Selling Out Show
Selling Out Show

Episode 31 · 2 years ago

Ep.#31 Comic Curmudgeons


Nate’s out of town this week, which opens things up for Dave to discuss his raison d’être (the world of comics) with our esteemed guest host, Chris Sheehan of Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill Podcast!
The subject matter may be new and somewhat uncharted thus far on the Selling Out Show, but the spirit of the conversation is familiar. Still just a couple guys making sense of (read: mostly complaining about) the modern world, with the trademark snark and wit we’ve come to expect from the show.
Things wrap up with the usual Nate’s Notes appearance, despite Nate’s conspicuous absence from the rest of the episode? If so, will it be a segment about bands that turn cover songs into new pieces of art that just sound oddly familiar? I guess you’ll just have to tune in to find out!

1:15 intros
3:00-Dave’s head case
6:30-Chris and Dave’s Comic Issues
20:35-Comics Curmudgeons: a Case Study
46:13-Nate’s Notes (Making Covers New)
51:54- Clip (Airbag by Easy Star All Stars)

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I am one of your host David Schuls nateis away on vacation sipping, my tihes and making love, but don't you friendhe'll be back on in a little bit to deliver a new edition of nats notes inthe meanwhile, I'm joined by a good friend of mine and cohost of the cosmictreadmill Pye cast Chris Shian to talk about comics and collecting Chris howthe hell are Yo. Oh, you know how I be I'm OK, how about you I well hi a roughspot. Is You well know which will wing about in a few minutes? But before I dotalk about my woes, I want to give you a chance to let listeners know aboutyour media empire. You know you're podcast you're, also a Belogguer, areviewer. Where can they find you and what are you all about? Well, you bestplace. You could find me if you wan to hear my voice and I'm not sure why youwould, but that is that Christand Reggie otcom. You can find all of ourcomic related programming there, including the cosmic treadmill, theflagship that Reggie's been under the weather for a little bit, but so thatwill be coming back probably end of August, beginning of September, but Iam doing what I can to fill the dead time in as best as possible. Also, as you mentioned, I' blog dailyover at chrisis on infinite earth. DOTCOM, that's every single daydiscussing a different story from DC comics history right now doing a verydeep dive on action, comics weekly from on thousand nine hundred and eighty eGht N, nine Hunden and eighty nine that's every single day and uh. That'sbasically what I'm all about and you're actually the perfect guest to have ontoday, because you know one of my passions, which I really never talkabout on this show, but as where I came from and podcasting and just in my lifein general is uh comic books Hm. So I couldn't, I couldn't think of a betterperson to be talking to right. Now I don't get asked out very often, so Iappreciate T. Oh hey, you know, you are a quite quite a sharp looking guy, youdress nice you're, schnazzy tit's. True, that's very true, and I'm not so y. ure the complete opposite of me. I look like a fucking fat slub and, speakingof being a fat shlob H, I've been suffering from some problems recentlyand UH. I should kindof correct that real, quick, 'cause th, the fatness,isn't Um a good hint what I'm suffering from, but it will be for the resolutionof what I found out about it. But I've been having some headaches. I don'twant to call them Migraines, because I had to go to the emergency roomyesterday and when I did so, I said I had migraines and the nurses like. Well,how do you know if they're a migrate or a headache? ND, I'm? Like n? I got noidea. I couldn't tell you on the DIFFERENC thats, what my wife told me s,UN, just tellig you what the boss told... to say to you, but u they've beenterrible horrible like crack your skull open just so your brain would leak outlike a egg yoke. Sh, it's just like you can'. I cannot stand I get on my knees.I start getting a fever, I mean the symptoms are just don't ever and Ilearn Thi's the hard way. Of course, don't Google them? You know, N W. Youhave men, ynjitis or something. You know at the very list, e h exactly andso the pain gets so bad. It didn't go away when it normally does it. KINDOFtakes a little while but m itself over a couple of hours, so went to the Erand had some test done. Cat Scam bloodwork all that stuff- and this iswhen the fat you know, Schmuck Schlub, whatever you know, adjitive you want tothrow in their stuff comes into play because they inform me that I'm notdying 'cause. Of course, that's the first thing that POPs in your in yourbrain too, certainly like I'd, probably get a Tomor in my head and fuckingthey're going to say: Oh yeah, Youe only got six months to live, which isterrible because I'm poor and poor people don't have fun withbucket lists. You know they're not like you know, can't take a plane towherever they want to go or hang out with supermodels you just got Ta Sit. Iroom and fucking die, but uh it turns out that they fear. I have sleep APNYAand I'm not getting enough oxygen to my brain. So I never realized it was thatserious, but the doctor, Informe sleep, ABNEC and guess: Kindo kill you Shorogan lot ofcomplications from that, so that was a little bit of a a eye opener. If youwill of something I need to take care of, get a sleep study and hopefully nipthat in the bud. But of course I bring all this up because while I waited inthe Er and got my test and stuff, I was deming with nobody else, but you it kept me company through my misery.So thank you for that. Oh anytime, anytime, I'm always I'm always good.I'm always good with A. I have a good bedside manner. I guess yeah yeahtotally kept me laughing. You know she was happy. While I was again waitingfor this thing and that thing and just weird always to come in the room andask me random questions, Itas a nice little break from all that, so plus youwere hooked up to a machine called a mind, tray a Temir. I mean that that'sjust worth it all ale in its own there. I don't know what a mindrate I have anidea of what a mindray might do, but uh you know, that's a that's something Iwanted to keep tads on, while as it was going down, which is weird right,because you would think it would h do something to your your brain. But itdoesn't it's just for your Um, your pulse and blood pressure. It's notalexluthe device. No, no it! I! I it selds it! The perfect comic books, youevillin name or Monica Mhm. Instead, it doesn't do anything as advertised. Itjust has a cool name. So true, no, but but you know, thankfully I'm going tosurvive. Hopefully I mean I still haven't gotten thes sleep atnia thingnipped in the bud. So who knows what may happen tonight? 'CAUSE? I dobreathe weird, I I snore a lot, you know so M. hopefully I make iteverybody, but I'm here today to talk to you and to all the people out therein podcast land about comic books and collecting. So what do you say? We do alittle bit about that sure. So, Chris with me, conixs got methrough a lot of dark periods in my life it wasn't popular when I got intoit, but I was also a wee lad. I was a young man about the age of five when Ifirst discovered comics, but I'm curious about your journey wh. When didyou first start reading, comics or you know falling in love with the medium?Well, you know we are of similar age. You know we're both on we're we're oneither side of forty right now, but we're pretty close, but I'm on Rouhouseside, I'm on the right side for few more months and I'm I'm you knowholding Holdin as tight as I can, but h you know growing up in the eighties.It's y! U Comic O Everywhere! You know it's!You wouldn't go to a doctor's office tentostoff his babbe shop ith thatseeingcomic, so they were always kind of around they were affordable backthen. So you know if your father stopped to to buy a lottery ticket, hemight buy two or three issues of a random comic for you to take Hem home.So I I always had comics. I was just A.

