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Episode 34 · 3 years ago

Ep.#34 Smoking Duck of Amsterdam


Nate’s back in MA, and he’s recording in his childhood bedroom. For some reason he’s also been considering a higher calling, but be sure to check his motives on that one! Dave’s got some heavy things on his mind. Not only has the current social climate got him thinking about logical gun reform, but someone close to him is struggling with some serious health issues. Nate attempts to cheer him up with tales of a past trip to the land of Tulips and THC, Amsterdam. And in Nate’s Notes, we learn how friends can change our lives by opening us up to new things.

1:06-Intros/A Familiar Recording Space
6:18-A Potential New Vocation
11:15-Background Checks and Red Flags
14:26-Precious Time
21:31-Teenage Eurotrip Shenanigans
33:31-Nate’s Notes (the Gift of an Open Mind)
42:32-Clip (Dorks by Aesop Rock)

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How does one frame a masterpiece? If it's a painting, some wood and gold leaf will do. But what about a masterpiece of the edible variety, like boar's head? Up and go Turkey, crafted from a family recipe, seasoned with savory spices and then slow roasted until its fork tender and brimming would flavor. So what could frame such a masterpiece? Perhaps a little bread would do. Boar's head compromise elsewhere. Me a dip of infirmary media. You were now too dead to the selling out odcast. What it does is breaches into your brain chemically cage your happiest memory, chemically blocks that emotion chemically, and then it keeps your happy happy. Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to the selling out show. I am one of your host, David Shoultz, and by my side and my partnering crime, is Mr Nate Gore Zinski. Nate, how the Heck Are you? I'm good. I had I had some lastminute rescue mission to pull to get my horses inside. It started pouring rain. Dave and I managed to get there, clean their stalls in record time and get them inside before they got soaked. So I'm feeling positive and like like a superman for evst on it. And amazing, because horses survive for how many years on this earth and they got wet all the fucking time. How did they do it without me? How do they live it? How do they do it? They're so fucking pampered. You're going to clean their stall and usher them inside before a drop of water hit their heads. That's right, man. Well, ask my girlfriend and she'll tell you that's the case. So Yang, she's the boss. Yeah, where she wants goes. But I got to point out something very interesting about this recording session today is that we are recording remotely and you are in your childhood bedroom right now. Yeah, I see you on the skype as we are skiping in with each other, and I think it's very trippy to peer into that, because there's a lot of nights I passed out in that room completely hammered. Yeah, and now it looks like a lovely room fit for, I don't know, an actual child or yeah, or something is a little small. I mean the to fill in our listeners. We're recording during the day today because that's when we have time to do it, and my girlfriend is at home working from home, so things get a little loud there, so we needed some quiet. So my folks, my parents, were Nice enough to let me come record in my old bedroom. So it is bizarre. It's I'm in this strange little room where I don't know, lots of memories and it definitely seems a bit smaller. Know that I'm forty years old sitting in this room. But well, I've never had like one place of residence my entire life to, you know, go home to right. So iwous think it's fascinating when you know, you grow up, you move out and then your parents decide to redecorate the room right and like for you right now, me peering in here, looks like a guess room. It's Nice, but you even have like a little teddy bear there, yeah, which must be your mom's touch to make it. You know, I don't know more countries. I don't even know what kind of style you call. What you know necessitates a teddy bear, like it's a welcoming thing. Yeah, I suppose so it's he's inviting. Maybe there's some weird nanny cam and they can spy on whoever comes in here. And you know, I mean to be honest this. Yeah, that's fine on me while I'm coming this. Yeah, I mean, I couldn't even get the whole like motif out of my mouth about the teddy bear. I don't even understand the esthetic. But the nanny cam would make sense, sure. But truth be told, this teddy bear has been around forever. I think my mother got this bear when my brother was a little, little kid, if if not longer than that. She's I'm not sure exactly, but it's at least I would say forty three, forty four years old, so it's antique. Yeah, well then, if that's the case, I would suggest that you stopped humping it, which you're doing right now on camera, and that's disgusting. Hey, that's...

