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Selling Out Show

Episode 26 · 3 years ago

Ep.#26 Feliz Cumpleaños


The Selling Out Show is officially a year old! As we prepare to move into our second year, there's some talk of memories and issues of health.
Nate also happens to be celebrating another year down, so we hear about his less-than-exciting birthday adventures. We get some updates on Dave's physical well-being, and a story from Nate about a past health scare that posed a different threat than he initially thought.
There's also a critical look at our entertainment industry, triggered by the reported budget of the new "Sonic the Hedgehog" film. And Nate wraps things up with a walk down memory lane, recounting some of the noteworthy shows he's been to over the years in this week's Nate's Notes.
1:00- Nate's Birthday Adventures at Walmart
6:52- Ketogenic Kraziness
11:14- The Price of Entertainment
20:08- Dave's Unnecessary Testosterone Update
24:48- Nate's Past Brain Issues
34:09- Nate's Notes- Live Music Memories
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Hey, I'm Maurice. As a barber, you might think my scissors are my main tool, but really it's metro. That's where I got my iphone seven. It's camera makes sharing my cuts as simple as snip, snap, share. Right now, get an iphone seven with a camera that shoots for K for just for thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine. When you switch to the number one brands and prepaid metro by Tmobile, rule your day requires port in a valuable number. Not Going to be active on tmobile network, for active on Metro past ninety days and verification of hiding and independent actase the ITT for percounts household thirty two. Pick a by I phone seven, model phone. You No temper and C store for details in tems of emissions. Infirmary media. Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to a very special edition of the selling out show. Why is it so special, you ask? Because we are now officially one year old. This is our anniversary. I am one of your host David shows, and by my side is another birthday boy who just celebrated the Big Four. Oh, Ete, Gorezinski, nate, how the heck are you, man? I'm tired from all the excitement, bro well, that's par for the course. When you turn forward, you know, you get a little that's it, man, because, man, I'm worn out. I get up this morning, had to go out and get some coffee creamer. Wild and crazy life I live and sounds yeah, man, so I so. Anyway, I go down to the the local Walmart, and man, I mean I just got back from vacation and I know they were doing a little construction on the Walmart, but do they've made some changes? It's like the as you walk in, there's all this new railing system, like a almost I don't want to call it scaffolding, but some kind of like a structured railing thing going on where they hurting you in like yes, and by person here like your sheep. It's kind of like that, but it's almost shaped like like an extra wall as you walk in. So you walk in and you feel like you're walking into this fortress after you've already walked through the sliding doors into the store, and it's you know, it's a little weird. But then as out pudding right, yeah, a little bit. Once in a while, as you know, as you're leaving, there's this guy there that is checking receipts to make sure people haven't, you know, haven't stolen anything, what they have on their receivers, what they're getting anyway. Now there's a guy that seems to be checking literally every receipt and the guys appearance is a little off putting to he's Today, anyway, the employee was very tatted up, I'll tattoos all over his arms. The guys got kind of a military haircut, carrying a walkie talkie is guns are showing, it's, it's it's kind of intimidating. Man. I'm getting kind of a military camp feel from Walmart. And Yeah, I might only I was going to say it sounds like a state trooper is checking your receipt. That's how it felt, man, and to be honest, it's I'm getting the vibe that Walmart is at the point where they are more concerned with just holding onto their money and not losing any merchandise, more so than they're worried about creating a comfortable environment for the customer, as most places would be. But right, yeah, most places you go and you feel like, you know, we want you to be comfortable to customers. Always right everything. This place it's like let me check your shit. Are you trying to get away with something? You know it's do and but to be honest, if I mean over the years, I've I've known a lot of people that have taken advantage of Walmart, like having known a lot of active addicts and people just trying to hustle and get over. Man, Walmart, say, pretty big target, just being being the type of Walmart or target. That's that's old guy jokes, the master but hum booms, yes, sir, but but yeah, man, that I mean Walmart, obviously, you know, just being the type of place that has everything and and their return policy was pretty lax. I I think I've mentioned on another podcast. For years, back in the S, there was a hole in the return policy of the Home Depot chain where, yeah, where people were able to return things that were like under a hundred dollars without a receipt and all that and and, like I said, I've gotten into that before, but that was the type of scam that, once somebody figured it out, every addict under the Sun was doing it. Like, if you ask anyone that...

