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Selling Out Show

Episode 24 · 3 years ago

Ep.#24 Omnium-Gatherum


This episode has it all folks! Pepper spray taste testing, the ONLY reason one would ever need to support transgender troops, talking (tacky?) tattoos, terrible television theme songs of the 80's, man manes, classy cannabis in Colorado, PLUS we wrap up the show with a new edition of Nate's Notes that focuses on the heroes of...Hair Metal!
Pepper Spray Palate- 1:01
Transgender Troops- 4:15
Tattoos- 8:14
TV Themes- 12:50
Man Manes- 18:45
Colorado Cannabis- 27:45
Hair Metal- 36:45

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...don't really, you know, agree with them, but one lately that's been kind of bugging me, you know, stick in a pin and across, is this whole transgender in the military thing. Right, O man, I mean, Oh man, is right, Oh man, Oh woman, oh, whatever you are, if you want to defend the country, if you want to put your life on the line to protect other people than what you believe in, you should have the right to do so. Why would anyone want to block someone who cares about their country from serving in the military? I know, man, that's a good point. It's like there's only so many people even willing to do these, you know jobs, this duty. And Yeah, so it's a limit that number for such a petty reason, man, like I remember when trump first had mentioned it with a tweet months ago, or a year or so, whatever it was, when he first surprised this all with the tweet saying that, yeah, that's his way of communicating, Oh man, by tweeting out these weird fucking tweets at two am and them, you know, the right like are they official? Are They not? Because, dude, that's surprised the hell out of the generals and all the people in charge of the military. And when he said that and he said he didn't want to pay for medical costs or this or that, dude, I had learned that the military spends way more on Viagra and things for regular men's health in the military, like far more, like exponentially more than it ever has on. There are transgender soldiers. Well, it makes me wonder what's the big deal? I can only assume in this is just my perspective here, so no one get overly offended and start freaking out. But for me it's more like maybe there's some closet motherfuckers out there and then more worried about them and being maybe riled up or a little bit excited, yeah, by, you know, the other ranks of the people joining them being transgender or something. I really couldn't make heads or tails of it, because I got to ask you this. Right if, let's say, you're in your house, you need help and emt shows up, but it's a drag queen. Yeah, would anybody, or should anybody, have a problem with that? In my case, sure, I wake up, I get a little bit of glitter all over my lips from the you know, mouth and mouth or citation. Hey, you know what, that's a small price to pay compared to a t bone being stuck in my throat. A good point. Well, the point is, who cares? Who Saves Your Life as long as you're alive. That's true, and I mean aside from the fact obviously you're you know you're being facetious here, like people aren't on the job necessarily all glammed up as a job. I know, I'm kid. I like the plan and of course I know. And of course a drag queen or a cross dresser is different. Sometimes, like some people just like to dress up, but like a genuine transgender person feels like they're in the wrong body, you know, and it's like, dude, it's a real thing. Sorry, everyone. You know, it's like there are people that still have you know, and regardless of your feelings towards it, it who's right is it to well, whose business is it to take away the rights of someone just for something they're going through? You know, and it doesn't affect you except for the fact that it may make you uncomfortable, and that's you know, sorry, that's that's not enough to deprive these people of their rights. Well, yeah, I might make it a little bit uncomfortable, but in the end game it will make you a whole lot safer knowing that someone who actually gives a fuck is out there on the front lines. Man, every call more. I got tattoos, you got tattoos. I found the problem in my life is when you start getting tattoos. You're addicted, but then there comes a moment in your life whe they're not a priority for you anymore and you you go. You get these grandiose plans. I'm going to get this full sleeve, I'm going to do this or whatever, and they just get some random tattoos just, you know, scattered all over your body. That's what happened to me. Yeah, I don't know how you know, because I have what for Tattoos and back when I start getting tattoos, I'm like I'm going to get twenty of these sons of Bitches, I'm gonna be covered. I'm a Betass and as like I'M RANDOM TATTOO GUY in age forty. Yeah, what does this mean? I can't tell you. was supposed to be part of a piece. And know. How about you, man, you you get the Tattoo bugs. I know you get a few year own. Yeah, I mean I have a couple, but it's like, yeah, I know what you mean. It's like when you do, you get you get addicted and you want more. You like this is so cool. But but yeah, man, at some point, maybe it's age, whatever it is, you just kind of like you, yeah, you fall off kind of. Yeah, you lose the ambition and you write it. It doesn't look quite as cool when you're just like Oh, you get naked and you're like I have a weird dark spot on my left forearm and one over here and like yeah, it's like at least a sleeve, you know, it's like a big piece of finish the job. Yeah,...

