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Episode 33 · 2 years ago

Ep.#33 Retail Fail


Nate’s back on vacation, sipping fruity drinks on the beach while Dave’s been stressing out at a new job. Speaking of jobs, have you ever wondered about the jobs and money issues of prison inmates? Of course not! Nobody does! And finally Nates Notes looks at the expansive cinematic world of Post Rock and Post Metal.

1:02-Intros/A Temporarily Southern Perspective
4:24-Dave Rejoins the Rat Race
16:30-Prison Labor and Finances
30:49-Nate’s Notes (Post Rock and Post Metal)
40:43-Clip (Kodama by Alcest)
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...guy that I saw, you know, if you would care to enjoy some with me, just being drinking atone. Yeah, neighborly, you know, he was walking by and he lookedat me like I was some kind of Weirdo, like and like,Oh my good, you know, like I forget. You know, upin Massachusetts it's just kind of like asking someone if they want to drink.You know, it's not. It's not that bause. It's easy to forgetwhen you're in a cool place compared to a fucking conservative play. So Ihave a suggestion for you. Sure, okay, here's what I think youshould do the moment we are finished with this show today. I want youto twist up a Jibba, pop it in your mouth, take off yourpants start running down the fucking Myrtle Beach Day. Let you don't hit inthe Chin, Bing Bang Bong and start yelling band guns, band guns,and see if that freeze you up a little bit, see that makes youfeel better. Or how long it actually takes you to get locked up.Nate, as you well know, I am pretty much a middle aged bum. I've been a stay home dad for a long time and I recently somenew bills have surfaced and I feel really, really guilty that my wife is abread winner and it's not really like a masculinity thing where I'm embarrassed.I'm not wearing the pants and the family or anything right, I just feellike I know I'm contributing with the raising of my son and making sure everything'sall set in the household. Yes, very important things, fair, yes, Cru thank you, thank you for fluffing me up there. But really, you know, at the same time I'm like, I do have afew spare hours a day. Let me start looking for something part time.Right. I'm not a big fan of the hamster wheel. I know therat race, and I think I meant the literal hands to wheel. Andyou know your new pet hamster. No, no, not that, not thatfucking piece of Shit. No, okay, but I mean, okay, let's stick with the rat race things. I don't own a rat, soit is kind of related to a RAPP IT anyway. Yeah, soI really don't care for that whole cycle, you know what I mean? Wedoes for the man. Yeah, but if you can get out ofit, why jump back into it? Yeah, so I'm like, letme see if I can find something more suited for me, something up myalley that you know, at least I'll have a general interest in. Yeah, and I love thrift shops. I like watching antiques road show. Iguess also kind of aiding and abetting my middle age status. I just gavemyself there. Yeah, so I applauded a few random places and I nevergot a call back. But this one thrift store in particular is by myhouse. It's a fairly famous one. It's associated with a charity. Okay, I won't say their name, but you can kind of guess. It'sonly a few of them out there, right, and they call me.I go in for the interview. I told my it's one little parttime gigs, kind of help out here or there. They look at my resume and theygo, Oh wow, you get a lot of managerial experience. Yeah, and I'm like over qualified. Yeah, yeah, like American beauty, right. That's why I was just thinking, come, yeah, the movie Americanbut yes, exactly, Kevin Spacey goes into Mickey D's like, whythe fuck do you want this job? Yeah, so, anyway, I'mlike, yeah, I do have a lot of this experience, but it'sin a different field. It's industrialists, not retail. And they say thatdoesn't fucking Mada. We need an assistant manager in here. You look likeyou could fit the bill. What do you say? Instead of taking thepart time Gig, you do that instead? Wow, they got you. Well, I sat there for a second. I kind of told them my situationto I'm like, well, I still going to pick up my sonfrom school, so my hours could be an issue. And No, no, were we will work with you on that. Don't you worry. I'mlike, well, you know what, sounds pretty good. Sign me up. Yeah, sounds like you got a little bit of a bargaining chips there. Man. They sounds like they need you a little more than you needthem. At this point, you would think right, you would think,well, I start my first day on the job and I I have aspecific managing style, which is more about like delegation. Right. No,I mean really, it's like good at telling others what to do, orat least making sure that they're doing their jobs, okay, and they're servingtheir functions, you know. Yeah, so I can go in the firstday my boss is tell me, Oh, you need to run the cashier's register, then you got to go all...

