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Episode 36 · 2 years ago

Ep.#36 Diamond Dave


Nate is out for the count thanks to a bum back and Dave is called upon to host the show solo. First topic on the board is the foreign concept of fame (5:03), then Dave unleashes his anger over the four month Massachusetts vape ban (16:45). Chris Sheehan (@AceComics) comes aboard the Selling Out schooner to talk conspiracies involving Matress Firm and 'Birds aren't Real' plus how not to dress in court (26:38). To wrap things up Dave takes opportunity of the remaining time so we can get to know him...better? (50:30) LISTEN UP BUTTERCUP!

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Hey, I'm Maurice. As a barber, you might think my scissors are my main tool, but really it's metro. That's where I got my iphone seven. It's camera makes sharing my cuts as simple as snip, snap, share. Right now, get an iphone seven with a camera that shoots for K for just for one thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine. When you switch to the number one brands and prepaid metro by Tmobile, rule your day requires port in a valuable number not going to be active on tmobile network for active on Metro in past ninety days and verification of hiding and independent Abbas than it for percounts household thirty two. Pick a by I phone seven model on the no temperance store for details in terms of emissions. Infirmary media. You were now to Dick to this selling out podcast. What it does is reaches into your brain chemically and now cat your happiest memory chemically and then blocks on to that emotion and pleases it chemically, and then it keepsure happy, happy. Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to the selling out show. I am one of your host, David Schultz, and by my side and my partner in crime is nobody. Okay, now, this is normally the part of the show the introduction really right. Say Hi to nate, ask him about his week of what's been going on. Unfortunately, he has taken up sick. He's going to miss this episode and the reason for that is he's having a major back issue. When I say major or I mean it, this is coming from a guy who's had a couple back surgeries himself and if you ever had any form of back pain for the course of your life, you know it can really be a bitch. So nate is laid up, he's completely bedridden and I am going to try to take up the reins of the show, at least, you know, for this episode. So I'm going to kind of give some observations about some things that I've seen lately and my opinions on some stuff, and plus I will be joined a little bit later on in the show by a good friend of mine, Christian. He's been on the show also in the past, and we're going to discuss conspiracy theories, more specifically things that have been kind of hit in the social media networks lately and just really suspicious stuff, if you ask me. Considering nate is down and out. I want to suggest something that could really make him feel better. It is a little bit selfserving, I suppose, but in the best interests of the show. Hey, what am I going to say? It just works, and that is supporting us in any way that you see fit. Now, we're not the type of show that has a patreon it goes begging for money, but you know what we could use and what we do appreciate itunes reviews, because the more that you review a show and leave some positive ratings, it allows other people to also locate the show and hopefully, if we doing our jobs right, enjoy it. Another thing you could do is follow us on social media, on twitter at selling out show or on facebook at selling out show. One you can write us an email and let us know what you think. Selling out show at GMAILCOM. Or, if you want us to hear those sultry sounds that come out of your throat called Your Voice, you can leave us a message on our voice mail line at seven, seven, four, seven, zero one, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. Any of those ways are great way to engage us. Let us know what you think and again, it's support. It really is. You may think throwing money at us is a way to do it. Yeah, that would be great. Not gonna lie to you.

If you want to do that, be my guest. Another thing would to be shopping with our partners. That's another great way to show the support of the show. But I mean, the number one thing for me is I want to know what's going on with you. You know a lot of people out there do podcast. There a diamond dozen there everywhere. I mean, come on, there's a podcast about, I don't knitting booties for your Kitten, for crying out loud, any kind of topic you can think of, for everybody out there that does produce a show spends countless hours trying to plot or script or edit or anything, you know, behind the scenes, making the sausage, if you will. We want engagement. That is so huge, so important to get an email or a tweet or something, not even just saying Oh hey, good job, man, those are also nice, but suggestions or ideas for future topics, any of those things. I want them all. I'm literally going to right now reach my hand through see those ear Budd you listen to he comes my finger. I want direct access to your brain. So please do that. It'll make mate feel great. He'll probably bounce up like fucking tiny tim say God bless everyone, you've cured his back ailment. And you know what, you just made my mother fucking day. So, without any more pomp or circumstance. Well, I guess this is a little bit let's cue the segue music so you can hear about all the crazy stuff, that random junk that has been rattling around in my naggain. So the other night I'm laying in bad loathing, preparing myself for some restful sleep, hopefully if everything goes well, and on television there was the late show with Stephen Colbert and his guest that night was the legendary member of the Beatles and, of course, Great Solo artist in his own right, Paul McCartney. So, being a fan of his music and everything and just rock history in general, I decide to lay there and watch the interview. But one thing really kind of drove me mad, and it was a question that Steven asked him about his celebrity, his fame, and how it affects him and how, you know, he kind of maneuvers life and views the world. Basically, I think I've just made more of it than Steven actually didn't his question. The point is, though, that Paul McCartney responded by basically saying, in a paraphrasing here, I'm still just the same kid, the same kid us to what the celebrities on TV and his but now I'm in a grewn up booty. And it struck me really hard. It's such a simple response and everything else, but where he kind of said, okay, I am still the same person inside that I've always been. Now, mind you, Paul McCartney has been famous for a really fucking long time. He has money piles upon money piles, like dive into the stash like scrooge mcduck, swim around spitting out the coins, the whole nine I'm not someone who's ever been rich or famous. If you're anything like me, there was a point in your existence where you thought that. I mean basically when you were young, more or less, where you believe that you grow up to become rich and famous, whether there was a rock star or an actor or you know. I mean now we kind of use celebrity loosely. Politicians now our celebrities. We turn that into a whole fucking the whole circus of politics, something that I don't believe in, can make it a celebrity. Social media like influencers, like, who the fuck? How can you influence anybody just taking fucking photos of you holding something saying by this? To me that's the most ridiculous thing ever. But Anyway, I digress. Even with those aspirations, I've grown up basically poor really. I've been middle class, I've been poor, but I've never hit that threshold of any form of celebrity, obviously, since I'm doing a fucking podcast there. I'm not not trying to make any less a podcast. are a very famous podcasters too, but I am nowhere near the ranks of like a Mark Marin or these comedians that... some great shows, like Bill Burr, what have you. So I stopped and I thought about it and I go, if I it is a day dream really, or is it night? So it's like a you know, just me kind of fantasizing here. Imagine if I had that much fucking money, imagine if I had all that notoriety. How would you handle that? WHO WOULD YOU BE? I mean, one thing is for sure, and I kind of pinpointed this right off the bat, as my thoughts kind of got away from me. There was if it was ever going to happen to me, I'd want it to be now. Paul McCartney got successful at a very young age and you know, good for him because, again, when I just mentioned stuff like influencers or politicians, whatever, this guy, he fucking worked his ass off, even as a kid, you know, jamming out with the bands, going to all the clubs, touring. I can respect that. You know, he made it and I know some people might say, oh well, the Beatles were the first boy band. That's fucking bullshit it. They weren't created by a record label, put together because of their looks or appealed to girls. They just fucking knock the girls out, man, on their own. You know, they were just, I guess, dashing young dudes