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Episode 25 · 3 years ago

Ep.#25 Rocky Mountain High


On this chock full and chunky episode of Selling Out: Dave has doubts about his doctor's diagnosis (1:05), Nate talks the views in Vale Colorado (7:36), Creative prison cuisine (14:56), Phony Patriotism (22:54), and then Nate's Notes explores the memories that are made with music (32:47).
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...totally off base, but I heard that the guys that usually have the receding hairlines because they have a lot of testoster. I hope that's the case. I don't know, I really did. I heard. Well, well, I'm not a I'm not an online yeah, reputable testosterone. I was just about to say to the listeners out there do not take our medical advice. We're not giving any where the furthest thing from experts on anything, I guess, except for our own miserable lives. Yeah, reduced bone mass, which I would know if I had, if you had to save my life. Right, I don't know. How do you can tell? Like do I feel? Says here. Bones are feeling small today. You know what funny I because I'm doing the research as we speak on air. It says the bones are more susceptible to fractures, but I haven't broken a bone since I was a teenager. So side note of only broken one bone and it was a crack in my whole life. So milk does a body good, buddy, good yep, reduction in the amount of seamen. Again, no issue there. I'm spouting off like a fountain in the middle of France. I'm shooting ropes. Yeah, well, that's silly string. That's the No. No, it's not like that, but still that's not an issue whatsoever. You Got Peter, Parker, Peter, I do have a Peter Paca Peda. Yes, and being difficulties sleeping not a problem. I sleep like a log. There's a hurricane outside, it won't wake me up. Okay, so we're going to the list here now, and none of these things are really adding up to low testosterone for me. Okay, lowered sex drive? No, to the point where I basically have to beg my wife on schedule because I'm in I'm in need. You know, some people that they have sex by seen on next Tuesday, next Wednesday. I write down when I have to Beg Uh Huh. I have to beg for this shit Wednesday night at this time. So no, reduced muscle mass. I've been a fat, Lazy Slab for as long as I can remember, so I don't really know if this has anything to do with it. My Im not reducing more than usual, you know, it's not reducing. No, noticing. No, I've always been kind of an unsightly SCHLOB. So you know, what's the big deal here? Hot Flashes, and, mind you, I'm almost done hot flashes. No, no menopause for me. And men do go through menopause. But no, I'm good with that now. Ten, I'm already hunt. Ten, I decrease in energy levels. You. Yes, this is what I went there for, right this, this is it, and I was kind of hoping she'd be like, well, here's some, you know, betwelve or a safe medicinal version of monster energy drink, just, you know, something to get give me more kick, or some amphetamines or sore. You go get me all hopped up on the meth or something. But she's just like me taking your blood. And then finally, here I have an increase in body fat. I will refer back to the big fat, useless Glob that I am. So really the only thing I have is the decreased energy. So I don't know how that corresponds here with her her diagnosis. Right, I think you don't have low testosterone. I think you have low energy, like it's a thing in itself. That's all it is. It's not necessarily symptom of something bigger. She just wants to she wants to get you on some fucking viagramybe she likes you. Maybe she's just like wants to talk sex with you and she's a I don't know, that could be the case. I mean, we just went over how I basically just look like shit. So, yeah, why wouldn't she be attracted to me? Absolutely? My thing here is I believe, okay, and stop me if you think I'm wrong, my doctor is a motherfucking quack. Yeah, man. So, as I mentioned at the beginning here, I've been out in beautiful veil, Colorado for the last about two weeks and I come here. have been fortunate enough to be able to come here for the last several years. I always come at this time of year and the irony of that is that my girlfriend always laughs because I hate the winter. I've mentioned before in the show. I believe that I get seasonal effective disorder. Yeah, I get a you know, I do not like the winter, but I live in New England, Massachusetts. Winters are notoriously bitter and just a lot of shoveling and all that nonsense, and there are a lot of there. There are a few ski resorts within Driving Distance, but it's it's kind of a pain in the ass to get to him. And and so the point is, right when it's getting warm, it's, you know, mid April, I come out here because my birthday's coming up. It's kind of a birthday trip. I come out to Colorado right as it's getting warm, back home to catch a few more weeks on a mountain covered in snow. And my girlfriend cannot understand. Not Too many people could. It's like saying, fuck you, Groundhog, I want, you know, two more weeks of winter. Yeah, I'm it's I'm