...back and unloaded truck and then youneed to clean the toilet and then you wow, I'm like, Whoa,Hey, O, a little bit more hands on than most menagerial positions.Well, yeah, exactly. I mean I didn't expect to be sitting aroundall day. I mean if something got hectic, yeah, or if somebodyneeded some coverage for their lunch or something. Yeah, I go out and Ihelp out. And again, I'm not really overly experience with the wholeretail side of the world. Yeah, but I do it. I didall everything that was asked to me, because I'm like, you know what, the more I know about other people's job functions, the better it wouldbe for me to manage them later tell them what to do. I've alwaysfelt that way. If you can understand the process, it's easier to dishout the responsibilities. Dude, you are a great manager. I can alreadytill. Thank you. Thank you very much. Now you might mopping thisup over here and nate, you might taking care of this. I don'tknow. You made the experience right. So the first week goes by andI'm like, all right, I learned everything, I know everything. Thisis all fucking fine and Dandy. Week two starts and the first morning Igo in, the boss hits me with the same shit, a fucking laundrylist, and I said, you know what, hold on, we needto go and talk. Let's go meet in the fucking office. I saidour she's a terribly nice woman, by the way. She's not him brute. She's not, you know, some kind of evil person. So ifyou're kind of like trying to do a mental image of this, it's notlike I'm dealing with what's what am I trying to say here, nate?Like she's smiling while she's fucking. Well, I was actually thinking like more likea judge, like looming over somewhere. Okay, you looking up like isa fucking skyscraper, but we could use that as well. All right. And so as I'm talking to her, I say, listen, I've gota different managerial style than you. You think everything needs to be hectic. You wait till all the plates are in the sink before you wash them. I like to do them one at a time or once you finish eating. You know, I'm kind of using these examining as you go. Yeah, thank you, you know. And she's like now, that's not theway it's going to happen here. That's not the way corporate wants it.They need you running around and doing this. And I said, listen, thisis a fucking thrift store. It's not fucking TJ Max or fucking WalMart or something where, I mean, I would assume, would necessitate thatkind of workflow throughout the course of the day. Yeah, and so I'mlike, well, I'm sorry, then, I don't fit the bill. Iappreciate the opportunity, you know, but unless you have something part timefor me or whatever, I'm not gonna be able to take the job ofkeep the job. Rather wow, this is your your red line, yourline in the sand. You like, well, yeah, yeah, exactly. It was like, you know, again for a short period of timeto kind of like, you know, get my my bearings and understand howeverything works. Yeah, but then after that, you know, let medo shit the way that I do. Shoot, you hired me to bea fucking manager. Let me, you know, assist you with my knowledgerather, you know, mopping up a fucking bathroom floor. Right. Letyou manage. You hired a manager. Let him manage exactly. So Isaid, this is not for me. So unless you have something part time. And my boss is really upset because she likes me a lot. I'veonly been working for for a week, but she's like, you're a greatworker, you know, really intelligent guy. She might be lying about that one, but still, I want to say it on air. Yea,and everything else, but she says she's going to see what she can do. So right now I'm still in limbo. I'm still the assistant manager, HMM, but I don't know what my future holds. So was the lastday you worked when you had this conversation? Is that we're saying? or well, no, actually is it? It was a day before the look'StDay I work the second that the last day I work. Is I amoff today. As why I'm with you, shooting the breeze right. She wassaying that she was talking to her managers and higher up the food chainto figure out if they can maneuver and put me somewhere else. Part timeor if I would have to give my two week notice. Yeah, that'scrazy. You just started, you haven't even work two weeks and you're givingyou two week notice. Know, I know, I even told her.I'm like, I feel fucking horrible about that. You know, you hiredme. I mean I used to hire...

