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Episode 32 · 2 years ago

Ep.#32 Coinkydink


It’s Summertime, and our hosts are in a nostalgic mood. The episode starts with some issues they’re having with pets, including the death of Nate’s horse, Lexi. They get on the subject of friends who have passed on, and discuss some odd happenings that make one question if there is something after this life. Then it’s time to revisit a legendary house party from back in the day. There was drinking, singing, fighting, some chain mail, and a whole lot of property damage. Nate’s Notes this episode is all about the cycle of coolness that any musical or fashion trend goes through. Things are cool, then they’re not, then they’re cool again! This week’s suggested listening is a band who sound plucked right out of 1987, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

0:45- Intros and Some Animal Issues

4:01- Signs from the Beyond?

15:39- Tales of the Week Long Party

29:38- Nate’s Notes (the Cycle of Hipness)

40:37- Clip (Dot In the Sky by Drab Majesty)

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Im John Predote, the economist USeditor and I'm the host of a newpod cars about the twousand and twentyelections and the road to power in America, together with two of my Americancolleagues and whole cast of economist correspondents around the world, willtake you through the ideas and the social changes that are shapingpolitics and what promises to be an exceptional election. Yet we look at the long view and ask thebig questions. What has the trumpet dministration actually achieved? WHARdecentious Democrats really believe in and what kind of country is Americagoing to be after November? Well go beyond the headlines and he horse raysto belt deeper into the contest or the White House and why it matters so much. Checksan balance the global view ondemocracy in America, subscribe on Apple Pocasts, a cast or your Hokassostart. Listening Todaymoiediayou were now tin, the selling out ocest. What it does is reaches into a brainchemically and no KAC your happiest memory chemically Ain Block on thatemotion, preased it chemically, and then it keepher, happy, happy, hello, hello, hello and welcome to theselling out show. We have a great wone plan for you today. I am one of yourhost David shelter and by my side, my partner in crime, Negurzinski Nat. Howthe heck are Ya. It's it's actally been kind of a a rough day. I don't want Taoffegain it with a Downer, but we had a death in the family. One of our fourhorses actually had a a bad break on a leg and as the cliche goes, when thehorse's leg breaks, you got to put her down. So it was a rough day, but we'rewe're going to keep Lexi the horse in our thoughts and just also keep Carlyn my girlfriend and mythoughts 'cause she's she's. Having a rough day. It was one of her babies sobut we're going to go forward. You know we. We think positive thoughts abouther, but we're gonna we're going to have a good show. I we are going tohave a good show, I'm sorry to hear about your horse. You once wear thekeeper of the four horsemen of apocalyps Theryo said you had four of'em, but now you're down to three. That's that's too bad um. I actually Ijust added a pet in Tovia. Yes and mine is not a sad story, but one of offrustration. So I'm not trying to take away from your grief at all man, butI'm very angry. You know I don't like pets to begin. Rightraight me Jus S,fucking make me mad and my son got a hamster. Oh No, then you look at itEllit's funny to say. Oh No, because you look at a hamster and Tyou go. Oh,that little cute little fat fuck I mean look at e in is wheel. What A HappyLittle Guy! I recommend any parent out there. Please do your research beforeyou buy a pet because I didn't know the fucking thing is noturnal AAs, allnight long, spinning its little hamster wheel, which is noisy Yeaa, queek squeak in the middle of thenight. Yeah S, my kid got: Yeah the squeaky wheel. My son is not sleepingvery well thanks to the hamster, but he says it doesn't bother him, but yet I'mlike. Why are you up at one? Am I don't know no reaso? Yes, the fucking littlelittle furball there right the other thing about it. Is it it it's a littlepoop factory. Of course, I don't know what the classification of animals arelike the hamsters, the Guinea Pigs, the bunnies, whatever you call 'em, I Iagain, I just coll o fury fat fucking things, but they shlike nobodys Banis,like I've never seen before in my life. So therefore I am the one who clean thecage yeah, I'm in Lea you're, the Doingyou. I I I'm a Duky Dude Y. that'sme! So it's just a fucking nightmare on on ethic proportions. So when he looksat it is name is Oreo by the way se yeah inothe cute name until bucking yougoin to clean up aft, Om tunking thing, but anyway, I'm stuck with all resSponsibilities of this funk. I want to check it out a guid. Damn window yeah,don't I know it. It's perfectly in my palm too fuckin chuck a knuckleball with thatSen of a binch, I'm not really going to do that. Don't be calling athe onauthorities. One P, don't call Peta Peta to me. I associate with bread, butother people associate with he animal...

