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Selling Out Show

Episode 38 · 2 years ago

Ep.#38 Halloween Hullabaloo 2


Happy Halloween! On this creepy occasion, the Selling Out Show is getting into some spooky subject matter! Firstly, our hosts reveal some of their personal fears, and there may even be a song involved! Then we check out a news story about an odd and ultimately fruitless 911 call in Tennessee. Nate gives us a “top 5” list of 6 of his favorite horror films, and the math doesn’t add up!
Next, Dave gets us into the subject of curses, and Nate contemplates putting a very specific one on a rude barista. We find out a bit about the listeners’ favorite horror movie villains, and Nate’s Notes examines the very dark and mysterious world of Australian singer Nick Cave.
Have a great Halloween everyone, and remember to scan all your candy for needles and razor blades!

1:30-Intros, Trick or Treat Issues
5:00-What Scares Ye?
14:25-Tennessee Festivities (News Clip)
19:28-6 Classic Flicks for Halloween
38:00-Listener Responses
42:13-Nate’s Notes (a look at Nick Cave)
51:25-Clip (“Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
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I am one of your host David Schultz, and this big old, freaky look at Pumpkin over here by my side is my pal Nate GoreZinski made. How the Heck Are you? I'm good. I'm happy. Itdidn't go with the typical Frankenstein things. I'm so tall and Lanky I oftenget lurch sure Frankenstein, so I wouldn't do that to you pumpkin heads. Good Jack Skellington's I'm going. I'm I'm tall and Lanky and lean.Yeah, I'm almost ICHABOD CRANEY and my lankiness, but anyway, that's aweird way to describe us and that's a very dating profile. I'm ABOD craney. Yeah, man, when you think ichabod crane, you know that's that'sbasically what you get with me. But Halloween, baby. Are you excited? I am, and I mean I'm excited also because I'm moving more comfortablynow. I don't want to bore our listeners with more talk of my physicalwoes, but dude, I was seriously incapacitated for a few weeks and wetalked all about it and whatever, but I just want to update people thatI am feeling a lot better. This still pain, but I have notrouble moving around really, and things, things are on the up and itfeels great. It's nice to occasionally appreciate just feeling normal and good. Likesometimes you need a horrible bit of pain to make you appreciate how good itis when it's there. When it's not, they're like the whole bang yourself inthe head with a hammer because it feels good when you when you stop. That's kind of what I got going. I get it, but the timingis bad. No, kid, much like how you shouldn't be datingsomeone before Christmas. HMM, if you were incapacitated, you wouldn't have toget up every three minutes because your dormel was ringing the hand o candy toa bunch of Snot Nos brats. Yeah, man, that would be a nightmare. It I want to be a nightmare, because now you can move. Yeah, you know I'd like, but at least I can do itnow. Maybe I'll appreciate being able to move well for the first like hour. After that I'll be like, fack, these kids stop coming, but FortLight off. Yeah, but to be honest, I'm actually probably.I think we're going out. I usually go out with my girl and herson because he loves to dress up, as any good kids should. Man, he's he'll watch some obscure fucking thing that only him and like a handfulof people online know about and it's it's cool, whatever it is, butit's obscure and he'll be like, I want to be that, and it'slike a lot of the Times it's not even like something you can find aready made cost and fork or system. It's just some weird video he likeson Youtube or some video game or some shit. But well, whatever.It keeps it interesting. Can't just stroll down to Walmart and buy the twentydollar costume for that. Yeah, and you know, whatever it is,the Inky blinky and the Stinky Pooh,... know, or whatever he's watching. It really what it is? The INKY BLINKY STINKY POO? No,but I think I think I found the title for my kids book I'm goingto write. and to kids, boocket sounds like a racket. Man.You could. I could write an easy kids book, I swear to God. But anyway, that's a whole other thing. Dude, enough with that. Let's turn off your porch light. Tiss the season to be scary,mate. I want to know what really terrifies or just scares a live andshit out of you. Wow, man. I mean by this point in life, I think I'm over a lot of my fears, but I've gota little one and up and kind of a bigger one. The little oneis I still get freaked out by spiders. I can't help it. Sure Idon't mind. I don't my snakes, I don't mind Rodin Shit like that. I Love Them. But spiders still freak me out, man,and that's so. That's my little one. It is what it is. Youcan still freak me out with probably a fake spider in my fucking bedor whatever. But but my bigger one, that's a little more, I don'tknow, abstract or not even whatever is playing on stage. One thingI started noticing is if I'm playing and something's going wrong, like one ofthe other members is off key and it just sounding like shit, or ora string snaps or something goes wrong, like I hate being on stage whereI'm supposed to be entertaining people and something fucking goes wrong. That's out ofmy control, but it's fucking I don't know. That's that's a real fear. That seems really minor, like if you pop a string or something likecorn unplugged, it's a minor malfunction. That yeah, well, plug gettingunpluged, but restringing guitar, I mean yeah, if you're the type ofmusician has a few instruments ready where if a string snaps, you can justpick up your next one. But enough about my fears. Let me askyou something here. Yeah, you went from spiders, and I get it, the eyeballs, the legs, that the web shooting out their asshole.Yes, that's the freaky fucking Shit. It could elicit a scream, right, but fucking up on stage, I don't imagine that. Like, youknow, grabbing your jaw. Oh No, Oh, my fucking string popped.But I don't have huge emotions anymore, as I've mentioned before, I'm I'minside. Yes, I'm a dead Husk of my