...right, exactly. Now, that was a thing was. It's also money, because when you're younger, Oh yeah, you let your buddies experimentally, a Mayde, you get a test, you gun, come over here, I'll try something. That's that was basically my first tattoo. Right. I had a friend WHO's trying to become a tattoo artist and I was drunk and he said what do you want? I said do this, and in hindsight, boy was that fucking stupid. And you know which one I'm talking about. I had a but whole surfers tattoo. Yeah, on my wrist. So if you don't know who the whole surfers are, okay, that's cool. But their symbol is like a oh with some lines around it, you know, to simulate the old Brown balloon, not if you know what I mean. Yeah, but people, they asked me all the time and they always have. What is that? Is that like a tribal sun or something like that? But that's not even my regret here. My ghet is the fact that I got it on my wrist right very visible. It's very visible. So any time I buy something or reach out it, Hey, yeah, you get a tattoo their guy. Did that one hurt? Yeah, a little bit. I don't know. I was drunk. Yeah, but yeah, I think I would have chose a different location, if not a different you know, imagery or different symbol. Yeah, yeah, they're like what is that? Like? It's a butt hole, you know, pretty night. Know, I for about twenty years. Anytime someone asked me, I did the whole fucking this is the most stupid thing you can ever say. I'd like to tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Yeah, and you know how fucking tired that is. Like. People must have thought what an asshole this fucking guy. We're asking him what he's got for a Tattoo and he comes at me with that Shit. What the fuck is this? You know, but I used to do it, but now I don't really Hacky, only p yeah, yeah, the only person who doesn't really know now, or I don't express exactly what it is, is my kid. Oh, yeah, that's a tough one to explain to a six year old. Yeah, he may some day see that symbol on if you end up. Well, you kind of got rid of most of your CDs and albums, so it's like the physical copies, because I was going to say he may notice it on a, you know, an album floating around your your place. Yahir's one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. Yeah, we're in two thousand and nineteen in that band is fairly I think they've returned to obscurity. Yeah, I can safely say that. So I'd have no real off fear of anybody going Ay, right, I can associate that to what it is. Yeah, yeah, you don't see it very often, but yeah, it's like the O in the word but hole in their logo and it's kind of made to look like a but hole, like you mentioned. It's Oh, it's not Kinda it is. It's a but holy only. But Oh, it's very but whole. In a smack DAB on my wrist, and it wasn't done in the best way either. Again, considering that I had a friend testing on me. And then later on through life I get some better tattoos. Right. I have an incredible Hulk Tattoo on my leg. I got a Red Sox one of my shoulder. You got this? I have the date of Maine. Yeah, I do have the state of hey, vacation land, baby, sir. I'm always on vacation every time I look at my forearm. But again, my whole intent was like, I'm just putting the dots and then somehow, some way, over time, I will connect them and it's gonna be Rad as hell. But the other thing too, is when you get older you realize good tattoos cost good money, right. So you, yeah, put that off for whatever. And here we are and I'm a forty year old guy with the butthole on his wrist. Did you know the other day I decided to watch some old TV? They was I found an old episode. Dude, I found an old episode of silver spoons and awesome, remember silver spoons? Who Don't? Jason Bateman, Ricky Schroder back before he was Rick Schroder and had some dignity, you know. But but dude, you're saying the why indicates nondignity. I mean why, at the end of your name I'm saying the why sounds young, you know. Yes, no, it does. Yes, Davey right, you may ever call you Nadi. Not. I have a name that's and doesn't have the e available. You know it can be. I'm doing it right now. Proven them wrong. Dave, got it, you know. But uh, but, dude, watching silver spoons, I was struck by the theme song because, sure, you know, I don't know if anyone remembers it, but theme songs back in the day, that one actually kind of is the exception to this rule. But theme songs back in the s never said the tight are. They rarely would say the title of the you know, and of the show they were for. Are in a lot of times that you would have nothing to do with that. It would be some inspirational theme, like, if anyone yeah, like the theme song for Perfect Strangers, for example, was like, you know, standing tall on the wings of my dreams or something inspirational. Dude, Balky was a fucking immigrant dude. He was awesome that. He was following it. That's his thing. He was. He was standing tall on the on...

