it's already like. Making having an impact on me isWeli'll, say you know, and I see it a show. I'm like I remember that Shit.You know I remember being able to hug somebodyand not fucking. Wear a mask likeMassachusetts. Now is the masks ore mandatory as they should be. Absolutely,I think, to be honest, my state is actually pretty. I don't know on the level. I Ithink our governor is doing. Ok, I mean he he's he's actually technically aRepublican but h, Charlie Baker in messtrs is not a bad governor, butanyway it's yeah. The world is definitely different and I agree we'regoing to start seeing that and I'm so glad that you're calm and cooland collected Doang all this because it is frustrating like you said. You sawsomebody hugging on t V and you I miss hugging, even though I don't know whoyou really want to hug a perfect stranger, possibly eyman. You know Ianyeah, you are kind of a hugger. This is true, but I mean yes, life isdifferent. Life has changed, but yet we have people wearhing Bazukas, goinginto subways ordering sandwiches demanding their liberty, their life,they're, afraid, O man and talk about. We had people outside of a courthouseor a statehouse protesting the fact that gyms were closed for the lock downfor Cobit nineteen, yet they were outside doing pushups and squats. Tell Yo. Why guns at the statehousesand all that Shit y? Can you imagine ro if a ton of black people thik gottogether and and protested by bringing firearms into the statehouse? I thinkthings might be a little different, an o yeah white privilege, that's for damsure- and you know, as a matter of fact, if you follow us on twitter at sellingout show, which is also our our handle on instagram as well. I didn't mentionthis earlier, but if you want to reach out twist, that'd be fantastic, butyeah. I've been tweeting about this case here in Texas, where there is thiswoman who owns a salon now the one who ans the salon right, she defied thelockdown orders in Dallas County and she reopened her salon with armedgunmen. Outside s wesupplied the gunmen like she people, no, they were outside.I cannot say for a fact that she supplied them. I believe they were justm more of those fucking clunkhead supporters. She isn't Runteng to be open. Let's gomake sure she don't col her dollars, wow yeah, so she's open. So of courseshe gets a citation from the Dallas County judge, saying: Hey you, gottashut them fucking doors lady, or are you going to face a fine? What have yo?Well next thing. You know she. She refuses to close the doors they haveit,one of their fucking rallies, H, freedom, constitutional yor. You knowinfringing my rights. By telling me I had to wear a fuckin pass because of'sa pandemic rallies. She goes up on stage rips up the citation to a roundof applause, Oh God, but you know what you're always going to pay the Piperdon't Yo soshe finally gets her rasshauled into court in front of thejudge, where Sheis very argumengative, along with her lawyer, who seems likehe's just nothing more than a giant cock, knob angering the judge and shegets sentenced to seven days in prison and a seven thousand dollar fie Jesus.Yes, thank you through the book at her. Oh that book I mean she's only beendefying orders, for God knows how long well guess what happens after that? Thegovernor of the State says this punishment is excessive. Oh,my Godthe Lieutenant Governor who's received some notoriety recently, hisname Isand, Patrick, not to be confused...