...was using back in the S, they know the Home Depot Scam. And so home deepot lost a ton, and so walmart may have just read the writing on the wall, you know, and decide to crack down there. Yeah, man, yeah, I mean I get it. It is huge corporation. They don't want to lose any profits, even if it's like razors. Yeah, we seem to be a popular thing to steal because they're always behind a case. Yeah, man, it's funny you said razors because, yeah, that's that's one that people would always say. There's always a fence that will buy razors, like a store that for some reason. It's just because they're so damn expensive. You know, mackthree razors, whatever, all those razor heads, refill packets. You know. The receipt checker used to really piss me off. Yeah, because I thought it was exclusive to shopping clubs, be Jay's or a Sam's Club, you know, to prove that your member. Plus, they don't bag your things, right, so when you leave, who knows what you might have thrown in your carts? Now I don't know what you know, the little little sheer piece of plastic means you bought it or something here. But but still, that I can understand. Now it's like a dude's fucking Walmart. You know, give me a break. Don't fucking you know, give me an annual search. Yeah, when I leave the store. Plus you're waiting in line behind a bunch of people. I just want to get the fuck out of here. I wait in line for fifteen minutes to check out, so it is very aggravating. Yeah, it's true, man, like I understand it more at a club like a bj's or Costco or Sam's Club whatever, like right, being that they're just, you know, they're also checking your merchandise, of course, but you know, there's there's that exclusivity of being a member of that club. But Walmart is open to everyone. And what the fuck, man, they they're making tons of money, it seems like, but I guess the percentage that they're losing for a store that's making so much money must be a huge number. So I guess it's worth protecting. But I just know I felt a little strange this morning. You know, I really like the fact that you celebrated your birthday by going to Walmart. Yeah, man, would you go there to buy coffee cream Hazel nut for me and Caramel Machiatto for the MRS, because you're fucking wild, man. Yeah, dude, that's how I love Kane and strippers. For your birthday, know, just see some coffee creamer to get by. That's it. Yeah, man, I just I just want some sweets. I just want some sweet coffee for my birthday. You know, nate, I would identify myself is a pleasantly plump person. This is not a bad thing. MMM, I have, you know, some some handles here, a little extra chunk and thunk over there. You know, I'm more to love, MMM right, more to love. But recently my wife started this thing called the Keto Diet. Yes, I did a little investigation on it. I didn't think it was for me, I mean initially at first. You know anything about this Keto? Nakittagenic, I believe it's called. I don't know much about it. High Protein, I think that's about as far as I know about it. It's well, that's the thing. You're supposed to replace carbohydrates with fats, okay, and in your body goes into a state of Ketosis. Okay, and you basically retraining your body on what to burn, because if you don't have the carbohydrates and the sugars in your body and turns to fat and thereby burning fat makes you thinner or more healthier, whatever. And I mean listen, she is doing fantastic, nice and on the surface. I looked at I said, oh, eat fat, sounds like the best diet hare. and well, it wasn't really for me, because I have to give him a few things I just can't live without. But that's a whole nother story for another day. Right now, I want to talk about something in particular, which are eggs, because she and for me, there's something involved in this diet called an egg fast. Upon hearing there's something called an egg fast, I wondered if I was plucked, picked up and dropped into another dimension. We're eating eggs exclusively, means that you could potentially lose weight. Apparently he's true. I mean, I'm a little, I guess, for lack of a better term, gobsmacked by the idea that someone out there is trying to burn some weight look great by eating eggs. I don't know, I love eggs. This sounds great for me. I'm not really playing on going to diet any time soon, but I ate plenty of eggs anyway. So I guess I got a head start. If I ever need to well, there's a trick. You may eat plenty of eggs, but you can only eat eggs. Yeah, that's you a five meals a day of eggs. Wow, man, three to five meals a day. You can three. Yes, Barry it up a little. Well, I don't know if you're just eating eggs. You're just eating eggs, all right. I mean you could fry it, scramble it, but you're not like adding cheese and shit to it. Right. You could, I mean you really could, because cheese is going this diet. I mean they say you can sprinkle like seasoning on it or whatever. Yeah, still, I I just cannot believe that we live in a day in and age where this is considered a healthy thing to do. Yeah, by a lot of people. HMM, you have, I've heard it's the societies of buzz with talk of the keytogenic Diet. My friend...