...the on it. Whatever the fuck. You just said, because he came to America, he found his cousin, Laddie, Daddy died and all is good in the world. He's gonna get late. Yeah, fucking good blow, maybe, but I mean it just it's kind of a stretch, you know, and like yeah, dude, but they made you feel good. Yeah, I guess. What about? What about the all in the family when they're sitting at the piano play in that Weird Song? I mean that was cute because it was archie and edith singing together at a piano. You like that was cute. It was a massive racist and his abusive wife sitting at the fucking piano. Used Probably Beers. Yeah, exactly, probably beatter two seconds ago, you know, before is like you better sing along with me, bitch. Yeah, well, you know what to do. If you listen to even you remember my favorite, I think, was the greatest American hero. That was, oh yeah, such an awesome theme song. But that that, you know, was that was fairly appropriate, I guess. I mean some of some of these, as I said that, there are little connections, but dude, they were just these feel good so I can you imagine the guy you've been commissioned to write a theme song for an s Sitcom, I don't know. I picture a bunch of people in skinny ties or, you know, boat shoes and and Khaki's kind of rocking out and, you know, just I just sitting around the studio just jam and putting their brains together. What can you come up with? Man, I figured about waves. Going to put waves in the song. Oh wait, this song is about I mean, this show is about the desert. Doesn't matter. Let's fucking put waves in there, dude. Dude, it's you know, they have some image in their mind of like, yeah, positivity and and, you know, inspiration and well, yeah, I do prefer my theme songs telling the story about the show. Like his ex wife left him, she cheated on his ass. Now he's a Butler selling grass. That's right, his name is Barnaby. He tells dope to the kids. See that we can make a show based on that theme song. Maybe that's exactly it's about Barnaby, whose wife was off fucking doing the Hootsie Hootsie Couchi or whatever was some other duty. Said, I'm just going to fucking get out of here, smoke and sell some fucking Chiba Chiba and life is going to be great, and then you go. You get fucking two seasons out of that perfect recipe for success. My friend. I'm telling you, though, the other bands that you kind of like having vision in your brain, just sitting around, I don't think they wrote for the show. I think they would just kind of like had a song, HMM, already. Maybe in a bang? Yeah, I guess, because did the golden girls theme song that I always thought was for that show. It turns out that was like a pop song in the S. I never knew that. I didn't know that either. You just schooled me. Amazing, they just schooled me. Learn something new. Now I'm gonna go drink some mountain. Dude. No, this ain't a commercial. Is this show? Wow, man, see, fucking yeah, I'm quitting this, Dude. Fuck this selling out show. I gotta bloom in business like a blooming onion to make some money put in my pocket. Just writing fucking show themes. Did you can really sell out, you know, looking murder where William Mouth is? Man, we are face to face, silver, smooth, open, too fine. We're too all the kids. Make it a call, make it all together. Sure we all know vaping saves lives. But now I want to save you some money. Visit Northland Vaporscom, probably made in North Dakota. Northland vapors line of elquids contain no artificial sweeteners, are dight tone free and won't gunk up your coils, whether you're quitting smoking or an experience vapor northland carries a variety of flavors and hardware, making it a onestop shop for all your vaping needs. Northland believes quality doesn't need to be costly, and right now you can use coach, selling out nineteen and save nineteen percent off. There already amazing prices. So what are you waiting for? Your head into the clouds and shop online at Northlynn vaporcom or visit their locations in Moorehead and but Midge, Minnesota. Some products contain nicotine, adults only. Nay, I'm angry with you. I'm a little upset. Oh what? Because I am follically challenged. I mean not to the point where I'm bald, but I'm getting the peaks. Man, I got like the you know, they always say, because if you wear a baseball hat for so much of your life, that you end up just getting like the little plateau right. I'm getting I will like getting it. I have it. What am I going to try to fool anybody? And you have these luscious flowing locks and I actually stumbled upon a picture of me and you from years ago and the hair is long. Man, you're rocking, you're like fucking getty Lee rush with that hair, and yet you decide to cut it. Yeah, yeah, you could. Can still be living the dream. You could ponytail that shit up man bunnet, do whatever the fuck you want with it. And said you waste it, you waste the fact you got all this fucking hair. HMM,...

...yeah, I guess I'm a squandering my hair. You know, I could. I know that if I grew it back though, it would it would be all right. Like I have a friend who our holy youth. He had long hair and and pretty. He was kind of known as the guy with the long hair. He cut it when he was in his, I don't know, late s and do and when he grew it back he noticed he was starting to go bald or it just didn't grow back right. He was missing stuff. And who knows, maybe I'll feel kept the long hair. Yep, it's still just would have looked silly like a balding dude with long hair. But he regrets it to this day. He jings himself. He gave himself some bad Juju there. Yeah, you know, he's figured I, Oh, I can grow back anytime and Nope, he kicks himself for it all the time. But my family's good, man. Yeah, you guys all have good you know, amounts of a moss on your head and I change. You guys can grow full beards and everything. And you know my beard, my beard is great. I'm not gonna you know. Yeah, I got a great beard, but wonderful beard. Well, thank you very much. Would you like to touch it? If that were possible, you you would. But the thing is, it's like I feel sad for all the folks out there who might be like me, hmm, you know, missing a little bit on top, or maybe even missing all of it, and they feel the need to go out and get hair plugs or hair club for men, which I had a little insecurity because, you know, you miss it, because I you don't meet man. When I was a kid, I had like long hair, pink hair, green hair. You know, I was one cool cat. I was rocking that Shit and now it's like, well, I just shave my head, because what's the point? Why delay the inevitable? Just just fucking go with it. You know what I mean? Yeah, but still, if you think you lost your hair, would you ever go to those kind of extreme measures to pretend that you did have hair or try to grow your hair back? Man Um? I feel like I would just be the shave my head type of guy, like me. Yeah, you know I mean. But my problem is I have trouble keeping up with shaving my face, like I'm the type of dude that's almost too lazy to like I'm like, Oh shit, I haven't shaved in four days and I don't know. So I feel like with they would if I shave my head, I would never be able to keep it up. Like I've known people