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Episode 23 · 3 years ago

Ep.#23 Bad Trip


For some reason this week our hosts seem to have a lot to say about hallucinogenic drugs. They’ve been no strangers to the subject of past drug use, ever since the show began, but on this episode, LSD in particular found its way into basically every talking point.
We begin with a strange occurrence where Dave has been questioning whether his life lately has been one long hallucination, similar to the 1990 film, Jacob’s Ladder. Then there’s some talk about old urban legends regarding Acid and other drugs, that young people would spread in the old days. There’s a small break in the drug talk, long enough to mention the new line of Vans sneakers, inspired by David Bowie, but then it’s back to trip-talk.
We learn about Nate’s first acid trip, which turned out to be nothing like he had planned. Then Dave tells us about some party-foul memories. Nate’s Notes ends things with a look at obsessed fans, specifically those that end up wanting to hurt their idols. Way to end it on a happy note, guys!

2:32-questioning reality a la Jacobs Ladder
6:37-drug myths
13:55-an unlikely Bowie/Vans connection
19:25-Nate’s maiden voyage into trippy waters
27:03-Dave talks party fouls
34:42-Nate’s Notes (when fandom goes wrong)
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Him By my side, is my good pal and partner in crime. Nate Gore Zinsky. Nate, how the heck are you this fine day? Dude? I'm doing well. I had brought my girlfriend's son to a birthday party with with an archery theme. They were shooting arrows. They're all like twelve year old kids shooting arrows and and it's a success. I consider this is a success. Man Like. I brought him home and he's got no holes in him. He didn't kill any other kids, so sounds good. It is not look like Swish Gee. Absolutely you're gonna love these theme parties. Now they have everywhere these trampoline parks, chuck e cheese. What will they think of next, like live ammunition or something? This is just insane, you know, dude, it's it comes with the territory of like an Woodsy New England town man. There, there, you know, some of the parents shown up were wearing like camouflage hunting gear and it was yeah, these people, Huh, these people are into it. Had you known, you could have dressed up like Robin Hood. Why should the people listen to you? Because, unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent. So, nate, sometimes they have these moments in life, these these weird times where I'm sitting at my dining room table with my beautiful family. I look to my left, I see my son. I look to my right, I see my beautiful wife and I'm happy. I'm truly happy. You should be. Thank you, thank you very much. But then I start feeling odds if this is some kind of weird hallucination, like it shouldn't be happening. HMM, I didn't earn this. What did I ever do to deserve this? And when I try to relate this to people, I often bring up a movie called Jacobs Ladder. Are you familiar with this one? I love Jacob's ladder man. I had a couple of me too, and a couple years where I was obsessed with it. But anyway, yeah, obsessed. I love that movie. Well, for those who don't know, it's a one thousand nine hundred and ninety film starring Tim Robbins, the the hot if you ask me. My little my little side note here, the Elizabeth Painia who, back in the day, holy smokes, now not so much, but a time wears on us all. But this is about a haunted Vietnam war veteran who's attempting to undercover his past while suffering from a severe case of disassociation. Right now. I don't I don't want to, I will spoil the movie for everybody out there. Yes, I'm sorry, but that's the whole point of what I'm trying to relate right here. My emotions with the film is throughout the whole movie he's seeing some crazy stuff. We're talking demons and people are getting mutilated and blown up and just really out there imager rees. Is quite the feast for the eyes. But at the end it turns out it was all just a long hallucination. He actually died during the Vietnam War and his future happened again, as said, hallucination while he was lying on a Gurney or a slab right waiting to die, right the move. Some of the just quickly, some of the scenes that he was going through in this hallucination were, as you said, a life after the war. That was all obviously imagined, but he also kept flashing back two scenes of the Vietnam War. So it was... this weird, yeah, like dreamlike state of like flashing back and forth in time and whatnot. But yeah, it was all a hallucination as he was dying as and that's that's where I come from, because with my sordid past, there are many instances I really should have died, whether it was be in my youth, right near drowning, electrocution, for Christ's sakes, that happened to me even into my teenage years, experimenting with drugs and really going to the limits of what my body could handle. Yeah, and so this all leads me back to sometimes I just feel like this cannot be real. Does that ever happen to you, dude? I feel like I go through a good portion of my life questioning whether or not I'm just having a big hallucination, and I get I don't know, I have a suspected case, never diagnosed, but of like a form of disassociate, of disorder, or whatever you call it. Ah Huh, because I just I feel the same way, Dude. I look around and yes, I'm in a good spot now, like you are, like I feel happy with where I am, but there's times, man, like I mentioned the party I was at today with with my girlfriend's son and the hunters and archers, the it just yeah, I felt like I was watching it all from a distance, man. I know how else to describe it. Maybe it's yeah, maybe it's years of drug abuse, maybe it's, you know, hallucinations, acid flashbacks, but whatever, I understand what you're saying right, and I do think that is weird, what you just said, because you hanging out with a bunch of guys dressed up in camouflage. It's just really foreign. That is not your element as far as I've ever knew, not at all. So, yeah, so I can see you sitting there kind of like, Geez, what am I doing here where, you know, but at the same time being happy that you have the opportunity to be there and be supporter, yeah, for your your step son, right, but I mean, yeah, man, I think my lucky stars I'm here. I feel like pinch me, hmm. By the same time, don't pinch me too hard, because this just might not be real. The things we believed when we were kids and just starting to experiment with drugs and men. I was thinking back on all these little urban legends that we would discuss as new experimenters, you know, new pioneers in this drug lifestyle. And sure, Dude, you remember some of these, like, I mean there's things as simple as when you smoke pot, if you smoke a mental cigarette