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Episode 29 · 3 years ago

Ep.#29 Indirect Amends


Our esteemed hosts are easing into the summer with a handful of topics to discuss for your listening pleasure. They talk about Nate’s life on the reservoir, swimming with critters that give Dave the heebie jeebies. Then Dave’s back problems prompt a look at the issue of painkiller prescriptions.
Nate looks back at a few cases of MRSA (the serious staph infection) he remembers witnessing during his time in jail, and the imperfect science of jailhouse tattoos.
Dave turns 41, which gets him thinking of some of the shameful behaviors of youth that he’s since overcome. We learn that it’s possible to really change, and to become better people.
To finish things up, Nate’s Notes revisits Black Metal, but focuses on some of the artists who have done something new and interesting within the framework of the genre.

1:18- Reservoir Reservations
3:04- Dave’s Back and Painkiller Issues
11:19- Jailhouse Tats and MRSA
25:36-At 41, Dave Reflects on Some Past Mistakes
34:32-Nate’s Notes (Black Metal Variations)
44:29-Clip: Come On Down by Zeal and Ardor
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...your energy level and everything, it's like cocaine, right. Yeah, well, it's a it's a attitude adjuster, it's a you know, you definitely that's that's one of the big issues with opiates. It's not that people always assume opiates knocked people out. They think of heroin x as these people and Drool and fallen over. But man, to the people that use them, you can't really get out of bed without them. You they give you the energy, they give you that feeling of of yeah, you could take on the world, man. It's it's strange how things sometimes work the opposite way, you think, the way add all is given to hyperactive kids. Most of us get an energy boost from adderall or riddle in, but the people that need them, it actually focuses them and makes them super. Yeah, like they they all I don't want to say they calm down, but they they're able to settle and focus of allot one thing, you know. Yes, exactly, and that's basically where I was coming from with my pain men's too, is as much as I was hooting in hollerant about how great purpose that's. Were they actually helped my back significantly and now I'm in this spot where my doctor doesn't want to give me anything. I've had some x rays done. It's shown that I have scoliosis, which really is common. I guess we from when I found on Google. Again, the worst thing you can ever do is Google, but I do it anyway, and and they were like okay, kids, it goes away. There's different variations of it. When you're older it could be bad if it's degenerative. So you got to be weary of that, because this is scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. Based exactly it's not it's not aligned and I've never been diagnosed with that before, even having to back surgeries previously to lamb and ECTOMIES. So I'm alarmed, you know. So I'm like, well, I guess we need the MRI, and she's like you absolutely do. My Insurance Company has denied it now twice, twice, so I don't know why I get these rejection letters. It's basically like reading Greek, you know, for me. You know, the letter will read. Our independent position has reviewed your file and found with conservative forms of medicine, you might be able to manage your pain. But how the fuck does he know that just by the x Ray when everybody else is recommending I get the MRI? What the fuck is going on here? So I finally, I've had a lot of problems recently my doctor. This is besides the whole testosterone debacle. For any of our previous listeners, we've heard about that. I won't talk about that now, but you're more than welcome to jump into our archive and dip into my testosterone pool. It does sound very disguss and wonderful, and I bet you what end or harder than your reservoir. Okay, yeah, well, they is. Now it's like my doctor is kind of washing her hands or cleaning her hands with me. She's like, okay, I referred to you to a pain specialist. From now on you go. You go to her. I'm not giving you anything, I'm not going to recommend any more MRIs. Insurance companies. Is Not doing anything for you with me, so go to them instead. Maybe they'll have better luck. And I'm like yeah, thanks for fighting for your patient, doc right. She's passing the buck. And of course I call the pain management specialist and they're like, Oh yeah, we'll see it in about a month. We're booked up and I'm like you gotta be fucking kidney. So here I am writhing in misery waiting for someone just to say, Hey, let me help you out. Your poor crooked bastard. When it was an issue, though, the way it swung back pendulum was when it was the other way and they were overprescribing. I mean, I knew people. We're in Massachusetts. I knew people that would specifically take a ride, drive down to Florida and hit all the pain clinics they could down there, because their records weren't interlocked, intermingled, whatever you call it. They they were completely separate. So these people could hit, one after another, after another, all these pain clinics, drive back to Massachusetts with hundreds of perk assets and oxies and vicing and all these opiates. And because the pain clinics were just they're like stores, man, you just go in and they were given them to anybody. And just to finish this off, I was actually in conquered state prison over a decade ago with a gentleman who seemed completely out of place. This guy was very proper, very very meek and mild. Older gentleman probably in his late S or Elys s. He was apparently all of a sudden we saw him on the news one day when he had gone to court. He was at the time the famous Cape Cod doctor, or whatever they call them, do Dr feel good of the Cape, and he was prescribing people left and right, and I, being an addict in there for drug related activities, if you will, I used to get into conversations with the guy because he was under the the opinion he had that he was of the opinion that whoever needed these things, whether they were addicted,...