former self, wheremy emotions are dead. So I get it now. That as you needto say, Dude. I think being on stage, though, that alot of people have fears of either public speaking or being on stage like that'sa real fear. That's the thing people have, and mine it's not eventhe specific things I mentioned. It's just the idea, the feeling of beingon stage with everyone looking at you and something fucks up and it's and it'snot you hitting the wrong note, it's just some shit is going wrong andeveryone's like, all right, that feeling that people are looking at you disappointedand pissed off, and that's Sashole. Yeah, it's just shit place,a shit doing. It is a shitty feeling and I don't like it andit freaks me out. So what my big question, and I think whatall our listeners want to know, is what kind of things scare you?What is your great fear in life? Wow, I'm so glad you askedme and, as a matter of fact, I wrote a little ditty about itand it goes something like this, big toe. I know. Wow, man. Yeah, you summed it up there. I don't know,you want to be a little more specific, like where did this fear come from? And specifically, I think I know what you're talking about. You'veeven mentioned it on another episode or two. But, yeah, why don't youfill us in a little more? You don't know if the origins arethat important. Okay, I think the fact of the matter is if someonehas a digit on their hand, yeah, that looks like it belongs on theirfoot. This only applies to the thumb. It's not like sometimes apinky. Yeah, you don't keep right right. That'd be stubby. Terribleass. Yeah, my God, that stubby ass fucking big toe thumb.It's just terrible to me because can you imagine someone like preparing food with withwith that, when it should be on...

...their foot to begin with? Rightor ripen? Wiping something off your face? You have be a lip like yougot food on your face, girls like wipe it now, because I'mthinking. I'm thinking of who I've seen the the first time I heard youmentioned this was with the actress Megan Fox, who's, you know, a beautifulwoman. She's known as that's her, that's her title. She's a hotmovie star Chick. Yeah, sure, yeah, until he's her hands.Well, that's it. I and I didn't even notice, and Ifeel like a lot of people probably didn't notice, but after you brought itup that she has this freak is big toe thumb, I've looked it uponline and that's it's like a thing people notice, like people have mentioned.There's at least one or two links on Google the references to Megan Fox's bigcoat thumb. Yeah, well, you know she's a scapegoat. Yeah,easy, because you can google her. Yes, not as easy to Googlelunk uncle Lou yeah, yeah, whatever tavern, because you won't find them. You know what I mean. But but she just happens to be acelebrity that has okay, so this, this is cross gender, like Ialways think of it as the hot chick with the thumb, the big toethumb. That freaks you out. It freaks you out on anybody where you'resaying, okay, anybody think of that monkey pog going on that fucking likegrip, you know, forget about it and willing. He said. Theworst thing ever is if you don't see it at first. Yeah, butthen, let's say they're your waiter. Yeah, coming, they put theplate in front of you. That thumb is right on the edge of thatporcelain. Or are you running out that door, baby, hell yeah,or that your uncle Leu or whatever is making hamburger patties and slapping them together. There would this thumb says too much for me to handle. I justcan't take it. No, I wonder it's so disgusting. Dude, Idon't again, I apologize. People are born this way. Yeah, it'snot like it's their fault. They weren't like genetically modified or asked like,Oh, could you please let meet my big toe on my hand. Noone requests this. Well, that's that. That may not be true. Iwas just going to say, what if you find out that the personwas either born without a thumb or had a severed thumb and an accident andhe rended ask to have his big toe put on his thumb? That's that'sa little kink in that statement. But I fuck. But I say isgo thumbless, motherfucker. You'd rather go thumbless. I would rather not havea thumb than have my big toe put on my hand. No Way,this is no way. I'm it's like if you were born with a tail. Yeah, when they say the tail just kind of creeps back into yourspine. Yeah, I think that happened with the big toe, thumb inthe womb, like maybe they had a normal thumber. For some reason.They're, you know, terribly crappy DNA instructed there, whatever. What's thatfluid in there? Well, and amniotic fluid, whatever controls the life ofa baby. Yes, I am theodic fluid, and there you go.Whatever it is, I'm just making shit up. I'm throwing shit out there. I make no sense, but the point is thumb recedes back into thehand. It's just a terrible tear, rrible mutation of plague upon humankind,and if you're listening and you have one, you should probably go have it amputated, go get it cut long or just go. Go get a thumbwrestler, remember those WWF thumb wrestlers from the s yes of crazy? Glueit on your thumb so no one ever sees that fucking monstrosity you have onyour hand with a tail. Rather, look out of thumb wrestler and lookat that freaking rather look at Roddy Roddy Piper asking me the thumbs up,and it's like, Hey, say your prayers, take your vitamins. Hey, better than that fucking big toe thumb. Happy Halloween, DC's count track youLah. Don't trick yourself into believing you can't quit smoking or that vapingis too expensive. Treat yourself to flavor for e juice and liquids from Northlandvaporcom, and right now it's never been easier to save on they're already amazingprices. Use called selling out nineteen for nineteen percent off all of the productsat Northland vaporcom. Don't be scammed. Take it from me. After all, I am a count and I do prefer counting the money in my walletcompared to watching it fly away forever. And remember, adults only now onvied the show. Very common with Halloween is alcohol, nudity, craziness,you know, basically stuff that happens three hundred and sixty five anyway, butyou know it's more pronounced on this holiday,...

