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Episode 4 · 4 years ago

Ep.#4 Pets


This episode, Our esteemed hosts talk about the non-human members of our families. What are the guys' feelings on pets? They discuss the animals they have loved and/or hated over the years, some of the lessons learned along the way, and even a bloody finale to the lives of two hamsters in the throes of passion. Yeah, it gets weird.
Also on the docket: What are the little things in life that really get under our skin? We go from pets to the pettiest of pet peeves, in a cute play on words that honestly confused a couple of listeners in this week’s Selling Out Sound Off. And finally, Nate’s Notes exhumes the corpse of Worcester MA’s 90s-era local music scene, specifically the beloved and deeply missed all-ages venue known as the Espresso Bar.

2:10-Fur babies and their “parents”
6:57-Nate’s history of Cats and other critters
10:20-Dave’s Karmic fate is a dog
14:08-Smaller beasts and harsh lessons learned
19:30-Nate sympathizes with crazy cat people.
21:20-less cuddly beasts that slither and flap about
26:19-parolees and labradoodles (and pit bulls)
35:06-Selling Out Sound-off (pet peeves)
47:20-Nate’s Notes

Okay, family announcement. Our smart home is online. Cool, Dad. Yeah, smart lights, smart fridge, smart thermist at the Smart Speaker Plays Music or answers questions like this. Check it out. Question. What animals besides humans have chins? Can't find home Internet. Super Impressive, Dad. Okay, hold on. Question. Can you find the Home Internet? Can't find home Internet. Smart House. Your home is only as smart as your Internet. Get fast, reliable Internet with atnt fiber, even during peak times. Find out how to get three hundred megabits per second for forty dollars a month for a year. Limited availability may not be in your area. See if you qualify at attcom slash five or three hundred. Reliability based on network availability, consistency based on why. I'm connection to gateway ten per month. Equipment for applies. Speed's not guaranteed and vary. Early termination and other charges and restriction supply. Visit Att docom slash five or three hundred for details. And now prepare your ear holes for penetration as we bring you another great podcast from the book culture extended universe. You were now to dig to this selling out podcast. When it does is beaches into your brain chemically and no cat your happiest memory chemically and then blocks on to that emotion and releases it chemically, and then it keeps your happy, happy. Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to the selling out show. I am one of your host David shows, and by my side is my good Buddy Nate Gore Zinski. Nate, how are you today? Excellent, Sir, Beautiful Day. I was just taking care of my folks animals while they're out of town. They live close by, so, as always, I was taking care of animals, cleaning poop and fee. You are the Gunter Gerber Williams of the free world, I'm telling you right now. And you know what, today it really fits. Every episode you tell us about these animals that you're cleaning up after. MMM, but this time around, our main topic is in fact pets. Yes, Yep, something I definitely have a lot to say about. So you know what's great about that is you have a lot to say about it, and this is going to be my yeah, grumpy, get off my lawn episode for cause you. Well, I you are a pet lover. MMM. I am not very fond of the whole animals set. The whole concept of fur babies annoys me. To know end. So can we talk about that? Just just lead things off here. Sure do you believe in saying you're like a parent of animals and fur babies or a thing? Dude, I don't know. I love my animals. I've always loved my animals, but I think despite the connection that we have, there's a definite difference. Be I think people that say that maybe haven't had kids of their own, because you may think that while you have animals before you have kids, like this is I have such a connection. I can't imagine a bigger connection, but when you have kids you see that that's just that's thrown out the window. It's a totally different thing. But some people still have kids and they still consider the animals are babies. They just love the ever live in shit out of their pets. Yeah, I don't know. They...

...have stickers on the back of their cars like pause, like my children have four paws or whatever. And I see this kind of stuff and I hate being the Nay saying Willy Nilly jerk off who's like these motherfuckers, what are you doing? You know, but that's me. I see this stuff and it drives me insane, like guts an animal. It's a freaking dog and I own a dog. You know that. I have a dog, right, right, and I don't like my dog exactly. I don't like the little thing. It bother there's the the hell out of me. A barks at everything, it makes a mess. I got the darn thing in September and just now is finally potty trained. Just now. Wow, that was a poop filled half a year or whatever. Yeah, well, boy, unbelievable, just going wherever it wanted. In like I was wondering, how do I train this thing, because it's not like the old days were you smack it with a rolled up newspaper, because if he did that, the fur parents or whatever, what do they call they for baby parents or what? I don't know. Man, psychopaths. Yeah, I just call the PSYCHOS that jobs. Okay, they'll be up me, up your ass, like hey, man, you can't Spank your dog, you know. And what I what I kind of took to was your famous thing. When we were kids, you always did this wonderful Morgan Freeman impersonation. Yeah, I do it to my dog sometimes, like the scene from seven. And don't come out, Ye, stay away from the now. Yeah, they're get out of there. I do that boys and my dog just looks at me like, you know, the fuddled Californas their way from their way from anut all come in here. But Yeah, man, people put their animals and clothing, they buy them accessories, they do photo shoots, they buy them birthday cakes, and I am all for people caring about, you know, animals. Again, I don't. I don't. Yeah, it's true. I just got to be honest here. But you know, if that's your thing, you're not hurting anybody. More power to you, but that is just weird, weird. No, I understand. I think for the potty training thing, I wonder sometimes it's like, could they make some kind of a diaper or something for animals? You if someone has a pet monkey, you always see it walking around in a diaper and and I don't know. It's like I think a dog, though, or a cat. I'm more familiar with cats, but I think a cat. If you put a diaper on it, I don't think it would work because I think it would spend the whole time trying to tear the thing off. So I don't know how that would work. I don't know if there's an answer to the question. I other than I've always had cats. Like I said right, cats are a lot easier because if you put a litter box in front of them, their instinct is to dig and Shit and cover it, and with dogs they just don't have that instincts. They just yeah, yeah, they shit and they at best they'll eat it. So God, yeah, that's as good as it gets. They do make pants for dogs. I saw that on a new story. Yeah, well, I guess some kid, as a joke with his girlfriend, did a diagram like we dogs wear pants on two legs or four legs, and is actually a company that will sell like I shouldn't even really call a pants it's more like what are those things? The fishermen were like the little rubber I don't even know, waiters, waiters and jump out, whatever you want to call it, and just to keep you dog clean when it goes for walk if it's like muddy outside or whatever. But I don't know, man, it's just too much for me, it really is. I can't. I can't get into the mind of those people. I can't understand. My mother is one of those people. Yeah, yeah, I know, I always remember that, like I remember your your mother had the dog that would say Mama. She had somehow, yeah, trained it same Mama, smartest dog I ever seen. Is trippy, really trippy. And when we say it would speak and say Mama, it would more like it was more like a growl. Yeahs, which I will not do. Okay, I was going to say I'm not going to do that on radio. Do. You just did it for me. Thank you very much. Yeah, and went for the Ted I was a pretty cool dog, well trained dog, but again, I I cared about that dog probably more than any other animal in my entire life in the history of owning pets. But still, I'm not getting a bump a sticker. Not Doing it.