...however they came to be addicted, if they came to him, he was like, look, my issue is if they have access to the drugs they need, they're not going to commit the crimes, they're not going to do all the problems. Then basically the supplies the only issue. So he was thinking, as long as they just have what they need, what's the problem? And I myself have always pointed to someone like Lane Staley from Alice and chains, where if someone has unlimited access to their drug of choice, eventually all you want to do is that drug and your habit gets bigger and bigger and bigger and before you know it. That's all you're doing. Lane stalely from Alice and chains was would lock himself in his house for weeks on end and when he died, no one knew he was dead for over a week because no one would ever see him anymore. So my argument to this doctor was just there's more to it than just the criminal problem. Like, eventually it does take over your life. So it the best route is always to get off the drugs. Folks. You. Yeah, I'm sure the doctor wanted to hear. That was my argument. The doctors like, yeah, you know, I was driving a Maserati. What do you fucking talking about? But you are absolutely correct. The best thing is to get up drugs if you don't need to take the drugs, but if you are in pain, right, tough noogies now, baby. You know, and I'm yeah, hopefully right. Assume Florida has fixed your system, because I just think about being like they're just using paper. It's like they don't even use electronic yeah, no forms of communication anymore. Record keeping. Yeah, right, like then, when the fucking Chads? They just sticking with it. Yes, no technology, fuck you technology. Yeah, that's that's fucked up. It's in interesting I don't know if if you've ever seen the look of the jail house tattoo, Dave, there's there's a very specific look when you see Chintzy Jail House Tats, you know, and yeah, they have a look and I was surprised actually in my years of being in jail I did see some quality ink, some great artists that actually did some great work. But the problem is the ink fades, of course, over time because they're not given real good ink. The the dude, the ink in jail that they use for tattoos is made basically by burning plastic, whether it's as usually the it's usually the disposable razors that you buy on canteen and you burn the handles, the metal, the plastic rather handles, and you put a paper bag over the burning razor. Because the floors are stone, you don't have to worry about burning the floor. So you so you burn this razor, you light it on fire, as it's flaming up, you put a paper bag over it, standing up over it to catch all the smoke, which acts both to kind of cover the smell a little bit so the guards don't smell it as easily, which you know, doesn't really work. But anyway, that then when you're done, when it's done burning, the inside of the bag, the paper bag, is coated with a fine layer of soot, black coating, you know, over the bag. So you basically scrape all that black damn dread off the bag. Yeah, it's like a powder at this point, of black, fine black powder, and you scrape it into a container. You have this black powder. Then they mix it with water and basically it's just, I believe, water and then they throw a little soap or shampoo in for some reason. And this, I believe, is just jail house, Dude. This is like jail house and Sterilisa. That's exactly what I think, Dude. I think that the jailhouse folks think it makes it all cleaner, because a lot of things they do in jail don't make sense, you know, but people have their reasons. Like, for for example, people make homebrew and they'll have the fruit and the sugar and everything, which is all all use want to make home but but some of these people will throw bread, look slices of bread, because they say, oh, it's got the yeast man beer has eat. Dude. They they don't realize yeast and bread is already activated and dead. It's not making your alcohol any better, from what I understand, but they do it and that basically just makes it so you have these clumps of soggy ass bread, in fermented fruits. It's fucking girls. So Fuck Yeah, Du imagin drinking and getting the chunk of saggy's boiled milk or so there's just sounds. So yeah, feeling it's awful, man. But but back to the the ink. So yeah, they basically that's all it is. mean, it's just the water and whatever whatever, disinfecting soaper, whatever they throw in there. Mix It with the black powder and then whatever. They make a tattoo gun out of a motor from the hair clippers on the block or whatever, and they make a needle out of a sharpened paper clip or or piece of the...