...if you will. And Nate,I have a nine one one call from the grand old state of Tennessee. Now I think we should take a listen to what are you saying?Yeah, let's do it like I didn't know what happens about already the FAI saw the flood. That was part of a nine one one call madeby a man in Tennessee was heading to work. He made the call afterhe saw what appeared to be a dead body lying in his neighbors driveway.I thought it was somebody. I thought somebody land up on the driveway.I thought him what happened and I said will send somebody out to checket.What a fucking sense of urgency that cops have, Huh. They could bea dead body on the scene and you know we'll be out there. We'llbe out there to check it. Yeah, we'll stop by at some point.Get the cookies in the milk. This morning, about ten o'clock,I get a pounding on the door. Several deputies went to the House toinvestigate. I said, thank you, guys, for Karen, but I'mdoing just what. That realistic looking body in the driveway turned out to bejust a decoration for Halloween. Well, that's pretty surprising. I would havethought that was exclusively an Easter decoration. Yeah, but weirds me out isthat, if you look at this man's house, this is the only decorationhe has. So so you can understand why people are freaked out like that. It's not like it's one of those houses with all the shit in theart. It's Yeah House with a dead body at the garage. It's nothingfor context. There's no Jack Lanterns right, no webbing from the railings, justa fucking body underneath a garage door. He couldn't even write happy Halloween andblood. When the police came today they pulled the boot off to makesure there wasn't a person in there. That is some top notch forensics right. There's we have a body I don't know. Man Take up his shoe. Right there's CSI technology gonna yeah, this is like grab the boot,pull it off. Let's see Tennessee's finest right here, Ladies and gentlemen,and the splattered fake blood, food coloring and hair jel. The family saysHalloween is their favorite time of the year and they're getting ready for an upcomingparty. This was actually starting out of the joke because when I have myHalloween party I was actually going to dress up under there. After everyone's seenhim for so long and then when they come out to get drinks or something, pop up out of the garage door and scare everybody. Snickers, peanutbuttercups and heart attacks come get them. Folks, a joke they thought wouldnever go this far, but I thought it looks so real and so fun. So and I hope people don't take offense to him. And to makesure there aren't any more mixups, the sheriff's department posted this on their facebookpage. Attention everyone, this is a halloween decoration. Do not call ninehundred and one on reporting a dead body. Instead, congratulate the homeowner on agreat display. Did this guy set up the perfect murder? I'm tellinga right, because he's got the cops already posting on their fucking twitter orwhatever. Don't call nine hundred and one about this guy. We're not goingto check up on this guy. And now the guy can kill whoever thefuck he wants and put them in his yard and the cops will be like, yeah, we've got a boy who cried dead body scenario. Yeah,and you're right, though. He get just litter the whole fucking yard withbodies and people drive by and me like, Oh, great job, Jim,that's a wonderful display you have there. My real question about this is inyou know, listeners can't see this from the video, but it's obviousthis guy is white. Ya, we're not let an African American man,hapend a man, anybody of color, get away with doing this. Right. They'd still charge him with something like freaking out the public or public nuisanceor some shit. They'd find a way to, yeah, get a warrantor probable cousin fucking dude likely. Ye, this is fucking white privilege on Halloween, fucks, look out. Yeah, don't call us about crimes at thiswhite dudes house. Exactly. Just fucking ridiculous. You know, thiswhole call is just kind of, you know, nonsensical and stupid. We'remaking fun of it and everything good. I mean seriously, Tennessee, andI don't know the town this is in. Yeah, but this just I can'tget over the stupidity involved here on every side, every angle. Right. Well, yeah, it doesn't. It doesn't look good for their finest, for Tennessee's finest, the cops down there. They don't the story doesn'tmake them look good. Is when I'm saying you looking for like a nicknamefor the cops, like the Tennessee ten men or the there you go,Tennessee, oak trees, I don't even know. But yeah, the fuck. I'm Halloween sucks in Tennessee. Now,...

