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Selling Out Show

Episode 22 · 2 years ago

Ep.#22 Dirty Taco


This week we find our esteemed hosts on the mend, Nate with the remnants of a sore throat and Dave with some pretty serious issues resulting from his recent surgery. They take a look at the current anti-science trend, specifically the rash of Flat-Earth conspiracy theorists that seem to be spreading at an alarming pace.
After that, we learn about Nate's new guilty pleasure. '60 Days In' is a reality show based in jail, which seems like the last thing an ex-con would want to watch, but for some reason he can't get enough.
And finally, Nate's Notes is all about the many faces of punk. From its roots in the 70's to the way it has inspired other musical genres, from grunge to black metal. What better way to wrap things up than with a toast to that punk rock spirit of rebellion and bare-bones musicianship...

2:57- Post-surgery woes
6:45- A not-so well-rounded conspiracy theory
25:00- A look at "60 Days In"
38:00- Nate's Notes (the many faces of punk)

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...bad. I didn't say anything likerude to him at the time, sure, but anyway, the whole thing.And then I get up there and I got like a philebotomist who can'tfind my veins. So I'm getting jabbed and stuck in. I'm like,this is just fucking this is a bad sign. Okay, but here's thereal kicker is, after everything is all said and done, I opened myeyes, I'm like, Oh, baby, I've made it, this is greatat you know, because I know it is only a hernia surgery.Only. Oh well, here's the thing. A lot of people will say,dude, it's a day surgery. What are you freaking out about?People have open heart surgeries and, you know, brain surgeries. I understandall that, I get it, but even then I'm at that age whereI'm like, I didn't live a wholesome life right, you know, I'mexpecting like Karma to catch up with me and be like, you know,this is how you fucking die. I always say it's like the guy wholike cut his finger on a carrot peeler. Read about him in the paper.I would be that guy. But Anyway, I wake up and I'msore. I guess I'm general soreness, but there's something even more unusual.I I have a nut the size of St Louis. Oh my God man. And the reason why I call it a nut, not nuts. It'sbecause my sack is the size of a cantaloupe. Oh No, I don'teat fruit, so I don't really know what a size of a cante littlebase. I'm just assuming it is big. Yeah, yeah, it is,anyway. That yeah, this thing is hanging between my legs. I'mlike Ope, do they do the wrong thing? MMM, what happened?What is going on here? I call over to the nurse. Yeah,and she's like, Oh, nope, they filled you with air the accessyes, well, this is what happened. They drilled me and put air intome to make my belly larger because robotic surgery, and they say someare got down there. Oh No, so, yeah, your sack islike a like a fucking party favor. You got to like a balloon sack. Yes, I'm available for parties, Bar Mitzpaz, whatever you need,I am balloon balls and it was like freaking me out. You know,yeah, at least that's not helium and they're not floating away on you.But actually that might have been even cooler. You know, I'm just floating aroundthe hospital. I'll look at loose Lens Lucius. Hey, buddy,I can find the elevator on my own now. So I was a partya couple weeks back and I was around a bunch of friends who I hadn'tseen in a long time, which was which was really cool, but oneof whom, you know, we had had a few drinks and get totalking and he starts talking about different conspiracy things and he's he's starting, youknow, is drinking, so he's but he's getting a little crazy. It'sone of these where you like looking at the guy like man, you know, are you? You know he's talking about the Illuminati and all this shit. Oh boy. Yeah, so, I don't know. I made somecomment like you know, well, Hey, you just don't tell me you're you'reone of these flat earth guys, because that's something I've been hearing aboutonline here and there. Right, dude to WHO? He looks at meand he's like dead serious and he's like well, dude, have you readup on that stuff? And I dude, I opened this can of worms askinghim about it, because it turns out this friend of mine who alwaysseemed I mean he was always a strange cat, you know, we allwere back in the day, but in the interim since I'd seen him,apparently, yeah, he's one of these guys. I don't know if ourlisteners are familiar, there's a pretty big, you know, section of the populationnow who are doubting the globe model of our planet, which, dude, I I figured that was a pretty set in stone, just like,you know, common knowledge that we are as right, right, you know. But but anyway, he's telling me, you know, you got to lookup videos by this and that and mentioning different figures in the flat earth, the movement and Dude, I mean I checked up on a few thingsjust out of sheer curiosity, and it's as bad, if not worse,than I thought. Just like with my cursory knowledge and any of our listenersthat are curious, there's a great documentary on Netflix that I had, youknow, suggested you you watch and and yeah, I was really, reallyenthralled by it. Was a very interesting look at the flat Earth Movement.But the movie is called behind the curve, which is a pretty awesome title.I mean it's if you look at it's like the curve is obviously areference to the shape of the earth, but at the same time, whensomeone's behind the curve, you think they're behind the learning curve. They're there, you know, not up to par education wise, there behind the learningcurve. So you know, it was a subtle, little, I don'twant to say a jab at the movement, but it was definitely planned out thattitle. But this documentary was suggested to me by some friends on facebookwho they had made it sound like it...

