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Selling Out Show

Episode 28 · 2 years ago

Ep.#28 One Hit Blunder


This episode starts with a question for Nate about immediate gratification vs integrity and work. Is being a super one-hit wonder preferable to being in a respectable, steadily working band?
Then we look at the current business model of triggering our nostalgia. Have we seen too many King Kong, Godzilla and Star Wars films yet?
Dave tells us about a recent panic attack that struck in the middle of the night. But there was a ray of hope in the darkness...
Also, Have you noticed the way names come in and out of fashion? Nowadays a lot of names are just invented out of whole cloth. Pretty strange concept.
Finally Nate looks at theatrical Swedish rock band Ghost, in this week’s slightly newfangled Nate’s Notes segment.

2:22- Dave’s question for Nate
10:15- The Nostalgia Industry
17:38- Dave’s Case of Nocturnal Anxiety
24:33- What’s Up With Names?
32:00- Nate’s Notes (or Ghost: A Retrospective)
41:00- Clip: “From the Pinnacle to the Pit”
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Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to the sellingout show. We have a great one planned for you. Today.I am one of your host David Scholton. By My side is my good palmake Orsinski. Nate, how the heck are you tired? I'm good, man, I'm I'm just beat of them, doing a ton of yardwork and we got a new fucking bunny. So, yeah, you mentioned thebunny last time out. Is it giving you a problem? He's justhe's fun, but he's a handful with the with the cats, trying toplay a little aggressively with them. I want to, but no, he'scool, man. I'm just it's just a lot going on. I'm justtired and it's nice. I've got the night off. I'm here to talkand have a good night and got the house of myself. The old ladiesat work and I'm just tellingous. So you get a box of tissues there. Whatever happens stays between well, not you and me, because I don'twant to see him, man, but it's your private business rather, soenjoy yourself and thoroughly. I like you, Dave. I just don't think youthat way, man. You know, hey, yeah, I don't thinkof myself that way either, so even when I tried to. Sothere you go. But yeah, we're here to talk and we get sometopics, if you guys today, that I think are fairly interesting, orat least I hope they are. And first on the docket, nates.Yes, I've got a question for you, and I think I know what youranswer would have been twenty years ago. Yeah, but I'm curious as towhat your response will be now. Okay, musical career, let's sayyou had one. I know you jam out with you band, you doinggood stuff, having fun. But let's say you hit the big time,or at least you know, a medium level, a big time, youknow, you make an albums, you going on tour, whatever. Yeah, anyway, I'm going on and on here. My question is this.Would you have rather been a one hit wonder or a band that staley obscurebut can sustain its success over a long period of time? So, whenI say this, I mean the one hit wonder. You got girls,you got millions of dollars pouring in. The other option, you got respect, but you're not raking in the cash. Let's say if you were Hanson orsomething like that. For anybody out there who might remember the band Hanson, probably nobody, but anyway, that's... question. What do you sayright? Well, all right, the x fact is in this equation.Now my question is you said a one hit one to now, but you'retalking am I making enough money to sustain myself for the rest of did Iearn enough where I if I invested correctly, I could live? Because my thingis I would choose the long term one if I was making enough tojust do that for a living. You know what I mean, which,okay, everyone, I'm old enough now where, I think, could Iset myself up where I'm just good? I'd be happy playing for the restof my life in small clubs and or for a loyal following and making enoughto survive. But if the one hit wonder thing was enough, where itwas like back in the day, and because nowadays I don't think the onehit wonder thing is really enough. You know what I mean? Even thebands with the one hits that are huge, it's not like record sales anymore.You know, they're still making their money from touring and whatnot. Well, I guess endorsements. I'm rambling. I I'd go with you're looking forsome gray area here. That's what your I go with it. Whatever.One is going to keep me set up where I don't have to do anythingelse for the rest of my life, I'll put it that way. Andif that makes working for the rest of my life playing for smaller audiences,I'm happy to do that. Well, okay, let me put a wrinklein that. Okay, M Mr looking for the alley out here. Yeah, you could be the one hit wonder, but you most likely going to bea punch line. Yeah, for the rest of your life. Likeon who wants to be a millionaire? They'll say, you know who,release this song? I'm vanilla ice. You're your well, Vanilla ice actuallydid pretty good for himself. Yeah, but I was going to say maybeeven like a Milli Vanilli ov, you had more than one hit. Yeah, now I'm all FI. Yeah, but then they got fucked up inone of them, like killed themselves. So, yeah, that's way toDak way too dark. But but you know what I mean. Like shewrote a song, people kind of make fun of it. Now they're like, Oh, you remember, that's out from ninety nine. My titties,a Bouncy pinakors in skin. Yeah, so fucking stupid, you know.Yeah, we're sir, mix a lot. He did, baby got back withit. Put them on the glass, right, and the weird one knowswhat the fuck. No one knows what'll put him on the glass.Wasn't wasn't anything, and now people laugh about it and joke about it.That's