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Episode 27 · 2 years ago

Ep.#27 Peel Session


It's Selling Out's 27th episode, and there are some subjects loosely based on our hosts' relationships.
Nate's girlfriend has brought home a new addition to their already ridiculous number of pets, and has also started to drift away from her skeptic roots into a more holistic path, much to Nate's chagrin. Dave brings up the issue of housework, and how his household tasks seem to garner a bit less enthusiasm from the Mrs. than he would hope for. We also get our obligatory update on Dave's ongoing battle with low testosterone,
Then comes a discussion on the controversial final season of one of our generation's most popular and beloved TV shows, Game of Thrones. Nate, in particular, has some strong feelings on the direction the writers decided to take the show as it wraps up.
Finally, Nate explores the legacy of John Peel, the influential British radio DJ who introduced his audience to countless bands that may have otherwise remained undiscovered. And in honor of John Peel, Nate decides to add something new to Nate's Notes going forward...

1:08- Nate's new furry family member
3:48- The smells we love
8:26- Dave's unnecessary testosterone update
9:14- House husbands- today's unsung heroes
13:23- A skeptic goes holistic
19:00- Game of Thrones: a post-mortem
28:55- Nate's Notes (Peel Sessions, and their namesake)
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...think of a bonus while you tellingme about that is, you know, if you ate a cat or adog, people really frown on that, but a bunny, who gives afuck? Rose at motherfucker up. They make rabbit stew. The you go, you stop and eat it, so I guess there is a benefit ifhe turns out to be a Shitty pet. We got we got stupid they Igot a random question for you. I was recently laying a bed,awake late at night, as I commonly do, just thinking about random shit. And you know, if you could can a smell or can an odor, so you could just crack it open just a it is getting that smellof something to make you feel so comfortable, so happy and just so good andrelaxed. What would that smell be? Jeez, we'll tell you what itwouldn't be. It wouldn't be Hippie Dippie Pechuli. No, I havedo Petculi oil is one of those smells that I that brings back a lotof memories, but not all of them pleasant, just from the psycho hippiegirls. I used to know back in there. Yeah, any way toget but truly to me is like just if you smell it, you justsmell daddy issues. It's like mad dog, was it? Mad Dog Two thousandand twenty? Yeah, same thing, but truly mad dog two and twenty. That a recipe for a girl that's had a lot of emotional problemsright down to have a good time. Yeah, well, let me seeback to your question. I feel like it's probably I have a lot ofgood memories with MMM, I like food smells. It would probably end upbeing a food smell. Maybe maybe the smell of curry, which sounds strange, but it does always have. Yeah, I always have good memories of curryand, although that might make me sick, if I in the wrongstate of mind, it's like open up this can sent it's like Oh,wrong, wrong decision there. So I don't know either curry or damn man, this is this is you hit with the tough one here. I gotknow, told you is random. It is completely just off the cuff here. So I want to see what your first answer would be, and bysaying you know curry, that is definitely not one I would have expected.Yeah, well, where do you fall on this spectrum of odors? Iwould say the morning do because some of my happiest memories are when you're campingor when I used to camp. I haven't camped and God, over adecade, but as a teenager, a guy in my s, I usedto love opening that tent and like thirty in the morning, everything's wet andyou get the smell of the woods just kind of permeating your membranes. Yeah, man, it just made me so happy and when I was when Iwas up, laying in bed, like I told you, thinking about this, I was like that smell just totally takes me to a happy place andhelps me relax. I just love it. Right on, man, Dude.That's a good one. Man, I feel I feel like I'm likeOh, Glutton. It's like Oh, food, man, food, well, I'm I'm hungry. Maybe that's what it's going to say. It's definitelybetter than curry. I'm pretty sure if we took a pole on this,the consensus would be curry or morning do. I'm going to take the do dude. It's funny, though. Just quickly curry my my brother in hisadventures in Colorado. You know. He's been in Colorado for years now andhe's had a couple apartments that he's lived in over the over the years,and one of them, the landlady, as he was looking at the apartmentand finalizing the lease issues and all that sheet, she had a special littleAdendom on her lease to say you agree, you know, no pets, knowthis, no that, and no curry. You Will Not Cook CurryFood in my the specifically curry, and because it's one of those smells thatpermeates and does get into things, apparently in the neighbors me, you know, smell, it's you know, but yeah, man, what a weirdthing to have on a fucking lease. Like no pets, know this,no that. No, you know, orgies on Sunday for some reason,and no goddamn curry. Well, I would totally allow the orgies. I'dbe all for that curry. I can...