...being this creepy Halloween season, Ihave even more of an excuse to indulge in one of my favorite activities, which is watching horror movies. And Mind You, I don't stop therest of the year, but Halloween is like, for if my girlfriend islike, you know, are you watching another fucking horror movie with my son, it's like it's Halloween, you know. I mean, let's say that pass. Yeah, let's work this kid's mind. So I always he loveshorror movies. Man, my guess show he's awesome. But I was thinking, you know, you and I were talking about horror movies and you know, let's make a list, okay, the five horror movies that I don'twant to call them the five best or my top five, because they're notin any particular order, right, but these are all. These are fivehorror movies that really affected me or I really appreciate or whatever. They shapedme and played a big part of my life. So, okay, great, I want to hear these because you are the officianado. I don't knowDick About Dick? Yeah, and I literally have Dick Right next to me. Hey, Richard, how are you? I know you know I mean aseriously. So it's update your guide, your five. Like you said,they're no particular order, but it's right films. Right, I gottaput them on a watch list. Well, all right, I mean you've probablyseen some of these, but I'll start with John Carpenter's movie, thething, back from whatever it was, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. I believe it was actually a remake of an old horror movie from likethe s called the thing from another world. But it's this really dark, creepy, gory movie and it came out the same time or the same yearas eat, so it was like you've got the friendly little e team mosteralien movie rather and then you've got the thing, and people did not reactwell to it when it came out. It was like a bomb. Thecritics slaughter it, said it was like full of needless Gore. It's verygory, very gross, but it's got Kurt Russell, so it's awesome.And it's, yeah, about a shape shifting, weird alien that disguises itselfas people. It's really fucking gory and worth checking I get a strong stomach. I would have to argue with you about et being really friendly, though. Okay, like we took him that way and I don't get it,because he looks like eighty six year old man who got abandoned in a bathtubeighteen. You know what I mean? There's is very separates. Yes,it's very little that separates et and the the Sullen, dried up alien fromcuckoo. It's all wrinkles and nipples. That's it. Like me. Yes, I guess eat. He's a little creepy to. So put him onthe list. Yeah, all right, but I would say another movie thatreally I would this maybe the first harmy. The next movie on my list isprobably the first horror movie that showed me that I really love horror movies, and this was I was at a friend's birthday party when we were allabout eight years old. I'm at his house and his mother, not reallypaying attention to what she was renting for us kids, just left us alonein the living room with a copy of return of the living dead, whichwas an s that punk rock, sort of pseudo comedy, gory horror movieand this movie. As a kid, the comedy went right over my head. It was just scary as hell to me. But watching it as andull I see there's a lot more humor in it and it's a really goodmovie and it's there's for kid watching it. There was like full frontal nudity.Is there was, yes, zombies eating people. It's where the termbrains comes from. It's where the whole zombies eat brains thing comes from,because you watch most Zombie movies, they just eat people. That's and butwhen you watch something that parodies zombies, you'll hear the Zombie sue, brains, brilliants, and that's all from this movie. It was originally supposed tobe Kiche K came and broke into people's houses looking for Keiche della. He'swise. Fine, yeah, oh my goodness. So, yeah, soreturn to living dead kind of started my whole love for and you say itwas a a foe comedy. Yeah, I mean it fomity. Can wecall it a comity shift? It's a Hamedy because it's horror combody. Yeah, yeah, so that's a great movie. Next on my list is a moviethat kind of turned the tables.