...with the sports talk show host, butthis guy's just a fucking. I don't know evil skeleton roaming or oh he's afucking piece, O work, this guy he well, he got famous recently or I mentionedthe notoriety rather right, because he was h. One saying that senior should bewilling to die for the economy. SOAT fucking spreadlike wildfire, but he offered to pay her fine. They say Heisshe is a mom.She needs to make her money right. I mean anybody's sympathetic to that.Well, guess what it turns out that she received eighteen thousand dollar PPEloan from the government while she was crying poverty. Okay,this this woman is not poor. Omind you at all. She is an affluent white woman that also charges her stylists to leasethe chairs. So, while she's saying W IG MY EMPLOYEES NTO work, I I did makesure they work or otherwise they're going no fucking stuff. They are payingher for the right to work out of her upscale salon, so they're, not eventechnically her employees they're, like private barbers or hair Dresser Nilisrenting space from her that's she's like the landlady. She is the landlady.Well, she got freed from jail right, quick. She did not serve her fallesentence, I let U say she only served maybe a day or two. She could nothandle those seven fuck men, thes, O Ey- well, listen for anyone! This is. Thisis back to that whole white. Privileged thing. We're talking about Es, if youcan imagine a woman of color opened up her salonand all this happened, I don't think she would have been freed and the localofficials in the government would be paying her fines and even e Senator Tedcruise sowed up at Oh yeah. This fucking spineless piece of shit showedup in her salon for a photowop celebrating freedom by getting himselfa fucking hair cut and I'm sure it was also very, very expensive, but anyway yeah. This whole thing has been nothingbut infuriating to me beyond belief, because I just listen man. Why are weputting ourselves above the greater good? Why are we doing this? I I don'tunderstand why it's so fucking important. You know I mean listen. Iunderstand businesses need to be o t, small businesses need to be open orthey don't make any fucking income, and I understand too, as well. Some ofthese stimulus payments don't always cut the Mustar there sucks, but it'sone thing to disagree with something: That's another thing to just jusdisobeyorders to the point where again you ere,making a public display of yourself rmake yourself into a news story. Yes,what are you going to? Nay? I Wa? The thing is they're doing that, butthey're calling it standing up for their rights like they're, dissipingorders and putting people at risk, but they're calling it like it's it's acause. They're standing up for you know what I mean it's like if someone elsewere breaking th rules, for whatever reason they had tha this same womanwould probably call them a criminal, but she can do it because she'sstanding up for her rights, you know what I mean it's it's just again. It'sthat privilege, man and H. Things are different. Like it's en yyou're right in the Hotbedman Texas is like yeah, you got Ted Cruis. You gotthat Patrick to patric. It Rag Abbot. we M he's another yeah and tits womanby the way. Just so, everybody can fuck and loathe her an equal extent that Ido her name is Shelly Luther Shilly Luther Yeh so want o Google ShelleyLuther, of course, she's blonde. That has to be part of the equationRight. That's another reason why she's forgiven what she's done, because she'sblonde she's going to have a show on Fox pretty soon Fuk News, Oh yeah, her?What's he name, Judge Pero will up her aget her a just bucgin stumble andfumble Tummy Laran, like all those PA, Ceez Laes Buddy, I mean it's just it'senraging and you know I think we should. We should be pumping thebrakes. This is obvious. You know at least another month or so let Lett thenumbers come in because everybody says we're flattening the curve. But I Ihaven't been tested and as an saying, we need the tests before we can startcompletely opening up. That's just it's just a simple fact: Man Are you goingto do you know that you need that yeah see, but no according to the government.Oh no things are werding out, we're ready. We are wrready now going out. Wea Warri from US calling US warriors 'cause w. You know, you're willing tofight and risk it all and yeah and fight the battle to get himreelected. Basically he's just like saved my economy, get back to work,quick. That was the one thing I had that I the feather in my cap. The onlything I could claim to get reelected h. Now it's gone. You know: awod 's, justfuck man up you tack up the modies stack 'em up, fucking Yep, we're goingto get thowt economy, fucking rock and... rolling again and Joe byd andfleepyn Joe binds going to take much out. TER TR trump had to make sure morepeople died in his presidency because he missed the Vietnam War. You know hehad the BOS. Gir, the Vietnam R. So now he's got to see all that bloodshedowhe's just not seeing at firsthand h God, but listen. You know if you're one ofthose people out there who thinks that things need to be opend right away,come on now I mean seriously. You know why