...understand. We once had a friendwhose neighbor downstairs cut constantly cooked fish heads and it just stunk. You livedon the second floor all the time, like what does that smell dude?He's like, Oh, my neighbor just happens to have a hankrint for fishheads. He's frying them up. Oh yeah, so I can relate tothe land person. Well, you say it was a landlady. Yeah,I'm putting that in the least. It is a little bit anny, unusual, but acceptable, if you ask me. Sure, sure, now, ifyou have any thoughts on this, maybe you want to tell us whatyou'd like to smell. It's an easy thing to do. You can reachout to us on twitter at selling out show, on facebook at selling outshow one, send us an email selling out show at gmailcom, or youcan leave this a voice mail at seven, seven, four, seven o one, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, which was a magnificent year, if I do say so myself. But but listen, you want tocrack something open, you want to with let us know what it is.We want to hear from you. No, boddy has to know, but we'vedone a put on a show here to useless love. Your mom losinghair, chunky pond Dave's are necessary? Testosterone up, Daby? Oh,thanks for asking. Still Low man boobs, soft and supple NY is. Youwell know, I'm a stay home father, which is a role Ienjoy my life. My wife goes out and earns and I get to stayat home and do podcast with you. So you're welcome. But you know, here's here's something I've noticed about my wife, and I think about alot of women when it comes to to the man's role being at home,right, is that when I would work and I'd come home and find outthat she had cooked and clean there, you know, just did household stuff. Man, was I a happy fucking camper? Dude. Yeah, Iwas like this is fucking great. A praiser right, thank her. I'mlike, this is wonderful. You know, you are the pillar that keeps thiswhole fucking place standing. Yet I I've noticed when I do the samething and I'm kind of waiting for praise and like that puppy at the doorpanting, like who she's coming home. He's gonna be so happy when yousee what I did. Yeah, she's kind of like, well, thatwasn't really necessary. You could have done something more productive with you day andman, my fucking my esteem just goes boom right to the pit of mystomach and I feel like I feel like you're just shit. But I wonder, you know, is that kind of like a double standard thing? Goingon here or what I yeah, man, I feel like there's something to that, because I noticed that too. It's like I get a little more, you know, credit. I guess I do. I do my shareof housework and I clean the stalls at the you know, the barn forour horses and whatnot. But but I definitely noticed that. It's one ofthose things where, yeah, yeah, I'm thrilled when I come home andit's like it's beautiful, you know something, whatever it is, there's one littleproject on. I'm like, look at that, this place looks great. But yeah, this it's definitely deflating when you've done a bunch of Shitand then it's just kind of like, you know, why'd you do that? You know, or that could have waited, or could you know that? You know, that's yes, that's exactly what happens. Oh, youscrub the toilets. You got to save that for the end of the week. Yeah, or this needs to be done instead. You know, whydon't you do this? You know, but yeah, man, that's that'sfrustrating because I listen, I am lucky. I'm very lucky because I've been doinga lot more writing recently and my wife is very supportive of my creativeendeavors, so I'm very happy about that. But at the same time I wantto you know, she's bringing home the Bacon, right. I wantto make her happy and just cleaning and...