I was never much of a collector. Iactually thought and it's crazy to consider, because Ialways thought they were cheap because they had ads in them and an like everytime. I'd Flippe through Mi'd, get to an Eid and I'd be like yeah. This ischeap. This garbage and UH. You know now. I I love the eds almost as much asI love the stories, which is a you know, totally different gtbut uh, my my firstmotions toward collecting were when I discovered ealf quest in the libraryand UH. That's a direct market only book it was actually a book that wascompleted by the time I found it. So the only way I'd be able to find moreversions of ealthquest more issues. More storylines was actually going to acomic bookstore and up to that point I had just grabbed them at the pharmacy.The seven eleven wherever but going into a comic store is where I you know.I found backissue pens and I I realized just what the weekly shipping lookedlike and just the just the tons of books to keep up with. If I wanted to-and I did so uh it just I I never looked back- I just kept going. Youknow I stopped a few times as I think a lot of us do for various reasons, but it's alwaysbeen part of me since then, and Uh ell, it's weird to say, but now morethan ever and I'm pushind forting, you know I like is that you wereinsulted by the ads for Charleston shoes, Wright, ther, an pmx and t andthe Otawaka and the CUPACHUPA Laliboba. I can't read this crap. Howold do you think you were at that time? Um? I was probably five or six yeah, soyeah about the same time I started picking hem up giver takes. I was aboutfive SOS when I first got my my aunt bought me a conic book at a Candy Storeand UH. That was the start of my whole road down, uh, the comics, fand and-and you know for me personally- I really got into collecting and tryingto grab as many as I could right off the bat. Because again I wasn'tinsulted by anything in the comic I just hought as a fun adventure and cooland cartoons really kind of spurred my interest in them, because I would seethe Saturday morning hult cartoons, so I thought sho was really cool and I'mwonder sometimes without that would I have ever been so intrigued bythat comic book cover way back when Yeah. It's a very good question, justthose uh, those odd little happenstance things that just change your thedirection and propulsion of your life. And if you didn't see that you might haveseen something else and you might might have fallen in love with hi differentmedium, exactly Av ben ton who KNOWSA, which would have been less embarrassing,which woulden Blessen arrison through high school. So there's that yeah. Igot into that many years later, n anyway, I do bring up the cartoon thingbecause something that people don't know about you or may not know aboutyou if they're not close to you is that youare not a big fan of other formsthat relate to comic books, the media. Absolutely not yet you don't you don'tsee the movies, you don't o watch any of the periphial stuff. None of it. Youdon't care about it. You only care about the codics, which is somethingthat I respect, because I'm a big believer that You'e Gonta alwayssupport the source, material, sure suryit's, yeah 'cause. I you know I I WS, I'm actually going to be telling a story in a couple o weeks or maybe thisweek on Chris is on Infin it earth the podcast and H it's just going to bediscussing the last time I went to Comikan and h the fact that there was you know I could. I could walk over tothe table right now, pick up a stack of comics from my own table and I'dprobably have three tims as many comics and they were on the entire Camicanfloor. Righ 'cause. There was all FUNCO pop garbage and movie stuff, and it wasI felt insulted. I mean hey to eat your own, whatever you like, you know, butif you're going to call something Comican, I really think it should atleast have you know a couple f dozen comics in there. Well, the thing is too is like back.Then there were a couple supehera movies that were available. Theyweren't what we have today, O he'l, always lease...

...rightseems like every week. There'ssomething else out, but you didn't even watch those you didn't know. I theoriginal superman movie, the Batmani. Did you wait? Maybe you didn see theBaman Eighy Nigh and did see that man? Eighty nine, the last Comic Book Movie,I've I saw was bad men return Okana, so I saw Batman returns. I saw that man,the th nineteen nd, eighty nine one and h that might be it as far as movies areconcerned. I'm trying to think I think I might have seen like five minutes ofthe mask. I don't think I've seen any other comicmovies for TV shows. I did see some of the x men Ga tune in the nineties, Bmany animated series. I did see asmattering of that. Wasn't something that I avoided. It was just somethingthat you know it would be on at like four thirty in the afternoon, and I'dprobably be out and uh, and if I was home I would catch it. If not, I reallydidn't miss it. You had to bring up like the most obscure thing with themask, because people who don't read comics, don't realize alive, it'sAcomic, exactly that's where it came from and uh we live in a day and age.Now, where it's we just mentioned, you know a new releases o every week orevery month sure, but so many people get their knowledge base from films orother forms of media which to old school guys like you and make could bea little insulting a bit. I think I kan understand it that littlebit it is, I mean I don't Wan ta hold Y Ow.I somebody loves the the marvel movies and that's like their passion in lifecool, that's great, but just to understand that it's different, youknow, don't don't come in thinking that, oh you kN W, I'm going Ta wear myInfinity Gauntlet Replica and I am the expert on the past eighty years ofmarvel comic because you saw a bunch of movies. You know understand that thereis a whole other angle. You know, of the fandom and of the Lore. I think thething of it is is when we we as comic as w. We go into a movie situation. Wedo so with an open mind. If we do it all and the thing of it is we. Weaccept that as a different version. A different cannon if there is even iscannon incomics anymore, but I think the people come the other way like ifsomeone. If someone watches a movie, then somehow finds their way into acomic shop, because God only knows where they'd find one M and they pickup a comic they're going to look at the comic and say this is wrong and they'regoing to dismiss it because it's not going to match up with what theirreality of comics is. Well, it's funny. You bring up the Infinity Gauntlet andth plastic in general, because that seems to be what populates comic bookshops more. It has yeah than the comics kind of like your comicon experience,where you walk into when now it's all just like funcall POPs, it's all ye goteyes, taring at Yo, exactly H, but they're HIPO popular and they sell,which is unfortunate because a lot of the people who go to these marvelmovies DC too, even though they're they're not as popular, I don't sure no,but they don't immediately run into a common book store like Oh, I need toknow you know more about the character where they came from. They don't go,rushing to a back issue, baned it like half price books or something certainlynot more. Should we be mad, or should we just be rolling with the SIGN OT TheTimes? You know it's it's hard to say, but I think I think this is just thenext evolution of the fandom as much as I dislike it. These comic shopowners. These poorpeople have to deal with the companies they have to deal with people droppingtheir their poll lists because I mean I don't know if folks here listening knowthat comics are you know it's not unusual to have five dollar twenty pagecomic book without any kind of special glitzy govern or anything it's just afive dollar twenty page book and folks, you know it's it's like when you go tothe restaurant after after a long run or something you gat the eyes biggerthan belly, one of the biggest thing on the menu you eat five. You know fivebites of it y. You make a poll list at a comic store and you're, like Ohcaptain, America, El There's, three comics with Captain American and I wantall three. Oh this fifteen x, men books, Tis, twenty eight of vengers books,give me all of 'em and then, when a time it comes time to actually pickthem up and pay for them. It's lie.