...screen out of your window. They break off and make like a little needle. It's all making moused. But but, dude, jail is all jailhouse, mcguy verus like. I've seen people smoke crack out of a chicken bone and there's the it's like I like it, I believe. But so jail has tattoos. It gets me thinking of these these two guys. Man, I don't know if our listeners remember. It was a big thing a few years back and I'm sure it's still an issue in a lot of facilities. But Mersa, it's a. It stands for methicillin resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, some mouthful, but it basically means it's staff infection. It's a staff infection that's resistant to Methicillin, which is like a strong aunt about. So it's basically super, super staff infection and any open soars, open spots and your skin are susceptible, especially in facilities like a jail or hospitals have Mersa all the time, ironically. But anyway, do these two guys is that I knew got locked in. They were cell mates and they got locked in together. They both got whatever, it was a week of Lockins for some reason. So they had a tattoo gun. They were both tattoo artists. They were just like fuck it, will just sit in here and Tattoo each other for the week we're locked in and just be covered with ink by the time we get out. So Dude, these guys just yeah, they were writing on each other these shitty ass tattoos. They weren't the best artists, and so after a few days we notice they're calling the nurses over because they notice they were having all these blisters and brothers all over the fucking fresh tattoos. Yeah, they're all gross and infected. They had to fucking tell the nurse to because they got to try antibiotics. And this shit's serious, dude. You know, it's fucking mercy. They were trying to deny that they were fresh tattoos, like it's just a coincidence that these mercer bubbles just happened to be forming under some like scabbed up ink on them. Like, on top of that, do when you go into jail, they document all your existing tattoos and scars and whatnot, so for identity and and to know right if you're getting new ink on the insect. That's a fence in there, you know. So so these morons we're getting shitty tattoos made with ash and Shampoo and then they get bubbles all of themselves. They they get lugged to the fucking hole after that because they have are tattooing each other and they lose their good time that they've been a crwing and and on top of it, yeah, they contract some crazy staff infection that's really hard to fucking cure. So anyway, those dudes were, yes, not the brightest guys, but but anyway, I don't know, man, this I got me thinking also about so the Mersa got me thinking about this dude I used to buy dope off of on the street and I didn't know this guy from jail really, but I knew him on the street and he was in a wheelchair when I met him because he had actually lost his leg from Mersa that he got in jail and I don't know if it was from tattoos. But yeah, he dude. He lost a leg and he had he had a big lawsuit going against the jail and when I knew him, like I said, it was on the street but the lawsuit was still going on at that time and he sold dope. So he was one of those dudes that holds a sign on the street corner, like the homeless guys. They call it stemming. You stem for cash, you stand on the street with a sign for some reason to call it stemming. But I would call this guy ahead of time and he would hobble over from his spot on the corner where is signing over to the Dunkin donuts or whatever to go use the public restroom, and then in the restroom he would remove the appropriate number of bags of dope that I had ordered from inside his crutch where they were hidden. It was pretty fucking clever, you know. People Aren't searching his crutches or even thinking about like then you would go post back up at the street corner with the Shit in his hand, the dope, and I would drive up hand him the money and he would hand off the dope and it all just looked like I was giving this bum money at a charity. So nobody was nobody was a wiser dude. It's pretty clever, you know. I don't know. That was a pretty smart, smart dude. I don't know how he contracted the Mercer, but anyway, I don't know. I don't know whatever happened to him, like if he ever got that settlement. But honestly, dude, if he did, he probably just od on dope with it, you know. And knowing the guy, he probably odd and died before he ever even saw that money. It would he was like, dude, he was a rough Junki just like this old, fucking crusty junkie that spent the majority of his life on Dope,...