why, and you know what, if you havea great reason why contact me, let me know you can even send me an emailselling out show at GMAL DOTCOM and explain you, your train of thought,you're logic to me, because I would like to hear it like I mentioned you earlier Na. Seeingthese pictures online of the the Bezuka guy in subway is just a laughableridiculous, outrageous fucking thing that I cannot mentally understand. So,if you, if you get a good, you know a viewpoint talk to me. I want to hear it.I really DOYOR L B in time for na no, no, I know I've talked a lot about myinterest as a young teenager in industrial bands like nine inch, mails,skinny, puppy and ministry. Don't worry, I'm not going to do another segment onall that, I'm just bringing it up to illustrate my early interest in bandswith an electronic element to them. I mean the first bans I really got intowere guitar based bands like Nirvana and even megadeth. As a kid, I enjoyedsome Morin poppy stuff like eighties bannd information society, and Iremember liking a few singles from de Peshmo back then. But when I got to theage where I wanted to buy records, the stuff that got me excited was allguitar based Alternative Rock and some metal like the aforementionedMegadethan Pantera. When I got my first CD player a like age, eleven, the firstCDs I picked up were Nirvana's, never mind Queen's rihts empire andFaithnomoreis the real thing fee, the more were a pretty keyboard,centric band, but not long after. I remember picking up pretty hate machineby nine inch nails and that opened me up to the world of electronic music. AsI imagine was the case for a lot of music lovers back then Trent resnerkind of bridged the gap between Alternative Rock, an industrial music,especially with his second release, the broken EP, which was a bit heavier andmore guitar oriented than pretty hate. Machine songs like wish and happinessand slavery, were sure to pull in fans of heavier music when they may not haveotherwise. Given an electronic producer a chance without going into yetaother's zegment on nine inch, nails or industrial music, I'll, just reiteratetheir importance in turning a lot of us onto a whole different side of themusical spectrum around this time. In the early nineties, as I was gettingdeep into like skinny poppy frontline assembly, I found myself at theLalapeluza Festival, specifically in one and nine hutdred and ninety three. Every year, along with a line up ofexciting alternative rock bands, there would always be an industrial band oneach bill. The first year in Nineteen, ninety one it was nine inch Nais.Ninety two was ministry, and this show in ninety three featured a performanceby Belgian Electronic Veterans Front to forty two. I was impressed enough bytheir performance to pick up a few albums. By that time they had severalhaving started in the early eighties front, two four two bridged yet anothergap from that industrial rock area to more of a techno sound there weren'tguitars and it was more danceable yet still dark and underground enough toPique my interest. A good friend of mine, who also happens to be at thatLala Pelusa show, was Andrew Jones. A guy who I ended up playing in bandswith later in, sadly, is no longer with us, but at the time we were just acouple of young teenagers and Andy had a really broad taste in music. So I wasintroduced to a lot of different stuff through him. We were at that age where everythingwas new and exciting anyway, and we both found that marijuana andeventually psychodelics like LSD in mushrooms paired, especially well withelectronic music. I remember in N, nine...

...teen ND. Ninety five, a few of US friends, were hanging outand Andy had picked up a sheet of acid. The four or five of US sat mesmerizedas Andy played this new album from an artist called AFX twin up till thispoint. I'd only heard of AFEX twin from a couple tracks. He did on an Imange,nail's, renix album and maybe I'd read a handful of things about him and moreobscure music magazines, where more popular acts would cite effx as aninfluence. This was the pre Internet era. When you couldn't just check outrandom bands at will, but I had still read enough to be intrigued by thismysterious pseudo hermit character from rural England, who would reportedlymake his own musical equipment from parts of computers, synthesizerskeyboards, et Cetera, with such one of a kind instruments, afx twin, whosereal name is Richard James, produces understandably unique music. Nowadays you can find sounds of allkinds online and just adam to your instruments, sound bank, but back inthe early nineties, the sounds Richard James was creating we're so cool anddifferent than really anything else out there. In another episode, I mentionedhow the nineties were a decade of progress and open musical minds. All the alternative, music grungeindustrial, great innovations in hip hop, but just as the media had topingeon whole and create a title for what became grunge so too did they takethe burgeoning scenes of techno jungle, house trance, all the Rave Ready, dance,music and lump it together with AFEX twin and all the subsequent acts. Heinspired like Autecker