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Selling Out Show

Episode 30 · 2 years ago

Ep.#30 Mexican Marmalade


On this episode of the Selling Out Show, our esteemed hosts end up touching on topics related to the entertainment media.
After Dave tells us about his somewhat frustrating recent trip to Mexico, Nate brings up the fabled days of Saturday morning cartoons, a phenomenon that’s long since dead and gone. After that, we get a history lesson on the origins of that ever present movie theater snack, popcorn.
The show comes to a close after a somewhat dark one-two punch of segments focusing on the darker aspects of celebrity and entertainment. We hear about the current state of Comedian Artie Lange, who’s getting out of a short stint in jail, after years of struggling with addiction and mental illness. And finally, Nates Notes looks at some of those musicians who have succumbed to the demons influencing their saddest work.

0:53- Dave’s resting vacation face
5:11- Saturday morning memories
11:56- History of a popular theater treat
17:16- Artie Lange’s skid bid
27:30- Nate’s Notes (musician suicides)
40:44- Clip: New Dawn Fades by Joy Division

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...for another day M was fucking with it,and so we had to use the downstairs plumbing and share of bathroom with hermother, which was an absolute fucking nightmare. So I went from being afraidof almost being hit by large vehicles to having to share the crapper with anold lady which fun yeah, no, not fun. Again me and my wife fought every stepof the way because here's here's t e thing- I am a miserable fucking crickwhen I'm away from home the conference of Home Yeah. Understandably, a lot ofpeople say it they're like Oh, I get grumpy if I'm not my own bad in my ownshower, but I mean I wear it on my face and the thing is my wife knows me sowell that Yokow, when I'm keeping it inside and I'm trying my fuckingdamnedist to be like okay, I'm not going to say anything or ruin anybodyelse's time. She just looks at me and she's like u vacations, fucking ruined. I see your face. Mother Fucker, I seehow miserable you are, and you know she gets in on me about that. I'm like wellgive me a fucking break. I'm in Mexico, I'm tired and I'm hot go on now, soyeah but B. I survived I'm alive. Obviously I'm here talking to you today,which I am very pleased about, I'm very happy but Mexico in itself, I'vementioned before is a beautiful country, a wonderful place to visit. If youhaven't, you should do so. Yes, don't listen to the fucking news and thinkit's all you know, migrants storming the castle or something which is all afucking propaganda. Absolhi tool is, hopefully any intelligent person wouldknow uh so yeah. Definitely if you ever get a chance to go to Mexico, it is anexperience. Just don't go with me right 'cause. You have the resting vacationpoesdve. I was thinking back to a a beloved aspect of our childhood that Ifeel like kids are missing out on today and it's another thing that I'mconflicted about, but but to get into it the concept of Saturday morningcartoons, Oh okay, sure I was I was hoping you weren't going to say crack.No Man, I was I N'. I was passed that bu by the time I was old enough to BeinTe Saturday morning, cartoons I was done with crack Um. You know crack baby, but uh yeah man Saturday morning cartoons. Ipart of me, a large part of me- is I've mentioned before on other shows. Iunderstand that technology nowadays and broadcasting nowadays makes Saturdaymorning cartoons, like so many other beloved things from my childhood,obsolete, wrigter, yeah man 'cause, who needs Saturday morning, cartoons withfive crappy channels, where you don't have really any choice. You know youhave. The job between three or four Jan Watch H, whenever the fuck you want nowit doesn't Matt you stream anything anytime right, so no appointmentviewing anymore. You know absolutely you know the best we had back then wasmaybe a VCR, and that was as close as we got to ondemand of viewing. You could record it and then watch it at yourConveniencelav yeah. We thought we had it so good, but but man, I remember somany fond memories of waking up. It was the only thing that got me up on aweekend 'cause. I was always the type to sleep. I'm still the type that, ifyou give me the the chance I will I will sleep in you know yeah. So as a kid I looked forward toSaturday mornings, you get up, you have your bowlof sugar, cereal or whatever,Oh yeah, and you watch. I don't even know what I what I reallywas remember what you were watching. You Have Fon memories of nothing. Well,a lot of a seria dude. I miss the cereal. I I still eat trigary, cereals,but H, but I'm old. My idea of a suggary cereal nowadays is honeybunchesof voats and all your wild man you're a...