...was like they were like, dude, this flatter thing is out of control. There's even a movie about it onNetflix now, and made me think, yeah, it was promoting the flatearth. You know, point of view. Yeah, but yeah,but you, you watched it. Now, I mean how did how did youlike it? You, you, you find it interesting. I actuallydid and, as the case with most things that you recommend to me,I really do enjoy these things, because it wasn't on my radar at all. HMM. But of course I didn't spend a night drinking with a flatearth or to kind of, you know, right, sperm you on to toinvestigate right right now. I've heard about celebrities and stuff believing in this, but you kind of just throw it off, you don't really take ittoo serious. Sure, so it is pretty amazing to see that these guys, over a very short amount of time, we're talking to a couple years,have created this international movement where they're having seminars and meetups and merchandise andbooks, and I mean you, you name it, everything right, andI'm one of the guys where it's like, you can believe in whatever you wantto believe in, as long as you don't hurt other people. Right, I may not agree with you, yeah, that's no big deal.There's a lot of religious beliefs I don't. I don't go along with a lotof political beliefs, but as long, again, as long as you're nothurting anybody, that's fine. I've also found in my life this thisone thing I really stand by is that people who feel marginalized flocked together,sure, and folks who want to be famous fabricate facts and then makes aperfect marriage. And I see a lot of that happening here, and thatwas exposed in this documentary. Yeah, man, it's definitely getting out ofcontrol. Like, yeah, you mentioned celebrities that are into it. There'scertain hip hop guys, this Guy Bob, there're certain athletes, I guess basketballplayers, and what hiry irving from Yah and Celtics? Yeah, yeah, even Shaquille O'Neil is supposedly a flat earth or so this flat Earth Movement. I mean these guys. The problem with it there's a there's a howdo I put it, like a phenomenon happening in the world nowadays. That'sbeing termed the dunning Krueger effect, and so I'm looking up on Wikipedia,which, as we all know, is a really trustworthy spot. But Anyway, this the first paragraph, and Wikipedia says the in the field of psychology, the dunning Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low abilityhave illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.So basically it's when people have a certain amount of knowledge, but admittedly nota lot of knowledge, on a certain subject, but they feel like Iknow all I need to know about a subject and they start basing their whetherit's actions, point of view, whatever it is, on the small amountof knowledge they have. Now, the next sentence in this article says thecognitive bias of illusory superiority comes from the inability of low ability people to recognizetheir lack of ability. And basically it's saying like when you you know,you don't know what you don't know. Basically, and and if you've noticed, I mean this is even apparent in our politics now. You look atour president nowadays and dude, it's like all the statements he makes about Iknow more about the military than our generals, or I know more about Isis thanthe general's or I know more about this than they be. Like thething is, these people that have limited knowledge on a certain subject almost areoverconfident. Are they are overconfident? And there's an interesting part of the documentarywhere this woman is explaining the dunning Kruger effect and she says like when Istudy something and I start looking up the facts on a certain subject, thething I notice is the more I learn, the more I realized I don't know, which is the kind of the healthy way to go about absolutely.Yeah, you know, like you you. You have to be. I don'tknow if it's a humility, whatever it is, it's just look,I don't have all the knowledge. So I want to stand from a placeof like look, this is what I know, but I am I admitI may not know it all. And the dunning Kruger effect is like sopervasive in our society now that we have all these people who are, youknow, think they're experts on so. So, to bring it around tothe flat earth thing, these guys think in common sense terms. They gothey hold up, say, a baseball and they say, now, thisjust doesn't make sense. If you put water on top of this baseball,it's going to roll off. It doesn't stick to the bottom of the ball. And these get this is this is the type of evidence, quote unquote, that they have is that, you...