telling you, man, it's totally different when you have like I understand now how my brother, my brother moved, mind you, from San Diego, which sounds like paradise to me,... know, sun beaches, all that, to to the middle of Colorado where there's snow. But now that I've been out here a few years, man, I can I can see they do. He lives comfortably out here. Man. You know, he works, he does this thing, makes his money, but he definitely goes riding all winter snowboards. I Ski. I think I could handle it if I lived where he literally lives. Across the street from Goddamn Veil Mountain. It's I can see it like out the window right now. Is I'm rocking. And Yeah, I mean unfortunately the last day was yesterday and just before I get off this topic, I just want to mention the final day of Vales season is always this huge party. I mean I put stuff up on my facebook page. Maybe I'll throw a few up on the selling out facebook page just to kind of give people an idea of what it's like out there, man, because it's picture a music festival. You know, your shoulder to shoulder with people around you, but everyone's friendly. There aren't necessarily bands up there on the top of a Goddamn Mountain, but the view is the views beautiful. People are grilling up food, they're passing whatever to each other, you know, and whatever. I've met whatever, you know, without getting to a graphic, but it's just I get your eyes, I get a drift right here. It's Colorado, you know, it's a rocky mountain, Iby country here. You know it's it's it's beautiful, but but I'm telling you, it's an experience that I wish everyone could, could could get to see, because it's just I don't know, it's it's another world, man. It's everyone's pretty chill out here. Maybe it's all the legal weed. But yeah, I've been having a good time. My brother in and his roommates are all veterans of the fine dining in food and beverage industry, so they're all amazing cooks. So we're eating, like you know, fine dining quality food every night for, like you know, the fraction of the cost. It's amazing. They all have worked at really Nice restaurant. So I'm living the life. I apologize for it sounds like I'm yeah, you're breathing it in your face. Mr Look, no testosterone man over there. I'm I'M A, I'm full of energy. I'm full of beans over here in color out of my friend. I want to go find somebody who's visited Vail and got gone rhea just to kind of counterbalance your good vibes and some guys like fuck that place, man, my balls were green for a month. Yeah, I have this souvenir from Colorada, some scarring tissue and exact memories. Cheez. Well, I'm glad you're having a good time. I am wondering, though, since you ski and he snowboards and these are the ultimate white person problems. Is there any kind of like yeah, you know what am I trying to say here? Rivalry right, not not just rivalry bait, like he looks down on you. I will say this. There is a generalized I want to call it arrival you. You're more on point with the way you put it. The snowboarders often look down on the skiers because, you know, it's not as cool. It definitely doesn't look as cool. But I don't know, man, I always say this. I've been skiing since I was a teenager and I know that learning to snowboard will be several days of just being on my ass the whole day. So, considering I only come out here for a handful of days every year, I'm really not I'd like to make the most of each day and actually do something I'm good at and have the exhilarating experience and all that, rather than just beyond my ass every six feet down the mountain. So tick with what you know. I'm I'll be forty and like a week. I don't think I'm learn any new tricks in that in that regard. So you are an old dog, as much as true. Yes, indeed he so. I can see what you're saying, though you're only there for a limited amount of time, do when you know you enjoy have a good time and don't embarrass yourself when you're hanging to hurt myself. Yeah, well, that's all secondary. We know that. So you don't want to embarrass yourself in front of all those Hoochie Coochie Mama's up on the mountain, the snow bunnies. There you go. Is that what they call? Is that? They like exlizard? There's nobody. Oh Nice, it's a less offensive lot lizard. Yet a lot lizard is not as appealing as a snow bunny. Ill to remember that next time I visit beautiful veil on your your recommendation here. Absolutely, my man, but I'll see you guys all back in Massachusetts soon and it'll be a shame, but it'll be nice to get home. So, nate, hold the phones, do not hop on any airplanes yet, because I have a couple of prerecorded segments that we did before you went on your Snow Buddy Hullabaloo and left me here with my low tea. So we're going to play those, but I want you back to do in Nate's notes. We need a brand new one. You got it, so you have one. I have when I spent the morning writing nate's notes while I looked out at the beautiful mountains. And Yeah, Lord of the Vale, here he is. Nake or Zinski is going a gracis with his nace notes. I love it. So stick around springtime. The birds...

