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Selling Out Show

Episode 35 · 3 years ago

Ep.#35 Barn Burner


There are a lot of family matters going on this episode. First off, Dave is planning a trip back to his original home state of Massachusetts, to visit a family member with some serious health issues, which leads to a discussion about the ills of air travel and how disappointing it is to live in a future without flying cars or jet packs. Then we learn how the significant others of both our hosts share the same birthday. Nates girlfriend Has connected him with a new job, but like so much of Nate’s daily life, the gig is a bit crappy.
Then we turn to the children, and some of their frustrating behavior. How does one handle these things? Finally, Nate’s Notes delves into the issue of Rock Star antics and how they can sabotage an artist’s career or even their health.

0:55- Intros
3:10- Dave’s trip, Planes, and a disappointing future.
13:18- Birthdays and Nates new dookie gig
18:08- Some fatherhood issues
26:35- Nate’s Notes (Self Sabotage Stories)
40:51-Clip (Still Get Through The Day by RA the Rugged Man)

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...after night, piny whole sleeping yeah, everybody in morning waiting for me to return. It's been a while since I've been back. I wish I was visiting under better circumstances, but if anybody listened last week, they know I'm having an illness in the family. So I have to go and visit that person. I don't have I want to go visit that person more appropriately right and to do that I have to fly. Yeah, fly like an eagle. MMM. So, let me tell you, I love to fly. I just hate everything that surrounds flying, if that makes any sense. I think that makes sense to everyone listening. I think that's that's pretty standard, Bro. Yeah, you know, once you're in that tube with a bunch of strangers, flying at how many fucking feet in the air, where you're just dangerously I don't know. I mean, come on, if you think about it's like being on a fucking bus and Burma, you know. I mean it really is. He just crammed into this fucking tube with a bunch of strangers. It's just a terrible thing. But if you can look out the window or just kind of like going to your little zen place, flying can be truly enjoyable. Absolutely, man, if it as long as it's not too long, really long flights, like I've taken transatlantic flights where it's like seven hours, eight hours, and I don't my ideal flight is like yeah, like at by the time you get up to cruising altitude, they're already like, all right, we're coming down now, but but no, yeah, it is. It is all right if you have an if you have a window seat and you're looking out the window. It's still pretty magical for me. I'm not a jaded and just hate flying. But yeah, the whole thing of the TSA and the yeah and the lines and having to get there two hours before you damn fly like all that. Yes, I'm not even bringing a check bag, I'm not doing it. NOPE, I'll just go for you a few pairs and he's and washing when I'm back in Massachusetts, because it's such a fucking pain in the ass. Like when you get off the plane to but you just mentioned it. Have you have to deal with TSA and all the security to get on the fucking plane lines, you can't bring anything in the airport. You get to buy a bunch of over price fucking bullshit. If you want to water or something, drink everything else, but when you get off, you just like I need to go, I don't want to be, you know, around again. All those strange people I was stuck in the tube with now around a carousel waiting for my luggage. And you know, he's always those people to who don't mark their luggage so they just like picking up any oh look, honey, is a blue bag. I think our bag was blue. Pick it up, see if it's ours, and you say this is a fucking comedy of errors. Man, this is terrible. Yeah, you're stuck there for like another hour once you land. Sometimes. Man, Oh no, so I've had that. No, man, I'm not doing it. Yeah, no, a man. I've had a like times where I've been there and there's been something wrong in the carousel. Stop spending every five minutes. Things are getting jammed up. He hasn't. It's a nightmare. Man. You mentioned the overpriced items that they kind of force you to buy. Last time I went flying to Colorado to visit my bro We were driving to the airport and I realized I need an adapter from my ear buds because my phone is yeah, has the new Jack, the new Jack City, yeah, and the new yeah, and my my ear buds keeper. Yes, I am, but Dudell, I, I'll, I have where the Shitty? Oh well, the old school Jack. So I need an adapter. Carly's like my girlfriend. She's like just buy it when you get there. It's fine. They got all those stores in the airport. I'm like, all right, but we could just stop at like a comby's and get our whatever Walmart and get a fifteen dollar thing. She goes no, no, you'll be fine. Dude. I went I find the one adapter Jack they had. It was for D and ninety nine for an adaptive. And then I'm like, well, maybe they sell the actual ear buds, which would be maybe more worth spending that kind of money, like to get a nice pair at earbuds that actually fit in my Jack Right. Those, Dude, those were ninety nine dollars. And and I'm stuck. I'm like, I'm not going to sit here for two hours waiting for my and then be in the air for however...

