Selling Out Show
Selling Out Show

Episode 37 · 2 years ago

Ep.#37 Back in the Saddle


The Selling Out Show is back to being hosted by a pair! That’s right, After some time to heal, Dave’s co-host Nate is back in action, though his back may not be up for much action. Back Injuries are serious, and our hosts are both experienced in them.
On top of physical therapy and muscle relaxers, Nate fills us in on a less traditional treatment he’s been experimenting with, to mixed results.
Dave’s life is no less filled with trials and difficulties. We hear about his recent adventures hunting that most elusive of prey, the North American jobby job. It can truly be a frustrating endeavor. Nate’s Notes is about one-man band scenarios. Those who work alone in the studio to realize their singular vision. Anyway, here’s to your health, everyone! Don’t take it for granted!

1:03- Intros and Physical Woes.
5:37- Psychiatric Dabbling/Microdosing
17:43- The Rat Race is for Young Rodents
31:15- Nate’s Notes (Studio Loners)
39:36- Clip: “(You Got Me Confused With) Someone Who Cares” by Foetus)

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...anything to my spine. So apparentlyit's all muscle damage and it's just taking a long time Om going to physicaltherapy. You got tennis balls on the end of your Walker, vebeent scuffing. Iam using the Walker, but luckily it's got wheels. I it doesn't have, it doesn't, have tennis balls on theend, but it's? U Does it have breaks it'sembarrassed. Hin can stop yourself if you go a little too fast, whele you're,going through the casino floor. Well, it's like two of the feet. I havewheels on Hem and two of them are like rubber stoppers. So if you push it,it's light enough where it will roll on the two wheels, but when it needs tostop the stoppers, do keep it Stuf. I don't understand. No, no! No, we got TAUPGRADE Y okay. I've got a Walker Guy, I'm going to give you his number getyou hooked up. HAV You a little deal there little selling out C coupon codefor that or something but ma. You Know Me. I've had two back surgeries. It isno joke. So for you you know Youere, like I'm, sorry, for not being therelast episode, no fuck that so, with my pain issues and back issues, I've been a little down in the dumps, as youcan imagine just being in constant pain. Does something too you rimentally and,and it's already fall and I've mentioned how I get the whole seasonal,effective disorder, where I get depressed in the fall in the winter,and so my doctor has prescribed me some psychmeds and I've. I've takendifferent ones in the pass and none of them have ever worked, and I'veactually had nasty side effects with some that Ididn't care for, but the one I'm on now is Kindof at the very least, I'm not havingadverse reactions to it. So that's good and- and I almost think it is keepingme from getting too too dark right now. But what I wanted to discuss is a different kind of therapy with adifferent kind of medication, and I have we have another friend who's beendoing it and Ivei've seen studies on an or Seeng t v shows on it where people are trying this new therapy thatinvolves taking tiny fragments, they call it microdosingof of silicide andmushrooms, or occasionally L SD, and I'm talking taking so little that youyou're not tripping. You would not consider yourself tripping you just itskews your vision and your perception just enough where it almost brings likea sense of wonder back into your day. You know you question things, you lookat things different, but you're not zone out. You know, Watch AlonHallucinating. There are no ank elephants in the room yeahyeah and thebody buzzes minimal. You're, not you don't feel like an alien talking toeveryone else like you can still go about your normal day, so I was tryingit. I've had some mushrooms in my possession for along time that I've been afraid to take 'cause, I'm old. Now I have haven yearsie betold. So but I decided to try just taking tiny little bites and honestly it does. I don't know, I don't know how to putit. It does jug thing wors, you know it can. What I'm saying is I notice achange. I've been careful to just take a small amount and and yeah my days have been a littlemore interesting and it's it's not impairing. I can still do what I needto do throughout the day and yeah. I notice that I feel a little morepositive. I know with your back prob right now: You're you're, unable todrive and everything, but what about miconosing with those kind ofactivities you feel safe, operating heavy machinery? I mean, I suppose itwould be irresponsible of me on the air here to say that I o that kind of bebut. I I'm not Gonto. ' Put it this way. I'mreserving judgment on that because I don't know what to say. I feel like itwould be possible, like I said, you're, not impared really, but I would sayjust for litigations, say yeah. I would not reckles, let's not get suedtodayright, but where I wanted to go with this story. Is that yes, with myback issues, it's it's definitely helped me from getting too down in thedumps this this treatment, this microdosing and one day it was aSaturday I had even less to do than usual. So I I decided to take...