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...put a bunch of sugar and whatnot in it and dude, they would make like a real apple pie. So while I'm I am glad to be on the street eating real food, I will say that, you know, we didn't. You're able to make the best out of a bad situation in there, and there were some, some guys that had been in there long enough to, yeah, learn how to make some decent food out of the garbage they they provided you with. So so, I don't know, I mean it's not like living on Ramin, man, it makes you do some weird shit and thankfully some crazy scientists they are, got together. Yeah, so I got a hulaid peggy and I got a piece of brain him. And what am I gonna make? And a funny thing is you'ven just admitted you don't even know what it was half to yeah, yeah, it just tasted good and it was different. Yeah, man, I mean I had this horrible, Horrible Cell Mate that I've mentioned, I believe, on another episode, but he went by the name Coujo, which will tell you, you know, a little everything you need to know. Yeah, yeah, did. This guy was a volatile, you know, eat snap in a second. He was the type that really he felt uncomfortable going to sleep in the same room because, you know, we I've mentioned before. I have no problem with with with gay people, but the guy was, you know, homosexually. He only admitted it really to me for some reason, because we were cellmates and he was honestly, I felt like he was trying to test the waters and see if, you know, I was a willing participant, because he didn't let anyone else on the block. No, but anyway, that's hold beside the point. He was he was somebody I worried about the sanctity of my Butt Hole, you know. Oh, yeah, be careful with that, I hope you. Yeah, brought him a couple apple pies of your own. Well, so he could dip his whatever in that. Not You? Well, the point of mentioning him has to do with the food, just because this guy had weird habits, like he would. He taught me you get some bread with your meal usually, and then you may get a piece of fruit, as I mentioned, either an apple, but sometimes a banana. So he he told me. Look, they only sell peanut butter, but if you save your banana, you in your bread, you can make a nice peanut butter banana Elvis special sandwich, which was cool. Yeah, but one day he's I see him putting peanut butter on one piece of bread. On the other one he's squirting squeezed cheese, like the yellow squeeze cheese shit that you you know, gross processed cheese, and I'm like, what the fuck is he doing? And he spreads it, he goes. Dude, I'm telling you, try it. He cut off the piece of his sandwich for me and, believe it or not, that wasn't bad. It was almost like the concept that like cheesecake, like it's cheese and the sweetness of the peanut butter, which wasn't as gross as it sounded. But I drew the line. This guy would make it, take peanut butter and then, on the other side, smear a fine layer of mayonnaise and that that was a little much for even me. I mean, I took a bite and it was it was less horrendous than I expected. But, dude, while the point is, while some people do wonders with the food you're given and and can buy, some people are just, apparently, have been pushed off the deep end and their alley cats. So that's what they are like fucking I got mannaise, I got peanut butter, I'm making a mayonnaise and peanut butter sandwich. It all goes in the same place, you know, it does really right. What's the difference if you had tuna fish an hour before and you had peanut butter? You know, half an hour later, it's still going in your stomach. Right, this is probably this guy's rash now. After all, his name is cool job, so therefore I wouldn't think he's, you know, got a fine Palette. Right, right, fair to say. And the funny thing was I said bring him an Apple Pie and I said stick is whatever in there when I when I should have said penis. You know, I don't know why I said whatever. It's said. It's safe. Piece out right. He decided to censor yourself of the one time, you know. I know, and now I'm just going to keep saying penis, you know, until I'm all penist out. He miss it up, bro crack open an old milwaukee and massage that bullet. SELLING OUT CRUIS D getting a lose with Lady Liberty, God blesster America. Yea, I think patriotism is at this point simply in advertising strategy. Bo Okay, yeah, all right, because you notice, like products have to the like to tout their American Maden is and all that, even if the I don't know the things half the time. Or Not American made, but the you get a shirt that says America, there'Sen that and America, we love you, and America, Lick My Butt Hole, you know, and all these well, that's that's more disrespectful, I guess. But America, let me Lick Your butthole is yes, okay, yes, yes, and