...stuff isn't doing it. But I'malso kind of like a neat freak. Yeah, I can't sit and rightor even now, podcast with you or anything unless I have certain things inplace. Yeah, if I've got crap like toys on the floor or dishesin the sink, I freaked the fuck out. I'm like, well,can't do that, I got a clean first. Yeah, yeah, well, I'm similar with that. I I used to be pretty lax about thatsort of thing, but I definitely, yeah, it drives me nuts beingsurrounded in clutter and this and that. You know, I definitely have mylittle my little rituals, if you will, before we sit down to do thispodcast, because, yeah, it's it's frustrating. You know, we'retrying to talk I'm being distracted by this, you know, pile of dishes overin the on the fucking end table or whatever it is. It's justyeah, today I was scrubbing walls because they looked a little dingy to me. So it's like I'm with you, man. You know you reassure this. Because they were dingy or because it wasn't blood on there. Would youkill, nate? Would you kill it's hard to get blood off the balls, I can imagine. Sure, we all know vaping saves lives, butnow I want to save you some money. Visit Northland Vaporscom, probably made inNorth Dakota. Northland vapors line of eliquids contain no artificial sweeteners, aredike tone free and won't gunk up your coils, whether you're quitting smoking oran experienced vapor northland carries a variety of flavors and hardware, making it aonestop shop for all your vaping needs. Northland believes quality doesn't need to becostly, and right now you can use coach selling out nineteen and save nineteenpercent off. There already amazing prices. So what are you waiting for?Getting your head into the clouds and shop online at Northland vaporcom or visit theirlocations in morehead and be midgey Minnesota. Some products contain nicotine. Adults only. My girlfriend carly and I have both always been skeptical people. We're notreligious people. Carly comes from a very religious family and she's kind of swungthe other way, pendulum like, and we're both, you know, weneither of US have a lot of patients for that sort of Woo Woo,whether it's and to top it off, Carly's also been in healthcare for herwhole life. Share her whole career has been nursing, hospice, even workingin insurance, things like that. It's all been surrounded, you know,she's worked in facilities, hospitals, whatnot. She's done with science. Yes,she's seen a lot of fucking people die. Yeah, and she's seenthe effects of real medicine and real things. And when we see stories on holisticmedicine, homeopathy, Raiky, all these things that, you know,a good poor and of our society falls back on and is there's always thisthis segment of the population that's that's you know, there's a huge market.Is what I'm trying to say. For you know, whether it's homeopathy andand Cristel's and all this. Yeah, sure, that's a lot of believers. Absolutely, yeah, and I, as our listeners probably know, ifthey've been listening, I was just on a trip to Colorado. I've beenback for a few weeks now. But while I was gone, you know, I'm on the phone with carly and she's telling me, you know,I was reading up on a few of these these alternative medicines, and thatthere is some benefit to some of this stuff, and I'm starting to geta little I'm like, Oh, where are we going with this? Butbut I've had faith because she's always been, like I said, a skeptical person, of a levelheaded person. So I get home, man, andthere's the first thing I noticed is a certificate. Since for Reiki, carlywent and got her certificate as a reiki master. Now, wait, Reiki'swhen you go outside with the leaves and you know I'm up right, that'sReki, not raking Reiki. Oh Shit,...

...yeah, which to me I meancarly is, like I said, to be fair, she's done moreresearch into this stuff than I have. I've the limited research I have hasled me to believe that a lot of this is is still I'm still notquite on board. We right, but carly went and, like I said, did a lot more research, did some work and did some purchasing ofthings and she's she's trying to work that into her personal regimen healthwise. She'staking different extracts because, to be fair, she's had me read some things andthere is validity to a lot of this stuff. It's just there's thatline of which one has some validity to it and which one is a likethe reiki thing, I'm still very hissy because that, from what I understand, Reiki is finding the energy fields. You know your a lot of whatI understand of Reiki is you're not even touching the person. Your hands aresuspended over a person and you know, Moura Energy Right, shit like that. Oh so. So I'm a little suspicious still. But wait, canI ask you a question here. At she had a certificate in two weeks. I means she must have graduated a class. Are you sure they don'tjust get the certificate when you buy a bunch of Shit? It's like,I thank you not. I cannot doubt for that. You've graduated. Congratulationsyour here's your complimentary reiki certificate. Exactly. Yes, well, I can't speakto that. I just know that I come back and my house smellslike burnt sage. She started burning and and I gave her a hard timeabout that. I said, you know what, what are you trying toto clean out the evil spirits and this house? Is that what it is? Get some puzzle of the vibes from burning stage. She told me thatmy cats are fighting. Oh, there may be a battle here anyway,little detailer. WHO'S gonna win? WHO's gonna win in the fat one ofthe ugly? Oh Man, the fat one for sure. Oh yes,sheer weight, but the ugly ones got some get some fight in them.So some might anyway go get a hung legs to maybe we need to burnsome sage to get some positive vibes in here. But my point is,when I asked Carley about what way is she burning this sage, is,you know, as she falling into this whole spiritual energy and what I shesaid that no, actually sage, when you burn it, has anti microbialeffects. It's it's positive that it covers up a lot of smells, butit actually does do something. I don't know, I'd have to read moreup on it, but but apparently there's more validity to some of this stuffthan I initially thought and Carly's looking at it, as you know, tryingsome new stuff healthwise for herself, possibly getting into it as a business andreading up on it, because you know, there is a big market for thisstuff, and she's she's looking into it as both a, you know, change in her life, like a positive change, and a potential differentcareer paths. So, you know, more power to her. I'm stillnot quite on board and could have been way worse. Dude. You kindof came back from vacation and founder in bed with a fucking dude. Yeah, yeah, I mean, I guess offered to makes I made some changesand said she's gonna like. I got a fucking degree, motherfucker. Whatdid you do? You know right, that's true. As this is true. I mean on a potton call smoke. You burned your own sage. That'swhat you burned. A few brain sales while you were out there.Okay, Nay, I am not up to date whatsoever. I stopped watchinglast season. I figure I'll binge the final season of something called game ofthrones, but I have seen a line spoilers fucking everywhere. People don't givea fuck. Even when it's airing, they're like, Oh my God,are you did this and everything else. I kind of have a just what'sgoing on, but still mad the fucking outrage. I can't believe it.People are signing petitions saying they want the the whole season redone, and Imean it's just to me it's madness because as a fan, if something sucks, you just turn it off. You...