...many hours without my ear buds. So I'm like, I guess I'll buy I went for the fifty nine and do you realize? I brought it to the counter. The woman tried to talk me out of it. She's like, you realize how expensively are right this? This is the woman who's supposed to be selling you these goods. She's trying to talk me out of it, like yeah, this is fifty dollars. You realize that. But honey, do you know how to hum? If you know how to hum, you can just do that on the plane. is going to satisfy I just the same. I mean really, come on now, that's fucking that's an yeah, money things are out of control their man. But yeah, I don't know that the nowadays it seems to be a little easier with the era of iphones, smartphones, all the fuck that Shit. And I might I'm sorry to interrupt you, but here's something that truth me fucking crazy. Last time I flew was I I fucking I'm in. I'm in the gift shop and I'm like, I didn't bring a book, I didn't bring nothing, so I bought the stand, yeah, from Stephen Kinks's, the fattest fucking book I could find them like seven dollars, because that's what kind of fucking cheap cock sucker I am. So I'm like, yeah, thank for you, but bank for my bucket. I'm like, well, here I go, get on the plane. I was the only fucking guy. I might as well have been a caveman reading a book on the planet. Everybody else had their ipads, they fucking tablets, their laptops out, like we're too busy, we're too important, we must do all of our shit electronic. There and to the point where I'm like holding this book, the size of a brick, thinking I got the good deal on it and now I'm embarrassed I got the fucking thing. Yeah, but, you know, in the whole tone of technology, I maybe against, you know, all these these little gizmos and gadgets and whatever. One thing I must admit as a society, as a planet, is human beings as intellectual minds. I really wish we've created teleportation tubes by now. Yes, that way I can skip all this fucking rigamarole and just get to where I need to go, like immediately. There are so many things in life, man, where we're that we have now. There are so many technological gizmos and advances that we've bore witnessed too over our lives and it's amazing and I'm grateful for so much of it. But, dude, we grew up in the era of back to the future, to have all these movies where I was always thinking that we were going to have hoverboards, all these and the closest that I've noticed is that my brother, who lives in Colorado. Are Listeners probably remember me going to visit them. I even mentioned it earlier, and he recently got a it's called a one wheel it's it's like a skateboard, but it's it's like a single fat wheel that's pretty alter and like it's a pretty heavy duty wheel. Think rugged, you know. And sure, and but it's got like a little footpad on either side of the wheel that you stand on. LETCHA. And his line of reasoning to get this was that he had some issues with his cars. Cars Out of commission. It's gone and he's got this job and the public transit out there's pretty decent, but occasionally, you know, you miss a bus this and that. It's hard to find. You know, by the time he gets out of work it's like the last bus. If he misses it, he's screwed. So he's like, rather than get a new car, invest in one of these things and it's more affordable. It's still a little pricey, but dude, he is more fun. He zooms around on the thing. It holds a good charge and like he travels that upwards like twenty miles. And how can imagine traveling twenty miles an hour? No, just standing on this freaking platform. And you say the wheel is just like directly in the middle, so your feet are on either side. Yeah, shouppy, yeah, I mean there's like a hub thing over, like a wheel, whatever you call it, like a cat detective. Yeah, she'll capsule. If you get a big, Long Dong, it's not going to get wrapped up in the wheel. Exactly. Yes, I...