afterwards, people used to tell me, I swear to God, they had a number. They would say it increases your high by twelve percent. If you smoke a Menhal after you amateur scientists. Yeah, man. And and then, of course, we all hear the stories of, you know, if you drink orange juice while you take acid, it's supposedly enhances your trip. You've heard that one, right? Yeah, yes, of course, the vitamin C, right, that's what it was. Yeah, now, this is a common thing. I think everybody I know is done acid knows this little factoid. But does anyone ever check these things up? Like is it? I mean I'm sure snopes has something on it if we had taken the time to actually look some of these up. But but, dude, speaking of acid, I remember people's telling me that years later after taking acid, if you cracked your back a certain way, you could induce a flashback of sort of like an acid flash. Yeah, like I heard the same yeah, man, it's like all these stories, I feel like they're coming from the same place where, you know, you heard the story about the guy who took acid and now he thinks he's a glass of orange juice and can't you know, and he's afraid people are going to spill him. You ever hear that story? I remember now I'm going. But the crack in your back whens good, like you've kind of storing up all these juices or something and you're releasing them right. You know the moment that you crack your back sure ring. I remember even in high school we had something, and this wasn't directly tied to the drug. It ceal right, but was like hey, man, if you want to get high and you ain't get no weed, put toothpaste on a cigarettes, let it dry and you guys some jailwheel. That sounds sounds like a recipe for like a Shitty Menthol, but I don't see how that would get you high. But Hey, I did it, did you? Yes, I did, and it doesn't get it makes you a little lightheaded, to be honest, I'm sure it does. Could be helping. I remember, yes, and I remember sitting in my bathroom coating my cigarettes with two paces like a fifteen year old, then hiding them somewhere and then going out to the park with my buddies. And you know, ripping them up, man. Yeah, and that was so stupid. But yeah, the OARS juice thing. Yeah, I used to drink Hawaiian Punch when I was taken acid. Oh yeah, and it's a weird thing because, like, is it a pussy? But you know, in a way, because in your mind, if you believe it right, it's true. Right, especially on acid. You know, if you get your mind fixated on a certain Kay, forget it. You're that's what's happening. You know, you're yeah,...

...and acid it's like, Hey, you were a dragon. Yes, exactly, am my dragon. Yeah, I mean, come on, I know. The last one, I mean that I that I was thinking of was dude, when when we were younger, I know it wasn't necessarily the beginning of ecstasy being available. I'm sure it had been around a lot longer than we knew about it, but right, but MDMA ecstasy. I remember people used to try telling us that, Oh, dude, ecstasy is is a combination of, you know, this and that, and it's got heroin in it and it's this and but like, ecstasy has always been MDMA. It's a form of methamphetamine. Actually, if you have you know, look it up. But but the thing is people would hear things again. It's just this urban legend thing where nobody's checking up and I don't know, me, I think it's kids are still saying stuff like that. Like I probably you know, but I guess if we, as I said, took the time to look up some of these things and stops, maybe maybe our listeners can. Can can check us on some of these and tell us if they're or just look for themselves and see if any of these have alidity or if they're just a bunch of hogwash. Well, we didn't have snopes as teenagers. We didn't have the Internet readily available, so we kind of had to just go with, you know, whatever we heard on the street. Right. It's kind of broils back to when you have your first day at high school and a senior. We try to trick you as a freshman and say, Oh yeah, the pool is on the fourth floor, and you know, you believe it because you didn't really have a reference right, you know, of what was going on, so you just believed anything absolutely. And sure, dude, that's that's always going to happen. I mean, luckily now you have something in your pocket you can pull it out in just google. Absolutely information. Yeah, but the same time this not only a fact that people who were dabbling, as is newbies back in the day, but also parents, parents would hear these things and believe it. I'm not trying to say I recommend, you know, parents like Oh no, LSD's okay, it is far from it. Yeah, but at the same time this, all this stuff, could we spiral, it would snowball right, and so everybody would just believe the rumor. And Yeah, it's pretty wild, dude. That's pretty wild because I again, I don't know if any of that crap I did work, but I fell for it. Hook, line and sincture, man, and and just a little the denim when you mentioned the freshman in high school asking, you know, being told about a pool on the roof of the building or whatever it was, the hazing dude in Worcester County jail there's the same sort of scenario. I've seen so many people that are new coming into jail and they've been, you know, hazed by whoever, and they actually will walk up to a guard and say hey, can I get a pass to go to the pool? They actually, you know, these these inmates convinced. Newcomers like you have to go ask for a pass to that CEO and of course you send them to like the meanest asshole CEO. So the guys just like, what the fuck are you asking me? Hazings alive and walking idiot Yo? Yeah, yeah, I'm sure, I'm sure, it is in all aspects of life. Unfortunately, and he did mention that. If any of the listeners out there have any kind of like information on this, or maybe you know they had some of their own urban legends involved, drugs are anything at all. It's easy enough. If you guys want to reach us, you can find us on twitter at selling out show, send us the email selling out show at gmailcom. And we also have a facebook page that nate runs, because I find facebook to be evil. But that's at selling out one. If you want to give that a quick search. So come check us out. We want to hear from you. Springtime the birds are chirping, the flowers are in bloom in the air is so fresh. Oh wait, who the heck is smoking butts? 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Is a lot of sneaker heads out there, a lot of fans of footwear, and vans has just announced they've created a partnership to honor David Bowie, who and they are creating some new designs that are David Bowie inspired, some of which are called the slip on forty seven VDX that will pay tribute to David Bowe's one Thousan nine hundred and seventy one album, honky dory. Where is skate and that's with an eight, because they're cool and hip and...

