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Episode 49 · 2 years ago

Ep.#49 Everything's Ruined


Dave gives us the details on working in a supermarket during the coronavirus crisis, on "CGI or Die" we decide if Gremlins, Mac and Me, or Labyrinth could benefit from a special effects spruce up, plus Nate's Notes explores the styles inspired by musical genres.

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Hi, kids, it's me, Ronald McDonald, and I'm on the set of my very first motion picture ever. It's a movie called Mac and me, and I want to introduce you to him. Welcome to those selling out show you're feel what it does is beaches into your brain chemically and no, cat your happiest memory chemically and then knocks on that emotion and releases it chemically, and then it keeps your happy, happy. Hello, hello, hello, and thank you for tuning in to the selling out show where we screw up life at our leisure for your listening pleasure. I am one of your host David Schultz, and over here by my side, but carefully socially distanced, is my partner in crime, Nate Gore Zinski. Nate, how are you? I'm all right. I'm keeping everyone at a at a six foot distance. You know, how about you? You get a big Guy Wingspan there. You're a tall guy and my wings fans about six feet, so I just kind of I don't know. Well, I guess that's both arms. So I could lay down in my feet touching you and I'd still be like safe. Yes, some breathing in your shit. This hit really am shit. Yeah, this would be a great time to be in a body cast. Yeah, so your arms would be fully extended. You'd be like, keep away from me, motherfucker, stay lay yea suppose. Oh my God, him, I stood. I need a body cast. I'm exhausted, I need to get away. Oh Yeah, you overworked. Oh, I am overworked, I'm underpay. I'm an essential worker. Okay, yeah, I just learned this. I just found this out. HMM, this is news to me and, I think, news to any other retail worker on the face of the earth's like an ego boost, for you know how? Far from an ego boost, more like a big fist in your asshole, no lube, just you know, Rocky Balboa, like punching the meat, but it said he's punching your your little brown eye Baba. You know. But no, I work, I'm a manager in a supermarket and I've I've always tried to be the man behind the curtain when it comes to our show. I talked about, you know, my life and stuff pretty pretty vaguely. Well, not vaguely, I mean I'm very no, you're open, but but your occupation, I've always noticed you've kind of kept again, that you've kept it close to the vest. Yes, yeah, that's what I was trying to say, is I try to think of my life as an open book, but some things I do keep more private, I guess, and one of which is my when I do have it, my employment. So when this little job came along long and I was offered this Gig to manage in a grocery store, I thought this is easy, what could go wrong? Well, welcome to the age of Corona. Yeah, everyone else gets a little break and this and that, but you you have to be working where you're facing all of them to they're all like you're dealing with all the because everyone has to go get food and so, yeah, yeah, you're seeing all the ones that aren't at work. You know. Yeah, well, humans, I've discovered it as filthy fucking animals. But you know what, I'm actually going to dispute your claim that everybody gets a break, okay, and the reason why I say this is because if you are a single mother in Oshkosh yeah, and you can't work and you got two or three kids, right now is the most stressful time in your life because you don't know when the money's coming. If you can never go back to work are your landlord is going to kick you out on your fucking ass. You can be on the street with your kids. Yeah, so, you know, on the surface, if you're a wealthy, affluent human being, this must be fucking fantastic. You do AH, well, I don't have to go anywhere, ring my little bell, got a son bring me my fucking souffle. You know whatever. I'm just yeah, that made no sense whatsoever, but I know that's my Mo but you get what I'm trying to say. Of course, these celebrities and rich CAC stuck is in politicians. Yeah, fucking nobody ever realizes. And you know, they're this line, kill the body in the head will die, of course. Yeah, yeah, line from an old faith in them more song, but it's yes, but it's just the concept that's been around for a long time, although usually it's the other way around. It's kill the head, and I thought, you know, like they say, if you kill the head of this whole organization or whatever, the organization dies, like killing the head vampire, you know, but but whatever, yeah, kill the buddy in the head will die, is the faith. No more song lyric. And I bring that up because with nobody able to work and all these jobs that we take for...

