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Episode 33 · 2 years ago

Ep.#33 Retail Fail


Nate’s back on vacation, sipping fruity drinks on the beach while Dave’s been stressing out at a new job. Speaking of jobs, have you ever wondered about the jobs and money issues of prison inmates? Of course not! Nobody does! And finally Nates Notes looks at the expansive cinematic world of Post Rock and Post Metal.

1:02-Intros/A Temporarily Southern Perspective
4:24-Dave Rejoins the Rat Race
16:30-Prison Labor and Finances
30:49-Nate’s Notes (Post Rock and Post Metal)
40:43-Clip (Kodama by Alcest)
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Happyhello, hello,hellothank you for tuning into the selling out show we've got a great winplan for you today, I'm one of your host David shelts and not by my side,'cause he's on vacation Hes Nakince. He is still. He is streaming in to talk tome today, nate how the heck are Yo. Well, you said it all man, I'm onvacation, how you know. How else can I be you're always on vacation? It seemsthat way. Man I feel like we've been we've done a few episodes where I'm 'com calling in from a a different location the help spots of the world,but this time I'm in sunny north myrdle beach, South Carolina and I'm currentlysipping on a fruity beverage, and we just had a weird little storm. But it'sit's beautiful down here man, I don't Wantna. I don't want to hog thisepisode talking about it, but there are a few differences I noticed just beingdown here from. I live in Massachusetts, as our listeners probably know by now,but yes, the difference. I I'm in this weird bubble up there. First of all,it's kind of a liberal state which rpinly a noticeable change coming downhere in the land of God and country. I tend t to feel like we're all in thiscountry on board, with the fact that TRUNP is kind of a disaster, and thingsare headed in a weird direction, but I come down south in a yeah man, yet I'msurprised how many supporters he has, which I'm not going to get into thewhole political thing, but t gin myrtle. Is that what Youre trying to tell me?That's? That's it man, it's! They love their guns. They live their trunk andthey are wary of Mexican invaders. Apparently, so I'm sure lartle beach isa hot band of Mexican. A you know. Rolling up on the fucking shore likethe beach is a fucking Normandy that you know man. We hear to fuckand stealyour jobs. You know I bet this every day down at fucking, Myrtle beach. Well,someone's convinced them of that, because a lot of the years guy it was amean blk. Wont Me. My facebook, like I fuckin lieve it yeah m an but butanother. Just quick difference that the thing I forget being in a land whererecreational marijuana is is allowed in Massachusetts is yeah. I have to. Iforget what it's like to be a little more covert in my my operations. If youwill so...'s it's, it's just weird, you knowwas walking smoking and asking a guy that I saw you know if, if you wouldcare to enjoy some with me, just be Trann in a Tok neighborly. You know hewas walking by and he looked at me like. I was some kind of weirdlike lict. Ohmy Goo, you know like I forget, you know up in Massachusetts. It's justkind o like asking someone. If they want Ta drink, you know it's not it'snot that it's easy to forget when you're in a cool place compared to afucking conservative place. So I have a suggestion for you, Sur Oky, here'swhat I think you should do t the moment. We are finished with this show today. Iwant you to twist up ad Jiba and hop it in your mouth and take off your pantstart running down the fucking myrtle beach. Theyl Le You Dong, ind, theChinn, Bing, Bang, Bong and start yelling, Ban, gons, Ban guns and see,if that frees you up a little bit see hit, makes you feel better or how longit actually takes you to get locked up as you. Well, no, I am pretty much amiddle aged bum. I've been a stay Homedad for a long time, and recentlysome new bills have surfaced and I feel really really guilty that my wife is abreadwinner and it's not really like a masculinity thing where I'm embarrassedand I'm not wearing the pants in a family or anything. I just feel like I,I know I'm contributing with the raising of my son and making sureeverything's all se in the household. Yes, wary, imimportant things veras Ho.Thank you. Thank you for fluffing me up there, but really you know. At the same time,I'm like I do have a few spare hours a day. Let me start looking for somethingpart time: I'm not a big fan of the hamster wheel. I No! The rat race meantthe literal Hande wl d. You know your new pet ams. No, no, no, that no, thatfucking piece of Shit no O, but I mean okay, let's stick whath the ratracthing. I Don' Wanit is kind of related to a rapbut anyway yeah. So Ireally don't care for that whole cycle. You know what I mean, who does if youcan get out of it, why jump back into