...private. It's private and I do have one bone to pick with you before we continue with the show, which we do have a great win plan for all you listeners out there, I did want to thank you for tuning in, is that I keep recommending things to you on Netflix and you're not watching them. I watch some of them, and which ones did you watch? Well, which ones did you well, regular, there we go. I kept telling you gotta, you got to see the OA. I know I need to see that. The O way it just got canceled prior to season three, unfortunately, but I still swear by season one being some of the best television I've ever watched. Right. Season two was a little spaghetti against the wall. Ask for me. It was still good. Yeah, I think I suggested glow for you, as I've watched glow. Oh, you have. Okay, I'm addicted to glow. I was just actually watching that before we started recording today. I was finishing up season three. MMM, we're just kind of bear some some Mark Mare and you know I've been yeah and his forever. He's your dude and he's fucking excellent on that show. Top Notch. I like his cranky. It's cranky demeanors right up my alley. I was going to say it was embarrassing too, because I was eating Chili while watching glow and I was so into the show I like looked up and Chili just fell on me and like yeah, everywhere, and I didn't stop to clean myself right away. I was like, I'm just going to keep hutching the shot, I'll be up in a few minutes. So there's the life that I live. And I can't remember what else I recommended for you, but, oh well, you see the most recent stranger things right that? You're right. I have not watched that. I still have not watched the most recent season. Well, you go, take the fucking teddy bear downstairs. Yeah, get some popcorn ready and fucking watch the NETFLIX will. Yes, I was thinking of starting a business or a create like a life path and a vocation. Great will where? Yeah, man, it's I'm telling you, big money. I can do this. I'm gonna either become some kind of like an exorcist or a priest or some kind of wait, what shit occupation? I don't believe it, Dude. I'm telling you. Okay, all right, continue. This sounds like the last thing that that anyone think would expect me because I'm such a vocal atheioskeptic whatever. But I'm telling you, man, I feel like it's an easy enough job that I could fake, like I know all the lingo. I watching a shit and I have my history of churches and whatnot as a kid, where I feel like I could, I could fool the types of consumers and believers, you know, into giving me their money. Yeah, but you're signs shit a little bit low, because an exorcist, you don't really see those in the yellow pages. Yeah, a priest isn't like it, you know, a big prestige kind of position. You know what I mean? It's not like you're, you know, in the table. I guess you could be if you were fucking molesting kids, but at the same time, Whoa well, you know, which seems to be the trend right. Trying to say to you was it's not like hey, father, father, Jimmy, over there, he's a what happened in cat like? Yeah, wait to see what was up with him Saturday night. You know. Yeah, not exactly a get rich quicks. There we go. That's why I was trying to say money. It's but, bhay man, yeah, if I become some kind of a rich super pastor one of these joelas, Austin Osten, whatever, one of these dudes, I could, I could maybe pull that off, because, dude, it's like it's it can be big money. And the funny thing is, right, if you're worried that maybe, by saying this on this podcast, I'm ruining my chances of doing this. Well, look at l Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. You know, sure he yeah, dude, this dude was the most prolific at the time. I may still be author of Bullshit Science. It's fiction, like crazy, far out wacky science fiction stories. And he was on record as saying, while being a science fiction writer, if you do this is okay, the science fiction racket, but if you want to make real money, you got to start a religion. Well, there you go. Yes, that's what you mean. You talk about exorcister priests. Know, you want to start your own fucking movement here. Buddy, there you go. Maybe that's it. See this why I need you. Yes, you can be my main man, Pr Shit. Yeah, you know, I was going to say the fake it till you make it kind of careers, right, anything that you can just kind of like fraudently be something. Yeah, yeah, so you're saying start your own religion. Check, I get that. One Country Western singer that would work too, because those fucking guys, come on now, anybody can put on a pair of cowboy boots and sing about fucking how lonely it is at the Goddamn Rodeo. Right, yeah, what about some other ones? Can you think any other ones off the top of your head? Man, I I don't know, Dude. I I'm focusing on this one because, okay, I think, Dude. I'm telling you that because I think it could even work in my favor that I have been such a...

...vocal atheist and skeptic type. Because look, imagine, Dude, imagine the redemption story like that. Would sell it even more, like this huge nonbeliever that talks so much shit about it. Look at my social media. I'm talking about like all this anti relationship. If I had my, quote unquote, come to Jesus moment, dude, that would be fucking huge, so crazy. He told me to turn around get behind Miss Satan neg yeah, I can see, you're right. That's like a fucking I'll complete seller there people, because people just believe anything. We live in, absolutely live in a culture that, like our new ye, comes from memes. Yep. So you could just tomorrow fucking plays, they say, like in wrestling, Turn Heel yeah, on atheism, and they're going to think you're the next fucking Jimmy Jim Baker. Yes, dude. And before I get off this, I I want to say that when I'm come thinking of these ideas for this show, I'll often use my phone as a little handheld microphone recorder. Thing, like a note to self. Yeah, you know, and when I said the word exorcist, it came up eggs or CIST, like cys tcher assist. Yeah, so, yeah, that's kind of apparently even my phone does not accept the validity of such a bullshit occupation. They're like exorcist. That does not compute. I'M A, I'M A, I'm an exorcist every time I make scrambled eggs. Yeah, Yeahs, shall you evil little fucking yoke, get out they I want to give you a hot take. Okay, are you ready for this? You get your buns covered because it might burn your breeches. Yeah, I want to take your hot tape. All right, it's a hot ten for you. Is that? With all the talk now about guns, you know my feeling on guns. I say ban all of my donat give a fuck what I we don't come on guns. Fuck guns, thank you very much. But the whole thing with gun control legislation, everybody, the politicians, you know, their pockets are lying with NRA money. So they want to talk about background checks, background checks, which to me seems like a flaw in itself in a terrible way. To start, because background checks really only flag anybody if they've already committed a crime or some sort of active violence or if they've sought