...rights. Yes, exactly just don't do thatto me. I will be kind to the little fucking furball. We had a mutual friend who passed awayfar too soon. As a matter of fact, we dedicated our first episode to him. Hehad a big impact on her lives again, a true blue great friend, and I had adream about him, the other night and it wasn't really an extravagant dream oranything. We Weldn't do anything too fancy the jest. We were just basicallysmoking, the but spoking dobus smoking butts and shooting the breeze sohmanyway I mean it happens from time to time. You remember people that youcared about rn, here's where it gets a little trippy Yo is. I have something:U Male, motification from? U SPS or whatever the fuckare called USP yeahthe postal service. The? U S Postal Service says I can't speak this episode.Please forgive me in advance, but anyway, yes and I get a scan of all mymail before it comes t my mailbox and there was a flyer in there and whosename was on it, not mine, but the name of the friend who Andew Jones, whopassed away. So I was really kind of fucking. Like I just got punched yeah,I was like Whoa Whoa Whoa. This is really just quite fucking,coincidential yeah Um and I'm not really a big believer in signs after life. Even I'm not even sure,really how to feel about that. I I don't really believe that spirits cometo visit you to to talk to you or anything Mahe. But what really botheredme? I think the most is that when you lose somebody so young MHMwe've had the luxury of growing older and, in my case yours as well mellowingout kind of like easing into adult hood, especially withthe lives that we led the crazy lives and we gained new perspectives on. Youknow everything in this world and understand ourselves better, and Ireally wish I could have a conversation with Andy onapn. I know I know like that. That was somethingthat I was like that really fucking bums me out Y 'cause. I really wouldlike to know where he would be now. I know kind of person would he havebecome. I think about that, all the time I there are so many times he's oneof those friends where there are so many things that I'll experience in mylife and I'll be like damn. You know. I almost think I can't wait to tell Andystill all these years later it's been like a decade plus since he's been gonebut like he was such a big part of our lives like yeah. It's I still yeah,we'll see things and say man. I can't wait to tellandy and then it hits meI'll be like Oh yeah, that's right and that sucks, but right, yeah or I'llthink what would he w LD h? What would he have thought about such and sugh orthe political climate right now, certain things, certain inventions? Youknow it's always weird to think of stuff like that. You know WHA. Theymissed out on all the shits. Andy was barely around for like smartphones andShit. You know a lot of a lot is changed, but any anyway yeah. That wasthat's a strange experiencement. You had the dream and then you had theweird postal service sort of mishap. That just was with his name. Likethat's well, the thing was, it was M, his name O my my address. Like Wha, the Fuckman 'cause. We wereall roommates too. We all live together at certain points. You know. I knowit's just really just way to again to repeat coincidental yeah, it's juststrange and again, just the day after I had that fucking dream, where I woke up really emotionald justbeing like man. I missed that mother Fucker, Oh wait! I got an email, whatthe fuck- and you know this is just I don't know, and how about you do youbelieve in like signs or anything? Is that something that would like? Youknow, alert you that maybe someode's trying to communicate with you orsomething like that? Well, I never have, and I I am really sensitive in a meaning. I get angry kindof quicklyabout the whole. Medium thing, like the industry of saying that, they're speaking to yourdead, loved Waa, Thaa reses me off, but as skeptical as I am with all thesethings, I had one sort of period in my life where I experienced not one butlike two things that really kind of made me ques. I could not explain them,and so my roommate I've mentioned onanother episode. I believe I I found him d. It was sadsatuation but righthisfamily. I was still staying there with his wife, his wife's mother and Theire,three kids, which were eight seven and like an infant like one and e h. Soanyway, t he had recently doe very recent and theapartment was like a basement apartment...