...have nothing to worry about. Yeah, I have nothing to worry about if I try it, take the thing for a spin, but yeah, thing. Trying to do my own horn here, and you knew you. Yeah, sure. The point is, that's our technological advance. It's pretty cool, and occasionally you'll see like a jet pack in the water that's powered by, Oh yeah, jet, whatever you call it, water flying through this thing and propelling the guy up in the air, but powered by magic. Yeah, that's feeling as a it's all magic to me, man. So well, ask your brother if I can borrow it. I'll fucking take that son of a bitch from Dallas to Massachusetts. It's that time of year again, folks. Welcome to the fall season. The leaves are starting to change, and now so can you. Being Addicted to cigarettes is no fun. So if you or someone else you know need help to break the habit, I got a surefire answer for you. Right now. Is called vaping. And if best sounds complicated, don't worry, I got that covered for you to the best place to start your journey is that northland vaporcom. They have an abundance of eliuds hardware and know how to help you get started. Don't let this be the season if you're discontent or continuing with an unhealthy lifestyle. All of north vapors eloquates or dike tone and artificial sweetener free, so you can feel good knowing that you're not pumping your body full of poison. These a little bit more room for that Pumpkin Spice, if you know what I mean. So what are you waiting for? visit their website at Northland vaporcom or come on into their three retail locations in south cargo, North Dakota, morehead and Bemidge, Minnesota, saving money and saving your life. That's a win win. Visit Northland today. Some products contain Naketi adults only, so they've an interesting thing that we both share is that we both happen to be with significant others that share a birthday. So on the same day we're either celebrating or preparing to celebrate, or we're both in the dog house. Yeah, you know, you get that right. Baby. Every year my girlfriend's carly, who I've mentioned Ad Nauseum, is a horse lover. She's a horse girl. She likes to go to this fair. It's called the Woodstock Fair. It's right over the border into Connecticut from where we live and it's this Labor Day, three day extravaganza of there's like a regular carnival, part festival thing where you can go on Shitty rides that get put up and taken down and are probably really unsafe. Yeah, like always, and then you can get the Freakin fried dough and all that stuff. But then a whole second section of this fair is devoted to the horse lovers, and so there's a couple competitive rings where they do these, yeah, like jumping competitions and barrel racing and all this shit, and it's, you know, for horse lovers it's awesome and I'm at a point in my life where I can appreciate it. I'm not as thrilled about it as carly, but it is something. You know, I'm straight on. You know, I can just imagine you rating turns. Yeah, that's that's an a plus piece of shit. I'm a barn boy okay, and let me I like Shit that one right. There was week that was ice, and there's a lot of it, man. YEA constantly dodging shit walking around this weekend, and but my girlfriend wanted to actually stay there all weekend. We usually pop in a day or two of the thing, but we actually got her mother's pop up trailer. We basically set up shop and initially it was because her niece was supposed to show and actually ride a horse all weekend and was going to compete. So we were going to stay there because she could be competing every day like but...