...granted, a lot of them. I mean, not mine, of course, because hey, I'm essential, but you know what I mean, teachers, or sure, accountants, I mean you name it, any kind of fucking job on the face of the earth. Everybody's being told to shelter at home, stay inside, you can't go to work, and we need those people for society to function. Yeah, so all these motherfuckers living up on top of the hill, as I just mentioned earlier, celebrities, politicians, what have you. Without us, they're nothing. Yeah, man, now that's a fact. I mean it's why I say kill the body in the head will die. I hear what you mean. Yeah, man, are eventually, maybe the body will kill the head. You know, it's a I just mean in this case it's like we have the majority of the population is like yes, it is struggling at this point, and it's the again, the one percent, that always ends up being okay and like yeah, they're talking about you know, it was. It's always been bail out the the banks, the whole to big to fail thing back in the day, you know, right, that's always the ones that need it the least are getting the bailouts, and again the Republicans were trying to sneak that in. I saw these memes on facebook about people saying the libt our Democrats refused to sign a bill that gave Americans their thousand dollar stimulus or whatever they're calling at this time, the thousand dollar bail out, you know, for individuals, and it's like yeah, but they're not mentioning in these little memes that they're reposting that the reason the Dems didn't sign it was because the the Republicans were trying to sneak in all this shit about like again defunding planned parenthood, like they're always trying to do, and also they're trying to keep this slush fund for huge companies, for billion dollar comes. This was like hundreds of billions of dollars in this fund that was supposed to be doled out pretty much by Steve minuchin alone, like trump's whatever secretary, whatever, treasury of the whatever. What is his secretary of the Treasury? No, I just call him to Twat squad. You're all just a bunch of fucking twats and said, but anyway, that's my point is it's just, it's it's nonsense. And again they're trying to use it as an excuse to bail out the rich people and not really care about the the rest, you know. So here's an idea. How about this? You know, here's some common sense politican for you. Yea, let's make a bill, okay, and the bill just says one fucking thing every resident in this country. It's a check for to grand. Okay. So if you are Jeff Bezos, you get to grand right. If you are David Schultz, the host of the excellent podcast known as a selling out show, you get to grand. Okay. Now let's pass that and then you guys can go and fucking haggle over, like you said, the slush funds, the bailouts, everything else and what have you. But let's take care of our citizens first. Or, you know what, anybody who's on American soil and he heard me say it, I don't care if you an a legal immigrant or not, if you are here, get a mother fucking check to send them a check. We all fucking need it. Be Politicians, be leaders, stop being rotten, self serving cock suckers. I'm with you. And you know what, speaking of self serving cock suckers, and I'm talking to all the listeners out there. You're all filthy, you're all gross. I got to deal with you sons of bitches every fucking day. I'm trying to do my job and you know, even as a manager, I have to be out on the floor. Yeah, yeah, actually, in this time you might be an arms distance with just being a manager. Some would think. No, no, because right now is all hands on deck. So I don't get to sit in office behind the computer and send the peons out to stock the floor. No, I got to go out there and do it too. And you know, working in a grocery store was already funny to begin with, seeing all walks of life come in there and how rude people can be. Yeah, but now it's just kicked up a notch, I mean to a whole another level beyond belief. So if you don't work in retail, I don't think will ever understand it, no matter how hard I ever try to describe it. But people are rude, they're inconsiderate, they're selfish, they're fucking greedy, which leads me to wonder. Let's say this is like the the walking dead or the apocalypse that we all fantasize and bought comics and watch TV shows and movies about it kind of feels like it. It does, and we kind of deserve it. Oh Yeah, Hey, I'm not gonna argue with you, man, I feel the same way. It feels like we're we're so careless with different things, with whether it's the environment or you know whatever, weapons manufacturing and chemistry, like, well, all the things we play with. It's like it wouldn't, say, surprise me if we release some kind of yeah, situation where we create our own demise. You know, that seems inevitable for the human race. Yeah, for the matter, when is this... I don't know, I really don't know, but the way people are reacting in panic. Shopping, yeah, holy cow, and then the whole thing with toilet paper and bottled water. Yeah, still have water running from a tap. I understand you may not like tap water. That's fine. You know what I have in my house? A water filter. Yeah, but I have it on a little picture, plastic picture, from from Britta. So, yeah, thank you, Britta, or well, whoever you get you fucking pitchers from, it doesn't matter. But you feel it. Your cap water to here, yes, and you get your fucking clean water, biggery, bad, bigged a boom. And, furthermore, I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been using a biday now for years to clean my sensitive little tushy. So you guys can keep all the fucking toilet paper. Man, I've been done with that for a long time. Yeah, it makes more sense than anything else. Man, even on the in the best of times, a Bi Day makes more sense. You're not wiping your ass and chafing the shit out of it. It's say you have to wait more than a handful of times. No Pun intended, but like yeah, you, that's chafing the shit out of your ass. Plus, Dude, how what other parts of your body are you cleaning that get shit on them and you just wiping them with a piece of paper and saying that's enough fun, the Shit is off. I'm clean, you know, Dude. Please, give me soap, give me bleach. I touch my dogs shit accidentally, like freaking out, but my eyes hold. I'm okay with just touching it with paper and saying them good, give me a the day. anyways. The said you should make when you clean your asshole the same where and you get dog shit on you. Oh Oh, we're said, noise. Oh, don't worry, that's just nate using the bathroom. He's got shit on him again. It must be a messy day. He's got much bet on his buttole and you know you said even during the best of times, a bidday is a great option. Well, I will tell you right now, if there is a heaven, there are but days up there there are no rolls of toilet paper. I mean the other thing, too, is you never have to worry about running out or even right now, running out to Eastore