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Episode 32 · 2 years ago

Ep.#32 Coinkydink


It’s Summertime, and our hosts are in a nostalgic mood. The episode starts with some issues they’re having with pets, including the death of Nate’s horse, Lexi. They get on the subject of friends who have passed on, and discuss some odd happenings that make one question if there is something after this life. Then it’s time to revisit a legendary house party from back in the day. There was drinking, singing, fighting, some chain mail, and a whole lot of property damage. Nate’s Notes this episode is all about the cycle of coolness that any musical or fashion trend goes through. Things are cool, then they’re not, then they’re cool again! This week’s suggested listening is a band who sound plucked right out of 1987, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

0:45- Intros and Some Animal Issues

4:01- Signs from the Beyond?

15:39- Tales of the Week Long Party

29:38- Nate’s Notes (the Cycle of Hipness)

40:37- Clip (Dot In the Sky by Drab Majesty)

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I'm John Prudou, the economists USeditor, and I'm the host of a new podcast about the two twenty electionsand the road to power in America. Together with two of my American colleaguesand whole cast of economist correspondence around the world, will take you through theideas and the social changes that are shaping politics in what promises to be anexceptional election year. We'll look at the long view and ask the big questions. What has the trump administration actually achieved? What does centrist Democrats really believe itand what kind of country is America going to be after November? We'llgo beyond the headlines and horse race to delve deeper into the contest for theWhite House and why it matters so much. That's checks and balance for the globalview on democracy in America. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, a cast oryour podcast APP. Start listening today. Infirmary media. You were now toyea of the selling out podcast. What it does is beach is into youa brain chemically and no cat your happiest memory chemically and then blocks on tothat emotion and released it chemically, and then it keeps your happy, happy. Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to the selling out show.We have a great one plan for you today. I am one of yourhost David Schultz, and by my side my partnering crime, Make Gore Zinski. Nate, how the Heck Are you? Hey, dave, it's it's actuallybeen kind of a rough day. I don't want to begin it witha Downer, but we had a death in the family. One of ourfour horses actually had a bad break on a leg and, as the clichegoes, when the horses leg breaks, you got to put her down.So it was a rough day, but we're we're going to keep Lexi,the horse, in our thoughts and just also keep carly, my girlfriend andmy thoughts because she's she's having a rough day. Was One of her babies. So but we're gonna go forward, you know, we we think positivethoughts about her, but we're gonna we're gonna have a good show. Iwe are going to have a good show. I'm sorry to hear about your horse. Yeah, you once were the keeper of the four horsemen of apocalypse. Very city had for them. Yeah, now you're down to three. That'sthat's too bad. I actually I just added a pet into my yes, and mine is not a sad story, but one of frustration. So I'mnot trying to take away from your grief. I don't all, man, but I'm very angry. You know, I don't like pets to begin with. Right, frustrate me just is fucking make me mad. And myson got a hamster. Oh No, then you look at it here.It was funny as say, Oh no, because you look at a hamster andthey go that little cute little fat fuck. Look at I mean hisfoot. Look at him in his wheel and a happy little guy. Irecommend to any parent out there please do your research before you buy a pet. MMM, because I didn't know. The fucking thing is nocturnal. Soit's up all night long spinning it's little hamster wheel, which is noisy.Yeah, squeak, squeak in the middle of the night. Then, yeah, so my kids not? Yes, the squeaky wheel. My son isnot sleeping very well thanks to the hamster, but he says it doesn't bother them. But yet I'm like, why are you up at one am?Well, I don't know, no reason. Yes, the fucking little little furball. They're right. The other thing about it is it it's a littlepoop factory. Of course, I don't know what the classification of animals are, like the hamsters, a guinea pigs, two bunnies, whatever you call them. I again, I just come a little furry, fat fucking things, but they shit like nobody's business, like I've never seen before in mylife. Yeah, so, therefore, I am the one to clean thecage. Yeah, man, yeah, you're the dude, you're the I. I'm a Dukey Dude. Yeah, that's me. So it's just afucking nightmare. Are On epic proportions. So when he looks at it,its name is Oreo, by the way. See, yeah, another cute nameon until fucking you gotta clean up after the fucking thing. But Anyway, I'm stuck, with all respect sponsibilities of this fuck. I want tocheck it out a goddamn window. Yeah, Dude, don't I know it?Yeah, FIT's perfectly in my palm to can fucking chucklate a knuckleball withthat son of a bitch. I'm not really gonna do that. Don't becalling any of the fucking pet authorities on me. People don't call Peter Peterto me. I associate with bread,...