Well, maybe not so it's th, these poorshopowners need to do something to subsidize their income or just you know,make ends meet, and it's all in that plastic. You know backaround the turn of the century. I was all in Monga. You know we had the bigspeculator bubble burst in the mid tellaht nineties marvel went bankruptand to subsidize their stores, I mean the comic shops were bringing in Mongaand Ima Bootleg Wall Scrolls. Anything they could do to make a buck, because I mean it's that's a tough businessthat is a tough business which also kind of led to the popularity of trades.Too I mean MHM. There were, I always had a struggle as a collector withgraphic novels versus trades y, because for me everything was a graphic novel.If it was a collected, adition or Jus, an individual Stori, an a differentformat, a more premium format n. It took me a long time. I think it wasonly a couple of years ago. I finally started calling trades trades. I waslike yeah. I want that graphic novel that collects issues one throughsixteen, no dude. That's a trade collection, an a trade collection, stopsaying graphic novel, I'm like Hey, I'm from the Eighties Giv me Abryeah. Youknow that that was another thing that might or probably did actually hurt themarket too. It was like. Why do I want to go? Buy Individual copies when I canwait six months, and I know they are going to collect them in a much moreinexpensive way for me to read- and you know the comics just like televisionwent to that model where you know it used to be like, like you'd, have yourlittle video or Dvd Library, and it would be your favorite movies. You knowit's like. Oh here's, supeman the Moveo, whoever just like you look at yourbookshelf back around the turn of the sentry, and it's like you got yourwatchman. You got your Vifo Vindetta. You've got other things Allan wore made,you know and then all of a sudden, it's like you've got something likeSpiderman by j, Michael Strezzinski volume. It's like do. I really need these fivesix issues of a random run of spida manage it's the it's the. What is it atthe T V season model now, where h everything is just available, and partof me is thinking that that's great if people actually want to read them, but at the same time I I see it hurting the single issue, not only in sales,but in the way that they actually deliver the story in the single issues.Now, because nobody cares about one chapter of astory, so it's being written without any kind of a with any kind of endeavor to be a redon its own. It's a you can't just pick up part four of a story and getsatisfying satisfying five ten fifteen min roun of it. It's all just like okay!Well, this is it's part four. So we're going to hear about everything thathappened for the first three parts and we're going to get ready for part five.Why did I spend five dollars on this and that's that's a big problem with meat forty. One is the price Tono when you mentioned that too, about pickingAP part four of his storis like back, then you know, of course it wasn't.Writing for trade. So the author of a book, Wo LD, was kind of like a mandate,you kind of had to reintroduce everybody to what was going on who thecharacters were you hear about Wolverine with his razor sharp at oanas killing factor every single issue, and that was fine there. That was fine'cause, you know you could catch up. Every comic could be somebody's firstwere exactly now. I know the last marvels I bought were probably two orthree years ago, but they used to have like a page of text. At the start, it'slike who wants to read that mm? I I don't want to read a page of text. Youknow and I'm guessing that someone who, on a whim picked up. You Know Avenger'svolume, six issue, twelve, it doesn't care about a page of text.They want to get into a store and UH. Unfortunately, the the current crop-riters just don't- have the chops or the interest because they don't have tohave the Interes, as they know that, even if, even if there were delays inshipping and h issue, eleven came out today, an issue twelve doesn't come outfor six months. They know that it's going to be collected in a trade paperback eventually and no one's going to... about the delays or that there isany kind of h inconsistency in the story telling because you're going toread it so damn fast, you're, not even going to noticethis summer. You want tobeat the heat on your budget plus with all the activities outside peoplehaving fun. They don't want to be around a filne smoker. This es isperfect for quitting cigarettes and the best way to do that is by visiting thefine folks down an northland mabor company. 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I think Ilost my way there, but if I went to school- and I was wearinglet's say like a Wolveraine t shirt, it wasn't like Oh cool. Where d you getthat they're, like Fuckin Dork, what a Lo wh fucking five years old wearingthat fucking techer, you know now, of course we just mentioned all themerches is huge and Um. It makes me wonder. You know politically, there'sbeen some candidates for president they're talking about eliminatingstudent debt and you have people who are totally for that because they want.You know some People Tho get educated, but then, as the other people whorelike wha W wha, I had to pay my fucking student debt o you fucking tell me futuregenerations don't have to pay Theis, and I you know I'm on the side of yeahwipe it out. I don't give a fuck, but then, when it comes to comics and stuff,I almost feel like I had to pay my dues. You know, and now it's all fucking Esypeasy lemon screazy for all your mother fuck, is to walk around and you're asuper hero gear. So you like comics or enjoy these films. Oh Yeah. I did nothave that easy road at all and I'm a little fucking angry about it. You knowyou know. I drove all over the Phoenix Metrobolitan area about twenty yearsago trying to find a one, green lantern teacher. I could not find a singlegreenlandern t shirt. I had to drive an hour and a half, and I found one thatwasn't even my size, but I bought the God damn thing anyway, because is putWat. It too small like like your belly, was hanging out and l its absolutelyabsolutely I mean it might it might fit on one of my dogs o now it's it wasjust you couldn't find it because I mean you'd have the graffiti design teships and each comic stoo would get five. Maybe- and you wouldn't know, ifyou'd get one that you wanted and I wanted A. I wanted, the classicGreenland and the the Haw Joden Tshirt, and nowhere had except this one place,and now I can go into tagget and it's like I can get any style, lantern shirt.I can get one that looks distressed. I can. I can get one with all the heroes on it.It, like you said you know we paid ad tes. We were mocked for our passionsand UH. Well, we might still be for all I know, but it', it's a lot easier nowfor folks who didn't give half of them back back in the day and it does suck.There is part of me that is a bit bitter by that, as if it's not aparent yeah. Well, I get no one to...