...unfortunately her niece got injured and wasn't able to show, but we had already had planned the weekend, set up the spot. Yeah, we're already staying there, so we yeah, we, we. You were around a ton of horse fanatics and Shit, as I mentioned. But during this weekend carly connected with one of her fellow horse loving women who's she's known for years, and this woman lives and works at this family farm of her own in Connecticut, right over the border, and so they got to talking and carly kind of offered up my services, since I'm such a reliable Horse Barn cleaner outer for Carly. When this woman said, Hey, I need some barn help, I need a new Cabana boy, I was put up on the auction block and basically I agreed to it's only for a few hours a day. It's like I get up super early and I work at seven am and I'm done by ten am, as I mentioned earlier, swoop, so it's I have my whole day ahead of me when I get out, which is nice. Ruster crow to wake you up. And now, man, I get I should set my phone to make a rooster crow just so I'm in the frame of mind and in the food. Yeah, Dude, because as of now, I basically wake up two cats walking all over me. That's my life. But, but anyway. Yeah, so it's Today was my first day doing it. It seems doable. A lot of my job is actually driving around a tractor, which is pretty fun. Yeah, so I feel like a kid playing around on a giant tinker toy. But but the problem is if I if I mess up and crash into something, it causes like thousands of dollars worth of damage, because it's yeah, it's a pretty Nice, Nice Barn we're working in and but anyway, yeah, so that's where I'm at right now. I'm I'm newly covered in Shit. You know, I like you smell you. Yeah, man, you can smell me from there. Your Bitch, think it. You know that story. I'm glad you get the job. I'm glad you got something to do. You like it, enjoy it, you know. I'm glad your girlfriend set it up for you. She must be like my fucking bum of a boyfriend needs another fucking job. But what the listeners really want to know? Because you called her horse girl. Do you guys are play a Horse Girl and Barn boy together? Oh Man, roll play up the Wazoo, assless chaps Galore. Wow, slow down, there came on say. I feel like I'm a terrible fucking father, and the reason why I say this is I had a and don't even know what you want to call it. I don't even know how to even how to even say it was like an argument with my seven year old, Oh yeah, over his hamster. Now, much like you and the horse stuff and the girlfriends stuff, it seems like we talked about the same topics every week. So why, why are you guys even tuning in? I have no idea. But I appreciate it nonetheless. But sure, the thing is my son's they're warmed up to this little fucking quitter. So it bit a one time because he was nervous holding it. So ever since he's super skittish around it. Coming a hamster. Yes, slowly, he's like brundle fly. Yeah, rights, said, I amster. He just caught up a chart the other day. But But oh, that's disgusting. That's growing. Like yes, it is. No, but I mean the whole Gig was because the hamster has giant testicles. Right, right, right. I know that just came out of the blue, but still, I won't. I won't pick it up because I don't want that ball bag in my I don't want anywhere near me. I don't like the idea. You know what I mean? Creepy. Yeah, so his job is you going to take him in and out of the cage and I'll clean the fucking cage. Okay. So he was like, Eh, Daddy, I can't grab him, he's in the wrong sider. Oh Daddy, come up with...

...every fucking excuse in the book, like he's not happy with me right now. So I'm like, Dude, yeah, if he not feeling it exactly, but I mean he was literally like putting his hand in the cage, just going Ah. I'm like what the fuck is that? Come on now, but I'm angry because I'm tired. I want to clean the fucking cage and go to bed or whatever. Plus, it's not a fun GIG. You should know this of all people, of course, man is. I'm like, I'm getting rid of the fucking thing. Mind you, I'm not swearing in front of my kids, I'm swearing in front of you, but but I really I'm getting rid of it. You know, you can't have a pet that you're scared of. Forget about I'm gonna give him to a kid that wants them. And my son is broke down into fucking tears. Oh and he's literally put his hands together in mark prayer and he's like please, please, I'll do better. I protherse, I'll do better. Oh my good ah, my goodness is right. So one side of me breaks my heart that I brought him to such extreme measures and I'm like he's gonna have to fucking pay a therapist to deal with this year now. And but the other side of me he's like the Stern old school dad like no, fuck this. Why? Why would you even want something that you're afraid to play a way there, take care of right. What's the point? What is the fucking point? Why am I picking up this pay for? You know, I don't get, but I'm with you. Well, thank you, thanks, I'm glad you with me. But still, the fact that he was at upset and that image in my mind just just destroys me. Yeah, and I think I'm doing something wrong. I don't think so, man. I think this issue is pretty common because we went through almost an identical situation with Joey. And, mind you, he's got no shortage of animals to play with and to call his own because, even though we take care of them, a lot of them are joey's pets. You know, he likes to have ownership and that's how he's been. I probably mentioned on you before that he's he's a pack rat with everything. He just collects and he loves to have things and I understand that. I think Joey and I have a lot more in common than he probably does with his real father. But right. But Anyway, he definitely had this sort of breakdown anytime we would okay. So, so back in the day we had a fifth horse, which was technically a pony. It was a small pony and it was for Joey. The things name was Zoe. It even rhymed with Joe. So it was like his basically his pony, and we were like okay, you can ride it until you get too big to ride a pony and whatnot. And he would go there. I think he tried riding it like twice. He was actually he actually fell off the horse at one point. So I understood he was a little freaked out by it, but it's not like anything dramatic happen. He just kind of like bumped, you know. He didn't hurt himself or anything. And I mean he'd never wanted to even go to the barn, never mind ride the horse or see his how is it and pony? Now, yeah, it was over. But, dude, any time we would bring up we're going to well, what's the point I have in this thing? I'm not cleaning more shit, you know, because you want to say you own a pony. He would freak out and break down and cry and and that's how it was with everything. He won't touch it, he won't play with it for years, whatever it is, but as soon as you say we're getting rid of it, we have no space for this thing, he freaks out. So I think you have to be firm. But yeah, I mean tread gingerly. But at the same time, man, you know how it is. You got, you know, a lesson has to be learned. Absolutely just, you know, maybe don't break out the belt next time. Well, no belt, but I was going to ask you what point did you bring Zoe behind the barn and shooter? And No, actually we and we ended up finding someone that wanted the pony and I believe solder off and by that point you're just like sorry, Joey, you haven't even been to the barn and freaking six months. So and he just he dealt with it and he's fine. But again we have enough animals where he's still got up his more beloved animals to kind of keep...