...and there was an area where you couldwalk in and that's where all the the boiler or the whatever the furnace, allthat shit like in some storage like the actual basement basic 'cause, we're onthe basement level, but we did have access to like the buildings, theapartment buildings basement right there. You know Righ t yeah, I followyeah, so there were a bunch of it was just a bunch of shit like therewere toys, like all the kids stuff that they didn't play with anymore, that I'mtalking like there was a whole room. That was just like a pile of toys and one day we're here. I hear this littlesinging. It was like a little Spanish. It sounded like a toy singing and um th.The mother in law that was living wit, was like, Oh, my God, she's starting tofreak out and where so we I don't know why. So we're going in the the storage area. 'cause, that's whereit's coming from and I'm picking up toys like, I can hear it coming fromthis pilot's boy moving toys around, and I find I finally find it's likethis little doll. But it's one of these dolls, where you have to hold each ofits hands like you're playing ring around the rosy or something in theconnection. There's like a little metal spot on each hand and when you make theconnection by holding its hands with your body, it completes the circuit Ind.The thing Sax Ri, all Rit Stufing, but it wasn't touching anything like I andyou could say well. Was it touching like another toy that was Whateverhtiwareembright? Well, that's where I was wondering. Maybe when the battery getslow, it starts singing. You know certain things do shilly, so it may itmost likely has a rational explanation, but it was freaky at the time 'cause.The Guy had recently died ind this toy. I guess the story was the father whohad passed away had gone out of his way to find a doll that Sang Thi Song inSpanish or sang in Spanish at all back then. I suppose now Youd probably findmore Spanish speaking toys, but this was years ago and you didn't see it asmuch it as more rare yeah and Vola yeah, and he found this doll like he wenthunting for a doll that sang in Spanish and that's what it w he found it. Itwas special. So that's why it was Kindo like this weird thing like the daughterwas home. She was, you know, crying and all this shit, but Um. It was very,very weird at the time and like I sayd it probably t has a rationalexplanation, but it felt weird and the other one just quickly was the sameapartment, same situation. He had recently died and there we s one ofthese, a birthday candle that I don't knowwhen you light it or whatever it starts like playing a little song. I don't know if you have to hit aswitch on the thing. It's got a little electronic TINGUMA BOB on, but it's acandle. You light it on and you blow it out, but it's okay, but it's a noveltything race. I've never seen one and he as you to me. It just makes a littlesounds like like a music box sort of sound coming out of it and they had iton like the frame of the door like above the doorway just kind of proppedup there. It just started playing and no one had touched it. No one had litit, but it was from his birthday cake the year beforeor whatever so there were just t. It was two weird situations and then, inthat apartment we had been. We found out later that the same room where hehad committed suicide. There was another the I don't know if it was thetenant right before us or the one before that had passed away in thatsame room, but from some kind of art attack or something but yeah there wassome death in that apartment. It was, it was strange, feel like it was like. Maybe hauntedlike at the time at the time you N W. Did you really think it was a sign, Ithink, Yeah Ba? First of all back then I was a little more openminded withthings the world had crushed my sense of bounder and magic yeah, you kno. No, I just yeah. I don't really believein any of that S. I just have never there's never been any concreteevidence, anything recorded anything scientifically provent, nothing thatcouldn't be explained ever ever throughout history, throwroomscientific history. So I'm starting to think. Maybe there's nothing to getworked up about, but I don't know the argument is that you can't? Maybe youcan't measure things like that? Maybe there's no scientific way to to youknow quantify that, but whatever it is, I felt freaked out in that apartment. Iwould ave gotten a fuck out of her. This is enough. The singing doll is onething yeah, but then the candle starts singing oh Jeez see a Leda fucking Goa,I'm out ND. It was a little strange but...

...uh, but whatever I nowadays, I'm just likeO thereas, some malfunctioning, fucking birthday presents or whatever in thatapartment. That's I don't know sh, so I we'll never know it could have beensame thing with my dream. I mean I, I really don't know and that's why I wantto implore anybody who's listening. If you have any input on getting contactedby someone from the great beyond, if you' ever had one of these spookyexperiences or if you just want to shoot the breeze with us, be sure toreach out and contact us, it's easy to do so. You can find this ontwiter atselling out. Show on facebook at selling out show one you can leave it'sa voice: mail at seven, seven, four, seven! Oh One, nineteen, ninety, three,no singing candles will ansewer or you can drop us an email at selling outshow at GMAL DOTCOM we want to here from youthis summer. You want to beatthe heat on your budget plus with all the activities outside and peoplehaving fun. They don't want to be around a filing smoker. This ees isperfect for quitting cigarettes and the best way to do that is by visiting thefine folks down at Northland Mapor Company. They make it easy to shop forelinguin supplies and more with free retail location. Som Cargo, NorthDakota bore head Anamigi Minnesota or, if you still working on that beach bodand visit their website at Normaland, vapor dotcom all of their products arediketone and artificial sweetener free. So when you're, a new morn experience,Papor Rest Easyas, you sit coolside knowing that you're, not pumpingyourself omabois. So what are you waiting for? Fill that combane of Mullaclouds and shop, an Northland Bapor company today, some phrodics containnicotine adolt. Only n are you Bette to Pati, I'm alwaysready to party me all right great, because I'm not I've got n whole figor. I've got no VEM.I've got nothing man, I can't do it anymore, but back in the day we werefucking animals, absolute, a fucking beasts. We've got stories up to YahooYeah about the parties we attended. The thing is that we did. I mean youbrought to me previously. There was one that we had called the weak long partyAndif a party for one gets its own title and INA tidle. It says it lastsfor an entire seven days. You know it had to be something else. Yeah before Istart talking about. Any of our exploits I do want to. Mention is funnythat you know then parties were they. They built up yourcred amongst your friends. They were stuff of legend. You just want to talk about Hem all thetime, and I know we're only talking like a couple of years later: Oyou'reseventeen or something and you're nineteen you're still like. Oh. Can youbelieve that fucking Rad we had yeah B T still? It was pretty wild t at that'swhat we used to do and now you just go. What kind of fucking dummy we'r kind ofMoron was? I you know yeah yeah. I was fun at the time, but yeah when you getolder, you like damn in it's like it, cast a lot of damage we on we have. Itwas super, like I don't know, you're dangerous once once you explain the the premise of the weeklung party andthen you kind of see more of the consequences in the issues why it wasso stupid, but don'tknow take it away. Thank you. Thanks a bunch roper we hada friend. I had a really good friend growing up. I M just going to say hisfirst name to protect the not innocent. Basically to protect the guilty is whatI should have said the first time around. But again I am still an idiotwho got to house sit for one of histeachers. He was a teacher's met, the teacher absolutely loved him, eventhough he was kind of a fucking fuckup. I I mean to be honest with you. I don'tknow what kind of face he put on with this woman, r whatever, but anyway shewas e Endy hiscal of the vigeg, the scanky very much and she's like okay.Can you house it for me I'm going away for a week and he of course agreed sothe whole time he knew. He absolutely knew that he was going to throw a partyin her house, and I was there with him the first night she left and she left anoton and with that note was clues for money and the money was to buy the dog'cause. She left her dog as well dog food. If there's any ebergencies oranything like that, he eat he wanted to order some food or something so she hidmoney and like potted plants and stuff an we ran around Tho House, Giddy, Osi,aesar weed. Yes, exactly Wel, he a money for beermoney for drugs, money from whatever O, not for dog food, so he uhweimmediately that night started drinking and he started calling somefolks and before you knew it, people started showing up and knowing that theowner of the house wasn't going to be...