it y? So I'm like well, let me see if Ican find something more suited for me, something up my alley that you know atleast I'll have a general interest in and I I love thrift shops. I likewatching antiques road show, I guess, also kind of aiding and an betding, mymy middle aged status. I just gave myself there yeah, and so I applandat afew random places and I never got to call back, but there's one thrift storein particular, is by my house. It's a fairly famous one is associated with acharity Oka, I won't say their name, but Indo guess there's only a few ofhem out there right and they call me I go in for theinterview I told Hem. I just one little parttime, gigs kind of help out hereand there they look at my resume and they go. Oh Wow, you get a lot ofmanagerial experience, yeah and I'm liqualified yeah yeah like Americanbeauty right, that's what I was just thinking. Come me out of the movieAmerican bt. Yes exactly Camin space, he goes into Mickys an like what a fuckdo. You want this job yeah so anyway, I'm I'm like yeah. I do have alot of this experience, but it's in a different field is industrial, it's notretail and they say that doesn't fuck in matter. We need an assistant managerin here. You look like you can fit the bill. What do you say instead of takingthe part time Gig you do that instead wow they gotya? Well, I sat there for asecond. I kindo told him my situation too. I'm like well I'. Still going topick up my son from school, so my hours cal be an issue and no no w. We willwork with you on that. Don't you worry, I'm like! Well, you know what soundspretty good. signd me yeah sounds like you've got a little bit of h:bargaining chips. There man, it sounds like they. They need you a little morethan you need them. At this point, you would think right. You would think.Well, I start my first day on the job and I I have a specific managing stylewhich is more about like delegation right. I mean really im good at telling otherswhat to do, or at least making sure that they're doing their jobs, okaand,they're they're serving their functions. You know yeah, so so I a go in thefirst day. My boss is telling me: Oh you need to run the cashiers registered.Then you got to go al back in unloaded...

...shruck and then you need to clean thetoilet, and then you Li, I'm like Whoa Heo a little little more hands on thanmost minagerial positions. Well, yeah ex I mean I didn't expect to be sittingaround all day. I mean if something got hectic ye or if somebody needs somecoverage for their lunch or something yeah. I go out and I help out and againI'm not really overly experienced with the whole retail side of the world y.Ah, but I do it, I did all everything t as asked to me: 'cause, I'm, like youknow what the more I know about other people's job functions, the better. Itwould be for me to manage them later or tell them what to do. I've always felt that way. If you canunderstand the process, it's easier to dish out the responsibilities. You area great manageer. I canoty tell thank you. Thank you very much now you mightmopin this up over here and you might taking care of. I don't know you miaeTe Experience Right. You know the first week goes byand I'm like allriht. I learned everything I I know everything. This isall fucking, fine and Dandy. Week too starts and the first morning I go inthe boss. Hits me with the same shit. A fucking laundry list- and I said youknow what hold on we need to go talk, let's go meet in the fucking office. Isit her down she's a terribly nice woman. By the way she now rot. She's,not you know some kind of evil, h person. So if you're kindof like tryingto do a mental image of this, it's not like I'm dealing with Um wa. What am I trying to say here, likeshe's, smiling, while she's fucking? I was actually thinking like more likea judge like looming over some okayooinlike is fucking skyscraper, buty. We could use that as well, and so, as I'm talking to her, I say,listen. I've got a different managerial style than you. You think everythingneeds to be hectic. You wait till all the plates are in the sink before youwash them igh like to do them one at a time or once you finish eating, youknow I'm kind of using these examling as we go yeah. Thank you. You know andshe's like. No, that that's not the way it's GOINGTO happen here. thit's is theway corporate wants it and they need you running around and doing this and Isaid: listen, this is a fucking thrift store, it's not fucking, t j, Max orfucking Walmart or something wh. I I mean I would assume would necessitate that kind of work,flow, throughthe, Roers of the day yeah, and so I'm like. Well, I'm sorry, thenI don't fit the bill. I appreciate Tyour Opportunity, you know, but unlessyou have something part time for me or whatever, I'm not going to be able totake the job, keep the job rather wow. This is your your red line, you're