...but other people associate with animal rights. Yes, exactly, just don't do that to me. I will bekind to the little fucking furball. We had a mutual friend who passed awayfar too soon. As a matter of fact, we dedicated our first episodeto him. He had a big impact on our lives. Again, atrue blue great friend, and I had a dream about him the other night, and it wasn't really an extravagant dream or anything. We weren't do anythingto fancy the GIS. We were just basically smoking the butt, smoking,though, US smoking butts, yeah, and shooting the breeze. So Hmm. Anyway, I mean it happens from time to time. You remember peoplethat you cared about, right. But here's where it gets a little trippy. Yeah, is I have something mail notification from USPS, or whatever thefuck they called USPYA, the postal service, the US Postal Service. As youI can't speak this episode. Please forgive me in advance. But Anyway, yes, and I get a scan of all my mail before it comesto my mailbox and there was a flyer in there. And whose name wason it? Not Mine, but the name of the friend who pay,Andrew Jones, who passed away. So I was really kind of fucking likeI just got punched. Yeah, I was like, Whoa, Whoa,Whoa, this is really just quite fucking coincidental. Yeah, and I'm notreally a big believer in signs right, really, the afterlife even I'm noteven sure it really had to feel about that. Sure, I don't reallybelieve that spirits come to visit you, to talk to you or anything,I mean either. But what really bothered me, I think, the most, is that when you lose somebody so young, M we've had the luxuryof growing older and in my case yours as well, mellowing out right,kind of like easing into adulthood, especially with the lines that we led,the crazy lives, and we gain new perspectives on, you know, everythingin this world and understand ourselves better. And I really wish I could havea conversation with Andy now in this I know, I'm I know like that. That was something that I was like, that really fucking bums me out.Yeah, because I really would like to know where he would be now. I know, what kind of person would he have become? I thinkabout that all the time. I there are so many times he's one ofthose friends where there are so many things that all experience in my life andI'll be like, damn, you know, I almost think I can't wait totell Andy Still, all these years later. It's been like a decadeplus since he's been gone, but like he was such a big part ofour lives that, yeah, it's I still. Yeah, we'll see thingsand say, man, I can't wait to tell Andy, and then ithits me I'll be like, oh, yeah, that's right, and thatsucks, but right, yeah. or I'll think what would he would havewhat would he have thought about such and such or the political climate right now, as certain things, certain inventions. You know, it's always weird tothink of stuff like that. You know what they missed out on? Allthis shit's Andy was barely around for like smartphones and Shit. You know,a lot is, a lot has changed, but anyway, anyway, yeah,that was just that's a strange experience. Man. You had the dream andthen you had the weird postal service sort of mishap. That just waswith his name, like that's well, the thing was it was his name, but my edge, my address. Yeah, like, what the fuck, men, because we were all roommates to I'll live together at certain points. You know. Yeah, I know, it's just really just way too againto repeat, coincidental. Yeah, just just strange. And again,just the day after I had that fucking dream, yeah, where I wokeup really emotional, just being like man, I miss that motherfucker. Oh wait, I got an email. What the fuck? Yeah, Dude,you know, this is just I don't know. And how about you?Do you believe in like signs or anything? Is that something it would like,you know, alert you that maybe someone trying to communicate with you orsomething like that? Well, I never have, and I am really sensitivein a meaning I get angry kind of quickly about the whole medium thing,like the industry of saying that they're speaking to your dead loved Oh yeah,that like that Shit really passes me off. But as skeptical as I am withall these things, I had one sort of peered in my life whereI experience not one, but like two things that really kind of made mequestion. I could not explain them, and so my roommate I've mentioned onanother episode, I believe, I found him dead. It was a sadsituation, but right his family, I was still staying there with his wife, his wife's mother and their three kids, which were eight, seven and likean infant, like one. And Yeah, so anyway, he hadrecently, does very recent and the apartment...