...what I thought was marginally largerbite than usual of this mushroom, but I've been warned that these mushrooms,I had were really good and I I kinda underestimated the effects that would happen. You knowwhen inly took this larger right, yeah sure so before I knew it, I was gettingthe full feeling of the the butterflies and your stomach anxiety feeling thatcomes with the onset of a losongenic experience and the carpet was lookingfascinating and, like I don't even knowit a carpet. Yeah cranthere's, aSha C yeah, the thelinoleum was growing fur s,weird ut, whatever was happening. I I'm glad that I was experienced enough of atripper and also used to the backpain enough, where Ididn't make any mistakes and further injure myself just being slightlyimpaired by you, know, hallucinating and being a little out of my out ofsorts as it were. I didn't end up pulling a muscle further. I was used tobabying my back and Kinda having to do things more gingerly, so it was finelike most for the most part, it was okay that I was tripping, but theproblem came a few hours into it. When I don't know, I just you'd startthinking too much. Ah, you might give away from you exactly and again the concept that I'vebeen in constant pain for weeks did start to get the better of me. I wasstarting to get it w. It was working against itself where I had been takingthe microdoses to keep me from getting depressed. All of a sudden. I wasoverthinking things and to the point where you were depressed, yeah well,just starting to work adversely and- and I think whattrigger that too, was that I I decided to turn on a Netflis there's not much.I coan do so. I'm like I'll turn on something o Wa Asher pop on the bootend right and there's a new series based on the old movie, the Jim Hensomovie that are crystal, and I've mentioned it before on here about my. Iwas looking forward to it being released, so I I figured this is asgood a time as any to to watch it to try it out. While I'm on you know a bit of Silician Musrans man h, the thing was, it was imagery from my youth, which is alwaysevocative and makes you think im, but it was different than what I was usedto so it kind of messed with my mind, any of our listeners that may haveexperience with Secondagsmat like it's weird, you look for comfort and certainthings sometimes you're, like okay, that's familiar and if you're startingto freak out you might grasp at something familiar, and so I'm like Ohdark crystal. I know the dark crystal t then start watching it and it's completelydifferent. The story's completely different the characters. Look a lotdifferent and the yeah the plot is different, and so it ended up not beingthe comforting experience. I thought it was and it Kinda made me feel a littleworse. I I don't even know where I'm going withthis whole story. It wasn't your safety Blangau. The dark crystal ended upworking against me and everything was working agains, its jus terrible atfirst, when you started, I was like Oh this's, going to be great Ti's Goin apromote like this new kind of therapy to help people out and You'e like itwas Gong off e Il trip. My fucking palls off. I took two MSH yeah. Well,leave it to the the atdict in the room to to not haveenough with the tiny bite I had to take a little extra on the first chance Igot. I that's the addict in me that alwaysneeds more and more and more, I guess right, Hey! I learn some a the samewith me when I'm dring exactly you know what I mean it's like you, I'm at apoint in my life now, I'm like I can socially have a drink but leftunchecked. I'm like I'm going to have another one. What's wrong with one more:Oh, I'm starting to feel bugs. Okay, one more n! Someone around me has to go.Who Dave hold your horsees? You know what you can turn into man calm down.So I understand completely about you taking that extra little munchmunch onyour little trippy mushroom there I get it. The unfortunate thing is, it seemslike to me and I apologize inoot at all. I don'tknow I was going anywhere. I it seems to be like my my my responsibility nowon the show, just jumping and fuck up your shit, but I mean the thing is: isthe Microdo ing you like has been working great, but then, when I did toomuch boy, did I fuck everything up? That's true, because it's like youundid what you have achieved by starting the process of microdocing tobegin ry, where it was relieving you Um and the thing about drugs. Like Y, youmention as well, where doctors keep...