with some killer tunes. So I can respect on how, you know how he made it. I get it. I like it. But if I had gotten famous when I was young, which I wanted to do, I wanted to be a rock star, I wanted, you know, girls to fucking pass out when they saw me, even with the ugly Mug that I have, I would have fucked it all up. I really would have. There is no way in Hell you can handed me that kind of money or give me any kind of form of celebrity, and I wouldn't have killed myself on drugs or oh, you know, just odd because that's what I was into at the time. I really kind of romanticized that lifestyle. My idols were those that live fast and died young. So I probably would make it a made a very drastic mistake. Back to now. I'm forty one years old. I'm a mellow human being. I enjoy my family, my creature comforts. I don't have any thoughts of grandeur where I need like a golden toilet seat or basically copious amounts of cocaine in my life. I would just try to enjoy the simpler things and feel good in my security, knowing that I never have to worry about bills, I can go out and splurge a little bit. Again, not hookers and fucking, you know, Chrystal, meth and fetamine or anything, but I mean just knowing that I could buy a house where I want to buy a house, those kind of things. And also I wouldn't want the money to kind of go to my kids head, my son, because you see, all these fucking rich pricks who raise these fucking douchebags have never had to work a fucking day in their life. You don't understand how society works as a whole. Of course they become those fucking people that I mentioned earlier, influencers. Okay, so, all this being said, how you know? I would want to live a moderate lifestyle and really not try to over overdo anything or overindulge. That's just the money, right, that's just the the cash part of everything. Having the bank account famous something that we all want, we all seek in some level, and even if you don't believe that, you do. Yeah, you kind of do. If you like twitter, right, any tweet, you get happy when you get likes. For you, that's like a recognition or a reward for, you know, putting something out in the world that people enjoyed. Same thing on facebook or whatever, instagram, whatever social media platform you prefer to use. Maybe you like all of them, I don't know, but that's like validation to so many people. And again, let's go back in time here. In my youth, I wanted that and I didn't want to be forgotten either. I wanted to be validated as being a creative, creative person, and people enjoy what I do. They genuinely like everything that I put out there. But then I also wanted... be, you know, invited to fancy places and all that stuff. Sounds so fucking great at the time, when in reality, here I am yet again looking back and going Geez, that's such a superficial, shitty thing to ever desire or want. If I was a celebrity now, I think, and this would piss off a lot of people, I'm sure, I would want to use that as a platform to do something good for other people. And of course you can say, oh, Dave Man, that's so easy to say because, for one, you're not a celebrity, you're not rich or whatever, and then too you want to come off as this soft, loving human being who wants the best for all the other citizens of the planet earth. But I mean one thing about becoming a parent that I'll say. It softens you. It really does. On the inside. You start feeling the plight of other people more often, I know, thinking even on my own past life experiences, I was raised by a single mother. I don't believe they get the credit they deserve. We seem to want to reward people for the wrong things. We put them on a pedestal for the wrong things. For example, to me, why is Kanye West famous for even to begin with, for writing a song or rapping, but now just being complete nutter fucking psychopath? But yet some single mom it's just working God knows how many jobs just to make ends meet. Why is that person less valuable than the person who could just fucking rap? It makes no sense to me. We really do, as Americans, I think even you know, as society as a whole, celebrate the wrong things. Sure, we say support the troops, support teachers, do this, do that, but how much do we in fact put our money where our mouth is? or not even the money, just our actions? We can go blue in the face saying they deserve all the great things that life has to offer. Here we are years later and they're still suffering as much as anybody else. Yet Oh shit, that new song just drop. I can't wait to fucking buy that download. I'm kind of going in the weeds a little bit. To get back on to the point I was trying to make. Is If that I left my house and everybody was snapping pictures and wanted to know what I thought about this, that and every other fucking thing. I would want to put forth an agenda and an image of myself true to my belief system that I have now, having suffered for as many years as I have, I'm not entirely sure you want to hear about all the issues that matter most to me. I kind of went off on that little rant there about single moms not getting the love and attention that they truly deserve compared to a recording artist, for example. The whole thing is is a start, colmtrast, a really big difference just talking twenty years here, about what I would have done with this kind of social currency, this power then compared to now, because of course then I would want to be lived to the excesses and just be a complete and fucking total asshole. I would have enjoyed that. I'm not lying to I would loved it. Now I would despise that when I see people doing it, I say, come on, use your fucking brain, thick, you're more than this. You can do more than this. Don't be a fucking slouch. So I guess kind of like the wrap this whole thing up is just such a foreign concept to me. What is fame? How could you handle fame, fortune, all of that really, I mean, how would you deal with it if, tomorrow, just out of the blue, you became famous? Okay, I don't know if there's a fucking genie in a lamp or you actually did something creative, whatever, but let's see, you had it, what would you do with it? It's fun to say silly shit. I get it. I love saying silly shit. Hell, is what I do on this show every every two weeks. What would you do with that kind of social currency, with that kind of power? Its... for thought, speaking in which I could really go for a ham sandwich. 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I'm sure if you're a viewer of the morning news programs or just like looking at random headlines on your phone as you scroll by whatever, you know your your news feed. Maybe get one, as I know on my phone it's like a Google thing and it kind of gives me the headlines of the day, and you know, those are in fact striking. When you read something that says vaping kills, unfortunately, I find that to be greatly misleading and something that's angered me. To know end are these vaping bands, because vaping has helped a lot of people, myself included. I guess you can view this in a way as a testimonial. I was a lifelong smoker smoking is a dirty, filthy fucking habit which is guaranteed to kill you. There is no way around that. If you were even lucky enough to not get cancer from smoking, you're not a healthy human being. All the crap that you're putting into your body, all that tar and all the Famalede Hyde and all the other poisons that are in there. VAPING is a healthy alternative and mostly, if it's marketed correctly, as smoking cessation. Okay, it's either to help you quit smoking, so you can switch from those stinky smokes and go to vaping instead, or it just hey, you can't stop, do this, okay. It's not going to again put those toxins into you, as cigarettes would. Recently, just this week, it has been announced that vaping was banned in my home state of Massachusetts for months by the governor, Charlie Baker. Charlie, what the fuck you think in man? Okay, four months. What are you gonna do with that? Four months you can explore, try to see what the dangers really are, why people have been suddenly coming up with lung illnesses, and I believe, and don't quote me here because I don't have the numbers in front of my face. I want to say maybe anywhere, but from seven to ten people have died now, from what I have read, and I don't just look at the headline here, I actually go into the articles trying to, you know, find some some actual information, which is strange in two thousand and nineteen, I'm sure, but it seems that most, if not all, of the incidents come from these cartridges. Okay, some of you also may be familiar with these, because jewels is the most popular manufacturer of these electronic cigarettes. I call them electronic CIGARETTESEU. It's not like what I would use. I use a regulated box MoD there's many different ways, different devices out there, but these are especially dangerous in jewels case because they market them two kids, which is an old cigarette company tactic right back in the day before the advertisements were banned. They try to make smoking look cool, enjoyable, relatable to any kind of event or situation your life. You know, you...