now I think I'd become lick our butt hole or come we have to. We have to sit and have a round table about this later, but I get your point. Anyway. Patriotism is just, yeah,...'s de devolved into this way to, yeah, sell products and for the consumers it's almost like a Dick measuring contest, like how Patriotic Are you? You know, you see people with flag bumper stickers and all these things. Are I you know, I'd support our troops and we all support our troops, but I feel like it's a certain mindset that has to advertise all that on their own. You know, I maybe I'm just tired, cynical of yeah, I'm cynical. I look at the political climate now and it seems like the ones that are doing all the flag molesting are our president and his people. I'm not literally hugged the flag I don't know if you saw that. Oh I, boy did I ever what a weird all that motherfucker is. Dude, it's like how much more on the nose can you get about that? So it's like I'm more patriotic than you and I can't tolerate the fact that football players would kneel for the national anthem. And it's really it's like check the tape right, because if if you look at those same shirts you were talking about, or washing machines or anything. Yeah, the components are made somewhere else, but there they might as sound. I was going to get at assembled in an America, but that's what counts. They still American jobs, man to they can't take our jobs. Are Good, thank the yeah, I was what a sealt pack is something, but yeah, they can't. You know, they can't have what's ours, which is just Cockamami and ridiculous, and in a post nine and eleven world, which is so weird, because here we are, you know, eighteen years later. Yeah, and but but then I kind of understood it. It was like a unity thing. I don't really see how people and it is controversial. We're in sure, you know, would anybody support the president at that time, even though he was a fucking moron to the yeah, that would most degree, but still people were more inclined to do so or support American stuff or imagery because of what happened to us right that tragedy. But now again, these years removed, you find out that most of the people still keeping up with that on a regular basis, not someone who just has one random t shirt in the closet or you know whatever, but the people who have all the fucking bumper stickers and everything else. It tend to be he'll billies. Dude, it's so true. I saw I say, well, I see it pretty regularly. You must see it a lot in Texas. Oh, baby dude, people with not just bumper stickers but actual full size fucking flags attached to their cars or pickup trucks. Usually it's it. I saw a car. It's like I'm watching something out of a demolition derby or something like this vehicle flying down the street with a giant waving flag. I'm dude, what happens if that thing comes loose and like covers the windshield the person behind it's like a full size fucking flag, but you're win the World Cup or something. They're like, what the fuck are you talking about? Soccer? What soccer is that? Like metrics? My neighbor here in Texas named his kid us with middle name of A. So, yeah, they're really into it down here, baby. Huh. Yeah, man, it's it's crazy. I feel like if you have a you have a commercial for like a truck or something manly, all you need is to put like American imagery, maybe a flag, and then you have like Sam Elliott do the voice over and he just talks about a miracle. Is that that's sense of doing the rout thing and and standing up for what's right? Yeah, you are. Are. Our trucks stand for the same values of freedom that our forefathers was stood for all those years. Whatever. It's just, yeah, we don't take no God ful right. People buy it Hook, line and sinker they like, and if I have this conversation with a certain type of person, just questioning advertisers or things like that, you're cant. I get called. You know what, you don't like the flag. What's wrong with some in the flag? What's wrong with so in America, it's like it's at such a volatile point now where it's like some of us love the country but feel like it's either heading in the wrong direction or there's stuff that can be done to make it greater. But then others are just a lot of them have the same issues where, you know, they think the country is going the wrong direction, but for other reasons. Like everyone loves the country but is dissatisfied with certain aspects, and the problem is they just would rather argue about it than actually and both sides to an extent, there so fixated and unwavering and UNMOVING in their points of view. But I don't know, man, it's it's hard to think of a way out of this scenario. Yeah, well, for me it's just a symbol. It could be replaced, you know. I mean it's like to be an American to me personally?...