...was like a basement apartment, andthere was an area where you could walk in and that's where all the boileror the whatever, the furnace, all that shit like in some storage,like the actual basement, basic, because we're on the basement level, butwe did have access to like the buildings, the apartment buildings, basement right there, you know, right, yeah, I fall you. Yeah. Sowith there were a bunch of it was just a bunch of Shit,like there were toys, like all the kids stuff that they didn't play withany more. That I'm talking like. There was a whole room that wasjust like a pile of toys. And one day we're here I hear thislittle singing. It was like a little Spanish. It sounded like a toysinging, and the the motherin law that was living with was like, ohmy God, and she's starting to freak out and we're so we I don'tknow why. So we're going in the storage area because that's where it's comingfrom, and I'm picking up toys, like I can hear it coming fromthis pilot toys. So I'm moving toys around and I find, I finallyfind it's like this little doll, but it's one of these dolls where youhave to hold each of its hands, like you're playing ring around the rosyor something. In the connection there's like a little metal spot on each handand when you make the connection by holding its hands with your body, itcompletes the circuit and the things, sayings you start saying. But it wasn'ttouching anything like I and you could say, well, was it touching like anothertoy? That was whatever. Yeah, the I don't the way I rememberit right. Well, that's where I was wondering. Maybe when thebattery gets low it starts singing. I you know, certain things do shellit. So it may. It most likely has a rational explanation, butit was freaky at the time because the guy had recently died. In thistoy. I guess the story was the father who had passed away had goneout of his way to find a doll that sang this song and Spanish,or saying in Spanish at all back then, I suppose. Now you probably findmore Spanish speaking toys, but this was years ago and you didn't seeit as much as more rare yeah and all. Yeah, yeah, andhe found this doll, like he went hunting for a doll that sang inSpanish and that's what it would he found it. It was special. Sothat's why it was kind of like this weird thing, like the daughter washome, she was, you know, crying and all this shit, butit was very, very weird at the time. Like I said, probablyas a rational explanation, but it felt weird. And the other one justquickly was the same apartment, same situation. He had recently died and there werewas one of these birthday candle that I don't know, when you lightit are whatever, it starts like playing a little song. I don't knowif you have to hit a switch on thing. It's got a little electronicthing I'm abob on, but it's a candle. You light it on anyou blow it out, but it's okay. But it's got a novelty thing.Right. Yes, I've never seen one. Yes, new to me. It just makes a little sounds like a like a music box sort ofsound coming out of it and they had it on like the frame of thedoor, like above the doorway, just kind of propped up there. Itjust started playing and no one had touched it, no one had lit it, but it was from his birthday cake the year before or whatever. Sothey were just it was too weird situations. And then in that apartment we hadbeen we found out later that the same room where he had committed suicide, there was another the ten I don't know if it was the tenant rightbefore us or the one before that had passed away in that same room,but from some kind of heart attack or something. But yeah, there wassome death in that apartment. It was it was strange. Do you feellike it was like maybe haunted, like at the time at the time?No, yeah, you know. Did you really think it was a sign? I think, yeah, back first of all, back then I wasa little more open minded with things. The world hadn't crushed my sense ofunder and magic yet, you know. Okay, right, but now Ijust the I don't really believe in any of that. Should I just havenever there's never been any concrete evidence, anything recorded, anything scientifically proven,nothing that couldn't be explained. Ever, ever, throughout history throughout scientific history. So I'm starting to think maybe there's nothing to get worked up about.But I don't know. The argument is that you can't maybe you can't measurethings like that. Maybe there's no scientific way to to, you know,quantify that. But whatever it is, I felt freaked out in that apartmentand I already gotten a fuck out of it. I this is enough.The singing doll is one thing. Yeah, well, then the candle started singing. Jeeze you later, fucking woe, I'm out. It was a littlestrange, but but whatever. I...