...trendy. I'm like me. Hi has a design paying homage to Bowie Ziggy startist era thanks to a lightning stripe on the side panel of the sneakers. My question to you is, does this float your boat at all? Is this something that you would actually actively try to buy? Being a big David Bowie Fan, you know, I feel like those shoes are something that you collect. You maybe put them somewhere, but I don't think I would walk around and I'm necessarily I mean I don't know. I love anything Bowie, don't get me wrong, but HMM, but it just I don't know. Before you mentioned the the styles and what they look like, I was going to ask is they're a little lightning bolt on them, because that's the first thing I thought of. Was that right? Yeah, yeah, that early. Well, you know, it's interesting the Hunky Dory them. I wonder does it say, because I'm trying to think about honky door even he didn't even really have a you know, particular lucky yet, did he? Yeah, I know right. I'm actually scrolling now on the article I'm looking at and they just seem to have to do some kind of like checkers on them and they're yellow or something. I don't know if those we have different designs here. Some of them are instantly recognizable. Well, they'll say Bowie on the side and again the lightning bolt. Some of the other ones have some blue hues and stuff, so they're a little bit more subtle. Right, Huh. But their vans, Huh, they are vans. And I was going to say for me it's about twenty years too late because of price. Now there's they're going to hit. Okay, they're going to hit the stores, but then we live in a culture now, and I know this being a collector of comic books and other things that scalpers, I guess you would call them, they're gonna go gobble those Oh, they're going to run the day that they're out and they're going to put them on Ebay and they're going to drive the price up and I, like you, would want to collect them more than wear them. And I also mentioned twenty years because back then I'm a big sports fan. In the red sox came out like a limited addition to sneaker. I bought them, I wore them and they were they were kind of pricing everything, but I thought they were cool and they represented my personality and what I enjoyed. I liked wearing that flag. You still have those? No, I don't, I really don't. So I again. I wore him around, so they got dirty and stuff. It wasn't like I kept them pristine in the box. I have no idea what they'd be worth if I did do so. But my point being now is the price point is going to be way too high for me. I can't find any prices here online. I mean, I suppose I could search a little bit deeper, but I'm just going to assume that they're not cheap. Yeah, I would imagine even Chuck Taylor's now I check those out. When we were kids, if you had chuck Taylor's, people thought you were poor. Those were the cheap sneaks, yet the calm vis and they were cool and I liked. I like having Chuck Taylors, but now they're like forty fifty, you know, whatever dollar sneakers if you go to a retailer, and it blows my mind. But unfortunately, forty fifty is a fairly cheap sneaker by today's standards. Period, you know what I mean. There's still sort of cheap. I mean you can still find twenty pairs of sneakers that you know certain places. But like, dude, I go out by and sneakers, I'm like expecting to spend at least, you know, eighty bucks after the time, you know. And Yeah, just just getting my head around it. Before I even go out shopping, I'm just like okay, you know, because they're just out of control. But I don't know, I do a lot of barn work, so I tend to get the cheap. Oh, Walmart, you know, fifteen specials. But but yeah, man, sneakers are expensive and chucks are cool. But yeah, all these things, man, like Chuck's, doc Martin's vans are walks, you remember. I mean that's just our teenage years in India and footwear. And now they've price this out. Man, I'm like earnest P warll. If I see a sneaker that I like and it's on sale, I'll buy a couple pairs, and that's the thing. I'll hold on a sneakers forever. Yeah, I don't, don't have the rent sock sneakers anymore, but I mean, God, that was, you know, over a decade. But you know what I mean. Now let's keep wearing the same style. It's not important to me, sure, to have trendy new things. Yeah, the same way. I I do want to kind of get off track here for a second, sure, and it's only because you brought up Walmart. Okay, so I apologized everybody out there listening, but I'm really fucking mad at Walmart right now because you're ending the savings catcher program MMM. So I guess I'm going to end this whole sneaker thing with me just ranting about fuck you, Walmart, because that was like the only perk that you offered your customers. They say they get cheap prices, so they don't need it anymore. Listen, it's always nice to offer customers something a little bit extra, and people were in arms about the greeters getting fired, and no one cares about them taking away savings. Catch your nate, nobody. It's a shame. It is a fucking shame, and I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. So go buy some fucking David Bowie sneakers and leave me the fuck alone. So, for some reason we're discussing acid and tripping a lot of them today. I don't know what it is, but I was...