It made the monsters into the goodguys and the people were kind of scared of what they didn't understand, andwe're fighting that. The movie is called night breed. It's a Clive Barkerstory that was turned into a movie and the Awesome Horror Director David Cronenberg,who did not direct this movie, actually acts in it. He plays thishomicidal murderer character. But anyway, it's a really good movie. Like Isaid, the it's about the main character basically becomes this monster and finds Solis amongst, like a community of other monsters who all live underneath this cemetery. It's like they have a whole world under the cemetery with with rope bridgeslike like the e walks had on end or and Shit. But it's allunderground, you know, and it's really cool visually. It's very cool and, like I said, it opened my eyes to seeing the monsters as notnecessarily being bad and it's kind of got an interesting message in that way.You know, doctor, just not to hate what you don't understand. Soso it's a great movie. Yeah, I recommend that one too. That'snumber three on my list. Number four is I'm all these seem to bevery gory. I'm looking at this list in you like it. Yeah,Hey, but hey, number four. At its time, and I don'tknow if this still holds true, but it was touted as cinematically the goriestmovie ever made. Now, the movie which you have seen is called deadalive. It's sort of it's a Zombie movie, I guess, but it'smore than that. It's this strange thing where a guy, he's grandmother,or mother, whatever it is, this old woman, she gets bit bysome weird rat at a zoo and the rat bite infects her and she becomesthis horrible undead thing that's oozing puss and eating people, and it's all madein New Zealand. The director was Mr Peter Jackson, who went on todo the whole Lord of the Rings. Never heard of He's ring about?Well, that's the thing. Peter Jackson went yeah, he became this thisaward winning director and doing all this beautiful work, but he came from lowbudget horror. You've seen the movie bad taste that you referenced like a anepisode or two ago with I'm a Derek and Derek's don't run, and that'sfrom this low budget horror movie called bad taste. But Anyway, the onethat I'm interested is dead alive, which in some countries was released under thetitle brain dead. So it's weird. Horror Movies sometimes have different names ifthey're released in different countries. So it's confusing. But I do too.Yeah, I got like ten different passports. You know you're on the lamb.You gonna do what you gotta do. Yeah, but evil, dead,evil, dead. Dead Alive has a character who's a priest who somehowis also a Kung Fu master and is kicking the shit out of zombies butin his priest garb with the collar and the wagon. It's entertaining and hesays I kick ass for the Lord in one part. So it's it's prettyawesome. So yeah, that's my number four pick. If, again,if you're into really gory, this one is disgusting. It's got pus drippinginto custard, it's got intestines and guts coming alive and attacking people and it'sgot a guy picking up lawn mower and just using it, like running atpeople with it up in the air and just smashing zombies apart with the bottomof a lawnmower that he's strapped to himself. Getting asked for. It's great,really, it's fucking disgusting. And the last one. It's funny.I as I was just talking about dead alive, I accidentally said the wordevil dead and now I'm bummed out that I forgot. I mean I wouldsay evil dead to is probably it belongs on this list and I've probably talkedabout it before, and that's an amazing movie. But and that's that's truthfullythe movie that belongs in the number five slot. But just because I madethis list already and I want to just complete it. I want to saya much cheesier movie too many people, but to me it was special andit almost doesn't even fit in the horror...

...genre. But when I was akid, the movie the lost boys made me think I wanted to become avampire and I thought key for Sutherland in the lost boys was the coolest motherfuckerin the world. And looking back on it now, it's very s andit's a lot cheesier when you're older, but something about the lost boys wroteit still is very special to me. It was probably the first movie thatyou could watch with me and I would annoy the shit out of you becauseI would literally say every line as they were saying in the movie. Icould recite the whole movie front to back. But it's a vampire movie. It'sgot the two coreys, Corey Feldman and Corey Han. Yeah, it'sgot key for Sutherland with an awesome mullet and dangly yeah, it's got danglyearrings and some some great s fashion, but it's it's fucking special, man. But truthfully, evil dead to probably belongs at that slot. But Iwant to you know they're going to duke it out I just mentioned a linefrom the lost boys. You didn't hear me and I was trying to winkudos points. When you will Kuda, let me Kudos. You up whathappened, but you say to it. Haggats, Michael, reading maggots.Howd an a taste? You're eating maggots. Hardly taste and your misstic if youwaxing poetic or nostalgic, or was waxing your legs. I don't knowabout the movie. I said it, you didn't hear me. I don'tneed to be here, but listen. Let's readap real quick, because youhad a list of five. It's now will list six. Yeah, soyou want to sit down, get fucking grossed out, just totally get sointo the Halloween spirit. Give me those six movies right now. Okay,the thing return of the living dead, night breed dead alive, and thelost boys or evil dead too. We're both. Yeah, we're both Welch, both both fucking awesome. Until you already cheated, you can just puton my list of five. You know, a fun without some protection, andbecame a list of six. Here you go, man. I'm notreally going to recommend any movie to anybody. But I will say this. Iprefer my horror with a dash of comedy, like we talked about earlier. A little fomity or a harmony. Yeah, whatever the fuck you wantto call it. So I'll say you want to watch a funny movie,Go out in and see if you can find Ed and his dead mother asa great one. Wasn't good one? Right, the Boushemi, and thatwas Zombie Esque, if you will, a little bit of a twist.And Yeah, I think it's good for laughs and yeah, will enjoy it. And a lot of people, and I mentioned it, they go whatwell fucking movie is that? I'm like, yes, it's a littld I rememberit from back in the s when I was a whipper snapper. Yeah, isn't that in black and white? No, no, that was incolor. Okay, what am I thinking of? I remember it was agreat movie. And Yeah, because even, I believe, Ned baby was init too. And yes, yeah, that's my Gore. See, I'mgory to and you are the Gore, because you are Nate Gore Clu Ski. That's you. See that it all fucking ties together a nice littlebow around your neck before it t kappa takes your head for Halloween. Curses. What is a curse? Well, a curse also known as an anathema, which happened to be the name of about six thousand metal bands. Mawyahds. Yeah, we knew been name and Athem. We did. Iuse my uncle's band, but the thing was again, every other fuck youcan find any band flyer in a gutter and that was like one of theacts on it right. But a curse is any express wish that some formof adversity or misfortune would be fall or attached to one or more person's,a place or an object. In particular, lar curse may refer to a wishor pronouncement made affected by a supernatural or spiritual power, hmm, suchas a God, Spirit Natural Force, spell by magic or witchcraft. Ina ladder sense, a curse can also be referred to as a hex ora jink's and many belief systems the curse can be dispelled requiring elaborate rituals orprayers. That is your lesson for the day on curses, which leads meto ask you, Nathan. MMM, if you could curse anybody on theearth, who would you in fact curse? And what would you curse them with? Jess, who would I curse some with? I mean who,who would I curse them with? Know,...