...home for a week, people just decidednot to leave right. Yeah, a whald hardyyeah right and the party raged onall night all day for whoever was whatever cycle you were in. If you felt like drinking during theday drink during the day and pass out at night, just don't pass out in apublic place or you Wan, sharpeat and written on and everything else. Butstill you know certain rules applied. There was a lot of drugging, boozingfucking, going on in that house all around the board. But then the peoplewho were closest to Mike, like me, got their own rooms. Yeah were asidedour own areas and everything Tihi Eh and I got the kids' room which hadsupernintendo in it, I believe which was like fucking the shit. You knowthats how we would do this sobriety test if you could drive, we had thisairplane game. Forget the name of e Nains, something like that and if youcould land the plane on t e on the battleship, you were good enough todrive. That was seriously. This was our youknow our our mandate, it's something I guess man, I got wicked Hammerand. Itook the Teddy Ruxman a full sized Eddy Rexman, not like one of the new ones's like one of those smaller ones. This is the old school big ass, onethat took a cassette in it and I fucking thought it was insultingme or something it's how wasted I was, and I trashed it in front of everybody.I had this fucking all outbraw with an inanimate object. TETRANTIDY ruxspindestroyed it. Like I mean I, I fuckin pounded I even duct taped into aceiling fan, so the remnant of the thing were spinning, so people couldwitness my fucking the results of my Mahem hey again. This is something thatpeople talked about forever after that Righto, like Oh man, 'cause. You know Iused to go by LD. I still do amongst our friends, and I yos see what l Yo dithe Fuckan tendy ruxpin hat was fucksed savage man, I loved it. I was always walking aroundin a bathrobe. I thought I was fucking Huh, Hafenerand stuff yeah there were. There were fights, I mean we. We had town to townrivalries, light in the driveway, the Socias and the greasers. Yes yeahsharks in the jets. He you go won case from one town to iocate from anothertown. That's always here's a brawl in the parking Lok polisa being called. Imean on and on, and I of course there was other people doing crazy shit, butI d n't, maybe I'll have them on the show someday and they can speak forthemselves E. I don't know how much dirty laundry I want to eir for foreverybody else m here was one woman. Well tell this again: names will notapply here. We had a friend who was a Virgin Oka and he was sixteen someonyears old and the resmens thought that was fucking. Lame. Yeah Ete was a girlof the party who was a little frisky okay with some of the guys, andso we she was in a room and she was ready for whatever. So I don't do aterrible, drab, describ iapologi but Wel I do get in there. She's ready tofucking go tonight is a night. You lose it man, who's apporgunity, he's like no,I'm all set with Al Thas American pie or something right, basically El, likeno get in there and he's like. No, that's not how I want to lose my shitand I'm not interested in that whatsoever. We physically picked him up,drag him. He is clang at door. Jams refuses to go BOM Slan the door er likedon't come out for fifteen more minute, a dreally and we're holding the doorhe's shaking it. We leave the door in man for like a couple of minutes sex.You know he runs out and like his fucking ass is on fire whichwhich.Interestingly enough, it turns out. We knew another guy who did take advantageof the situation. It's like well, if you're not going to get the job, thenhe did and a certain part of his h. You know anatomy did catch on fire in amanner of speaking by catching an SD DN. The thing the most important thing thatthat guy did our virgin friend was fucking High Jailan ACAN. You imaginethat if that ended up being his first, that's like to that's like the moviekids, remember where it's like: Oh Yeah, ges, a rase and Olo and yeah G. Again,I'm not trying to condone that behavior. That was teenage. You know yeah she iaAnsixye, Shann againt. Thank you, an Tis back in the the nineties andeverything and of course we had no brain salls right and were killing themconstantly. Yeah, I remember stopping by I mean I wasn't. I didn't frequentit obviously, but I I think I stopped by there twice and just to with withone of our friends and yeah. I remember Mike the host walkingaround in th chain mail top like he was walking around in chain mail. Iremember that and uh and then I remember the theme Sung Te. Flash Gordon alwaysyes, Lens Ong, always being blared, and...