...don't go fucking out of your wayto sign a fucking petition. If you're going to do something like that,doude some good in the world rather than, you know, something shitty. Butstill you are a viewer, you are currently viewing. So I wantyour opinion right now. Is Is it any good? All right, soI started watching that show, if you remember, with you back first episodeyears ago. You were like this is great new show, game of thrones. We watched the first episode because it had just come out. I wasHook I used to go to your apartment every week to watch it, ifyou remember, and we watched pretty much all season, the first season.I was hooked. I have stayed with it. So my my issue isthat, when you've invested so much time into this story and what you loveabout it is that it's so well written, it's so logically written, the charactersactually do things that aren't like this Hollywood sort of trite. They're just, you know, it's real consequences to things. Characters die, people betrayeach other. There's it's very it's very real. But the problem is,as our listeners, if they watch the show, they may know, they'rebased on a series of books and I've read all the books that are available. The books have not reached their conclusion. They're still supposedly two more books coming. So the show right has passed where the books are. So thesource material is no longer there for the writers to to draw from. Nowthe problem is the writers are showing us that they you know, they Ithink they were trying to do something interesting. I don't know. I don't knowif we want to do the whole spoiler thing here, but but II will just say that I am disappointed. I feel like even last season Iwas getting the vibe that the writing was falling off and it wasn't asas the quality wasn't there. But this season, dude, it's been aGoddamn shit show. It's just I mean, I respect they're trying to do somethingreally dark and unexpected. As I said, I don't want to spoilit for listeners. But the last, last episode, Can I spoil itfor you? Sure I know what happens. We Wi named Naria and Airess,yeah, and De Narest, Denarius, and it whatever, the mother ofDragon. Yeah, anyway. So I just want to say that inlike a dramatic fashion, just I gues said saddle the show. But thething is is it was oh she turned heel. Oh No, how couldyou do this? How she could? How could you do that? Tome it made the ultimate sense, and I haven't even seen the season.Like what to me, that is spot on right. My only thing,and I can, I can relate to with some of the viewers that arecurrently watching it, is that everything's been Russian. Yeah, yeah, becausethey said, listen, we only have one six episodes to fucking wrap thismotherfucker up, so let's just cram it in there and see what happens.But go do you? I'm sorry, but is that the way you feelabout it? Yes, okay, so that when you said that they onlyhave six episodes, last season they only had seven. Why the fuck areyou doing that? They they had so many loose ends to tie up theselast two seasons. They had so many storylines that and they're big, bigreveals, all these things and, as you mentioned, the thing with Danareskind of flipping around, you know, into changing characterwise, like how sheis. It could work if they had built up to it more. Theproblem is, yes, they're cramming it all in. They're trying to.They were all these questions that they were answering, but they're doing it allin a matter of episodes, like a few episodes. They're like answering multiplehuge questions in one episode sometimes, and like big things that aren't even answeredin the books yet. And why the fuck? Every season's been ten episodes, ten episodes. They get to the most important seasons and they do aseven episode season and a six episode season.