...and well, you know, you hear about the twinkie defense, right, someone was hopped up on sugar and they murdered somebody. And now you now you can essentially lose weight by eating nothing but eggs exclusively. And like, what the Hell is next? You know, I wouldn't be shocked if, tomorrow they said, Hey, it's an ice cream diet. HMM. Or, you know, I mean anything. You stick crayons up your nose and you can lose weight. Ye, possibilities are endless here because the rules no longer apply. That's why I mentioned potentially being dropped into another dimension. Yeah, happened. We're did all this change? Well, you know, part of me is not surprised, man, because there's that whole and it's kind of Cliche at this point where people say will dude, over the years eggs were good and then they were bad and then just the yolks were, you know, bad, and now it's like the yolks are okay and this and that and like. So, you know, I'm not I'm not that surprised that all of a sudden it turns out eggs are the savior for our fucking race. You know, like, Huh, it doesn't doesn't surprise me that much. It's next thing you know, it'll turn out that, you know, eggs are the beginning of the end for us and you know, Devil's eggs. He just blew my fucking mind. Oh Yeah, I'm sure that's what they were like eggcellent for exciting. Yeah, I just made some deviled eggs the other day. It's funny you say that, because I I decided to sprinkle a little curry powder on them and it was like the best thing that I've ever done. Well, there you go, eat it, you know, three to five meals a day, right where? You know what? You'll be twiggy. Yeah, maybe so fucking thin you won't know what to do with yourself. So Hey, yeah, this is the world we live and I just can't believe I'm a part of it. You know, with elections coming up in two thousand and twenty, was a lot to talk about. The wealthy, how to improve the country. The bigger corporations should really pay their fair share of taxes, which is something I completely agree with. Right, there's a lot of issues with the world, with our country. Yeah, everywhere it's all based around money. Absolutely, you pay what you can, you know, but if you can, you pay, you know, come on, there you go. All right, thank you very much. Well, this kind of a let me into something. I tweet from time to time, and one thing I seem to tweet on an annual basis anytime a new movie is going to be released and people are, you know, going cuckoo about it online. All this looks terrible. How could they ever make this thing? Well, for me, aside from just taxing the rich, what about entertainment? Because these movies out there, in this one I'm talking about in particular right now, if you haven't seen the trailer, is a new sonic, the hedgehog movie, MMM, based on the saga video game. People are losing their goddamn minds over the fucking thing and, to be honest with you, it looks terrible. It's like that nostalgia porn where at that that whole thing where it's just like, dude, has there been even a new sonic game? and well, I mean maybe there has, but like it's just another thing where it's like, Oh, let's bring up something from youth that was cool and throw it in. I'm sonic was probably in ready player one, you know, is like just anyway. It's a money grab right there, trying to ticklate, like you said, your nostalgia bone, to get you into the theater. Well, if you have ever chance to watch the trailer, don't. But here I am thinking about all these blockbuster movies that have these massive budgets, and Sonic in particular is ninety million dollars. Jesus think about that for a second. Ninety fucking million dollars. And recently in Paris, Notre Dame burned down. Yeah, and a bunch of millionaires swooped in and promised a bunch of funds to help rebuild it, of course, and then people started freaking out. Well, what about the folks in Flint, Michigan, who don't have clean water after all these years? What about Puerto Rico, you know, those ravaged by a hurricane? There's still so many problems and not enough money to fix it. I agree with that again completely. But still, instead of spending ninety million dollars on a movie that you know is going to be fucking crummy, donate that to charity instead. You can end a lot of problems in the world, whether it be famine or just health issues. You know, I'm talking globally here. I really am looking at the big picture. Yeah, with ninety fucking million dollars, absolutely, that's now. This could also, you know, be other forms of entertainment as well, you know, music, television, whatever the case may be, because we as a society are just so hungry for entertainment. Were willness spend so much fucking money on it. It's pretty obscene. So ninety million dollars, like those numbers get a little devalued when you hear about like budgetary numbers of trillions and you hear billions in your trump lying about his net worth with, you know, calling it billions and whatever. The point is, ninety million dollars is a fucking huge number to ninety nine percent of the world, you know, like we hear these numbers and we're desensitized to them, but to ninety million dollars, like I hear ads for like charities where they're talking about building wells in the Congo...

...or wherever in it's like a matter of, you know, thousands of dollars, never mind, yeah, exactly million dollars, like, think of all the good you could do. It's it's crazy. And Yeah, that's that's a movie that's going to come out. The reviews are going to be like this movie sucked. It's going to fall into obscurity because think of how many fucking movies they spend that much money on. Even if it does make the money back, it's not like that money that's recouped is going to go somewhere good. I mean, you know what I mean. For the most part, no, it's not. And for me the biggest, I think, criminal out of all the films ever made, and this is just my personal opinion, is ghostwriter too. Yeah, which how many people sat there and said, Oh my God, this movie changed my life and they cost him seventy five fucking million dollars to make this thing. Holy Shit, I almost forgot there was a ghostwriter. To now this kind of presents another question, right, who determines what's good, it was not good, and what should be made and what shouldn't be made? I don't really have the answers for that per se, because I don't want like to say this should be a committee out there who reviews of scripting goes, this is going to bomb. I'm only talking about blockbuster films. Another thing is when I do tweet this out, nobody ever likes it, and I wonder why, because to me it makes at least a twinge, a little bit of sense, enough where I might get one person to say, you know what, he might be on to something. There arn't button. But no, nobody. It's I don't fuck with our entertainment, man. Don't do that like we need it. We just fucking need it. And for me personally, if you said to me, okay, Dave, you love the Boston Red Sox, okay, we're going to cancel an entire season, the whole year, but we're going to end world hunger, what would I say? I'd say, well, fucking end world hunger, man, I can really hear. Well, the fucking Red Sox playing some fucking baseball, right, I love it and I look forward to it. It's something I watch every day. But if it helps somebody else to survive, to live, get the fuck rid of it, man. Yeah, and and that's a whole season. Never you know, these people are talking about a Goddamn weekend. Move it like an hour