who bick their heads and they have to do it basically every day they're in the shower. Just bring a razor in. I Dude, I've been nicking myself right in the left yeah, I don't think. No, I don't need all that any like her skin. Yeah, that's just ridiculous. But I do my maintenance and I think some people believe I'm lazy because of my beard, because a big old bushit thing on my face. But really, that takes more maintenance and sometimes I remember spending when I got my regular hair cut. Yeah, yeah, you know, you line it up and everything, you like, keep it neat. Well, yes and no. I mean I do the cheeks and everything, but the Bush is the bush. I am a fucking lumberjack, yeah, you know, at least on the outside. On the inside and not so much. But if you saw me, you m that's what tough motherfucker right there. You probably drives a motorcycle, even though I'm scared of death of ever hopping on one of those fucking definitely chains. But you get my point. But yeah, still I got to trim it, I got it, you know, maintain it, I condition it ideal. Yeah, I do certain things. So because, you know, you've heard the reports, how they like the human beard has like more germs and a pilot turds. Who All know that? You didn't know that? Oh my God, yeah, it made the rounds a while back. So I make sure my beard is very, very clean, very presentable for what it is. Yeah, so now that's what would bother me if I ever lost my beard, my God given right beard, Baldness, Yos in God, and some people have that. They get the little patchy spot. Oh yeah, well, it's right, it must be. Hell, that's torch. I don't know how you go through life not being able to grow a full fucking beard. You know, I know, man, I mean I I know. It took me till I don't even know what age where it just suddenly all connected. Like I used to be able to grow sideburns really big. I had big sideburns as a kid because I old chaps. Yeah, and then I but I would also have a goatee because I could grow the goatee. But that little spot in between, like the sideburn in the goatee, took forever to fill in and I remember being, you know, happy when I could finally grow a full beard. It made me feel complete as a man. And Yeah, I rocked the full beard for a while. I noticed yours. I really like yours. I'm envious of yours because gray in there, yeah, shows I don't mind great age. Well, I freaked out over it for a long time. I would die Itt Oh really, you have? Oh yeah, that was a secret of mine. Has a deep dark secret. I would die it. And then I just realize people probably you know, know I'm dying it because it's like in many my eyebrows, if they know,...

...and I said, you know what, fuck it, just go with the flow, dude. It's got some grain. It makes you look more you know, I don't know, elder statesman. Maybe. Yeah, men can look sophisticated. That was always the thing when men of a little salt and pepper, a little gray, whether it's their beard or their Oh women hills, yeah, I guess, but women are more self conscious about it. They they tend to pluck women, I know, oh, that's terrible. Yeah, my girlfriend's not so bad. She's she embraces her age to an extent. She doesn't freak out about it, but I know several women who they pluck their grays as soon as they show up and they, you know, die roots crazy. I nothing turns me on more than a woman with a big Ole full gray beard. Hemp bombs, nate, we have a new partner in the form of ww doot hemp Bombscom, the makers of a variety of CBD products. They were kind enough to send us a bunch of samples and, Holy Calaman, I am enjoying the dickens out of him. How about yourself? I as well am enjoying them, and I'm Specifically Enjoying The CBD oiled drops. Dude. The results were palpable, like. I took some before bed last night slept like a baby, like noticeably comfortable, refreshing sleep. I've been having a lot of back pain and I took some this morning and, dude, I had a noticeable reduction in pain. I strongly recommend this product. They're a great company right. You know, it is great that you bring up pain relief, because a lot of people think relaxation when they think of CBD. I really hadn't dabbled in it before we got a line with these guys and I got to say, man, they speaking of pain. They have a pain freeze Jel they sent me. I've had two back surgeries, I got some cranky own knees and this is the best shit I've ever used. I'm not even blown smoke up anybody's ASS. Nice, you know, I'm dead serious. This is the best stuff I've ever used because a lot of the icy hots or the tiger bombs and the other stuff that I've used my back it's like Matt is now that it's not that great. Yeah, so I didn't really have a lot of high expectations going and using this stuff either, but I'm never going to stop. Yeah, I never get this is the best stuff I've ever used and I highly recommend it again. It's called CBD. Cold Therapy, deep penetrating biocooling CBD. Excellent. So, and you know, here's a great thing too, if you want to give it a shot, ww dot and bombscom. But we have a cupon code for you. You can use code selling out and save fifteen percent. And if you're someone like me who's never tried it before, this is a great opportunity to do so because you get it at a discount. Is that selling out one word day? Just to specify for the audience, yes, it is. Thank you for correcting me in the way that I speak, as you often do. It is selling out one word for fifteen percent off. Go and do that. Why wait? Pause the show. You saw some CBD. They got CBD gummies. Nate mentioned the the drops. I have you liquid. I mean they got so much stuff out there. Capsule absolutely so anything you want to try is on their website. And again. Even better, you save some money. Get your biscuits over there, people. Dude, I am going on a trip to Colorado in about a past yeah, I'm pretty psyched, man. By the by the ten this episode drops, I will be in Coloradi. Okay, so any of our listeners in Colorado should be on the lookout for you. Yes, look out for a tall dude and who doesn't belong. He looks like he's from Massachusetts. Me, you go give my high five. Yeah, but dude, I go out there about I go out there once a year. I've been fortunate to be able to have an awesome trip to visit my brother who's been out there for years now. My my brother got away from Massachusetts Pretty Young, fairly young, early twenties, and he went to California for a while and for the last handful of years. I don't know exactly. I think he's been there for Jesus. He's probably been in Colorado for almost ten years at this well. But but yeah, man, he lives in Vay l Colorado, and I get to go ski one of the you know, one of the best mountains that it definitely in the country, but Bil bill's pretty world class. Dude, I know you. I don't know, I don't. I don't Ski, but I'm glad you get to enjoy your namesake. Really, s's in your name. You might as well fucking do it. Yeah, I gor Zinski the shit out of that mountain. Oh, I bet you do. Hey, you know why why Polish people's names all in Dun Ski? NOPE, because they can't spell to bogging. Oh, but don't dude. I was the worst fucking joke of all time. Where did you get that from? Where'd you pull it out and put it back? It's a street it's a street joke, man. Okay,...