where you could be, and this is my point of reference. Aband like clutch, right, I love, one of my favorite bands, wherethey had level of success, right, but then they kind of get outof the light. That my light, and they've been around, dude,but they still they tour, but they tour really small venue right now. Right, but I have a lot of information on them. They're there. They because I've been rekindled. My interest in them has been rekindled andI believe you were you're going to say they are still a touring band.That does do? Did they do that for a living? They have theirown label, they manage all their own shit. They're completely self sufficient nowand they said that they're happier than they've ever been, even when they wereon them major label. You know they they're happy now. So it's thatfreedom and you know, it's just being able to do what you love andand I feel like if you're a real musician. You really love it.That's you'd be happy just doing that. Because think about it, dude,your work day is an hour in the evening and the rest of the dayis your time off. Like your work day is like an hour, youknow, and it's a so, but you still got to negotiate stuff withpartner. Yeah, handmaids, you know I mean, right, a lotof stuff you get to deal with. You driving all over the place,you're touring. Sure, it's not the easy and listen to me, thatsounds like a great lifestyle. Yeah, but the reason why I brought thatup even to begin with because you said, oh, manage money. Yeah,most one hit wonders don't write. Of course, they blew in aMaserati's and cocaine. Yeah, and they're not penniless, and now they're paintinghouses and pack keepsion. Right, right, right, you know what I mean. And again the punchline aspect. So I know if you wanted likea lifetime of respect and maintaining a career or like, oh, just showme the fucking money now. Show me all the fame and fortune right thissecond, and be damned whatever happens to me, because I know, yeah, from knowing you. Had I asked... this again twenty years ago,you would have said longevity. Yeah, you're right, you would not have. You would not have said, oh, I want to be fun with famousfor six months and then disappear. Right. You'd rather have the respectof your audience and be able to do that for the rest of your life. Yeah, and I think I'm still there, man, to be honest, I see the appeal of it, and fast money is always it soundsgreat, you know, but I think nowadays, the way the industry isanyway, you're you're not seeing a lot of those giants stories like that.I don't know, maybe, maybe I'm wrong. Now you're right. Imean it's a different time. I'm still stuck in the so I still assumepeople like relate CDs and are making money off of, you know, allthese other aspects, but it is just tore hmm, merch merchanturing us theonly way people make money nowadays. Right, that's right. But I'm going tosay for myself, though, fucking one hit wonder all the way.Yeah, yeah, you fuck it. You fucking make fun of me.I'll wear zoobaz on stage. I don't give a fuck. Give me thosemillions and I'll fucking ride off into the sunset. But yet again, ifwe go to the past, Young Day would be fuck that man. Yeah, my music is my art. I've got integrity, exactly like I don'tcare about my face being out there. I want my annimity, sure,I just want my music out there to the masses. And now at forty, don't fuck you, show me the money. I see that appeal.I do. We had a we had our shit backwards from the beginning,though. I remember your uncle telling us you guys are doing it wrong,you're getting all fucked up and trying to live this rock star life before youmake it anywhere. We because we were. We were reckless and doing stupid thingsand, yeah, destroying our homes, you know, partying and whatnot,and just all the drugs in and misadventures were well, there's a reasonfor that. Is that you're influenced by what you see, whether it bein magazines, movies television, so you assume that's how rock star should live. It's almost like watching a porno and assuming that's how people really have sex, right, right, which is completely undry. It's such a you know, our terrible affair with a lot of blunders and blooper's. Absolutely well,at least for me, sex is a blooper real I don't know about you, but you know what I mean. Like you, you see that imageand you're like, Oh yeah, man, I got to throw a fucking TVout of a hotel window. Exactly that's was expected to me. Sowe were doing that, even though we weren't famous, because we thought,hey, this is the behavior, that's you know, to make it right, I'm gonna Act that way. Fake it till you make it, baby. That's us, man. Everything nowadays is rehashed. There's the new Godzilla movie. I'm seeing commercials for the new Guy Zilla movie. Yes,it looks really, really fucking good. I want to see that, Iagree. But it got me thinking, like we've had a few King Kongmovies in the past decade or so, and you know, even the newstar wars movies are just they're they're all just playing on our nostalgia. It'slike, Yep, dude, like come up with something new, man.It can't be that all the lasting good ideas have already been done. Likein in the public will only respond to familiar shit. I mean yeah,there have been multiple King Kong's from back like black and white days to thes Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lang version all. Yeah, yeah, all the wayto the Peter X in fucking Jack Black ones. And I just watchedthat Kong skull. I was that. I haven't seen that. It's notvery good. Yeah, well, listen, it's very action pack yeah, andit's one of those, like I described it to my wife, it'slike the perfect you have nothing to do...