Why don't you just do to atleast do the same length seasons as you were? Like, you're you'renot only like I think they would have trouble cramming it all into a tenepisode season, but instead they're shooting themselves in the foot. By by all, we got to do it in this. It's like, what was that?An exercise in? Like, Oh, we're limiting ourselves. We have todo it in this so it'll be interesting. It's like. I can'tthink of any reason. My only thought is exit stage left. Do theyjust want to fucking get get it over, I guess, but but do.This thing was a cash cow. It was it was make it.Maybe that's why they can't afford to pay all these people for the full tenepisode seasons. And and actually my thought is that this was all one season, but it ran thirteen episodes instead of ten. So maybe they split itinto two seasons rather than you know, and I think that's what they did. I think they had written one long season and said Shit, let's breakit in half. And I don't know. So it's frustrating. I'm really pissedoff because I was in love with that show. I feel like there'sstill hope because the books are not out yet and maybe George rr Martin,the writer, will. I'm sure he'll do something a lot smarter and alot more well thought out than what they've done on the show, even ifthe storyline goes somewhere. To read the books. I always going to readthe books. Now every say the TV you are dude. I've been readingand there's a now they proclaim it's me. There's enough differences where the books arefar more, like I said, well written, well thought out andthey're amazing, and my only fear is that George are Martin is going todie, because the guys, let's be honest, the guy doesn't look likehe's in the best health. I know that's old, that's Hacky. Atthis point, people have been saying that for a while, like the guy'sgoing to die before he finishes the books. But that's a very real thing andI'll be pissed if this is what I'm left with. This the theonly ending of the show, I mean the only ending of the storyline,is what they've given us on HBO, because I'm left with a bad tasteof my mouth. The season finale is tonight, for just to tell ourlisteners where we are, where we're recording this episode and when it's over,basically the season finale will be starting. So I'm be watching that, eventhough I'm frustrated as fuck with the last few episodes. So I don't know. Welcome to the life of a Comic Book Fan, where continuity, youknow all the matters. Now at movies and TV, because in comics,where in listen, I know game of thrones, is it come from.It comes from novels right stead of the sequential art. But the thing isis a lot of the history, we call them reboots, HMM, getrestarted and new stories get told, new number ones, and then nothing getscontinued anymore. Well, what happened to that story line, man? Youknow so everything now we call it like head cannon. Okay, whatever existsin your head is truly what happened. So I do recommend that to anyof the game of throwne fans out there who are really frustrated with what's goingon. What you expected to happen still can't exist in your brain. Thatis allowed. Setting a fucking petition, wasting that whatever minute and a halfof your day demanding that they redo a season, to me is a littlefucking overboard. Yeah, I would suggest letting it rest or again, usingyour time to more positive things. Yeah, maybe send a petition for, Idon't know, something that's actually affecting the real world. We clean yourtoiling, you know, and hope that your wife is, yeah, appreciative. There you go. Best Minute and a half I ever fucking spend.But I will say this too. I recently went to a thrift store andI found the token Lord of the Rings, yes, the trilogy right in onefucking novel. They put them all together and I bought it. It'sfifty cents. I fade. What the fuck? I haven't read any ofthese books since the early s when I was all into swords and saucery,and I brought it home like yeah, this is going to be fucking great, I'm going to read them feel like...