help for potentially having some mental issues. Right. So if you get a clean slate, if you're a first time nut job, you're still good to go to get your gun. Right. Second thing through all these crimes are these mass shootings and everything are being performed by these assault rifles. Right. Yeah, that's right. So what kind of fucking lunatic would fill out a form to buy an assault rifle? That should be a clue right there. That's like jars of Piss in your house, pieces of like, I don't know, other people's hair, you know, just complete fucking utter nut baggery. Right in the moment that you start that application for an assault rifle, boom denied. Yes, there's a red flag. Just ordering the the gun itself, trying to get up the gun is a red flag on itself, like buying Sushi at a gas station. You know right there, you know it's wrong. Don't, don't let them have it right. No, seriously, that, if you work at a gas station and you let someone buy the Sushi is a special place in Hell for you, my friend. Don't let him do. Don't let them buy the gas station Sushi. Same thing with all these assault rifles. Like I said again, for me, band the motherfuckers, but talking about any kind of legislation that's just pushing forward. Just the whole background check thing is a fucking fatal flaw in itself and everybody should be dragged by horses, maybe your horses, because now they're dry, through the streets and punished for even bringing this up. Let's just band the fucking things. Sure, we all know vaping saves lives, but now I want to save you some money. Visit Northland vaporscom probably made in North Dakota. Northland Vapors Line of e liquids contain no artificial sweeteners, are dike tone free and won't gunk up your coils. Whether you're quitting smoking or an experienced vapor northland carries a variety of flavors and hardware, making it a onestop shop for all your vaping needs. Northland believes quality doesn't need to be costly, and right now you can use coach selling out nineteen and save nineteen percent off. There already amazing prices. So what are you waiting for? Get your head into the clouds and shop online at Northland vaporcom or visit their locations in more head and Bemidgey, Minnesota. Some broad as contained nicotine adults only. I had recently discovered, or found out, that someone very close to me has a terminal illness and, as hard as this is to process and deal with in itself,...

...especially because of the again I mentioned how close they are, I don't really want to say right now on air who it is, but you can just kind of imagine who it could be. Anyway, my whole thing was when you find out someone that you love is going to lose their life, they're going to have to battle a little bit, but no matter what they do, that's it is. You have time to deal with your grief while a person still alive well, and in many ways that's you have the ability to say goodbye, say what you need to say or resolve any issues that you might have with that person before that day finally comes. Now, in my case, when I was talking to that person on the phone recently, I they had informed me that there were no more treatments to be had. This was the next stage. They're going to do this and then it was going to be hospice, and that was all. I lost my shit. I started bawling like a baby on the phone, and I maybe it's my nature, maybe it's just the way I live my life, but the first thing I started to do profusely, was apologize for basically the Cretan that I've been my entire life and how they deserved better. Yeah, then, what I provided for them, especially in comparison to what I received. Yeah. Now, in many cases, and especially with me, when I've lost someone in the past, it's been sudden, it's been fast. You know, if you had any regrets about how you your relationship went with that person? Yeah, you kind of had to process them afterwards, but over time you iron them out, or at least again, I have you come to a place of piece with the whole situation. Sure, but now I'm an uncharted territory with this whole timetable scenario. And plus again, you want to release all your emotions and let that person know exactly how you feel, but at the same time you've got to realize that they're dealing with a lot. They're facing their own mortality head on, of course, and as much as they probably appreciate you know, me apologizing saying these things. Yeah, it's a little heavy of a topic when maybe they want the distraction of talking about everyday things. Sure they don't want to be confronted with all this like a tsunami at their doorstep. It's like I almost feel like it's nowhere. Never I've got a fucking say this shit. I've got to let it run out of my face with these tears. Yeah, I don't know if it's the right thing to do the wrong thing to do, but I'm heartbroken over the whole scenario situation. Yeah, but again, this is life. It happens to everybody every day and I'm still going through the whole process of it and trying to it's hard. It's not always real, right, right, you know, I can't even imagine, and I mean, as you said, it's it's kind of I don't like using the word, but it's kind of a blessing to be able to have this opportunity to say what you want to say. I don't know, man, I well, I mean, Nay, a lot of people wish kind of you know, I understand a lot of people say if I only had one more day, hmm, you know, to say or spend time with that person, what I would do, how I approached it, and for me it's like that's that's a lot. You know I mean, because I was talking about now, possibly the span of a few short months or so, give or take, and it's like it's just so it's just so fucking ridiculous to me that I can't do anything, I'm powerless to help that person. Yeah, and I don't want to sound like a fucking, I don't know, ungrateful son of a bitch, because there's so many people out there even listening right now. We've probably been through a similar situation. But again, it was easier for me dealing with regret after a loss. I mean, I remember my grandmother in particular. I had a lot of she died in a tragic fashion due to complications from a car accident. We didn't expect her to die. In just one day she was gone and afterwards I'm like, Oh my God, I wish I could have said I'm sorry for this, where I didn't mean that, and just give her a hug, a big old fucking hug, and say I love you. You know. Yeah, but how about you? Have you ever been in the situation where you lost somebody and use went. If I only had said this one fucking thing, it would be me feel better about, you know, just basically having to say goodbye to that person. Man. I mean I've the older we get, the more and more people we do lose, and it's it's a sad fact of life. But yeah, I mean there's definitely good friends that I wish I had let know how much they really meant to me and things that I wish I could have apologized for. Maybe I'm thinking of certain specific scenarios where, yeah, maybe I was in a bad spot in my life, so I wasn't the best friend and Tim Yeah, by the time that friend passed away, I really wish I had said...