Lingin the sand, you're likew, yeah yeah, exactly it was like you know again fora short period of time to Kindof, like you know, get my my bearings andunderstand how everything works. Yeah and then, after that you know, let medo shit the way that I do sh. You hired me to be a fucking manager. Let let meyou know, assist you with my knowledge rather th. You know mopping up afucking bathroom floor. Let you manage you hired a manager. Let Hem manageexactly so. I said this is not for me. So unless you have something part timeand my boss is really upset because she likes me a lot. I've only been workingfor her for a week but she's like you're, a great worker you'ren, areally intelligent guy. She might be lying about that one, but still, I wantto say it on air and everything else, but she says she's Goinna see what shecan do so right now, I'm still an limbo, I'm still the assistant manager, but I don't know what my future holdsso was the last day you worked when you had this conversation. Is that t you'resaying or well? No? Actually it was. It was a day before the lest day. I workedthe Sen e last day. I work I am off today and so why ' I'm with youshooting the breeze. She was saying that she was talking toher managers and Hihe up the food chain to figure out if they can maneuver andput me somewhere else parttime or if I would have to give my two week notice.Yeah, that's crazy! You just start o en work two weeks and you're, giving youtwo week noticing O. I know I even told her. I'm like I feel fucking horribleabout that. You know you hired me. I...

...mean I used to hire people and I meanif someone came to me a week later, it's like sorry, you Kno, thes, sucksthem out. You get fucking pissed off, but she appreciated my honesty incandor, absolutely rater than is. You know, trying to fucking you K, ow, yeah,green and bar it and is quit on the spot. Yeah. I don't want to do toanybody. I know how much fucking blows, of course, but the other thing too isthe job pays like Shit 'cause, you can imagine it's a fucking thrift store,who I never have time to Kindof like flex, my thrifting muscle. Why they'rein the first place, ecause I'm interested in junk and I like diggingthrough other people's, you know one man's trash is another man's treasure.I love that I don't get to do. None of that bucanshbut. I tell you man, anyjob that you think is going to be amazing. Like a chef, if you ever ask achef, always goes home and cooks like Raman noodles if they eat at all,'cause they're, so sick of seeing plosing our food yeah N. just imagineif you' R, if you were a gynecologist or something you know what I mean likewith Cliche, where it's just that's the last thing you want to think about.When you get home, you know hen while you're ter that ne might be a CICHENE.To be honest, with the the chef I get gonocolegist, not so much on. No, Imean ATS. Also you deal with fucking crazy mother. fuckers. All Day Long Ihad a woman. Last night I was buying like a hundred set of knives, a hundredforse, a hundred spoons ecause. She claimed she had a dinner party comingup Wel, whatever lady, if you want to Accountin yourself, be my guest, butshe came to the register five minutes before closing was like. Can you helpme count? The Oh? You say no, you got O a fucking. You Know Hi Customer Service,Oh of course, Ma'an I'll help you well in the meanwhile. Look at the other dothis work when me closes the flucking door. Go anybody else in here h. Yougot nutty people, crazy people and plus because it's a charity. We have a lotof homeless. People come in of a they're, always trying to steal, andI'm very sympathetic to you know theyre W at they're going through righ. I trythere's one guy. In particular, I tried to talk to him, say: Hey Man, I knowyou're in a bad spot. If you ever need something come in here and talk to me rather than just fucking, try to ganksomething and run out the door we'll try to help you I mean it won't be much,maybe be a pair of jeans and a fucking T, shirt yeah. But if you're at thepoint, where you're stealing from a donation store type second hand storelike that, then things are rough and I'm sure someone will be willing tohelp you. You know if you just open your mouth, you know yeah exactly I'd.Rather them talk to me than just fucking again, just try to steal hemand I'm I'm in trouble. If someone sees it or whatevr whatever, I know else,yeah, I'm already in trouble anyway, 'cause. My wife is fucking so mad at me, O man e plot thickens over all of thisshit, yeah she's, so fucking pissed 'cause. She you know she wants me towork. Of course she does. She want to fucking bomb, a husband, never making aGud. Damn fucking Red Scet, but I mean, plus you probably think I'm lazy is- IsAllgao, which is partially true, but she's like. Why? Don't you just stickwith the position for a little bit longer before spilling your