Square pusher, Plaid Wagon Christ, to name just a fewand they called the whole lot of them electronica another genrenme. That kindof makes me gag, but not too badly. I mean it is all electronic. After all,the genre title that really bugged me was what they specifically called thosepreviously named AFEX disciples artecker in the bunch. They called thatstyle of electronic music that wasn't quite ambient, wasn't quite industrialand wasn't typical dance, music, intelligent dance, music or I dm talkabout pretentious. Occasionally it was referred to as electronic listening,music or ELM, and that was less bad nowadays, there are a million acts likethis. A lot of the electronic artists in general back then were almostexclusively instrumental, which kept a lot of them from commercial success,although eventually a few acts started getting exposure. These were definitelyon the danceer side of electronica bands like the crystal method,underworlds and, of course, the prodigy. They all got singles high on the chartswith MTV exposure. It should be noted that most of these acts, theire biggestsingles at least did feature vocals. Some things never change. I guessanyway, I really got sucked into all this electronic music. A lot of myfriends were into it and we did the rave thing we saw some of these actslive, the shows are hit or miss as far as avisual experience goes depending on budget, or I guess just depending onthe desire of the performing musician. An electronic acts live show can rangefrom APSYCHODELIC extravagans of screens showing fractal patterns andother Strans visuals lights and even dancers, sometimes performing in crazycostumes, all the way down to just a dude standing at a laptop moving hisfinger around the mouse pad thing. I've seen a ton of good ones and quite a fewboring ones, but usually that music is helped out a lot by a good, soundsystem. So it's almost always cool in that regard, but anyway yeah now thereare so many electronica acts. The genre is so huge that it's like any other,like rock like hip hop. There are thousands of great and awful genericartist, so there's a lot to check out. At least I still dig the old onesimentioned earlier 'cause, I'm an old Fogi and they are all still puttingshit out and it's still quality stuff.

They're Kinda like the rolling stones.Now, just maybe the instruments and thedrugs in their back stories are different. I guess I don't know but uhyeah, I mean a lot of these bands had interesting shows. I just quicklywanted to mention. I didn't write it down, but when I did go see afx twin,live, he brought out a couch and laid down on the couch, with his laptop andjust kind of lounged there and played his whole set and to keep thingsinteresting. He'd have like at one point a guy came out in overalls in astraw hat like some cartoonis hillbilly character, and he took off the Straatand shaved his own head, somake a show, and then afterwards he had a couple ofthese like giant teddy bears. There were people in these giant plush TeddyBear costumes that had pictures of the performer, a fixed win's face stapledto the front of the e. It was just like a photo of his face enlarged it. Justlooked like dancing bears with his face and OKA yeah. He kept thingsinteresting, but he also points out. Look I'm just on a fucking laptop. Thisis a farce. You know I can just do this but uh nowadays. I guess his shows area lot more intense she's t, the whole screens and crazy visuals and all that,but a trek and advertising risony yeah. You know, I mean 'cause. Theseelectronica acts now I see them and how people are are clamoring to buy thesetickets and I'm like s a dude on a laptop COMON EAN and not saying likeVan Hallen or anything or kiss or something. But still you go you'regoing to see a rock spectacle. You know these guys playing live fireworkspiratechniqs, you know and now jus. What's his name Steveaoki, Ohmy God, yeah he's won yeah, there's a eming he's jumping up and down, andit's like yeah you're, jumping up and down bin a laptop. I really want to pay.Seventy five dollars on fucking spend an hour a to park to watch that. Iagree with you know what I've found a lot of these electronic artists arehelped by one thing and a and it can make your live, show and I'll. Explainlike this, the band depesh mode. Very you know they're all synthecizers, youlisten the music, it's I mean they had. It gets hard here and there, but it'sbasically they're a sinth band and h when they used to perform back in theday they would have just a drum machine or a sampled drum whatever it was. Itwas, you know, so it was just a couple of guys hat synththecizers and a singer.What changed everything and this does it for every electronic men, I'mtelling you a live drummer and even if they're playing electronic drums justhaving someone sitting there and slamming on these live drums and addinglittle fills here, and it makes the show feel so much more and and you canjust have it two synthesizes or even one synthicizer. If you have a livedrummer, something about that makes you feel like you're ot a live show morethan anything. I don't know what it is, but the peshmod added a live gumberyears