...him, you know, satiated or whatever. So he's yeah, so I mean the situation is a little different, but at the same time, yeah, I mean it is a hamster. The thing's going to probably die pretty soon anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much. It just sucks that you're the one that's got to clean the damn cage. You don't even want to touch its balls. You know, no, she's you see these fucking things, a huge, a massive hands and hands, their balls, tamster balls are notorious, oh my God. But the thing is too is like I shout. You know, you jokingly said, Oh, you put the belt, but no, I don't do that. You know what I mean. But I still, like I was kidding, I do this voice raising thing, yeah, which comes from the inside of me, from places unknown, that, even though I have like the stern talking this like a special chamber and my whatever part of my chest, thing image. But Anyway, you got the Dad Jean, the dad gene. Yeah, I don't know where it comes from, but it's in there. But the thing is it bothers me. I even going to raise my voice and now I know I'm going on my trip to Massachusetts. I'm like I had a couple days left. I'm going to spend my last two days yelling at my kid over fucking hamster. Come on now. But I mean then I stop and I think and I go well, as much as of a bad person, I think I'm being right. Now. My Dad was an alcoholic cult dist you would smash my toys in front of me and tell me how is going to hell. So, yeah, by grading on a curve here, you're doing okay, I'm doing pretty Goddamn fucking good looking. To experience ultimate relaxation in relief of chronic pain, you need to try the healing power of CBD with hemp bombs. visit hemp Bombscom for a wide range of pure, premium CBD products, from oils, capsules, gummies, pain freeze and more. Hemp bombs has all you need in store. Better sleep has proven to boost your immune system. And if you were a love and live with discomfort, CBD is a natural, organic remedy that works. Start living your best life today with m bombs. Fans of the show can save twenty percent off their entire order by using the code selling out and check out. Once again, that's code selling out for twenty percent off at hemp Bombscom. Day from the selling out show, here to tell you about spunk loob. Spun Loub is a multi award winning mom can use by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in High Ri pures. The cold, natural and pig spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients and is non stating, hypoellergenic and Kleans with ease. Enhance your love life with spun. Right now spunk lube is by three, get one free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A high end product for an affordable price. Is it? Spunk loubecom today and you can thank me later. Dust up your lps. It's time for nate. No, no, no. Our Group of friends contained a lot of musicians back in the day. At one apartment Dave and I, who played in a band together, lived with a member of my other band split, as well as at least one member of local wooster punk band sticker. I say at least one member because it was kind of hard to keep track at that place. People moved out, others moved in, some just kind of crashed. It was a strange time. As musician types all around two thousand and twenty one, we kept a rowdy schedule. We've mentioned a few times on this show that Dave had a musician uncle who criticized our party...