...fucking rebel. You know me, but whe someone was frosting on oneside and regular on the other side, um the the Paraterin liniweed se en minyweeds. What a fucking rip off his at it's like one side is, like you think,you're eating healthy, but then you flip it over and it's like absolutioand some to some of Hem. Don'teven g have you ever gotten gypped and you get a fucking gir. You get a awhole many week with none on it, like they missed that one r yeah I's eeing aLooouta out of your shower you're, like where the Fux my sugar, you know. What can I tell you something'cause you just made a memory come shiring back to my brain. Real quick iswhen I was a little kid and I watch Saturday morning cartoons my mom wentto Sleepin and my brother was really little. I don't even think he was fullytoddler yet he's probably like one and a half to yea. Well, however, old youare in ta crawl right, I should know this. I Ham this son, but I can't evenremember when he started fucking moving around, but anyway he would startcrying and I took him out of his crib and I set him down somewhere and then Idid I plunked in front of the TV with the bollcerls Herere watching catoonsand then next thing. I know like a half an hour later, there's a knock on thedoor. My mother wakes up. She comes to the door and was a policeman holding mybrother. Oh my he had gote ou e got out and there was a construction site downthe road he he escaped. Somehow and I oh boy, my mom was fucking pissed andif you did that nowadays, Sho probably would have been arested absolute forsleeping in Porsin inand having a fucking lazy kid who just wanting towatch some fucking catoons right yeah. That was ooh. But I remember that andthanks to you, you e, you reminded me how bad of abrother and human being. I truly am o see that man, but I I tell Yo, I think,the first nail in the Saturday morning, cartoons coffin that I noticed was whenthey started playing after school, the sort of Disney afternoon where therewas shows like ducktails and Tailspin and gummy bears and all these showsthat would beyeah and after school, you'd get home and th. So you didn'thave to just look forward to 'cause. Kids got gypped man Saturday morning,I'm glorifying the concept of Saturday morning cartoons because it was abeloved thing in my past. But honestly, that's all we got. You know they werelike yeah, lock, Hem give them like four hours yeah you got to walk at and,like you said there wasn't anything od in the afternoon, especially in theearly eighties and stuff. So that's what you got. You were anticipating I aweek ou like no school. I can just fuck and sit home and watch my shit and forme that inspired me for the rest of my life, because that's how I gotintroduced to Super Heroes Right on that's what did it for me. Like I, Isaw the Um Amazing Spiderman and his friends and the incredible hulk, andthen you know watching those cartoons I walked into a candy store wit, my auntone day, so whoe comic thought: Hey that looks, cool i'v, seen him on TVbefore and the rest of history, and I'm a forty one year old guy with a fuckingboatload ecomics and h useless information just rolln around in mynogging yeah so Saturday morning, cartoons, maybe something in the past.It doesn't exist anymore, but the results and the ripple effect of it haslasten to this day. This summer you want to beat the heat on. Your budgetwas with all the activities outside people having fun. They don't want tobe around a filew smoker. This is is perfect for quitting cigarettes and thebest way to do that is by visiting the fine folks down at Northland MaborCompany theymake it easy to shop or Eling, win supplies and more with freeretail location and Snon cargo. North Dakota Mor head, Anama, Minnesota or fyou still working on that beach bod and visit their website at Northrland,vapor dotcom. All of their products are...