...who would I curse? Is theweird question. I'm I'm tempted to go the easy route and say Iwould curse our president, Donald Trump. That's too easy. Yeah, that'swhat I'm saying. It's so easy, man. And so what would whowould I curse? I know what persons. Yeah, let's get personal on airand expose someone. You can't stand everybody out there in podcast land onthe Internet. Man, I don't have a lot of enemies, dude.I mean, I guess I'd. I could, I could pick an oldteacher from school that I couldn't stand, but that's like getting petty, andbecause that was fucking twenty five years ago and I don't have a lot ofenemies. Dave, I don't know. How about okay, how about thisto the asshole that was working at starbucks the other day and could not getmy order right and then acted like an asshole when I brought it up andneeded him to change it and had to return what I got because he didn'tmake what I wanted so perfect. So that fucker gets my curse of everytime he goes to like poor sugar or salt into something, the cat malfunctionsand all the sugar assault goes into his shit. So wow, yeah,man, whatever. He came out of a job. Yeah, well,I'm talking tired. Well, I didn't even think of the job ramifications.I was thinking of just his personal ruining a lot of meals or coffees forhimself. But you're right, being a Barista, he would. Yeah,he would suffer, although you put your own sugar and shit, I guess, in most of the stuff. So I don't know. Whatever it wouldit would ruin a lot of his personal dishes, though, so fuck thatdude. Curse off. What would be the ritual in that loose but Ijust gave you? would be the thing, like any fucking run through the streetsnaked screaming yeah, weird or something. or He have to sacrifice a goatit? Um, yeah, I think you just have to shave hishead and then put a bunch of the coffee stirs from starbucks up His asslight them on fire, because their wood. They use the wood ones and ECOfriendly. Yeah, but not say me, rainus. It's definitely benaked. And Yeah, I think he'd have to. He'd have to walkdown a busy street with the his anus flaming and his head shaved and completelynaked. I love how your first your curse, initially wasn't job oriented,until I brought it up to you. You Oh, yeah, it's likepouring sugar and stuff in the cat falling off. This really sucks. Yeah, that's why you use it as a curse, and that makes a lotof sense. But then after that, you like you. You made itso he would have to go into work, grab a bunch of these stirs,Sham them into his rectum, I emphasize, and yeah, his wreckedthem. Light them on fire. That's right, move this is hecks.That's right, holy cow. Yeah, Dude, fuck it, we're goingall the way with this starbucks thing. Man. Oh, social media,all that stuff. That's amazing technology we have in the world. We cantalk to perfect strangers get their opinions on things, and vice versa. Wetend to be fairly prominent on twitter, and so I asked the twitter populace, in your opinion, who is the most iconic horror movie character, contemporaryor classic? You just comment below. To which we get some some niceresponses here. First one from at Professor Frenzy, who's a great podcaster inhis own right. Thank you for listening to this show. He is theGreat Jerry Green. He picked Bella Lugosi, Dracula. HMM, that's a classicright. That's what we asked for. At Greg Litchfield shows, the Wolfman. Thank you again for the response. At Ron Bar three hundred and sixteen, put Freddy Krueger, which is a very popular choice. We gota lot of the Freddy so I don't know what it is about having yourface look like a melted cheese pizza. It's but clauseman. I'm thinking it'sit's very, very hip. I might need to get one of those myselfat bad drunks. Another popular one was Jason Voorie's HMM, so, getyour hockey mass ready. That said, to me, that's at the mostgeneric, most boring Halloween costume of all time, though. MMM, likeif a kid came by door and he had just a fucking like glow inthe dark hockey mass from the dollar store. HMM, I kick him the fuckout. Get Out of it at retail podcast. The final one Ihave here. Another popular choice that we got quite a few of was MichaelMyers from hey. Why not? Is Halloween, m I want to thankall that replied and to those that I...