...on a Sunday afternoon and can't reachthe remote because you're on the couch. It is on, so you watchit kind of movie. Yeah, man, sometimes those are the best. Theplot stupid shit like that. But there's some great action and great monsterfights and stuff like that. But it's really definitely not one for those wholove good scripting. Yeah, Dude. Well, Hey, man, II'm a sucker for those big monsters, like do you remember, dude?I remember when Godzilla one thousand nine hundred and eighty five came out. Idon't know if you remember that, but yeah, of course I do,Dude. That was like a big thing. That was nostalgia back then. Backthen it was like, oh, they're bring it back Lla. Soyeah, man, and now here we are. And there was the fuckingMatthew Broderick one in the s. That was horrible. And Yeah, butthat ad campaign was fierce. It was guy's Zilla. Every time Taco Bell, you remember, it was like the law. Yea, that that wasthe most famous thing. Yeah, the Little Dog, you know. Ohyeah, he's trying to capture Gods Zilla. I think we need a bigger bucksand all that. But yeah, like, the thing that I'm noticingnow, the one that's got my attention, is that on Netflix they're rehashing likeone of my favorite sets of characters and settings, like do you rememberthe dark crystal? Yes, of course, Jim Hanson, dude, that's likethat was my shit as when I was a kid, and your jam, dude, I loved it. When, like there's a part of me,a big part, that is looking forward to that, like I knowthat it's just basically playing on the nostalgia. It's technically the Shit I'm bitching about, like it's not an original thing, but like I'm definite wait for it. You just trying to see your love that Shit. Man, likeguy, have a cat named fizz because we named a Fizz Gig, afterthe fuzzy creature in the dark crystal there was this like little fuzzy, Iguess, comic relief pet thing, but it was called Fizz Gig, andso that's what I named my cat after. Now, all these years later andhere we are and we got the fucking the it's interesting, though,that you bring up Netflix, because their most successful show, yeah, strangerthings. Yeah, Oh, it is really it is like a nostalgialite.Yes, like it gets on your brain. It just sucks, sucks, youdrive. But I like stranger things a lot. That's good. ButI think the success there is a kind of steals from a lot of differentelements. Yeah, yeah, totally. I mean even to the year thatit's set in and the early s, to a lot of the the nodsto horror movies at that time and family values and on and on. Imean is a laundry us. They're definitely. But, and I bring this upspecifically because you're like all fucking King Kong. How many times can youfucking make King Kong? And you're right. So, if you really want toappeal to that that Nostalgia Nugget, yes, side to everybody you know, make it an amalgam round different thing. It's still a new ideal to you. Yeah, but that's that's interesting. That's a good point, because thatone, I mean to a lesser extent. There was, I don'tknow if you remember, Jj Abrams did that movie super eight a few yearsback. Sure, and that was I remember. The big thing was it'sgot elements of all those s big blockbuster, family friendly but still like close encountersor et. It's eat. But yeah, but it was its ownthing. I thought it kind of came out should he was disappointing in theend, but as I don't know, you're right, it's an interesting way, just like stranger things, to pick that that nostalgia scab and still bekilled a nugget. You called it a scam, because I don't have acompletely positive view of it. To me it is like, I don't know, it's it's it's not entirely it's. I guess it's all right. Iguess it's nothing wrong with it if it's if it's done original like we're talkingabout. It's when you just keep,...