...habits, saying we were doing it wrong, that the correct order is to get some measure of success. Before going all rock star with the booze and drugs, we were self sabotaging before we really got going. The hard partying. Rock star or celebrity is a tired cliche by now, but it's easy to see why, especially once one is at celebrity levels, all the minutia is really handled by other people, so your responsibility comes down to just holding it together for that hour or two when you have to do that thing that you presumably love doing anyway, playing music. There's a lot of downtime and the VIBE can get pretty well enthusiastic when you start throwing chemicals in the mix. Some can handle such a traveling, carnival like lifestyle, and our level headed enough to keep things business like. But from many, the temptation to be somewhat irresponsible in a life with a strange set of responsibilities as it is, leads to behavior detrimental to one's own career and often to their health. I've talked about no effects more than once over these thirty five episodes. They're a punk band from California who've been around for like thirty six years at this point, give or take. Early on their drummer developed a heroin habit. After six years he was given an ultimatum because his drug use had become a real liability to the band. So he cleaned up and has been completely sober for like twenty five years now. But ironically they're singer Fat Mike, who personally issued said ultimatum back before really doing any drugs himself, has since begun some similar habits, to the point where their live shows are kind of hit or miss. They still put out competent, well written material, but that on the road schedule has gotten Mike to a point that most guys hit much earlier on in their careers. By Mike's age, most of those types have either cleaned up or died. It can truthfully be rather fun to watch the potential train wrecks happen on stage, but when you step back a little, it's not the most flattering look for a guy in his s, despite the leather jackets, short skirts and pink Mohawk that Mike often rocks on stage. Not long before the and Pantera broke up, a friend of mine saw them live. This was during the heroin and too much booze years of singer Phil and Selmo, who can be kind of a domineering blowhard on his best days. My friend recalls how, not long into the show, Phil got tired of playing their set, which they had presumably been playing four months on that tour and some songs for years, if they were classics from early albums. So Phil commanded the rest of the band to change things up and for the next forty five minutes or so the band drunkenly jammed their way through a bunch of kiss songs, none of which they had apparently practiced together. It was all just some drunk cover show being improvised before a thousand or so pairs of...

...confused eyes. The band, as I said, ended up disbanding not long after. A few new bands sprung up and two of the other members have since passed away. So the end of the Pantera story has certainly been written. Speaking of dead musicians in all too many cases, and artists hard partying and self sabotaging antics, and not just their career or the band but their own life. In some cases, you can see the decline in their personal appearance and live performances as you watch videos or see Paparazzi photos leading up to their death. I remember seeing footage of the band sublime, in which they're amazingly talented. Singer and songwriter bradly knoll could barely stand up, never mind perform, and his death was mere weeks away. And years later, the whole world watched the slow motion car crash that was the end of Emy winehous's tragically short life. Watch the documentary amy for a more fair and objective look at winehouse than she ever got from the cruel lenses of T M Z and other Paparazzi that seemed to do nothing but joke as she wasted away in front of us. Winehouse deserves to be remembered as a rare talent, but too often she is remembered for what her demons reduced her to. By now, everyone knows about legends like Jim Morrison or Keith Moon, who, despite being real pioneers in rock and roll, were often unreliable in a live setting and also cut their own lives short, leaving legacies that, despite being really impressive, should have been much, much longer. As dark as this has gotten, I think it's time to remind everyone that it's not impossible for these people to change course and climb out of the holes dug by their chaotic, irresponsible periods. There are a ton of people who make it back from the brink of self destruction. Guys like Eric Clapton and the Eagles, Joe Walsh and really most of the Eagles in general. The Red Hot Chili peppers, were notorious for their addictions, but cleaned up at some point and went on to enjoy untold success. Trent resner of nine inch nails wrote a lot of his early material aboout drowning his emotions with booze and drugs. He was a virtual poster boy for addiction and depression throughout the s. But the two thousands have seen Trent resner get his act together to the point where he's putting out good albums, winning grammys and Oscars for his work scoring films, and he must have started working out as well as cutting out the drugs, because he looks like he's put on a good fifty pounds of muscle and his neck has like doubled in size. Good for him. Our recommended listening this episode is by an artist whose wild high jinks precluded him from seeing really any of the success his considerable skills would presumably warrant, and he's never even been into drugs. Richard Andrew Thorburn, who goes by the stage name are a, the rugged man, is a guy who came up in the s New York hip hop...