...people and I mean if someone cameto me a week later, it's like, Huh, sorry, you know,there sucks them out. You get fucking pissed off. But she appreciatedmy honesty and candor absolutely rather than just, you know, trying to fucking youknow. Yeah, Grin and Barrett and it's quit on the spot.Yeah, I don't want to do to anybody. I know how much Ifucking blows, of course. But the other thing too, is the jobpays like shit. As you can imagine, it's a fucking thrift store right.Never have time to kind of like flex my thrifting muscle, which isapplied there in the first place, because I'm interested in junk. I likedigging through other people's you know, one man is trash is another man's treasure. I love that Shit. I don't get to do none of that fuckingShit, but I tell you man, any job that you think is goingto be amazing, like a chef. If you ever ask, a chefalways goes home and cooks like ramen noodles, if they eat at all, becausethey're so sick a seeing food, your food. Yeah, and justimagine if you are, if you are a gynecologist or something. You know, you know what I mean, like with that, that whole cliche whereit's just that's the last thing you want to think about when you get home. You know, when while you're there, that one might be a cliche.To be honest with you. I the chef. I get yeah,Guin ecologist, not so much. I don't know. I mean it's alsoyou deal with fucking crazy motherfuckers all day long. I had a woman lastnight. Yeah, it's buying like a hundred set of knives, a hundredforks, a hundred spoons, because she claims she had a dinner party comingup, which, hey, whatever, lady, if you want to counthim yourself, be my guest. But she came to the reddest stir fiveminutes before closing. was like, can you help me count the Oh,and you can't say no. You gotta be fucking you know, it's customerservice. Of course, ma'am, I'll help you. Well, in themeanwhile, I look at the other dude. This work with me. Close thefucking door, clone don't have anybody else in here. You got nuttypeople, crazy people, and plus, because it's a charity, we havea lot of homeless people come in. Of course, all they're always tryingto steal. Yeah, and I'm very sympathetic to you know, they're whatthey're going through. Right. I tried this one guy in particular. Itried to talk to him. I said, Hey, man, I know you'rein a bad spot. If you ever need something, come in hereand talk to me, right, rather than just fucking try to gang somethingand run out the door. Right. Well, we'll try to help you. I mean it won't be much. Maybe be a pair of jeans anda fucking Tshirt, yeah, but if you're at the point where you're stealingfrom donation store type, secondhand store like that, then things are rough andI'm sure someone will be willing to help you, you know, if youjust open your mouth, you know, yeah, exactly. I'd rather thantalk to me then just fucking again just try to steal and then I'm introuble if someone sees it or whatever, whatever. You know. So,yeah, I'm already in trouble anyway because my wife is fucking so mad atme. Oh Man, the plot that cans over all of this shit.Yeah, she is so fucking pissed because she you know, she wants meto work. Of course she does. She want to fucking bum husband nevermaking a Goddamn fucking red set. But I mean, you know, ifplus, you probably think some lazy is all get out, which is partiallytrue. But she's like, why didn't you just stick with the position fora little bit longer before spilling your guts? Yeah, but that entails being moreentrenched in the routine of it. So they think, why is hejust bring this up now? You know, it's better to just to say thisstuff early before it becomes an issue in there, like well, you'realready used, so just keep doing it. It's it seems to make more senseto just bring it up if it's an issue. It seems good.I agree, and that's why I did it. You know, if shehad not hit me with that again, do this, do that. Didit and I'm like, Whoa, if that hadn't happened on the Monday morning, I wouldn't have said anything and I probably would have tried to, youknow, to push my way through it right, but I was like,you know, I can't know. I'm not doing this anymore. I'm sorry, thank you, but no thanks. It wasn't as advertised. I'd ratherjust be a straightforward as humanly possible. You go find the person that wantsthis and have them filled a position. You know, yeah, it's myboss does the same thing. She runs around like a fucking chicken with herhead cut off all fucking day long, and I'm like, I gain,that's not managing. You don't have any time to do what you're hired todo. You're doing everybody else's work throughout...