Yeah, I don't know, man. I've had a veritable menagerie of animals over the thirty nine years I spent on this planet. Then right right, my parents, like I've said, we're cat people. I've never had a dog when I was a kid. But if lots of cats like my folks would take an astray that was hanging out in our yard and then off in that cat would have kittens and we'd usually end up just keeping the KITTENS and eventually my folks would start getting the cats fixed, but then sometimes we'd taken another stray. And I don't mean to make it sound like my house with some crazy goos cat lady hoveled Lard with feelines. Yeah, but we lived in a pretty Woodsy, not super populated area of a quiet, fairly rural town. So my head, the house wasn't tiny, it wasn't huge, but it was big enough to it to house all those cats. You know you've been there and you let him out. Aside, it's not like they were all exact in your living room or something. They yes, roaming free. Yes, my my folks were big on the philosophy that, like outdoor cats, maybe their lives could potentially be shorter roaming in the woods or on two roads, but at least they had a fuller life. They would seemed happy hunting rodents or whatever they do, you know. So natural selection, you think, eaten or destroyed or something by sure, you know, forces greater than themselves. It was meant to be. Yeah, man, I mean, yeah, I don't know. I think my cats now we have one that goes in and out, but for the most part they're all indoor now because we've lost a few and it's I don't know it. We're question for you, Ete. Yeah, you we just talked about your youth with your parents owning all the cats. How many cats do you own now? Is An adult? We have four cats right now for all right, you know. And but that's just the beginning. Right now we have, oh Jesus, yeah, oh my goodness man, we're actually down a little bit. We've had a point where, yeah, we have we had four cats, three ferrets at one point. We're down to one. We had a couple of rabbits. We've end the the and a dog. We have a dog and he's a nice, lazy dog and really easy. I don't like rambunctious, Barky sort of dogs and Max, our dog, is it's pretty chill. He's a Bassett Hound in wish bulldog mix, so he's he's lazy and the his biggest problems that he drools a lot, but other than that he's pretty cool. ME. Yeah, but but the big thing is that we have four horses right now. And and about five years ago I moved in with my girlfriend carly, and she's a pet person like me, but she's jacked up to like eleven great. Yeah, you know, it's great is that? When anybody WHO's listened to our show before, when we start the show and they always talks about cleaning up after horses or an animal, it's legit. You're not kidding, that's what you do. Absolutely, man. Yeah, my life is full of animals and animal feces and all that stuff. But yeah, fortunately I do. I do love the animals. Man, if it was you, I don't think you could. I don't think you could live with with someone like carly. You know, she's a great girl, she's awesome. Yeah, absolutely, if yeah, we's dedicated to her animals and I click with that. So it's good. You know. Yeah, animal people must stick with animal people. Sure, sure, I think it's more important than religion in a relationship. Yeah, honest with you, like, I could totally. You know, we've talked about religion in the past and it's not really a big thing for me as it was with my wife, but we both have to agree on our feeling on pets and even with the dog that we have now. Yeah, it was more for my son because he was terrified at dogs. I don't know where that came from, maybe with school, but he'd be riding his bike in the park and if a dog came within fifteen feet he'd be paralyzed with fear. Well, and I'd say son, What are you doing? He's like, they have vampire teeth, Daddy, they're gonna bite me and stuck my blood. So all I can think is, yeah, you must have heard...

...that from a friend, yeah, or whatever. So I'm like, I don't want him being like that around animals because, I mean, what if you ever have to defend yourself? We can't go to a neighbor's house or a friend's house if they have a pet. Absolute Yeah, his aunt had a dog that she bought she'd want and I said, well, it's a small little thing, how bad could it be? Is Cute, some puppy, and it's been a complete nutter nightmare. But my son now is is warm towards animals. He sees dogs, he's not freaked out anymore. So as far as that's concerned, mission accomplished. Good, but it's become my dog. No one else takes care of the fucking thing, nobody. Somehow you ended up the guy ended up with the complete, a hundred percent responsibility, walking it, feeding it, shower in the darn thing. You name it the whole nine yards and I just resent it. That's your circle of Hell, man. You somehow any really are maybe that's maybe that's Karma. Maybe we think that we've ended up in such a comfortable place after years of messing up our lives, but you are dealing with your Karma of having to deal with a dog. You know that. You know you might be onest something there, because the history in my life of pets isn't very good, right, it really isn't. I one of my first memories of a pet that I had was when I was a kid. My mom bought a kit and it would never respond to anything you do like the little click sad it, or snap your fingers and it wouldn't do Jack Shit. And at the time I was watching a lot of kids in the hall right on the Comedy Channel and they had this skit about Lopez, right, remember that one? Yep, Yep, guy standing outside of the house just yelling Lopez, low pills. Yeah, to no avail. I know you're in there, Lopez, whoa pets? And so I decided to call the Cat Lopez and because it didn't answer to anything, and one day Lopez wasn't there and I said to my mom, I like, what happened to Lopez, and she's like, well, I left the door open. I don't know what happened there, and we never saw it again. Yeah, don't bother yelling for it outside. No, no, that's that's completely pointless. And then in my early S, was it? I was living up in Maine and I was not living the healthiest lifestyle as far as imbibing things and chemicals and whatnot. And I don't know if you remember, but I had a fish tank. Yeah, Oh, yeah, nice dirty fish tank. Well, the thing was it was filthy, and every stoner thinks all having fish is great, man, and he started thinking is trippy whatever. And I would watch the fish. This is before I was filthy. I noticed one would just Pooh and the other one just eat the Pooh and I thought to myself, what filthy, dirty little fucking things and just gave up on them. Yeah, to the point when I left mate and I moved, the water was completely utterly green and you couldn't see anything in the tank until like a little pair of lips would just hit the glass loop. Really, yeah, exactly, like, Holy Shit, this still alive, and a few of them were still alive. So I don't want to come off as like I'm some kind of animal abuser here something. Yeah, I'm not. I'm not an abuser of pets. How is young and stupid, but sure, maybe that's why now I'm stuck with this fucking dog. Yeah, yeah, Karma. Karma's a bitch, man, it is. It truly is. Yeah, man, those, those little animals and things in cages. Like, in addition to cats, when I was like we had a long line of random caged animals, from fiddler crabs and fish to lizards and eventually hamsters. Cats live a while and their death can be pretty traumatic for a kid. Uh Huh. But Louis C K would do a bit where he mentioned how pets can be a useful tool in teaching kids about mortality. He'd say like so, you know what happened to the Goldfish? Yeah, well, well, grandma now so kids, grandmother died. You know, they were at least a little prepped. But the little animals are good because you don't have time to get super attached and they're not really cuddly or as individual with their own discernible personalities. So, Dude, at one point my brother and I each had...