...scene. His fast flows caught the ear and earn the respect of many a legendary rapper, from rock him to the notorious big, who actually even recorded with him back in the day. Eventually, are a was offered a record deal with jive records, who put out a fair amount of respected rappers work and years later caught themselves a giant act called the backstreet boys. The point is, are a could have been on the road to real success, but certain things started putting a wedge between the label and their artist, things like Ara's tendency to hire producers to work with and then pay them by bringing, let's say, women of the night into the studio for closed door appointments with said producer or engineer. Also straining the relationship with jive records was a corporate gig in which are a was supposed to perform a toned down PG thirteen rated show for industry insiders. Of course, are a preceded to play material rated somewhere between a like a hard are in an X. on the set list that night were songs like cunt renaissance and the classic every Record Label Sucks Dick. That, combined with a sexual harassment charge filed by a label employee, were the final nails in the coffin. funnily enough, are a wanted out of his contract anyway, hence the sabotaging of that Gig. But instead the label held him hostage, refusing to release his completed album and leaving him contractually unable to even work for anyone else for years. The man had shot himself in the foot with a goddamn shotgun. It's now a few decades later, and are a, the rugged man, has grown up some. He's now a loving father and continues to write and hone his consistently impressive, super fast style of rhyming. Once his legal issues were put behind him, he released a lot of work from the past, put out a few albums of new stuff and does a lot of work discovering and promoting new and unsigned rappers with unique skills and sounds. His mischievous streak still comes through in his interviews and, more importantly, in his lyrics, which are often over the top. hilariously graphic and usually extremely self deprecating. In a field where the norm is to like gas oneself up, boasting and listing one's own material possessions to a beat, it's refreshing to hear a guy who's not afraid to be the butt of his own jokes. On occasion, however, are a gets serious, and in those cases some great tracks are produced. There's a song by Philadelphia Group Jedi mind tricks, called uncommon valor that he does a guest verse on. The song is basically two verses, and they're each told from the point of view of soldiers in the Vietnam War. The first verse, by Rapper Vinnie Paz, is all about a soldier with extreme reservations about being in the war, witnessing the murder of civilians and questioning why America is eve in in Vietnam at all. Our a's verse tells the true story of our a's own...

...father from his point of view, and it's haunting as well as being one of the best verses in all of hip hop. The narrator's Brash and pumped up for war. He feels more at home in the chaos there than back home, but by the end, he is critically wounded and sent home, where he eventually father's two kids with severe birth defects a result of his exposure to angine orange. This episode's suggested Song is another more serious track, and in it are a mentions his own brother and sisters deaths at young ages following the struggles of being disabled. Obviously, the two children mentioned in uncommon valor the victims of Agent Orange. This song, called still get through the day is dark but with a powerful message. We all have hard times and even though horrible things happen every day, we can still get through the next. Did spinal meningitis for men of like you to write yourself in struggle and Sloman, a few years ago you was sucking to tell and now you bust me gutted, dumb it in innocent man is done, and enough for you blubbing the DUC and enough with the ruckest point in the roughness is coming. This a bracle. Just be a born learning enjoy life and a dead holsing the words to my soul. Sad. It's funny, Dude. There's so many stories about are a, like I just kind of touched on the ship, and like he denies a lot of them, but some not so much. Dude. Like I mentioned how he like he recorded with biggie smiles, notorious big, and there's this story that our a tells where biggie like comes up to him at a party and he's like, Dude, you're fucked up. I don't know about you, I'm not hanging with you anymore. And I was like what, what did I do? And biggie's like I heard that you murdered a cat, disemboweled and like took its blood and jacked off with its blood, like and all right, it's like, dude, I did not do that. Like this is the level of stories, because he was just so fucking out there. He he's still denies that's the thing. And me being a cat lover, if that were true, I would never listen anything by this dude. But but shit like that a story that he doesn't quite deny. He was pissed off at some studio exagger or an engineer, somebody in a studio, and so one night when he's like in the studio late, our a ended up taking a diarrhea Shit on the mixing board and like mushing it in all thet all the controls. So it's like Shit just stuck in all the mixing board. He doesn't confirm or deny it, but he kind of does it with a wink. So it's like this. Yeah, the dudes fucking nuts. But he, Mike Patton, want to Saidy, he put a Turd into a hair dryer in a hotel room. See, that's a shit and so the next person that used it was going to dry their hair and get turd blown all over there. fucking you laugh. That's disgusting. Yeah, dude, that's horrible, but you know me, somebody that's that deals with shit on a daily bit. Did it's so funny. Man. When I grew up, the thing that freaked me out more than anything else was the idea that some day I may have to change a diaper or deal with human feces, or any feces. Like I hate the idea of Shit just gross me out. Any mothers that may listen to our show or women in general probably laughing at me, like you fucking pussy. But but dude, that shit always literally, that Shit always fucking gross me up. And now here I am, forty years old, cleaning a couple dozen horses worth a shit every day and you know you are a heard Merch...