...more and apologized or tried to make things right. But yeah, I this probably, I would say, there's too many to count. As far as things I wish I had more time with friends and family members who've passed. But that's a heavy, heavy subject, man, and well, I wanted to bring it up today because I try to be as honest as humanly possible with anybody who listens to the show. That's what the show is about, is we kind of want to lay our lives out there, the good, the bad, the ugly. You know, here's moments that you know, I'm vulnerable right now, I really am. You're opening yourself up emotionally and but that's what we that what's the point if we're not gone? Yes, we could do a silly, little funny show that that's good for a laugh, and we do that. We we like to have a laugh. But am right, I do, Yeh, man, but let's let's be real, and I know neither of us have shied away from some of the grittier stuff in our past or our feelings and emotions. And so, yeah, I appreciate you, you being honest and talking about this stuff, man, because that's the best thing for you. You know you need to talk about stuff. And Yeah, I actually want to appeal to the audience at large here. If you're listening to this show, let me know how you've had to deal with us or how you would deal with something like this. You know, reach out to me and nate and let us know at selling out show, at GMAILCOM, on twitter at selling out show or on facebook at selling out show. One. I really want to know what is the best coping mechanism, and really it's not even the best. It's just I just want to hear more stories about it, because I can go online. I could fucking read until my eyes start to bleed, you know I mean. But it's kind of better to hear it from from people, especially people that might, you know, actually like my fucking showy. Yeah, you know I mean. That'd be that'd be an added bonus, but I would appreciate the hell out of that. So to bring things around to maybe a happier memory some please. Yeah, yet my mind out of his funk? Yeah, well, one of the happiest periods of my life I remember was, in general that age of I would say from ten grade ish that that probably till senior year. Those were some great years and I still can't explain how this happened, but we would have the foreign language trip in my high school where they would bring a select however many kids on a trip to Europe. You had to pay for it. Obviously your family right throws throws in the Moulah, but it was at a discount because so many kids were going and they called it an educational trip, and it was to an extent. But they bring you to to Europe and sometimes to Mexico and it was a great experience and I was fortunate enough to go to to two different trips, my junior and my senior year, and the one I want to talk about specifically is my junior year high school. They brought us to France, we stopped in Belgium briefly and we ended up in Germany, in Berlin. But in the middle of that trip we spent I would say, about three days in Amsterdam in, yeah, yeah, Hollands, and our hotel was in Rotterdam, but we spent all the days walking around Amsterdam. And I tell you, man, back in those days America was still far more draconian in their point of view on marijuana, of course. So imagine bringing a bunch of kids and to no to Amsterdam at that age, late teens, and they would take us, we'd maybe have a guided tour for the first hour to couple hours of our day walking around Amsterdam. Then they would say, okay, this area over here is what's known as the Red Light District, the fabled Red Light District of Amsterdam. So anyway, kids, meet us back at this area in about and have three hours. I wouldn't even want a chaperone kid. It's like now to like the local museum, let alone to Europe. Yeah, and the Red Light fucking district, to holy cow, yeah, man, and we took full advantage. I mean they're a good portion of the kids that went. Of course we're wellbehaved, probably never try to drug in their life. In we're we're model citizens, little kids, yeah, teenagers rather, but there were select few of us, you know,...