...everyone would do especially you wulddo the flesh yeah, but that was like our yeah thetheme song for the week. I don't know how it got picked Y. I really don't anduh, but hey it workd everybody liked it fucking. It was a jam, so it was cool.You know, there's people who were sent to the hospital that week who brokelamb seriously. Someone broke his leg in the bathroom on and on. They brokeheir leg in the bathroom yeah. He he got into an argument with anotherfriend w an he had jumped in the the leg. UPBUSTED H, he was on crunches formonths afterward, the effects of this week, Long Party we're just insane. Ieven remember I went home, I was just burnt out, and this is like day five orsomething, and next thing you know, I I' barelygot Ni sleep and our friend big DAYWAS, knocking on my door and he'd stolen acar he didn't know whose car it was. Hejust found it a had keys in it and he took it to come. Pick me up to bring meback and even then I was alile irritated.I'm like you serious. You Stole a card to bring me back to this fucking party.He Sid. We need you. Man Come on you're goingto come back, Ou got pur grainfucking popl's eyeballs are bleeding it's the best fucky sae year, Wenyou'reOman. I guess what I W. I went back of coursehes all you know, and it was your duty as the week went down winded downRathermm H, Mike g left alone MHM, and he he really had. I gn tell Yo. He hada good time, of course, being the ring mass orors. But when the h owner of thehome h got home yeah a Timn to pay the Piper, he was in the fucking worsttrouble of his life becaus. There was a senior citizen who lived there andsomeone used up all of her oxygen tanks. Oh Maoh yeah. I mean I don't know whoWaas fucking huff and Ogits ingiggles, but somebody did broken those doors.Broken windows broken the dog got fucking pet. On O, my God th there was.There was a destroyed Teddy Ruxmund Dall. Somehow E was hanging from theceiling fan. I mean if you walked in there with a blacklight. There would be shit, you couldn't UNSEE, but he h ended up having to go to courtfor the whole thing well, and he even told me that there was a teddy broken TeddyRuxpin on the police report, the they wanted to be reembarrassed for- and Isaid, oil fuckwbring me down with you, mother, fuckher yeah, but yeah. He getinto big trouble for that. But again here we are a all these years latertalking about thelucking party, and I mean there was more, we could go, Ouknow, there's time constraints and a podcast yeah, maybe I'll bring it upagain in the future, but fur. Now that is the you know the got the the core ofeverything he wasn't the teacher's pet, muchlonger after that, uh no, he was completely fucked like I said he had togo to court and everything else. She she was not happy. Nor would I meanalacn. If that happened to you or me, how fucking mad? Would you be th? YourHouse was using as a fucking, you know hoarhousefucking drinking den ru in for a bunch of teenage kids for an entire week,while you're off enjoying your vacation. You know that doesn't surprise me aboutthat. Mike would do that, though you know people knew him. Hes was just kind of I don't know he had.He had a Havbit, it just kind o like causin he's a instigator kindo. Youknow, oh definitely, but it was always up to something. But again this isyears ago. He is Homay F, of course, of course, Y we're allgrown. It seems tobe like the theme of this episode that you know w. We get wiser with age we'rejust talking about the friends we missed, who we coald talk to now andhow everything would be different. So don't blame me, don't make me feelshitty about it, but I didt want to share the story with with all of youand yeah bok that fills our quota for tales of debauchery. We Gatto take a quick commercial breakand when we return nate noteslooking to experience ultimate relaxation inrelief of chronic pain, you need to try the healing power of CDD, with n bombsvisit Hemboms Dotcom for a wide range of pure premium s, bd products, eoils,capsules, Gummyes, pane, freeze and more and bombs has all UNIN in storemeter. Sleep has proven to boost your immune system and if you were a loveand live with discomfort, CBD is a natural, organic remedy that worksstart living your best life today with M Home Pands of the show cal savetwenty percent off their entire order by using the code selling out andcheonce again, that's coade selling out...