...can smoke after you have a meal, you can smoke after sex, you can, it doesn't matter. You're at a picnic with your family, light went up, you're in the doctor's office. Hey, there you go. Jewel follows the same. I want to call them predatory tactics, and that's why kids so attracted to that, which is wrong. Okay, and the majority of the people getting sick are in fact teenagers or, you know, younger, younger people. Now back to the cartridges in question. A lot of them are these thhc cartridges or they're basically black market stuff is it's not regulated materials, not regulated product. This is crap you get off the street or stuff that you're buying from China that isn't locally made. You really can't trust this stuff, but you know, hey, cheaper, maybe it's easier for you to get, maybe you're underage, I don't know, but they're buying this shit and people are in fact getting sick, have no doubt about it. That is legitimate. People are getting sick from these cartridges. Problem with the band is no one really understands the science of it. There was, I mentioned earlier, the morning shows. I saw a segment the other day where they showed some scientists essentially proving that smoking is so bad for you compared to vaping. They like to do this test with cotton balls in these glass encasements and they pump into the smoke into one from the cigarette, the other one from the vape. I think it's like four packs. It could be you know, it doesn't even matter the number because even after one pack you'll see the cotton balls from smoking are fucking just disgusting, Brown, gunked up with Tar, oily everything else, while the cotton balls from vaping come out clean. So I'm like, great, this is a great way to leave it off. Let's not demonize a fucking industry for what a seldom few are up to. But then at the end they had another scientist who was experimenting on rats and what he was trying to say was, okay, it's cleaner, or it looks cleaner, by those other tests to smoking. vaping that is, but in twenty five years it's going to fuck up your heart, it's going to cause stiffness in your your arteries and Yada, Yada, Yada, and everything else. And Listen, I'm not trying to shit on his report. I mean, what do I know? I'm not a scientist. Okay, I'm just basically going with how I feel as being someone who's vape now for five some odd years, who used to smoke, and I feel fucking great. I also understand the perspect of a parents, because apparently vaping has become an epidemic in schools. When I was a teenager back in the S, guess what, smoking was an epidemic back in school. Kids will always rebel and do things that they're not supposed to do and they want their hands and grubby little fingers on the stuff that they are not supposed to have. I don't want my kid to Vape, ever, I really don't. You know. I mean, what's the point of it? I don't want to smoke, I don't want to start smoking, so then you need to turn to an alternative to stop smoking. Okay, but I understand the panic. I get it. Still, to demonize an entire industry and ban the practice of something in your state for four months is equally as dangerous or as harmful as handing a bape cartridge to a child. I say this because, okay, you're going to close all the APE shops. People are hard working people are going to be out of a job. Their industry essentially for four months is dead. And you can say, yes, you just said four months, it's not forever. It doesn't matter. How the fuck you going to earn? How the fuck you going to put bread on the table when you're out of work for four months? The other thing is, if you are in fact an adult who has awareness of what you're doing, vape safely, only use as products that they know that they can trust. Your your fucking upshits. Creak man, I haven't fully read all the stipulations involved in this band. That's that's bad on me, because it's kind of like breaking news, you know, as far as as me getting my information on... But I can only pray that you can still order stuff by mail, because if you can't, holy cow, you turning the responsible folks to guess where black market we're all the dangerous shit is already fucking being bought in a hurting people. So what's the game? I mean really, what is to gain by a four month vape band? I suppose maybe some public support from again, could be nervous parents or just headline readers that think you know this shit is fucking out to kill you. But I mean, come on now, really think about it. How many things in this world should we really be outraged about it so angry about? For Christs Sakes, if you ever listen to the show before you know how mad assault rifles make me. Yet you can still fucking go buy one. If you really wanted to. Fatty foods, you can fucking buy eight, two leaders of Pepsi and drink them down and fucking you know, have a fucking hot attack for crying out loud everything. Cigarettes, Oh, Hey, Oh, before I can get ahead of myself, cigarettes, you can still buy cigarettes. Oh Lord, you know, they may not be killing you right this second, but they are again without any doubt, going to give you fucking cancer, kill you and destroy your life and your family. Yet you can just stroll on down to seven eleven and buy those fucking no problem. AD A little price because it tacks to fucking Tim Buck to but you know what, that's what it's all about. The money. Follow the money, and that kind of leaves me to think, well, if vaping had better lobbyists, this would never come to pass. Maybe somebody squashing this whole issue right now by slipping an envelope into some freaking congressman's pocket there in Washington. But Alas, whatever, here I sit angry because there's an industry out there that I care about, I love and I know has done me personally a whole on of good going through a bunch of Shit right now. And you know what's next? I live in Texas. It's coming for me. That's what's next. It's inevitable. Is bound to happen because, just like a snowball that you roll up and let go down a fucking hill, it's only going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, even if less people get sick, even if less people die. You know, the whole thing is now it's in the public consciousness. There is no jury, there is no trial right now. The science isn't even pinpointing to exactly what is causing the problems as is. They know it's black market, they know it's a bad cartridge, but what inside of it is actually harming people? Is it a liquid thickener? Is it thhc itself? Is it? How is being manufactured? We just don't know. But in the meanwhile, all the things that we absolutely, without a doubt concrete evidence, are aware of that will fucking destroy lives. Ah, no, give that fucking shit a pass. It angers me. I'm a little bit theoriated and hopefully, given time, it will not stand. And now I am joined by Chris she and of the cosmic treadmill empire, a podcasting empire, if you will. Chris, thank you so much for joining me today to break up the whole monotony, monotony that I came and speak the monopoly. How about to say that instead? It's easier to say I love monopoly. I said of monotony, I say monopoly. But anyway, for breaking up the whole thing of this episode of me just talking into a mic about what the hell is bugging me. Certainly, certainly, no problem. I appreciate you having me on, and this actually intrude rupts a game of monopoly. I've been playing since like one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. That hasn't ended yet. How far did you get? How many properties do you own? I've never figured out how to put houses on them. I I don't know. It's the houses are still in the box. Haven't taken them out. At least they're still in the boy was afraid you were playing with somebody who's eating them or jamming them up their nostril. No, but we are using we are using different denominations of coin instead of tokens...