...yeah, you know, my dad made a good point one day. He said, you know, of all the racist jokes and this and that, like we being a pollock. It's like we've actually had to deal with racism to an extent. I'm not gonna Bitch about it. I'm not complaining, but do you know all the Polish jokes I heard growing up? But, yeah, but those are just jokes, not like you get pulled over by the cops and yeah, Hey, yeah, pole I, is that a Piroguie hanging out of your trunk on the fucking ground now, and they shoot you I mean you took up the white privilege going on there, buddy. Yeah, no, I'm not bitching, but but did. So I go visit my my fellow Gorezinski out nice. I that's great. Sounds like a hell of a lot of fun, Dude. I tell you, between skiing, my brother's a daredevil. He's always been a daredevil. He's the type that would jump out of trees and, you know, make rope swings that we would enjoy as kids that were death defying. We so he's tars and yeah, man, I mean you you remember my brother some? Yes, I do. Yep, I remember the him growing up, and he was a risk taker. Yes, speed stir yes, always, always loved. He got a jet ski when we were like teenagers and we tool around on the leak with that. He, you know, went when Bungee jumping. He's done all that stuff. If I can I back in time, I would mimic what he did, because that's all this a recipe for some ass right, you know. I mean fast cars, fast jet skis, living life on the edge, man, that just fucking makes girls wet in the drop of a hat, I tell you. And he definitely has lived a little and enviable life. You know some he's makes between Tarzan and Larry Flint. I don't. I don't know it goes that far. He's he's in a committed relationship right now and it sounds like it's going really well. But great he is definitely, you know, still living this lifestyle. He goes snowboarding all season and gets to go on trips around the world on surfing trips and staying in youth hostels and different sort of cool spots and he's definitely, definitely enjoyed his life and I always envy him and look up to him. He's a he's a great guy and he's been without the problems that I had in my life for the most part. He's right. He's managed to avoid all the bad decisions that I did and thus has no criminal record just because, which is enviable in itself. He's got a good head on his shoulders, you know. And so anyway I go out to visit him and it's a good thing as a good head on his shoulders man, because Colorado has been a pioneer in the legal marijuana market, as you know, most people know, I'm sure they're aware of it. Sure, and I live in Massachusetts, and Massachusetts also has legalized recreational marijuana. But the problem Massachusetts has is that they're so like pretty and tentative about actually allowing stores to open that it's been legal for over a year now and are about a yeah, I believe it's been over a year and well, actually, whatever. You can check my math on that. Yeah, it's been a while. That's what it's been. A few NAYS, been open for a bit and you know it's not working out. Dude. Well, the point is you only see a handful of dispensary, recreational dispensaries, around the whole state, Dude. So they're mobbed with people's traffic slows down and line up. The real issue. It's a real issue, dude. You go we we go to a tractor supply for supplies for our horses and this store attractive supply and it's in a town where one of those dispensaries is. And Dude, for the first few months, I'm telling you, it was a nightmare going to this store and we weren't even going to the dispensary. It just the traffic was bumped a bumper and it was on the news that it was becoming a real issue residents in the town. We're actually saying can this was a bad idea and wanting to go back on it, and in man feel like, can you put a rehab here instead? We're halfway house. This fucking dispensaries causing too much damn traffic. Yeah, which kind of surprises me because you know, I'm I don't smoke anymore. But even if I did, I always thought to myself, okay, the dispensaries are great because you get some high quality stuff. Right, right, you're not getting that dirt weed you get on the street. Problem is the dirt weed is cheaper, so it's I figger. I figured a lot of people would be like, well, how much can I really afford to my budget on the grass, you know, a little Maui Wowi, when they would, you know, stick, stick with the the dirt weed, even though it's scientists have shown, real scientist that there's like pieces of bugs and boogers and all kinds of hair in the shit you get on the streets, while the stuff you get in the dispensaries... like fucking pristine. I've blows in the dark. Whatever the fuck me. You know case maybe there are some amazing yeah, it's all quality control. And the thing that I like most about going to Colorado, because Massachusetts hasn't nailed this down yet, is the edible market, because the the the variety in Colorado. You go to a dispensery, you go to one of these stores and it's just the walls are covered in different products. The varieties insane, dude. I you can get iced coffees infused with thhc Huh, beverages, you know, Soda's and this and that, as well as chocolates and gummy big Bush. Yeah, dude, it's up. I didn't even really know what I've never had a croken Bush. I just watched the food shows and it's I was trying to gloss OKT it, like yeah, and I yea, yeah, whatever. You understand what you said? Yeah, well, that's that's half the show. That's half the show. You gloss over what I say and God bless you for it. Okay, yeah, you know. Well, Mr I'm going to Colorado for the fucking weed, not to see, really see my brother. He's just the front. Yeah, and I can dude, and I can grow my hair out. You're just jealous. I think I think of everything, of my long hair and my trip to Colorado, not just you, everybody. I got walk down the street just filled with anger and rage and Piss and Vinega like fucking guys got something I don't have. You know he's this guy ain't wearing glasses. Look at those perfect