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...little little part of it that saysslavery's abolished except as punishment for a crime. So basically you know if you ifyou commit a crime, then you can be compelled to work. That'sit's another thing I was going to get into is that there were times whenI was locked up that I got moved to a cell. They just moveyou. If you're classified to move, they move you and they may noteven let you know that it's going to happen until they tell you to packyour Shit. And so I've been moved into a cell and been told,Oh, this is a kitchen workers cell, so you have to get up tomorrowand go to the kitchen, and I I was always happy to dothat. I don't mind working when I'm in there at kills the time.But the fact is, if I had refused the work, if I ifthey had woken me up for work the next morning and I said fuck that, I just want to do my time, leave me alone. It's not likethey just move you to another cell and say, okay, well,we'll get a guy who does one work. They will move you to the hole. You'll spend, however long, a week or two in solitary,lose your visits losier canteen for that week in. On top of that,every time you get an infraction like that you're losing earned good time. Sobasically they're tacking another six days onto whatever time you're doing just for refusing thisjob. So it's the point is it's compulsory labor. They're not paying youand if you're like well the fuck that, I'm not working, then you getpunished. So you're compelled to work. And the messed up thing is thatwhere we live in the society where prisons are a big it's big businessand people privately own prisons, and then they don't even have to spend moneyon landscaping crews or custodial or kitchen labor because they force the prisoners to doit, so further increasing profits. And you know, and and another interestingthing, I mean they touched on this on John Oliver's show, but themoney that is being charged to the inmates, whether it's for canteen or like,when you're buying things at the prison store, not only are the pricesof the items exorbitant and ridiculous. First of all, everyone is probably listeningsaying where we're poor prisoners. You know that as the the people that I'mworried about the least. But bear in mind that if I'm not earning money, when I'm incarcerated, where's the money coming from? My family? Myfamily did nothing wrong. Presumably they, the families of the inmates, areoften the ones that suffer the most because of this. So phone calls arealways collect calls where the first minute may be three dollars and then a dollara minute after that, and that adds up the canteen items that you needto have money sent and put on your books, on, you know,on your account when you're in there. There are companies that charge money justto do that. Just so if someone wants to put fifty on your books, they're charged a fee for the transaction, right and and these companies charge upto forty five percent. Some of these companies in our nation's prisons,which means if someone sending you fifty dollars, it's going to cost them like seventytwo do it total. And these people, again, they did nothingwrong. And a lot of these a lot of these prisons, but assoon as you walk in the door they charge you the you start at Debbit, you start below zero, because they automatically are charging you between forty andseventy five. The last time I was in was seventy five. They calledit a deposit for all of your sheets, uniforms, whatnot that they give youwhile you're in there, which are all used and often stained and rippedup, by the way. It's not like you're getting new stuff, butthey call it a deposit. So before you can even buy a twenty centitem or fifty cent item or whatever, you have to have seventy five inyour account just to get the zero.