Yeah, it's more of a sense of being rather than particular you know, laundry. Yeah, that you have. You know, it's right. It's like one of those things where we could change it tomorrow and it doesn't matter me. That's just as a fucking piece of fabric. Absolutely. You know, for me American values would be taking care of others and, you know, supporting those in need. And unfortunately not everybody agrees with me, and those might have been some of the fundamentals that may have lasted for a period of time where or short along sometimes lose its way. But you think, I almost want to sound like a Gi Joe Cartoon here something, but you do the right thing right, and that's that's my opinion of what America should be about. Do the right thing, and we're definitely not going in that direction right now. And the flag huggers, the people who defend the flag, you know, or stubborn about burning flags and doing this stuff like that, listen, they might be ex military people that feel like a fought for it, and I get all that. That's all fine and Dandy, but listen again, it's it's just a thing. It's not the people, it's not anything that really truly matters in the end. Yeah, dude, like somebody posted something on facebook about you know, if our soldiers didn't fight these wars, we could be speak in German right now or some one of those cliches that you always here. And, Dude, you know, in that case I'd just be speaking German and I wouldn't know the difference, you know what I mean? Like true, like I'm I'm grateful that I live in the country I do, but if things had worked out differently, we would just be living like I'm I don't know, I'm just a citizen. I'm living under the laws that are written for me and you know, I have to there. There are things I don't agree with with our nation too. And Yeah, I'm happy here, I'm comfortable, but I wouldn't know the difference if things had gone a different way, on a different way, you know what I mean? Like I personally wouldn't because I would have been born under those conditions. But I mean even then, what let's say, what they what they're claiming is true. Okay, in many ways I kind of believe them, because it wasn't for those soldiers back in ww two, who knows what would happen. But that's for the people, you know. For me personally, it's not for the flag. It was for the country and the people within the country tree. But what the fuck, you know, like like Oh, let go of like having symbols. People like just just stop. It's not something that's necessary for us to be good or, you know, as the human race in general, something that we need to represent. US just will care about people. Just care about others. The issue is that a lot of those people that are so fixated on symbols, they're fixated on that the same way with religion and this the symbols in the proclaiming that you're a Christian and all those like those things. Like I notice that those things often go hand in hand. The people that are so you know, you, you don't talk bad about my country, and those are the same people that think the country was based on Judeo Christian values and all these things, when they ignore the fact that we were based on a, you know, a concept of freedom of religion and all this. Like people, people are just have their shit fucked up right now and and, I don't know, let's join them. You know what, Fuck this, let's join them. Let's come up with a selling out flag. was hanging on a fucking pole. But our thing is just going to be like live life, be happy, be cool, be kind to others. That'll be a that that's it, baby. Let's write the constitution about that. Will hang up a pair of my fucking box or shorts outside the local fucking elementary school. How does that sound? Salute that motherfuckers day from the something out show here to tell you about spunk loob. Spun Loub is a multi award winning mover can't use by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in hybrid pure silicone, natural and pink. Spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients and is non stating, hypoellogenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love life with spun right now. SPUNK LOUBE is by three, get one free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A high end product for an affordable price. Is it? Spunk loubecom today and you can thank me later. Dust up your LP in time for nate. No, no, no. When I was a kid I saw scene in a movie that always stuck with me. The film in question is the blaxplitation parody film I'm going to get you Sucka, starring Keenan Ivory Wains, and it's full of memorable quotable scenes, but the scene that always stuck with me was when Wiyan's meets up with Bernie Casey's character, who's traveling with a comically large entourage...