...a hamster and they shared a cage and always well. Until one night we got home and we found a bloody mess where the hamsters had been. I heard at the time, and I don't know if this just bullshit, this was pre internet, when you heard something from someone and you just accepted it, not like now when you read something online once and just accept it there. But yeah, exactly. But but I heard at the time that if Hamster's mate, the female, can then become homicidal and actually kill her mate like a fucking praying mantis. You know who knew? Really, yeah, wow. But anyway, my hamster was a female and Steve my brothers, was a male, and we came in a little late to interrupt the post coital bloodbass. What we determined forensically was that my hamster had apparently chewed off the head of his hamster and then she must have choked to death on the bits of bone and fur and brain or whatever. So meet, oh my. Yeah, me and Steve were shocked, but as young boys I think we were more like Whoa Gross, yeah, get out. But again, the little animals garnered less sentimental connection and by then we had a lot of little animals that were buried in little shoe boxes or whatever in the backyard. So it was yeah, it was less traumatic than like if that had happened with a cat or something. I really don't know how to respond to that, to be honest. We I really don't. It's like insane. Yeah, it was. It was gross, it was weird. It ate one of them, eight the other ones head off and then choked on his fucking brains or whatever, like that's just crazy. Yeah, man, I mean we were my brother's four years was older than me, but I was probably only I don't know, I might have been ten at the time. But yeah, it was it was fucked up and it was that's a little bit more than goldfish grandma. Yeah, yeah, you know, that's more like if you found grandmas thrown across the yard and, you know, and axe murder are laying next to her right. I don't know, but I don't really don't know, as that's crazy. Yeah, that was a weird one, but the things you learn with pets men, the yeah, I guess. So. I had apparently seen enough bloody horror movies by that point where I was prepared, conditioned. Yes, so, yeah, anyway, so yeah, how about your parents? Were never the kind of people then who would like rush out and buy you a new pet if one of them died. Yeah, like, no, nope, you going to learn right? Yeah, not really. I mean we definitely had a lot of them over the years, but yeah, it wasn't like, Oh my God, we have to hurry up and satisfy there, you know, we're or satiate their pain with the death of this last one. They weren't really like. Yeah, would. Yeah, yeah, I'm maybe a heartless prick when it comes to animals. When it comes to my kid, right, I wouldn't want him to know something happened to the dog, so I'd have to go rush out and find a dog his yeah, my dog has like a little brown spot in his back, so have to like paint him. I'd be one of those guys, I really would, because I wouldn't want him to face the heartbreak, yeah, of losing the pet. And I don't know how long dogs last. I think it's like thirteen, fourteen years or something, depends on the breed. But yeah, yeah, hopefully, you know, this dog lives, is lucky enough to live that along my someone beating his teens and can handle that kind of stuff. So, and he's also an indoor dog. You would discussed earlier how you know, letting the pets outside was natural in your family. Yeah, then and now. Yeah, and for me I can't do that for a couple reasons, one of which I'm afraid of like fleas and ticks and I don't know all that kind of stuff. So I got collars on my dog and I key, I use the shampoo. Yeah, but I'm afraid if I leave him outside, I don't know he's going to get riddled with bugs or some kind of like worm or something. Yeah, and the other thing is he just takes off. He finally learned, weird to go to the bathroom, but still, if you don't have a collar on him, he's gone. Yeah, yeah, he'll fucking skid. Dattle man, this been a couple times where I've had to chasing down the street and my fat ass, my titties are jumping and bouncing and slap me in the chin. Well, I'm chasing this stupid fucking Mutt...