...diktone and artificial sweetener free.So, whether you're, a new horn experienced fapor rest eass, you sitpool side knowing that you're, not pumping yourself bulapoison. So whatare you waiting for build that comband of fullo clouds and shopping northlardBaber company today, some products contain nicotine adults only tet a go to the Lii, let all Goo thelay, let's all knothe La Toget, ourselvs atream. So like most folks,I'm curious about a lot of things. Unfortunately, for me it keeps me awakeat night and I find myself googling, I just random shit, just to kind of likefeed feed, my brain a little bit. You know what I mean as you do, as anybodywould and that's why I kinda want to try a new little segment on the show,wherein I will google something. So you don't have to it'. It's it's almostlike um o. You remember the the old thing on the web on the Internet,whatever the fuck, they call it where people cling clang on the keyboard andlook at the big screen d and go ah. It was called stumble upon. Oh rightstumble Te Pun, yes and Sumble upon you just keep hitting it. It just introduceyou to new websites W I'm goingto do that for the listeners, because I'm a ahit em with a random piece of history or factor information that they mightnot have necessarily been looking for. But you know what here, it is on asilver platter, right, O and just as a little you know set up for it too is. Irecently saw toy story four. I saw that yeah on my trip. Oh Man,what I didn't know there was a toy story for her. To be honest, I neverwatche a toy story movie until my son was born, so I'm I've only been into itfor almost seven years now and e those Pik, our moviess got me hooked and ToyStory. Four actually made me cry: O Wel, Yeah Fuck you so anyway, thewentementalwhatever, whatever the clean clang screen, look at at whateverthingyou're as good as describing me is. I am the internetas right so anyway, Iwas at the movies, and I I started thinking like when did popcorn becomethe movie snack. Why isn't to go to movie snack? Where did this all become?When did this become rather a thing? So, thanks to me looking up stuff at randomours. This is some information provided from mental Flos Dotcom, an article byMora Lieberman, which is titled. Why is popcorn the default movie, theatersnack, which is just what I was looking for and she writes popcorn- was hugelypopular at fairs and carnivals in the mid eighteen, hundreds street vendorswere able to easily make and sell the delicious aromatic snack food by thebag when the first steam powered popcorn maker was created in eighteen.Eighty five, however, movie theatrs wanted to stayfar far away from the pungent crunchy Grub. They strove to associatethemselves more with the latder half of their name. The TEATA, a real theater,would refuse to be associated with food. That would be noisily chomped on andMesley sthrown about by consumers during showings before talkeys literacywas a necessity for film goers and movie theaters strove to target a welleducated crowd, but in nineteen twenty seven, with thedawn of Talkis. For those who don't know, that's when people couldactualy,you could hear sound in the films movies were no longer just gearedtowards a sophisticated and literate audience going to. The movies was anactivity anyone could enjoy, but this coincided with a great depression andAmericans wanted cheap entertainment that would help them get lost in a newreality movies fit that Bill. Although early theatrs weren't equipped tohandle pupcorn machines, independent vendors were quick to jump at theopportunity of selling directly to consumers. Corn colonels were cheap, sopopcorn was inexpensive and patrons who were not well off, could enjoy a bag ofthe goodness vendors began, selling...