...tohe dude, ideal in Shit. I got that good shit, but sure do. Well, you know, now we're talking about shit. Seems like this whole episode of I think about push shotty episode, that is one big pilot shit. What a shitty. From exactly? What do you have on tap next episode? was that's hopefully a little bit cleaner. All right, more disinfected? Okay, maybe. Well, for the next episode we are going back a few years, but the artist I'm focusing on has a history far longer than even that. The man's name is Jim Thirlwell, but as a recording artist he goes by the name fetus. But that's that's spelt foe T us. Mind you, it's like I don't know if it's like the Latin, like Amba Amo test. Yeah, it's like focus, but it's fetus foe to you, as the song is called. You got me confused with someone who cares, and it's stereotypical of Mr Thurwell's sarcastic sense of humor, which finds its way into a lot of his work. As usual, I'll put the link up on our facebook page and we'll have a little chat about fetus in a couple of weeks. Again, that's you got me confused with someone who cares by fetus. Check it out, y'all, or notice Fotus, whatever you want to say, Fetis Potus, tomato, tomato. Let's not holding off. Hey, Ding Dong, but you know, you just brought up the facebook page, so I must do my due diligence here in reminding everybody that we do have social media accounts. You get the facebook at selling out show, one on twitter at selling out show. sent us an email, selling out show at GMAILCOM. and Are you just coming knock on our doors see what's going on? Come on in, have a watch a movie, kick back, relax, go outside, Yell Really Loud. Maybe we'll hear you. Yeah, Lopez, Lopez, it's Prince Spaghetti night. fucking let me in, but thanks for sharing. That makes notes, nate, if that makes gods, yeah, it is. It's sally sells. She failed, but yeah, anyway, I appreciate it, just like I appreciate everybody who's taken the time to tune in today. Virtual hugs for all of you. The party isn't over. You don't have to go home, but you know what you actually do have to go, get the fuck out of here. Oh, I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out. Yeesh, infirmary media. Lets when SIP because I'm coughing. SIP away, SIPPO way, SIPPO way from the kids to sue. Keep your whole family connected on all their devices with crowd pleasing gig speed Internet from extinity. Now that's simple, easy awesome. Learn more about GIG speeded INNET or other popular plans with excenity. You'll enjoy faster downloads at a better streaming experience. Go Online, call one intended extinity or visit a store today. Restriction supply, actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Brought to you by national pull data dot Org. According to a recent survey, fifty two percent of American adults have tried marijuana at some point during their lives, which begs the question. Should the US legalize marijuana? Go to pot... twenty fivecom and cast your vote today. Marijuana sales are over eight billion dollars annually and predicted to reach thirty billion in five years. Officials have estimated that the US could save eight billion dollars annually in government spending on enforcement, including for the FBI and US Mexico border security. But do these outweigh the social impact? Long term usage and secondhand smoke can be harmful to the user and those around them, and it's widely believed that marijuana is a gateway drug that can lead to harder, more dangerous drugs. Go to pot vote twenty Fivecom and make your voice heard. Do you think it should be legal? Go to pot vote twenty fivecom and cast your vote today. That's pot vote twenty fivecom. Pot Vote Twenty fivecom.

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