...nowadays I'm just like there was somemalfunctioning fucking birthday presents or whatever that apartment. That's I don't know. If so, I will never know. You know, it could have been samething with my dream. I mean I really don't know. Yeah, andthat's why I want to implore anybody who's listening, if you have any inputon getting contacted by someone from the great beyond, if you've ever had oneof these spooky experiences, or if you just want to shoot the breeze withus, be sure to reach out and contact us. It's easy to doso. You can find us on twitter at selling out show on facebook atselling out show. One you can leave. It's a voice mail at seven seven, four seven hundred one, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three.No singing candles will answer, or you can drop us an email at sellingout show at GMAILCOM. We want to hear from you. This summer.You want to beat the heat, not your budget. Plus, with allthe activities outside, people having fun, they don't want to be around afilthy smoker. This seas is perfect for quitting cigarettes, and the best wayto do that is by visiting the fine folks down at northland favor company.They make it easy to shop for eloquent supplies and more, with three retaillocations and so far going North Dakota, warhead and by midgie Minnesota. Or, if you still working on that beach bod, visit their website at Northlandvaporcom. All of their products are dike, tone and artificial sweetener free. So, whether you're a new or an experienced vapor rest easy is you sitpoolside knowing that you're not pumping yourself full of poison. So what are youwaiting for? Fill that Kabana full of clouds and shop at Northland Vapor Company. Today some products contain nicotine. Adults only. NY. Are you readyto potter? I'm always ready to party, man. All right, great,because I'm not. I've got no figure, I've got no VM,I've got nothing, man, I can't do it anymore. But back inthe day we were fucking animals, absolute fucking beasts. We've got stories upthe Yahoo, yeah, about the parties we attended, the things that wedid. I mean you brought up to me you previously. There was onethat we had called the weeklong party, right, and if a party forone gets its own title, and in that title it says it lasts foran entire seven days, you know it had to be something else. Yeah, but before I start talking about any of our exploits, I do wantto mention is funny that, you know, then parties were they built up yourcred amongst your friends. They were stuff of legend. You just wantto talk about them all the time, and I know we're only talking likea couple years later. Yeah, you're seventeen or something, you're nineteen,you still like, Oh, can you believe that fucking ranger we had?Yeah, but still it was pretty wild that that's what we used to do. And now you just go, what kind of fucking dummy? What kindof fucking war on did it was? I you know, yeah, yeah, it was fun at the time, but yeah, when you get older, like damn, and it's like because a lot of damage. We Oh, yes, it was super like, I don't know, you're dangerous andonce, once you explain the the premise of the weeklong party and then youkind of see more of the consequences in the issues why it was so stupid. But I don't take it away. I thank you, thanks a bunch. We had a friend, I had a really good friend growing up.I'm just going to say his first name to protect them, not innocent,basically to protect the guilty. It's when I should have said the first timearound, but again, I am still an idiot. Who got to houseit for one of his teachers. He was a teacher's pet. The teacherabsolutely loved him, even though he was kind of a fucking fuck up.I mean to be honest with you, I don't know what kind of facehe put on with this woman whatever, but anyway, she was the EddieHaskell of the go this. Thank you very much, and she's like,okay, can you house it for me? I'm going away for a week,and he of course agreed. So the whole time he knew, heabsolutely knew, that he was going to throw a party in our house.Yeah, and I was there with him the first night she left and sheleft a note, and with that note was clues for money, and themoney was to buy the dog because she left her dog as well. DogFood. If there's any emergencies or anything like that, you need to eat. He wanted to order some food or something, so she hit money andlike potted plants or stuff that. We ran around the house Giddy. WHO'slike a moneys weed? Yes, exactly. Well, money for Beer, moneyfor drugs, money for whatever, not for dog food. So hewe immediately that night, started drinking and he started calling some folks and beforeyou knew it, people started showing up and, knowing that the owner ofthe house was wasn't going to be home for a week, people just decidednot to leave. Right. Yeah,...