...pupcoin an the people outside of thethiater, allowing for a double profit off the simple passiby and film goesalike. The snack was everywhere soon ventors could, for a small fee, sellpopcorn in the lobby directly to people entering the theater movie. Theaterowners began to cut out the street vendors and sell popcorn themselvestheaters that refuse to change with the times and have their own pupcorn makerssufpered as the cheap snack became in demand. So there you go. That'sinteresting information man. I I always wondered about that 'cause, what a bizarrely specific treat to eat youknow of all the things you could eat. I guess I guess it makes sense. It'scheap! It's tasty! It's addictive, and I guess I guess it's not horrible for you,except when they covered and tons of fake butter. It's always bad for you Y.Ah bet you got to take the stuff out of your teeth and try and try visiting therestroom the following day after cobbling up so much popcorn, butthey you go it's basically because you know the talkees came around and peoplewere suffering from the Great Depression and it needed somethingcheap to snack on. So that's why popcorn is now the most popular snackin theaters cross, not even American cross the world so you're. Well, forthat yeah thanks for that little Kelnel of Informationso Ardie Lang is acelebrity. He's. Comedian he's an actor. He was on the Howard Stern show foryears, but he's also had a pretty well documented, well publicized issue withaddiction, and it's gotten to a point where fans ofhis in this day and age are definitely letin to with social media and things like that. We're all led into celebritiespersonal larees, a bit yeah, it's bizarre man, so alrdi Lang is about tobe released to a program, a recovery program, Halfway House, whatever aftertwenty one days in jail in New Jersey. It's strange how, as a celebrity allyour misdeeds and problems get like literally broadcast everywhere and,like I said in these days of social media, T S. I know this concept hasbeen gone into before, like you'V had Lindsey Lohan, constantly fucking upback in the day and Britain spears had her breakdown, you remember the hoursshaved, her head and as acking umbrella. She had the fuckaangthe umbrella rage,yeah Ureyeah, so I mean tons of cases of the shit. But but Ardi's case isspecifically anopiate addiction. One and it's super familiar to me all thein and out of jail and drug programs and telling people you're doing grade, andthen everyone finds ow. You got arrested again the next day, right andand plus I used to listen to him. cohosting Howard, sterns show likeevery day, so you get to know a guy and even on that show. His addiction waslike a big issue to, and especially at the end. Obviously like I don't know,if you know the story day like he, he tried to kill himself and ended up in apsych unit. Back then, when he got o know at the end of his tenure Ino Ididn't know I didn't know like I'm not. You said you follow Hem and stuff yeah.I I I don't, and I wasnat Howard stern listener a fimily with him because hewas with Normcdonald and like dirty word. Oh, you got a Gad Hooker in thetruck, yes onoing that kind of stuff and then again with social media. I sawa video recently of Himlik Umpin Gas.

Oh Yeah M. Sorry, I'm not going to likemince words here, but he looked like fucking dogs. Yes, yes, like his face,was really misformed and everything- and I was like it must be the cocainethe tin about like someone like Stevie Nick Yea, and you know, Stevie Nickshad all the problems with coke, but she's still live pretty good and shstill has like a nose on her face. You know I well the thing I ardie's nosehe's actually more of a an ope like specifically in opis. I'm sure he doeshis sheriff coke, but I guess all the snorting he did was basically heroinelike he was. I don't think he ever moved to needles from what I understand,but he yeah his nose is basically gone the inside of his nose. What holds yournose together and gives it a shape is just gone. The septum yeah, it's justbeen eatin away. He there's stories going on that. He got punched in theface which exacerbated it, like the the structure was already weakened by allthe drug use and so a punch in the face kinda sealed the deal, but but thenthere's stories that he snorted something that had broken glass in itor some crazy sh. I don't know, but he looks fucked up but dude back in theday when he was on the stern show, and he tried to kill himself. He ended upin this psych unit and Howard was all weirded out about it. Like he' talkedabout it on the show he was all conflicted. 'CAUSE howardstern is kindof like a socially Awkward Guy Anyway, so it really got real and personal andand he like just kind of washed his hands of the guy after a Whileso butdthe interesting thing, like I remember when already admitted he had an issueon the air on the show for the first time, and it was crazy like he so there was.This game show thing going on like that. Howard does where this time it was abunch of homeless, Bel like a bunch of bones and they had 'em come up, I'msure they gave them money whatever, but they would ask them questions or playedsome game and basically exploiting these dudes. You Know Baer, but theywere all like fuck at they you're paying me, I'm not worried about itlike I'm already homeless. Well, you know so but D, this one guy, one of thehomeless, guys was saying I'm going to be sick. Soon I got a dope habit, R,whatever and ardy goes. Oh have you tried these and he had like subboxinson, like the the substitute you know, Athonone or whatever sobox I'vementioned them before, and they were kind of new back. Then this was yearsago, but it was funny 'cause. He just blurts this out on in the middle of hisfunny Segmin and all of a sudden. It's like Robin and t e Howard on the show,the hosts ar alike what the fiwith the buck like, and he basically justadmitted that he used and but oh amon, Boxon or Subbyo tax or whatever he wason won. I'm okay, now yeahyeah he's like whatever Soi'm good, that's undercontrol, but d, then he'd always be nodding off on the show, and it gotreally weird and awkward and Yeah Dude. It ended with him trying to killhimself like Ed. I was just a really fucked up, sorto sort of issue and and very personal andvery yeah, very strange, but but anyway I hope the best for em he's supposedlygetting out. As I said of jail, you just spent a little twenty one dayswith usatticts. An excons would call a skid bid. They call it a skated whenyou just do a little short bid like that and like I' sobatical S, littleskd. Now Quick E, yeah, ffunny story. Man. There was this one guy that I knewthat was in jail and Er. He was at...