of their lives, our and a half. Yeah, yeah, exactly, you know. And the thing is too, they go in there, the movie theater, they spend Fifty Bucks on Popcorn and soda if you're just talking about two or three people. So the money is just fucking it's just out there. Man. It just drives me insaying that we you know, we can't solve these fucking problems. And I'm not saying the politicians, the Democrats running now, should be directly looking into this. Taxing Amazon is priority number one. MMM. But I mean just as consumers, this is something as consumers we should think to ourselves. Should we be doing this? Do we need to do this? MMM, do we want this? Right? Well, the question is also like, why does it cost so much? I mean, I know you're paying all these people in this net Butut, like, how did it get to this level? You know what I mean. It's just crazy, especially where you look at special effects have been made so many, like you don't have to create puppets and animatronics. It's all computer programming and CG. Now, like, isn't that supposed to eventually make things cheaper? It seems like the Technology Moore's law, whatever, where technology gets cheaper exponentially as time goes. But whatever it is, you'd think the numbers should be going down a little. You know, you're seeing more and more expensive movies. It seems like it's nuts. I don't know, man, I can't explain. I just know this is basically putting money into a pile and letting it on fire. Yeah, yeah, whose life will benefit from sonic the hedgehog hitting theaters whenever the fuck is supposed to hit theaters. I understand the producers and the people, the actors and everything else like that, but really just let's look at the big picture. You know, even on a smaller scale, if everybody who was going to go see that movie decided I'm going to give my sixty bucks or seventy bucks I was going to spend and charity of your choice, we'd make the world a better place. And I'm not trying to be a Hippie, Dippie fucking DREE agger here. Yeah, we're even else like that. By the same time, it just makes sense to me, rightly, just it really does. I knowing. It's like, I don't have money to give to this. I know where I work hardness and I deserve my my my free time. HMM, that's cool, man. Go pick up a book, right, right. Go to use bookstore, buy a book for a couple bucks. I don't know, and I don't want to sound preachy either, but just you know what, fucking I'm running for president. I'm making the announcement right now on the selling out show hope for me in twenty twin, twin. I will not allow sonic to happen. Nice, you got my vote, sure we all know, vaping saves lives. But now I want to save you some money. Visit Northland Vaporscom, probably made in North Dakota. Northland Vapors Line of e liquids contain no artificial sweeteners, are dike tone free and won't gunk up...

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So all is good, my friend. It is, it is. I feel good about this. I'm ready to get jacked up on some tea. Next time you hear me, I might be talking like this. HMM, I might be wielding a sword. Your Loti scenario got me thinking about like a past health scare of my own. Okay, yeah, back this was about ten years ago, almost exactly. I was I found myself in a drug program I was about two years clean at the time and I was doing well. I was working program I was recovering my life, doing all this stuff in and one day I'm with my group from the House that I'm in the program in in a van all together. We were going on like a trip together somewhere, because we were like the Partridge family. And but anyway, some guy cuts us off and we get an accident. was totally the guy's fall, like we weren't at fall, but I ended up following up with, you know, a trip to a doctor just to make sure everything was good in case there's problems down the line. I wanted worse. Sure, yeah, just everything was in order and to make sure I was okay. You know, of course. So I go to the ER, they send me for a cat scan, I get my results from the cat scan and all of a sudden they're sending me to an MRI. The doctor comes into the room, my room after the cat scan, and with a straight face, you know, he says he's all serious. He's like every everything seems okay from the accident, and I'm like, well, that's good. He goes, but but we're sending you for further testing because we noticed a mass in your scan of your brain. And Yeah, yeah, dude, in the weird thing was like, I'm I'm not a frequenter of hospitals, I never have been, and I am not familiar with the interactions between doctors and patients. You usually but I like giggled. I was almost like, oh, he's joking. We saw your scan. Everything's fine, but we noticed ables big ASS. Yeah, like like why would he be fucking joking? But for some reason that was my reaction, to be like yeah, okay, but he's like no, there's we're sending you for an MRI. We noticed a mass in your scan, and I'm so, dude, I go for the MRI. They had told me like if there's more to discuss, we will. You'll get a letter from a neurosurgeon whatever. You'll have further appointments by Baba. You'll be notified. Yes, wait, urs, but I mean, of course they're going to notify me of my results either way. I mean, I was just you know, but when I got the letter from a neuro search I get an envelope in the mail with a date for a consultation, I just my mind starts going. Of course, like I mentioned, I was in recovery. I was clean for a couple of years and I'm like all of a sudden, my my and is thinking cancer, and with cancer comes dedication. Yeah, man, Oxycontin, all these things in and, dude, it really it fuck my shit up, like I was all of a sudden was thinking about the potential of being high again for the you know, for the first time in months. And course you're like, I'm going to die anyway, might as well get as high as fuck. Yeah, what's and and staying clean exact. Well, there's that, and the fact that they're going to be prescribed me and and, you know, giving me the shit to and telling me to take it probably. I mean they say when you're in recovery, you tell your doctor and they will give you a narcotic, you know, substitution, like, not narcotic substitution. Yeah, but cancer is cancer. They're giving you fucking oxies, they're giving you a morphine, whatever it may be, delotted and like. The point is, my mind was all fucked up and my thought process got changed and I go to my appointment with this neurosurgeon and he basically tells me the mass turned out to be just a bunch of blood vessels that had formed wrong and almost into like a knot. So they show up as this lump in a scan and it's not a tumor and it's not something you need to really worry about. I don't want to have a straight yeah, or an yourhysm whatever and your resemble and yeah, but he said, well, he's gonna goes. To be honest, there's evidence that there's been some leaking. There's like shading on the scam, but it's in a low, low pressure area, so you don't need to worry about it and your best bet is to kind of forget about it. He says, if something is going to happen, you're not going to know about an advans is no you can prepare. So your best bet just to kind of forget about it, get it checked up every couple years. And that's the same doctor, because it sounds like they have both have great bedside man. Yeah, now this is this is a different guy. He's like the first guy was just a an yard doctor and this guy was a neurosurgeon to the damage was done. I...