...complain to so I just like tell my kid:I'm like I used to have the specialty order. Teashirts, okay, like with mypoll list, I'd, have to you know, put in in weight whatever three onths forthem to come in and, like you mantioned you can just fuck and go to Walmat ataget and there they are right. You know right when you open the door, Ohyeah, but I mean even beyond all that it's like modern comics have turned meoff so bad that I really only collect a couple and I ventioned to you in thepast, I've been on your show, and I've talked about it. How I it took a reallyserious event in, in my in my collection, collecting life rather forme to finally say: okay, I don't need to buy everything related to this. Okay, like I'm a huge hoke fan, I gotthe hole tat too. I used to have all the hulk. You know materials, posters,teachers, toys, you name it and then the comicbooks took a turn for what Ifelt was the worst, and I was up just totally losing my shit over the fact tI was going to have to stop reading the hole, because how else? How else can Itell a huge corporation, your fucking shitup is just close, your wallet and I did it and it was the most ring thing I'veever done, while equally one of the most painful things I've everexperienced, but that kind of broke the the cycle. For me, this want to callike a cycle of abuse, which you haven't quite done yet yourself. I amsick, so you are terribly sick, individual, but s EMEAP, to the pointwhere now I I only collect a couple of new things and I spend most of my timein the back issue: Bins, Rediscovering Old, reeds or or some old reeds for thefirst time and I've never been happier in my collecting life than I am rightnow doing that W on a budget Ur. You know it's been very inexpensive, I'mnot shilling out the five dollars per book, basically or three. Ninety nine-that everybody else is, and I I love it. So if you don't mind, tell people whyyou are so really really sick. You know, I I don't know you know I th justtry didn't really explain it. Youstill buy stuff, you don't even necessarily read M onerregular, butit's just because a certain character is in it. Oh Yeah Yeah! It's you know.One of the things that was very important to me was I wanted to getcertain runs of comics back to the day I was born, and even beyond that youknow I I have you know. I've got thirty five. Forty years worth of greenlantern, uninterrupted and Al Tean Tigtans, I I almost have every singleteam Titan's book ever put own and the thought even like Uncandyxmen, which isone that I did stop. I've got. You know almost every singleissue, because I'm I'm I'm a lunatic a it doesn't matter if it's good bad orindifferent. It's a it's just been part of me so long thatit's hard for me to not do it, and I think part of me is afraid that if I dostart to cut it cut it all out, I'm go you at les there's a saying in comicsthat H, you know. If you miss a week, you might never come back. You mightnot even realize that you missed anything, and I think part of me isafraid that if I do stop it's just going to stom and I have stopped onoccasion, but it was never. It was never really for lack of interest in what's inside thecomics. I did stop because a price on various occasions either I was at ofwork or I was just annoyed that prices were going the way they were going backin the nineties when comics were every other month. You had a phoulogram coverthat that doubled or more the price of a regular comic book. I just couldn'tkeep up anymore and I am kind of an oil or nothing kind of guy. So it's like ifI couldn't get everything I didn't, want anything and that's kind of CRA. Idon't think I ever grew out of that. It's Kindr it is it is it is? No, it absolutely is. I mean I'll, goto those same. You know fifty cent pins...