...court, he had, he was in jail with me.They brought him to court to get sentenced or whatever, and the judgesaid something like you Knowi'll give you thirty days for this. The Guy Goes. Oh, do I I' I'll dothirty days standing on my hood, making s made some comment. I think he said iteither. His lawyer o the inmate next to himbut the judge heard it and he goeswell. Here's another thirty to get you right, side up or some shit and gavehem a double set like yeah, so y Sfucki a comedy hour in the fucking courtroomthat everyody had a bunch of singers. You know so yeah man, but but, like I said, Ihope, the best for already laying and man it's a long struggle, especiallywhen you have that kind of you said you saw him. You saw footage of him workinga gas station. That's the story is that he was at some halfwayhouse and he hadto get a normal job as part of his program and so yeah. He was pumping gas.There was some other job. I guess he was doing, but but whatever you know,that's great he's Kinda, like you know, you brought up some of the biggercelebrities, Linsey, Loreyann and Brittney spears. You know he he's muchon the smaller scale. The werers ar named right, don't know if hes like ablist or sealist or dealist or whatyeah, but but like you Magione wit, socialmeeding, everything someone can just fuck and run up to you with hour phone record. You A and you know for him he'sgetting ne where to hide and he's got nowhere to go and unfortunately againhe he was unrecognizable to me yeah and I had to like check thi source. I'mlike is thit really that fucking guy aready len. I Don' Look. I no fuckingar a a TS, O differnt yeah, but the drugs will demand. You know it. I knowit, it will fuck you up so hard and this guy's been living in this fishiouscycle. Now for how many years right I mean I and again I wasn't a fan of theshow. So when did this thing happen with Hebox an ten years now yeah atleast no more more than ten he's been off the show, probably for close to tenyears Ma, goover five years, you so he's he's still fucking struggling andY ow. You know he must have no money. You know what I mean everything else,all the all the fame, all the NOTARITIN. He did taste or have a little bit ofwasn't enough to defeat the the addictions in his life and that's ashame. That's too bad because at's one of those things we always think. Oh, ifI coand be rich, if I cund be famous, if I coand have all these things,everything would be okay, everything would finally be all right and it's notth. That's not the way. It works with a lot of people. Well, it's you now, I'mnot a religious guy, but I'm not so not going to say a prayer but I'll keep.You know the the atticts that are still suffering Thair meetings. They alwayssay you know, keep the atticts that are still sick and suffering in your inyour thoughts and hope hope that people can get it. Man 'cause it's a Shittyliestyle one said I kidnapped my best friend's baby and sold it for Angel Dust. Then he sat down. Ok, that was followed by the longest pausein the history of man. Then this is exactly what the counselorsaid. Anie took a siple coffee and she goes like this ar e feedback day from the selling out show here andtell you about. Sponklu Panloom is a multi award. Rinning movergand used byprofessionals ind the adult film industry. Smok is available at hybrid,pure silicon, natural n, Pi Spok is made with the highest qualityingredients and his non standing, hypoelogenic and cleans with easeenhance your love life with spa right now, spunkluke is by three get one free,there's no excuse not to give it a try, spunklu high and Bronic for anaffordable price isit Mo ludod com today- and you can thank me, laterdodoor lb in time for NAT nomusicians can... emotional people, something about that creative spiritand the desire and ability to put feelings into words and then set themto appropriate melodies. Often, a songwriter can capturefeelings that the listener identifies with completely, but maybe couldn'texpress. Personally, this is a big part of a songwriter's value. Sure Music canentertain. It can make you forget your daily grind and move you to dance oreven bang around in a mash pit. But for some of us the best songs are the onesthat convey powerful emotion, whether it's the powerful feelings of love andhope, or the pain of love lost in the agony of grief. I don't know why, but I've always beendrawn to the Sader Songs and Ballads, even as a young child. I had parents that were always bigmusic fans. My mother not only used to bump billy,Joel and Damn Fogelberg, while she did housecleaning and other tasks aroundthe house, but she would often sing me songs when I was going to bed as alittle kid. I loved it and she had a great voice, but for some reason whenshe would ask what Song I wanted to hear her seminade me with, I wouldalways say, sing me the sad song. The sad song in question was what'll. Ido a song that was apparently written by Irving Berlin in Ne Tousanine Huteen,an twenty three, but it had been rerecordby everyone from Franks, oatrato Judy Garland an old standard, but a sad mournful one. Some of the lyricsare what'll. I do with just a photograph to tell my troubles to whenI'm alone, with only dreams of you that won't come true what'll. I do notexactly your usual Lullaby for kids, but even at that young age, I loved theraw feelings of the lyrics and mostly the minor key in which it was sung just quickly years later, but still asa boy I saw an episode of the Golden Girls Were Dorothy, as played by BArthur sings. What I do at a bar, accompanied by a guy on the piano youcan find the scene on you tube. It's actually a pretty great littleperformance, but anyway, so yeah. As I grew into my teens, I slid into thegolth scene, pretty seamlessly with my penciont for Downer sort of tunes andmy interests in black clothes. I've spoken before about discovering Nin,anch nails, the gateway drug for people getting into industrial and Goth MusicTrent resner from Mash nails was a guy who basically made his career out ofbeing hurt by nameless lovers and wrote primarily about how sad he was misterresner seems to have come out of his years long funk. Looking less like thefrail drug adtled Wif of a man, he started a has and more like a healthy.Almost body builder type in his older years, his music served its purpose inmigehteen years simultaneously. Helping me feel slightly less alone, ind,prompting me to focus more on those darker emotions. My own foras into songwriting ended up being as one not as...