...and would party wakes. Yeah,right, and the party raged on all night, all day for whoever waswhatever cycle you were in. If you felt like drinking during the day,drink during the day and pass out at night. Just don't pass out ina public place or you will be sharpied, yea, and written on and everythingelse. But still, you know, certain rules applied. There was alot of drugging, boozing fucking going on in that house, all aroundthe board. And then the people who were closest to Mike, like me, got their own rooms. Yep, we're assigned our own areas and everythingthe I. Yeah, yeah, and I got the kids room, whichhad a super nintendo in it, I believe, which was like fucking theShit, you know. Yeah, that's how we would do this. Sobrietytest. If you could drive. We had this airplane game. I forgotthe name of it now. What happens? Something like that. And if youcould land the plane on the on the battleship, you were good enoughto drive. That was seriously, this was our you know, our ourmandate. It's something I guess, and I got wicked hammered. I tookthe Teddy Ruxman, a full size teddy Rux, but not like one ofthe new ones. It's like one of those smaller ones. This is theold school, big ass one that took a cassette in it, and Ifucking thought it was insulting me or something. That's how wasted I was, andI trashed it in front of everybody. I had this fucking all out brawlwith an inanimate object, the strange and Teddy Ruckspen. Destroyed it,like, I mean, I fucking pounded, I'm in duct taped it to aceiling fan so the remnants of the thing was spinning so people could witnessmy fucking, the results of my mayhem. Right, but hey, again,this was something that people talked about forever after that. Right. You'relike, oh, man, because you know I used to go by LD. I still do amongst our friends. Right. And did you see whatld you do the fucking titty Ruxpen, those fucking savage man, and Iloved it. I was always walking around in a bathrobe, right, Ithought I was fucking Hugh halfner and stuff. Yeah, there were. There werefights, I mean or we had town to town rivalries. Fight inthe driveway, the socials and the Greaser's. Yes, sharks in the jets hego, but kids from one town didn't like the kids from another town. It's always as a brawl in the parking lot, Polissa being called,I mean on and on. And of course there was other people doing crazyshit, but I don't maybe I'll have them on the show someday and theycan speak for themselves. I don't know how much dirty laundry I want toair for everybody else. Yeah, there was one woman. I will tellthis again. Names will not apply here. We had a friend who was avirgin, okay, and he was sixteen, some eighty years old,and the rest of US thought that was fucking lame. Yeah, there wasa girl at the party, yeah, who was a little frisky, okay, with some of the guys, and so we she was in a roomand she was ready for whatever. Yeah, so I don't do a terrible jobdescriber, I apologize, but we're like, dude, get in there. She's way to fucking go. Tonight is a night you lose it,man, lose a virginy. He's like no, no, I'm all setwith all the American pie or something. Yeah, right, basically, andwe like no, get in there, and he's like no, that's nothow I want to lose my shit. I'm not interested in that whatsoever.We physically picked him up, dragged him. He is clawing it door JAM's refusesto go boom, slam the door like don't come out for fifteen moreminutes, really, and we're holding the door, shaking it. We leavethe door in man for like a couple minutes. Next you know, heruns out like it's fucking ass is on fire, which which, interestingly enough, it turns out we knew another guy who did take advantage of the situation. It's like well, if you're not going to get the job done,I'll do it. He did, and a certain part of his you know, anatomy, did catch on fire. What, in a manner of speaking, by catching an STD. So you know, the thing, the mostimportant thing that that guy did, our virgin friend, yeah, was fuckinghigh tail at. I can you imagine that? If that ended up beinghis first that's like, oh dude, that's like the movie kids remember,where it's like Oh, yeah, yeah, you're gras and the last yeah,get yeah again. I'm not trying to condone that behavior. That wasteenage, you know. Yeah, she need antics. Yeah, Nigans,thank you. And this is back in the the S and everything, andof course we had no brain cells, right, and we're killing them constantly. Yeah, I remember stopping by, I mean, I wasn't. Ididn't frequent it, obviously, but I I think I stopped by there twiceand just with with one of our friends. And Yeah, I remember Mike,the host, walking around in chain mail top, like he was walkingaround in chain mail. I remember that. And and then I remember the themesong to Flash Gordon Always, yes, Queen Song, always being blared andeveryone would do the especially you do...