And Yeah, you'll get that moneyback when you walk out the door, provided they're not charging you for,say, a lost t shirt or a lost, you know, uniform,whatever. All that money your family or you put in the system, whetherit's on your account, that the money they're sending in, that deposit money, all of that, the jail puts that in a big account, onebig like escrow account, whatever it is. That earns interest, and you don'tget any of that interest. Of course. The total money of allthe inmates that have money on their books is all put in this bank accountwhere the prison is earning all that interest. So that's profit too. So I'mgoing off on a big is a diagram of the scamp. That's it, man, is a diagram of this scam. Are you talking about theJohn Oliver last week tonight piece which, if you guys haven't seen it,just look it up on Youtube. It's probably very easy to find. Butwhat shuts me name is being someone who'd never been on the inside, notreally familiar, I mean, other than talking to you about stuff. WasHygiene products in particular, right, and especially for women, where it's like, okay, if you need extra tampons or something, you have a littleexture flow that month. You got a fucking pay for those things, oror you got to actually be able to pay to see the doctor so theycan basically essentially prescribe you more pads and more tampons and whatever you need.So, no matter what, you still have to pay. That's right,that's right, but that's the thing. It's a big misconception. Okay,I understand that. It's like everybody says, Oh yeah, you go to jail, you get the fucking watch TV and eat free food and fucking Blah, Blah Blah. But that's not the case at all. No, noteven close. And you mentioned the phone calls and stuff, which are nowthey mentioned in the piece of being controlled specifically by one company, right,where it's only a video call it's like skype. You're paying collect call moneyjust to skype. Even if you show up at the prison, you stilldon't get to see your loved one. You have to talk to them througha video screen. Right. Well, that's that's the thing. The phonecalls. You can use an actually like an audio phone, like you cancall your family. That's not the video calls. Is More when people cometo visit you, I mean, that's what I meant. Yeah, Imean, I know you and you said that, but I know that whenI've been in yes, there was a big change at one point from visitswhere you you were just sitting across a table from your loved one or whatever, and then, after a certain amount of time, they put in abig window with like a screen like they would have at a convenience store ina rough neighborhood at night. You know, that's like bulletproof glass with a LittleMesh Circle in the screen in the middle of it that you have toput your ear up to and the other person has to speak directly. It'sit's very hard to hear when you're surrounded by other inmates that are all excitedto see their loved ones. Is Right, when there's a painted glass between you. But the point is in this segment they're talking about how now alot of times, when you're locked up in a lot of these prisons,you love them will come visit you and they think they're going to come visitand see you in person, but no, they're directed to a room where there'sa screen and a phone and you're in a separate room and you mightas well have just stayed home and talked on the phone, because all itis is you're seeing your loved one through a screen. It's digital, it'snot you're not in the same room and it's it's bizarre. And yes,you get charged for those visits. It's and it's like you said on theshow, where it's like Shashank redemption. Yeah, yeah, it's like andit afraid is good with Damn fucking numbers. Yeah, I want to have kindof work for me in the office and do my motherfucking tax is exactlywell that. There was a segment on this John Oliver Show where he mentionedhow certain politicians are sheriffs were even recorded saying, well, I don't knowabout letting some of these inmates go on. There was some kind of prison reformprogram going on and they said bars, yeah, they've wash our cars sowell or they handle our whatever so well. They're such good workers Idon't know if we want to let them go, which is yeah, it'skind of Shawshanky of them. But you...

...know, I guess the ultimate lessonwe can all learn from this is try not to go to prison. Butwhich is always good advice, I I suppose. But our system is somessed up that a lot could be done and to to fix these issues andunfortunately it's an unpopular opinion to have. It seems like our nation just hasno problem keeping people locked up, and the fact that that thirteen amendment talkedabout slavery still being okay if it's used as a punishment. It's a littleodd when you start looking at the percentage of African Americans that are in ournation's countries. Yeah, considering the history, and why the hell are they stillcomplaining about slavery and all that? I don't understand. You know,guess what, there you go, Bing Bang, boom. You know,what the fuck is everything so Goddamn fucking controversial? For where's the common sensein this world? Need? Where is it? I don't know we're rightnow. We just had a fucking mass shootings and fucking Al Paso and fuckingyou know, he's just like day Ohio, and it's like band fucking assault weapons, I know. And fucking privatized privatized prisons make no fucking sense whatsoever, man. It's