...down the road into traffic. o Man, Oh Dude, oh, yeah, and again this is all of my kid because if it was me right I'd be like see you later, asshole, survival of the fittest, asshole. Yes, so long your food was here, you were taking care of here. You want to go run away and leave it all behind. Be My guests, go join the circus you mut sure enjoy, you know, but oh boy, that was, yeah, tough stuff. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend pet ownership on to anybody. And they say, like older people, it's good for them. It's something. Yep, you believe this? Definitely, Dude. Animals make me happy. I feel like I feel like the older I get, the more I relate to animals in less to other people. Yeah, but what will they lick you? Does that drive you nuts? Like your face? They eat to eat your food. You know, one of those people who shares like a utensil with you? Know, are you? No? No, I mean are the the cats are? Cats are good. They don't go after our food. And the dog may beg and sometimes my girl's son will want to feed him and that's okay. He's not awfully, just wines. He doesn't go after your Shit, you know. But, dude, I can actually see why people become crazy cat people in their old age, in you know who live among some heard of cats in the neighbors all talk shit about them. I'm I'm almost at the point where I'm relating more to the Cat lady and less to those judgmental neighbors. I'm like, those guys are assholes. You know, maybe maybe that judgmental nature is why she's relating more to the cats. I don't I I like them. I like the animals. Man. I feel leaving your tribe, nate. Yeah, you're leaving humanity behind. I feel like if there's something like reincarnation, I want to come back as a spoiled house cat. They they live a good fucking life, man, and I never like cats her dicks. You'll be late, you'll be laying down, they come start neating on your belly. Get the fuck off me, dude, I'm watching TV. See, I think that's cute. I like it when they do that Shit. I don't know. We have a cat that that that licks our face. And it's the thing with cats, man. It's not a good dog where it's all slobbery like a cat lick. See, it just feels kind of like a little sand papery lick and it's it's cute and he's like giving you kisses man. All Right, anyway, how might how much peanut butter you got in your cabinet? Somebody? Yeah, I don't go that farm in Kayish, you know. And we're only talking about cudly and the cute things. We been talking about cats and horses and dogs. I remember as a teenager there was a guy who I knew who had like a bat, yeah, and like a python. He's like one of those I want to be a fucking vampire chip right ofth get. Yeah, I didn't want to give him my name, but yeah, one name, when first name and nobody knows that, you go, there, you go. You did the dog growl earlier for me. You just did the name drop. So you're taking care of all the dirty work. Yep, here. But yeah, but it was fucking disgusting. For one, you know, you got flies up there. Who wants a bat? He dedicated a room to a bat. It was full of Guano. Yeah, that's thank you. Thank you, Ace Ventura. Now I know what Bat poop is called. HMM, but I mean, I don't know, man, that's some whacky Shit, those kind of people. And you mentioned the ferrets. Yeah, ferrets to me stink. Yeah, they stick why would you want that? Yeah, I mean you get their scent glands removed, but they still have a little odor. I mean the ferrets, I'm a they're cute in there, they're entertaining, but one is enough. We had three at one point and one is definitely enough. And they do we thought of him as like like a novelty pet or something like. Back back in the day, people like, Oh, look, I get a ferret, I'm cool. Yeah, they used to be illegal in Massachusetts for a while. Really, okay, there you go. Or like that. You see the dude walking around with a snake, with an Iguana, like, dude, why you walking around with that? Like is a boom box? Yeah, it's an attention get her. Yeah, yeah, like, Oh, I'm cool, man, I'm carrying a fucking whatever, you know, creepy animal. Yeah, and for me I'm like, bring it back into your house, you fucking nut job. Sure, I don't know, but I guess it's. Oh,... know what, I forgot about a pet here. I can't believe my son had a turtle, a water turtle, very close things. No, they should even exist. They should not be allowed to exist. They do nothing. Yeah, turtles, I don't know if I've caught them in the past in my yard and would I don't think I've ever bought a turtle. I don't. I don't know. I think it's weird to buy a turtle unless it's some really like exotic, cool looking turtle. But I don't know. You can usually find depending on where you live. I don't know where we grew up, you could find them everywhere. So well, I suggested writing my son's name on it and the belly with a sharpie and setting it free, and my wife is like what, why would you do that? I'm like, when I was a kid, that's what we used to do. Yeah, you'd exactly cruel. You'd write your name, yeah, on the bottom on the shell. Is that cruel or or wrong? No, it doesn't hurt it. It's like as I thought. Yeah, yeah, I gave a Turtle Tattoo. You know, I didn't. Well, I wasn't like drawn like a picture of an anchor on it. We're like a tribal barbed wires, just like Dave said. It free me will find it again later. Right, right, right. It's like you were doing the whole the tag and release thing to monitor like like scientists do you know when they, yeah, tags the ear of some kind of whatever water buffal? Yeah, if it ever wanders into toxic waste and grows to be like five hundred feet in size and destroys a city, I'll be like, oh, that's the one, my name's on it Shell. Hey, look at that. Yeah, look at that. Is it slowly eats us all and just stands there like a fucking moron. Man. Yeah, Turtles. I like the relation to dinosaurs because my kid is super anytime anything on is on TV about animals, my kid is glued to it. He is really fascinated to it, like paleontology. Yeah, Dino's and so turtles. To me we're kind of cool, I guess, and that respect. Yeah, they look like prehistoric. Yeah, exactly, like those kind of things that have survived millions and millions of years and, you know, for being the brain the size of fucking, you know, Pinky Finger Nail, for crying out loud, they got no brain, but they still make it. Man. You know, they've survived somehow. The species has persisted. As as survey yeah, which we probably will not know. So props to all the tortugas out there. Good job. Dudes. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I don't know, man, but once this dog I will not never have another pet again. Yeah, my dog's name is Boonga, boom Boonga. Yeah, I'll give Bonga a shout out. He's behind me right now and he's been surprisingly quiet. Good h that is good, because again, you mentioned how your dog just kind of like sits there and jewels. Yes, my dog is the rambunctious sort I mentioned. He just runs away on a whim, but if someone he hears a noise outside or the foam we're going to ring, he'd freak the fuck out. Yeah, yeah, man, a dog. Like I said, never been huge into dogs, but back in two thousand and eight I was. I was in the middle of a state prison sentence and I got paroled to this halfway house and they were trying this thing out where they'd have a few of US train helper dogs, you know, for like blind people or people who couldn't really get around her yeah, right, yeah, sometimes the dog would end up being too old or too stubborn to learn a lot of skills, but as long as you shot it, know as love old yeller. Now, as long as the dog was well behaved enough, you could still be used as a therapy dog to go to like old folks homes or whatever, to just bring people's spirits up. And you know, they could pettit and you bring the dog over for a while and but, but animals can be really good for people that are old or whatever, like we've said. So anyway, this guy came in interviewed each of us who wanted to get involved, and I've never been a huge dog person, but I agreed to be a backup trainer where if the dogs primary trainer needed a break or whatever, I would take the dog for a while and continue the training and the we had a few dogs in the... One of them was a la Abrad doodle. You have heard of a labradoodle before? Sure, yeah, it's a mix between the Labrador and a poodle and those fucking breeds. Nothing, interrupt you here. Don't know. Breed dogs and they make no sense. I know, I know. Well, I guess it's the dog. The dog can't breathe because I breeded him with this or whatever, or this dog can't fucking weird. Yeah, right, continue, I'm saying, no, no, no problem. Um, I was just saying that breathe, particularly a Labor doodle. I guess it's good for a helper dog because sometimes the cross breeding is ends up beneficial, because the poodle's hair is different than most dogs. It's Hypo allergenic, like the people that are allergic to pet dander. Like poodles hair doesn't really do you know, it doesn't set off those allered whatever allergies or doesn't shed right. Yes, I don't believe poodle shait exactly, which is big for me because I hate going over someone's house, like I couldn't go over your house because I'm gonna walk out looking like a Yettie. Yes, we there's not enough lint rollers in the world to take care of that. As long as you know, you try to, you try to clean up after him, but there's only, you know, so much you can do. But yeah, but the dog that that we worked with, what the labradoodle? Somebody else worked with. We worked with this dog that ended up being old and stubborn and end up being kind of a failure. But the labradoodle, which had all this potential and was a pretty attentive good dog, was being trained by this guy who basically just treated him like a pet, which is no good for for a helper. Do Hug like you need to be. You need to be strict. And many people see a dog, especially after being incarcerated for a few years, and you you want to spoil it and play with it. You know, you've been locked up with a bunch of Smelly dudes and you know, getting shived and shit. You know, you're like, oh, cuddly dog. So Yeah, thank Christ. So it was a good idea, the the PAROLIS and pit bulls or whatever. The well, we you know, dogs, but but the it fell apart in the execution. Ultimately it was you know, it didn't end up, yeah, working out. So, but you know, I got to I got to have a pet. We ended up keeping one of them. There was one of the last dog they tried to bring us. They were like, look, we know this one isn't going to be great, but if you you know, we don't know what to do with it. So if you guys want to train it, if you end up wanted to keep it, you can have it. So this last dog ended up becoming like our halfway house mascot. He was a pit bull boxer mix and dude, that dog was the sweetest dog. The woman that ran the house. To This Day, I think I'm friends with her on facebook and she still has this dog and he was it's pretty cool. His name is diesel. But but, yeah, I was never a dog person, but that was probably a big step in me getting cooler with dogs. Was that that whole period? Well, I remember one time you lived in a house I had pit bulls. They came over slashed, drunk, Yep, and I came in the front door and the fucking pit bull just came at me. Yes, and I put my arm up and I was lucky. I was when like a baggy sweater called, yeah, it sweater, but like I you know, like a hacky sack person would wear. What do you call those thin Poncho type thing? Pancho. There you go, thank you very much. And the thing fucking bit in my arm and luckily, because the thing was baggy, Yep, it only bit through that. It put holes in it, I remember, and I was so cocked. I'm like yeah, this is funny, and you're like, Oh, fuck, you know, because you knew this thing could do some serious damage and potentially kill me. Yes, and I'm not big on pit bulls after that really. Yeah, that was scary men like that. That, that's that apartment. That whole situation was is a story for another day like that. There's a lot of crazy shit that went down at that apartment. But yes, that was it was a there were two pit bulls at that place in that one that jumped at you. You were you were very lucky because my roommate, whose dog it was, grabbed the dog's collar in mid air, and that probably also helped you not die. Like, like, between the baggy sweater and her grabbing the dog's...