guts yeah, but that entails being moreentrenched in the routine of it. So they think why is he just bringing thisup it's better to to say this stuff early before it becomes an issueindthey're like well you're already you so just keep doing it. It's. It seems tomake more sense to just bringing up. If it's an issue, it seems good. I agreeand that's why I did it. You know if she had not hit me with that again dothis. Do that did and I'm like WHOA. If that hadn't happened on the Mondaymorning, I wouldn't have said anything, and I probably would have tried to youknow to push my way through it. Rt and I was like you know, I ca't know I'mnot doing this anymore. I'm sorry, thank you, but no thanks. This wasn'tas advertised I'd rather just be straightforward as humanly possible.You go find the person that wants this and have them fill the position. Youknow yea my boss, soys the same thing. She runs around like a fucking chicken,with her head cut off all fucking day long and I'm like again, that's notmanaging you, don't have anytime to do what you're hired to do you're doingeverybody else's work throughout the...

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...abolished, except as punishment for acrime. So basically you know if you, if you commit a crime, then you can becompelled to work that', that's another thing I was going to get into is thatthere were times when I was locked up that I got moved to a cell. They justmove you if you're classified to move, they move you and they may not. Evenlet you know that it's going to happen until they tell you to pack Tyer Shitand so I've been moved into a cell and been told. Oh, this is a kitchen workercell, so you have to get up tomorrow and go to the kitchen, and I I wasalways happy to do that. I don't mind working when I'm in there. It kills thetime, but the fact is, if I had refused the work, if, if theyhad woken me upfor work the next morning- and I said Ficke- that I just want to do my timeleave me alone- it's not like they just move you toanother cell and say: okay. Well, we'll get a guy. Who Does one word? They willmove you to the hole you'll spend, however long a week or two in solitarylose your visits lose your canteen for that week and on top of that, everytime you get an infraction like that, you're losing earned good time sobasically they're atacking another six days on to whatever time you're doingjust for refusing this job. So it's the point, is it's compulsory Labor they'renot paying you and if you're like well, in fact that I'm not working, then youget punished so you're you're compelled to work ten. The messed up thing is that, where welive in Thi Society, where prisons are a big, it's big business in peopleprivately own prisons, and then they don't even have to spend money onlandscaping, cruise or castodial or kitchen labor, because they forced theprisoners to do it. So further increasing profits and an another interesting thing I meanthey touched on this on John Oliver's show, but the the money that is beingcharged to the inmates, whether it's for canteen or like when you're buyingthings at t, the prison store, not only are the prices of the items exorbitantand ridiculous. First of all, everyone is probably listening sayingwhere we'rt poor prisoners, you know, there's the people that I'm worriedabout the least, but bear in mind that if I'm not earning money, when I'mincacerated where's the money coming from my family, my family did nothingwrong. Presumably they, the families of the inmates are often the ones thatsuffer the most because of the SOA phone calls are always collect. Calls where the first minutemay be three dollars, and then the dollar a minute after that, and thatadds up the canteene items that you need to havemoney sents and put on your books on. You know on your account when you're inthere there are companies that charge money just to do that just so. Ifsomeone wants to put fifty dollars on your books, they're charged a fee forthe transaction, R, ht and and these companies charge up to forty fivepercent, some of these companies in our nations prisons, which means, ifsomeone senden you fifty dollars, it's going to cost them like seventy to doit total and these people again they did nothing wrong and a lot of these alot of these prisons. As soon as you walk in the door, they charge you. Youstart at debit, you start below zero because they automaticallyare charging you between forty and seventy five. Thelast time I was in t was seventy five dollars. They called it a deposit forall of your sheets uniforms, whatnot that they give you, while you're inthere, which are all used and often stained and ripped up by the way it'sLik you're getting new stuff, but they call it a deposit. So before you caneven buy a twenty cent item or fifty cent item or whatever you have to have,seventy five dollars, in your account...