...recommending the same shit that doesn'tworry him Y H, that's the worst and all doctors will do that. You can tell them.I I was on that for a year. It didn't work for Oh, yes, well, um anyway, butnow ir's a different. You know, you'R, like no N. I've done that dogactly, sothey they're kindof pushing you to alternat. You Know Mathad, you helpyourself, you know medicating yourself, true, but uh. You know here we arewhere we're just like. Okay, it works great, just don't Overdo it. So againit is an Arcotic, so Ey yeah, it's I there's potential for for getting outof yourself and getting out of your head and and getting a little crazy. Soso just know that going in and just proceed with caution is is, is themoral of that story? Ok, but it will work in moderation orit has. It has the limited experience I have with it the week or two that I wasthat I was trying it. It did its job until I got glutness basically wellnext time, don't watch h the dark, crystall try watching the yewltide logor something on that Flix. You know where the the fireplay setting kindaget yourself lost in that because boy I my tripping days, are many years behindme, but the dark crystal is not a place. I would call my my comfort zone so tospeak, but I want to hear about you guys as comforten zones hell. I want tohear about anything you want to tell us. I want you to support t the show, andhow can you do that by writing us a message or leaving us a voice, mail orhell, leave a review on itunes that can always help the show. So how do you dothat? You're? Asking Dave? I want to talk to you e guess what it's easy: PesLemon squeazy. If you want to leave a voicemail in the selling outline, it'sseven, seven, four, seven, zero one! Nineteen! Ninety three! Nobody is goingto pick up, or at least I won't and say, Hey and surprise you. You can leave avoice mail and we may just play it on the show you can find this ontwitter atselling out show on facebook at selling out show one. There is the extra onetagged on to that or sent us an email selling out show at Gmale dotcom, Ohyeah, before I forget, I have a challenge for you guys. It seems thatour music is kind of gone passe, the INRO, the outtrow. I I've heard a fewthings. Lately, soing, you guys should mix it up, freshen it up sprinkle insome new. So that's why? If you ere a musician out there, you think ou getany musical talent whatsoever write something for us, but you know I'm notjust trying to elicit stuff for free here. If we do pick your music for theshow, I will send you a bag of goodies, some stuff from our partner. So youknow it's good and you will get recognition on the show in everyepisode that is aired. The music doesn't have to have vocals it doesn'thave to have any. Can traditional instruments go wild, be creative, dowhatever you would like. Just think you know. Maybe it's selling out showcentric or is that the right way to put it NA suppose, but even just a coolvive or cool melody would would be, could be chosen perfect right, exactlyanything you want. I mean if you got a Kazo whip, that mother fucker out andshred it send it to us ma. Nobody wants me. Oh Man, there isnobody on the face of the earth that is interested in me, at least for employment per, and I'vebeen finding hisselt the hard way because I've been trying to apply forwork, I'm currently right now unemployed. I don't have any GIG so tospeak other than this show, but you know I don't get paid for that. So Ineed to get out into the workforce. Make a few bucks bring home the Bay I'mlucky, I'm in a situation whene, my wife works and everything else. So it'snot like I'm on the streets P or anything like that. But do I need a fucky job now I was working. If you remember, fora little big, I was managing the thrift store there, but the only reason why Ithink they even accepted me in the first place was they were so desperate.They reeked of desperation for someone with any kind of management, skills orany kind of background whatsoever, and they were in a pinch and they justhired, fortunately, that job didn't pan out here. I am thinking especiallyafter something like that. You think. Oh, it's going to be easy. Now! No, I was wrong. U, I can't find anything paperapplications walkin applying online. I looked at my resumeredone my resume. It doesn't make any sense. I mean I started to think tomyself: Am I overqualified for some of these jobs am applying for okay? Maybethat's the case 'cause I am my sights are set pretty low. I mean right now, honestly, I'd I'd be willingto be like a trap, he's wire inspector, maybe even a a fluff guy and a pornse. It doesn'tmatter. I mean seriously if someone said I will pay you to pop on one legand Blink for twelve hours out of a day. I would do