...collar as it jumped, that was what saved you, because that dog would have mauled you. You know, it was, oh, yeah, pretty terrifying, but yeah, yeah, but old, I dude. I love pit bull like. Yeah, Daven was died. Yeah, I love animals. Lovely, mate, lovely when almost killed my friend, that's great. Carry on. It's all in how they're raised, man. You know, it's it really is. I think. You know, pit bulls get a bad rep because there's like assholes that will train them to fight other dogs and tear things apart. But if but pit bulls can be awesome, man. It's like, I don't know, as someone who's been the like the type of guy who's had his reputation precede him over the years. I can see I sympathize with pit bulls. They just get a bad rep man. You know. Well then, you know, you just inspired me to ask a question. And before I do, do you have anything else you really want to add on the subject? Were about to close this sound yeah, we're good, I think. I think. Okay, cock fighting, yeah, or nay, nay, nay, chickens? Yeah, well, yeah, I'm just I'm not about cruelty to animals. I I hate chickens. I worked with some, I wear. I worked at this organic farm where we raised a bunch of meat birds and I hated there. I could go off on that, but I'm not going to because we're closing out the segment. But yeah, sure, yeah, so. So, as much as I'd like to say yeah, kill all the fucking chickens, I still think it's cruel to like have them fight for your entertainment. You know, I don't know. Yeah. Well, I only have a few rules in life personally, and it's like, don't be a racist, don't hurt kids, and one of them, even though I don't care for them, is don't hurt animals. Yep, mainly because they're, you know, innocent for the most part, innocent creatures that can't defend themselves. But, more importantly, the people that do that tend to grow up to become Jeffrey dummer. Yeah, so there you go. Yep, and that does it for this episode's main topic. We're going to take a quick commercial break and when we return, the selling out sound off. Are you in the market for a great pair of headphones? Let me suggest what I use. The regent from STUDIOCOM. The region is a premium on air model with impeccable clarity and the instrumental tones and well balanced sound. With twenty four hours of active battery life in twenty days of standby life, the region is a perfect companion for you at home or on the go. The combination of high polished metal and Matt surfaces and bodies, the vision of Scandinavian Design Studio, wants to revolutionize the way people see headphones, not just as a tech device but also as an accessory. Studio provides a product that matches the quality of even the highest rated headphones in the market for a fraction of the cost, and they always provide free worldwide shipping and right now, fans of the show can save fifteen percent off of all of their products by using codes selling out at check out. That's right, fifteen percent. Doesn't get any better than that. I'm wearing my pair of regents right now and I can tell you they are the best pair of headphones I have ever owned. So why wait? Shop studiocom today. Hi, I'm Carla and I'm Michael, and we're go postal podcast, where the podcast that tells you stories about what people have done while drunk, well also giving you some facts about boobs, booze and the bizarre and the places where these stories take place. We also have a weekly contest where you tell us where the Fi am. So join us for some drinking, learning and laughing and listen on Itunes, stitcher, spotify, Google play and anywhere else you get your podcasts. By find US online at twitter, instagram and facebook at go postal podcast and send us your drunk gramblings and anecdotes. You can also email your stories to go post a podcast at gmailcom. Now, if you design infirmary media. Sure, sure, sure, sure, all right, everybody, time for the selling out sound off. Every episode I like to ask the listeners and our followers on twitter. My question this time around.