just making the fucking fat cats even richer in the pooresta fucking poor. Cut that shit out. We're still arguing over reproductive rights orfucking women's ability to fucking earn as much the same as amount of asmen. Why are we having these fucking discussions in two thousand and nineteen?It makes no sense to me whatsoever. Look at common sense. Grab it, hold it, hugg Itt fucking bring it home, make love to itand let's fucking live in a better world. Looking to experience ultimate relaxation and reliefof chronic pain, you need to try the healing power of CBD withhemp bombs. visit hemp Bombscom for a wide range of pure, premium CBDproducts, from oils, capsules, gummies, pain freeze and more. Hemp bombshas all you need in store. Better sleep has proven to boost yourimmune system and if you were a love when live with discomfort, CBD isa natural, organic remedy that works. Start Living Your best life today withMP bombs. Fans of the show can save twenty percent off their entire orderby using the code selling out and check out. Once again, that's codeselling out for twenty percent off at Hemp Bombscom Day from the selling out show, here to tell you about spunk loop. Spunk loub is a multi award winningLubri can't used by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is availablein hybrid, pure silicone, natural and pink. Spunk is made with thehighest quality ingredients and is non stating, hypollergenic and cleans with ease. Enhanceyour love life with spun right now. SPUNK LOUBE is by three, getone free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUBA high end product for an affordable price. Is it? Spunk loubcom today andyou can thank me later. Dust up your lps in time for nate. No, no. When you watch a movie, The music does alot to enhance the mood of a particular scene. Whether consciously or subconsciously,you will view a scene as more lighthearted, dread inducing, exciting or wistful.Depending on the background music or score, it can be as crucial to theexperience as the directing or the cinematography. This comes back to what I alwayssay I love about music. Just...

...the instrumental melodies can evoke so muchemotion. I find it kind of odd, actually, that our culture places somuch value on lyrics in vocals, at least when it comes to thevast majority of popular music. To me, some of the most powerful musical piecesdon't contain a single uttered word. In fact, there are a lotof cases where lyrics and vocals almost ruin the experience for me, especially inpop music, where there are often kind of lowest common denominator hooks and catchychoruses. I know there are more than a few electronically produced tracks out therethat have been run into the ground by lyrics about strippers or poppin bottles andsome club the musical world today is so full of genres and subgenres it's easyto get confused, and I get as annoyed as anyone by it all.But there is a functionality to it. When you like a certain artist andyou can't quite put your finger on how to describe them like. Maybe youwant to know if there are any other bands remotely like them. They're notquite this style, but not quite that one either. They've got things sonarrowed down now that it's hard to find a sound that hasn't already been namedand represented by a bunch of existing acts. The best you can do now isto maybe find a unique blend of disparate genres to blend, as weheard a few episodes back with zeal and ardors, blend of black metal,indie rock and old slave spirituals in blues. And to be honest, there's probablya name for what zeal and arder does by now. They've been outa few years, so there may even be a bunch of copycats I don'tknow about yet. So one genre label that seems to be frustratingly inept athelping one narrow down their tastes, simply because of how far reaching the termhas become, is post rock and, to an extent, post metal,although post metal is a bit more specific. For a quick couple examples of whatI'm talking about when I say Post Rock, I'll name Godspeed, you, black emperor explosions in the sky, Maguay and cigar rose. While thesebands have different sounds to them, one can see the connective tissue. Traditionalrock instruments are being used, but this isn't necessarily about riffs or power chords. Some of these acts employ vocalists, some don't, and even if theydo, the lyrics are hard to understand or, in the case of CigarRose, are technically meaningless collections of syllables, actually a made up language. Thevoice is more like another instrument to convey melody or to add harmony,and it's often fairly buried in the mix. This is where my allusion to filmscores comes in or to some extent, a comparison with classical compositions. OftenPost rock is slow moving and deliberate, winding through themes and movements. Infact, most of the bands I quickly listed back there have been employedto score films, documentaries and or television programs. Explosions in the sky actuallydid the score for the show Friday night lights back when. That was onpretty artsy stuff for a show about high school football. Now Post metal isa similarly nebulous term, but they are seems to be a bit more ofthat connective tissue binding the associated acts, then there would be between post rockbands like, say, tortoise, or maybe God speed you, Black Emperor. The origins of post metal can be traced back to the early to mids, when bands like the Melvin's and...

