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Episode 38 · 1 year ago

Ep.#38 Halloween Hullabaloo 2


Happy Halloween! On this creepy occasion, the Selling Out Show is getting into some spooky subject matter! Firstly, our hosts reveal some of their personal fears, and there may even be a song involved! Then we check out a news story about an odd and ultimately fruitless 911 call in Tennessee. Nate gives us a “top 5” list of 6 of his favorite horror films, and the math doesn’t add up!
Next, Dave gets us into the subject of curses, and Nate contemplates putting a very specific one on a rude barista. We find out a bit about the listeners’ favorite horror movie villains, and Nate’s Notes examines the very dark and mysterious world of Australian singer Nick Cave.
Have a great Halloween everyone, and remember to scan all your candy for needles and razor blades!

1:30-Intros, Trick or Treat Issues
5:00-What Scares Ye?
14:25-Tennessee Festivities (News Clip)
19:28-6 Classic Flicks for Halloween
38:00-Listener Responses
42:13-Nate’s Notes (a look at Nick Cave)
51:25-Clip (“Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
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