...thinking about the first time I did acid and it was a it was strange. I don't know. First of all, you can tell it didn't really know what it was going to be like because I got this tab acid at school and I go home and I'm like, Oh, I've got the night off, like nobody's home, I think my parents were gone, and I put on some your free yeah, man, I had I had friend to kill, a time to trip, so I lit some candles and I put on some dude. I put on some skinny puppy, which is great, Short, you see, wonderful, already dark, twisted, demented shit, and I don't know what I was thinking, but like, by the end of my tripping years I would appreciate something like that because I'd love going on these weird journeys and and whatnot of you know, listening to Weird Shit, but as a fair some scary stuff though, yes, to come out of the GAEA. So, Geez, nay, come on now. So, yeah, man, I'm in my room and I had put the TAB on my tongue and I'm waiting for to dissolve and waiting for to do it's thing. I had no idea what to expect and all of a sudden the door downstairs, because my parents, I'm and my parents house, as I said, or as I should have mentioned. And yes, I hear the door open downstairs and I'm like, nobody supposed to be here, what's going on? And I hear footsteps coming up the stairs and my door to my bedroom opens and in walks my recently ex girlfriend. I don't know how to say that. We had just broken up within the last couple weeks, maybe or week. And okay, we were you could say ex girlfriends, but recently, I mean, and you know, it was is fresh. Yeah, and mindew, we were really close. It was kind of not only was this my first trip, but this was also kind of my first real relationship breaking up, like long relationship, and so there's a lot of feelings. They're there's a lot of, you know, residuals Shit and dude, she came in. She's won't. She was a very honestly dramatic kind of girl anyway, and she kind of Gothy theater girl, you know, just dramatic and cool, don't get me wrong, but but she walks in and she's like, I just wanted to to hash some things out, to talk to like she wants Oh no, yes, she wants to. Oh No, yeah, wrong time, baby. Either put some closure on things or just, you know, whatever. We're bringing up shitty feelings that I don't want to deal with then. Anyway, she she mentioned she got a ride from a friend. So our friends, Gary, his name was. He. You know, they all decide that, you know, why don't we go out and we'll keep it friendly. Gary's going to be there, so we're gonna you know, it's not going to get too crazy, but he said, you know, I'll let you guys talk and have your time. Anyway, I stick my tongue out like in to show the TAB ACID on my tongue to gary, thinking, you know, maybe if I show him this, he'll kind of say, oh, maybe this is a bad idea, but but I you know, maybe you'll save me out of they'll pull me out of this. Sure he sees the TAB on my tongue and he goes, he looks, he gets angry and he goes, that better not be what I think it is, and apparently he's not cool with that sort of Shit. And so now there's more weird feelings and I'm starting to feel tingly from the drug itself. Anyway, dude, this this whole trip that I thought was going to be a fun time exploring, experimenting, is turning into this nightmare of like weird emotions and awkwardness, social awkwardness. And so they started to realize slowly that I'm not in any shape to have discussions. I don't know if they you know, they it was awkward, but nothing was ever really stated, but they could tell I'm just kind of by now. I'm feeling straighter out there. Yeah, but the point is we ended up at this house and there was a family that I've mentioned on other podcasts that are at least one yeah that hunts. I know them as well. Yeah, there's this family that had a sort of I don't want to I want to be insulting, but this no other way to put it, but they had a sort of inbread looked in they you know, yes, they were. The hills have eyes. That's what they were. Innate. I mean, listen, I have spent a lot of time at these people's House and again we're saving the names, right, want to protect the innocent, I suppose, or whatever. But these they were a bizarre fucking clan. Yeah, the there were two brothers, kind of misshapen heads, heads, yeah, prominent brows, foreheads and and, you know, strange teeth, untal hygiene, when I but it anyway, the odd contours on their family.