and physically fighting somebody for a roll. Oh my God, man, we are putting water and toilet paper on the floor and they go as fast as they arrive. I believe that. You know. So it's just crazy. The produced apartment in the supermarket, people are plucking it apart every day like hungry birds or, you know, evil raptors. Is something, because that's how I view them. It makes this whole thing much more entertaining if you see them is human being, creditors. Yeah, Raptors from like Jurassic Park, yes, running through the place, you know that whole thing, and the plane, and they bitch and they want to come up to you and say how dangerous it is that, you know, we don't have supplies that they need, or we limit how much you can buy, and so it goes to show you humanity is lost. And what one thing that's been blowing my mind is the random folks that you do get in there that thank you for your service. Hmmmmm, like you're a military yes, like you're veteran from some war. Yeah, and you know, a thank you, of course, is nice, provided is from like a six foot buffer. Yeah, but beyond that, you know, you should be doing people throwing money. Throw money at US like strippers. Yes, man, we don't care. We you don't have to put it in our hand. Just fucking whip it at us like our names or our cinnamon and and Jasmine on a pole. Just fucking throw us some money, because, dude, seriously, thank yous. Don't do shit for us, right. It's like thanks and prayers. Yeah, yeah, right, thanks and prayers to those, those supermarket workers making sure that I can still buy my beef Roni. HMM. You know, come on, guys, man, go the extra mile, pull a twenty out of your wallet. fucking right. You know, stay six feet away from me now, so we don't all end up six feet under. You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah, but don't put that on a fucking tshirt. I'm selling that baby. Oh Yeah, pretty good, that's pretty good actually. Yeah, but I mean again, I don't know what's going to happen with this. When we look at the paths that have been taken from other countries and the disasters that have happened there, it appears that we have learned nothing from those mistakes and we are going down the same avenue. So please, if you do go to a supermarket, if you go to a pharmacy or anywhere the business is considered essential and has to be open. These people have families, they have kids. They're freaking out when they go home, afraid that they might be bringing something back to their families or some kind of sickness, you know. So be fucking kind out there. Don't be a cack sucker. Yeah, I had this old son of a bitch come up to me the other day and he did that he lean on me because he wanted to tell me a dirty joke and his breath fucking stunk. Get the fuck out of he was close enough to smell his breath. He was right up close to you, yeah, the...

...shoulder to shoulder, and he wanted tell me like a again, like a fucking you know, old man joke, is dirty, about titty's, my pussies, whatever, and he's starting to speak and I could just it was like the cartoon with a Green Vapor came out of his mouth and it whoop right at my nostrils and I thought to myself, I went boy, you know, this is how it's going to happen right, this is fucking gross ass motherfuckers, Stinky Halitosis, probably is imbedded with corona and now it's in my nostrils. This is it, this is how I go. Thanks a lot, you know, a little dirty limerick now, is it? Yeah, you're dying Dian from an old man's joke. It's just dad humor. Will actually gross old man humor. Yeah, exactly. They fucking terrible. I don't know. I people stink, they suck. I hate you all. All right, nate boy, naty boy, nate dog, nate, what over the Hell I want to call you? Let's do something fun. I mean we said we kind of started the show talking about what everybody else in the free world is talking about, which I'm sure is you know, it's interested in it, right. Yeah, but the same time, let's do something a little different, and I came up with a concept I like to call CGI or die. Now, we've talked remakes in the past on this show, about movies, TV shows, everything, because we're a nostalgic lot, me and you. That's a fact. That is a fact, Jack. Okay, so here's the concept. Take an old movie, let's say from the s whatever, and we are replacing only the special effects. The cast remains, the acting performance remains. This is not a reboot, okay, we are only choosing to Redo or remake the special effects and inserting them into the original film. Okay, now I'm going to name a few movies to you. Okay, if you think they would be better served to have the effects Redone in two thousand and twenty, then you let me know. If not, and you think they're perfect their way, they are, also let me know. Let me know anyway. Let me know what you're thinking right now. What are you thinking right now? Listen, man, I'm thinking that I'm probably just going to say keep them who they were, with all of them, because I'm kind of a stickler for that Shit. But but you never know, man, because I can imagine a few that I think would be better suited with modern effects. So you know, Kay. So, all right, so this could be the worst concept ever unleashed upon radio. Maybe, thanks you see to me. Okay, well, the first movie I'm going to throw out at you is a classic Little Ditty starring an actress I actually fawn over during our first ever episode. Nice, exactly. You're talking about Phoebe Kates. That's Oh, put me in quarantine with her baby. But let's look at the movie, Gremlin's. Yeah, Um, well, so Gremlin's beloved classic, and I will say that, just like I predicted, if you were to touch Gremlins, I would light you on fire. Wow, yeah, man, I would hurt you in a microwave, like the Gremlins word, you know, in the original movie. I would I want to be in a blender, my gremlins, so my legs stick out and I rotate. You don't put me into micro that's it. That's that's a terrible death, just exploding. I'm rather that is awful. But you think the puppeteering and all that is perfect. The way it is. There is no need to ever even consider inserting that as CGI rather than practical effects. I that's my position and I will take it to the grave, man. Okay, classic, you know, I would actually, I wouldn't mind seeing that done CGI. Okay, you know, I respect your opinion, but I respectfully differ. Okay, to differ, you beg to differ. You think it's a piece of shit, my idea, but here's where I'm coming from with it. Okay, okay, is that my seven year old when I watch gremlins with him, the first thing he said to me was, oh, those are puppets. And when it's that obvious to a kid and you kind of, you know, lost that sense of wonder and wow in the magic, isn't there? Yeah, it makes you start reconsidering your position on the film. And that's where I am with it, where I'm like, well, I could gremlins is a franchise, or even just a movie, the original movie. I could, I could see being rea done with CGI, okay, and I you know what I...