...nine uncho nails as early albums,although, admittedly less well written emotions are tough for a teenager oryoung adult the hormones are surging. Social cliqus are forming in relationships seem like the mostimportant thing in the world. It's easy to write, sad music when you're goingthrough all that I tend to kindo laugh at those bandswho continue to pump out. Woe is me material long after they break throughinto the mainstream success and public adulation. But of course there arepeople that struggle with genuine depression and some of them aremusicians. So when is it a matter of someone justcashing in on easy subject matter and when is it simply a medium to truly tryto exercise those sad demons that really are plaguing a person? Unfortunately, sometimes it's hard totell until it's too late. I never liked the band Lincoln Park.They seemed very manufactured and polished. The music was very trendy andpaint by numbers, but their singer, chester, Bennington, who seems to beone of those guys perpetually writing about how sad and awkward he felt actually killed himself a few yearsback. I was never a fan of his, but the story is a sad one and I hate seeingpeople fall prey to self destruction like that, especially when they have afamily, as I guess he did. His suicide followed another similar situation inwhich Chris Cornell of sound garden in Temple of the dog fame took his ownlife in a hotel after playing a show about an hour prior in Temple of thedog, Chris Cornell, basically wrote songs as a tribute to a close friendand fellow Seattle. Musician Andy would, who himself died of a heroine. OverdoseChris's lyrics are so vocative that I almost tear up. Still when I hear thetemple song say hello to Heaven, no one, as of yet has put a bandtogether and tribute to Mer Cornell in the vein of what he did for Andy Woud,but his loss is definitely still felt in the music community. A common threadamong these deaths seems to be addiction being an addict myself. It'snot hard to imagine feeling so trapped and hopeless that the only way outseems to be suicide. I spent a long time in that frame of mind, but I justnever had to drive to actually go through with it. Addiction is a life ofenslavement, and with that comes self hatred and a lot of shame, you can't be there for loved ones muchof the time and you lie, and you do a lot of shitty things. You make stupidchoices even when deep down you don't want to like you're on a ride notcompletely in control of your own actions, and it's easy to get suckedinto that feeling that the only way out of that Shitty rollercoaster ride is todestroy the roller coaster itself. Imagine being Kirt Kobang feeling thathopeless when you're, possibly the most famous and influential person on theplanet. His actions confounded a lot of fans,but I have no problem seeing why he did what he did. I wish he never did, but Iunderstand it: Elliott Smith was another Indi rocksongwriter with a history of addiction and depression. He started in the bandheat miser, but he really shone when he went solo. His music is sad and quiet,largely acoustic and his tender frail...