They were not. They were kind of a shape, right, and I'm sure the the LSD wasn't doing in them many favors. And Yeah, Lord, yeah, so we're at their house and the brothers are one thing, but their father was there and their father picture, the the elder, the patriarch, if you will, of this strange mutated claim and leader of the gene pool. Yes, and this guy looks like an old, I don't know, Hobo Elf or something. He's I don't know if any of our listeners know the movie, the never ending story, but there was a character would that. It was like a scientist elfish character with a prominent front tooth that helped the main character get through the gate with the laser eyes. I don't know anyway this. I'm going off in a t engine here, but you you are. But I'm going to admit to this. You can see him on a railroad track with a stick over his shoulder in the Polka dot, you know, yeah, Bandana holding all of his belongings, and you wouldn't be surprised. Absolutely yes, he had that look. and to complete the image, he pulls out a guitar instead, yeah, and starts rocking out some some Blue Grassy Hill Billy. You know how down music. And Dude, I don't know what the fuck is going on. I'm I'm trying not to lose it. I'm we talked to her lear about that sense of is this really happening or is this a hallucination? I had that it wasn't. You know, it was a weird combination of both. Yeah, but yeah, right, you know. I mean our friend Gary, who was the driver and prominent sideburns and started, you know, reminding me of Elvis and actually started, they started playing elvis tunes and he started seeing dude for a first trip. I went through the I ran the gamut of emotions because there was that fear and weird emotional shit in the beginning when I thought I was going to have to deal with recent break up, but by the end I was being entertained by some strange family of you know, musical bill billings. Yeah, yeah, and the Elvis fucking press. Yeah, and by exactly special appearance by Elvis, and it all ended up okay. But it was my first trip. Certainly wasn't my last. And but you know, that's one for the books. Nate, I have lived through some Rajors in my time. And when I say ragors, of course I mean party. I hate sound like a friends the further furthest thing from the truth, but I figured people relate to that turn. I've been to some Keggas Kid, yeah, Guy, but the thing was I committed quite a few party fouls in my day due to my behavior, whether it's been drinking too much or whatever. I've got a laundry list of them. I mean up and down the board. I can vouch for that. Thank you, and I'm sure we'll talk about plenty of them as time progresses over this fine podcast program but anyway, my whole thing is I was talking to someone recently and I brought up one in particular. That was the ultimates. Just party, foul, terrible thing to do, and I want to talk about that real quick and I want to ask you about yours as well, if you have any but we knew a guy this, this is the name drop show, I suppose, named fat at right, of course, who lived up to his name. He was a fat fucker anyway, and he was indeed Eric. Yes, double whammy. Anyway, he had an apartment in it in yeah, yeah, in apartment, and he allowed us to throw a party there, provided he worked third shift, that we would call his job, and around, like you know, midnight when I am and say his grandmother passed away, right, so he could leave work early and come hang out at the event. Problem was that was my responsibility and I never called. So the night really got out of hand. We had way too many people in his house, a lot of drinking, a lot of drugging. Of course. There was an instance where one of the party goers, a friend of ours, get into a dispute with somebody else and got knocked off a roof into a narrow alley, to the point we thought that person might have been murdered and was dead. Right. Those a few floors up, if I recall, yes, and the alley was only maybe a few feet wide. So he basically folded after he got punched in the face. I don't know how you would call it, like a V or, like just in half. He's a fucking accordion or something here. He got between these buildings, you know, but he went all the way down. He was scraped up top to bottom, you know. Yeah, nose to tail. And this all happened because another one of our friends was he had hooked up with a questionable female as and we went yes, and we wouldn't leave him alone. Well, in the course of this copulation, fornication, yes, over this,...

...over this fornication process. So he came out, knocked him off the roof. Anyway, a fight ensued. The one of the friends ended up jumping through a window, kamakazi style, breaking a window. Later, after that was all said and done, the poor girl who's sleeping in the bed get covered in condiments. Oh Yeah, Yep, people would fall asleep and just they were prey, just covering, yes, whatever was in the house, right back in the day. If he was always like to be careful. Yeah, if there's a razor or sharpie. You're fucked right. It was just the rule of law. Mustard, oatmeal, flower, yes, whatever, toothpaste. We covered her and everything we could find in fat Eric's house. I didn't say she was in the bed. She also happened to be in fat Eric's been so, needless to say, fat Eric Comes home after his shift is over already pretty pissed. Right, we never called again out of work to come home find his apartment and complete disarray, broken windows, blood splattered all over the place and a woman right in his bed, covered in all the stuff we could find in his cast. Never mend a potential corpse in the back, you know, the alley. But Oh no, he got out of he did get out. That was a very scary period. I remember saying to the person who punched him, like you just fucking killed someone and I don't care. You know, you drunk, I don't give it right. He heard it, yeah, and then you just hear like you like good, he's alive. Well, yes, but he was not in good shape. My whole youth is littered with colorful characters and fucking just flat out to bauchery. You know what I mean. I mean you go on and on all the things that we experience as friends, together or separately, just really, I guess, fit for a book. Absolutely know where fit first story, but we have this show here today where I can talk about them and I am skimming over certain details, I guess, here for time restraint, of course. But my whole point is that was a really shitty thing for me to do on so many levels and I had to see her remorse right. I mean when the guy came home freaking out, I'm I just pretend to be sleeping. Yeah, yeah, pound your fridge, get angry, yell, I'm not gonna wake up and fucking tired. That was a crazy night and I didn't really hang out with him afterwards, not that I