...mean. Thinking about it, I guess it's cool, man, because, like, I guess I can see see your angle, because it's not a movie where something needs to be realistic and the CGI just has that weird thing about it where it's not quite realistic, like you find in a lot of CGI. Like these are creatures that don't exist in nature, so it doesn't matter if they like. You know, the CGI is probably just as good as anything. So yeah, because, I mean, fuck it, golumn column looks cool and he's a CGI created creature on the Lord of the rings movies. Right, fuck it. The GREMLINS, I'm sure, would look fine by today's because now it's even better than it was when Golmn was created. So anyway, yeah, I respect to your position now the more I think about it, but I'm still going to stand by I and I think that's an untouchable film. Okay, all right, well, you know, that's that's fine as as good answer, and I'm glad you're, you know, sticking with your guns on that. So I'm the next movie on my list. I'm going to skip for a minute because I have a feeling you're going to take the same stance you were with Gremlins. So the next one, again, me skipping forward here, is a movie called Mac and me. Now, Mac and me, let may just kind of preface this whole thing is a terrible fucking movie, and not for the reasons that some may think. You know, okay, listen. It's a complete knockoff of et with with the product placements. They use cocacola instead of McDonald's, rather than reese's PECs. There's a terrible dance scene in the movie, but the editing is so bad they even during a scene where they're fleeing the authorities. At one point the older brothers bring sunglasses hanging out a van ray to scoop up his brother, who's in a wheelchair, if you haven't seen it, but that's not a big spoiler. And next scene, like they cut again, he doesn't have the sunglasses on, but then when they cut back for him to scoop up his brother, the sunglasses are in fact back on. Wow, and this is the kind of Shit that will fucking bug me, like, keep me awake at night. Yeah, thinking that some guy got paid to edit this film. It was. Yeah, no one's gonna notice this. Yeah, they wouldn't even notice. Nobody noticed that. Yeah, nobody. By mean this is a dude. The the costumes of the aliens, yeah, the the family of aliens in this movie are I just spoke about the editing keeping me awake at night. This is enough to to fuel your nightmares for a lifetime. It really is. Now, right. When's the last time you saw this movie? Man, I haven't seen maca me since I was a kid. Probably, Uh Huh, possibly single digits, like it's been that long. So I don't even I don't remember a lot. The only thing I remember our little clips I've seen on like online youtube shows where they mention it like in a little survey, or not a survey, an expose on bad movies, and they play like a little clip from it. You know, I've I think that's probably all I've seen in thirty years. Okay, well then, I would ask you to check your phone right now. Okay, I've just sent you a movie still from Mac and me. Okay, so you can kind of refresh your memory. What the aliens pulling it up? Oh yes, it's just as a beautiful as I remember. The effects are just as realistic and the non plastic. And that's sarcasm. Yes, that is the worst sarcasm of all time. I just had him a picture of the Father Alien driving an automobile, which is a still from the film, and these are really horrible, horrible suits. It's a whole family of these little weird creatures, these, yeah, knockoff et creatures, but it's a family of them and they're dressed their look look like they're going to Sunday, to church. The there's a father alien wearing a suit and tie and he's literally in the driver seat of like a pink catalect it is. It is a pink I like. So I'm going to spoil this right now. Okay, because no one really should ever watch this movie. And the end of the movie they are naturalized as American citizens because they can't go home, and so they like. What we're gonna do with these fucking aliens? Right, well, all right, let's make them Americans, which really would be a great practice for all of us to kind of, you know, wrap ourselves into now, because this is movie was made by some Libtar. Yes, yeah, these cooks. You're right, we got the dirty aliens from Mars. What do we do? Make Up Americans? You know, close your borders, bortant clothes, it just space, close it. But yeah, okay, so now I'm showing you the picture. It's gonna again to jog your brain a little bit and I probably ruin any memory that you did in fact have of the film that might have been positive whatsoever.