...a kid again, and I's fuckingput it aside. I haven't even opened it. I'm like, fucking toomuch, man. I could probably kill some buddy with the book. Yeah, well, that's the thing. If someone ever breaks into my house,I get a fucking whip it, Adam as hard as humanly possible and fuckingcrack their skull open. So it said home security system for fifty cents.It's all three and one. Wow, that's going to be a big ASSbook, man. Wow, that's what I said. I got fucking seriouslyinjure somebody with that motherfucker. Day from the selling out show. Here totell you about spunk loob. Spunk loube is a multi award winning mover can'tuse by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in hybrid pure silicone, natural and pink. Spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients andis non stating, Hypo allergenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love lifewith spun. Right now, spunk loube is by three, get one free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A highend product for an affordable price, is it? Spunk loubecom today and youcan thank me later. Dust up your lps. It time for nate.No, no. Before the days of digital downloads and streaming music APPs,when I was a teenage music fan, one had to actually go to recordshops and seek out the bands and albums one wanted to hear. I've saidbefore that I feel like the technological advancement that has impacted me, possibly morethan any other, is the ease with which I can pull up any pieceof music I want at any time, provided I have Internet access. Yeah, as amazingly convenient as this is, and as much as I love andappreciate my music APPs, there was something special about record shopping in the olddays to some of us, spending an hour or two flipping through the racksat some hole in the wall mom and pop record store was akin to agreat scavenger hunt. I liked to collect certain artists entire catalogs. Some bands, like my favorite, Canada's Electro Goth Weirdo's skinny puppy, had dozens ofreleases between full length albums, EPS, live concert recordings and singles. Collectingall this work became not just a hobby but a genuine long term labor oflove. Sometimes I'd find myself in a new city and there would be arecord store. I'd make my way over to the s section of their inventoryand excitedly flip through the CDs. I always had CDs. Never was coolenough to collect vinyl. Of course, back then, in the S,the vinyl resurgence hadn't yet begun, so records were as obsolete and backwards aseight tracks or Beta Max. So my collection was more or less all compactdiscs. And when I would be flipping through the skinny puppy CDs at somenewly discovered store and suddenly I'd come across the CD single I didn't yet own, or maybe didn't even know about, it was a super specific feeling thatI always loved, like finding buried treasure or something, and I'm never experiencedthat feeling like while typing in a search bar online. So yeah, skinnypuppy is only one band whose work I collected. I am asked, apretty extensive collection over the years, visiting record shops as far away as Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam. When I went on my high school's foreign language trip, many of the bands I was into were underground industrial and electronic groups fromEurope. So over there I was able... pick up a lot of stuffI couldn't even find in the US. Man It's strange to feel nostalgic fora time when things were technically so much more difficult. For a music lovercollector, I can find all of that shit and much, much more,without getting out of bed and putting on fucking pants now. Many of mymost prized CDs are imported versions of albums, which often contain a few tracks notfound on the usual US releases. At some point I started noticing thatseveral of my favorite acts had live recordings available, all called Peel sessions.Like the ORB had two different peel sessions discs, one recorded in like nineteenninety and one in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. MAPALM death hadover three or four peel sessions discs they recorded over the years. As akid I didn't even know what the term peel sessions referred to. I justknew they were really well produced live recordings, usually consisting of only three or foursongs, and it seems like all the bands I listened to had recordedat least one peel session. Eventually I found out that the title refers toone John Peel, a gentleman in Britain with a really long running radio programon BBC Radio One. John Peels started as a pirate radio disc jockey inthe late s playing a lot of blues, folk and psychedelic music, giving airtimeto underground acts from both the UK and the US. Eventually he gotpicked up by BBC's new pop music broadcasting wing, BBC Radio One, andquickly garnered a reputation. First showcasing unique and largely unknown bands. When punkrock broken the S, he started playing a bunch of songs off the ramonesnew debut album during his show. He actually get a lot of complaints initially, including some from his bosses, but John's intuition combined with a bit ofa fuck you attitude, led him to continue playing the ramones and other punkbands as they were releasing material. As a result, John Peel was seenas a man on the forefront of the music scene and as a friend twounknown bands with something new to add to the musical conversation. As the yearswent by, John Peel introduced his listeners to all kinds of cool shit.He would get a lot of material, largely in the form of unsolicited demotapes, and if he found it interesting, he figured someone else out there mightfeel the same way. Mind you, I grew up on the other sideof the pond, as it were, so I never got to reap thebenefits of such a cool, open minded radio show. As I said, my knowledge of the man was limited to the growing number of peel sessionsdiscs peppered throughout my CD collection, but as I've gotten older I've done abit of research on him and my respect is just grown and grown. Unfortunately, John passed away back in two thousand and four, but there are countlesstribute videos and articles devoted to his impact on the music loving population of England. Bands as varied as CARCASS APEX Twi in New Order, Sid Barrett,the cure, prong, smashing Pumpkins, thin lizzy and on and on haveall been featured on his show and subsequently all released peel sessions records. Ialways managed to find interesting music through whatever avenues I had as a kid.A friend would show me some new album he just bought. I'd go seea band I liked and there would be...