...for twenty percent of in Ham. MOMS DonCom day from the selling out show here, nd.To tell you about. SPONKLU SFOLUD is a Malti award. Rinning Moveian used byprofessionals and the adult film industry smok is available in HybridPuresilicol, natural and Pik spoke is made with the highest qualityingredients and is non standing hypoelogentic and cleans with ease anhands. Your love life with spon right now, spunk lug, is by three get onefree, there's no excuse not to give it a try. Punle high and Brodic for anaffordable price. ISIT Munlu do com today, and you can thank me Laterdo, DrLb, in time for NAT. No, no, I turned forty this year, which means I was bornin Ne Thousand Nine hunedred and seventy nine. I was a child of thenineteen eighties and a teenager in the nineties. We all have a funniss for ourrespective formative years and for the fashion and entertainment providedduring those times embarrassing, as it may seem in the following decades. I recall seeing pictures and watchingmovies from the sixties and seventies as a kid and like ribbing, my folks forthe styles and Lingo of their generation. I couldn't imagine whysomeone would wear bell bottoms or rock and Affro when we were so cool, wefeathered our mullets and war denam jackets. My mother would often tell usthat fashion is cyclical and before we knew it, we would be rocking all thestuff. We were currently mocking no way said precocious little knee andmy tiny basketball, shorts and frank he says, relax shirt. My brother and Ithought we were so cool like trying to mimic the moves we would see on breakdancing shows. I would put on a clip on earring that hung down almost to myshoulder and I cut the sleeves off like a camouflage army jacket that went wellwith my fingerless black bike gloves. I was cool in that get up complete withmy spiked hair and rattail way, cooler than those hippies and disco freaksfrom the previous decade. But that's the thing before I knew it. Thenineties had hit the hair spray and eighties flare seemed passe onceNirvana made it more cool to just seem, like you didn't, give a fuck aboutfashion, just wear, flannel and jeans with holes in 'em. Let your hair gounwashed and greasy. If you want the fashion of the eighties was becomingcheesy and silly, then I saw a video by the dance pseudo rave happy bands dlight. The music was new, but it had elements of disco and the video was aSixtie psychodelic throwback, the sexy slinky singer, lady misskeere wriggledaround and a almost painted on skin type colorful cat suit, and she wassuperimposed over this. Like calydascopic background, it felt likean updated scene from N Thonineteen, sixty seven Peterfonda film, the tripit had the same sort of visual feel as the INAGOT, a dvita video by IronButterfly, very groovy. Indeed, which leads me to the next musical benchmarkof the Nineteen Nineti is the rave scene, the Rave scene in techno orelectronic. A genre title. That kind of makes me gag even more than the term.GRUNGE was definitely futuristic in tone. Electronic Beats, samples andmodern synth sounds went well with the laser lights and the decore inherent inmost of the underground and eventually mainstream parties, we'd attend asdance happy teenagers, but the hebonistic attitude of just takingdrugs hooking up with people on similar drugs sharing drugs and just dancinguntil dawn. It had a bit of that nineteen. Seventy studio, fifty fourdisco Fiel, even the Affros, were coming back. Our giant legged Jinkopants weren't, quite bell bottoms, but they flared out by the time they got toyour feet. So the spirit was there: Wouldn't you know it? My mother wasright, there's nothing wrong with being inspired by your fourbears in Shit. Ifa particular genre or a scene that has come and gone was so popular that ithad a definite place in the public...