Well, CGI or die. Oh, that one CGI all day. Oh, yeah, yeah, I want to see what they can do to Mac and if they can make it watchable, because even just by that picture I deem this unwatchable and I haven't even seen it in thirty years. Like I said. Yeah, but can I make one little addendum to what we were saying before about bad editing in the sunglasses thing, where you mentioned that they poorly, you know, edited that with the Sunglasses? Yeah, sure, all right. There was a scene in jaws for which I don't know if anyone has seen jaws, for I have remember. Okay. Well, there's a scene where Michael Caine is climbing out of the water and he is dry, like just coming out of the water like it, climbs up on the boat after being in the water and he's completely dry. So it's similar, you know, but mine. Okay, okay, yeah, jaws as jaws of revenge when they're in the Bahamas or whatever. Yes, on the islands. Yeah, that was a terrible fucking moment. God, all right, under the next one here and I already. This is the one I had skipped right before Mac and me, because I knew, I know exactly what you can to say. But think about it for a second before you put me on the steak and burn me like a witch. Okay, right, think about this. I am going to tread where only legends walk. Okay, this is hefty, hefty stuff, especially considering this is a Jim Henson production. O my God. Yeah, see it's already stotton. Labyrinth. Who Huh? Man. Now, okay, so remember earlier you almost agreed with me on gremlins because you were like, well, they're not like real creatures. Their their fantasy and this and that, this whole movie. Yeah, it's just fantasy. There are no sure, yeah, you know, we're talking goblins and ookay birds and, yes, whip their heads off, and on and on and on. So if you haven't seen labyrinth, for one, you should, and it started one. What is wrong with you? Exactly? I mean it stars one of the greatest, if not the greatest, musician of all time. Yep, David Bowie. Yeah, Goblin King Jareth, our favorite Jennifer Connolly, is in this film and it is an amazing story, which also scared me a little bit when I was a kid. Yeah, it was creepy. It was a little bit creepy, but it is really a fantastic film you need to see. But, nate, is IT CGI or die? Okay, I am thinking long and hard on this because you did have a point before with the gremlins and and another thing that's kind of making this a little harder to decide is the recent remaking of the dark crystal series. They made like a little miniseries on Yep, on Netflix. Right, we talked about that actually on one of our shows. That's right, and I could be wrong. Did I want to say they did do a little CGI on that? Like it's mostly puppets, but I think they augmented it, perhaps right with CGI. And this is what I'm going to say. I think that if you remade labyrinth with or again, this isn't remaking, this is just adding CGI of sex to a baby is still in the movie. Yes, that's right. So I would say that, as long as they just augmented the effects to maybe where the puppets were able to like move their lips to the words, better, things like that, maybe. Do you know tasteful little things where you're not completely remaking what every character looks like. You know, you want them to retain that magic of what you saw, but I think it could use a little augmenting, you know. So you think it could benefit for maybe a little touch up? I think to an extent. Like I think, like I said, if it were used for things to make it more realistic, like the way the puppets mouths move, like I said, like things like that, because that's one thing that, as much as I love Jim Henson movies, a puppets mouth is just going a you know, it's is the opening insteady. So to make it seem more realistic, that would be that would be cool, man. And certain things where you could make them, yeah, make the creatures move better or or fluent, like, yeah, like I said, yeah, something more tastefully done where. Yeah, I believe it could be done well. I just don't think. I don't want to see the whole thing, every character completely remade, and I don't know, you know, it's Huh, when you say touch you're still dirty. I...

...know you deal dirty. Even talking about this is awful. You feel like you got shit on. You don't Shit, but here, you know what, when you're saying touch up. It kind of makes me think of when they did that to the star wars movies. So that's what I'm feeling dirty about. Yeah, I see. It was like one of those things where everybody rush back into the theater because it's like, oh, we're going to see some new effects in the movies we never saw before. And I mean somewhere okay, but even then I'm not totally sure the technology was quite right. It wasn't there yet right. So a lot of people left the theaters going, wait, I didn't fucking made to see that, you know. Yeah, like you see this, which is why I'm still kind of a big part of me wants to stick to my guns about don't touch these movies. You know, I would say this is the one where I'm going to kind of jump in and say, you know what, stick to your guns, because I would personally leave labyrinth along. Yeah, fucking don't touch it, man. That's I mean, like I said that, if anything, it would just be because of the mouths thing. But but even that, it's just too special of a movie, you know, it's it doesn't even take me out of it. The mouths thing. I'm I was just trying to I was almost trying to be overly open to the concept, you know what I mean. I almost felt bad about the way I was going to let you on fire for Gremlins. So, yeah, you trying to make up for it with labberty. Yeah, wrong place to do it, Sucker, I guess. I guess I chose the Wrong Hill, wrong a leg to stand on. Yeah, I mean, but listen, you know what's great about that is that you're open to new ideas and listening to others, which cannot be said for the majority of our population. So Kudos to you for that. All right, okay, last but not least, I do not have a movie. I have something different, and I already have I already have my opinion on this as well, but I'm curious as to what you will say. I do believe I know what you will say, but you are a little bit surprising. So let's go. Strange Dude, man, you are looking surprise, you strange dude. See what's inside of you. You surprised it shit h you you remember this? I know you do. Specifically, and most people out there of a certain age will remember this. It is a little music video called land of confusion by Genesis, which was done with all puppets. It was all puppets and they they made fun of, you know, current events and celebrities at the time. Yes, so how would you feel about that being redone CGI rather than puppets? Okay, first of all, those puppets were created by a guide that used to do a show in I believe as a British show initially, but it's called spitting image, right, the spitting image, and that was these puppets. They were a certain style, they were very signature looking like they looked like the celebrities they were supposed to be, but they had a very distinct style. And Yeah, it's like a mad magazine parody. Yeah, exactly, very, very caricaturized versions of flick. Yeah, Ronald Reagan, Michael Jackson, different, whoever. You know, probably whoever, Margaret, Margaret Thatcher. At The Times, it was British, like I said, right, but anyway, yeah, don't touch fucking land confusion, man, and you can't say no. I was gonna say if I'm glad you brought up a spinning image. The show is creators. By the way, they both had great names. This British puppeteering show. Their names are Peter fluck, hm, he must add a real rough time in school, and Roger Law. Wow, the offices of flock and law. So yeah, they they created spinning image and they were also responsible for the land of confusion video. And of course, like you just mentioned, it would completely render the video useless if you did not have the puppets in the video. Right, CGI would just been like yeah, whatever, you know there even it's made it. It gave it its character. It's right. It made it funny, it made it attractive, it made it humors, the whole the whole kit and Kaboodle, from tip to tail. That's what made the video special. Soup to nuts, soup to nuts. Yeah, if you would try and put your nuts and soup. No, it's that. Was Thinking of doing it during this quarantine. Yeah, that'd be a good way to entertain yourself. Just varies. Today we're doing chicken noodle, tomorrow we're doing beef Bali split, pea split. It's dipping my nuts and some split pay. I don't know why I just said in a British accent. I don't know why I do anything at all, but that was CGI or die. And I want to take a moment to do something. Okay, this is the worst segue I've ever done. A very natural yeah, I'm not natural at all.