...the fresh. Yeah, but thatwas like our yeah, the theme song for the week. I don't knowhow it got picked. Yeah, I really don't. And but hey,it worked. Everybody liked it. fucking it was a jam. So it'scool. You know, there's people who are sent to the hospital that weekor people who broke lamb. Seriously, someone broke his leg in the bathroom. On and on. They broke their leg in the bathroom. Yeah,he got into an argument with another friend. He got jumped in the leg upbusted. He's on crutches from months afterwards. The effects of this weeklongparty. HMM, we're just insane. I even remember I went home.Yeah, I was just burnt out, and this is like day five orsomething, and next thing you know, I barely got any sleep and ourfriend, big Dave. Yeah, was knocking on my door and he'd stolena car. Yeah, he didn't know whose cart was, he just foundit. A had keys in it. Yeah, and he took it tocome pick me up, to bring me back. And even then I wasirritated. I'm like, you serious, you stole a car to bring meback to this fucking party. He's like, we need you, man, comeon, he's got to come back. We got pure grain. fucking people'seyeballs are bleeding. Is the best fucking say to year. But yourown. I guess what was it? I went back. He of course, he's so, you know, and as your duty, as the weekwent down, a winded down rather, hmm. Mike got left alone.HMM, and he really had I'm going to tell you, he had agood time, of course, being the ring master, course, but whenthe owner of the home got home, yeah, it's time to pay thePiper. He was in the fucking worse trouble of his life because there wasa senior citizen who lived there and someone used up all of her oxygen tanks. Oh me. Oh yeah, I mean I don't know who is fuckinghuff and oxy shits and giggles, but somebody did. Broken those doors,broken windows, broken the dog at fucking Pete On. Oh my God,that's there was a there was a destroyed Teddy ruxpan doll. Somehow Teddy washanging from the ceiling fan. I mean, if you walked in there with ablack light there would be shit you could unsee. Yeah, but heended up having to go to court for the whole thing. Wow, andhe even told me that there was a teddy broken teddy ruxpan on the policereport. They want to be reimbursed for and I said, well, FuckWown't bring me down with you, motherfucker. Yeah, but yeah, he gotin a big trouble for that. But again here we are, yeah, all these years later, talking about this fucking party. And I meanthere was more. We could go by. You know, there's time constraints ina podcast. Yeah, maybe I'll bring it up again in the future, but for now that is the yeah, you know, the nut the coreof everything. He wasn't the teacher's pet. That's longer after that.Huh. No, he was completely fucked. Like I said, he had togo to court and everything else, and she was not happy. Norwould I mean imagine if that happened to you or me. How fucking madwould you be then? Your House was, you is as a fucking, youknow, whorehouse, fucking drinking den, drug den for a bunch of teenagekids for an entire week while you're off enjoy your vacation. You know. Yeah, that doesn't surprise me about that. Mike would do that,though, if you know, people knew him, he's he was just kindof us I don't know. Yeah, Ye had a habit of just kindof like causing his instigator kind of, you know, like Oh, definitely, but it was always up to something. But again, this is years ago. He is a change, man, of course. Of course. Yeah, we're all growing up. Seems to be like the theme of thisepisode that, you know, we get wiser with age. We're just talkingabout the friends we missed, who we could talk to now and how everythingwould be different. So don't blame me, don't make me feel shitty about it, but I did want to share this story with all of you.And Yeah, man, but that fills our quota for tales of debauchery.Yeah, we're going to take a quick commercial break and when we return,nate's notes looking to experience ultimate relaxation in relief of chronic pain, you needto try the healing power of CBD with hemp bombs. Visit HIMP Bombscom fora wide range of pure, premium CBD products, from oils, capsules,gummies, pain freeze and more. Hemp bombs has all you need in store. Better sleep has proven to boost your immune system and if you were alove and live with discomfort, CBD is a natural, organic remedy that works. Start living your best life today with m bombs. Fans of the showcan save twenty percent off their entire order by using the code selling out acheck out. Once again, that's code...

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...the public consciousness, that it onlymakes sense that it will return to rear its ugly head once again in thefuture. The way tastes change and the constant tendency for artists to innovate makesit only natural that there is a finite shelf life for any musical fad,especially in the field of Pop music. And since musical artists tend to havea specific look or style that either inspires or is inspired by the current CulturalZitgeist, depending on the artist, it only makes sense that there will bea time when the whole package of said artist will make people cringe after acertain length of time. But what also seems more and more apparent as popularmusic as a concept gets older and older is that even that cringe factor eventuallyfades away and pass a morphs into retro old school can either be an insultor just a descriptive term, depending on the intent of the speaker, kindof like the term Jew. You know, think about it. There are alwaysretro bands breaking through that sound like an achronisms when surrounded by other popsingles filling the air waves. I remember I was like eleven or twelve whenthe Black Crows released their cover of Otis reddings hard to handle. On aside note, it never fails to amaze me how many bands there are whosebreakout hit is a cover of an existing song, but you know what,that's topic for another Nat's note. The Black Crows went on to release aton of Classic Blues Rock Singles, which have all not only charted but areall genuinely well written songs. And I guess enough time had passed for frillyPaisley shirts and actual bell bottoms to finally be cool again. Yeah, thes marked the end of the S unhipness sentence. That seems to be theformula. The previous decade is uncool, but the one before it is okayto be influenced by or to show respect to. That's why, during thatera of grunge and Electronica, the s seemed so grossly loud and excessively neoncolored. The mullet suddenly looked so trashy, the virtuosic guitar soloing of someone likeIngvey Mounstein was basically being scoffed at by kids who could kind of stringtogether three or four bar chords and start their own Nirvana wanna be alternative band. Any of the synth driven electro or hip hop of the s that gotany play at all was only being sampled ironically to throw in like Dj setsand make people giggle while they danced the acid or ecstasy through their systems.It was only after the turn of the century that you saw bands that weregenuinely inspired by and showing respect to the sweet melodies of bands like tears forfears into petch mode. Bands like Duran, Duran and new order started drawing hugecrowds again on tour. Even bands like Wasp and Striper, Cinderella andvixen got back on the road. The White Snake Song, here I goagain, seems to be everywhere, and my Stepson Joey loves it and thingsof it as this classic rock song that it probably is. I just havea hard time not smirking a little when I hear it. Some things I'llalways find a little corny. There have even been bands that bite the styleof s acts, not just audibly, but visually in a fashion sense.Just as a black crows brought the whole feel of a s rock bands tothe era of November rain, excess and like, I don't know, seeand see music factory pop. A few bands like the darkness and Steel Pantherwere thoroughly embracing leopard print outfits, hairspray and like silk scarves as they shamelesslybelt it out. There updated glam metal, complete with frilly Guitar Solos. Speakingof Guitar Solos, I I will say that the new generations appreciation forthat era of our peggios and finger tapping has done a world of good forthe genre of technical death metal. It's right there in the name. Thestuff is seriously complex and meticulously written. No reason to feel silly about beingguitar nerd. The competition is fierce nowadays...