...and I will grab. If I see Jesus, I see like fifteen issues, OCaptain Carrot. I've got no interest in reading Frit and CATING carryed, butI'm Goin to gran them because it's like hey, you know then I'll only need a fewhang an in quashon the onter and hun them down. It's part of the sickness I 'cause partof the sickness for me is the hunt. The hunt is part of my part of the hobbyfrom here. It's a very important part of the hobby for me, but you know keeping things current Um. I still get my books every month fromdcbs Discount Comic Book Services. I get everything at forty to fifty tosixty percent ofis mail order. It's Mal Oider, it's still physical comics,'cause I'll, never go digital, but in still physical comics thatil get mailedto me once a month and it's everything on my polist and it it's at a very,very deep discount and that's the only way I can keep up with all the newstuff is at this deep discount. I ordered books last week that are goingto come out like in tomonths right, so I'm n between then and now, I'm goingto forget what I order and then they're going to show up and I'll probably justfile them away for the most part outside of you know, maybe got like twenty percent of a I mightread, and then the Rester just going to go away, because I can't break the Rath. If I have a solid three hundred issuesof the flesh, I can't stop. I did finally stop with Marvel, thoughMarvell finally managed to push me out and h that W T, like you said you know,Yu, you lose sleep over this. Oh yes, it's hard, 'cause, the X men. You knowI I discovered tomictwelth quest as I mentioned, but the first supeherocomicsthat I actually set about collecting were the x men books and when the x menbecame what they have become, and it's absolutely nothing like they were. Ihad to stop and, like you said, you got to close your wallet, not that they'regoing to notice. You know the idiot and Peori Arizona not buying the book Anyobut UH. You know I just couldn't do it anymoreand 'cause. I had bought on candyx men and all the XMEN books for yearswithout even cracking them open, because I knew they weren't for meanymore, and it just got to a point where it's like. This is really reallyreally dumb and I just came around and I stopped luckily, with the X men, theymade it a weekly book for a little while N at five dollars an issue atleast five dollars an issue, so it made it a little bit easier for me to stepaway, but it was still difficult to do so. You know what you can't hate him.If you don't read, 'em true you're, just like well iu've still got teamtightens on the cover, I'm still getting, those Suns Goud Bei might befucking Gon afful on the inside, but el I got 'em all but n. The differencebetween DC and Marvelt least for me is my disdain for marvel makes it so Ihave trouble even revisiting my old favor. I I can't understand t at that'sso weird 'cause when I 'cause I used to be where, before I started, creatingquote unquote: content, pod gas, blogs and stuff, like that, you know you havefree time to do stuff and you have free time to do fun. Reading projectsinstead of research, reading projects and every year at least once a year. Iwould read the entire Peter David Holkran every year without fail and I'dread, you know the entire Claremont burn on Kennyxmen. I had these. Thesecomfort food runs that I would read annually or once every several months,because I just loved them so much and they would always get me just so excited to to catch up tocurrent. You know I I bo. I filled in the last bits of my Peter DavidHulkeron, probably ten years ago, and I had no no inclination to buy the newstuff, but I fell in love with the steries again that I had to, and itbrought me right back to collect and...

...hulk again and now I know that's not going to happen. I know that, no matter how much I lovethe Peter Davi run, I'm not goingto pick up the garbage. That's on theshelves now, and I think I think part of that is what keeps mefrom actually being able to do so and enjoy it in an invest in the readingproject. Again, not that I have the time to do so, but even if I had thetime I wouldn't be able to do it because there would be no potof gold atthe end. You Know Y. Ah, I don't know if that makes any sag it does. But thething with me is is okay. I might not like what's happening right now, whichI don't, but I can always return to my oldfavorites and they bring me joy all over again. I I just get so mad becauseof what they've done in the interim. I I look at you know the Peter David run.I think for the most part, it's a masterpiece and I look at it and Ithink wow they really screwed this up. You know this was this. Is a pitchperfect take on the hulk? You have the different, the different incarnationsof the hulk in there everything's milding and marrying together and it'swonderful and then I think wow. You nowthey f this in the ASS. You knowthey they. This is garbage now and H. I it really. It hurts to go back and it might sound like I'm just like alittle too obsessed and I' very well Myyeah, but it it ime but uh. I I havetrouble revisiting and getting full enjoyment out of things that have beenin my opinion, destroyed since I yeah I, I can't follow you there. I Ilike going back. I like revisiting, I don't care that they destroyed it. It'slike those things. Til Exist for me same thing when we talk aboutcontinuity or cannon Shu events that happen before and and keeping themfluid and and all connected. The only thing that exists to me is: What's inmy head sure you know it's like someone says to me: Oh, you love the hole,cokay. Well, you know recently he did this and that and whateverthing I go.No. He didn't like yeah. He did fuck right here, an the printed fucking pageand for Meagan that's great, but I think it sucks. So it just doesn'texist and- and H be that's a great thing, but you really can't do in manyaspects or any other aspect in life. You can say: Oh yeah, that's not real,it never happened or whatever, but you can do that in comics as a consumer asa reader as a fan- and I really I H- I like having the ability to do that, andI exercise my right to do that on a regular basis. I recommend taffer any other oldcollectors that might be you know pissed off, like we are sometimes orwhatever what you loved is still there. I stillyou know available to enjoy whenever you like and, unlike you again, you'rejust fucking Bezaccris. You know it's always going to be there for you. Isaid why else: okay, like we said, you're, you're obsessed about keepingyour runs together, but then why else do you want to have all the comics? Youknow it's nice to go back and revisit them from time to time or look at them,even if Yu, just like looking at the cover and remembering where you werewhen you first bought it. Where you first read it, you know all thosethings, the experiences that you had um without that. What's the point, that's a very good question and I hopemy wife doesn't hear Os. No, it's a you know. I really can'texplain it. You know so much of Wha what I continue to buy. It's alwayskind o yearmarked for eventually or maybe I'll come back around on this ory I mean both of us. We've we've read the current run on Batman. I don't knowhow much crossover is listens to your program here from from the comics world,but Iwe know either of us, like neither of US liked. This recent run on Batman,that's been written by a certain Vellon Tom King. He finds sucks, and I don't remember where I was goingwith it o ardoand. I still collect it...