...just to get t zero and yeah you'll, getthat money back. When you walk out the door provided they're, not charging youfor, say a loss, t shirt or lost. You know unifor or whatever all that money, your family or you put in the system,whether it's on your account, the money they're sending in thatdeposit money. All of that the jail puts that in a big account.One big like escro account whatever it is, that earns interest and you don'tget any of that interest. Of course, the total money of all the inmates thathave money on their books is all put in this bank account where the prison isearning all that interest. So that's profit too. So I'm going off O is aDiagrapiam. That's it man! It's a din, Grama, SCA and you're talking about theJon Oliver last week tonight, pieace, which, if you guys haven't seen it justlook it up on you tube its probably very easy to find, but which has deal as being someonewho'd never been on the inside. Not really familiar, I mean other thantalking to you about stuff was hygiene products in particular right andespecially for women, where it's like. Okay, if you need extra tampons orsomething you have a little extrur to flow that month and you gon, O fuckingpay for those things or or you've Gonta be able to pay to see the doctor, sothey can basically essentially prescribe you more pads and moretampons and whatever you need so, no matter what you still have to pay.That's right! That's right! But that's the thing! It's a big misconception!Okay, I understand and it's like everybody says: Oh Yeah, you go to jail,you get to fuck and watch TV and eat free food and fucking Blah Blah Blah.But that's not the case at all, not even close, and you mentioned thephone calls and stuff which you now they mention in the peace of beingcontrolled, specifically by one company, wherein it's only a video call. It'slike Scipe you're, paying collect, call money just to scape, even if you showup in the prison, you still don't get to see your love one. You have to talkto them through a video screen right. Well, that's that's the thing! Thephone calls you can use an actual Lecan audioo molige. You can call your family,that's not! The video calls is more. When people come to visit you I meanAtk. What I meant yea yeah, I I know- and you said that, but I know that when I've been in yes, there was a abig change at one point from visits where you you were just sitting acrossa table from your loved one or whatever, and then, after a certain amount oftime they put in a big window with like a screen like they would have that a aconvenient store in a rough neighborhood at night. You know T at's,like bulletproof glass, with a Little Mesh Circle in the screen in the middleof it that you to have to put your ear up to and the other person has to speakdirectly its HISB, it's very hard to hear when you're surrounded by otherinmates that are all excited to see, theire loved ones, right, an there's, apain of glass between you. But the point is in this segment they'retalking about how now a lot of times when you're locked up in a lot of theseprisons, your loveones will come visit you and they think they're going tocome visit and see you in person but know they're directed to a room wherethere's a screen and a phone and you're in a separate room, and you might aswell have just stayed home and talked on the phone, because all it is isyou're, seeing your loved one through a screen. It's it's digital. It's notyou're, not in the same room, and it's it's bizarre and yes, you get chargedfor those visits. So it's and it's like you, sat on the show where it's likeTosh ANC, reedemption, I slike handy tofrain, is good withthem. fucking numbers yeah, I wan to Haveet, come work for me in the officeand do my mother fucking taxe exactly well that there was a segment on thisJohn Oliver Show where he mentioned, how certain politicians Ar sheriffs wereeven recorded saying. Well, I don't know about letting some of theseinmates go O on. There was some kind of prison reform program going on and lushor guards yeah they wash our cars so well or they handle our whatever sowell they're such good workers- I don't know if we want to let 'em go, which isyeah, is kind of Shashanke of them,...