...of guys carrying various musical instruments. Bernie Casey explains that he likes to travel with theme music. Every hero should. Now everyone can have their own theme music, hopefully on earbuds, in their own minds. But honestly, we've all been next to the Guy Blaring loud music on his phones outboard speaker. He's apparently determined what everyone else gets to listen to. Very thoughtful of them, but anyway, I'm a earbud guy personally. My girlfriend gives me tons of shit because they're permanently in my ears. I figure even if I'm not listening to something, which is rare, I will be again soon, so I might as well just leave them in. I'll admit I'm fairly dependent on this particular aspect of technology. I'm not a huge social media guy. I'm not really a Gamer. I was left behind in the sixteen bit days of Super Nintendo and Saga Genesis, but the fact that in my pocket resides a device that can play quite literally any piece of recorded music on fucking demand is proof that we live in a technological golden age. For me, that's basically the pinnacle of Human Advancement. Sure one could make the argument that by plugging up my ears and playing tunes throughout my day I'm walling myself off from the real world, that I'm just another person addicted to my phone. But in defense I will say that I usually have only one earbud in, or the music is at least low enough so I can interact with others. And besides, it can really add a new dimension to everyday life, a sense of drama, maybe some excitement. It just spices things up. So these past few weeks I've been on vacation in Colorado, as I mentioned, and I've been skiing a lot now. Granted, skiing is already a pretty perfect blend of exhilaration and tranquility. The beautiful surroundings and the excitement of flying down a mountain create a really unique experience. It's pretty indescribable. But a few years ago I realized that a selection of icee s, Goth and postpunk really adds a whole other dimension. There's nothing so perfect that a strong dose of killing joke in the sisters of mercy can't make better. So for the past few years that was my mountain soundtrack. Whenever I'd hit the slopes, joy division, the cure the chameleons, I figured I had found the perfect theme music to my Alpine Adventures. Then, a week or two ago, I decided to throw on some ridiculously heavy Gore, grind and death metal before I began my descent, bands like aboarded and Fuluja, maybe some necrophagists, and dude, it was like a new experience entirely. It kind of shifted everything to the more exciting end of the spectrum, whereas the s new wavy stuff favored the serene, awe inspiring beauty of the things out there. It was just a cool reminder of how how powerful music can be. I mean I think back to various landmarks in my own life, moments that stick out, and there was always music in the background. I remember a particularly great year when it seemed like Otis redding was a constant companion, and I can't hear his unique plaintive singing without mentally revisiting those days. I remember dancing at a prompt to total eclipse of the heart, and, as cheesy as that song is, I kind of smile whenever I hear it to this day. It's like not only is music there to enhance any moment we may live through, but sometimes a song can act as a conduit to a memory as effective as any photograph, and it's not always entirely pleasant. There are songs that may be hard to listen to because they evoke sad memories. There's a particularly awful hair metal ballad that was playing as I got my heart broken at like age twelve, and I haven't been able to listen to it since. I mean, no big loss, it's a horribly trite s ballad that I wouldn't listen to anyway, but it's remarkable that, almost three decades later, I still get a little sting when I think of it, the song, I mean, I don't even remember what the girl looked like. So I guess what I'm saying is that I will continue to unabashedly season my daily routine with music. I'll continue to be addicted to the music APPs on my phone, which at this point is really just a humans external hard drive. Look at that, we're cyborgs already. But yeah, I'll continue to create my own soundtrack and, more importantly, I'll continue to make memories, because isn't that what life is all a about? Anyway, I just find it easier to remember things...