I thought I'd be a little bit cute. You want to know why? I said we're doing an episode on pets. Let me ask people about their pet peeves. Did you get that? You know, yeah, or when you confuse by it? No, no, at first when you mentioned it, I thought you were asking pet peeves about yeah, that's but yeah, but no, I I see what you are doing there. I had someone else asked me the same thing. They were like, Hey, what's the next episode? I'm like, pets. So do you have any pet peeves? And they said about pets. It's it. No, just in general. But you know, nate, you have the floor. Do you have any pet peas before we get into these twitter comments? My goodness, I have on my boy, Dude. Well, my pet peeves. They're all petty pet peeves, which I guess is the point. I guess, Dude, I just talked about how cute I was trying to get. Now pathetic I came off, and now use came up with petty pet peeves. Yeah, man, you just took the cake. I guess. What are you got? All right, what are you get? I guess you could call me a grammar Nazie, but I mostly get an anoyed with people's misuse of the English language. I mean, I have too many to mention when it comes to how slang has made it cool to speak like an incoherent moron. But I think one of the things that really bugs me is when people say mischievous instead of mischievous. There's no letter in there that makes the e sound like it would be spelled vous instead of vous when you say mischievous. That bothers me. But our petty yes, you just, yeah, you just will totally earn that. But Dude, you can. You can get anything into the dictionary if enough idiots start using a word wrong. Like, did you know there's a second definition for literally? Now, that where it means literally the opposite of what the first definition is. It's like literally Antonym, figuratively, second definition, figuratively. So I guess mine blown. Yes, so I guess that's that's another pet peeve of the literally thing, but but do the one just quickly. The one thing that really bugs me that isn't grammar related is when I hold a door open for someone and they don't say thank you, though that pisses me off. Sometimes I'll actually say you're welcome really loudly so they definitely hear it, which is a bitchy thing to do, but I guess that's you know, that's me. I guess that's I think pet peeves are. Basically, these are the things that make us act all bitchy. It's like, you know, that's what the pet peeve is. What would a cool pet peeve be like? Oh, I hate what I hate when I drop my beer, when I'm getting banged on my motorcycle, or it really bugs me when I'm doing my guitar Solo and some chicks underwear hits me in the face or gets hung up on my guitar. Yeah, I hate that. I'm sure Mick Jagger must have said that at least eight hundred times in his career. Man, fucking punties flying up hit me in the dumb nose. Man. Well, I remember less claypole when time threatened to stop a show because someone threw a tshirt or something laying on his base. So it's grievances there. You know you the moment you say to somebody what are your pet peas? The way you responded is a way that I respond and everybody else does goes. Oh man, everybody has a laundry list, right. You know this, and there's only a couple we're going to. We're going to each name. You have any other ones you want to bring up off the top of your head, or can I just quickly say something here? Of course I have some pet peeps that totally have to do with the shady places my attic lifestyle brought me just quickly in a prison cell. When you want to take a shit, it's common courtesy to wait until tear time when the doors are open, so you're alone in there. You know your sally is out playing cards or whatever, but occasionally it happens where you have to go and the doors are shut and you're locked in there with your with your sally. So there are specifics in this area that I'm pretty picky about. First of all, hang up a shit sheet, man, every decent cell has at least one bed sheet that's designated the Shit Sheet. You hang it from the edge of your bunk to like a coat hook or whatever. Yeah, it just like you know, it hangs up in front of you. But you know, if you don't know how to do that or you're just way too comfortable drop an a deuce in front of others.

That tends to get on my nerves, you know. Also, Curtiss, courtesy flush police. That is just good manners. I've had roommates so polite that if they have to Fart, they'll actually sit on the toilet and hit flush as they fart, because the jet engine suction of the the Jail House shitter actually pulls the smell out of your ass. It's amazing. Oh yeah, yet some design knows what's right, but some assholes will fill the bowl up and wipe before they think to flush, and that's an awkward fight to have, but it fucking happens. Man Like many a stinky cell mate has been banged out for their ass odors or if they don't shower frequently enough. When you don't have much, you hold onto the things that you have very tight, and that includes peace of mind in a non stinky room. So you know people. You know pet peeves are a lot more serious in Jays. You know those? Yeah, those are some serious and fractions. But since you just brought it up, I guess we can inform the listeners out there that our next episode will be in fact, Yep, about prison. So they're gonna get many more stories along those lives. That tons of him. But those, those are legit grievances. Nate, I've never experienced those, in particular where shit sheets, but I could only imagine. Mine are a little less egregious. I guess where and I if someone has a sticker on their cap, like I'll say you buy a hat, it lid to something and it's got the size of the gold sticker on the brim that says seven and a quarter and like the price tag underneath, and they don't take it off. Did they learn nothing from like the s with crisscross wearing their pants backwards or just stupid fashion things that have existed through the ages? I don't care that your hat is new. It's not cool to me that you left the stick around. To me just ghetto and stupid, so stop doing that. It's just dumb. The other thing, and I no longer use facebook. I gave up on facebook, but this applies to all social media. If you take a photo with somebody, don't do the two fingers salute. You don't even know what that means. You put the two fingers in the air or the other thing it drives me crazy is pointing at the person next to you. Yeah, we get it. You're in the photo with the person. You don't need to point at them. You were standing right next to them. Why are you fucking doing that? I don't understand. I just it drives me nuts. I don't get it. You know, selfies as a whole, the whole thing the internet, bothers me. But duck face and all that shit, duct oh yeah, but still the whole. Look at married two fingers. What does that mean? Peace? They're backwards. That mean victory? Does that mean I'm a fucking massive douchebag, which I am led to believe? Who knows, but anyway. Yeah, all right, to read some some comments that I got online. The first one is from the lovely and talented Carla, as we know from the go postal podcast and in relation to yours a little bit. She hates the fact when people put toilet paper rolls on the wrong way. She even sent me a diagram where the overroll is right the under roll is bad. So her number one pet peeve is the whole toilet paper roll thing because it just drives her insane. With Carlo with that? Yeah, well, I never paid attention to toilet paper roll this. As long as he put one on, I'm happy. Here's simple. You know, I am very simple. It doesn't have to be, you know, anything complex here over under. Just leave it on the rolls, as I am white mass exactly. Another one of her pet pees is when people go in the exit or exit the entrance at target. There are rules for a reason. She even said we are a civilized people, so don't go in the wrong way. Sif Social Contract, motherfuckers the here you go, social contract. And here on twitter. What do we got here? I'm looking at these. I didn't write them down, so I'm actually on the Internet right now. At blockbuster cast wrote texting and talking at the movies. I think that one was quite common.