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...the more confrontational and avant garde bandthe birthday party. For a time in the early s, the birthday partymade a lot of noise and inspired a lot of artists that went on tomore success than they Henry Rollins, for one, has written and spoken ofhis respect for their aggressive sound and they're dangerous image. He freely admits tobeing a big Fan. It was punk rock, but more chaotic and unpredictable, and at the center of it all was frontman Nick Cave, with hisPale, almost skeletal frame and shock of wild jet black hair, throwing himselfaround the stage and barking out lyrics like a man possessed. At the time, there really wasn't anything like it. All things unfortunately come to an endand, as well as having some personal issues with other band members, cavewas eager to flex some new artistic muscles. On the final birthday party album,he had started toying with a different lyrical approach. Instead of the sortof stream of consciousness lyrics found on earlier songs, he decided to work inmore of a narrative on some of the material, write a song centered arounda fictional character, storytelling as songwriting. When he branched out on his own, taking a member or two of the birthday party with him to help out, he shifted further into this style of writing stories into the songs. ThusNick Cave and the bad seeds was born, a perfect example of what I'm talkingabout. Can Be found on the song the mercy seat, which wasone of his first songs with the bad seeds and still remains a crowd favorite. Johnny cash did a cover of the mercy seat years later and it soundslike something he would have written himself. The term the mercy seat refers tothe Electric Chair and the song is Sung from the point of view of aman sitting on death row, noticing his perspective on things changing as his timedraws to an end. The refrain is I'm not afraid to die, butit almost becomes less convincing the more he says it. It's a haunting trackand set. It's the tone for what would follow on subsequent albums, andthere have been a lot of subsequent albums. stylistically, the bad seeds are milesapart from the chaotic yelping of the birthday party. As well as experimentingwith lyrical approaches, there's been a lot of musical experimentation. To date.This project has released seventeen albums and there are blues numbers, folk music,Piano Ballads and torch songs and some stuff that borders on country, but there'salso more artsy and confrontational material just not really in any kind of punk rocksort of way. He seems to be inspired by Leonard Cohen and Tom Waitson a lot of tracks. The most recent few albums have leaned into electronicand experimental ambient territory. But through it all, the connective thread that runsthrough all of his work is a tendency toward dark topics. The songs areoften about creepy or morbid subjects. One record is called murder ballads and eachsong tells a poetic story involving surprise murder. Over the course of his long career, cave has created this dark, mysterious persona. Between his lyrics,his album art were or can, even the way he gives interviews and theway he answers questions. It's all to perpetuate this image of a black clad, almost vampiric character. Over his roughly forty years in the game he hassculpted this image, even going so far as to take part in a foedocumentary in two thousand and fourteen that depicted a fictional twenty four hours in hislife, making him look less like a guy in his late s working onthe grind of writing a new album and more like some musical magician harnessing hismuse while living this intriguingly dark lifestyle. The man's work isn't all fictional andcalculated, of course. The most recent few albums have been experiments in mournful, droning, almost meditative ambience. His...

...lyrics particularly introspective after years of writingabout fictional characters. It turns out that during the writing process of the firstof these newer, different albums, cave was dealing with some real personal tragedy, so he had plenty to write about. His fifteen year old son had takenacid for the first time with some friends and decided to go on awalk about of sorts, but ended up falling from a cliff and dying asad ending to such a short life. A few years later, in acouple more records on nick cave continues to write, record and tour to thepleasure of his many fans. The man is timeless and his music continues toentertain and inspire. He's survived personal tragedy, changing cultural zeitgeists and even managed tocrawl out of his own heroin addiction years ago, which is a wholeother story. I won't go into here, but suffice it to say Nick Caveis a legendary, almost mythical creature stalking around his own dark corners ofthe musical landscape. Do yourself a favor and check out some of his materialthis Halloween, or really any time. There's an almost intimidating catalog of musicto pick through, but I often suggest the song that I picked for thisepisode's recommended listening. When someone asks where to start, it's a little devilishtune called red right hand. Being USHAM game, soulberder, won't be singlething that you do. These dogs us a ghost using food. There spreesnames through this supreme but d n school is a read rat hand. Soyeah, Dude, Nick Cave is this weird, dark, living vampire,but he's a troubadour and he's yeah, he's just created this great last name. So I don't know, is that his real last yeahs last name evenlike Min Chevatz or something. I'm sure it's fake, to be honest.I actually am not one hundred percent sure, but it would be really cool ifit were his, his real name. I think I'm literally looking it upas I'm talking to you. Okay, and thank you. Thank you guymyeah, it's it's just saying Nick Cave was born in Australia in onethousand nine hundred and fifty seven. It doesn't say yeah, apparently, yeah, Nicholas Edward Cave, that's just drailing. They're all made up there as anisland of prisoners, the names came from where you lived. Yeah,not what you did for a living, because everybody was a thief. Soit could be John Thief, bob thief. Had to be like well, I'mNick Cave and I'm a Jimmy under the Rock and I'm by. Hewas in the tree named named after where they hid from the cops. Yeah, that's what Dave seven eleven. That's yeah, every wrong because you berobbing a seven eleven. Nate Bulkhead, kid nate bulkhead or basement or someshit. I was gonna saying. Okay, Geez, Louise, that's that's actuallykind of impressive. Like cave, I like it. WELCOME BE NEATBulgan. Thing about crane to bulkhead. There you go, what a transitionfrom beginning to end of show. Now something that I like is nate's notes. I love it, can't get enough of it. And each and everyepisode you give us some recommended listening, some homework to do, if youwill, good little bache, a little bit right, and you post iton the facebook page. Sure. So what do you got for us thistime out? All right, I am thinking I'm gonna recommend a song bya band that in the first few episodes of our show. I mentioned themalmost, I probably every episode for a while, but it's been a longtime burnacy, I think. Yeah, I think we're due for a littlerecommended listening of no effects. And the song is called it ain't lonely atthe bottom. And so, yeah, I think that would be a goodone too, to leave you people with on this holiday. And Yeah,enjoy it. We call it a holiday. Halloween isn't really a holiday that themail is still delivered, banks are still open, there's school. SoI mean really, you know, it's more just an excuse for people toget drunk and girls to dress slutty,...