...and the the worst thing, dude, that I think about him is that that settlement that he had against like coming from the lawsuit or whatever May, may have fucking been the best thing to happen to this guy. Like, I know that's really sad, but like it's just kind of fucked up like that. Dudes, like yeah, I lost, you know, I lost a leg and I was in jail for a long time, but dude, I got all this money coming. I can get so high, like hey, listen, it's no slit down, dude. Really, he won, he got the money and he started to eat internet start up and created a company that sells a new kind of crutch with various compartments. Tell do hold things and he's actually like a millionaire right now. We don't know. Wow, we'll see him on shark exactly? You could see him on shock Tang I do. I do think it's funny. Like people behind you must have been thinking like, oh, that's one of those motherfuckers that gives those people money. What a nice guy. That's a nice guy right there, giving that poor son of a bitch. Ten dollars. Wait, how much? Well, I mean, I'd go there with anywhere from he sold s. So I'd go there with at least forty bunch. Somebody's watching there, like Jesus, it's a really nice guy. You just hit him a couple of times. I think I'm thinking about is these two dudes that you told me that ended up contracting the Merca if you're if you're in a cell and you tattooing shitty tattoos on each other for a week, there's going to be like, you know, a moment of lost inspiration at some point where you just like doing tick TAC toe on the bottom others feet or something like that, just for shits. And Gay guys. I mean, how many of you? If you were in there for a week, how many tattoos could you think of? Right, I'm stopping myself from saying from you know what you'd actually want, because I think at that point you doesn't even matter what you do. Would do not want, but but still like what would sound like a good, good or bad idea. Like if someone said to me, yeah, you put a dragon on your wrist, you like yeah, cool as bad ass, right. But then you know, four days later it's like, yeah, what about a Tweedie bird on your ankle? Man. You know what was left to do? Yeah, how many crosses and fucking rosary beads can you do? Man? Spider web tattoos. It is a jailhouse and you see fucking spider webs and rosaries. Dude. That was always the tattoos. Like, I had let a few bids that I did. I let people know that I was an artist, which is well, that I draw. That was a shitty thing to do, because people are always bugging you and if you want to, if you're that tape of Dude, you can make a ton of money. I've mentioned before there's a lot of jail house entrepreneurs. But, Dude, if you I'm not the type that likes to draw on demand. I just like to own it when it strikes me. Yeah, and these people would be like, Oh shit, dude, draw a picture of my kid this, you know, draw a picture of this. And then it was always dude, everyone has a pair of hands praying with a rosary wrapped around them and like whatever, saying please forgive me, or Mama, I tried, or Blah, Blah Blah. You know, it says. It says ubiquitous or whatever, as the tear drop or the arm wires, and she's yeah, or the lightning boats on the white dudes. You see a lot of those Yai. Yeah, man, I was going to say the the one I think they should bring back is a tiger clawing through the skid. That needs to make a triumphant return to people's bodies everywhere, because now it's all fucking different languages that people don't know what the fuck it means anyway. Right, right. so He's a white frat boy with the fucking Chinese symbol on his neck. It was, and you know that they're jokingly, you know, Asian people are putting like, I don't know, I eat human waste. You know, are weird symbols. That's a stupid shit, you know they're. People are like, Oh, it means pride and honor, but then a Asian person looks at it and, giggling, because I can handle to really, says ha ha, yeah, exactly. Pop Star. WHO's that one? Arianna Grande, and she did something on her hand. It was some kind of I figured what language it was and of course she'd immediately had to rush to Instagram to show off that she's got this this ink on her hand, and then people flocked to reply and say that is not what that says, you have it wrong. And of course she must been fucking embarrassed beyond belief. But Hey, that's the culture we live in. Everybody's going to be like, look at me, look at me, I'm first, or Oh my God, look at this cool thing I got, like shut up, shut the fuck up, relax. Everyone wants to be unique, and the funny thing is people conform into nonconformity, if you know what I'm saying. They all they...