...because I never know if I'll ever wantto come back to it and I'm always afraid and c. You know it's weirdbecause I mean comics ' they're always going to be available, but I'm alwaysafraid that I'm going to not be able to find when I'm looking for and part ofpart of me has convinced myself that so much of what I do, I don't know if it'sto suage my my guilty conscience for spending money on stuff, but I alwaysconsider what what I grab at as partially research, because you knowwhat we do on the cosmic treadmill. We, I not not an episode goes by where I'mnot digging through multiple longboxes trying to pull ou pull out any kind offat toid or something from a letter's page or whatever. To H, add a littlebit of the you know what you might call the gastalt into the proceedings and h.So I I do keep things with a mind toward you know: rifling through or justpulling pulling information out for future use, um which doesn't make itany healthier. It also doesn't make it any more enjoyable to h to fork overthe money on something that I'm not enjoying so change your ways. You seethat they we ham on this, show with me anand is changing your life foreo. Maybe Nextio SOBT, Hey, you know what a little press for time and nate iswaiting around the corner. So I mean you have to kind of wrap this up, butbefore we do, I want to ask you a few random questions here, shure and seewhat your responses would be. Okay, first thing: If you were going torecommend any comic to a new reader, a virgin someone who's never opened tocome ip before they have some general interest, but not sure where to startwhat comic would you recommend to them? Wow! That's a that's a really goodquestion! Um! You know I I I don't know that I have agood answer for that. I came in very very UN nabormal way, t to the to themedium with EALTHQUEST, and I I don't think I would recommend that toeverybody ecaurse. I don't know that everybody would get. Oh Hell, no thatitworks Fr. It worked fora a might work for someother people, but I don't know that it would work fore, especially if you'recoming in with withan expectation of you know, Span dex, mask right, yea Um,but one book that I always recommend and it's it's another it's another hiter miss is is who is Dona Troy. It's an issue of the neutine titans to thirtyeight. I believe, and it's just a it's got very limited supeheroics, but thereis a Superhao feel to it. But it's just a very personal story and it's one thatI feel like you might you know you might h, youmight read it and be completely bored out of your mind, but you might alsoread it and realize that there is more to supeherocomics than you know,punching and breaking buildings. I think it shows that there is a lot ofpotential for the for the genre outside of what somebody might expect from youknow from someone you know some Robin running round in in you know: Bakinishowhit's. I think that that might be eye opening to some folks but uh. Again, it's a very talky book. I knownot: Everybody wants to read such such compressed dialogue, but I guess I really don't have a goodanswer for that. Okay, will you stick him with team titans? That's fine!WE'LL! Do It! THAT'S COOL H! The next question I have we we kind of addressedalready on the show, but I haven't written down. So I'm fucking, askinganyway your biggest pet peeve about collecting my biggest pepevabu or collectors ingeneral. Like you know something that fine drives you mad, you know we talked about paying dos MHMtalked about h. You know we talked about having to goto go to a comic shop physically and...

...and find things M. I can't hold itagainst people who do order things online, but I feel like, like I mentioned, the huntis part of the collecting process for me and I feel like I'm actually puttingsome skin in the game. I'm putting miles on the ground, put leavin LevinRubber on the ground here to go, find things and dig and procure and h. Youknow it's very easy to go on Ebay or Amazon and click buy it now and have ittwo three four days later, but I I feel like there's, it's not so much an art,but I think there's a passion that comes with the hunt and the fact that in it's I don't know if it's CatholicGilt or what or just the need to feel like I've actuallypaid dues on something to have it and to enjoy it, but uh. For me that kindof fuels my m the hobby. For me, it's when I find out that I there'ssomething that I'm missing it's you know I get the big ecclamation pointover my head and it's? U and the hunt is on and I'm never going to be a byitnow person, I'm never going to be that guy and h the fact that it is so easyfor so many people. It does bother me in a way because for me it's just never been that easy.It was never T. wasn't that easy in the nineties. It wasn't that easy in thetwo thousands- and I refused to let it be that easy now m. It is more fun. Youyou Turne me on to that, because I was buying a lot of stuff online. You likecome on, Guyd lame. You got to get out, ha weeds. You know crawl round theanimal to get your fingers Thergot to get your tin n. It is way more exciting.I got to be honest, Hohe, you know going to a different place and you seesomething. Yu've been looking for searching for a holly cow here. It iscompared to yeah just sitting. You know in your underwear scouring the Internetlooking for book and probably overpaying for it to be hones. TES,anote problem with w shopping on Ebay or online in general, so and collectinghas become like more of a butique thing. Where you know you see, people sharetheir pictures of their. You know quote: Unquote, Shelf Porn Yeah and you lookat it and you look and everything has the same trade dress and everythinglooks like what it looks like as you spent an afternoon on Amazon, with yourtax, retin and and you bought all the marvel ombibuses and you bought the theyou know, the h, the big fad DC absolutes and they look wonderful. Theylook beautiful on your shelves, but I'm looking at mine now and I've. You know,I've got DC trades with the Warner books will go on 'em. You know, I think,when you look at a when you look at a bookshelf that has mismatching spinesand different trade dresses that that set o shelvs has a story. Yeah, there'sa jer there's the collector's journey in there. You know I can tell you whereI was when I picked up any of these. It wasn't me sitting on Ammazon, saying,okay and card andcart Antogod andgard, okay larryym. I just I justextinguished my tax return near and then I can post o this picture on theInternet. It's very much like e and Malcolm from a Gerasic Park. It didn'trequire any discipline to attain it. You know you read what others had doneand, and you took the next step, you didn't earn the knowledge foryourselves, so you don't take any responsibility. Last question issomething that uh, I'm kind of embarrassed to ask. I don'teven know why I wrote this fucking thing down, because I the kind ofquestion that if I heard a boxers, okay, oh Hanglo, sweet chair- This is one ofthose o'm in a combook shop, and I hear people talking about this kind of Shit.I go. Oh, that's. Fucking lame, SOMM Lobo mait up Overin B most. What isthis is Allri ht, I'm having a hard time getting this out Um. What is thegreatest Supi hero costume of all time? Oh Boy, Oh boy, that that actually is a goodquestion. You think!...