...a cool, unfamiliar band opening.I'd even write to the record labels of my favorite bands and ask for catalogsof their other releases, hoping there were other cool acts on their roster.It all worked for me in the days before surfing the web and creating Pandoraor spotify stations, but I often wonder what it was like to have aregular show on the radio that was more interested in showcasing genuine musical pioneers andnot just playing it safe with stale pop music. This wasn't some obscure showon it like three am on a college station with no broadcasting radius. Thiswas BBC Radio One. I remember on one of my foreign language trips Iwas talking to our tour guide, a British guy named Richard. I askedhim if he had ever heard of some of the English electronic acts. Iwas into the ORB aw tecker, a x twin, etc. Richard proceededto blow my mind by telling me that it wasn't uncommon to see a fixtwin beach towels dotting the beaches of England in the summertime, a FEX twinwho, despite being a huge pioneer and electronic music, had no real audiencein the US at the time, but in Britain he had enough buzz aroundhim to warrant pretty broad merchandising tactics like beach towels. Now I don't likeit when my favorite acts get over exposed, but it's good to at least seesomeone with true talent envision get some recognition for once instead of surviving inrelative obscurity. and John Peel was a man who had a platform and usedit to spot light artists that were really doing something special. The guy diedfifteen years ago and a lot of people here in the US probably have noidea who he was, but as a teenager I appreciated the high quality recordingshe released of some great bands, and as an adult I'm inspired by hisopen mind and his desire to share with the public some unique and innovative music. So here's to you, John Peel Day. Do you remember ever havingpeel sessions discs? Do you know what I'm talking about? Oh, yeah, yeah, I do know what you're talking about, but I wasn't reallyfamiliar with it either. You know, we just assumed it was bands performingwith Sunburns, peel those with appeal sessions like this fucking hurts, and Iwas like, yeah, rock out, motherfucker. Yeah, dude, itsounds. It sound a kind of gross. Yeah, just sound disgusting, peeledsessions. But yeah, I don't know. I had a ton ofthem and I had no idea what the fuck they were. But now I'mlearning. I'm, you know, forty years old and I know all aboutthis guy that died of bucking long time ago. But, dude, I'min eight years ago. Yeah, I'm glad you're inspired. That's really cool, dude, but it is amazing that you had all these these discs.I mean there's really cool. He collected all this stuff to begin with.Yeah, but beyond that, you had them, but you never really wantedto. Well, then you know what it was from. Yeah, whatit meant or to look into the history of it. But now you have. Is Great that you found a point in your life when you you canappreciate. Yeah, it's just it. It would first of all, wedidn't have the Internet to look things up like that and I don't know howmuch it wouldn't be like in a fucking encyclopedia or something. So I hadno real way of knowing what the peel sessions term meant. But the factthat's, like I said, so many of these bands that I listened toof way different genres, like, like I said, somebody like carcass andthen the cure and then smashing pumpkins and like you know what I mean.And then he did a lot of the first reggae. Yeah, he hada lot of the played a lot of reggae on his show. Apparently,like I'm watching a ton of these documentaries...

...on the guy and he was areally cool dude and like he definitely definitely did a lot to introduce people.He had TV specials that, you know, would it would showcase bands or certainscenes, like, oh, the scene from Cornwall, England. Iwatched this cool show on it was called like sounds of the suburbs in Englandand showcasing Cornwall, England, which is this ass backwards town. I believeit might even be in Wales or right on the border of whales, butit's like one of these areas where it's cows and sheep and farmland. Butthese dudes apex twin all teckers square push it, like all these guys weredoing really interesting electronic music and like building machines out of other machines, likebreaking computers and using the circuit board from this one to create another, likeright, yeah, and John Peel was like, I'm gonna do a showabout these random dudes. And Yeah, next thing you know you have afixed win beach towels and I'm sure, I'm sure I fucking John Peel hada hand and in the success of those kind of bands. So yeah,I just thought he was a cool dude. Thought we'd bring him up and andyeah, toast to John Peel. So you know, you now youneed an AFEX twin beach town. I wonder what it'd be like. Idon't know. It's it's he's got a cool little symbol, so I imaginethat's would it be like. But but any of our listeners, if youdon't know, a fixed win a lot of our. A lot of hisvideos, music videos, are like his. The the a fixed when is onegentleman and he's got a creepy smile like. He uses his creepy smilelike. He uses it to comic effect. On his album covers he'll have likethis bizarrely creepy picture of his face, and so his videos are often