...with an audio que. I feel bad for people that don't listen to a lot of music, but then again, some people feel that their lives would be empty without sports. So takes all kinds, I guess. And that wasn't addict towards you, Dave. I know your sports fan, but but you know what I'm saying, like the right music and totally change like what's going on in your day, like the way you see things. And and you know, I'm sure you can relate to hearing a song and it bringing up some kind of memory. Good, a bed. Absolutely. I lost my virginity to Mr Brownstone from guns and roses wow, which was horrifying. It was terrible and every sense of the word, because I remember like it won't you don't know what you're doing. You trying to like search your mind for like any bits of porn that you might remember so you can like a stud but I actually like started going along with the beat, but it wasn't the right kind of beat to go to. Yeah, so that poor poor girl had to have me gyrating and grooving to Mr Brownstone. So yeah, that's definitely a specific memory that POPs up when you when you start talking about the music, right, man, you know, it's like it's amazing because that's, you know, decades ago, that's years and years ago, and and a song can bring it back. And Yeah, I mean I'm got every should didn't. Well, that's gonna say. I did mention bad memories. You know, sometimes it brings back bad memories. So yeah, I guess it's you know, you change the way to look at things too. You know, I remember I used to have a shirt from this band, skinny puppy, and it's said on the back, change the way to perceive and change all memory, and I was like wow, that's you know, it took me a minute. It was kind of a run on sentence. So for a while I was like what does that even mean? Change the way to perceive and change all memory, and then I realize, Oh, okay, I see what's saying. If you change the way you look at things, you know, your whole memory changes. And Right. Yeah, so, you know, first sexual experience in awkward dance at a prom or whatever it may be. It's you know, sometimes it's a sweet, happy memory to think back on it. Sometimes I can find myself cringing at Shit from twenty years ago. You know, it's yeah, it's amazing. Well, every couple has their song. You know. Yeah, I got married. We dance to our song. It's odd. My girlfriend and I have completely different tastes in music and music is definitely more important to me than it is to her, which she fully admits. But you know, we do crossover on a few things we do. We both are the types that like to we like to dance at, you know, weddings or parties. Were kind of Cheesy, but we're we're definitely a lot you know, people, people find US amusing. We're not. We're not just stors bums at the party. But yeah, so there's a few songs that we definitely always dance to when we hear them at the place, but it's usually more upbeat stuff. It's not like it's not like, as I mentioned, that totally eclipse of the heart memory where I have this like slow dance memory with my girlfriend. Most of our songs are like, you know, jump around by house of pain and Shit like that, you know, just like party songs, dancing and when well, that's a video you're going to put on our facebook page. Yeah, man, all right, we got somebody to have tape us, you know, film us. No, just do it. They everybody now just holds their there's their own selfie thing. Don't even more others to have anybody hold a camera any more. Phone anymore there, like, yeah, fucking I'm with a celebrity Selfie, like there's no time to pass the phone over. But I want to address something you brought up in the very beginning. Okay, and I'm sure people listening and to think, Dave, you taken it way, way too far. Yeah, but you mentioned the person without the earbuds. Yes, I hate it when people crank up music in their car. Yeah, and if they stopped at red light or they're parked outside your house or on your street and they're just looking, they don't even turn down the music, they're blasting it. I always consider that audio rape. That's a good, you know description, I'm glad you say. Next, I figured I was being offensive, not at all, because you're forcing yourself on someone else, granted, albeit it's you know music, but it's still your you are forcing your shit on someone else. Yeah, and now that I have a kid, if I'm cruising down the road in the windows are open, beautiful day, and you pull up next to someone who's just blast, and I mean completely offensive stuff. You Know Me. I don't want to sound like fucking tipic. Go here or something. Right, right, you have the right to listen to whatever you want. At the same time, consider others. You know, you're all sharing a space. I know you know what I mean, so take it easy. It's like I'm when I was a teenager, I use music, or at least I believe I used music, to can impress girls. Yay, check out what I'm listening to. Like I'll put on like a sensitive track or something like. Yeah, I have a heart baby. So I don't know if some people are doing that. Like, Hey, Yo, I get cred I'm listening to whatever the case may be. Yes, some heavy hardcore rap or whatever whatever here, loud shit. Maybe some people would crank it up the sew. I don't know, but I mean, my whole thing is I don't know the reason behind needing the music that loud in public spaces, right, or you're just a complete nottter cock sucker. That could be into.