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You can choose from and spicing up your love life with. Now that's all been said, thanks to each and every one of them, and if you go visit them, you are helping to support the show, and for that I thank you. Dut Dub your lps in time for nate. No, no, the image of rebellious young people often coincides with the look of the musical artists they listen to. Or maybe it's the other way around, and the musical artist happens to share the visual esthetic of the fan base. After all, many musical artists started as fans. Either way, what I'm getting at is that young fans of music, less so as they get older, are often identifiable by their choice of dress. And what I'm really getting at is that musical genres often have their own look. It's like different species. As far back as the S, a thing as simplest long hair meant rebellion, and often that you were a rock and roll fan. Throughout the later s into the S, quote long hairs wore tied eyed shirts and sun dresses. Warren jeans, often with Bell Bottoms, accompanied the look, and you could find these types at rock concerts or just the rock and roll section of one's local record shop. Also in the s there began another musical style that came with a distinct look. You may have also seen the long hair, afros and bell bottoms in the disco scene, but the hair was more carefully quoffed and styled and the bell bottoms were often pressed and clean. Another disco mainstay was the leisure suit. For another example, as the s moved into the S, we saw a punk rock with its leather jackets, Mohawks and safety pin facial piercings. There was the sunset strip glam metal scene, inspired by the highly visual Glam style of Bowie and t rex S. bands like Cinderella and Docin, however, added copious amounts of hair spray and a bunch of Lycra and SPANDEX, often with leopard or zebra patterns. This is where things get funny. Sometimes, when the look of a certain scene becomes to uniform, to paint by numbers into artificial, there will be a backlash. Thrash metal, represented by bands like Metallica, slayer, Dri and anthrax, was a movement that put the emphasis back on the music. These guys weren't concerned with the flashy imagery of popular heavy metal. So they wrote and performed blistering and intricate... while wearing jeans and t shirts, sneakers and sweatpants. The funny part of this is that there was a counter back to that backlash, when a bunch of metal fans, mostly in Scandinavia, decided that thrash metal and even the new style of death metal with bands like Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse, we're getting too casual in said sweats and jeans. In response, these surly fans created black metal, a scene with one of the most easily identifiable looks and with a gatekeeper mentality that criticizes bands and fans for being posers more than almost any other scene. These are the guys with bullet belts, gauntlets and Shin Pads, covered in spikes or nails and with their faces painted up like fucked up undead panda's. Metal was finally getting to a place where the music was more important than image, and these dudes couldn't handle it. In a similar scenario, with equally humorous results, the grunge scene for went the visual trappings of popular music, mostly because the grunge artists, quote unquote, just war what they could afford, often jens and flannel shirts, but also because they didn't care much about the image. The funny part this time was that Nirvana and Pearl Jam, etc. Got fucking huge in the media machine wanted some kind of image to sell. The designers wanted to make money to capitalize off this paradigm shift. So he started seeing fashion shows where the runways looked like soup kitchen lines with hotter homeless people. The models were all wearing winter hats and beat up cardigans, all meticulously designed in pre distressed or ripped when you could easily just find similar stuff at second hand stores. It was hilarious. A few decades ago, hip hop became the most popular musical and visual style and it's basically held on to its crown ever since. Over the years, both the sound and the look have gone through changes. When I was a teenager, the look was all about big, baggy clothes, puffy coats and crisp baseball caps turned to the side or all the way backward. Sometimes gang colors would find their way into the outfit on Bandanas or do rags, which would often be covering hair in tight braids or corn rows. The ensemble would be completed by silver, gold or even platinum, chains or bracelets, maybe a gold tooth or a whole grill. Nowadays things are in a weird place. I was noticing recently that today's look of youthful rebelliousness is almost just a mish mash of everything that came before. It's still primarily a hip hop loving culture, but the sound and the look of today's hip hop is so strange and stitch together. Looking it's like Frankenstein. Musically, some of it's like a mix of hiphop, Electronica, emo and Goth, in varying degrees depending on whether you listen to little oozy Vert Scar Lord or Ghost Maine or whatever. Visually, it's even more of a mixture of disparate elements. Of course you have the sagging pants, but back in the day it could at least be blamed on the fact that the pants were huge and ill fitting. Now it's all hipster skinny jeans that need to be physically pulled down on purpose to achieve the effect. The grills are now not just to give you a smile of gold teeth, but they often have like vampire fangs or, in the case of Rapper Takashi six nine, a rainbow smile where each tooth is a different bright color. Speaking of color, everyone has brightly dyed hair, which was more of a punk or like raver thing back in the day. Same thing with facial piercings. They've been adopted by young hiphoppers to and don't get me started on tattoos. These dudes definitely aren't afraid to permanently mark themselves up, especially on their faces. Faced hats have almost become a trademark of hip hop by now. So here we are at the end of another nate's notes, and I'm not even sure what the point was. I began by pointing out the ways to visually identify artists and enthusiasts of particular genres, but by this point I'm not really sure where we are at, because, while...