eyeballs. Fucks cats. When I got vision two and twenty my ass two thousand and twenty s new show. That's all it is. Day from the selling out show, here to tell you about spunk loob. Spunk loube is a multi award winning mover can't use by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in hybrid pure silicone, natural and pick spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients and is non stating, hypoellogenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love life with spun right now. SPUNK LOUBE is by three, get one free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A high end product for an affordable price. Is it? Spunk loubecom today and you can thank me later. Doest of your lps in time for nate. No, no, when we were kids or teenagers, really, we used to frequent this coffee shop diner place called dwires. It was cool, a place for all of us to kick back, drink a ton of coffee and smoke a lots of cigarettes. It was still legal to smoke inside back then. Naturally, we got to know the staff of workers hanging out there so much, waitresses and cooks, bus boys, etc. I know I personally ended up dating a waitress or two from there. Most of the workers were teenagers like us, but a few of the cooks were older people that had been working there for years. When I say older, I mean mid s. That seemed ancient to us back then. This one cook named Ken was super friendly to us. He dressed and seemed like a pretty conservative small town guy in his late s. You always seemed very straight laced and almost square, until one day he invited a few of us over to his house to smoke a joint. It kind of surprised us, but we went over and thus began a pretty long friendship. Ken's house became one of our regular hangout spots. We smoke pot, watch jeopardy in more often than not listen to music, which was a huge interest of all of ours. The funny thing was, though, his style of music was s Glam hair metal. He happened to grow up during the time when SPANDEX and hair spray were as important to bands as musical chops. Being a little younger than he was, all this music seemed a bit cheesy to us, but I'm a music lover in general, so I tried to see the validity in that style. There certainly was a lot of talent involved. That was the time of Flashy Guitar Solos and almost operatic vocals. I was going through a lot in my life at the time and I ended up actually needing a place to stay for while, and Ken ended up stepping up and letting me stay in his guest bedroom. It was really nice to him, and he always made sure I was well fed and had enough to smoke. But every night I was introduced to more and more s metal. A lot of it was a bit Corny for even me, but I was a fan of some s thrash metal already. METALLICA, megadeth and testament where all bands we both could get into, and I learned to appreciate certain albums by Judas Priest and...

...even a little iron maiden. I drew the line at bands like poison and rat. This guy had thousands of lps and CDs, ranging from those mentioned radio exposed bands and all the way to strange underground Japanese and European acts that I had never heard of. One day can asked me if I had ever seen the documentary series the decline of Western civilization. He was specifically into the second installment, subtitled the metal years. We watched that one and I was definitely entertained and learned a bit about the sunset strip scene from that S era. The film features interviews with stalwarts like Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from Kiss, the members of poison and Megadeth, stay of Mistaine, alongside some bands that never quite made it. It's funny to hear all of these bands talking as though there on their way to becoming lifelong stars. They all have that rock star attitude, riding the wave of groupies and pyrotechnics into delusional self confidence. It's both amusing and kind of Sad, knowing that in a matter of years Nirvana would come and smash all their leopard print dreams. There are a handful of performances scattered throughout the movie. There's a surprisingly decent cover of born to be wild by the band Lizzie borden. Faster pussycat plays their song bathroom wall, and Megadeth wraps the film up with one of my favorite songs of theirs in my darkest hour. It goes into the pre internet culture of flyers to advertise your band's upcoming shows. The band members discuss how they had to really get out there and distribute these flyers by hand plastering walls and covering other bands flyers with their own. It was a playful battle ground out there and the bands did a bit of footwork to get their music out there. They talk about living in squalor to afford their non nine to five lifestyle, all the While Dreaming Of the mansions they were undoubtedly heading for. These guys were spending more on their outfits and hair styles than they spent on rent. But, as I mentioned, there were also interviews with guys that already had the mansions. Paul Stanley is interviewed while laying in bed, literally covered in scantily clad women. Ozzy Osborne makes breakfast in his beautiful kitchen wearing a cozy looking bathrobe. I've briefly mentioned this scene before, but one scene stands out to anyone who watches it. Chris Holmes, Guitarist from the shock rock band Wasp, is interviewed while floating in his pool on some floating lounge chair. He's so drunk he can barely talk and during the interview he goes through a few leaders of vodka. He actually tilts his head back and guzzles the booze straight from the bottle. Sure, a lot of it overflows from his mouth and spills into the pool around him, but he drinks it like a man dying of thirst who's been just given a gallon of water. Just Glug, Glug, Glug, down it goes. It's sad and hilarious at the same time. Oddly, during the interview, an older woman is sitting on the edge of the pool and she is introduced as his mother. The poor woman must have some mixed feelings sitting in her son's lovely property on the edge of the pool he's presumably bought with money earned from his talents