...even tool began fusing heavy metal orpunk riffs and distortion with avant garde sensibilities and sonic experimentation. Other S,acts like helmet and the Rawlins band, who had roots in hardcore, werealso playing with atmospheres and melodies that sounded fairly postpunk in nature, as thoughinspired by killing joke or the chameleons. All of this and the post hardcorescene, with bands like Fugazi, drive like Jaho and at the drive in, we're laying a good foundation, fusing heaviness and sonic violence with really interestingin evocative melodies. Somewhere in there the first post metal acts were forged.Neurosis is a crushingly heavy band that also not only provokes thought but a lotof feeling. They continue to release albums that can be punishing and beautiful atthe same time. Justin broadrick is a man whose credentials include being a foundingmember of grindcore stalwarts napalm death, but he's primarily known for his subsequent projects, God flesh and even more recently, hey sue. God flesh is mostlyknown as an early driving force in industrial metal, but they did a lotto push the boundaries of the genre, adding elements of drone metal and afair amount of melody. When God flesh went on a long hiatus around theturn of the century, Justin went further into the post metal direction with hisnext band, Hey sue, which is felt like Jesus without the last s. When either of his bands employees like distortion in heavy production techniques, it'smore for some emotional impacts than to make metal heads raise their fists and Headbang. The heaviness adds to the emotional weight of the song. In one thousandnine hundred and ninety two, neurosis released their third album, souls at zero. In God flesh released pure, their second album. Many would call thesetwo albums the first actual post metal releases. Check them out if you're curious aboutthe origins of this genre. Also of note, neurosis's later album throughsilver in blood, is often considered like a flagship post metal record, soto move this along. I'll just say that in subsequent years the scene hasbecome rich and full of bands to explore. Russian circles and red sparrows sound likeheavier versions of post rock, bands like explosions in the sky or Maguay, long progressive compositions that wind through different melodies and themes, largely instrumental andalmost cinematic in tone. Isis was a new England band that took the heavinessof neurosis and upped the Melodic Auntie. Over their career, Isis released morethan a few integral post metal albums. Check out panopticon or wavering radiant,or really any of Isis has records. I'm limited by time, but otherbands like Pelican or Boris are worth pointing out as well. Finally, weget to our recommended listening selection for the episode, and I'll point out thatalthough France's alceste seemed to fit in the Post Rock Post Metal Pigeonhole, theystarted from a different direction. Now, last week I said I wasn't goingto bring this up, and I seem to talk about black metal a lot, but honestly, something beautiful happened when Nejh, the main man behind.Alceste, combined his love of Shoegaze, acts like my Bloody Valentine, lushand slow dive with the dark atmosphere of... metal. Both genres share atendency towards blurry production, creating washes of sound out of like reverb and tremolopicked guitars. Alceste inspired a lot of acts, perhaps most notably San Francisco'sdeaf heaven and wolves in the throne room from Olympia Washington. All of theseguys started from the direction of black metal but incorporated Shoegaze, post punk andIndie rock to arrive at a place that sounds pretty at home in that postmetal scene. Alceste in particular has mostly abandoned the harsher vocal delivery indigenous tohis original sound of black metal, whereas deaf heaven and wolves in the throneroom still utilize fairly traditional screeched vocals. Once in a while you may hearsome harsher singing in the alceste's music, but often it's more subdued and melodic, and of course, in French, though often fairly buried in the mix, as in this episode's recommended listening, which is the Song Kodama to seewhen listening to that, I defy you to associate it with corpse pain orspiked leather. ALCESTA is so removed from black metal at this point I feelit's more appropriate to consider them post metal or even post rock. But fuckinglabels, right, I don't know, man. I know it's again notyour style. What the Fuck, nate? What the Fuck, dude? Ikeep begging it for some fucking Yat rock. Give me an IM A, fucking shit, I need you know, I know, I do. Goingto make one comment, though, is that you always say last week'sepisode, but we're bi weekly. I know, I know, it's juststill beg to say. Maybe we