Oh, no, absolutely it absolutely is look whatever s, something that meanssomething to you. You know. Spiderman has an awesome costume. You know it seems like anything thatcame before Lik Nineteen, seventy, a great costume H. As for the best, though, U I love the UH. I love the flashescostume y. u the Bary Allen, Flesh, H, Hal, Jordan's, Green Lantern Costume, basically the classic ostumes. I reallycouldn't pick a favorite, though T E silver age, Ou Silverra, when you tryedto make flash of like a SPOITS CAT KINDOF with the red and the yellow, and you know, and the seams yeah well nowhe's also arounded by lightning all the time. The obscure him so bad and youknow again to mirror the movies a little bit they have to put like thethe again, the the seams or whatever the stitchiches and ' like show youthat it's actually fabric Er's, not like some really skin tight, fucking,spandex or whatever it's not yeah. It's not unstable molecules an I wassurprised. You said that ecause I thought you e jus going to picksuperman. You are a big Superman Fan, oh GE, iconic, but not you go with a flash andhow Jordan Hal and Mary so but Hey Chris. I want to thank you so much forbeing on taking the time to talk comics with me, which we do on the regular.But now I'm point it out on the air waves. This is a very special additionof selling out for me being able to chew the fat and shoot the breeze withyou again. Like I mentioned, nate will beback after the break to talk some Musac. But yes, thank you very much. My friend,I appreciate it. anythought pay from the selling out show here totell you about. Spankluponlud is a multi award. Rinning Movrcan used byprofessionals and the adult film industry smok is available at Hybrad,pure silicon, natural and pig spoke is made with the highest qualityingredients and is non staning hypoelogenic and cleans with ease anhands. Your love like with spon right now, spunklude, is by three get onefree, there's no excuse not to give it a try, Punklo high and Brodic for anaffordable price isit Mo Ludocom today- and you can thank me Laterdyour LV istime for NA. No, no hey, they're everybody. I know I promised natesnotes, but I kind of encountered a little bit of a problem. I can't seemto find the guy anywhere I've been looking around. I've been. You know ingDowneoday what Dude did have been here: the Wo Cukin timehey there. You are holight, St You'R, telling people that I was onvacation drinking Mi Tis I'veliterally been sitting here the whole time you just never introduced me, so Ijust figured you didn't want to talk to me. You are stealthy my friend, you arequit. Well, my bad. I really apologize for that. Hey No problem n! You thinkyou got some time. I I do have anads notes. If you H, you know, if you don'tII, would love to hear it very cool man Um. So a while back. I did a piece on howI'm currently in a band that does a fair amount of covers of other people'smusic, which was an unexpected move after basically shunning the concept ofcover versions throughout my whole musical life playing in bands. I neversaw the point of playing a song that already existed when the possibilitiesof writing original material are pretty endless and to me far more exciting.The thing that changed my mind and got... interested was the way one canchange these songs up. So the listener can recognize what is being played singalong even but the song sort of has different energy. Something New andunique. A lot of covers are done this way and that's how we usually do it inmy current band, the tribe, of course, there's a definite skill involved inrecreating the exact sound of the original material and audiences doenjoy hearing something familiar but doing cover your own way makes thatfamiliar piece into something not just new and interesting for the listener,but it adds a sense of ownership for the performer plus. It just makes asometimes old and maybe overplayed song new again one of my favorite bands, when I wasyounger, was the pseudo Goth electropop British act to peshmode they rate greatcatchy, yet dark songs and use interesting court progressions, mostlyin minor keys a while back. I found for the masses a great tribute album ofdepesmod songs covered by a lot of different acts that sound, reallynothing like to peshmod nineties. Alternative bands like smashingPumpkins, Veruca, salts and failure present their takes on their respectivesong choices, replacing synthesizers and drum machines with Jangly guitarsin more traditional rock structures. The German Weirdos in Romstein turn thespaced out love song, stripped into a weird heavy industrial banger. Thereare electronic bands like rabbit in the moon and meat beat manifesto who turntheir tracks into tripped out. danceable anthems. The whole albumserves as not just a tribute to a classic band, but also as a collectionof really interesting music on its own again, it's called for the masses, atribute to depeshmode, and I would definitely recommend checking it outwhether you liked to peshmote or not. Now, for our recommended song. Thisepisode, I chose to highlight a band who are great at what they do. The easystar all stars embody that concept of taking familiar music and truly makingit their own. It's easy to just cover a song and let its familiarity andoriginal qualities do the work for you, the easy star all stars not only workto make their interpretations unique and great songs in their own right,working primarily in the genre of DOB or Reggae, but they put as much passioninto the myriad covers. They do as they do into the original work. They startedreleasing a few years back. To be honest, when I chose the song air bag,a radiohead cover off their radio dread album, it was pretty random simplybecause I wanted to just recommend the whole album and airbag is the firstsong on it. Honestly. The whole record is great, featuring some collaborationswith great artists like tots in the maitalls mad professor citizen, Cope inthe Great Kirsty Rock Thair bag features, guest vocals from Horace Andy,who I know from his work with trip, hop pioneers massive attack, Easy Star, have also released theirtake on Pinkfloyds, dark side of the Moon, retitled Dubside of the moon andan album called easy stars, lonely hearts dub band, which is pretty selfexplanatory. It's all really impressive work and youshould do yourself a favor and check it...

...all out, including their originalmaterial. Anyway, here's a sample of the airbag cover I mentioned from theRadio Dread Recordwerin a Taciam anyway great stuff, as I said, checkhim out. It's quality stuff in my opinion, but dwhat. What do you thinkabout? I was not a fan of this particular tune. I'm not a big reggaefan to begin with. Okay, I mean, of course I love Radio head, but this thisparticular ditty was not my cum of tea. I I think I you know you mentioned tosinger: thes Horace, Um, ane, hororit's, Andy Oka. I he wasn't. I I reallydidn't appreciate his style either Renon, so I can understand that it'skind of an acquired style, vocal style, but yeah it wasn't for me. I can seethe appeal of it to others, but again just for me K and that's kind ofunfortunate too, because you mentioned that you know they coverd the entirealbum. I aleally listene to that track because it kind of turned me off tolook any more Yahmen, that that is unfortunate, just because there's somuch variety in it's, not all just the straight like upstroke reggae like it's,not all that it's like they do some interesting things on other tracks.Like it's interesting, I I kind of wish I had chosen paranoid andred because,first of all it features a Kirsey rock on vocals who's, a friend of a friendas as we'l, say and Um, so that would have been cool. I reelection there, but is ye tyl likedifferent? Is it better? Yes, man, yeah yeah man, it's it's I mean every songis unique, so it's like the different artists that come in whether it's adifferent vocalist and, like I said toots and the Matalls, are on on atrack, but they yeah like it's. They each song is totally. I would recommendat least checking out like say the paranoid Androya version or, if there'sany songs, that you're particularly fond of from okay computer. I don'tknow you know I absolutely like in phenomenal absolutely, but you know soI mean don't be turned off by that one. Like I said, I just randomly kind ofpicked that and I also of like I said, recognized,Horace Andy's name from his work with, and I like the work he does withmassive attack. But so I was kind of I don't know whatever it's it'severyone's tastes ar differigt and abjective I did is what it is. Youdon't have to defend yourself to me. You digat other people to get that'sfine again. It just wasn't for me, but you know what how that you mentioned,the the other vocalist. I might have to go back and give it another crack justto see. You know, what's up with the other songs, Yeah Dude, yeah man, it'sdefinitely worth checking out like isn dude. Also, their dub side of the moonrecord is is really good too. Like my favorite, Pink Floyd Song has alwaysbeen us an then on great song, Cratca Dude and their version of us, and themis like pretty damn good man Itas it yeah. So anyway, just just you know,throwing out songs here. You know I lag me like em Ey. One thing I appreciatewhen it comes to coverbands is having a more unique take on the original songand funny to me. Actually you mentionedthat to peshmode tribute record yeah in the nineties and the early oos. Therewere so many fucking H, like tribue cover CDs. It seemed like we werefucking bombarded with Hem yeah man. There was one for like every fuckingband, on the face of the earth and and then again, if it's a run of the millcover, don't call me, yetbe alone,...