...and I would put up the guitaristof any number of tech death bands, from arch spire to the zenith passage, against Invey Melmstein or Joe Satriani any day. But back to the subjectat hand. One area of s music that has inspired a lot of bandsas well this millennium is in the area that spans postpunk to like synthpop oreven goth. You can hear evidence of this in bands like the killers,and the icy sound of S. synths found their way into countless bands likecrystal castles or even Canadian nerd star child in potential missus Elon Musk grimes.There was even that period in the early two thousands when it seemed like everyonewanted to be joy division, or at least they aped Ian Curtis's unique vocalstyle, the most popular of which being Interpol. I'm not particularly thrilled aboutthe prospect of more bands like rat or quiet riot, but if you're goingto bring back the sound of the cure or killing joke, or even toPasch mode, I say bring it on. There are some parts of the sthat I personally never fell out of love with, and it's good tohear a band like this week's suggested listening Drab Majesty, do it so well. They take elements of bands like slow dive in the chameleons, but adda layer of those. I see synths, and we've in a persona that referencesufo cults like the Unarians and the heavens gate people. Draft Majesty isa band that conjures up not just nostalgia for the s but a really inhuman, almost alien image. Their style fits right into my taste. So asmuch as I complain about the nostalgia industry and what low hanging fruit it canbe to rehash things from the past that are already proven successful, there aredefinitely some aspects of the past that I don't mind seeing further explored. Sothat was my longwinded little Ode to not just the s but to the factthat things have their cycle. They're cool, they're cheesy and how did we everlike them? And then they're retro and cool again. So it's likethere's just that pattern. But I'm happy that we're seeing a lot of thesepost punk and kind of synth poppy sort of bands coming back because I don'tknow, Dave, how did you feel about the Drab Majesty Song? Didyou dig it at all? I did dig it, all right, I'verecently had got one. Finally, you did. You did? I've Imean I didn't really listen to lyrics, moly, yeah, but just atone and the vibe from the song I enjoyed because I've recently been wondering.I'm like, how come there's not a band out there, or not thatI've heard, that just summons up the s as the s right, doesn'ttry to incorporate in like a new style like you kind of alluding to,or just little elements of it, but really just brings it all the table. And I heard a lot of that here. I mean it could havebeen the heavy reverb going on in the guitars and stuff. Yeah, butit actually reminded me a little bit, not completely, but tin machine.Okay, so I heard a little bit of those elements going on and Idug it. I thought was a very good pick. You mentioned. Didyou like it, and got all excited when I said yes, because normallyyou're picking these tunes and they're not really you know, yeah, my allebut this one, this one, I definitely did enjoy. All Right,I'm glad, man, because I feel like this is an example of oneof the like the ile of a band that you and I would have sharedappreciation for. Like we were both cure fans. We both dig a bunchof two passion mode stuff. We could, we can kind of. We wehave diverging tastes, but there are a few things that we agree on, and those are some of them. You know, so I figured thisone would be somewhat up your alley. Anyway, I'm glad it is,for next week we will check out a band that I briefly mentioned, alongwith zeal and ardor a few episodes ago.