...voice is unmistakable. Psmith actually got an academy awardwhen his song, Miss Misery, was featured in the film good. Will huntingback in Ne Thousan, nine hundred and ninety eight, but accolades mean littlewhen one is struggling with not only addiction but severe depression andAdhd, as he was. The primary story of Elliett Smith's death is that hestabbed himself in the heart back in two thousand and three while he was atthe apartment he shared with his girlfriend, which, after years ofstruggling with his mental health issues, doesn't seem that far fetched,but technically the autopsy results were inconclusive as to whether hisdeath was self inflicted or a homicide, he stabbed himself twice and after all,one would really have to be dedicated to stab oneself in the chest, not oncebut twice imagine the pain of just doing it. That first time Jesus there have been tons of suicide, pyfamous musicians. I realize I'm just scratching the surface here. Evenpainters, artists, writers throughout history have succumbed to those darkurges. Sadly, a lot of the most creative minds are often the troubledones. I think it's just a common side effect of being an artist. Obviouslynot everyone has that creative spirit. The human mind is fascinating and somework differently than others. A common trait of depressive people is that theyget stuck ruminating on thoughts. I know I've had lots of episodes where Ijust get stuck thinking about something, and someone will catch me just standingin the dark staring in the space for like minutes on end. It often impedesnormal day to day life, but that sort of obsessive spirit isoften helpful when it comes to realizing a creative endeavor orgetting a song or piece of art just right. So before wrapping this up, I want todiscuss EAN curtis in and his band joy division were instrumental informulating and popularizing the sound of postpunk and even inspiring the gothsound EAN Curtis, struggled from a chronic and progressive case ofepilepsy. Some say that his bizarre and spastic on stage dancing while frontingjoy, division seemed similar and possibly inspired by his epileptic fitsand seizures. EANN would try different medicationswhich, in turn, caused mood, swings and led him to drink and smoke too much.When his daughter was born, he was rarely allowed to even hold her forfear that he would go into a seizure and drop her eventually playing in the band becamean issue as well on stage lighting effects and even certain percussionsounds would trigger the epilepsy. All this was made more tragic by the factthat joy division were becoming a really popular band. In England, thingsshould have been great, but INN's personal health was keeping him fromreally succeeding after his relationship fell apart andwith his condition worsening more and more. He finally hanged himself, whilelistening to an IGGY pop record in his flat. I don't know why that's relevant,but it's part of the legends S O' mentioning it. Joy Division were a unique band,...