...and there was me. Yeah, man, right, we were participating in the local culture. That's how I looked at it, right, we totally mix it with the local sure. Yeah, man. So, as I mentioned, there were a handful of us. I would say they were about maybe six or seven of us that all totally and enjoyed party and together. We had this beautiful hotel where with a sliding door that opened up onto a giant body of water and there were sailboats and all this. It was a beautiful, picturesque thing to walk out your door and see. But a few of US had purchased over the counter mind you had a we went to some head shop looking for, yeah, whatever we could find, and we noticed they were selling legal philocybe and mushrooms PS. I like mushrooms and man, Dude. So we purchased, however many grams of of the shrooms, and I will say they were some of the best mushrooms I've ever had. I mean, obviously they were cultivated in an industrial fashion. It wasn't like somebody just grown shrooms in their basement. By the time we got back to our hotel room and decided to party for the night, this shit was kicking in, the shrooms were kicking in and man, we had such a good time. I mean the first of all, where we're still new in the town, so we're rolling a joint, we're starting to trip, and where we're out on the back porch and we're being quiet, trying to like whispering and being all nervous, and then our friend Jenny, all of a sudden, I remember, looking at us and saying, guys, it's legal, and that feeling of you're tripping in your kind of anxious and all of a sudden all that weight was lifted off your shoulders, like Oh yeah, fun enough to be nervous. Yeah, so that in itself was joy do something. Yeah, you know, but I tell you, the one memory that really strikes me more than any is that we had these really friendly ducks, these big ass ducks walking around outside of our sliding door. Like I said, we're on a body of water, so I'm talking these ducks with they were like they may have even been geese. They were big ass freaking water fowl, whatever they were, and one of them was getting real friendly. Would come right up to you. is almost like the people that stayed in the hotel often would feed these animals, because they would come right up to you. And we're all tripping laughing our asses off at these friendly ducks. And I remember at one point I'm smoking a button. I'm like, what does he want? My Cigarette? He keeps coming up to me. Well, and so all I have as a cigarette. So I hold the cigarette out towards him, filter and first, like you know, here you want to puff. The freaking duck grabs the cigarette out of my hand and it it's stayed in its beak as though he was walking around smoking. Nowhere to a lie. This fucking duck walked around Garn right, right and as he would, the cigarette, which is kind of hanging on to his beak, would kind of like mark and it would almost looked like he was puffing smoke. So you know, okay, the weirdest sh it always happens when you tripping. So yeah, we if it was even real. You meant Howard the duck, and you gave him a smoke. Yeah, I could have all been just a crazy hallucination. Yeah, like you, you remember, this is a fun memory, but maybe none of it was real. Yeah, smoking large water fowl. And if it was really, you probably gave the damn thing fucking, you know, Lung, fucking Emphysyma or something. So she you. I know Pete is going to be able to get me for that one. But but yeah, man, the whole the whole time was a great experience and I'm glad I got to do it. I've been I'll say it again, I've been blessed in my life to have some great experiences. Have Been Really Lucky and I had a great family. So I will, I will look back and appreciate that Shit. But yeah, man, if anyone gets a chance, I mean now the the allure has kind of worn off a tad because of America's gradually, you know, lessening, loosening up. Yeah, okay, I'm on a drugs and stuff, but yeah, but dude, like Hallucinagen's and stuff. I mean you could go to Colorado and fucking puff on somewhere grass, yeah, or even and they're talking. We're talking about making their talking about making sutrooms legal and Colorado. But anyway, well, there you go. But I mean, my whole thing of the story isn't anything to do with any of that. It's more like where the fuck was the chaperone? And this is more like a cautionary tale to parents out there now that we are at the age that we would be parents, that kids are on the same age. Yeah, is that? Don't let your kids fucking go to Europe. Yeah, well, to they're going to be fucking true, fucking driver all, not dropping aster but chewing on mushrooms and letting fucking ducks. Yes, not a safe environment for...

...your teager no man. But interestingly enough, shrooms in Amsterdam. I watched this crazy story not too long ago, because they've recently. I'm saying recently, he's probably ten years ago now, but they actually, of all places, Amsterdam, actually crack down and made Hallucin Jack Mushrooms illegal. There's like the first time they've actually gone back on drug legalization, and it's beg dude, and it's because all the tourists, it's never the locals. The locals can handle their shit because they don't get out of control. They're just like okay, it's like booze, you know, just bi it ust or no Biggie, but all the tourists would come in and go nuts and they couldn't handle their shit. So, dude, there were these highly publicized cases of like one woman who was a totally great student, or girl, not a woman, a young like great student, all this. She takes the mushrooms and ends up committing suicide and it was this big publicized thing because she was fairly wealthy. I don't know if she was friends or whatever. And then there was this other story about a similar thing, where guy was, again a tourist, couldn't handle his shit. He's tripping on the mushrooms and next thing you know they're finding him with a disemboweled dog in a knife Christ and he's yeah, so this type of Shit, and there were more stories than that, but they led the government to to take action and actually make these mushrooms illegal. And, just to finish this up, the little way that the manufacturers found to to get a little loophole and think the law was written so that the they just altered the conditions of how they grow their mushrooms a little bit and the mushrooms, instead of being mushrooms, they grow into a psychedelic truffle, you know where they stay underground like, and so they still sell these truffles that are hallucinogenic, apparently, of similar, similar effects, but they're not mushroom band shrooms, of growing truffles, motherfucker fast. Do you know? The thing about the guy with the dog is a little bit alarming. The the rich girl committing suicide is terrible, but I was a little concerned that maybe that the reason why they banned these substances were because they were overloaded, over inundated with a bunch of transient ducks who who might hit hard times. They living on the street now, begging for smokes, and they said, you know what, fuck this right. Looking to experience ultimate relaxation and relief of chronic pain, you need to try the healing power of CBD with hemp bombs. visit hemp Bombscom for a wide range of pure, premium CBD products, from oils, capsules, gummies, pain freeze and more. Hemp bombs has all you need in store. Better sleep has proven to boost your immune system and, if you were a love when live with discomfort, CBD is a natural, organic remedy that works. Start living your best life today with m bombs. Fans of the show can save twenty percent off their entire order by using the code selling out and check out. Once again, that's code selling out for twenty percent off at Hemp Bombscom Day from the selling out show, here to tell you about spunk loob. Spunk loub is a multi award winning Uber can't use by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in hybrid pure silicone, natural and pink. Spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients and is non stating, Hypo allergenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love life with spun right now. SPUNK LOUBE is by three, get one free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A high end product for an affordable price. Is it spunk loubecom today and you can thank me later. Dust up your lps in time for Nate Noe. No. We all have those friends or family members who introduce us to interesting stuff. On his WTF podcast, Mark Marin, who we mentioned earlier, actually often talks to his guests about how his older brother was the one to open him up to new music. Sometimes it's a cousin or a neighbor, just a friend from school. When I was in seventh grade, I had a music class in which we were allowed to bring in CDs and towards the end of class we could play a song on the Class Stereo, provided it passed the teachers scrutiny as far as questionable lyrics were concerned.