...was already thinking about it. I mean I could have, I should have just double down on whatever I needed to do recovery wise, talk to people and just been open about what I was going through mentally. But yeah, instead I just kind of held it in and was like kind of relishing that thought of like what's it kind of be like when I in and even though the option wasn't there anymore, my mind was already thinking about it and, dude, I just spiraled kind of from there. I just I wasn't prepared to it. You know, I was doing well, but yeah, but I just it was it was kind of a big lump to put in my road and it it definitely did some damage. But Anyway, yeah, just I was just thinking about that because it's it's been ten years and I I haven't had a big explosion in my brain, so I guess I'm doing all right and I didn't need to go back to shooting dope after all. You know well that you don't to use a food analogy. I suppose we're talking a lot about food this this episode, and it's like, you know, a starving man, you put a juicy hamburger in front of whom he starts to salivate right right. You know, in attitudes and recovery, you start, I'm probably going to die, but I'm going to get all these fucking drugs and pain killers. Yeah, I mean that turns you on right. Yeah, it's almost pavloving, you know, like like the dog. You know it's dreaming, but yeah, it's strange. It's a condition. Now, did you jump back into drugs or did you maintain the the sobriety? No, I I did all right for a while after that, I kept up appearances, but you know, it was like this this dark secret inside me that I never let out. And what do you think? That was a catalyst that event? Yes, you think it's just bound to happen? Well away cut. I mean, who knows really, but yeah, I mean that. And some probably just bad decisions. Like I said, not talking about it and this that, but I definitely, I definitely would say that was the biggest factor, that that was the first thing that got me thinking about the possibility that maybe getting high again like that. I hadn't thought of it before that, to be honest. Really, you know, you just turned forty and the thing about any of these problems, if you have assist were, like you said, you know that the nodules and everything else anything now, you always assume the worst, right right, like you know, I made it this far. I don't know how the fuck I did it, so something bad is bound to happen. Yeah, man, and my situation was low testosterone, which I make light of and I should compare to other people is issues, but still anything whatsoever. You wonder if that's it, like that's the thing is gonna, you know, Punch your tick. And it's not even that far fetched. I mean, honestly, the older you get, the more serious things do become. And you know, the it's sad to say about the frailer, the weaker we do kind of get. And we're not there yet. But Yeah, man, you got to just keep an eye on things. That's the point, just kind of it's important, man. We we're not kids just throwing caution of the wind anymore. It's like you really it's important not to be about don't live forever like you once believe that was a whole thing. I'm going to live forever. I'll worry about that when I'm forty. But then he hit forty, go all fuck, yeah, man, I'm in trouble. You start watching the commercials, it's like you have life insurance. Yeah, you know, and Shit like that. And you start. Why, y'all, boy, and what have I done with my life? Good Christ yea. Hopefully we got more time to worry about it. That's all. Yeah, yeah, totally, I got my fingers. Hold on, that was me dying on air as a terrible show, and I'm like, I thought, stop the BURP for a second. No, I did mock dying, which will probably having to me as soon as we stopped recording this episode, just as a cruel twist of fate. Day from the selling out show, here to tell you about spunk loose. Spunk loube is a multi award winning mover can't use by professionals in the adult film industry. SPUNK IS I available in hybrid, pure Sol the cold, natural and pick spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients and is non stating, hypoellogenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love life with spawn. Right now, spunk loube is by three, get one free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A high end product for an affordable price. Is it? Spunk loubecom today and you can thank me later. Dust up your lps. It's time for nate. No, no, so, yeah, I just turned forty. A lot of weird feelings taking place in me. That's the inevitable questioning of where the time went, the disorientation at the sheer scope of life and the overwhelming moments of nostalgia. But to be honest, all that stuff has been going...