should go weekly, because you keep sayingit. So we're like promising something that we're not delivering upon. We canrevisit that in the future. Yeah, sure, sure, sure, yeah, it wasn't necessarily my cup of tea. Right, you are the Officianado ofmusic, while I am still stuck. Someone even recently asked me, Hey, what do you like to listen to? My God, you wouldhave no ideas. Twenty Years Old, some fucking twenty, you know,and even beyond all that, but still I feel like I'm very pigeon holdmyself to a certain era or errors. So anything modern is somewhat new.I'm like, I don't fucking know what the hell that is, man.I know be Chumbawamba, now what that is. You've taken some different directionsmusically, man, because I feel like there's so much out there right now, man, and with the Internet, I of no boundaries keeping me fromdiscovering new shit and I feel like it's endless. And maybe my selections thatI'm putting out have seemed a little one note here there, because I'm I'vebeen playing, you know, selecting a lot of stuff that's a little biton that Shoegaze, bittersweet melody, easy to listen to, but I don'twant to give our listeners some technical death metal to explore. Of course not, although you never know. Listen, I get you about the whole Internetopening up doors of possibilities, with new stuff coming out, things that youhaven't seen before. I just apply that to pornography, not necessarily music,because possibilities are endless, they really are.

There's a lot of things you canfind out there. People you might need to wipe off it. Youdon't wipe off. Actually, yes, wipe all white down and then wipeout your browsing history when you're finished. But Yeah, I'm glad you takeadvantage of that, because if you talk to someone like me, I reallydon't know how music is fully digested nowadays. It doesn't like click in my brainhow artists are truly making money or how they're getting their recognition anymore.Yes, there fucking carbon copy piece of shit that fucking all the kids likelistening to on the car stereos way to damn loud. So for next episodeI'm going to switch gears. Very good, not next week, next episode,next episode. Regular listeners will be familiar with my old man ramblings aboutwhat has happened to Hiphop, how it's turned into just another form of dance. Music and word play often gets brushed aside in favor of Hooks and beats. Well Asop rock has been pushing lyrical boundaries for years. He's technically themost verb bose rapper in the game, from what I understand. Next episode, next episode, not next week, and actually recommending to song selections fromhis last album, the impossible. Kid, don't get freaked out if you don'twant to listen to both them. You can listen one. Will probablyjust play a clip of one, but I just want to show this man'sversatility. The songs are called Blood Sandwich and dorks respectively, again by AsopRock, which is AE SOP ROC K, and there's songs that require some attention, as all of his song seem to. It gets wordy, butat its heart blood sandwich is a cool tribute to his older and younger brothers, and dorks is more or less about how, underneath it all the peoplewe look up to are just dorks like all of us. Check these tunesout and see what an impressive art form hip hop can really be. I'llpost them up on the facebook page and we'll discuss it all next episode,when I'll be back in Massachusetts. Got Damn it very, very good.Hey, I was fucking it again, but very good, you caught yourself. I want to thank each and every one of you out there for listening. We appreciate it. Nate had mentioned the facebook page. You can findus on facebook at selling out one on twitter at selling Oh, I'm sorry, now I'm fucking up. You see that it is fucking contagious. Man, what do you do? It even affected me at selling out show.One rather is the facebook. At selling out show, is on twitter,and then you can get us on Gmail at selling out show, and ofcourse you can call us leave a voice mail at seven, seven, four, seven hundred one, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, if anyof that made sense whatsoever, because I felt like it just kind of flewout of my mouth like verbal diarrhea. And before I let you go,of course, virtual hugs for each and every one of you. I amDave. That is nate, and this has been selling out peace six infirmarymedia. Yeah, again. I'm also afraid that the fucking CIA is gonnacatch me for looking up hamster balls on Google. Yeah, for all thewrong reasons, questionable search history, and I'm not going to touch at hamsterever again till you fucking Tuck those sons of bitches back into his body.It's cursed with giant and nuts, a...

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