...not for everyone, but undeniably theywere doing something different for the time when Anne Curtis died, the rest ofthe band went on as the largely popular, though, in my opinion, underwhelmingnew order. EANCURTIS's story is a tragic one tofinish off in all too depressing installment of needs. Nose. Let's gohave a picnic together in the sun and listen to some mindless happy pot musicto try to wash off such a depressing topic. Although we can't have ourlittle picnic and listen to mionless pop music, yet Dave 'cause, we have to throw a little clip, so the listenerswho didn't get a chance to listen to our suggested songst past week and cancheck out a little snip it of it. This this song is one of en curtises, sad dirges. If you will, it's callednewdon fades and you can hear a section ut, anwmen yeah, so I feel dark. I feel feel think Y T it's a depressing topic.Not only were we talking about Ardi Lang, but now we're going into all this,it's well, they I will say per usual fantastic peace with some excellentresearch. So thank you very much for that. I I I mentioned, and I I feel like wesaid, there's a lotto show like we said this before. We've said this, but I I Ihave mentioned this in the past. I like listening to these as much as anybody else, not Moreso. Iget to sit back and N, hear your pieces, the naxs notes and theyre they're,fantastic, so good job. Thank you an thanks alot. So I don't know. I I think that I feel I feel kind of bad man thatwe're ere wrapping up Osso with some dark segments. We didn't wrap it up yet,but Hou still have to tell people what they need to listen to prior to Hav,neeven episode, nates notes- and I hope it has something to do with like icecream music from like the ice cream man or something or I don't even like Um.What's popular N Ow Ka pop with those within yeah Um Whetthey, I don't wantto believe what I'm thinking yeah, but they they're like Lady Boys, Oh yeess,yeah e boys. That's what they call Hem ut. There meant really hit us with somelady Boy Music. Then please wow! Well, I'm not going to go that far, but Iwill I I've been getting into this one album, so I'm goingna the whole albumis great. The band has a bizarre name: They're called the easy star, all stars: Yeah the easy star. Alsters there, aband of Reggie and dub musicians that primarily do really interesting coversof other people's music ends. They they put out a whole album called radiodread and it's technically a cover of the okaycomputer. Album from radio had soojathe first track from the OK computer albumby radiohead, but as covered by the easy star, all stars so we'll put alink to this, but the song is called air bag by the easy star all stars and,as I said, I'll post, I linked to it on facebook and we'll, hopefully make it easy for you guys to listen toit. But if, if not we'll play a little clip next week, I'm sure our nextepisode, I'm sorry yeah. You know whatthough you're, throwing out thecurved balls here with the cover cover stuff, the bands C, I'm like Radio headwait. What's this other bank called again he easy star, all SARS ye, I'mNevr, I'm not familiar with them. So I'm very interested in checking thisout so e Ou know with that little...

Kurball you through Yo Acaly, gave me anice little segua point here: Hes you're going to pose it on a socialmedia and that's an easy way to find the show or communicate with us. Youcan find it's ontwitter at selling out show on facebook selling out show one.You can drop us a voice, male at seven, seven, four, seven o one nineteen,ninety three or an email whic seems so antiquated. Now, doesn't it I'm goingto send you an email Butgge, you can and thats a Um selling out show atGMALE DOTCOM. So as long as you know, the name of the show you can prettymuch puck and find that er so t at like to say es pc and lemon squeeze it that'sw. I got that catooed on my gut'cause. That's when Nice, that's what e easy pice lemonade goes anyway, a made,no sense whatsoever. Yeah! I get to get the fuck out of here and do I want tothank each and every one of you for listening virtual hugs. For All of you,we we love, we appreciate it. We had nothing without you checking out thedamn show so being dumbs up. I M that is nate, and this has been sellingoutinfirmary media how to show up with Coca Cola, energy,GOU'RE, tired and you're thinking of cancelling on your friends. Don't do itevery time you canto on a friend, a Unicorn loses its horn. Ind becomes aregular horse. Do you really want that on your contents? Instead grab an iceCole can of Coca Cola, energy with delicious coke taste and reinvigoratingenergy. Keep the UNICORNS alive show up every day with Coca Cola, energy,energy. You want taste, you love how to show up with COCACOLA energy,Yot're, tired and you're thinking of cancelling on your friends. Don't do itevery time you cancel on a friend, a Unicorn loses its horn and becomes aregular horse. Do you really want that on your contents? Instead grab an icecol can of Coca Cola, energy with delicious coke taste and reinbigeratingenergy. Keep the UNICORNS alive show up every day with Coca Cola, energy,energy. You want taste, you love.

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