it with the helpy weird jobit as I just made Itoup, but the thing... is nobody will fucking hire me tois frestrating, that is it's o rejection's, a toughthing or or not even rejection, 'cause, usually what you get with. That is morejust silence. You'rejust, getting radio silence coming back right, it's justwell yeah, exactly and even then rejection doesn't bother me unless itinvolves money or making some sort. o some sort of income, then it's likecome on guys whath, the fuck's going on he not even getting any blips or any.Oh sorry, we reviewed it. You weren't a good fit nothing! It's just Daa, and that is hard. You know for supposedlyour fearless leader in the White House says that the economy's doing grade andthe job markets better than ever, but some some of us are still havingtrouble yeah. The unemployment rate, I believe, is that three point sevenpercent. In the grand scheme of things. I have no idea what that meanswhatsoever, but I assume that's long Idon't, but still even then, like I said, I'mfucking applying for a gas station attendant or anything, and I I won'tget it an even management stuff, which I have more experience, nothing of the.So I guess I got two options left right. Ican either become a priest or rob a bank whoo which one which one you like both sound pretty criminal, but I thinkI think that the priest has more lungevity to it. The Yo, it's it's more. The Long Kon thebank raies are a smash and grab and thing with bank robberies is you'reonly you're, probably only making a few grands tops an ltake it, and then yougotto hit another one when the bills pile up EGIN or if you haven't beenhired for a legitimate job. In the meantime yeah I used to be a bankrobber, but now I work at Mickinese didn't put the bank robber on my resume.There's got to be some kind of weird section of Craig's list. You could find sed employment. Well, I thagt even I'm looking for CDemployment, I'm looking for Anyo, exactly by' being pushed in that dayRegua, even though I I did notice something odd on applications. Now thatI never recognized before where, when you were a kid, you always had thatlittle box check if you're legally able to work in the United States if you'rethis a right, if you're sixteen year old, an eighteen year old, now, there'sa box that says check this if you're age, forty or over Oh wow- and I justturned forty one and I'm like that's your problem- that's your progessthe're! They are shutting you out there being agist, my friends, a Oh noit's, athing: you're youre feeling like the h Hollywood actress that h passe herprime you know: you're you're nomorgad rolls left for me. He put Youot toPasturma, I'm ready for my clothe summer. Mr Deville you'll have to play some like on Kno, augly serial killer or old author or something I don't know what you justlooked at my face and those those are the roles an do. I thought of likeserial killer out of imof Charle's therin playing Ileanwarnos and like how that's when she finally started getting some seriousrecognition. She as not that she's really up in the age, she's stillfairly accessible, she's still fairly a fairly in demand. I guess but but then the what did. I say for theother one I said: cerial killer and old, awth old author, because of like NicolKi, when when they have an attractive actress, they really start getting therecognition when they she played like Virginia Wolf. There was one partandshe put on the make up and a big Fik nose and all this, and so what I'msaying is, if you're willing to put in some work, maybe you don't have to goout like just like an old actress you can like you, can still get Soi'prosteted you don't need to just rely in Ivergerelish figure is what I'msaying you know and Yo now. I certainly do not have her. I don't even knowwhere I'm going with this dud- I maybe I don't eat it, but I'm still tripping.I you mo O make me think I a put on like a witch's nose and awake and likewalk into tha dollar store ID, be like I'm here for ajobplease anybody.Hianyeah, I I I don't, know man, it's. It's definitely frustrating H, there'sno! In Y! U Know you mention rejection earlier, that's something I don't havea problem with, but I don't like the uncertainty of it all like. I don't have someone telling mecodn't even get in a fucking interview like I I if I was even in that fasesomeone could say to my face: Oh Dave! Well, yeah! You haven't had this manyyears in this ex job experience since whenever or you get my dread, you knowwhat I mean. You don't fit the role because of this roll. Now, I'm talkinglike aner you don T, you don't fit the job because of this or whatever butINSD. I just I don't know what the Fuck I'm doing wrong man. You get nofeedback at all. It sucks yeah when you...