ago, and it some say it messes with the tone. Their sound is usuallyvery synthetic and electronic and IT Kinda makes it more rocky, but itdefinitely makes the show more intense I'll say that thats ye, that's what Iwas going to say: The intensity is there. When you have someone bangingaway it's primal, that's t yeah great,that's a great way to put it yeah there. You Go: Bing, Bang, bom so anyway, butyeah electronic music men can have a lot of life, Iam sad to say, like oneof the earliest bans to really make sort of poppy. Pretty like interesting, digestible melonies, like pot music outof synthesizers back in the day, was Germany's craft work and this bands,you know they started at all, and every Electronic Gard is pretty much citesthem as the huge influence and one of the founding members just diedthe other day. So, I'm sad to say his name was Florian Schneider. Apparentlyhe hadn't played with the band in several years. Anyway. He had kind ofretired and some of the other founding members still played but yeah he passed away and it's sad, and so I am the upperater with my pocketcalculator ths, a song by Craftwork Tha, our friend AndrewJones, who I mentioned on that had the Chine vaced in my piece I mentioned andintroduced me to Afxon. He used to always sing that craftwork oncausehethought it was hilarious. I am the operator with my pocket calculatoranyway. It's they're fun. They have this robotic image craft work and theystarted it all KINDOF. So well, it's got to be fun right. I mean when youtink, O apx twin. There was some an afet twin material hat I enjoyed sbut.There has to be a little hook in there... the I wish. The milkman woulddeliver my milk. I did put vocals and usually sampled and tweeted, so theysounded all weird but yeah. He had that son. I wish the Muan it's calledMilkman, but U Yeah it's a strange song but hey you know what maybe, like yousaid in your piece, a lot of the vocals, along with the drums of course, in elive show, but the vocals to an actual track helps the h helps a song, outneyeah. I helps it commercially, especially, but I personally loveelectron or instrumental music rather and have no problem like a large percentage of the music that Ilove best. I I prefer has no vocals at all and I tend to treat vocals likethey're another instrument. I mean I, I understand their appeal and Iunderstand people like a hook and something they can sing and, and youcan add a whole meaning to a song just through lyrics. I understand that, butto me sometimes, if you don't even hear what the vocals are just acts asanother melody or another instrument and H, so I I respect them, but I don'tthink they're necessary. As my point and I know, you're a vocalist DaveYouos, I mean no disrespects, I'm not saying you're, not necessary. I'msaying that vocalist add a lot too music, but I don't think o someonewithout vocals is necessarily you know, lacking any value or lesser than youknow, Mhmbut the general public you're. Not you know it's hard to get aninstrumental song on the chart said it's true. It happens. But it's not.You know it's not common El. You know you're speaking a craft work and I geta nickel for every time. I bring up David boy on our show, if you think hehas album low. Yes, Gos heavily inspired by the electronic scene andlater ind his career, of course, in the nineties, and early two thousands wasalso very, very visible, so yeah cool Peace Na. Thank you for that. Hey you know before I let our listenersgo. I do want to bring up some sad news on the show today. So I'm not pleased about bringing it up isvery unfortunate, but there is another podcast out there called the cosmictreadmill and what are their hosts? Reggie Hemmingway, unfortunately passedaway. He was a he actal yeah. He guessed it on. One ofour shows the holiday trees, an episode, so I just want to send my thoughts tohis family and to his wife and guy had a voice made for broadcastingand, and I s a life lost way too soon. So, if you have never heard of that,show and you're interested in comics- and I mean these guys were reallyreally heavy on their research. They did a couple of shows the cosmictreadmill and weird comics history. He and his partner Chris can be found atChris and Reggie dotcom, but it is sad news indeed, and I don't like seeing itbut h he will. He will be missed. Y AH friend of the show have gone too soon.Yep seems like I's a common narrative in our lives, not just friend of theshow, but is our friends in general, of course, so you know it, it sucks men,so yeahthey. You know what we're still here. You're still here, I appreciatethe ever living crap out of all of you, virtual hugs. I want to reach, throughyour earphones or, however, you're listening to this show and squeeze you.Can you feel that am I hk I'm talking about yeah you're grabbing me? Am Iyeah? You thought it was the audience, but that was that was that was KindofNice, but it was deinitely inappropriate, no Ho the aliensstitdling with you butt again, R hat a lillion wey that does 't forthis episode. I M Dave that is NAT, and this has been the selling out show.

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