...yeah, playing on that the Oh, this is a familiar character, so we're going to bring them back likethere was a bit that you used to do when we were young men thatwas so funny to me at the time, and it was you were talking aboutlike the homophobe who hates gaze. I don't know, hey, listen, I don't know if you want to do that right now, but anyway, when you know, you know why it came to my mind was becauseyou're like, oh, the dark crystal. Yeah, I can't fucking wait.Yeah, back in the same time you like fuck that. Yeah,ruined my childhood. Yes, it was. It was the the impression of ahomophobe sucking a Dick. So it's like confect and quizer, hate andqueers. Right, but he's leads, he's still eating the bone exactly.Maybe he's right instand. That's me. That's me, that's you. Witha dark crystal, you're still probably probably just pissed off a ton of people, but you know that the spirit is there. I'm saying it's a selfhating homophobe. So my intentions are good. So, yeah, yes, butbut that. But you see how I can relate that to what you'resaying about the dark crystal, because you know you want it, but youdon't want it I don't know what the fuck you want. Yeah, exactly. I'm confused. I feel yeah, I I can't help myself, butI'm pissed off by the by the condition, the situation. So, yeah,but whatever, I'm watching the fucking dark crystal me and physic going tochill and kick back and watch some fucking puppets. Sure, we all knowvaping saves lives, but now I want to save you some money. VisitNorthland Vaporscom, probably made in North Dakota. Northland Papers Line of Elich we iscontain no artificial sweeteners, are dike tone free and won't gunk up yourcoils. Whether you're quitting smoking or an experienced vapor northland carries a variety offlavors and hardware, making it a onestop shop for all your vaping needs.Northland believes quality doesn't need to be costly, and right now you can use coach, selling out nineteen and save nineteen percent off. They're already amazing prices. So what are you waiting for? Getting your head into the clouds andshop online at Northland vaporcom or visit their locations in more head and but Midge, Minnesota. Some products contain nicotine adults. Only the other night something happened tome that rarely ever occurs anymore, mate, because I've had this lifetime, as far as our as far back, because I can remember being a kid, a series of panic attacks focusing on one thing in particular, myown mortality, my place in the universe, life after death. All they howall I mean all that Krid stuff. I believe I've talked about it inthe past on the show, but it hit me again. It wastwo am, sound asleep, woke up, can't breathe. These these thoughts areattacking my brain from every angle, stabbing me with their little fucking knives. And I don't take medication. Yeah, I don't. I'm not prescribed anything. So I need to calm myself down. I need to find away to say day fucking breathe right, take a second, stop and in, calm the fuck down. And my I'm just aimlessly searching my mind,trying to escape these evil thoughts. To do so, and that one rayof light broke through. MMM, and that was fatherhood. HMM. Ithought of my son. I thought of him as a baby, him growingup and the potential of what he could be mm. And so, nomatter how many of these voices that I just described as knives were nipping atme, saying your failure, you know you're going to rot, you knowit, or you're going to disappear entirely and you never done anything in yourlife, I thought, well, I brought him in to the world right, I've done something good, and now he has again the potential to beanybody or anything he wants, provided I raise him properly right and show himthe way. And it gave me a...

...goal, it gave me a purpose, it gave me a feeling like I belong here right now, I'm herefor a reason and sure as shit, I fucking calm down. That wasthe ticket. Wow, you know what I mean, and I mean goodGod knows, in the past I've had to search for any kind of weirdthought to try to get me out of my punk right. I mean,you know, you name it, but this one really was the hand thatreached out and pulled me back to normalcy. And at the same time I almostfelt like it was a selfish thing to think or to use to makeme sit them or down, because I'm like, my life isn't over rightI still have a lot of hopefully, you know, I still have alot of time. There's many things I can do to give back to theworld or be creative or achieve some of my own dreams rather than just putall that pressure on my own kid, you know, by being like Ihope he becomes somebody of significance. You know what I'm trying to say.I know, I know my words aren't properly nailing down when I'm trying toexecute here. I think you, I think you're you're making you understand whereI'm coming okay, good. I bet you all the listeners are like,Dave, what the fuck are you talking about? You having a panic attackright now? No, man, I mean the things don't do, thethings you're talking about, that are that are worrying you in the first place. It's are big issues. That's Shit I feel like everyone grapples with atsome point or another, just like mortalities. Heavy Shit, man. The thefact that we are flying on this ball that's like technically a speck ofdust and the middle of an endless beach. You know it's not. It's we'retiny, we're insignificant, we're not even on the we're not even therock. where the we're dust on the rock. The Rock is flying aroundin you know, we're we're beyond insignificant, out of