mistics. He was used not the best guy to have around. Anyway. He was in the best pal right, but still, that was that was high on my list of Dave. Come on now, right, do you have anything that you did that you might regret or even look back and go what the fuck was I thinking on that one? I mean, I can't recall a lot of party fellows, but one thing that comes to mind when you brought up the phone call to get him out of work. All right, I remember we would party at a friend's house and a female friend of ours asked us to call her work and get her out so she could come join the party. See, we did fulfill that obligation. I did personally. I called her, but to make it interesting, I had to tell her we were basically saying that her grandmother had passed away and she needed to leave or whatever. Some some death. It's been years, but I remember death was involved in a family number. But anyway, right. So when she gets on the phone, apparently her whoever her boss is, I called and I faked it to the boss. I said, you know, can I speak to so and so? I don't want to say her name, but you know, it's really important. It's really important, and I knew that her boss was standing there when when she was handed the phone. So I start basically making funny noises and doing all these things trying to get her to laugh when and she had to keep a straight face, you know. Yeah, so I'm I'm making all these silly noises and whatever. We're doing all these things and she's like, Oh my God, really, what happened? And she had to act all, you know, serious. It was. It was an entertaining for a bunch of US tripping kids. Wow, idiots. She got to the Party and she was punching me for for being an asshole. You know, playfully, of course, but you know that's all I mean. You know it. Tons of parties. I'm sure you committed some party fellows over the years, but I don't know, all the good times seem to be overshadowing the the bad. So, for the moment, as I said, I'm going to say, nate, to end this little part out, is that it's great that I really just fucked up someone's life, their apartment, and your big thing that you did was you called someone to fake of the grandmother died and pretend to be Michael winslow. Yeah, basically, you know day from the selling out show. Here to tell you about spunk. Loob Spun Loube is a multi award winning Luber can't use by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in hybrid pure silicone, natural and pink. Spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients and is non stating, Hypo allergenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love life with spun right now. SPUNK LOUBE is by three, get one... There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A high end product for an affordable price. Is it spunk loubecom today and you can thank me later. I Dut Dub your LV's. It's time for nate. No, no. The concept of celebrity is bizarre. Fame creates this one sided connection between you in a certain artist or athlete, politician and etc. Being a fan of music, there are a number of artists whose work is so familiar to me and I'm so used to their particular points of view or artistic or occasionally literal voices, that I almost feel like I know them, admittedly to a really distant degree. And in this culture of celebrity, that strange illusion of knowing someone by their work is exacerbated by publicity interviews and TV appearances. Nowadays, social media has further blurred boundaries to the point where we see personal photos and can read their written musings published in real time on twitter, facebook etc. While I'm sure this does a lot to thrill fans and to potentially stroke the egos of the participating celebrities, as they see their numbers of followers and read their numerous incoming comments. There's definitely a potential danger in all this successibility. We've all heard stories of delusional fans who get confused by that illusion of familiarity that comes with an artist fan dynamic. For the most part, a little adulation and inspiration can be a good thing. I've even been known to totally obsess over my favorite artists work and read whatever information or interviews with them I can find. I was the kid with posters in magazine clippings plastered all over my walls. I think super fandom can be endearing and a lot of fun, but I understand how fragile sanity sometimes is as well, and I've met people in my life who have seemed well adjusted and normal, started relationships with them and then found myself in some creepy obsessive grasp where all of a sudden some perceived or sometimes actual personal slight will set them off. Or when trying to break things off in a relationship sense, I suddenly am dealing with threats of violence from the other party, either to me or to themselves. People get overly attached really easily sometimes, and that's in the setting of a real interpersonal relationship. Some people have a real tenuous grasp on reality and whether it's from a chemical imbalance, some kind of mental illness or just a really lonely existence, a certain fraction of our population starts forming unhealthy attachments to people they've never met. That illusion of knowing someone by their work that I previously mentioned can turn feelings of fandom and admiration into an unhealthy obsession. I was just reading a story from a couple years back and which a young woman who was a huge one direction fan had been following the band on twitter, as fans do well, this woman suddenly found the one direction of the twitter relationship unsatisfactory. She felt that they should be following her as well. It's unclear if they had ever responded to any previous comments of hers or really shown any sign that they knew she existed at all, but she felt that they owed her the courtesy of following her back. And you know she meant business. I guess she started sending pictures of her choking out her own pet, Chuaha. Basically follow me or the dog gets it type of Shit. What made her think that they would give a shit about her dog? If they weren't even responding to her. Well, apparently the next pictures of her that were sent showed her holding her dead dog, crying and trying to guilt trip them about it. She just ended up getting blocked by the band and earning herself a ton of hatred from her fellow fans who had seen all these twisted picks. I don't really know whatever happened to her legally. It didn't say in the article or if they were even able to prove that she really did it, but it was enough to creep her favorite band out and probably to make them beef up their security whenever playing in her area. Back in the presocial media days, there was the story of Selena King Tania Perez, or just Selena, as she was known professionally. She was a...