To be honest, not a lot of kids took advantage of this little perk, but I sure did. Shit here was a legal way to listen to music and class. Plus, if no one played a song that day, the class just continued and we had to actually learn. So one day I had popped in the Song Tommy the cat by Primus, being like one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. Most, if not all, of my classmates kind of looked at me strange. While my selection was playing, Primus was still unknown. I guess they were still this unknown band of Weirdos. At that point, my name is mud had not yet broken through or even been released. Actually, at some point during the first minute or two of the song, the doorway connecting our class with the adjacent classroom opened and a kid with dyed blond hair walked in, apparently to retrieve something he had left in our room previously. He had a confident air about him that I liked, especially combined with his kind of skateboard or attire and dyed hair. I was only about thirteen and this was still the very beginning of the whole alternative culture explosion, so there weren't a lot of kids that looked like this dude in my school. The thing that endeared this unknown person to me was that when he heard the music playing, his ears seemed to perk up and he asked who's playing Primus. I raised my hand and, as if on Q, we both started singing the refrain. Say Baby, do you want to lay down with me? Say a baby, do you want to laid down by my set, etc. The dudes name was Andrew Jones. He was a couple years older than me, so we didn't have classes together, but we would talk in the halls between classes and eventually he invited me to hang out after school one day. The rest is kind of history. Andy became one of my best friends and years later we would embark on our own musical journey, playing in a band together and getting to tour with some bigger names in the field. But in our younger days we would just hang out after school or on weekends, Smoking Weed, listening to a lot of music, sometimes finding a place to skateboard for a few hours, sometimes heading to the arcades to play mortal Kombat to or killer instinct. It turned out that Andy and I shared a lot more music taste wise then primus. We were both into industrial music like skinny puppy and ministry. We dug indie rock bands like dinosaur junior and lemon heads. There were so many areas where our tastes crossed paths. But being a few years older and having listened to music a bit longer than I, Andrew often introduced me to new stuff that I didn't even know about. If it weren't for him, I don't know if I would have gotten into electronic acts like a fex twin or square pusher. Noise projects like the boredoms or even shown in knife may have flown under or over my radar. Andy exposed me to countless bands or artists. One Genre that I was certainly under familiar with at the time was hiphop. I was so into the weird, the underground and the harsh or noisy that I felt like hip hop was simply too mainstream for my sophisticated Palette. Yeah, I was a precocious and pretentious teenager. hiphop as a genre was just too ever present and overblown for me to consider it. For someone who claimed to be open minded to music, I was a bit quick to almost dismiss a whole style of musical expression. I think that another part of it was that I had trouble, as a suburban White Kid, relating to the expressions of a primarily black urban population. I definitely wasn't racist, I just didn'tt have a frame of reference and even though I was equally he as unfamiliar with the woes or lifestyles...