...on for years in a lot of ways, and in fact the most literal way, it's just another day, this forty birthday of mine. If anything, there's kind of a sense of odd that I've made it this far at all, maybe a little piece of mind that comes after years of learning how little there really is to truly stress out about. I know that when you hit an age like forty year may be entitled to look back on things wistfully or maybe just with a quiet acceptance in a preiation. I'm obviously an appreciator of live musical performances. Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to have seen my fair share of concerts and smaller shows, and once in a while it's good to look back at some of the more memorable ones. As a teenager, I used to keep a collection of my ticket stubbs in a shoe box, but unfortunately that box was lost somewhere in the subsequent years of confusion and instability that were my s. It would be cool to see what the collection would look like today had I kept up with it, but oh well, it is what it is. I have my memory, as progressively unreliable as that can be. So while I may not be able to list eighty five percent of the shows I've been lucky enough to catch, there are a lot that stand out for various reasons. And while even that is a list too long to go into here, maybe I'll mention a few for posterity. So the first show I remember going to was when I was like ten years old. My folks took me to see Billy Joel in one thousand nine hundred and ninety, which was an impressive show. I still think Billy Joel is an amazing craftsman of great pop tunes. This was during his storm front tour cycle. We didn't start the fire era, so he was still fairly on top of his game, but not quite at Allan town or the stranger level. Then, a couple years later my brother and I saw Arrowsmith on their get a grip tour, but that was still a seated, fairly civilized show. It was around this time that I was starting my first band with some friends, and in the summer of nineteen ninety three, a few of my bandmates and I got tickets to the third annual Lallapalooza tour. I was fourteen and it was my first real sweaty, stinky, dusty festival show, my first real experience with people mashing and crowdsurfing, first time just feeling exhausted and zonked from that combination of decibel's adrenaline, overwhelming body odor and just basically a contact high from the constant haze of pot smoke. The line up that day was legendary. Not only was I introduced to live electronic music with front to four two and conscious hip hop courtesy of arrested development, but it was the first of many shows I'd see with nineties funk mainstays fishbone. I was also introduced to the live powerhouse that was early nineties dinosaur junior. And now we get to the bucket list acts. I didn't even know were Bucket List Act at the time. The day opened at like eleven a m with the then unknown band rage against the machine. Shortly thereafter on the second stage, mind you. was another upand coomer called tool, who had just released their their first full length album undertow. Headlining the whole thing was Primus, who had just released one of their best albums, Porkxoda. But the performance that sticks with me most from that day was Alice in chains. I'm so happy that not only did I get to see lane s Daley fronting them live years before his untimely death, but on base was original bassist Mike Starr, who would then go on to be ousted from the band and sadly follow lane to an early grave years later via the same intravenous route. One thousand nine hundred and ninety three found Alice in chains touring on their stellar dirt album, a concept album about the poison that took both band members and really their masterpiece, if you ask most fans. One thousand nine hundred and ninety four saw the release of one of the defining albums my youth. Nine inch nails is the downward spiral. Speaking of concept albums based on self destruction, the downward spiral was an unprecedented industrial high water mark and it warranted extensive touring. I saw nine inch nails four times on that tour cycle alone, the first two times in ninety four, during which they had brought along a peculiar shock rock act called Marilyn Manson, who would of course, eventually go on to all kinds of hot topic style stardom and to continue the trend started by Alice Cooper and, I don't know, maybe wasp in the s. He sure riled up all...