...because they're all gone. So I think I'm the nickel, what Toke and even know there's tokens. I thought is all paper money? No, no, no, I'm talking about like the little dog and the and the thim bowl and they're gone. Oh, those reason king. Yeah, okay, now, I understand. I'm certainly whatever. I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, but you know what either, I do want to talk about. Great, we're perfectly both beyond the air right now. HMM. I want to talk about something in particular, being conspiracies and conspiracy theories. I personally am one that doesn't really trust the government's okay, I don't go too far. I don't like looking for like national treasures, symbols in like the dollar bills or something like the eye above the pyramid means that big brothers watching me, or and the OWL in the corner. And Yeah, exactly. You know what I mean. But I do, I do have a general mistrust of what I'm being told. How about you? Oh, I'm there with you. Not to not to the no tinfoil had extinct or anything, but but definitely I feel like we are not getting all the information that, frankly, we might not even need it. But I I definitely think there's stuff we're not being told and there are machinations going on. Yeah, how about Big Foot Lock Ness? I'd like to believe in them, just because I'd like the world to be a little bit more fantastical than it is. But uh, you know, reality sets in and I don't think that that actually exists. It would be really, really cool, but Nah, is there one conspiracy theory that you've heard throughout your lifetime that you really think? You know what? That that one? That one's got legs. You know, I was just reading the other day and I can't remember it, but it really affected me. Okay, boy, I don't know what the fuck it was, but it bothered the hell out of me. It did. It made me think and I don't remember exactly what it was. I as we go on, if I can, if I can figure it out, I'll share it. But but there are, there have been a few that have oh there it is the mattress firm, the fact that mattress firms are on every corner. Sometimes there are four mattress firms on four different corners, all facing one another. There was the theory that came out at, I believe, on read it probably two or three years ago that mattress firm was basically an elaborate money laundering scheme, because how many people need to buy mattresses? You know it, and even here in in beautiful hot Peoria, Arizona, we have one corner of one of the main roads here that have two mattress firms facing each other. It's like how many people need mattresses and the more the there's all. There's a lot of deep conversation on this and the more you go into it, the more you really can talk yourself into thinking like there are some shady people behind the mattress firm. I think they're right now owned by a South African firm and there was a little bit of controversy at the head of that firm and whoever was CEO of mattress firm at the time the purchase. But it's all. It's all very interesting food for thought and if you let your mind wander a bit in start wondering, like, you know, you buy a mattress maybe once every eight, ten years. How many people need to buy a mattress? And and every time you go in there it's empty. I was thinking like very self maybe was the mob or something. You're talking about money laundering, not like a South African whatever. But you know, that is weird. I have never heard of this, but that is so bizarre. Like right across the street from each other. That's almost like in Massachusetts Dunkin donuts with his one leg on every corner. Yep, you can't walk ten feet. Like I need more coffee, good Christ, I can't live without coffee. Why are they so close together? It's true. Why we so desperate for the for the Java, if you will. But yeah, I mean these mattress firms here are more plentiful than starbucks has, and starbucks has. Are are the ones that are,... know, cliche. You know, you know they're everywhere. You can't you know there's one in your bathroom right now. There's everywhere, right but uh, but these mattress farms, it's just so weird because there's such high dollar things and they're never busy. But they just keep popping up and they keep having these they keep having grand opening signs and banners on their windows. It's like you've been here for thirty years. How is this a grand opening? You know, I don't understand it and I don't know it's just maybe there's something to under new management. Yeah, exactly, that's what it is. I'm not to Google that because I've never heard of that before. That mass a new one for me, and over the course of the week I discovered yet another one that I found very bizarre. This is kind of making the rounds on the social media and it has something to do with birds, and birds are creature I don't really think about very often. What are birds? Birds of the well, they're essentially dinosaurs, if you think about it. My son, who's a big Jurassic World dining head, and for me he's like Dad, you want to see a dinosaur in these times, just observe a bird. I'm not going to get all into that now because I don't want to. I don't really have much information on it. I want to sound like an idiot more than I already have. But no, they are these winged creatures that fly through the air and you know they land on Snow White while she sings or what have you. But there is a website out there this recently made the rounds called birds aren't real. Have you heard much about this at all? Is just like a mattress firm thing or is this new to you as well? This is pretty new to me. This is pretty new to me. I have some very, very slight knowledge, of passing knowledge of this phenomenon, but I do not, I cannot speak to it eloquently. Okay, well, you know, let's do this for the listeners right now. I'm going to play a little bit of a clip of one of the members of birds aren't real explaining the cause, and then when to come back and discuss a little bit about what he has to say about it. Excellent. All right. Maybe you sing the billboard near the highland strip or heard the story on Wednesdays live at nine. A campaign called birds are not real brings his efforts to the midself, and this morning we are joined by one of the messengers of the movement. Peter macindo, is here to tell us how this all came about. What we want in to size. You were not the founder. No, non, wow. So how did you become aware of it? What is the message of the movement? The message of the movement is a sensel. It's spread awareness that from one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine through two thousand and one, the government mercilessly Genesis I did, over twelve billion birds and simultaneously replace them with surveillance drones in disguise that film us every day as equally as these cameras are filling us right now. So this is really satire. I mean, you don't really believe that that happened? Correct? This is a satirical campaign to make the point that what here. You're looking at me like, no, it's not satire. I really do believe this. Honestly, that's kind of offensive. Okay, so it's not satire. I don't think you would say that if I said birds are real. Our lawmakers, though, really taking this seriously, because a lot of people will have their doubts there, have their questions about whether or not the movement is really serious or not. Yeah, that's been a really hard part of this. Honestly. Since the billboards gone up, there's been a reaction of supporters and loyal bird true there's coming out saluting, bowing. It's almost become almost like a like a sacred pilgrimage to see it's others, though, seem to have some kind of laugh response and it really pains me. All right, so you know, this is only audio. See you can't really see the guy. You can't see him at all when I was saying King really you lucky for you. Yes, he is when grubby looking motherfucker. He doesn't look like he's bathed recently. He's got some patchy beard thing going on. Sort of. Yes, SORTA,...