...all think they're being unique, but they all end up doing the same things. So they're all they're all doing the nonconformist thing, so they're convailed it. And you know, just to you don't mind me closing this out here. My thought is not these motherfuckers to go get that foreign language shit that you can't understand or you don't know what it is, tattooed on you. Here's what's going to happen. We are going to lock you in a hot cell with two dudes with massive cases of Mersa for a week. Sure, we all know vaping saves lives, but now I want to save you some money. Visit Northland Vaporscom, probably made in North Dakota. Northland Vapors Line of e liquids contain no artificial sweeteners, are dight tone free and won't gunk up your coils, whether you're quitting smoking or an experience. Vapor Northland carries a variety of flavors and hardware, making it a onestop shop for all your vaping needs. 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This in itself is a triumphant thing and it should be celebrated. I should be happy, and, in honesty, I am, even though I'm more of one of those guys that I prefer atmosphere over gifts. Okay, if you know what I mean, like experience. Well, when people say, Oh, we're going to have a party for you, going to have cake, when I have this, that's all fine and Dandy. I don't mind. But for me, a perfect birthday is just like a day of relaxing. Like you don't need to buy me a bunch of Shit. I don't need a fucking, you know, expensive this or whatever. I mean, they're Nice, and I did get some presents this year that we're very, very kind and very thoughtful, don't get me wrong, but the most important thing for me is, again, the atmosphere, how the day goes if I'm able just to be happy and be with my loved ones. But back to the reflection thing is I started thinking back on my life and I have a lot of regrets, a lot of people do, you know, and one of those things that I wish I could change is a laundry list of them. But one thing in particular that kind of bothered me this year more than any other was how badly I treated women in the past. Oh Yeah, and when I say this, it's not because I was abusing women, hitting women. Well, I should stopped myself. It may it probably was a form of abuse, but it wasn't violent. Right, okay, I'd never hit women or did any kind of violent acts. I cheated them like conquests, especially when I was younger. Guy Viewed all women as sex objects, and there's a couple of girls in particular that I can recall that were, you know, all over me and interested. God only knows why, why, you know. I mean, mind you, I was an okay looking guy back then. I mean, if you looked at me now, you'd be like, who the fuck would fight over you fat ass? But still, and one of them I spent the night with, one I kicked her out. The other girl came in and I was treating her bad and I made her perform a sex act on me, okay, and I said, if you do this, well you can sleep in my bed, but if you don't, you have to go sleep somewhere else. And this, who the fuck does this? And Anyway, I woke up that morning and she wasn't in my bed, she was on the little love seat across the room. And I know, and I'm not it pains me to admit that this is the kind of person I used to be. And Mind you, it was a long time ago. You knew me then. Yeah, you knew I was then and I was terrible. Yeah, we were all, you know, to wish hid point in time. Yeah, yes, I was a foolish kid, but even then I should have had more respect for women, and especially, especially the ones that were willing to to, you know, be involved with me. Yeah, I have us. I have a single mother who worked very hard to raise me without a father, you know what I mean. I never had any sisters or anything, but I should have taken her as an example and thought to myself, well, this girl or that girl that I'm not treating so well or being rude to how would I like it if someone treated my mother that way? And it sounds very simple and basic when you put it forth like that, but but that's because it's the right thing to do. It's the right way to think right and unfortunately, is taking me, you know, all these years to well, I should say all these years I've been good. You know, I try to live a good life. You...

...know what I mean, but it took me a long time definally realize that was bad fucking behavior. Yeah, you know what I mean. Sure, man, it takes a while to learn things. That takes a well to break behaviors. Break Habitch you will behaviors, you know, and I don't know, man, I did a lot of things, obviously, that I'm not proud of in my life too, and we all can just hope that the decisions we make going forward or better. And and then you put enough good experiences behind you and next thing you know, it's that's your new habitual behavior. You know, hopefully the good ones are the become habits. So I don't know. I was speaking of the same Sun. That's a pain in the ass, or reminding me of forty one every every ten minutes is I try to instill in him. You've got to treat people well. Yeah, you know, you great, really do well. That's the thing. I can't do anything about the past, nothing, and it kills me. But all I can do is affect the world I live in now and do the best I can not to be some kind of toxic fucking lunkhead, you know, or or exhibit that kind of behavior at all, because I really stopped acting that way. I was going to say my late s maybe. Yeah. So here I am at forty one finally looking back when not fuck, but it's I spent more time, I