...of any German industrial artist or Japanese noise project, I think it was the fact that it was so huge and popular that it just turned me off. So Andy introduced me to some of the acts that weren't all over the radio that still had the respect of the rap community. My Gateway Drugs into hiphop were weird acts like cool Keith's Dr Octagon projects and his earlier group, the ultra magnetic MC's. I loved getting stoned and listening to the early buster rhymes albums. Bust of blew me away with his speed and articulate word play, not to mention his overthe top persona. I won't get into the countless rappers that started to work their way into my listening rotation. I'll just say that I quickly realized that I was selling myself short and depriving myself of some real entertaining and thought provoking art. I've mentioned before how the s were a real golden age for hiphop and the amount of talent was almost overwhelming back then. The late s saw the birth of this phenomenon known as backpack rappers. I'm running out of time here, but basically, the backpack scene was less about the gangsterism that had worked its way into the scene and more about the talented flows and freestyle rat battles. Instead of flashy clothes and huge entourage is this new crop of artists came to the game armed with just a backpack filled with notebooks to write down their ideas. Hence the term backpack rappers. Guys like LP idea cage, the group atmosphere and this episode's suggested artist, Asop Rock, were representing real poetry and not just street culture and gang life. ASOP rock specifically ended up making a name for himself as a truly unique talent. He's known as having the widest vocabulary in the game, and some study pointed out that he's used somewhere in the vicinity of seven thousand four hundred individual words over the span of his catalog, more than any of their wrapper, more by far than even William Shakespeare. You can hear a bit of his verbose skills here. The rest of the cards and a Messnox of fantasy coster bring a passagory. I ain't even mad, I'm impressed it. It's bappling. Got A mighty shopping I meet summer u being at Kis, play your own dirts on the way to surfing, Maggot, beach fucking storm, seeing a source of the art that can be cooler than the corners where you source of aparts the poker face. Sola takes a couple sort of remarks. We let the Manicle Rop. We make the source of Rebuk like the seone. Their party over here, I'll be over there. So, insummation, it's important to have those people in your life that can introduce you to new things. It's important to give things in honest shake before you dismiss them entirely. I'm sure somewhere down the road I would have eventually discovered what a great and unique art form hip hop can be, but thankfully I had someone to kind of guide me into it at a younger age and I feel that my life has been all the richer for it. Andy brought a lot of light into my world and into the lives of many others. Getting me to dig some music was honestly just the tip of a glorious iceberg. Dude, I know we talked a lot about Andy Lately, which I think is great, because we keep the dudes legacy alive and we've mentioned him a few times on our last few episodes, but and we dedicated our first one to him, as we've mentioned before. But yeah, Dude, the guy, the guy brought a lot to our lives and you know where, and he's still sending a post... in the mail. That's right. If you that's the little catalog talk for anybody didn't hear that episode that a postcard with his name and advertisement rather and not are like hey, visit me in Hawaii. One of those arrived and it kind of freaked me the fuck out. You know, a sign for the great beyond? I don't know. But yeah, you're right. He has a lot of influence on this very show because if he was around today, he probably be on the show with US talking about the same shit that we talked about, you know. Yeah, man, I think it would be awesome if if he were around and he could be on the show. I know he would have loved to do it, but amen. member. I'm not trying to go on like Andy Stories here. Nothing now. That's fine, Bro. But what was his shure that he had it? Was it Fuck Fred Durst? Did He have that? I didn't even really yeah, well, he wrote it and he wrote it in Sharpie. It was some folks he fucking hated, limp biscuit, HMM, beyond fucking belief, and we were at some show at the palladium in western Massachusetts and he's like yeah, fuck that guy or something, and he made the sure. I don't know if they were playing there that night or whenever. But he was fucking rock in that shirt and I just thought his coincidential. Because this morning I saw there's a new movie that's how starring John Javolda, is directed by Fred Durst, and I thought about Andy for a moment because I'm like, well, I thought that guy was just wiped off the face of the earth and Nope, he's back directing movies. I'm like, and he wouldn't have cared for that one very much. Did Right, not at all. But but yeah, yeah, he hated them. I remember he didn't like the black eyed peas when they added fergy. Oh yeah, that ruins the black eyed peas. Do we the thing of his? We went and saw the black eyed peas when they were still a credible band. They were opening for outcast. I remember we saw them. But yeah, the black eyed peas first like album or two were very good albums and they were almost in that sort of backpack style, not exactly, but they added Fergie and turned into this cheesy pop group and just kind of ruined it. So they were credible but they weren't rich. Yeah, maybe that's it all those motherfucker is. You can say anything you want about hey, you lost your credibility. They'd be like, you know what, I'm speeding by my porsche. You let me know when I'm fucking flying by eighty miles, proud as fucking throw him money out the Goddamn window. Dude. Seriously, man. So you know, there goes. But he also, I remember, he was like the first one on Eminem. Yeah, yes, I remember that. He's going that he saw himinem at this tiny club in Cambridge mass the Middle East, and that was, yeah, the last time Eminem ever played a club that small. So, yeah, Yep, they actually, we actually saw a cool Keith at the Middle East. But we don't want to talk about that as a rough night for me. Yeah, you got booted out of that show, not once but twice. You got booted out. It's managed to sneak your way back in and got moved it out again, not because they noticed your back in, but because you caused enough of a Rucas to warrant being thrown out again. Yes, and I was Ruckus with it with all you guys are my friends, and I got left in the city over the night and I had to figure out like a way way to stay alive, completely wasted just roaming around the streets of Boston at fucking two am, which I did. Yeah, so I obviously I'm here talking to everybody right now and but yeah, that was quite the experience. I'll never forget cool Keith. Of course I love the Dr Octagon Album. Yeah, but that was quite the experience that show. So we just went from like a whole bunch of talk about, you know, you and Andy and him being an influence on you, great friendship, to some crazy stories about him to basically what kind of fucking I don't know, Cuckumchuo Ki, to use a word that I just invented that I could be when completely liquored up. I'm gonna get that on a TSHIRT. Cuckumtchuki, the selling out show, copyright, TM, all that fucking good shoe. But you know what, enough about that. Let's talk about your selected listening for next episode. What do you have for us? Well, this is one of these weeks where everything was kind of last minute. I was having a very busy week, so I I was I was kind of again down to the wire, not just not just figuring out how I was going to put together this snate's notes, but in coming up with next episodes selection so, I think, just to further represent the the skills inherent in hiphop. And there's an interesting story that I kind of want to tell about this artist. There's an artist named Kay, named are a, the rugged man. He's a guy who's been around for a long time. Again, I'll talk about him next week, but there's next episode. Oh my God, did I do they did it again. This is two weeks in a row. You can't fucking do it it Geez, what's going on with you, buddy? And you know, before you go on about the Brawny Guy, the paper towel man you like to call the rugged man, I'm gonna you know. You said you were struggling this week or this time. See Now I'm fucking doing it. I know we're...