I mean, I'm not sure I hear you, man. That's why I like I've I've mentioned skiing and having the ear buds into me. It's a singular experience it's all mine. I'm aware that no one else is experiencing the same exact thing I am, even though there's, you know, a bunch of other people out there in the wild with me on the mountain. I you know, my own music creates my own little world and I'm happy to be in there because I just I just sit there and smile and I realize I don't have to share it with anyone else. You know, some moments are just for us, you know, just for yourself, and it's good to just kind of enjoy those. It's nice to share things with people, but dude, you know, keep it to yourself once in a while, you know. Yeah, especially with the music, it's like not everyone likes what you like. I've learned that I don't have a lot of friends that I can share my you know, cattle decapitation, Cannibal corpse shit with. You know. But but I will say on this vacation I did, may just a quick aside, I did meet a guy that was as nerdy about death metal as I was and we exchanged bands back and forth for like the afternoon. It was Super Fun. I met him on the slopes and we just talked death metal all afternoon. So yeah, you know, Colorado's got some get some headbangers out here, so I will. I coverage people, though, if you want to be that prick who blast your music out in public, MS, skip the tunage and put on selling out. Yes, blast Dave and nate. Where you going to share that with the world? But you're fucking crappy gangster rapper, death metal or whatever the hell you're listening to, make sure you share US sounds good. And if you're not one of those crummy motherfuckers, let us know what you're thinking about. And it's really easy. You can find us on twitter at selling out show, facebook at selling out show, one, Gmail, selling out show at GMAILCOM. I just said Gmail twice. I get a nickel for every time I do a Gmail plug here, and I'd be nice. Yeah, there you go. And we also have a phone number. You can call us and leave us a voice mail and tell us I don't know about anything you want, and that number is anything seven, seven, four, seven, zero, one, one, thousand nine hundred and ninety three. Give us a buzz. Nobody's going to answer. It's only a voice mail. So if you you know, are a little worried, about me pick it up and going hey, talk to me. Yeah, it's not going to happen. You're safe. So, yeah, you can remain isolated and separate behind your keyboard and phone, as we all like to be. Beautiful thing, it truly is. Yep, well, they I got to say I'm really happy you're having a good vacation. Yeah, man, I'm sorry you're not feeling so well, but you know what, I think. I think you're going to make it through this and everything's going to be fine. You know, because I'm psychic and I know these things, like I'm going through something like really terrible here. Well, you're tired, man, you have low energy. That's that's that puts a fucking damper on things. Well, actually, I was about to put cans at the local convenience stories of my face on them. He's funds for my testosterone deficiency. Help this man with his low energy and low sperm count or whatever it is, my saggy nuts. Yeah, that's another thing I don't have a problem with. Oh my God, it continue. Anyway. I want to thank each and every one of you out there for listening. We truly appreciate it. Virtual hugs for all of you. If I could, I reach out and squeeze you right now, but I can't, so I won't, but I'll talk about it. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out. Peace, so infirmary media. How to show up with cocacola energy. You're tired and you're thinking of canceling on your friends. Don't do it. Every time you canceled on a friend, a Unicorn loses its horn and becomes a regular horse. Do you really want that on your contents? Instead, grab an ice cold can of cocacola energy, with delicious coke taste and reinvigorating energy. Keep the UNICORNS alive. Show up every day with cocacola energy. Energy you want taste you love. Hey, I'm Maurice. As a barber, you might think my scissors are my main tool, but really it's metro. That's where I got my iphone seven. It's camera makes sharing my cuts as simple as snip, snap, share. Right now, get an iphone seven with a camera that shoots K for just for thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. When you switch to the number one brands and prepaid metro by tmobile rule, your day requires port inevillual number not going to be acted on tmobile that were poor, active on Metro and past ninety days, and verification of hiding independent diabetes, but it for Percounselash householdretty computed by iphone seven, modelon and no tethering S. store for details in terms of emissions.

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