...consciousness that it only makes sensethat it will return to rear its ugly head once again in the future. Theweight tastes change in the constant tendency for artists to innovate makesit only natural that there is a finite shelf life for any musical fad,especially in the field of Pop music and since musical artists tend to havea specific look or style that either inspires or is inspired by the currentculturals I gist depending on the artist. It only makes sense that therewill be a time when the whole package of said artists will make people cringeafter a certain length of time. But what also seems more and more apparentas popular music as a concept gets older and older? Is that even thatcringefactor eventually fades away in passe, Morf intoretro old school caneither be an insult or just a descriptive term, depending on theintent of the speaker kind of like the term Jew you Ko, think about it. There are always retrobands breakingthrough that sound like an achronisms when surrounded by other pop singlesfilling the airways. I remember I was like eleven or twelve when the BlackCrows released their cover of Odos reddings hard to handle. On a side note,it never fails to amaze me how many bands there are whose breakout hit is acover of an existing song. But you know at this topic for another natt's nose.The Black Rowse went on to release a ton of Classic Blues Rock singles whichhave all not only charted but are all genuinely well written songs, and Iguess enough time had passed for Frilly, paisly, shirts and actual bell bottomsto finally be cool again. Yeah, the Nineti s marked the end ofthe nineteen seventies UNHYPNIS sentence. That seems to be the formula.The previous decade is uncool, but the one before it is ok to be influenced byor to show respect to. That's why, during that era of Grungand Electronica,the nineteen eighties seemed so grossly loud and excessively neon colored, themullet suddenly looked so trashy. The virtuosic guitarsoloing of someone likeingve Mounstein was basically being scoffed at by kids, who could kindesstring together, three or four bar cords and start their own nervanawanabealternative band any of the synth driven, electro or hiphop of the nineteen eighties that got any play at all was only being sampledironically to throw in like DJ, sets and make people giggle, while theydanced the acid or ecstasy through their systems. It was only after theturn of the century that you saw bands that were genuinely inspired by andshowing respect to, the sweet. Melodies of bands like tears, for fears and topeshmode bands like Derandaran and new order started, drawing huge crowdsagain on tour. Even bans like wasp and striper Cinderella and vixen got backon the road. The White Snake Song here I go again seems to be everywhere, andmy stepson joeey loves it and things of it as this classic rock song that itprobably is. I just have a hard time, not smiking a little when I hear it,somethings I'll always find a little corny. There have even been bands thatbite the style of eighty's acts, not just audibly but visually in a fashionsense, just as the Black Crows brought the whole feel of a seventies rockbands to the era of November rain, excess and, like I don't know, C ANDC,music factory pop a few bands like the darkness and Steel Panther, werethoroughly embracing leopard print outfits, hair spray and like silkscarves, as they shamelessly belted out their updated glamb metal, completewith Frilly Guitar Solos. Speaking of Guitar Sos, I will say that the newgenerations appreciation for that era of arpegios and finger tapping has donea world of good for the genre of technical death metal. It's right therein the name. The stuff is seriously complex and meticulously written no reason to feel silly about beingguitarnered. The competition is fierce...

...nowadays and I would put up theguitarist of any number of tech death bands from archspire to the zenithpassage against Invamounstein or Joe Satriani any day, but back to thesubject at hand, one area of eighties music that has inspired a lot of bansas well. This millennium is in the area that spans postpunk to like scynth popor even goth. You can hear evidence of this in banslike the killers and the icy sound of eighty cinth found their way intocountless bands like crystal castles or even Canadian nerd star child inpotential MSS Elon Musk grimes. There was even that period in the earlytwo, thousands when it seemed like everyone wanted to be joy, division, orat least they aped in courtises, unique, vocal style, the most popular of whichbeing Interpol, I'm not particularly thrilled about the prospect of Morbanslike rat or quiet riot, but if you're going to bring back the sound of thecure or killing joke or even to Pashmode, I say bring it on. There aresome parts of the eighties that I personally never fell out of love with,and it's good to hear a band like this week's suggested listening. DrapMajesty, do it so wellthey take elements of bands like slowdive in thechameleons but and a lair of those icy, sinths and weve in a persona thatreferences ufo cults, like the Unarians and the heavens gate people drapmajestyis a band that conjures up not just in nostalgia for the eighties, but areally inhuman, almost alien image. Their style fits right into my tastes.So as much as I complain about the nostalgia industry in what low hangingfruit, it can be to rehash things from the past that are already provensuccessful. There are definitely some aspects of the past that I don't mindseeing further explored, so that was my long winded little owdto not just the eighties, but to the fact that things have their cycle there, cool they'recheesy and how did we ever like them and then they're, retro and cool again?So it's like there's just that pattern, but I'm happy that we're seeing a lotof these postpunk and Kinda scynth poppy sort of bands coming back'cause, I don't know Dave. How did you feel about the Drap Majesty' Song? Didyou dig it at all? I did dig it lrigt. I've recently got one. Finally, you didyou did I I mean I didn't really listen to lyrics Mo yeah, but just the toneand the bibe from the song I enjoyed, because I've recently been wonderingI'm like how come there's not a band out there or not, that I've heard thatjust summons up the eighties as the eighties right doesn't try toincorporate T in like a new style like Youe kind of alluding to or just littleelements of it. But t really just brings it all in the table, and I hearda lot of that here. I mean it- couldhave been a heavy reverb going onin the guitars and stuff, but it actually reminded me a little bit notcompletely but tin machines. Okay, so I heard a little Bif f those elementsgoing on and I I dug it. I thought it was a very good pick you mentioned, didyou like it and got all excited when I said yes, because normally you'repicking these tones and they're? Not Really, you know yeah my alley, butthis one this one, I definitely did enjoy all right, I'm Gladman 'cause, I feel like this is an example of one of the like the style of a bandthat you and I would have shared appreciation for like we were both curefans. We both dig a bunch of depeshmod stuff nd. Wecould we can Kinda, we have diverging tastes, but there are a few things thatwe agree on and those are some of them. You know so I figured this one would be somewhat abarely anyway, I'm glad it isfor next week we will check out a band...