superimposinghis face on to like a ton of little kids or like an oldwoman with his face. So it's it's very creepy, but it's funny,like he and so what I'm thinking is maybe his beach towels were like thisweird creepy face of a Richard James, which was a fixed whin at thetime. But who knows? I don't know. It just blew my mindthat those sort of things existed. Apparently England had a much more open mindas far as what they would play on their big pop stations and that,as I said, is probably result of this man, John Peel. Soso yeah, but now I just want to say now, in the spiritof what John Peel stood for, although to a much smaller degree, Iwanted to sort of incorporate a new idea into nate's notes. An old friendand regular listener, Jack Razuco, had a suggestion and we're going to seeif we can't somehow make it work. The initial idea was to create asort of book club environment, but with music. I would recommend a pieceof music that I feel is noteworthy for some reason, and at some pointbetween now in the next episode, you, the Listener, could check it outat your leisure, and then during the next episodes nates notes segment,we'd maybe play a snippet of said piece of music as a refresher or tointroduce it somewhat to those who didn't feel like checking it out themselves. Ifigure I can work it into the subject of each week's meets notes like,for instance, this week I'll recommend a song from a few years ago,the songs called from the pinnacle to the pit by the Swedish Rock Band Ghost. You can check it out using any APP whatever you want. I personallythink youtube is a good way to quickly access the songs I'll be suggesting,and in this case the accompanying music video is pretty cool. So Youtube wouldbe a cool way to see that as...

...well as just playing the song again. I won't say a lot about the song here, but next episode I'lltie it into nates notes. So if you want a more immersive experience,as it were, then please check out from the pinnacle to the pit byghosts. Very cool. I like the sound and I think I was agreat idea and see how it turns out. Yeah, man, thank you,Jack Razook, go for the cool suggestion. I know it's not exactlywhat you were suggesting, but I feel like, you know, we'll seehow it works. If it sucks, will mix it in the future,but hopefully we're going to be positive about it and we're going to try itout and you know, it may not be a new song. It's probablynot going to be new song, since I'm not necessarily on the forefront ofbrand new music all the time. But if it's a cool song and Ifeel like it, it's summarizes what I want to get at in a week'snates notes, then I will put it in and I'm going to try todo this each week so, you know, you guys at home will maybe broadenyour musical horizons. I'll feel like I'm carrying on the legacy of JohnPeel to a certain extent right, and you know, we'll hopefully have somefun. So and if it doesn't work out, we can just mock Jackto no whend and she exactly shit, exactly talk shit about Jack. It'sa win when, as far as I'm conserts right. You know, speakinga winning I kind of want to hype something that I just recently did.I was on dueling decades, which is a show, MMM on the InfirmaryMedia Network, this very network that you're listening to right now. We didif you're not familiar with the show, it's really cool. It's that boatloadof fun and there's two contestants. Sometimes it's group sometimes as individuals. Ihappen to be on an individual episode where they will pick a date in theS and one of the s and each member each team will represent that decadeand Neil again, just like I guess it's a name implies, they'll fuckingduel off and there's a judge and they'll see who's the winner. Now Igot to do horror. We did hard nineteen eighty verses, nineteen ninety,and I played John Cross and a fantastic excellent, awesome podcast you should bechecking out called the aftermovie diner. So if you haven't listened to that,make sure you do and be on the lookout for that. Dueling decades episodes. You can see me embarrass myself on Youtube as well, so there yougo. It will be in video form, so you can see my ugly Mugand in in audio form if you just want to, you know,hear my Nice, my how much I suck. We can listen to Davedefend the S. Oh yeah, I didn't even remember that. That wasmy thing. One thousand nine hundred and ninety. I did get nineteen nine. Yeah, yeah, okay, will sounds and an a horror guy.You're the hard I know they call me right. I was on an episodeof this months ago and I wish I was on the horror one. Wewe had a good time when I did it, but but I feel likeI would have really really shown on the horror episode. But anyway, yeah, be on the lookout for that. I will definitely listen to that andwe're very proud of our Davy. So you know. Oh, yeah,well, don't be so proud yet. Give it a listen for yeah,you know, it might be hanging your head in shame after you say somethinglike that. But that wraps it up for this episode of the selling outshow. I want to thank everybody for tuning in. Virtual hugs for allof you. We Love You, we thank you. I am Dave.That is nate, and this has been selling out. Ye, infirmary mediafrom the kids. Dant to keep your...

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