Selling Out Show
Selling Out Show

Episode 37 · 1 year ago

Ep.#37 Back in the Saddle


The Selling Out Show is back to being hosted by a pair! That’s right, After some time to heal, Dave’s co-host Nate is back in action, though his back may not be up for much action. Back Injuries are serious, and our hosts are both experienced in them.
On top of physical therapy and muscle relaxers, Nate fills us in on a less traditional treatment he’s been experimenting with, to mixed results.
Dave’s life is no less filled with trials and difficulties. We hear about his recent adventures hunting that most elusive of prey, the North American jobby job. It can truly be a frustrating endeavor. Nate’s Notes is about one-man band scenarios. Those who work alone in the studio to realize their singular vision. Anyway, here’s to your health, everyone! Don’t take it for granted!

1:03- Intros and Physical Woes.
5:37- Psychiatric Dabbling/Microdosing
17:43- The Rat Race is for Young Rodents
31:15- Nate’s Notes (Studio Loners)
39:36- Clip: “(You Got Me Confused With) Someone Who Cares” by Foetus)

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