...and I think you can kind of tell by the tone of his voice he's not completely fully there. No, but that being said, do you think there's any validity to his claims that the government has destroyed birds and replace them with drones? You know, I hate evoking the its current year thing, but it's current year and this is the world where we've had this like digital divide, where it's possible for any stoner idiot to kick up enough dirt to make it look like smoke and then scream that where they're smoke this fire. So and then it starts gathering momentum and the weirder it is and the more lol random it is, the more it starts to build up. This is just so dumb. Yeah, I've owned birds, so I'm fairly certain, unless you know the government was watching me, that's possible. You know, they got the cameras in the eyes of these birds and they're watching. They're watching me go out through my daily business. But come on, so you did you ever want like a parakeet or something? What would you own? A parrot, Cockateel and a parakeet? Did they talk in the day? Yeah, I think we talked ourselves into thinking they told. Okay, like any noise they made. It's like I think he said hello. No, no, he just went by, but I was going to say something like paully, want a cracker. It's actually like a government message. It's ablutal message. It goes eat of your brain and controls you it. It just said couldnsume because it's who bought a drone bird. This bird is controlled by the government. Yeah, you know, Jeez, Louise, but maybe you did buy a drone bird. We don't know. I might have. I might have. I should have taken it a pot autopsy. The fucking never thought of the you go and it died or something. But it's definitely something I've never considered. I've never looked up saw bird and thought, oh, that's big brother. Do you know what I mean? Like we have the cameras on the the street lights and things like that to watch us. I mean we're we're under surveillance all the time, constantly our cell phones. I mean, I'm the guy that turns off the camera on my apps. Sure, because I'm afraid, like someone's going to listen to me. If boring is my life, maybe they're still trying to get get my routine and what I like and what I don't like to try to sell me shit or, who knows, possibly destroy me. I have no idea. You never know, but if I think these birds are flying around watching me, just seems really far fetched. Absolutely, absolutely. And you know the government. You put two government officials in a room and I don't think they could agree on how to put how to make a picture of cool aid. And they're gonna they're going to figure out the the flight patterns of birds. Really. Yeah, yeah, that that is weird. Plus, you think they'd be more concerned about the environment to keep up the ruse. Of course you know of the birds going around, but yeah, I don't know, eat, like you kind of said, like any stoner or anybody who gets the the little laugh or chuckle. Yeah, they're gonna, you know, the balls going to start rolling and not even necessarily people are going to believe in it, but get, they're going to think it's funny or just that Ludacris. They will ludicrous. They will support it, of course they'll. They'll tout it, they'll they want everybody wants to be part of something and the Sillier the better. And this clown and the fact that a an actual local news broadcast had this idiot in their studio. MMM, I don't know if it was just for the left because I mean, like you said, this is an audio thing that we shared with the with the listeners, but I mean this guy was making some odd claims and the the interviewers were making some very, very entertaining faces in response. They asked if it was satire, because that's what you think. Is this like an article from the onion exactly? This can't be real, you know. But he you know, he's stuck to his guns. But and you know, there's just something he's got that that that that millennial tone of voice where it's just like everything's kind of Sardonic and everything's kind of, you know, law random and you just want to punch him in the face first of all. But yeah, right, it's a the FACTT that they're even entertaining this as a as a potentially serious news...

