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Selling Out Show

Episode 4 · 3 years ago

Ep.#4 Pets


This episode, Our esteemed hosts talk about the non-human members of our families. What are the guys' feelings on pets? They discuss the animals they have loved and/or hated over the years, some of the lessons learned along the way, and even a bloody finale to the lives of two hamsters in the throes of passion. Yeah, it gets weird.
Also on the docket: What are the little things in life that really get under our skin? We go from pets to the pettiest of pet peeves, in a cute play on words that honestly confused a couple of listeners in this week’s Selling Out Sound Off. And finally, Nate’s Notes exhumes the corpse of Worcester MA’s 90s-era local music scene, specifically the beloved and deeply missed all-ages venue known as the Espresso Bar.

2:10-Fur babies and their “parents”
6:57-Nate’s history of Cats and other critters
10:20-Dave’s Karmic fate is a dog
14:08-Smaller beasts and harsh lessons learned
19:30-Nate sympathizes with crazy cat people.
21:20-less cuddly beasts that slither and flap about
26:19-parolees and labradoodles (and pit bulls)
35:06-Selling Out Sound-off (pet peeves)
47:20-Nate’s Notes

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