...a lot of genres still do hold onto their classic imagery and Fashion Sense. I'm looking at you goth people, for the most part these styles tends to come and go on their own. Now I'm looking at you discoest to they come and go, just like the musical styles they represent. You don't see leisure suits in platform shoes a lot because disco is more or less dead. Same with hair metal and SPANDEX and teased hair. The styles that have lived on are either extremely niche, like the Goth and industrial scene, or they've gotten absorbed by the unstoppable colossus that is hip hop. Maybe that's the point. Hip Hop is eventually just going to take over everything. It's absorbing all the other styles of music and working them into its own framework, which I guess makes sense, being that it's a sample friendly genre. But it's also working in all the other fashion and visual elements, whether it's dyed hair, piercings and tattoos, skinny jeans or Marilyn Manson ish white contact lenses. You ever see the Blob? Hip Hop is just absorbing everything else, getting bigger and bigger all the time. There's even country hiphop fusion. Now it can't be stopped. Lock your doors. Hip Hop maybe coming to absorb you next. I'm talking to you poke a music. You went from looking at you disco stew I'm looking at you poker music, and you know, this is very interesting to me. The whole concept of fashion tied it with music, and fashion turned it a left. Fashion turn to the right. Were the lusual and we're come into town, be beep. But yeah, Bowie, who we talked about incessantly. This guy was completely his music was tied directly to style, even his craziness or the weird, odd style that he started with with the Ziggy Stardust, which inspired a lot of kids to dress the same way and parents made them, parents believe they are crazy. Yeah, but even looking back at the S, it was a badge of honor to wear a band t shirt or dress similar to what your icons and heroes would wear. Yeah, you know. So it was definitely identifiable and I got into a lot of trouble because of my t shirts and school. I remember I got in trouble for a bad religion TA shirt. Couldn't wear that really and that Yo. Yeah, that and I had a I went to go see danzake performers, my first ever concert. It was either ninety two or ninety three. Yeah, and I got a t shirt and it was a barbarian woman with her big old flappy titties and she was like stabbing a beast or something, and I wore that to school and all boy, all, he'll bro Clothes. They remember that shirt and remember that design. Yeah, yeah, there was a whole conference, I had to sit with all the the principle and all of his minions and discuss individuality and my right to I kept saying First Amendment and the like. It's not free speech, asshole, it's a picture of some titties. Yeah, but I was a kid. So, yeah, my right express who I am. Yeah, and and yeah, and then now thinking about it, I've seen people dressed like punks or Ravers, yeah, or any kind of which way. Like you were mentioned the hip hop culture, and I go at kids. Yeah, case so it is. It's jess kids, and it's more pathetic when you see adults still dressing. Yeah, of course, that's why I mentioned that one point. I did know, and in there, how I'm talking about young fans primary right. Are you know? But yeah, it's true. I mean what I really was struck by, like I was writing the same by the end of it, when I hit the hip hop thing. It's like nowadays. It's true, though, like, dude, you watch any videos or footage of the modern rappers and they're all like that. You wouldn't know like back in the day. You would think they were punks or like, yeah, rave kids or whatever. You wouldn't think they were like, because these dudes are thugs. I'm talking gang members, and Shit are like wearing. Yeah, they got all the face tattoos, they have the piercings, they die their hair weird colors, and it's yeah, it's weird how all these things that used to be their own styles and all signified some kind of rebellion. They were all like your parents didn't like them, you know, piss off your parents, but in a bunch of different ways. It's like now hip hop took all of them and kind of okay, this is one thing. Now, tattoos, Hair Dye, bat you know, pulling your pants down, you know, all whatever it is. You never thought manic...