...apply online, it's anonymous, exceptfor that fucking forty year old check by yea, I'm telling you man that seemslike you're a stumbling block right there. It's just it's like what are allthese things have in common they're, not calling you back you're checkingthat box man. Maybe you should wel get some botox treatments and H. Try lyingin that box. Try Not I'm just not go yeah, just not going tocheck it and Tju show up and they fucki nd I'll, be like Oh, they calle you athave, and I finally got my addition for a boy ban show up theyre like whoao dude yea, wetoo old for this position years ago. I was part of this non profit, collectiveof ex prisoners that were working activelyto cause change in the laws and and one of our projects was to streamline theprocess for people with criminal records to get jobs. So when, basically,we changed the laws. So when a person with a crimnal record or anyone appliesfor a job, they're no longer legally able to ask you at least inMassachusetts, whether or not you've ever been convicted of a crime on theapplication, they can ask you once you get to the interview, but the point was people were throwing away theapplications just seeing that box checked for so long qright at leastgive someone the chance to explain themselves in an interview. You knowask hem in person and they can explain it to you. They'd give you like oneline to to explain yourself. It's like check the box. Yes, I've been convictedof a crime before and it's like, sometimes it's more more complicated h.But the point is I: We changed that in Massachusetts in the hiring process inMassachusetts. So maybe we need to do some work on the over forty bucks andTexas job or whatever I was going to say because for me the criminal stuffis clean right, so it it's not anything. You know related to that. I just don't fucking get it and youknow the bad thing is once you express to other people which are kind of nhesitant to do on the show. Is You get a lot of suggestions? Oh well. Do theTEMP agency do this? Do that O IIT's? I do I've tried just about everything andnobody's interested in me. I don't get and I've got decent experience in mylife, a d management experience. I had a good career. I mean I've taken manyyears away from Iay, but what fucking gives I want to be able like to givethe excuse of a woman whos who stopped her Korea to raise her kid Y 'cause. I in essence, is Kinda likewhat I did. I became a stay. Homedad definitely is yea, I'm just looking foreither a full time or parttime Gig to bring in a little extra scratch. Giveme a chance. Give me something. So I don't know whatwould. You hire meto do men. I would have you carrying my around Picgy back all day, because mybak is fucked, although that wouldn't work 'cause, your back is alreadycompro yeah. That's a really stupid idea. I don't Knowidon'tknow. Maybe Iwouldn't heare you either. No, it makes it it's on brand I'll. Tellyou that right now it is on Bran 'cause. I got somebody lined up for that jobwho's under forty already anyway, to county Aron and well. I guess what hedidn't check the box. That's the same! Guy Used to carry OSCA around on sesamestreet everybody itswy to take a little momentout of the show and thank our sponsors, but before I do, let me tell yo I'm notthe kind of guy that would just endorse anything without trying at first andalso enjoying it. So there's no blowing any smoke up. Your Petuti make sure youshop with our partners. First Up, I Have Northland Vapor Company. They canbe found at Northland, vapor, dotcom or at their three retail locations inSouth Fargo, North Dakota, morhead and Bamigi Minnesota. Now I've been vapinga long time, former smoker reformed. If you will, and over that time, I'vetried a lot of different companies, a lot of different juices, a lot ofdifferent flavors lot of different ordering processes- and let me tell youhat north and vapor- has been the best. They sell e liquids nexsols hardware,what you're going to need to start your vaping journey and even better their EAliquids, are dike tone and artificial, sweeten or free. Now this is importantpeople. Their main focus is to provide you quality that doesn't need to becostly use. Codes selling out nineteen at checkout and save nineteen percenton your entire order. Now, if you didn't know the CBD revolution hasarrived everybody's using it and there's a reason for that. It workswhether you have a sleep issue, stress anxiety: You need to relax joint painCBD. Is there to help you plus it's all natural and organic, so we'resubrexsite to partner up with Alpine hemp Alpine Hemp Hasit all capsules,gummies edibles. They even got pet...

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...acts back then I saw the phenomenonmore and more as well. Electronic Music is another zenre.That's made up of one man, bands. Of course, nine in nails performs with awhole live band, as he incorporates guitars and live drums with his programsince stuff, but I remember seeing afx twin as a teenager and he just embracedthe fact that his music could be performed with just a laptop computer.He had a couch brought on stage and basically played on his laptop whilelaying across the couch. He had performers come out and do weird thingslike shave, their own heads or dance, while dressed as huge neon coloredplush teddy bears. He made it fun, but it was all to cover up the fact thatmaybe the musical performance aspect of being a solo, electronic artist can beat Tad underwhelming. But as with nine anch nails, manyartists will hire aband to do a more souped up version of their work forlive audiences and speaking of non inch nails. Again. I decided shortly afterdiscovering tread resnner that I wanted to learn about his influences, which ishow I found out about bans like skinny, puppy and ministry