think, being a fuck wad that I have been a decent human being. Yeah, but you're that's the scale. Is is tipping. It's gradually going the other way, man. You know, the years are adding up and and it's interesting in the twelve step community, the whatever, the secret society's if you will, the the whole eighth and ninth steps are all about making a list of amends, and then the ninth is, you know, making the amends, and there there well documented talk about them and movies and whatnot. And the thing is, there's there's an issue that a lot of people have where the amends they need to make can't be made, whether the person that you wronged is dead, there's no way for you to contact them, or they just don't want to talk to you, or whatever it is, or it's it's something that it's too general. You, it's not one person or one thing. You just feel bad about a situation. So they suggest what's called making indirect amends where, yeah, you do something positive for in that person's name, if they're dead or if you can't contact them, you you do something that you know they would have appreciated or they would like you. You help someone if that something that would have made them happy, or you don't eat money to a charity they would have liked, or you whatever it is. You you kind of pay it forward. You do something nice while thinking of that person, right and with that intention. So those are called indirect amends. So you know, at the very least, are not at the very least that's that's just something you can do rights. So yeah, man, I think it's enough that you've changed the way you not only act but think about things, and hopefully that's all we can hope for, man, that's we get to stop objectifying women. Absolutely now I hear these stories about, you know, women getting cat called and everything else, I mean on and on, or women not getting equal pay for equal work. All this stuff just fucking infuriates me absolutely. I worry that I contributed to that in my past and I really want to change the future anyway I can, and this podcast, I guess, serves, is one way, because I could have said as my birthday. Hahaha, look at me. Everybody say Happy Birthday, but rather than that, I said it's my birthday. Look at what kind of fucking piece of Shit I was, you know what I mean? Like look, you know, and I think I don't know a lot of a lot of times for me, and I am a very conscious guy about what I did and everything else like that. I Hmm, I just really wish maybe my message we get out to somebody else and they'll go dude, I don't want to be like Dave looking back all those years later and being angry and filled with regret over my behavior. I hope, I hope anybody out there listening, if you are acting that way, it's not too late. Change now, because I live a fucking happy life. Day from the selling out show, here to tell you about spunk Loub? Spunk loube is a multi award winning mover can't use by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in hybrid, pure silicone, natural and pick spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients and is non standing, hypoellogenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love life with spun right now. SPUNK LOUBE is by three, get one free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A high end product for an affordable price. Is it? Spunk loubecom today and you can thank me later. Does your lps? It's time for nate.

No, I've done segments in which I've mentioned black metal before on this show. It's a Um colorful, Jean Ounra of metal music with an equally colorful history. I don't need to go into the theatrics and costume re the corpse paint, the leather and spikes. I don't need to re mention the church burnings and murders that marked the early Norwegian scene. All this stuff has been gone over add infinitum, but not just me but by countless books, magazine articles and film documentaries. It's inherently compelling subject matter, saying nothing of the actual music. But of course the music matters. Sure it's interesting to know that a bunch of Scandinavians were worshiping Satan and committing arson and murder while dressed up like weird viking metal heads with painted faces. But without a unique musical identity, black metal wouldn't have spread out countless other countries and thrived the way it has in the years since those fabled beginnings in the early S. black metal started as a more stripped down, gritty reaction to the overblown and almost mainstreamifi'd death metal scenes at the time. The signature black metal sound back then was largely an underproduced ones, scratchy and fuzzed out, lots of distortion over frantically tremolo picked minor key melodies on the guitar, a lot of simple and primal blast beats on the drums, which were mixed so muddily that it was just a hissy blur of noise, sloppily keeping the beat. The vocals were screeched harshly and unintelligibly. Often the lyrics were in Norwegian or Icelandic, but you couldn't even tell, especially the way they were mixed into the rest of the distorted blur. I realized that the way I'm describing those recordings one might assume it's unlistenable garbage, and it's definitely an acquired taste. But oddly the speed of the guitar and drums just gets washed out by the gritty production and the result is a unique musical atmosphere that is really much more than the sum of its roughly recorded parts. As time went on, a few bands started experimenting with things like keyboards and somewhat cleaner recording