Control. Yeah, it'sout of our can. Shit, I'm depressing myself right now. No, no, what am I done? I'm in trouble breathing, dude,and but that's because you just fucking slept coffee down. You're not rob me. Yeah, man, and I know. But my point is I remember youstruggling with that a lot when we were younger, and as a kidI always had that that kind of youthful in invulnerability thing where I wasn't evenworried about death. I never really the concept, never really bothered me ofimpermanence like that, I'm going to be gone forever after this is over,like I never thought of it. I mean now I do a bit becauseI'm getting older. I guess it is kind of heavy, but my pointis I know that back then you struggled with it and it would drive younuts, and it's good to hear that with the changes you've made in yourlife and making a family and having a son has like become a cure toan extent for some of your troubles man and that's not selfish. That's that'sthe purest fucking good, you know, positive, altruistic thing you're you're showingsomeone else the way and preparing someone for life and hopefully making the world betterby introducing a positive person into the world. I don't think anything about that isselfish. If you feel better about it, if it helps you out, all the better. You earned it, I feel like. I mean,I don't know, that's just how I feel. You know, itdoes make me feel better. And I had a good friend and you knowhim to his name is floyd. Yeah, it was. Nickname is floyd,but because who the fuck names are kid floyd anyway? But the thingis is, just like he told me, don't worry about Shit you can't control. He's like Dave, you can have you driving yourself insane over somethingyou have no power or over. Just enjoy what you have while you haveit. And it really set me straight because I was always afraid telling peoplemy fears was to infect them with those fears, to like transfer them onto somebody else and give them the same emotions or problems or even panic attacksthat I had. Yeah, he's like Nope, not, no big deal, just fucking relaxed, Dude. Just,... know, go with the flow, and I'm like, Whoa, this is great, free and clear. He's not fucked up. I didn't fuck them up. No, theunbreakable fluid man. Yeah, and in turn it really made me feel betterand S Y. These attacks or such a rare occurrence. I can't recallthe last time I had had one. So it was just I didn't sleepfor the rest of the night. are just kind of like thinking about lifeand everything. But I was cool with it. MMM, it wasn't likeI was up, you know, fucking losing my shit. I was like, okay, I'm finally good, I'm finally at peace right now. Andthen, you know, rock and roll. But I just mean it as faras I don't want to. I'm not the kind of forceful father anyway. It's like you gotta be great, run that, I love you nomatter what. You know. Yeah, but but still, that is myrole in life. I may never earn a million dollars, they may neverbe like again some of the dreams that I've had in my life, theymay never be fulfilled, but as long as I'm a good human being andteach my kid to be a good person. I've done something and I'm happy withthat. You ever think about names? Do? I yeah, like,do you ever think about the what names? How names come in kindof waves of popularity, like, you know, there's certain names you justdon't hear anymore. You don't know a lot of young girls, or evenpeople our age, that girls named Mabel or, you know, NDA,myrtle. You know. We yeah, right, we had a wave ofnames that, according to my parents, became popular with our generation. It'susually, it seems to be usually female names, girl names, but heatherand an amber, names like that, didn't really you didn't hear him asoften before our generation, and our generation we had a we had a bunchof ambers and heathers. Well, God, yeah, those would, yeah,popular nations. But I was thinking, I wonder if in the future it'llcome full circle in all the little girls will be named Myrtle and Mabeland and they will be saying to each other what, what kind of personwould name their Kid Jennifer or Jessica? Yeah, the AMETHYST. Yeah,that that's another thing. The people name their kids whatever now. They don'teven have to be existing name. Sometimes they're not even words their collections ofsyllables. But but a lot of those celebrities do that Shit right, likeright, yeah, the there's a apple, apple, which is Chris Martin andGwynth Paltrow's kid. I forget if it's even a boy or girl.You know, you can't tell this. Name it after a fruit. Yeah, it's a it was on the kitchen table. What the fuck, whynot? Let's go for it. I wonder. You know, you know, nothing drunk here, but the legality of everything. Yeah, because let'ssay I had a kid tomorrow and I just want to say, Oh,yeah, you named Dr Pepper. Yeah, you know, can I'm drinking aDr Pepper. I'm like yeah, you know what I mean, becauseit's like how much thought really goes into that? I mean, if youtalk to Chris Martin, he's probably like, the apple started with the Batels,but then also symbolizes Adam and Eve, right, and this and that,and they had to share they fucking fruit pan and then whatever. Idon't even know, but I'm saying they'll fucking Mumbo jumbo you to fucking death. Yeah, yeah, they put some some depth into it. They symbolism. Then there's what was the other name? Oh West, Kanye West, andKim Kardashian's kid northwest. They can northwest. Now that name is likea joke. I remember when when frank is APPA had his kids, itwas all weird because his daughter was moon...