AL sest is a band from Francethat create beautiful atmospheres, and this song, which is the title trackfrom the codeama album, is a perfect example of what they do. Again, it's called Kodama Ko d am a by the band Al Set, whichis Al Cest, but of course I'll post a link to it on facebookto make it easier to check it out and we'll have a little chat aboutit next episode. What the fuck are you doing, man? What thefuck is this? Listen, I just told you I was digging the svibes and now you going back to the whole European death metal scene. No, you, I think this is I'm not going to even bring up thefact that it's it comes from a black metal start, because it's so farremoved from that. If I hadn't mentioned them during that that segment, Idon't think you'd even know that. That's where they're their influences lie, becausethey've come so far. I'll get into that next week. Yeah, Ihave a feeling it'll at least be more up your alley than a lot ofthe stuff that I've picked. So okay, I'll get it. I'll give youthat, because even the zeal and ardor stuff to me wasn't traditional whenyou said it was black metal or something like. I mean, I getit, but I don't, you know, I mean not being a fan ofthe genre like, because there's other things in play there, right.So you know, I'm sure that's the case here as well, because you'renot just giving us like stereotypical not as as fucking scream core metal, whateverlabel you want to throw on it. There's always going to be a littletwisting there. Yeah, that's elsas to actually doesn't have any shouting or it'sall singing. It's you'll, you'll hear it, but it's a lot moreeasy to listen to than even zeal and ardor. It's. Hey, listen, if I don't like it, the following nate's note, you got todo some Michael McDonald for me. All right, we'll get a hit mesome the youg or hit me with some Yap rock or something in those kindof ways, you know. But Hey, you know what, though, weare nearing the end of the show and before we do go, Idid want to mention a couple quick things before I forget. One is Iwould really want to thank one of our listeners, Jack The hungry guy,for always being there when we need him, giving us feedback, input everything elselike that. And you know, just want to say thank you toJack. We appreciate it, even though we knew him back in high school. HMM. And he kind of freaks me out now because you know Imean, I don't like the facebook. I'm not down with a facebook,but I hopped on the other day to check out some of the selling outstuff that you post and I saw him on there and he looks like DustinPedroy it to me now I see that. I can you do I thinks itfrom a brick wall or something. Maybe that is like shades of fenwaypack going on there. I don't know, Jack, but you're looking spelt baby, looking good, looking good. And I also want to say anotherlistener to the show and a guy who produces a wonderful podcast of his own, the professor frenzy show. His name is Jerry Green and he's wanted tohear your band. He asked about it on the twitter and I was like, well, maybe if we poke and prod nate he'll post something. Iman. I. I've seen some clips on your personal facebook page and there'ssome good jams, one of which your shirtless, so you must been reallyhot. I was concerned for you because it's summer, so I'm thinking allthe mosquitoes must be trying to bite your nips. So put a fucking shirton, you sweaty animal. But still the hunting. Yeah, I thinkit's the hottest day of the year in Massachusetts, so I can't blame you. And when we were kids used to play naked, so at least hehad hands on. What post some of those? You have post some ofthose videos on the selling out page. Will ye or wonderful is some yeasI say, facebook lesson whatever thing for me, I'm humble. I don'tlike the you know. To me I'm like, Oh, I'll find somevideos that are the least embarrassing rather than yeah, dude, an'll find somecool videos. Yeah, I understand you write exactly. You're not trying topromote yourself at not over the top here, but you should some good music there, buddy. It's good. It's good. Yeah, tunes do.We actually had a really, really good show. I won't get into it, but we had a great show today. Was One of the best ones we'vehad. So I don't know. Maybe somebody made a video of ittoday or took some recordings of it, and if so, I'll post those. You won't get into it, but you just get into it. Idid get into it. See that. That's fucking promotion right there, baby. I like it, just like I like all the listeners out there.If you know what, I don't like it, I fucking love you allright, virtual hugs for all of you. Thanks so much for listening. Weappreciate it. Until next time, I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out wh...

...six infirmary media. I do havea hams or. It is a fucking pain in my ass. So thatwas not a lie. Yeah, man, just Donna, don't Richard Gear theMotherfucker, Richard. What am I gonna fucking put it up like ahooker and put it up your but hole. Oh, I thought you met liketreat the hamster like. Look Pretty Lead Roberts. Yeah, Romance andShit, you're like pretty handst I've never kiss on the lips. You don't, you will now, anyway. Yeah, they say they will never solve theclimate crisis. They also said we'd never make it to the moon.The world has never faced a greater challenge. Yet, despite what they say atpoet we've never been more confident, never more innovative, never more determined, and we're never satisfied. Are you apply for a five thousand dollar neversatisfied scholarship today at poetcom never satisfied, poet, never satisfied. Oh allright, this is Derek's a Righty Otto parts story. After the third timejump starting my car, I finally realize my battery was dying, so Istopped by o'riley to have it checked. They tested it right there in theparking lot. It was bad, real bad, but they help me findthe right battery for my car and even installed it for free. Now mycar starts like new. Auto Parts.

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