techniques. Some bands would even put elements of norse folk music and chanting vocals and their songs. It definitely added to the unique identity of the genre, but as a scene started by Grumpy purists who were rebelling against too many frills and their metal music, there was a fair share of blowback. Early bands like mayhem and immortal, who stuck to the neanderthal pounding on drums and guitars, had a lot of fans who thought it was too wimpy and cheesy to add since an actual singing to the mix. To this day there are the black metal equivalents to the Simpsons Comic Book Guy Who refused to validate anything that isn't, quote, true black metal, meaning anything recorded audibly or anything that dares to step outside the strictly basic formula created by the originators. But to most of us the bands that do add some different elements are often the most exciting. In the decades since that initial Scandinavian explosion, black metal acts have popped up in countries around the world, from Asia to South America, France and Greece to the United States, and while there are a number of them that stick to the tried and true original formula, it's become more and more common to use that original formula as more of a canvas to work on top of. I mean, to me, the most interesting bands from those original acts were the ones that added keyboards, etc. To spice up this new sound. Emperor was one of the first acts to come out of Norway in those formative years, and they used keyboards and pretty common plex rhythms to make their own more symphonic version of that sound. Olver was another one from that first pack of Norwegians who actually moved on from the very traditional and basic sound of their first few albums to create some truly unique in experimental work ever since. Nowadays, I don't think... could even classify over as a black metal band at all. They work with electronic instruments and produced mostly ambient music and trip hop. A few bands, like France's Blut House Nord, which I guess means northern blood, have found that industrial music partners well with the black metal template. They've produced a lot of really cool albums. I'll sest is another French band that formed later on, but they worked in a lot of elements of shoe gays and Indie Rock, a strange pairing, one would think, but the sort of dark, somber feelings of shoe gays, as found in bands like my bloody Valentine or Slowdive, Mesh pretty seamlessly with black metal. I'll sest has a huge following, and for good reason. They actually inspired a lot of bands to create similar music, of course, with its own subgenre title now called Black Gaze in Sirt I roll here. The Black Gay's phenomenon has caused a lot of controversy and black metal circles. I've already mentioned how fans of the genre are pretty attached to genre norms and can be resistant to say the least. Two changes in their beloved scene, at least, I'll sest, kept some of the visual trappings going for their early work. The real problem started with some North American acts working in the black gays structure. Deaf Heaven is one of my favorite bands in this subgenre. They've gotten mixed reactions from the public at large. Hailing from San Francisco, they've basically ditched the whole spikes and corpse paint thing for your standard hipster haircuts and skinny jeans, maybe a leather jacket or two. But these guys are charismatic dudes that smile a lot, and that just pisses off a lot of curmudgeon Lee purests. I know it sounds petty and silly, and it is to me, if someone is making genuinely interesting music that I couldn't care less how they cut their hair or whether they wear enough bullet belts in spiked bracelets, but these black metallers are passionate to say the least. So as a result, deaf heaven is one band that gets a lot of hate, at least in the comment section of Youtube. And to finally get around to the suggested song for this episode. Zeal and ardor are another band that did something new with the black metal template. It's the brainchild of one guy actually, Manuel Gano, or Gagno, I'm not sure you say it, but he's a Swiss American artist of biracial descent. Not that it should really matter, but black metal unfortunately also has an unfortunate subset of racist fans. Not to get into it, but one of the subgenres of black metal is NSBM, or national socialist black metal. I'd rather not acknowledge those acts, but I'll just say that when Manuel from zeal and ardor first started releasing metal on his social media pages, after initially being like an indie chamber pop artist, he asked the listeners online what they thought would be an interesting combination of genres for him to try mixing. Being a black man, Manuel got some cringeworthy responses, including one that said try mixing black metal with N Word Music. But of course they said the word, which could have meant like hip hop or rb mixed with black metal. But Manuel took it differently and decided to blend black metal with old time slave music and blues. The irony is that this guy was trying to insult menuel and inadvertently gave him an idea that was new and exciting, and ultimately zeal and ardor gained all kinds of buzz and respect for their work. So, insimmation, black metal is a genre that, despite occasionally being resistant to change, can really be an exciting field in which to explore new ideas. If you can get past all the harsher elements, there's a lot of stuff for a music fan to explore. Now, for those listeners who maybe didn't get a...