...the Christian housewives for a while. I actually saw a few decent bands open for an inch nails. Over the course of that tour cycle British Electro Weirdos. Pop will eat itself the Bizarre Freak Show Act the Jim rose circus, with their glass eaters and guys lifting weights with genital and Nipple piercings. Of course, this was ninety four, when you didn't even really see body piercings that often, so it was all the more impressive and weird. The last time seeing in during that run was at a big show they co headlined with David Bowie. This show still stands out as one that I'm most proud of having seen. Trent resner and crew were at the top of their game. Bowie was experimenting with Electro industrial sounds resulting in some of his most exciting work, and the two acts shared the stage for a while, performing some of each other's material together in blowing everyone's mind in the crowd. The S was a decade that saw great strides in the popularity of experimental electronic music, and one of the most exciting bands, at least to my group of friends, was England's the ORB. They were a weird, trippy rave act that really hit their stride in the mid s when they started producing some really unique atmospheric soundscapes, as heard in their album orbis terra Um, and then perfecting that sound with one thousand nineteen ninety seven's or oblivion. Electronic Music is one field where it's easy to sound dated, what with the constant advances in musical technology in the fickle tastes of the audience, but or oblivion still sounds fresh and vibrant, and Orbis Ter Araum stands alone as a singular auditory experience. Listening to it is like visiting some alien world, and it's no less awe inspiring to visit that world nowadays. The oblivion show was a huge audio visual production. The two members of the ORBS SAT in a little command center at the top of a metal pyramid, the walls of which showed constantly changing projected images designed to amuse and confuse the minds in attendance. We had found some good acid, the music was loud and engaging, the lights and lasers were bright and colorful and the band were like aliens visiting in their pyramid shaped craft. There was just something magical about that night, both at the show and during the adventures that followed as we continued our trip outside into Boston, with the acid a long way from wearing off. It was a great show from a great band, but the combination of all the elements that night was what made things so memorable all these years later. Electronic music production in sound manipulation is a unique skill, but of course nothing beats seeing a band of traditional instruments really performing at a virtuosic level. In two thousand the genre crossing band Mr Bungle, fronted by Weirdo Genius Mike Patten, had released arguably their most comprehensive, fully realized, dare I say accessible album California. I actually saw them twice on that tour, but the second time was one of the best shows I can remember. They were playing at perhaps my favorite club back then, the now shuttered loopo's heartbreak hotel in Providence, Rhode Island. There was no opening act, just a lengthy set from a truly talented band, broken only by an intermission that spanned free jazz, hardcore, punk, circus and calliope music, Turkish folk, ambient noise and a few covers of Italian pop music from the s thrown in for good measure. It was a dizzying, jaw dropping performance and somehow my friends and I found a cozy couch right up against the front of the balcony overlooking the stage, so we were comfortable as we had our faces melted off by the performance. As young as we were, we were still more concerned with an uninterrupted view of such a show than with mixing it up on the floor with the rowdy crowd below. I could go on and on about different shows over the years. The time we went see Moby, also at Loopo's, and a good friend overdosed beforehand, which understandably caused a panic, but we managed to get him up and conscious without calling nine one. Any of the countless tiny hardcore shows at gymnasium's or elks lodges or whatever, any of the times have gotten to meet or hang out with an artist I respected. Afterwards, it's good to look back, but where do you start? How long do you spend and where do you end? There are enough concert memories in my head to snack on whenever I feel like for the rest of my life, it seems. I've said before that life... about making memories and once in a while it's good to cash in and look back, not to get lost in revery, but just to appreciate some of the adventures and experiences before you forget about them. Make orsins. This is your life. I know, went down fucking memory lane there, baby. I know it's a little silly, but I did. I was feeling, I was I was feeling nostalgic. I'm getting old and I have like hey, you know, I got a nothing wrong with that. You know, you were at some of that Shit, man. You're at that bungle show, you know. And Yeah, you weren't with us when a when our friend odd, then I where you. Did you go to them? No, okay, no, I was not there for that. I've paid witness to many crazy events. Yeah, and I mean yeah, a lot of those experiences were a lot of fun and you saw a way more shows than I did. I saw your share, Dude. I did. Yeah, I mean still, yes, I did. But one of the things I will never forget is when I saw the lemon heads play live, and they were a Boston band. They went through different incarnations, right, but at the head of the group was always the lead singer, a guitar player, Evan Dandoh HM. Well, I considered a hero. Yeah, he was like a pretty he was amazing, don't get me wrong, but people loved him. He was like golden boy kind of in Boston music and and alternative radio in general. I still think he's a very talented journey solo albums, the lemonhead records, yes, but I got a chance to meet him after the show. was really cool. I'm like, Oh my God, I'm meeting my my hero. I want to ask him all these questions about music and collaborations and everything else, but he was highs king. He was only interested in making out with very young women. Yeah, we we then proceeded to walk through the streets of Portland, Maine, with him playing guitar like a bard and singing at random onlookers and strangers, and that was funny, entertaining, just to be, you know, part of his roaming caravan looking streets entourage. Yeah, like, yeah, exactly. But at the end of the night he was inviting everybody up to his hotel room, but he's like, Hey, listen, I can't get everybody in it one time. So groups of two were three start coming up and of course he's select did young girls first, like okay, you first, you second. I'm like this has been fun, but he doesn't want to talk to me about like yeah, but whole surfers or or you know, I mean bands he likes or anything else like that. So I just fucking I only live right down the street. Yeah, and I went home. Still I commonly tell People Evan Dandol great talented guy, but he sure like the the kittens. Yeah, yeah, man, Oh, yeah, baby, yeah, which, you know, I'm sure he had his pick of the litter man. Well, was literally the litter, literal litter. Well, again, looking back, it's kind of gross. It's like, come on, dude, for real. You know, absolutely, he was a younger guy then, as we all were. So I mean you can't really ask for ID I suppose, when you have groupies everywhere, but maybe you should have hmm, maybe he should have thought about that. They're Evan, I would say. Man. I mean, yeah, I always remember that story. I did, I think, just name a the the loudest show I can remember, I believe, was and it was fairly recent, I mean twelve years ago, but two thousand and seven. I saw ministry and they were being opened by the revolting cocks, which is Al Jurgensen from ministries side project. So he played twice then, I which was pretty cool. But Anyway, that that ministry show was still the loudest show that I've ever been to. I'm not into big concerts anymore. I want to see a barbershop quartet. Yeah, yeah, I see some of those sweet sounds burning their way through my ears. I really I have no interest in going to a concert. I don't. Yeah, I don't know. I still enjoy it. Once in a while a show comes through that peaks my interests, I'll go and I definitely still have the bug. But Dude, I'd go see a fucking barber ship, barber shop quite yeah, man, it's hard to say. It's hard to get out of your mouth. That's why they're so talented, you know. Right there it's like wow, you can even say it and you can sing it. That's it, man. But here's a memory I have that was unique because it was at a party in a basement and this guy, of course, was a nobody, but he called himself naked. Oh, man, I was at that show, I was there, I was at that party. Great, so you I don't even remember that. So, yeah, baby, but if then you should remember, yea, that he just kept singing this song where he proclaimed he was naked over and over again. Yeah, yeah, it was like a one man he was like a one man try like Trent resoner, want to be type, like a guy with some keyboards. He might had like a female, you know, person playing guitar, Bass or something with him, but yeah, it was like a guy in his basement at a party, you know, and Halloween Party. Yeah, he was just singing I'm naked, yeah, naked,...