Yeah, that's universe. No one likes that at M and underscore frogg he wrote enjoying a relaxing, peaceful, beautiful summer day outside, only to have the neighbors mow their lawn and run there a hundred plus death of the leaf blower for two obnoxious hours. Definitely that's some privilege stuff right there. Yeah, they don't live in the in the hood. It's not gunshots and bulls barking. They're like my neighbors landscapers are too loud. Well, yeah, right, there's perfectly valid. Still, you know right there, you know they do not live in the middle of the city. Luxury problems, they call it. Yeah, yes, exactly. At Jj Sash I'm going to say his name is just a doombot, which is pretty cool. Well, oblivious people blocking the aisles at the supermarket, I don't enjoy watching you take ten minutes to pick out the best deal on pickles. You ever experience that, man? I I've tons of grapes about a grocery stores, but you know you do. I know those right the moment you said I'm like, Oh, fuck, Yep, I'm not going to let you start. You start. Go as zero supervision. wrote. I hate it with every fiber of my being when I'm talking to someone as they say my name for emphasis, like Joe, you wouldn't believe it, or they say it when they are upset with me, like fine Joe. I hear it for me when I when I was a kiders. Always, when you get the first and middle land from your mom's you knew you're in deep shit. You always like Oh fuck, she said. David Andrew, you know you're in big trouble. All Right, at I am DB Journey. It really bugs me when people don't know the difference between North and south. Like we live south of Melbourne and I know people who say I'm going down to the city this weekend. No, you're going up to the city. Those silly fuckers. That really that doesn't that never bothers me because I have no sense of direction the same way. I really don't. But I guess to end this thing properly, speaking of directions, at most, okay, as pod wrote, no turn signal, I lose my shit. Yep, traffic, road rage. That's a big one, you know, and if anybody else, you know, you guys want to join into the conversation, you can always follow us on twitter at selling out show or reach out to us with our Gmail Account, selling out show, at GMAILCOM. All right, we're going to have another commercial break and when we return, NKE's notes day from the selling out show. Here to tell you about spunk loube. Spunk loube is a multi award winning mover can't use by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in hybrid pure silicone, natural and pick spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients and is non stating, Hypo allergenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love life with spun right now. SPUNK LOUBE is by three, get one free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUBE A high end product for an affordable price. Is it? Spunk loubecom today and you can thank me later one stay on day frenzy motor speed, where watch me cring infected splint Turbo plastmas seals off the competition and is devastating. Aspen Dragon and ruling thundercarns crank up the sixteen fouve madness in his overblown and deadly L Camino Mexica. Watch the fake boys rampage down the full page spreads and interact mayhem with five Wednesday man head to head, nick in neck, roaring down the poll list of death every Wednesday while the electricity holds out. It's it's, it's the professor. Friends show. It's a show past the friends, a show past friends. It's a show that stuff friends show.

If you like indie comics and also like podcasts. Please try the professor frenzy show. Find the show in itunes search and facebook. Episodes tweeted out on at Professor Frenzy on twitter. Thank you, infirmary media. Doest up your lps. It's time for nate non so. When I was a teenager in Dudley, Mass Massachusetts, there weren't a whole lot of options for a teenager beyond smoking pot and going to bondfire parties, which is totally fun. To get me wrong, I wholeheartedly recommend both, but there wasn't much of a nightlife to speak of and we had to drive to worcester or even Boston to go see our favorite bands when they came around. Fortunately, I grew up in a certain time in the s when there existed and oasis for kids that were under eighteen but still wanted to go bounce around in a mosh pit to some great and sometimes not so great, local and often national acts that still played the small club circuit. I'm talking about the Espresso bar on James Street in Worcester, Massachusetts. Every weekend I would go see hardcore bands and look up to these guys like my own circle of rock stars, even if they were from right down the street. They were on stage. They were kind of cool. It also turned out to be an accessible place to play out once we started jamming out and making bands of our own, which kind of dispelled that rock star aspect of the performers for me, once I saw behind the curtain how the sausage was made. You pick the metaphor. I think that's a good thing, though it's it's it's not good to put people on pedestals. In fact, that's kind of the point of hardcore music in general. These guys were no frills, just dudes getting shit off their chests, using the instruments as tools to do that. They usually weren't virtuoso's by any means. So when I started playing with some of the bands that I listened to, like opening for them or whatever, it did a lot to level the playing field, to lower those walls that keep kid from thinking that they can do the thing that their heroes do. After playing a handful of shows there, we got pretty close with staff and the cast of regular attendees, many of whom I still stay in touch with. The owner of the Espresso Bar, Eric Spencer, really good guy, did a lot to not only book US regularly there, but used his connections to get us gigs elsewhere and often to play shows with acts we normally wouldn't have. We eventually got so comfortable there that it felt like seeing a show in my own living room. I mean I slept there more than once. So when a national act that I was a fan of came through, I was pretty much guaranteed to hang out with them, or at least meet them in the place was small and intimate enough where you're literally inches from the band as they were shouting in your face and you'd be shouting right along with them. I remember the electric heal fire club played. I was super into industrial goth stuff and had everything that the electric heal fire club had recorded at the time. So after they played, I was smoking a joint with the singer, Thomas Thorne, who also used to play with my life with the thrill kill called but I digress, like it was no big deal. So we're going to join with him. I offered him a line of crystal. Don't look at me like I'm some kind of redneck. Meth wasn't at its current epidemic status yet. We would sniff it to dance longer at Raves back then. But Anyway, I offer him the line and he says, cool man, I'm so sick a coke. Usually people are offering cove and he did the line and I remember, dude, I remember feeling a feeling of satisfaction when the meth burned his sinuses and he went there. It is, and maybe maybe not the most wholesome story of wistful not so no, but I treasure that little memory,... know, and I have Eric Spencer in the Espresso Bar to thank for it. I played there over the years in three different bands, again feeling so comfortable there that there weren't even jitters after a few shows. You know, when you went on stage the club became became kind of a scene of its own. You'd see the same faces every week. Worcesters music scene was thriving at the time, mostly due to the Espresso Bar, but there was also Ralph's, Sir Morgan's cove the palladium, all of which are still around in one form or another. You know. Shout out to my old friend Ted Kissinger, who now owns the cove. But curiously the scene kind of died when the ebar closed. Yeah, you still see local bands playing in the papers, but the clubs are mostly twenty one plus. In the EBAR was all ages. Kids keep a scene alive. I was probably fifteen the first time I went there and I had heard of it before that from kids cooler than me. Playing a twenty one plus venue is more or less performing background music for people as they drink and less you've already built up a following, but it's hard to build up build up a following, you know. Nowadays kids go to shows to check out bands. I've noticed that the older people get, the less excited they get about that prospect. We used to just pop in to see who is there if the band that was playing with any good. At most it was a six dollar cover charge, but before long we were just able to walk in whenever and the place was pretty much always, at least partially filled with kids and their chain wallets and Jinkos. It was the S, after all. It was a vibrant scene and I'm glad it was part of it. I mean, you did you remember we you we were in one of the bands I talked about. You know, yeah, yeah, we had some good times there, you know, and you know my first memory when you talk about the Ebar. was in Eric in particular, and you're right, he was a really cool cat. was are one of our shows. We played this band molasses, three thousand, Yep, and you were you were going to play nakeup. You remember this, and we had to we had to have a conversation with them because we didn't want to be arrested, and he had to look into the legality of it and he told us a listen, it's fine if nate's naked, because you covered your you know, you don with the Bass. Just don't touch each other. Rights like don't, don't do anything lude like that, and it's okay, it's not technically porn or whatever. And you played the show in your birthday suits, right. So yeah, we were pretty wild. Absolutely, there's a lot of parties. They are, man, there's a lot of good times, a lot of stuff that maybe you shouldn't have happened, a lot of ASS. When I think of the EBAR. Yeah, I know you said, oh it's an all ages club and is great, and that's that's in itself also wonderful and true, but man, did I fucking do a lot of drugs and get a lot of pussy because of the EB absolutely, you know, you know it was. It was an awesome place. It was. I feel like we were fortunate to grow up in that time, because you don't see that anymore. Man, it's it. It's a shame. I used to say when I was younger, like going to shows that are twenty one plus or whatever may have been all right because they were less like annoying kids bouncing around or whatever. And and you know, it's like, but, but playing show, you want to play to the kids, like that's the one thing I noticed. You want to play shows to because because when you're playing to twenty one plus crowds, people are more interested in just drinking at the bar. Like I said, you're just kind of like background music to them drinking. And Yeah, you're almost annoying them sometimes. They're almost like I can't hear my friend talking because there's some band playing, but I don't know, man, that scene was very special and yeah, we totally him in. I mean you're right, kids have the energy. You know, they're really there for the music exactly. They're all hopped up on caffee. Yep, it wasn't that. Yeah, they didn't even serve booze there. I mean, I'm not saying kids didn't drink in the parking lot or so. You can be you know, flask in or whatever, but for the most part it was yeah, kids were just hopped up on caffeine and back then you could smoke inside. I remember it...