...that I briefly mentioned along withzeal and ardor a few episodes ago. Alsest is a band from France thatcreate beautiful atmospheres in this song, which is the title track from theCODAMA. Album is a perfect example of what they do again. It's called KudamaK, od Ama by the band alsest, which is Al Cest, but, of course I'll post, alink to it on facebook to make it easier to check it out and we'll have alittle chat about it. Next episode. Well, what the fuck are you doing? Man?What the fuck is? This listen. I just told you I was digging to eightiesvibes and now you're going back the whole European death metal scene. No, Ithink this is I'm not going to even bring up the fact that it's it comesfrom a black metal start 'cause, it's so far removed fromthat. If I hadn't mentioned them during that that segment, I don't think you'deven know that that's where theyre their influences lie 'cause. They havecome so far I'll get into that next week. I have afeeling it'll at least be more up your alley than a lot of the stuff that I'veI've picked. Okay, I'L G I'll give you that, because even the zeal and artorstuff to me wasn't traditional when you said it was black metal or somethinglike I I mean I get it, but I don't you know I mean not being a fan of thegenre like ecause, there's other things in play there right. So you know I'msure, that's the case here as well, because you're not just giving us likestereotypical nots, fucking screen core metal noever label you want to throw onit, there's always going to be Meani' twisting there thasalsst actuallydoesn't have any shouting or it's all singing it's. You you'll hear it, but it's it's a lotmore easy to listen to Tham, even Zaanarder Ey! Listen! If I don't likeit the following nates notes: You got to do some michalmcdonalds for me allright. We you go or hit me with some yacht rockor something n those kind of ways you know hey. You know what, though, we'renearing the end of the show and before we do go, I didn't want to mention acouple of quick things before I forget one is. I wo really want to think oneof our listeners Jack, the hungry guy for always being there when we needthem, giving US feedback input. Everything else like that and you knowjust want to say thank you to Jack. We appreciate it, even though we knew himback in high school mhm and he kind of freaks me out now, because you know m aI don't like the Facebook, I'm not don with a basebook, but I hopped on theother day to check out some of the selling out stuff that you post and Isaw him on there and he looks like Dustanpajoya to me. Nowi see that didntyou do. I ey n a Rick Wall or something maybe that ist like Shanes offendwaypack going on there. I don't know Jack like you're, looking spelt baby,looking good, looking good, and I also wanted to say another listener to theshow, an a guy who produces a wonderful pid cast of his own. The professorfrenzy show his name is Gerry Green and he's wanted to hear your band. He askedabout it on the Twita and I was like well. Maybe if we poke an pradenatehe'll pose something an Han I've, seen some clips on your personal facebookpage and there's some good jams on one of which you're shirtless, so you musthave been really hot. I was concerned for you because it's summer, so I'mthinking all the mosquitos must be trying to bite. Your Nips O put a fucking shirt on you, sweatyanimal Fostela, ut, the. I think it was the hottest day of the year inMassachusetts. So I can't blame you and when we were kids used to play naked,so at least he had a Hanson. Why posohery you have post some of thosevideos on the selling out page well, yeah or Wat. I fo some yeah face, butless Tan. What arrising? For me, I M- I I'm humble I don't like to you know tome. I'm, like I I'll, find some videos that are the least embarrassing, ratherthan yeah you'd all find some cool videos. I understand Ri Yo to you'renot trying to promote yourself a over the top here, but you should there'ssome good music. There buddy it's good, it's good yeah, havetuds Tu. Weactually had a really really good show. I won't get into it, but we had a greatshow. Today it was one of the best ones we've had so I don't know. Maybesomebody made a video of it today or took some recordings of it and if soI'll, post those you won't get into it, but you just got into it. I did getinto it and see that that's fucking promotion right there baby. I like itjust like I, like all the listeners out there. You know what I don't like. Ifuckand love Yo right virtual hugs for all a do you thank so much forlistening. We appreciate it until next time. I M D that is nat and this hasbeen selling outinfirmarymedia.

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