...just complete. I'm professionals. We should be booted off the air, but still, I kept giving you an easy out on what to choose, but you don't listen to me, you don't care about me, you don't give me what I want. Instead we go on this route, but anyway, continue you please. are a the rugged man has a kind of rowdy disposition. He's a he's a crazy dude, but he's got this one track that really kind of hits home for me and it's called still get through the day, and so that's going to be next episodes suggested listening is still get through the day by our a the rugged man, and he's another one of these rappers that has amazing skills, amazing flow, uses a lot of syllables and a lot of words. So hopefully it'll be interesting and maybe next episode will switch it up and I'll do some Michael McDonald or freaking yes, Doby blieve something, I don't know. Please give me some Christopher Cross, give me something else. You know, I was in the mood for yacht rock all summer long and you didn't provide yeah, man, because I can't bring myself to I can't imagine writing a whole nights notes segment about Yeat Rock. No offense, but you know, have you? Have you ever listened to Yat Rock? Dude, I grew yeah, I grew up with some Damn Fogelberg and bread. Yeah, yeah, so what's the matter with it? What's the problem? Where did it touch? You show me on the doll. I just I'm having trouble being inspired by it, but you never know, things strike your just time. So it could happen, Dave. I'll keep you on the on the line. It's it could happen, buddy, it could happen. Well, that's that's something thing for me to wake up to every morning. But the thing is, did you notice I call him the brawny man? Yeah, this rugged guy, because to me that's rugged that I don't even know if he's still on the paper towel rolls, the dude in the flannel, you better be, Goddamn it. Yeah, I know, I I buy paper towels like every couple weeks. I've never even noticed the brawny man is still around, but to me that's the the ultimate symbol of masculinity right right there. That that's the guy. That's a tough guy who's fucking saying clean up your messes, motherfucker, and use my paper to do it. Where that came from? But anyway, Grannie man. So yeah, it is a brawny man. So okay, we're getting the HIP hop couple episodes in a row. You pull in the Kevin Smith on us a little too worried both times. Up is still it should be interesting. Yeah, and I hopefully everybody checks that out. Again our social media links. It will actually where you post the videos is on face that's rights. That's so make sure you check out selling out on facebook, which is at selling out show one, and you can see the videos there if you're too lazy to Google them for yourself, or if I completely just confused you and you're going to start looking up paper towel rolls on Youtube instead. But still. With all that being said, I want to thank each and every one of you for tuning into the show. We truly appreciate it. Virtual hugs for all of you. But now we got to hit the road. Baby. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out. No infirmary media. Hey, I'm Maurice. As a barber, you might think my scissors are my main tool. What really? It's metro. That's where I got my iphone seven. It's camera makes sharing my cuts as simple as snip, snap, share. Right now, get an iphone seven with a camera that shoots for K for just for Thousan nine hundred and ninety nine. When you switch to the number one brands and prepaid metro by t mobile rule your day requires port in aevaluable number. Not going to be active on t mobile network, port, active on Metro in past ninety days and Arification of ID independent Abase than it for percount house with thirty two peop by I phone, seven model only, no temper and C store for details in comsing emissions. Four bills, three bills, two bills, one. At first Commonwealth Bank, we make it simple to consolidate your bills into one easy payment with a home equity line of credit at a special one point nine percent Apr. Find out more in person or at FC Bankingcom. One point nine percent introductory APR for six months that adjust to a variable rate based in Wall Street Journal primary plus or minus a margin with a me memory to four point four nine percent and a maximum ry to eighteen percent. Offer subject to change or withdraw at any time. Called one hundred seven one one two hundred sixty five. Details about credit costs and terms equal housing lender member F DI SE.

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