...item. I mean the idiot paid to have a billboard. As far as we know. Really is that? Is that all it takes to to get your message spread? I mean, come on, how do you pay to get said billboard, you know, posted? If you go to their website, which I happen to be on right now, the front page is all trying to sell merch there you go. That's what it's all about. They're like not the message or anything. Think. I mean there is a little button. You Know How who we are? Yeah, but I mean our story exactly. But it's really just a cell twenty nine t shirts. There you go, so they don't have to get a fucking job or whatever. But because I am such an inquisitive guy, I clicked on you know who we are and all that stuff you're saying, the tabs, and I guess I'm just going to read you this excerpt from their website and how it all started and just to give you a little context, I guess, to where this whole theory may or may not have spawned from, if it is indeed a legit concerned about these fucking birds. But anyway, they write on June twenty two, nineteen fifty nine, operation water, the country was born. This was to be the secret code name given to the program From Nineteen fifty nine to nineteen seventy six, when it was renamed to Operation Very Large Bird. I don't know when sesame street premiered, but they really miss the boat on calling operation big bird. It's true. Okay, Oh Shit, oh my God, even in parentheses here they wrote the individual in charge of naming the program didn't want to get in any copyright trouble with a popular PBS show, Sesame Street. So there's my mouth going before I even read. These guys have very fucking base covered here. Let me just continue reading it. Within the next sixteen years, fifteen percent of the bird population was wiped out. During these first few years, bird prototypes were released by the hundred million. The term drone was not used at this time and instead they were referred to as robot birds. HMM. So there you go. They didn't want any conflicts. They want Jim Henson suing them. This true children's television workshop is madly litigious, especially with secret projects of the government in their names. It's like, Oh my God, sure you know this was? This is supposed to be some top fucking secret CIA organization that we don't know about. But yet we don't want to be fucking copyright suit in court. No, we remember. We remember the Big Hassle of Operation Mickey Mouse, and that was that was not a fun to disaster, absolutely disaster. Yeah, well, that's that's what got Nixon and peached. It's it's it's bad deal. Yeah, Watergate, nope, wasn't that at all. Operation Mickey Mouse. But the thing here is as funny. Might even bother to read the whole thing before I'm like, Oh, yeah, they fucked up by not calling it big bird. And sure as hell, I said in this later the here it is. But I mean again, we live in a day and age where kids eat tide pods and do some of the stupidest fucking shit to gain attention on the Internet. So I guess in one way I kind of envy them because they're getting like engagement, interaction there on the news everything else, which is, I mean, amazing. That's a success story in itself. My concern is the poor fucking schmucks that would believe any of this and probably run outside with a shotgun shooting birds on the telephone wire being like you're fucking watching make it away from my property. You you know, whatever the case may be here, that people will believe. There's always going to be someone who's going to believe anything. I mean we've we've seen a lot of movements in the past, our entire lifetimes that seem far fetched to us, but are, you know, part and parcel to a belief system for other people. You know, I don't want to name names or nothing, but it's a you know, there are a lot of movements out there that have a lot of steam and a lot of lucrative ways of getting funds and to...

...some of us it's just like wow, how does anybody even consider that? That's a real thing, and this one has the element of being, you know, I don't know for channy enough to to, you know, sweep, a part of a generation or part of a Internet consumer base, but I don't know. Well, just I think you hit the nail on the head with the t shirts. I think this is a this is a way to supplement or replace the need for this fella to go a go to is a third shift circle K shift tonight, you know, and now a man, I didn't think of it because I don't want to go to my third shift at the Circle K, you know, like Shit, there is tucking guy. He nailed it, man. He's what a great idea. He can just sell these fucking Gremmy t shirts, make a fucking fortune and fucking, you know, trick people into believing that there are robots living in the sky. Sure, absolutely, but anyway, I guess I said all I have to say about that, unless is anything else you'd like to add. Maybe I'm talking to you and you're a drone right now, you kind of look robody. Does that make any sense? Robotic or just make that word up. Robody, numb. My beard is not Simmil symmetrical enough to be a beard, to be a robot. Oh So, if I was, I'd look a lot cleaner than I do right now, a lot more sharp. But but a'll ask. No, no, I'm I'm just a man, but that. But of course. Yeah, if I were a robot, I would probably tell you I am just a man. So it's a I mean in for in for a penny, in for a pound. I don't know what I am and neither do you. So it's all it's all relative. It is all relative. You know and sense. You were so nice to come on and talk to me a little bit about fucking birds and drones and conspiracies and everything. Why don't you take a minute, if you are in fact real, to promote yourself? Let us know where we can find you, your content, all that good stuff, certainly, but one one word of advice to the listeners. If you do start a silly thing online that gets enough attention to where you're asked to be on the morning news, please take a bath before you go on the news, because you're all you're doing is making your cause look even stupider than it already does. You're not doing your cause any favors by refusing to bathe, brush your teeth, brush your hair and going on television. You just look you look like like something that should be mocked. And whether this guy should or shouldn't be mocked, you look like you should be mocked and perhaps punched in the face. Hey, but you know what, Hey, you don't let me stop you there. I know I just said promote your stuff and I'm like, wait, hold on, don't do that, but you just said something that reminding me of something I watched this morning where there was a a trial. It's a local trial here in Dallas about a police officer who shot her neighbor. Okay, and one of the key witnesses. They should a clip of him on television and he goes to court wearing a dragon ball Z T shirt. Nice. Was it a button not? Was it was like a one of those button up Airbrush One? No, he's just a fucking whatever t shirt. You get a hot topic or whatever. I see no will. None of it's classy. But what I want to try to say to you is like I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm like, you are a key witness in a fucking murder trial. Your testimony carries. Wait, yet you go to court wearing a fucking dragon ball zt shirt. What the Fuck's the matter with you? No, it's interesting. They say the dress for the job you want, not the job you have. So maybe he wants to be I don't know what clown. I don't know, but you see that a lot where you know you're up there, you're up there before the judge and you're wearing you're wearing like a tank top, but you're wearing a torn, you know, stained t shirt. It's like, come on, Dude, you're trying to you're trying to put you try to put your best foot forward here and you and you look like you're crawled out of all jumps. Terrible, terrible. All Right, I'm sorry for interrupting you. Promote away,...