...but you, I guess the ultimate the Lesonwe can all learn from this is try not to go to prison, but which is alwaysgood advice. I I suppose our system is so messed up that a lotcould be done to to fix these issues and unfortunately,it's an unpopular opinion to have. It seems, like our our nation. Just has noproblem keeping people locked up and the fact that that thirteenth Amenmentalked about slavery still being O k. If it's used as a punishment, it's alittle odd when you start looking at the percentage of African Americansthat are in our nations countries yeah considering the history and why thehell are they still complaining about slavery and all that I don't understandyou kN W, guess what there you go: Bing Bang Boom. You know we, the Fucki'severything's, so g, Damn fucking controversial for where's the commonsense in this world nade. Where isn't I don't knowwe're right now we just had afucking Mash, shootings and fucking Al Paso and fucking. 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You will view a scene as more light. Hearted dreadinducing exciting or wistful depending on the background, music or score. Itcan be as crucial to the experience as the directing or the sinmatography.This comes back to what I always say. I... about music. Just the instrumentalmelodies can evoke so much emotion. I find it kind of odd actually that ourculture places so much value on lyrics in vocals, at least when it comes tothe vast majority of popular music. To me, some of the most powerfulmusical pieces don't contain a single uttered word. In fact, there are a lotof cases where lyrics and vocals almost ruine the experience for me, especiallyin pot music, where there are often kind of lowest common denominator hooksand catchy choruses. I know there are more than a fewelectronically produced tracks out there that have been run into theground by lyrics about strippers or popping bottles, and some club themusical world today is so full of genres and subgenres. It's easy to getconfused and I get as annoyed as anyone by it all, but there is a functionalityto it when you like a certain artist, and you can't quite put your finger onhow to describe them like. Maybe you want to know if there are any otherbands remotely like them, they're not quite this style, but not quite thatone either they've got things so narrowed down. Now that it's hard tofind a sound that hasn't already been named and represented by a bunch ofexisting acts. The best you can do now is to maybe find a unique blend ofdisperate genres to blend, as we heard a few episodes back with zeal inarder's blend of black metal, indy, rock and old slave spirituals and blues, and, to be honest, there's probably aname for what zeal and arter does by now, they've been out a few years, sothere may even be a bunch of copy cats. I don't know about yet so one genre label that seems to befrustratingly inapt at helping one narrow down their tastes simply becauseof how far reaching the term has become is post rock into an extent post metal.Although post metal is a bit more specific for a quick couple, examplesof what I'm talking about when I say post rock I'll name Godspeed you blackemperor explosions in the sky, Maguai in Ciga Ros. While these bands havedifferent sounds to them, one can see the connective tissue. Traditional rockinstruments are being used, but this isn't necessarily about rifts or powercords. Some of these acts employ vogalists, some don't and even if theydo, the lyrics are hard to understand or in the case of cigare. Ros aretechnically meaningless collections of syllables, actually a made up language.The voice is more like another instrument to convey melody or to addharmony, and it's often fairly buried in the mix. This is where my allusion to filmscores comes in or, to some extent, a comparison with classical compositions. Often, post rock is slow, moving anddeliberate winding through themes and movements. In fact, most of the bands Iquickly listed back there have been employed to score films, documentariesand or television programs. Explosions in the sky actually did thescore for the show Friday night lights back when that was on pretty artsystuff for a show about high school football. Now postmetal is a similarly nebulousterm, but there seems to be a bit more of that connective tissue binding theassociated acts. Then there would be between post rock bands like say,tortoise or maybe Godspeedy Black Emperor. The origins of post metal canbe traced back to the early to mid...