...unit, but she would go bymoon, so it was a little more tasteful, I guess, or feminine. But then his son's name was Dweezel, and even David Bowie named his KidsZoe. Zoe bowie his son who changed his name to Duncan Jones,who's now a director, but that his yes, his name was originally ZoeBowie. So I think another problem is rich people don't have to worry abouttheir kids getting bullied here. I guess that just got so much they cando whatever the fuck. Yeah, exactly. It's like, you know, northwest, Hey, you get the directions. You know where's this little north Waleshome? I no one's gonna fuck with her or him. I don'tknow if you know if it's the right girl either. They'll just slap akid with a stack a cash in the face like fuck you, smack youknow. Call me. Yeah, ask me for directions. Again, motherfucker. Slap. Yeah, here's some money and Sinus. NDA. Yeah,man, I don't know. It's strange, I think. I think it's it'sdangerous. You know, kids can be cruel. We all know that. Kids are awful and find ways to rhyme names with whatever and and justdo cruel things with names. and Oh yeah, do it, do itto me right now. Dave, your the cock slave. Dave that.Oh, yeah, I'm still young. A has a going. Yeah,nate, do you like the master? Exactly? Yeah, here we go. Yeah, West, west, your parents of fucking cuts. That couldyeah, yeah, no, no, that didn't work. They are fuckingpieces of ship, by the way. I'll go on the record by sayingthat. But absolutely, you know. But yeah, I don't know,man. I where do you draw the line? What's allowed with us?I didn't like I said, I don't even know if you can just dowhatever the fuck you want. Right, right. I really, I reallydon't know. I remember our friend Bob speaking of kids named after fruit.Our friend Bob, when we were teenagers, used to say when I have akid, I'm going to name him the grape and just call him thegrape, and so that was me. Oh, that was you. Ithought that was Mo. I said if I ever had a kid, Iwas gonna name him grape. Bob Said Egg. That's right. So y'all, both fruit people. Your both, I mean food people. Sorry forthe record, I didn't do that. Yeah, well, either did,but not well, bow he didn't either. Yeah, I guess he would callhis son the egg once in a while be like I got to gowatch the egg. I've heard of I had heard him say that, butyeah, sure, it's more of a term of endearment by that point.Yeah, I mean some are creative, some are not. Like my name, Dave. I know it's from the Bible. Yeah, we both havebiblical name. Lookal yeah, but where in the Bible? I don't know. So it's like, you know, thanks for naming me something that's referenceto something I'll have I have no concept or clue about. So I thinkyou're whatever. King David, Dude, I think that was, listen,one of the names in the Bible. I think the most significant thing aboutmy name that I can recall was one time in a Hustler magazine, Ibelieve it was, they did a study on women. If they didn't knowthe name of their lover and in the in the throws a passion. Yeah, what name would they just yell out to yell out of? Name NumberOne was bill. Number two was Dave. So that I've got that going forme. Bill and Dave. But I've yeah, but I bet ifyou ask that same question in the future it'll be like Sigmund. There aresome weird shit that we you know how people haven't been naming it. Well, I guess Sigmund maybe a foreign name. I don't know. Don't listen tome. You named your cat, but fucking fish JI, FIZ gigman, I know, I thought it was fish Ji. Yeah, you'renot an expert on names whatsoever. Day from the selling out show, hereto tell you about spunk loube. Spunk loube is a multi award winning Lubercan't use by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in hybridpure silicone, natural and pick spunk is...