and ambitions, but also watching him basically killing himself with booze and discussing his addictions with slurred, barely decipherable English the decline of Western civilizations. Series was done by a woman named penelope spheres. The first and third installments were more focused on the punk rock scene. The first one features bands like the germs, black flag and other hardcore bands who lived pretty rough lives. The third movie is harder to find for some reason, but it focuses more on the gutter punk type kids who lived on the streets. There were some lesser known punk bands in that installment like final conflict, naked aggression and lit Miss Green, but it's centers more around the homeless kids who have basically dropped out of society and found kindred spirits in this street punk scene. Part two sort of stands out, veering away from punk rock and showing US this cartoonish period of time and Sunny California and the flashy hair sprayed rock stars who inhabited it. It's entertaining, even if you can't stand s hair metal. I was hesitant when can first popped it into the VCR back in the S, but over the laast twenty years I've actually gone back to it a few times. It's a pretty fun watch,...

...despite some cringeworthy fashion and a lot of giant egos drunk on both alcohol and self centeredness. So check it out. Yeah, Dave, I mean there's been a handful of movies, I guess, that have gone into the lower of s excess and all that, but this is very timely for me. Oh yeah, because I started watching the dirt on knowing, which is the Motley Crewe biopic. Is a great term for it. Biopic, yes, or biosync Bi BIOS a biopic, but people say biopic sounds good either way. I like them both. Me Too, but the first ten minutes board the live and shit out of me, to the point where I turned it off. Then today I was having lunch. I need to watch something while I ate, and I'm like, sitting there, let me finish it, and I say it's boring because it's very standard issue. Rock Star origins. Yeah, where you know? You NICKI six. He's this guy who he hates his parents or hates his mother. You know, he runs away from home. Basically, yeah, he becomes a rock star. A lot of out of that, I gets addicted to drugs. Boom. There were a couple touching moments in the film, but still just about the the rock star excesses. If you will, like you talked about with the dude in the pool. Right, I wouldn't really recommend it to anybody. It's it's not worth the watch. But yet just to see that today and then hear you talk about the same topic tonight, right, it's a very interesting it's kiss Mitt's it is it truly has dippity? Yeah, I don't know, man, maybe maybe we need to go get some SPANDEX and leopard print shit and Okwhenett, yeah, start some fucking glamor. Dude, you heard of the band like Steel Panther? Sure, yeah, they're like a modern bay and that does that like a throwback thing to that, and the darkness kind of did that to an extent for a while. But I'm like you. You know that were in. I was never a big hair metal fan head all. I mean, I can respect what they achieved right and again. Another thing about that movie was if you lived a life where you partied like we used to party. Yeah, that kind of stuff isn't very impressive right when it's portrayed on film. Now I can understand how someone in the middle of fucking you know, Oshkosh, might see it and go wow, look at all the fucking drugs they were doing and they were throwing fucking TV's out the window. But if you did that Shit, and I mean we were never rock stars, don't get me wrong, you know, we were fucking millionaires driving Lamborghini's or nothing, but still we lived it to a certain degree. We can understand it and kind of relate to that, so it's not as impactful. I agree to have you were like me. Yeah, man, I mean, you know, we definitely had our share of debauchery. It's just the the hotel rooms may not have been as nice, or we were doing it in someone's house, you know. Yes, yes, exactly. And the key to all those successful songs is chanting. Yeah, that's a man, if you think about a lot of these stadium rock bands from the S and stuff. Yeah, it worked. It'll just create some kind of chant in your song. Yeah, we, we, we, we are one one, and everybody's gonna fuck the stand up and want to sing it for you. That's true. You can take a little break in his hold up your microphone and be like sing it, motherfuck a, right, like. WHO Doesn't? WHO Doesn't chant? Take me down to the Paradise City at the guns and roses concert or or pour some sugar on me at the deaf leopards show. You know these people. You'd probably got a whole stadium singing that and it's a catchy little thing that you've written to. Yeah, that's success, man, that's ready. That's pop. Yeah, that's what it is. The more people that are into it and everything else is pop. It's yes, that's where you goes. And you know what, you can call it hair metal, you can call it whatever, but essentially that's that's the roots of it, whether you're a boy band or you know, rat basically I hesitate to even call it and metal, you know what I mean? Like some people think of that when you hear the word metal, but to me that stuff doesn't even sound like metal. It's just rock. You know, it's it's it's Glam, whatever it is, but to me the weakest metal, mega death or even slayer, to me is like slaves. Fairly heavy to most people, but to me slayers like on the lighter end of metal. Yeah, you're extream. Yeah, you're very extreme. I think most folks stayed here that and think that's the end all be all. You know, you hear a what's the name of this song. It's dead skin mask. Yeah, that's pretty heavy. That's a pretty serious material. It's no more some sugar on me. No, no, nope, it's not. It's doesn't have any of those sexual in you and news thrown into the fude. They literally want to tear off your face and wear it. So so, yeah, but again, I think in the history of music then in the S, I really look down on it. Now I think it was an important part of history. Sure, yeah, I mean...