and another one man project thatapparently inspired Mister Resner. A great deal, which is this episodessuggested. Listening the consistently Bizarre Work of Misr James GThoroughwell, specifically as fetus thoroughwell or Jg, as he goes by, has said in the past that hisinstrument is the studio itself he would use whatever instruments werearound or sample some noise or sound clip and just use studio, wizardry andprocessing to make new sounds out of it and then arrange all his originalsounds into strange compositions, completed with J G's, sarcastic anddarkly humorous lyrics, delivered in his trademark sneer, it's hard to classify Jg throughwalle'smusic anyway, but he's been working for so long that his most recent materialsounds miles away from what he was releasing back in the early eightieswhen he was inspiring a young Trent resler. J G has always been good at creating areal atmosphere, but over the years a lot of his work has gradually developedmore of a cinematic soundtrack field. He would listen to a lot of modern,classical composers and eventually he began doing some television scores. Hisawesome scorework is a sort of tip of the hat to n nine teen and sixty spyfilms, and you can hear it on shows like the venture, brothers or archer,both of which being cartoons that have a sort of Rhetrofiel, as well as a spyor action motif. So throughwell's music complements things really well in, despite the fact that a lot of hiswork over the years has been sample heavy. His scoring work and a lot ofhis more recent releases under various side projects like steroid maximus inManarexia, feature actual big band orchestrasperforming his bombastic and larger than life compositions. Even the most recent fetus material hassounded more cinematic playing with moods other than the tried and truefist pumping bad acarie. That marked a lot of his younger years. I mean this is a guy who ushered inministry and nine inch nails it's cool to see him branch out a bitin his old age. The son I suggested is from an eighteen year old album, so afair amount of snark is still in place and the production is still more sampleheavy than symphonic, but I think it still shows the man's personality andyou can still hear shades of the man who perhaps inspired kmfdm in his youth.Here's a clip of you got me confused with someone who cares: Bi Feedusowisoinsumation as fun as it is to kick...

...ideas around in a band or group dynamic.Sometimes, when an artist has complete autonomy in a project you can hear hisor her personality more clearly in the finished product Ian we were. We were part of a project Dave back inthe day that we had songs. Like you, I know you personally, with a four track.wrote songs on your own recorded whole song, sure di it's it's possible tojust have an idea and flesh it out completely by yourself. So it's interesting Don' know some guysare really good at atmor fun with other people. I agree: That's how I tend tolean myself I' always like playing in a band more, but I respect the singularity of vision ofsome of these guys but yeah for myself. I will agree with that. I think it'smore fun to and more more rewarding, ultimately 'cause. Somebody might thinkof something that you didn't even think of y right, yeah, you're collaborativefros. So so anyway, you know what you can't argue with some of the results,though I mean you brought up a couple of examples there during NA. No, youknow ninish nails, Trent resner and it's like well. He he got the band whenhe played lie, but I mean the music itself wasperfection. The way it was stemming from his mind. You know some people arejust geniuses in that way that studio, wizards and H, yeah trendrasther was, I think,a lot of people's introduction. To that I know I know personally like I sa. Idon't think I'd heard of someone doing that before him and I know I know a lotmore now. I know we used to listen to this project called self years ago, and that was in the name hself. It was justone dude and yeah this I mean there's a tone of hem a lot like I mentionedindustrial bands, even black metal acts. A lot of them are just one lways artyeah. I mean classical artists granted they needed ttovhey needed the live,the live ban to play stuff, but right yeah, very good man. I likeIdinga, so so there goes another week, I'm sorryit took a couple episodes to do it, so it was actually four weeks this time,since I suggested that listening that that piece of music, so hopefullyeveryone's stuck it out an well. You know what Tou they mayhavehad o wait for weeks, but next time we get a big one for im. That's right!That's right! A Halloween Holabalu, our annual Halloween episode, which isgoing to be Chockfull of spooky scary, Cutchor, pearls, goodness man. I loveit. I'M A my my innergothchild is: is giggling over here man at caurse, youwer black. I were La Black and so and so does the guy. I'm going to recommendfor next week and to anyone who's got any history with the Goth movement or knows anything about it. I suppose itwouldn't come as a surprise that the guy I'm picking is Nick Cave and he's got a project callednickcave and the bad seeds he used to be in the birthday party,but the P, the song, I'm choosing for next episode. Forour Halloween Hullibluas it were, is probably his biggest song or one of 'em. It's called redright hand and Fansa his mad say all. That's yourthat's like picking his intersand man. You know the song that Kinda the obvious choice fuck them. You justbrought ut that he was in birthday cake her birthday marvmaybe. He was in thebirthday, kick at the birthday. A heran jumped down on the birthday cake TATA,but red right hand is a great song to start with. I think, there's a reason.It's his most well known song. So I'll put the link up on the FACEBOOK pageI'll. Try Not to...