...made with the highest quality ingredients andis non stating, hypoellergenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love life withspun right now. SPUNK LOUBE is by three, get one free. There'sno excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A high end product foran affordable price. Is it? Spunk loubecom today and you can thankme later. Dust up your lps in time for nate. No, no, back in two thousand and twelve, when everyone was anticipating the end ofthe world, as predicted by the Mayans or whoever, one of my favoritebands at the time, Mastodon, was touring North America. They brought withthem on to Aur a weird opening act from Sweden called Ghost the first thingaudiences noticed about ghosts was their appearance. The musicians were all in hoods withtheir faces concealed, like weird cult members, and the singer was decked out likesome weird demonic pope, with the flowing robes and weird pope hat,whatever you call it, which was emblazoned with an upside down cross. Eventhe face of the pope singer was concealed, but where the other members were disguisedby black cloth over their faces, the singer wore this weird, somewhatrealistic old man mask which was then painted like a skull. He went bythe name Papa Emeritus and he introduced the other members simply as nameless ghouls.It was all very mysterious in really theatrical. It was like watching a mix betweena rock concert in some bizarre black mass on stage. The music wassomewhat dark and creepy, but not nearly as heavy or sinister as you mightexpect from their tongue in cheek satanic cult image. I wouldn't exactly call thema metal band, at least not compared to a lot of what I listenedto like. Maybe they were metal in the way that black sabbath or Pentagramwere metal in the s. There was a sort of retro feel to them. They had a definite sense of melody, like if you mixed the distorted crunchof Sabbath with the sweet vocal melodies of the Blue Oyster cult or eventhe Beatles. There was something classic about their sound, their way of craftinga catchy song, and the retro feel extended to their bizarre image. Theyhad that dark cult Motif, but it was like something out of a lates movie or something out of the Satanic Panic era of my childhood. LikeI said, all very tongue in cheek. They were like some relic from thepast, but they had never actually existed before. I mean they werea new band. They only started putting out music in two thousand and ten. Their first album, opus eponymous, was solid. The strength of theirsongwriting was present and it's set the pace for what ghost was all about.The production was a little week but that kind of added to their sense ofseeming older than they were. Like. Their production almost felt a little datedcompared to other new bands. I remember digging what I heard, but Iwasn't yet a huge fan. When the second album came out, like ayear or so later, it mostly flew under my radar. I remember somearticles in promotional videos that were claiming that they had a new singer, butthe voice was basically identical. This new singer, called Papa Emeritus, too, was also concealed by a realistic mask of a human face painted to looklike a skull, but the mask was of better quality. In fact,all the band's costumes seem to have gotten... upgrade. The nameless Ghoul's allheads strange new masks under their cowls, looking something like the masquerade seen inlabyrinth or something from Kubrick. Size wide shut. I didn't really get intothat second album, but I continued to appreciate the band's esthetic from afar.My interest was rekindled in two thousand and fifteen when they released their third andbest album, at least in my humble opinion, called Meliora. The albumkept up there neo retro feel, fusing S S pop sensibilities with heavy rockdistortion, all wrapped up in that shadowy anonymous cult concept. The singer onthis album was listed as Papa emeritis three, but by now I had come torealize that it's been the same dude the whole time, just with costumeand mask upgrades each time out. By the meliora album, both the musicand the outfits were at their peak. Papa three was dressed more like apriest in a fancy tailored suit rather than flowey robes, and the nameless gulshad these awesome silvery masks that looked like mouthless metallic demons. Anyway, bynow ghost had gotten quite a bit of press. They were catchy enough topull in a lot of new listeners, and Meliora actually got them a grammy. There was a lot of buzz about this weird Swedish band and inevitably afew online sleuths were able to figure out the band members true identities. Apparentlythey were a group of guys who had been toiling in relative obscurity playing indifferent indie bands and Sweden until they came up with this sort of concept bandand that ended up taking off. Papa emeritis was in fact this skinny littlehipster kid named Tobias forge who played in underground bands in his home country,like subvision and repugnant. A few of the nameless guls were in a greatmelodic indie rock band called the Magna Carda cartel that's well worth checking out.But yeah, the mystery was fading. After a surprisingly long period of mostlyprotected annonymity, after millior a ghost released an EP of mostly cover songs,from the rhythmics to echo in the bunny men tunes. But by now therewas trouble in paradise. Apparently to bias or Papa Emeritus came down with acase of lead singer syndrome. The contracts have been rewritten to where the namelessghouls were all just being treated as a backing band that just supported to biasis songwriting, and they were making like a fraction of his pay. Itall ended up in a nasty lawsuit and ultimately to bias said the rest ofthe guys could leave if they didn't like it. So that's ultimately what happened. Tobias claims he did the majority of the songwriting, but the next albumto come out, two thousand and eighteens Prequel, was a huge departure,at least from my point of view. It was the first chance for Tobiasto prove his claims that he didn't need the other members, and he hireda whole new backing band, claiming that ghost had always, in truth,just been a solo project. But when the first single was released, ithad a much cheesier sound, more like some s hair metal band. Thedarkness had turned completely tongue in cheek and there were even hints of Musical Theaterbombast. That just didn't work for me as a listener. When the restof the album came out, I couldn't really find a single song on itthat gave me the feeling that ghost had always given me. It seems prettyapparent that they relied more on the chemistry of all the members than Tobias wantedto admit, and the results s speak for themselves. The buzz had mostlyworn off. The reviews were more lukewarm.