...plug away, tell us what you got. Certainly, certainly, you could find me talking over at the Chris and Reggie Channel. It's Chris and Reggiecom we have a slew of programs over there. The flagship program is called the cosmic Treadmill, where we look at a different comic from the past or a different group a comics, bunch of comic storyline whatever. Then we take deep, deep dives on those stories, breakdown everything that goes on in them, talk about the creators, talk about stuff that was going on in the real world that might have influenced the story. We also have other shows. I've got a solo podcast project called Chris is on infinite earths that's named after a blog that I maintain. Just take a look at a single DC comic from the entirety of their publication history and try to equate that how, you know, regardless sound nebulous, I try to relate it to something that happened in my life and just a share stories. We've got a new program called Morey Tory Mondays. If anybody's familiar with marvel comics property strike force, Morey Tory from the mid to late S, me and a Buddy Chris Bailey, Charlton hero on twitter, are looking at every single issue of that run, breaking it down and so far so good, having a real good time with that. We just launched our first episode just a few days ago. There's a fucking menu right there, baby, it is it is it almost think that I have nothing else going on in milk? I wouldn't. Hey. So No, you're a lot of projects going on, which is great, and that's why I referred to you as like an empire, which I always do, and he made think I'm joking, but I'm kind of not. We do what we can and so far, so good. I have an having a good time and we'll keep doing it as long as it stays being a good time. Awesome. Well, thanks again for being on. Now get the fuck out of here. See You. It's that time of year again, folks. Welcome to the fall season. The leaves are starting to change, and now so can you. Being Addicted to cigarettes is no fun. So if you or someone else you know need help to break the habit, I got a surefire answer for you right now. Is called Vapor, and if that sounds complicated, don't worry, I got that covered for you to the best place to start your journey is that northland vaporcom. They have an abundance of eliquids hardware and know how to help you get started. Don't let this be the season if you're discontent or continuing with an unhealthy lifestyle. All of northland vapors eliquids are dike, tone and artificial sweetener free, so you can feel good knowing that you're not pumping your body full of poison. Please, a little bit more room for that Pumpkin Spice, if you know what I mean. So what are you waiting for? visit their website at Northland vaporcom or come on into their three retail locations in South Fargo, North Dakota, morehead and Bemidgey, Minnesota, saving money and saving your life. That's a win win. Visit Northland today. Some products contain nicotine adults only. Hey, you, yeah, you the fine furry person listening to this podcast. How are you. I don't think I address you enough. You know, I don't take enough time out of the show, out of the day, to say hey, what are you doing? What's up? For example, what are you doing right now? How do you consume podcasts? Where do you like to listen to our show? Some like to drive. It's like a talk show to keep you occupied as you put miles on your tires. Others you might be in the shower, you might be doing dishes, who knows, setting up tent spokes outside because your wife just kicked you out and you need to be entertained. All of this is really well, I mean potentially could be very intriguing stuff, but I want to talk about something far more important right now. ME. That's right, I said it. Let's discuss well, I mean you're going to be a silent partner and all...

...of this, but you know, let's talk about me, David Schultz. What do I like? What am I desires? What interests me in general? So where do I start? I mean, I've lived a long life. I've seen so many things. So how about this? Let me give you some factoids, maybe something you didn't know. I mean I'm assuming not many of you know me personally. So you don't know what I look like. You know what I sound like, but that's really just scratching the surface on who I am. Well, let me tell you. I don't eat fruit. Nope, not one bit. You got it. I don't eat jelly, I don't eat jam. I don't need a whole fruit. If you offer me a banana or strawberry, I'd probably run away screaming I don't want it. Yeah, I know, doesn't sound very healthy, right, but guess what? I've made it this fucking far, and it's not that fruits in general or unappealing. I like the smell. I just don't like the consistency of chewing something. Or let's say there's seeds. Oh God forbid, there are seeds. I don't want to deal with that. For someone like me, biting into an orange is the equivalent of biting into a human leg. It's just disgusting. I don't like it, and that's why one of the things that perplexes me the most are fruit flies. Where the hell did they come from anyway? I mean seriously, I may not consume fruit, but people in my household do, and it's appears at the moment that we bring it home from the market, we put it somewhere and a day later you would see our fruit fly zipping around. Where did it come from? As someone who doesn't enjoy fruit, I think it might be deeply embedded in the fruit, like those seeds I was talking about. It seems impossible. It can only be some kind of black magic. I'm a sucker for nostalgia, but only to an extent. You See, I'm also very, very cheap. I don't like throwing money around at things. I actually get a hard on by being frugal. Is something I enjoyed terribly. If I can pinch a penny, I'm a happy camper, and this drives my wife crazy. She sometimes, as you know, any normal rational human being would like to do. You know, wants to go out, have some fancy dinners, socialize with people, have fun. ME, Nope, fuck that. I don't want to do any of that. For one all that shit costs money. No, thank you. Plus, speaking of socially, the older I get, the less social I've become. Having a group of friends used to be really important to me. Now it seems more or less that my friends had become contacts, meaning I don't physically see them anymore. A lot of this is due to distance. I do live thousands of miles away from my original friends, but also have very little interest on making new friends, well at least the physical variety. If you were to text me, DM me, pmme whatever out of the blue on the Internet, I'm more apt to talk to you or strike up a conversation that I would be a stranger out somewhere in public. This could be the sign of something I'm not entirely sure not diagnosed, not by any stretch. In my opinion, I already have all the friends I need to have. Sure, I mean only talked to him once every couple of years or see them around never, but they've been established over the years. They get me, they understand me, and vice versa. I can say something wildly rude or loude around them and it's not like clutch your pearls, it's like Aha, that's just Dave, and they'll do the same to me and I got you, silly son of a bitch, and I imagine myself slapping them on the show. They're saying, ha, ha ha, Goodwin Pal. I prefer minced ice compared to cubes. You know the kind if you go to like, let's say, a restaurant and they just a little eeny, teeny, weeny choppings of a cube. Also, I like to say the word minced. It's a fun...