...miss a guy better, not miss the nextepisode. This is the big one. Oas O beg one baby, I' better, be a little morehealed up by them, but regardless I'll be here to discuss, F, O Mer, caveandwell, W we'll hear about the red right hand and you're the horror guy,an that is your Niech, and that is your your point of expertise. If you Willso,I'm really excited for the next episode and talking scary, Spooky stuff withyou on that, because I mean you bring up Shit Atd. I have no idea about. Imentione you preshow that you know now. ontwiterbeing October, you see peoplesaying: Oh you now, here's our thirty day of Halloween list of movies. Youmust watch and I'll always see someone say oh dead alive. This is the firsttime I've ever seen this movie, I think about like over twenty years ago, whenyou were the one that taught me because of that movie dericks don't run well, that's Peter Jackson. Actually,the dereck lane is from bad taste, not from dead alo but SEO riter same director, but you got it man. Youknow this. I don't but you've seen the dead alive too. That was that was agory horrible gross movie. I I still love it but H. I um for me, like one of my favorite horrormovies, we'll discuss more xt episode, but I'm going to say once bitten, okay,'cause. It has one of the best dance scenes. You know dirty dancing and gofucking suck a big FA. Once bitne has one of the bestdancscines in the film of All fucking Tim. I don't even know for any other.Really you should watch it again. Will I tank everybody out there? If you geta Cha, you know pre our Halloween Episode Watch one spitting and they'regoingto say but day that's got Jim Carryn and I say I don't care O. Idon't give e Fin fuck. That's a really funny good entertaining an you know:Halloween centri movie right! So there's my dames Notei. I suggestedwatching for my my dames do list how D we call something we need a name for it,and I just pulled that out of my ass. I don't Aybe. You can recommend moviesfor my recommended artist to watch. Some Nick Cave can watch one B yeahwhen she gets out of the birthday party. Yeah he's been, he hasn't, Boug BackParty Ono heget popped in in the VHS and uh rock out with hi shlock. Youknow what I mean. I can't believe you know you don'tremember, that's terrible! It's a Greatess, your lost apple saucethis isa fucking, fantastic dancing. I'll have to. I mean it's up there withlike you should refresh, because when you think of dance scenes in movies,Wat' the first one that comes to your mind, think of like Flash Dance, thirtyTHNA, I think I like teen, Wolf, Yeah Team Wolf was good. Don't Kno, yeah,there's a bunch of Hem they're, all the eighties. It seems like yeah it is. Itis eighties right. It was like the era of the slow, clap and fucking awesome,dance, sequences and movies. You K O I seemd to be pulling all of mine out ofleft field here. They even had a sort of rockout part in the breakfast clotthat Weird Ramy Heart, where they're all like rocking out like like oddlyrocking o yeah. That was very odd. I actually Iwas was GOINGTO, say about two weeks ago: Maximum over drove, which israndomly on TV Hikin of Amelia. ESTOF is yes! Well, that's whature thinkingwhy you recognize a connection six degrees of Amelia es six degrees ofAmelio it W. I did not enjoy my viewing. Oh reall maximum over drive after howmany fucking year I was a kid Lan o I saw that movie. So I got all Syh, I'mIke, I'm going to put it make some Pupcornin Ma, fucky Greatno! No NancyCart right up now, I'm sorry yearatly Smith, Wisserdley Smith, yardly, snearly,yardly or you're yardly, it's Peoun yardly. I guess but yeah I get out ofmy yard. Leyeah Simpson Simpson's voices Lisa. She was in it a and Ithought it was Nancy Cart Right, I'm stooping! Well, no maximum over drivewas Stephen King's first for a first, andmaybe only for a into directing a film, and he admits freely that he was on somuch cocaine. He doesn't remember any of it. So well, that's good! Yeah! That's realgood 'cause! The movie is pretty. He lowered Yo back yeah, Itaspretty,fucking laug ye C anywe can talk talk about things like this next episode.You know yeah, I was going to say: Let's get the fuck out of here 'cause.Obviously, I'm just like rattling shit off that makes no sense and fucking. Ihave no knowledge on anything whatsoever, so I apologize for that.Actually, no! No! I don't it's Whoi hire me. Give me a job all right. Well,that does it for this episode of selling out. I want to thank you allfor taking the time to tune in virtual hugs for each and every one of you. Iam dame that is nate, and this has been selling out.

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