Righti Wan, to hear something different,something more unique again like a different style or whatever the casemay be, but otherwise you know what's the point of of Humang cover when theoriginal is fine, the way it is absolutely. I totally agree man I Ithat was basically my whole point in this. Is that that whole album of thepeshmode covers are so unique. It's it's got that familiar little thing.They like, I know those lyrics. I know that basic melody, but right totallydifferent style and definitely worth checking out so that, as we talkedabout easy star for a good length of time, but yeah that tepesh mode tributeOFM is l, as you mention. There's countless tribute projects tributealbums out to check out in, but these are just a couple of things that I wasinto so so anyway. Now I had a question for you: Go Ahead: how about your ownband, the tribe Ye h when you do cover songs Rigt, I imagine if you were likeplaying like a fucking bar mid smoke or something you got to play, I prettystandard, but do you guys deviate with your covers? Do you kindo like try toopen up? You know a new avenue of the way the songs played, absolutely man. Iwe, I think, just the fact that that we have certaininstruments that are somewhat unconventional to the cover we do.'cause we'll do we'll do some standard classic rock covers from you know,credence clear water, songs to Jimmy Hendrixs to the Beatles and all that,but but we're doing them say see instead of Jimmi Hendrix's doing aguitar. So Lo we've got a violin player who may have some effects on his violinand rock out, and it's totally new. It's a psychodelic sort of thing. Wehave a mandolin player who does the same thing? He'll he'll play theMandulin with like a slide. You know and up the Fret Board an in a Wawapedal on a Mandalin. You know he's right. So just the instrumentation isdifferent but yeah. Well, coincidentally, we actually do a coverof for what it's worth by by BuffaloSpringfield and that you know stop hey. What's that sound everybody look what'sgoing down? That's we do a cover of that, but in reference to easy star, wedo get kind of in a regay style, which is you know it. It changes it up so bu.I need it Kao Player. Ah Man Dude we're open for anything. So I play a mean.Cazo sometimes, we hand out hands percussion to different people in thecrowd. Just if, as long as you can sort of keep a beet, you know jump in Mawe're open. We have a pretty revolving roster of people, so it it keeps itinteresting and it's yeah. We try to keep the covers interesting as well.Look out baby here comes David. Shilton is killer Kazoo to now children yourhomework. These next two weeks is to check out the song dot in the sky bythe Los Angeles, dark, Wave Group, Drab Majesty and Yeah There Theyre Good Ben Man. Idon't want to say too much as usual. Ri I'll put I'll put a link upon the oldfacebook page and the next episode will get into it. But you know it's Ye H. II have a feeling you might like this one. I don't want to shoot myself inthe foot or set up some false hope for you know whether you're going to likeit, but I feel like this one might be somewhat up your alley. I don't know,but we're going to find out baby El. They one way to find out I on listen tothat on to beach yeah I mean I I feel like I've been having a pretty low,batting average man. I A lot of these weeks, I'm like the song's, not reallyyour cup of tea smaybe. One of these weeks will hit on,but well you're in a coverband. You take requests, hey man, maybe one ofthese weeks I can throw little a little pinch, a spice in your stew, yea I'd be doright cool, hey and youmentioned the faceboo page. Yes, so of...

...course I have to promote our socialmedia, yes, and if you ever want to follow the selling out show you can doso on Twita at selling out show the facebook page when NA post, the musicvideos and stuff is at selling out one and Um. That's only because I fucked upour face bok page to begin with yeah, and they like blocked it becausehe thought it was a bot or something Oh man yeah. So we had to put the one atthe end, because I finally get it right Tho second time. So you can blame thaton me: Maythe people there Gos. Why O fuck is that one this and that one it'scause Dave's a fucking moron! That's. Why so give me a swift, kick in the assand that's fine. We also get an email address, selling out show at GMALE DCOMand I's a fucking phone number, but I can't remember it a I'm too lazy tolook it up. So get G. Get your yellow pages out, try to find us all tat, oodstuff, but NA. I'm really sorry t this wholetime. You'de been sitting in the corner, yeah man! Well, I've been having agrand old, fucking hoot nanny over here. That's my bad! I'm never going toforget you again, hit's all right an I enjoyed watching you guys. You have yha good chemistry, your Voie Y, W Atscke Mothe, Lo n creepy best in thecore. What cau get to that next time around, but for now we gotta hit theroad and Whan. I think each and every one of you for tuning in virtual hugsfrom all of you. We appreciate it. I am Dave that is nate, and this has beenselling outinfirmary media. It's very much like e and Malcolm froma Gerassic Park, never seen well. I know you didn't I'm inserting I'mincerting clip right now from the kids. Trantsu, keep your wholefamily connected on all their devices, with crowd, fleasing, big speedInternet from extinity. Now that s simple, easy, causom go online, callone O hundred excinity or visit today. RESTRICTN T fly actuals, be very andnot guaranteed how to show up with Coca Cola, energy,you're, tired and you're thinking of cancelling on your friends. Don't do itevery time you cance on a friend, a Unicorn loses its horn and becomes aregular horse. Do you really want that on your contents? Instead grab an ICECOL can of cocacola energy with delicious coke taste and reinvigoratingEnergi. Keep the UNICORNS alive show up every day with cocacola energy energy.You want taste, you love.

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