...where to say. Try it ready minced. No idea why, but it makes me believe that it's going to keep my drink colder. I like to rattle the cup. It has a better sound and yet another theory that is most likely untrue. I believe it a lot. It's more room for the actual beverage itself. You know what I mean. Everybody's gone to a coffee shop asked for a nice coffee. You look at the thing and go shit, this is seventy five percent ice. But if you put minced ice in there, at least is an illusion that there's actually more liquid in the cup. I live in Texas, but the heat drives me crazy, not for the reasons you may think. I'm a Tshirt, shorts, baseball cap kind of guy, low key and I hate next when I hate head sweat. But when you live in a place as hot as where I live, it's bound to happen. Baby. Your shirts get ruined, the neck gets all loose and just uncomfortable. Your hack gets stained and it can't just wash a HA in a conventional washing machine. I know they sell the little gizmo contraption, plastic cover that you supposed to put your hat in, but any intelligent human being knows that's still going to wrinkle up the hat. It's just wrong. So there I am washing my hats by hand. But with that, for every ruined neck hole, to my shirts, to every stain upon my brow, I never have to see a flake of snow, and this is a good fucking thing. Many years ago I was leaving my brother's apartment. Now in Worcestern, Massachusetts, essentially my hometown is famous for something called triple deck is, three level homes. In the wintertime, Snow and ice will build up on the roofs. Being three deck is, they're fairly high. Some of the ICICLES look at least three or four feet long. Now I know if you're from a warm climate place, let's say California or, I'd even know, the Sahara desert, you're going to say, Oh God, that sounds so cool, that sounds neat. You're wrong, dead fucking wrong, and I want to tell you why. One day, while leaving my brother's apartment. I was going down the snow Laden Walkway and I realized my shoe was untied. I stopped to tie my shoe. Upon standing and walking, a giant fucking icicle, I mean the thing looks like it must have waited at least fifty sixty fucking pounds, crashed a few feet in front of me and, just like any prototypical scene in a movie or anything you've heard in this story, wrong place, wrong time, I did but leave that if I had not stopped to tie my shoes. Look at my aglets, which are the ends of the shoelaces, by the way. That fucking hunk ice when a crash into my head, broke my neck and I wouldn't be here boring you today. I have a lot of favorite movies. I enjoy movies and watch a lot of TV and films in my lifetime. Summer Standard, fair, jaws, back to the future, a lot of the pop culture, iconic films, basically that appealed to anybody of my age. I'll give you a top three list of the best movies I've ever seen. That nobody ever fucking talks about it anymore. One terms of endearment. A beautiful film from one thousand, nine hundred and eighty three, starring devora winger, Shirley Mcclain, Jack Nicholson, John Liftgal, Jeff Daniels, Danny de Vito and more. Holy Cow Star studied cast. Just an amazing movie about a woman's life that ends in well, I can't say no spy eyes. I want you to watch it. To adaptation from two thousand two, starring Meryl Streep, Nicholas Cage and Chris Cooper. This fucking film is outstanding and if you haven't watched it yet, what the fuck's the matter with you? And three boogie nights by Paul Thomas Anderson, starring Mark Wahlberg. This who, this vehicles, another one that has a cast that you wouldn't fucking believe, and it's about porn stars. What's not to fuck being loved. Watch all three of those people back to back to back, and you have earned my...

...respect. Hmm, let's see what else? Ah, yes, you know I always lead off the show with hello, hello, hello, and welcome to the selling out show. There is a history behind that. While coming through the door every holiday as a child, my great grandmother would enter by saying hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, and it's something that was so unique to me that any time I hear it or think about just basically saying hello, I think of my Nana. So in a way I suppose it's a tribute to lead off the show with that many hellos. It could be annoying, I don't know, but I sure as fuck like it and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Okay, so you're probably thinking this is a filler, Dave, you're wasting my fucking time. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Someday I may call you and ask you to write a novel about my life, and all of this stuff has to be in there. Okay, so pay attention. As a child, I once swallowed a quarter, yeah, quarter, twenty five cents. Every weekend my aunt would come to my house and she would walk me down to the local candy store called Jeans Sears, and I would buy Swedish fish. Love Him to this day. Can't get enough of them. If you don't like Swedish fish, there's something the matter with you. So anyway, my mother and my aunt of talking at the kitchen table, not paying attention to the idiotic five year old, laying down on the carpet and I was balancing a quarter on the tip of my tongue. I know sounds really stupid, but we didn't have many channels back in those days, so you had to occupy you time doing something. So sure as shit, the quarter went bloop, slid down my tongue into the back of my throat, causing me to panic hop up as fast as I could. My mother freaked out, my aunt freaked out. My mom tried to because at that point the quarter was still kind of like floating around in the back of my throat. I guess, to make the story more interesting, imagine it spinning really, really fast. She tried to knock the thing down. It did go down, which was a better alternative to choking. So they rushed me to the hospital. They take x rays everything else and they say, all right, let it take its course, go through his system and you know it's going to come out the other end. Don't worry about it. Well, some time went by and that fucking quarter wouldn't come out, so the doctors said that I needed surgery. They were going to have to cut me open and take it out of my intestines. So there. I was destined to be cut open on an operating table and the night before my mom just freaked the fuck out. She grabbed me, pick me up, shook me up down left right by my ankles. Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, and when you know it, the next morning before we had to head to the hospital, guess what came out? Yep, that corner. I know it's kind of gross, kind of gross, but you know what? That was like a big thing of my life. At Trauma I got more. I got trum up the fucking Ying Yang, I almost drowned, I was electrocuted. Many bad things have happened to me over the course of my life, but you know what, memories? Memories are valuable. They meet a lot, whether they're happy or sad or, you know, a time of misery, or even me, I swallow quarter. My mom shook me like a fucking rag doll. It's still something that's embedded in you, that you'll never forget. And for allowing me to go on and on and on here just about whatever. If you ever feel the need, I'm here for you. I want to hear about your memories, your tails, all of them. So reach out and let me know a few like now. No, I'm sitting here, I'm waiting. Come on, hurry it up, will ya? I ain't gonna fucking day. And that does it for this episode of selling out. I want to thank each and every one of you for tuning in. I know this episode might have been a tricky listen, considering he's just me going Solo, riding the horse alone. You know nat though. Wish him a speedy recovery. Let's hope he is back by next episode. I mean, we didn't miss out on Nate's notes. He is the musical historian, so I didn't really want to,... know, put something together and tread where the master walks. So if you're mad about that, hang tight. It will return. I want to give virtual hugs to each and every one of you. Feel the squeeze. I am Dave. That is that's well, it's me and this has been selling out. Why go down now? Infirmary media. Girl Scout Cookie inspired flavors are now at Duncan. When the spirit of the girl Scouts Meets Duncan Coffee, it's easy to get a delicious cup of can do. Then mince and coconut caramel flavors are here. To help you tackle your day. Grab a medium lotto or Cappuccino for two dollars from two to six PM and take on whatever lies ahead. America runs on Duncan, the Girls Scouts name trademark and also has hated trademarks and logo types, including the thin mince marker owned by Girl Scouts at the USA. Limited time off, participation may vary. Exclusion supply. This is no ordinary subshop, this is firehouse ups. Tired of over priced lunches that under deliver on flavor, head to firehouse ups, where, for a limited time, you can get a four hundred and ninety nine choice up. Choose from a medium smoke Turkey, Virginia, honey, ham or roast beef. Their custom made hot subs that are price ready made to make you smile. Just for four hundred and ninety nine only at firehouse ups. Enjoy more subs, save more lives. Participating locations plus tax, Lembit Time Offa prices may very for delivery.

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