...panic would be a staple. Yeah, it could be hip hop. Yeah, exact star rap even, you know right. Yeah, so many ways it's evolved and maybe it's more unique, even if we don't like the music. Yeah, man, I know I'm not a fan of mumble rappers or whenever. I'm not a big fan of there. You know, of course we hate it this shit, but the thing is is, you know, these guys are still expressing themselves, and is that? Is that wrong? Not Necessarily, I mean think it's appropriate. Of course not necessarily right, but it has been going on for years and years, as you would stated in your nate's notes piece. It doesn't matter if he's the s yeah or the two thousands is the kids will always rebel and try to do shit to piss off their parents, and a big part of that is the way they look, right in the style of music they're into. Like I said, it's tied in, which is strange, you know how all those things are so tied in. But anyway, yeah, it's just just another thing that interested me, you know. So it is very interesting to have it and it's not something I always think about, you know, but the moment because, listen, you know, the audience doesn't know this, but we don't really discuss what we're exactly going to say. Sometimes before we get on air we kind of loosely throw ideas at each other, right, but in this instance, for example, Nate's knows, I didn't know what you're going to talk about. Sure, so I'm just listening to you like anybody else, and it really made me go wow, that's a cool topic, because it's not something I normally, you know, sit and bed and think about when I think about music and I forget about that sometimes, and that was such a huge part of my life. Yeah, man my God. I remember going to newberry comics in and if you're in a place, it didn't ever have one. It was not just a comic book store and actually, over the years it became less comics and more just pop culture and stuff. But back in the S I would go there for band tshirts because I wouldn't always go to concerts and whatever, and I want to buy a dinosaur junior t shirt and my mom was with me and she was like, Nope, no way in health, there is no way in Hell I'm letting you buy that shirt because it was an image and I'll be it look like clay right, was a hand gripping a head, like the eyeballs and tongue popping out, and I thought it was the coolest thing because no one else would have had it, you know, and I thought I would have been like shown up, a cool t shirt guy. Yeah, and that's what you wanted to happen. That's what you wanted your friends to say. A man, cool band shirt. It's yeah, and I was like you cred right, and I was so pissed at my mom. Holy Cow, holy cow, I was like, come on, I need this shirt. I need it so bad. I did to impress other people by what I'm weary and at the same time I thought I was a unique soul, an individual, you know, forging his own path in life, but in many ways I was also part of the herd. Right now I'm I take a sip of my pussy flavored nickel juice. Not One second, Oh God, and just kind of look to lift the veil on that too, is I'm drinking this emergency powder mixed with water and it doesn't taste very good. MMM, and it tastes like if you just jammed a vagina full of nickels, dirty old nickels. But I'm drinking anyway because in my mind, it protects me from viruses, mm, and evil bacteria. I wonder if you took an actual vagina and stuffed it with nickels and licked it to protect you from coronavirus, or it could and we never know. Will never know. And what would happen to the woman who's vagina was she'd be a hero. HMM, maybe snap shoes built in her honor and in the honor of her really nasty vagina and, be honest with you, you could just nickel plate her of Vagina. Yeah, well, the complain of Vagina. Well, I'll tell you, and I might have told this story on the show in the past, I don't recall, so if you've heard this already, fuck you. But when I was a young guy I was super sick. I had the flu like you wouldn't believe. I called into work and a buddy of mine came downstairs. He was my neighbor and, you know, because I was young, alcoholic, even though I was sick, I had a little bit of vodka in a glass and he drops some mescaline in my drink and he's like drink that motherfucker less party. I'm like yeah, well, I feel like Shit. I think I'm going to die with the hell and we went out and I felt great and I was climbing, you know, street signs. WHOO, taking my shirt off. It's in the middle of winter. I'm sick as a dog, but I felt like I was, you know, impenetrable and whatever. But the whole point of the story is this. I woke up the next day my flut was gone. So I often say the cure for the common cold. We don't think we have it because we haven't looked down the avenue that includes vodka and Mescalin. Yeah, most don't you know? That's not the first place people tend to look. No, and same thing with coronae. It could be, you know, a pussy jam with filthy, dirty Nichols, right, but I wonder if anyone's tried mescaline and vodka... solve this coronas situation. It could work too, I don't know. We just don't know. And the funny thing is, is that the cure for everything? HMM, maybe contained within our humble little show. And unless more people tell other people about it, you're all going to die. MMM. So spread the word, people, spread the word and make sure you follow us on our socials at selling out show or you can write us an email selling out show at gmailcom tell us anything you want about, I don't know, whatever, doesn't matter. If you have a vagina full of spare change, feel free to let us know. I think this wraps up this show, nate, unless you have anything else that you would like to add. No, just take care of those coin verses where my coin Jarg the swear jar is missing. Ash stay safe, people, be kind to others, don't be rude. If you've got to go out, do it responsibly. I, for one, being in the eye of the hurricane, would appreciate it, and I do appreciate all of you tuning in to our show. So virtual hugs for each and every one of you. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been the selling out show piece.

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