...chance or didn't feel like listening to the song suggested, which was come on down by zeal and ardor, will just play a little clip of it for you guys here. So yeah, dude, I don't know. I think Zelond ardor is one band that definitely they take elements of things that may not sound completely unique, but the way they put them together is unique, and that's that's what I was getting at about. You know them at I know it's not your cup of tea, you're not a metal guy at all, but could you at least appreciate the elements that he threw together and we did it at all? Or Yeah, you know, I like the most is a backstory that you told me about the racism. Yeah, and it was like, okay, with this guy wants to come at me like this, you know what I'm going to do that. And it is pretty pretty. It's a genius, yeah, it really is. So that's a really great approach. Right man, like a few years ago, the song full disclosure is actually a few years old, and the first thing that he put out was some I forget. It was a short ep that he just put online. It was never released physically and it got so much buzz somehow. I guess nowadays, all these soundcloud artists or band camp and whatnot, people are breaking through that way. So people started listening and he got reviews by popular youtube reviewers and whatever, and the buzz was created and his next album, his full length, which is called stranger fruit, which is a great album, is yeah, it was looked forward to and, you know, highly anticipated by critics and it really didn't disappoint. I feel like everything he's he's put out his has been unique. Some of it gets a little repetitive, some of it it's all done by this one guy man. Well, he plays with a live band, obviously, but all the music he records is just him with recording on to a computer. It's all done by this dude. And Yeah, yeah, like I said, he was guy. Yeah, he was online and was asking for suggestions, like and, like you said, he he took, he took the lemons people were throwing at him and made fucking black metal lemonade. You Go. And also, speaking as suggestions, if anybody out there ever wants to reach out to us, it is easy. You can find us on twitter at selling out show, on facebook at selling out show one. You can give us a call and leave us a voicemail at seven, seven, four, seven hundred one, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. We love to hear from you, and you know your thoughts to on this whole nate's note segment, because I'm really digging this. Setting us up with a song, an episode ahead of time, and man, thing that you doing here, I like. I think that's cool. So what do you have planned for us next? Well, to be honest, I was I wasn't sure. You know, we're down to the wire here recording this and I realize I just I wasn't sure. So I'm gonna I'm going to go old school. Nothing new here. I never claimed to be breaking new artists here. I just wanted something that will pertain to what I'm going to speak about next week. So I will throw out the song new dawn fades by joy division. We will post a link to that on our social media pages and we will, yeah, talk about it next week right on. Sounds very, very cool. I look forward to that. And before we let you all go, I do have a couple of notes about fellow podcasters. I want to bring up some guys that we really care about. First off, it's Chris from the Professor Frenzy Show. I got to say thank you Chris so much because he keeps getting me out of some comic book buyings and it's he's not someone I know like in real life, personally, you know what I mean. Yeah, only on the Internet and everything, but he couldn't be a nicer dude. The professor frenzy show could not be a better program I mean they shout us out every week, absolutely put they put forward top notch content on indie books. If you're into that, check them out. But he's been sending me some swamp thing books that I have not been able to get a hold of on my...

...own. Wow, is yes, really, really kind. That's gold to you, oh baby, like nobody's business. And actually I've been reviewing the swamp thing television show over at the Gwwcom if you want to, you know, read those, maybe get my opinions on what's on screen. Are we say, from source material to screen, because I'm a I'm a tagline motherfucker. The other thing I want to mention is our friend Reggie, who actually had a guest appearance on this show and he's from the cosmic treadmill podcast. He fell ill, seriously ill, to the point where he could have lost his life, but luckily, Jesus is right, luckily he bounce back, and I really didn't want to I've known about this for a while now. I really didn't want to bring it up until I knew I had good news, and thanks to his partner on his show, Chris, we've been informed that Reggie is doing well. He's doing great, excellents talking again, he's moving again, and I couldn't be happier. He's a real nice guy and an asset to the podcasting and comics community. So good for you, Reggie, and I hope the best for you and your family. Absolutely. Now. As for us, it's time to hit the bricks. The parties over. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here, and if you want to, thank each and every one of you for tuning in. We appreciate it. Virtual hugs for all of you. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out piece. Why? Infirmary media? This podcast is sponsored by oasis, a PAYCHECKX company. Oasis provide small and medium sized businesses with an all in one solution to simplify back office complexities like payroll, benefits, HR and compliance. Let oases take care of the HR administration so you can focus on growth, your customers and continue to run your business fearlessly. Learn more at Oasis Advantagecom. PODCAST. Hey, I'm Maurice. As a barber, you might think my scissors are my main tool, but really it's metro. That's where I got my iphone seven. It's camera makes sharing my cuts as simple as snip, snap, share. Right now, get an iphone seven with a camera that shoots K for just for thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. When you switch to the number one brandson prepaid metro by tmobile rule your day requires port, inevidual number not going to be acted on, tmobile that were port active on metro past ninety days, and verification of piding and independent Datas than it for percounts householdirty too, GID by iphone seven model on you. No tever and C STORE FOR DETAILS IN TERMS OF CONDISSIONS.

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