...over and over and I don't know why that stuck with me compared to like some of the other concerts I've seen. Yeah, so someone says Hey, what what show do you remember? Instead of saying like cheap tricker stone, temple pilots, I'll say Oh, I saw naked M I have no idea why, but maybe because it was so bad and now it was memorable. I'll give it that. It scared me a little bit maybe in the process. So you succeeded. Wherever you know, wherever you are out there, whoever you are now, he's probably like, I don't know, an accountant, yeah, right, something like that. He's stuck in the minds of two of US man at that at that party's yeah, yeah, making memories is great and Yep, you know you being such a music fan. Yeah, it's a great road map of your life, remembering all these concerts and how you get to where you are today. Yeah, man, yeah, my life is a series of shows. Life is just what happens in between. What is that from something? I think that I'm just I'm just reading to print that on tshirts. So it's ripping. Yeah, it's good on a t shirt. Well, we do we get a capitalize on that some here, your sage wisdom that you've gained over your birthday. Yeah, man, it's cool. Man, I appreciate you sharing that with this. Some of those shows. I can't believe I forgot that you were at naked though. Yeah, man, that was funny you and I. It was a costume party. You were addressed as a I was dressed as like an Arab in a very politically incorrect turban and like smock, and you were just as like a wild sports fan with your face painted a few colors. And basically I would pretend to speak a foreign language and you would translate it, but as a super sports fan, like my friend says he appreciates your American democracy and the Yankees are going down and like yeah, just one of those. I'm glad you remembered all that, because that really just flooded me. Right then I'm like, Oh fuck, that's right, we did. I have lots of means where we I drink a beer, that had a cigarette but put out a dude. My memories are vivid from then. I don't know why that's. That's strange. I'm glad one of US ours, or is whatever. I've lost my ability to speak to murmur shop corn hat. I can't talk anymore either, but now that means we should stuff. Yeah, we should say yeah, so much for the one year show. Yeah, we can't even speak anymore, so we've done to ourselves. That does it? For this episode. Nate, I want to thank you for taking this podcasting journey with me over the passage here. Great. Yeah, it's been a trip, allowing the audience into our lives, the good, the bad, the ugly in everything in between. I want to thank the listeners out there. I love you, I appreciate you. Virtual hugs for all of you, and if you ever want to reach out to us, it is easy. You can find us on twitter at selling out show, on facebook at selling out show one. Drop us a line at selling out show at GMAILCOM. Or, if you just want to whisper a sweet nothings into our ears, leave us a voicemail at seven, seven, four, seven zero one, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. Let us know what you think. Well, now it's time to blow out the candles and beat it. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out piece. Why? God? So only no infirmary media. How to show up with cocacola energy. You're tired and you're thinking of canceling on your friends. Don't do it. Every time you cancel on a friend, a Unicorn loses its horn and becomes a regular horse. Do you really want that on your contents. Instead, grab an ice cold can of cocacola energy with delicious coke taste and reinvigorating energy. Keep the UNICORNS alive. Show up every day with cocacola energy. Energy you want taste, you love. How to show up with cocacola energy. You're tired and you're thinking of canceling on your friends. Don't do it. Every time you cancel on a friend, a Unicorn loses its horn and becomes a regular horse. Do you really want that on your contents? Instead, grab an ice cold can of cocacola energy with delicious coke taste and reinvigorating energy. Keep the UNICORNS alive. Show up every day with cocacola energy. Energy you want taste, you love.

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