...nineties when bands like the Melvinsand even tool began fusing heavy metal or punk rifts in distortion withavgards sensibilities and sonic experimentation. Other nineties acts like helmet and theRawlinsband who had roots in hardcore were also playing with atmospheres andmelodies that sounded fairly post punk in nature, as though inspired by akilling joke or the chameleons. All of this in the post, hardcore scene, withbands like Fugazi drive like JHU and at the drive in we're, laying a goodfoundation fusing heaviness and Sonic Violence with really interesting andovocative melodies somewhere in there. The first postmetal acts were forged. Neurosis is a crushingly heavy band that also notonly provokes thought, but a lot of feeling. They continue to releasealbums that can be punishing and beautiful. At the same time, Justin Brodrick is a man whosecredentials include being a founding member of Grind Cor, salwarts Napoldeath, but he's primarily known for his subsequent projects. Godflesh and evenmore recently. Hasu Godflesh is mostly known as an early driving force inindustrial metal, but they did a lot to push the boundaries of the genre.Adding elements of drone metal ind a fair amount of melody when Godfleshwent on along hyatis around the turn of the century, Justin went further intothe post metal direction with his next band Haysu, which is felt like Jesuswithout the last S, when either of his bands employs like distortion and heavyproduction techniques, it's more for some emotional impactsthan to make metalheads raise their fists and Head Bang. The heaviness addsto the emotional weight of the Song Inone Thouanine hundred and ninety twoneurosis released their third album sols at zero and Godflesh released puretheir second alble. Many would call these two albums. The first actual postmetal releases check hem out if you're curious about the origins of this genre.Also of nope neurosis's later album through silver in blood, is oftenconsidered like a flagship post metal record. So to move this along I'll just saythat in subsequent years the scene has become rich and full of bands toexplore Russian circles. Ind Red Sparrows sound like heavier versions ofpost rock bands like explosions in the sky or Magua long progressivecompositions that wind through different melodies and themes, largelyinstrumental and almost cinematic in tone. Isis was a new England band thattook the heaviness of neurosis and up the melodic anti over their career,Isis released more than a few integral post metal, albuws check outpenopthekan or wavering radiant, or really any of Isis's records, I'm limited by time, but other bandslike Pelican or Boris, are worth pointing out as well. Finally, we getto our recommended listening selection for the episode and I'll point out that,although France' alsest seemd to fit in the post rock slash post metal, pigeonhole, they started from a different direction. Now. Last week I said Iwasn't going to bring this up and I seem to talk about black metal a lot,but honestly, something beautiful happened when ne the main man behindalsest combined his love of shoegays acts like my Bloody Valentine, lush andslow dive with the dark atmosphere of... metal. Both genres share a tendency towardsblurry production, creating washes of sound out of like reeverb and tremolopicked guitars alsest inspired a lot of acts, perhapsmost notably San Francisco's, deafh, heaven and wolves in the throne roomfrom Olympia. Washington. All of these guys started from thedirection of black metal, but incorporated shoe gays, postpunk andindy rock to arrive at a place that sounds pretty at home in that postmedal scene alsest in particular, has mostlyabandoned the harsher vocal deliverty indigenous to his original sound ofblack metal, whereas deaf heaven and wolves in the throne room still utilizefairly traditional screeched vocals. Once in a while, you may hear someharsher singing in the alsests music, but often it's more subdued and Molokicand of course, in French, though often fairly, buried in the mix. As in thisepisodes recommended listening, which is the Song Codama see when listening to that, I defy youto associate it with corpse pain or spiked. Leather alsest is so removedfrom black metal. At this point, I feel it's more appropriate to consider Tham,post metal or even post rock, but fucking labels ripe. I Don' know man, I know it's again, notyour style, but the fuck nate witthe fuck keep begging you for some fuckingyact rock. Give me notn month. Fucking Shit, Ineed you, Kno do Iti Kno I do got to make. One comment, though, is that youalways say last week's episode but we're by