...things need some time to kind of to appreciate. Like I remember in the s my parents would show me pictures of them in like the s and even late s, or or what the bands looked like in the bell bottoms and the Tieye and in the s we would look at that and say, Jesus, nobody's ever that's nobody's ever going to wear that again. It's hilarious and that's embarrassing. And over the years that became viable fashion again and and my mother told me that stuff's going to come back around. I'm telling you, you'll see bell bottoms, you'll see all that shit, and I was like yeah, right, and then we thought that with stuff that's gonna yeah, in the s that stuffs embarrassing. I'll never see a mullet again, you know. And I remember seeing a mullet for the first time in the you know whatever, it was two thousand and tennish, seeing a mullet and being like are you fucking serious? Well, I don't think the mullet had the same impact or coolness as it once did. You know. So you might have seen that guy at the gas station, but I'm sure he wasn't yet Paul and I'm well, I should have clarified. Yeah, I've seen mallets on small town Hicks. Don't get me wrong, I've seen that. It has never stopped. I'm talking. I saw like a gangster kid with a mullet and and then you see whatever art see people wearing mullets and foehawks and it's like the hipster thing. It's not, yeah, I'm telling you so out of touch. It's I'm telling you, bro it's that's coming back. The yeah, Steel Panther in the darkness I mentioned. The S synthpop stuff is obviously back and all that Depeche Mode cure style has come back and bands even going as far back as the the killers and stuff we've mentioned before. They they had. That s sound like that's been back for a while. Well, I better join the club. I'm going to wear a roach clip as an ear ring right now. That's what I'm going to do because I want I want a big old feather hanging from my ear or something. I'll be fucking totally s bro Yeah, man, he's done Mohawk maybe. And Right now, the most embarrassing stuff, the last really embarrassing stuff I can think of, is that kind of new metal era in the limp biscuitness and stuff. And Yeah, yeah, granted, I was. I was kind of I was in a band that took advantage of that scene, like simple rifts, to be heavy and whatnot. And now I kind of look back and I'm like, wow, I was in a pretty cheesy rap rock band to an extent, like part of me cringe. Is that a little bit of it? But looking back, I know that scene will come back again in, you know, another ten years. You're going to see Lundon the next limp biscuit, the next fucking Papa Roach or whatever embarrassing new medal is out there. You know so well. I'm not going to be convinced. The S or Glam metal is truly back until I walk into a grocery store and see a man with ass lish chaps buying some cantelope or you know whatever. Then I'm going to say WHOA NATE? Nate wasn't kidding, he wasn't Josh and around it's back baby's wearing a leather vest with no shirt under it. I got diamond Dave over here buying some fried chicken. You know, I know what's going on, and we have to go the way of assles, chaps and bullets by saying bye bye to all the fine lists. Right now. I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to tune in check us out. Maybe if the first time, maybe for another time. Either way, we appreciate it. If you're want to reach out to us or contact us, it's easy. You can find us on twitter at selling out show, on facebook at selling out show one, or send us an email selling out show at gmailcom. So reach out and touch someone, namely us. Virtual hugs for all of you. You see that I want to touch you two. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out piece. Why? Infirmary media? Hey, I'm Maurice. As a barber. You might think my scissors are my main tool, but really it's metro. That's where I got my iphone seven. It's camera makes sharing my cuts as simple as snip, snap, share. Right now, get an iphone seven with a camera that shoots for K, for just for thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. When you switch to the number one brands and prepaid metro by tmobile rule, your day requires port inevidual number not goringly acted on tmobile, that were poor, active on Metro and past ninety day, and Garification of Pidi independent adibates. Then it for...

Percountslas Househol thirty two kid by I phone seven model only. No temporaan C store for details in terms of cogdisions. Hey, I'm Maurice. As a barber, you might think my scissors are my main tool, but really it's metro. That's where I got my iphone seven. It's camera makes sharing my cuts as simple as snip, snap share. Right now, get an iphone seven with a camera that shoots for K, for just for Thousan nine hundred and ninety nine. When you switch to the number one brands and prepaid metro by tmobile rule, your day requires port inevillual number not going only acted on temobile that were poor, active on Metro and past ninety day and verification of Pidi independent diabetes. Then it for percount slash household. Thirty two FID by I phone seven model on me. No temporan C STORE FOR DETAILS IN TERMS OF CONDITIONS.

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