...was like it was cool going on stage. You'd smoke button. They can be allowed to do that. Nowadays it's like a lot of people aren't, aren't too hip on the smoking thing. But as a smoker, it was like I appreciated that. You know, something you feel kind of cool, like feeling like slash with a cigarette and out of your mouth smoking, playing the show. But yeah, I don't know. You also mentioned the national acts. I still have eric gave me the contract because I love this band clutch. Yeah, cluss is great, and he gave me the yeah, he gave me the contract for the EBARF. When they played there. I got to like you mentioned, beating the bands and stuff. I was super nervous. I was there with our good friend Andy Jones and I was well, I mean I was fucking wasted, but anyway, I still have it framed. I still own it to this day. Yeah, it's a cool thing and the autographed CD cover from Neil Fallon. So yeah, a lot of good times, a lot of good memories and a lot of memories are get washed away because I was fucked up and we're pretty sloppy there. I mean I'm sure there's a lot more memories that I would have if I were, oh, yeah, loppy, but but the ones I have I definitely treasure. I still play shows. I play mostly now I'm playing like restaurants and sometimes festival or misses. Yeah, no, but little festivals or things like that where it's like outdoorsy, playing at a Gazebo at some farmers market or playing at a restaurant. But that I don't know. Back then there were clubs. You felt like you had a chance to play with some of like if you're into hardcore bands, you could open for some of your you know, the bands you were really into. And this sounds really n s and the band got kind of less credible as they went on. But in the beginning, the band incubis back in the S, they played the espresso bar before they had any record out yet, or they might have had an ep out or something. But they're right. But we it's funny because we were booked to headline this one Friday night or whatever. Eric Spencer gets a call from the manager of this band incubus, this new band who happened to be in town and had a night off because they had too. They were touring opening for like three eleven or somebody. So they had a night off on their tour and wanted to just play a local club just to do something one night. So Eric said, look, you can play here, you can play at the Espresso Bar, but we have the headlining slot already promised to a band. So they said that's fine, we'll play an opening spot. So the first time we played with incubus they opened for us and we became fast friends with those guys and as they got more and more popular, they you know, we'd play with them and of course we were opening for them by that point. But we ended yeah, we ended up getting to fill in on the last leg of a tour with them. They called US and said, Hey, the opening act has dropped off this tour, so if you guys want to play a handful of dates up and down the east coast, you guys can come and so, you know, some of my best memories sprang from the connections made at the Espresso Bar are and I just I don't think enough can be said about its value. To those of us that grew up in the S and we're into either hardcore music punk music. I mean there was so much, you know, there's there was a pretty vibrant scene back then and right and I am eternally grateful for for that. And so right on, brother, right off. All right, but you ready to wrap this bad boy up? You got anything else you want to say? I think I think we've said a mouthful, my friend. Yeah, I mean you te's next episode already. So, yeah, that's going to be spoiled it. Yeah, it is going to be a good one. To be talking about prisons. We kind of been doing this thing where you do like a heavy topic, light topic, so it's even odds. So this one was pets and going from pets to prison. Right, yeah, we know how to do it over here. It's selling out. You got to give people a breather in between those heavyone yeah, all right,... stay tuned for that. And I am Dave and that is nate, and this has been selling out. Yece what you just heard was the podcast in the poop cults are extended universe. For more grade PODCASTS, make your way to www dot pop culturecom. Okay, family, announced want our smart home is online. Cool, Dad. Yeah, smart lights, smart fridge, smart thermist at the Smart Speaker Plays Music or answers questions like this. Check it out. Question. What animals besides humans have chins? Can't find home Internet. Super Impressive, Dad. Okay, hold on. Question. Can you find the Home Internet? Can't find home Internet. A Smart House. Your home is only as smart as your Internet. Get fast, reliable Internet with atnt fiber, even during peak times. Find out how to get three hundred megabits per second for forty dollars a month for a year. Limited availability may not be in your area. See if you qualify at Att docom slash five or three hundred. Reliability based on network availability. Consistency based on why. I'm connection to gateway ten per month. Equipment the applies. Speeds not guaranteed and vary. Early termination and other charges and restrictions apply. Visit Att docom slash five or three hundred for details. Support for this podcast and the following message come from Balor University, dedicated to groundbreaking research, innovation and capacity building. Collaboration balory researchers infuse the quest for discovery with a distinctly Christian voice. This commitment illuminates our path as we prepared the leaders of tomorrow to make a meaningful difference in our world. Learn more at Baylor DOT ETU research. That's Baylor Dot Edu Research.

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