Even the costume on the new albumwas a letdown, opting away from the papa emeritus character completely in favorof a much less impressive cardinal copia character who honestly just looks a lot lesscool. The whole thing was just a huge disappointment for a lot of USfans. But fortunately, in the wake of the breakup the pre ghost project, the MAGNA Carta cartel was reformed by the spurned other members and has sinceput out some great new material. A lot of the aspects of ghosts musicthat I liked best are present in the MAGNA Carta Cartels, so it seemspretty clear where a lot of the talent was coming from. So insimation,the story of Ghost is, I guess, a tragic one. They were anexciting band that put out a few really solid records, but ultimately fellprey to greed and ego. It's a shame really, because as much asI do enjoy the new magna Carta cartel record, there was something special thathappened when all those dudes work together. It's a story that's all too familiar, although not always with such fancy outfits and personality. I don't really dude. I I pick this song because I like the song. Obviously I've interestin the band and I figured it was a catchy enough song and like accessibleenough song to kind of start this new nets notes thing. I mean Ihope to do more with it and not just do showcases on a band likethat, but hopefully tie it into some greater subject matter in the future.But but anyway, did you have a chance to listen to the song?I don't know if you I did and for those who may be tuning infor the first time, we started a little bit of a listeners club becausenate talks about music every episode, so we're trying to tie in a suggestedsong right by our good friend maid here, and then the following episode he willdiscuss the song and in this case the song you suggested was from theband ghost and the name of the Song was again from the pinnacle to thepit. There you go. Personally, it wasn't my cup of tea.I thought it was okay. There's nothing particular really wrong with the song,but it wasn't the type of tune that would make me come back looking formore right. I did notice immediately, because I saw the youtube video,what you said about the costumes and everything, and I find it very interesting thatit's almost like, thank you, Ziggy Stardust, yes, for showingbands the way it's like. You toil away doing your tunes. You're notgetting any recognition, so change your image, change your style a little bit,try something new, and it's going to garner people's attention. We seeingthat throughout musical history, of course. Most notably, I believe, wouldbe like a Marilyn Manson or a Madonna along those lines. But here weare with ghosts. They did the same thing. No one's listen to us. Put some fucking makeup on, man, you know. Next thing you know, they're winning a fucking grammy. Go figure, gammy. There yougo. And inevitably, like any band, there hubris is or at least alead singer. Right, guess, far too big in the band fallsapart, and that's what we need to do with this show. Yeah,right here we need to change our image. I think we should just go straightonto youtube, make ourselves look like space aliens or something and produce theshow that way. And I just want to let people out there know ifyou are interested in seeing that or just telling us off or saying anything tous that you feel like telling us.

It's easy to reach out to us. You can find us on twitter at selling out show, facebook at sellingout show one, send us an email at selling out show at GMAILCOM,or leave us a voice mail at seven seven, four, seven hundred one, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. Now I'm done with that shameless plug. Back to nate's notes and so, to continue our little experiment in moreinteractive nates notes and Ess I'm going to now suggest a song to checkout for our listeners at home or wherever they happen to be listening. I'llput the link on our social media pages. But the song is called come ondown by the band zeal and ardor check it out and come back tohear it discussed on the next episode of the selling out show. I'm onlygoing to listen if it's by Rod Roddy. Come on down, you've been selectedto me on the prices right. I'm only going to listen if it'sby Rowdy Roddy Piper. Oh, you've thrown down the fucking gauntlet, myfriend. Well, that does it for another episode of the selling out show. I want to thank everybody out there for listening. If you just notice, I almost choked my own saliva there on it, so I said definitelya cute it to exit stage left. Anyway, I want to thank eachand every one of you. Virtual hugs for all of you. We LoveYou, we thank you for it. Truly appreciate it. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out. Why? Infirmarymedia? This is no ordinary subshop. This is firehouse ups. Tired ofover priced lunches that under deliver on flavor, head to firehouse ups, where,for a limited time, you can get a four hundred and ninety ninechoice up. Choose from a medium smoke, Turkey, Virginia, honey, hamor roast beef. Their custom made hot subs at a price ready madeto make you smile. Just for four hundred and ninety nine only at firehouseups. Enjoy more subs, save more lives participating locations plus tax. Letme time offel prices may vary for delivery. Hey, I'm Maurice. As abarber, you might think my scissors are my main tool, but reallyit's metro that's where I got my iphone seven. It's camera makes sharing mycuts as simple as snip, snap, share. Right now, get aniphone seven with a camera that shoots K for just for thousand nine hundred andninety nine. When you switch to the number one brands and prepaid metro bytmobile rule your day requires port. INEVENTUAL number not going to be acted ontmobile that work poor active on Metro in past ninety day and Garification of hidingindependent adipats than it for percounts, Househol thirty good gid by I phone sevenmodel on you, no temper and C store for details. In terms ofCOMISSIONS.

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