weekly. I know I know it'sjust easy to say. Maybe we should go weekly because you keep saying it sowe're like promising something that we're not delivering upon. We canrevisit that in the future. Yeah sure sure sure yeah it wasn't asrly my cupof tee. You are the Officiannato of music. While I am still stuck uh.Someone even recently asked me hey. What do you like to listen to? I'm likeyou would have no idea it's twenty years old, Ome, fucking twenty. You know evenbeyond all that, but still I I feel like I'm very. I pigeon hold myself toa certain era or eras. You know anything modern or somewhat new. I'mlike I don't Fuckand know what the hell of that is man. I know we Jumpawumba what that is, have taken some differentdirections: Musically M 'cause- I I feel like there's so much out thereright now, man and with the Internet. I have no boundaries, keeping me fromdiscovering new shit and I I feel like it's endless and maybe my selections that I'm puttingout have seemed a little one. No here there because I'm I've been playing,you know, selecting a lot of stuff, that's a little bit on that shoe gaze, bittersweet melody easy to listen to, but I don't wanna give our listeners sometechnical death metal to too explorer. Of course, not, although you never knowlisten, I ge you about the whole Internet, opening updoors onpossibilities with new stuff coming out things that you haven't seen before,and I just apply that to pornography, not necessarily musicg, becausepossibilities or an they really are...

...there's a lot of things you can findout there, people you might need to wipe off. You, don't wipe off. Actually,yes, White Bo right down and then wipe out your browsing history when you'refinished, but yeah, I'm glad you take advantage of that, because if, if youtalk to someone like me, I really don't know how music is is fully digested.Nowadays, it doesn't like click in my brain how artists are truly makingmoney or how they're getting their recognition anymore. Ye fucking carboncopy piece of shit, Theyad fucking, all the kids like listening to on their carstereos, wait to damn loud so for next episode, I'm Gonta switchgears very good not next week. Next episode, next episode, regularlisteners will be familiar with my old man, ramblings about what has happenedto hip hop how it's turned into just another form of dance music and wordplay often gets brushed aside in favor of Hooks and beats well. ASOP rock hasbeen pushing lyrical boundaries for years he's technically the most verboswrapper in the game. From what I understand next epnext episode not next week andactually recommending two song selections from his last album theimpossible kid don't get freaked out. If you don't want to listen, Abouth Hem,you can listen to one we'll, probably just play a clip of one, but I justwant to show this man's versatility. The songs are called Blood Sandwich andDorks, respectively again by Asop Rock, which is a e Soprock and there songs that require some attention, as all of his songs seem toit gets wordy. But at its heart, blood sandwich is a cool tribute to his olderand younger brothers, and dorks is more or less about how underneath at all thepeople we look up to are just dorks, like all of us check these tunes outand see what an impressive art form hip hop can really be I'll post them up onthe FACEBOO page and we'll discuss it. All next episode en I'll, be back inMassachusetts, got dam. It vvery good. He I lwas fucking t againbut, very good,you caught yourself. I want to think each an every one ofyou out there for listening. We appreciate it NA had mentioned thefacebook page. You can find this on facebook at selling out one on twitterat selling. Oh I'm sorry. Now, no I'm fucking up. You see that its fuckingcontagious man. What do you do? You've infected me selling out show one rather is thefacebook at selling out show is on twinter and then you can get us onGemail at selling out show, and of course you can call us leave a voicemaile at seven, seven, four: Seven! Oh One, nineteen, ninety three! If any ofthat made sense oncesoever, because I felt like it just kind of flew out ofmy mouth, like verbal diarrhea and before I let you go upcourse virtualhugs for each and every one of you, I m Dave that is nate, and this has beenselling out infirmary media yeah again. I'm also afraid that thefucking ci a's, going to catch me for looking up hamster balls on Google yeahRFOR, all the wrong reasons, questionable search history and I'm notgoing to touch that hamster ever again. Til He fucking Tucks, Hoe sons, AFbitches back into his body.

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