...famous, beautiful Mexican American pop singer. The head of her fan club was a woman named Yolanda Saldivar, who it turned out had an unhealthy obsession with the pop star, including a weird shrine with candles and posters. Yolanda got busted stealing from the fan club that she was managing during one of their last scheduled meetings. In the wake of her firing, during which she was supposed to just be handing over some fan club tax documents or something. Yolanda ended up shooting the object of her twisted affection, ending Selena's life and breaking the hearts of countless other more stable fans. One story that bums me the fuck out personally is the story of Mark David Chap and. The guy was a kind of creepy religious nut, but hey, at least he was a Beatles Fan. Well, mark had some deeper issues than just his religiosity. Evidently, mark would hear enough voices in his head that he spoke of actual committees of little, invisible people influencing his behavior. His mental condition was fragile enough that when John Lennon famously said in an interview that the Beatles had become bigger than Jesus Christ, mark felt betrayed. His idol was mocking his God. Lennon was arguably as accessible back then as anyone is nowadays, on social media, at least if you found yourself in his neighborhood. He always had time for his fans, and there are stories and actual footage of John Taking confused, usually tripping, Beatles fanatics into his home to feed them and explain that no, his lyrics were not being written as personal messages just for them. He was patient with them, almost loving, which is why it was so senseless when Mark David Chapman walked up to him as he was coming home one night and shot him dead. Another senseless tragedy. Years later, another break talent was killed by a delusional fan. Damage plan was a band featuring half the members of the now defunct Pantera, arguably one of the biggest metal bands ever. Guitarist dimebag Daryl, I'm so old, by the way, I was listening to him when he was still diamond darrel, was playing on stage with his brother in damage plan a night when a fan named Nathan Gael, who was still pissed off that Pantera wouldn't reconcile and reunite, broke into the club and open fire. He Killed Darrel, along with a bunch of concert goers and staff, and assured that now there was absolutely no chance for that Pantera Reunion. I know the dude was mentally ill, but I have no way to follow his logic on that one. Daryl's brother and constant drummer, Vinnie Paul, died recently of unrelated health issues, and Phil and Solmo, Pantera's singer, has become kind of an embarrassing blowhard who likes to get drunk and yell white power while Segu Hiling on stage, pretty sad ending for such a powerful band. Now the story that freaks me out almost more than any other is one in which the celebrity target, the object of a fans obsession, didn't die. In fact, they avoided injury all together. I believe I've mentioned this on another episode briefly, but back in the s bjork, the elvish Icelandic singer with the other worldly voice had unwittingly earned the affections of a quiet loner named Ricardo Lopez. Mr Lopez saw a TV appearance by the singer one day and instantly was smitten. He started researching her right eating letters and, interestingly, started filming himself in his isolated apartment around that time, alternately waxing romantic about his feelings for her then fuming about the fact that she was dating a Black Man, namely British drum and bass artist Goldie at the time. In this series of video recordings you can watch the guy losing it more and more it's haunting. Eventually there's video of him fashioning a sort of acid bomb. He rigs a hollowed out book to spray sulfuric acid in the face of whoever opens it and then addresses it to burke. He includes a professional looking letter that says the book is being made into a movie. Anyway, he sends the Book Snail Mail and his final video entry shows him,...

...with a freshly shaven head and bizarrely creepily painted face, using a giant handgun to blow his own brains up. Luckily, the pulling blood ended up seeping outside his apartment, which prompted a wellness check followed by some frantic detective work, ultimately allowing the deadly package to be intercepted in time. As I said, despite the failure of Lopez's insidious plan, watching the videos of this man succumbing to loneliness, mental illness, violent thoughts and, ultimately suicidal ideations is a really disturbing ride. I'm really grateful sometimes that I have my inanimity like sure, there have been some unhealthy attachments, as I said, but nobody has sent me an acid bomb that I'm aware of, and I also don't really feel weird about getting my favorite band's logo tattooed on me or that my facebook picture is a fan and boy selfie I took with a musician I really admire. I know that, as into my favorite artists as I get, I still have a strong sense of boundaries. I'm a harmless fan boy. Even as I stand on the precipice of forty, the worst I do is to get excited when I see my favorite band live or in these modern times, once in a while I get a response to a comment of made on an artist's facebook page or whatever, but I'm always more surprised by that than anything. I know they appreciate my fandom, but in a more abstract, faceless kind of way. That's really as far as it goes, and that's as it should be. Of course. You know, Dave. I know we've heard a little story about you trying to get in touch with so lay moon fry back in the day, but other than that, you're you don't get really too obsessed about I was handling. It had nothing to do with with whenever and as an excellent peace nate, and the thing to me, that really strikes me the most is mental health. Right is a thing that not just America, where we're shameful about taking care of it, but all over the world. HMM. It's something that needs to be identified in people earlier, addressed and hopefully taking care of in the proper, proper way, because, you know, you just talked about music, but it's all over the place, whether it be actors or other celebrities, just are other stalkers in general. I know, and this isn't related to music, one of the earliest killings I remember as a younger person, HMM, was the actress Rebecca Scheffer. Of course, my sister Sam Right, yes, my sister Sam, where a fan saw her in bed in a movie with another man, got jealous, found out where she lived and went and unfortunately killed her and she was only twenty one years old, in the prime of her life exactly. But but these are the things. There are fucking derange people who have access to weapons, access to information that they shouldn't have, and it's unfortunate thing. It's terrible. Yeah, there's you know, you mentioned, things need to be addressed and treated as soon as possible. Things also need to be destigmatized. You know, I think a lot of people there's a lot of shame or misinformation surrounding mental illness. And Yeah, it's weird. I mean I get creeped out. Like who wants to let say, someone is feeling those kind of weird obsession feelings, like what are they going to do? I mean, are they going to go tell a therapist? Hopefully that's what they do, but I imagine that's really strange to talk about and they and the thing about mental illness is that the person never really knows that they're, you know, mentally ill. Usually, you know, it's rare. You know sometimes, sometimes you see it. You know, usually it's with something like dementia, where someone realizes they're starting to lose it. But as far as like, I don't know, schizophrenia, you don't know that the things you're seeing aren't real or the feelings you're feeling are, you know, illusory. You know, you don't know. So it's strange. It definitely, you know, needs to be addressed. And you know, fandom in that that fan artist dynamic is a really strange thing. You know, like I said, musicians specifically often open themselves up. You get to hear their inner thoughts, they're feelings, they're writing things, hopefully from their heart, and you know, it's that's a vulnerable thing to do. And and they put themselves on stage right exactly. They're in the spotlight. They welcome it. Often once in a while you get someone who never really wanted the adulation, like a Kurt Kobaine, and we all know how that turned out. You know, he did it to himself. He didn't get killed, he he couldn't handle all that fame and adulation, even from the normal, yeah, avenues, as it were. But yeah, there's also the drug overdoses out there is well, I mean, but you're right, it's just a lot of pressure. And then, I understand what you're saying to my...