...and I've got no problem with that. Maybe we should good in fact make it a holiday. What do youthink I mean? To me, it is all day. It's always beenholiday. You know, for kids it's a fucking holiday. They may notget the day off. But if you ask any kid, Halloween is aholiday. So, yeah, we should get a day off, though,if that's what you're getting a yeah, let's do it. Pay Damn it. Not just a day off, get it off fucking with like paycheck involved. You know what I mean. But yeah, okay, this is alot of candy I gotta Buy at the dollar store. That's a lot ofcheap fucking smarty's and generic fucking orange slices I gotta buy, which, tobe honest, I can't believe I just said that, because that's one ofthe worst things of any Halloween is when someone puts like a loose candy,yeah, man, and all kinds of shit gets stuck to it like lint, and then it's get sugar on it and the sugar is flaking off.So, yeah, if someone gives you an orange like candy, aren't like, yeah, not a real artist slice, because right, that's such a getweirder. Yeah, yeah, as a soccer mom, right there,don't get into her, man, don't do it. But yeah, youknow that that's the person deserves to be Egged toilet papered or, you know, the cap up in Nana's. They given that fucking fruit and shit,that's it sucks. All that's big toe, thumb ass, because I don't eatfruit. Yeah, I couldn't imagine such a thing that banana would endup in that motherfucker's tailpipe two seconds flush. Thanks for their fruit. Now fuckingchoke on your fumes, asshole. You know. But even though it'snot an official holiday, you know we're griping about it. Whatever, Iwant to wish everybody out there happy trick or treating, happy drinking, happyaccidentally making a spawn on Halloween, because of course I'm sure that's gonna Ithought she was hot. She's dressed up like a fucking nurse. I wokeup. I was so wrong and it was my cousin. Oh Shit,fucking hellowe. But anyway, everybody else and that didn't happen to me.Just, Oh, just quickly, I have to just clarify. I justwant to see. Yeah, but I do want to see. I'd haven'tmentioned my dad's birthday is Halloween. So I just want to say Happy Birthdayto my dad. And my brother's birthday is two days before Halloween and mygirl's son is the day after all, but my dad's is right on Halloween. So happy birthday, Amn, and happy Halloween to all of you peopleout there. Man, yeah, right on. Happy Halloween. Happy Birthdayto all nate's family, fuck everybody else. But no, seriously, I wantto thank each and every one of you for tuning in. Virtual hugsfor all of you, and save me some butter fingers, will you.I am Dave. That is nate, and there's has been selling out infirmarymedia. This is no ordinary subshot. This is firehouse ups. Tired ofover priced lunches that under deliver on flavor, head to firehouse ups, where,for a limited time, you can get a four hundred and ninety ninechoice up. Choose from a medium smoke Turkey, Virginia, honey, hamor roast beef. Their custom made hot subs that are price ready made tomake you smile. Just for four hundred and ninety nine only at firehouse ups. Enjoy more subs, save more lives. Participating locations plus tax, Lembit time. MOPHEL. Prices May vary for delivery. Hey, I'm Maurice.As a barber, you might think my scissors are my main tool, butreally it's metsro that's where I got my iphone seven. It's camera makes sharingmy cuts as simple as snip, snap share. Right now, get aniphone seven with a camera that shoots K for just for one thousand, ninehundred and ninety nine. When you switch to the number one brands and prepaidmetro by Tmobile, rule your day requires port ineventual number not going to beacted on teamobile that were port active on Metro and past ninety day and verificationof piking and independent diabase. Then it form percounts. Household thirty complied byiphone seven modelon no temperancy. STORE FOR DETAILS IN TERMS OF COGNITIONS.

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