...point, you're in. Okay, how do I identify this, because it is a tough topic to tackle. Sure it's not if you see someone a little bit weird, maybe in a restaurant, you're not inclined to call the police. That's going overboard, right. This is invasion, almost invasion of privacy, like, okay, so maybe he's talking to himself while he's eating his hamburger. What right do I have to notify the authorities? My thing was more like a blanket statement. Yes, we need to take care of this. We need to do this, but I'm much like a politician. I can throw that out there and not and not have a specific answer for yours. If you had an answer, we could solve the problem tomorrow. You know, it's just it's it's tricky and that's the point. It's it's strange and and there's a lot of potential for this sort of thing in our celebrity culture. So it's just something to be aware of. Yeah, like, like, it's like you mentioned. Yeah, I'm talking about music, but it's everywhere. A lot of actors, a lot of you know, politicians, you know, I'll kinds of people. It's a risk, normal focus. I don't know if you saw the article about the one woman who drove like across the country and were diapers. Yes, she wore she could go fucking yeah, you murder like a lover or somebody. So they so she did mean stop and use the rest. Yes, all right, feel that I'm laughing, but Jesus Christ, as fucking extreme, holy cow, and let's be careful on who you get yourself involved with. One quick note to that that I have to add is I didn't appreciate the Beatles as a young person. I only did when I get older. Right. Speaking of which, Jew Ridge Harrison get stabbed in his house one that's a good grand a lot. I didn't even mention that. Yeah, but I often say to people, imagine how much better the world would be if John Lennon was alive today, especially dealing in the climate that we are in, with hatred in this country, in the world, a lot of division. He's a kind of voice that could really help a lot of folks and unfortunately we lost that many, many years ago. I feel like the the two Beatles that I appreciated most are gone. You know, George was an amazing enlightened cat himself. He was all about you know, he had his solo albums. You know, all things must passed and he was just very easy then. You know, those guys were, we're, pretty pretty on the level. And in two thousand and nineteen we're stuck with fucking Ringo's there with a Ringo and Paul. You know, Paul might not be really here. We don't know. There's a conspiracy of Paul is dead. People said he would. Yes, he died many years ago. We don't. We don't know. He was barefoot a happy road cover. So that that sus it up. Depends on what tabloid you read, but still, if you know anybody who might be acting a little bizarre or strange or fanatical way beyond the point where you think it's normal, you might want to look into that a little bit further, even if you don't necessarily again, call an authority right away. Maybe see what you can do about it or if there's any help that you could provide. Keep your eye on them maybe. Yeah, just be a friend totally either. It's a good thing. Let's be a friend. Do you ever have fantasies about putting heads and Ziplock bags? No, okay, we're cool. We can show thank God we never got thank God my dreams were squashed as young adults and we learned in an early age we're just not gonna fucking make it. We're just going to take a bunch of acid. Apparently that's what we've learned this episode. We've taken lots of acid this whole show. It was about Alasta. Has It in the Damn nates notes. I was reading it, I'm like, Oh shit, talking about when Lennon would take people into his house. It says you know. I was mentioning how they were all tripping balls. Ye, any fed him. Yeah, he's it. Here, you're tripping balls. Have a couple than we know what, here's some vitamin C, and then here's some orange juice for you, my young friend. Are You stone smoke? A mental handswer by twelve percent. Thanks, John Jones, a good dude man. Yeah, totally. Well, I think that does it for us this time out. Nate, you have anything else you want to add or say to the fine folks out there? No, just keep your keep your hands yourselves, unless you're rubbing someone with love. Yeah, well, that sounds pretty kinky. We should get some spunkloom for that. Make sure it's consensual, though. That's only creepy. Yes, please. All right. Well, I want to thank everybody out there for listening. Virtual hugs for each and every one of you. We truly appreciate it taking the time to listen to our humble little program I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out infirmary media. Girl Scout Cookie inspired flavors are now at Duncan. When the spirit of the girl Scouts Meets Duncan Coffee, it's easy to get a delicious...

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