...know, whenever I've been in aplane and I'm on the supposed other side of the planet, I'm not flyingupside down. I would notice so if I were flying upside down. Andthey they don't understand like how how the atmosphere and how, you know,the the vacuum of space and all these different components can affect you know,what the you know what they say. They're terms of common sense or whateverlike they they just look at things in these plane sort of well, itdoesn't make sense to me. So this kind of down home common sense.And one thing I noticed, as well as a lot of the guys andGals in this flat Earth Movement in this movie, it seems to be tiedin with their religious beliefs, and so a lot of them will use asevidence. Well, in the Bible it states that the earth is you know, that the angels stand at the four corners of the earth in this particularscripture or whatever, and that could only be possible on something that has fourcorners. And they talked about how the sky is just the firmament is you'renot seeing space. Space doesn't exist anyway. I don't want to get to tointo all the minutia of this. Our listeners can can check it out. It's yet they should. Yeah, it's pretty interesting and it's scary anda lot of the followers of this, this movement, like I said,they are religious and very high conspiracy theory type mentality going on here there.They use terms like they want us to believe we're on a ball. Theyare doing this like there's that pervasive all whatever, that catch all term.They and they think that there's some big group that wants us to think forsome reason that we're on a Globe and that somehow that suits some agenda,and it's really it's really frustrating and it's really interesting. But I think it'sactually worth noting what you just said. We're in. Okay, it's veryclosely tied to the political climate right now. Sure, because if you look atthat, the movement and and how is grown, it's basically in thewhole fake news era, absolutely over the last couple of years. I don'tthink that's a coincidence. Right. Well, it's all that done in Kruger effectin full force. Like I said, it's, it seems, everywhere nowadays. You know, the other thing the documentary does very well and Iappreciated, was it wasn't ready to declare flat earthers is being crazy right now. While you watch it, you know, you may have your own thoughts onit and you're entitled to those, but they almost made them sympathetic characters. Right. They said, listen, something happened along the way. Therewas even one scientist who said don't call them crazy. They could have beenscientists in their own right right, but they weren't taught properly. They weren'teducated correctly. That's right. Yeah, there is something happened on there,you know, path to knowledge or whatever. And the thing is, I yeah, I don't want it to come off like this is a hit piece, this movie on the matter. There's it does show them as people anda lot of them cling to this group because a lot of these characters,these figures in the movie, are they seem to be fairly lonely, alittle, you know, none of them are particularly attractive or er, youknow, exceptional in any way, and this is a way for them allto kind of feel like they're fighting the good fight together and they feel likeit's good against evil. A lot of these guys feel like they're fighting forthe truth in there. You know, there's a lot of power in thatand these people find camaraderie in each other, which is great, but it's justthe problem comes when science, as it's been known, and as youknow, we trust scientists and they may, you know, when people start gettinginto power that have these fringe beliefs, whether it's you know, climb,it change, denial, or whatever flat earth. You know, whenthese people get into power and start legislating with you know, from that pointof view, it does get dangerous. I mean, our tax dollars getspent in weird ways and sometimes the environment suffers or whatever it is. There'sthere's there's a lot of negative effects that could come from this. So it'sscary to see that, at this time when we have all these technological advancesand things are are at this amazing point, that a lot of people are distrustingscience and our bring it's it feels like they're trying to bring kind ofbring us back into a I don't want to say the dark ages, butthey're definitely, you know, regressive in their thought and it's it's a littlescary. Well, you had mentioned that...

...the documentary kind of shows that there'snothing extraordinary about these people. MMM, I kind of disagree, because thepeople, no, I'm serious, because the people that they focused on,hmm, obviously had money, right, and charisma. Yeah, yeah,okay, they had money to put behind the movement. There's even one pointsomeone invested twenty grand in a device to debunk the whole curved earth thing.Right. You can watch the documentary to see how that turned out. Butthey're throwing some money around here to drive a nice cars, live in Nicehouses, and so if you saw them, you would think they were, youknow, wealthy, affluent people. Sure, and again with the carusement. This is how, like colts and stuff gets started. Yeah, man, because people with no education, none start believing these guys, because howare they getting their message out there, like we are? Of course,we're not really promoting a movement or anything per se. We're just talking aboutour lives. But that, you know, podcast, Youtube, social media,and people want to be entertained. People maybe again feel marginalized or lostin their life and this is something they can jump into, dive into,immerse themselves into, right and that's that's where I find it to be scary. Yeah, absolutely. I mean it's with all this technology, we're ata point where it's that much easier for people to get this message across andfor someone who's naive or just not informed, one person talking on a podcast orand a youtube video is just as credible as another. And you know, you have to be discerning in who you listen to and whose facts youtake. As you know, as Gospel as it were, you know.So I want to know what's to gain, either flat or around. What isthere to be had? Well, that's that's my big question. It'slike they talked about it like there's some sinister agenda to keep us all inthe dark. And and when you ask, I don't know how much they wentinto it on the on the movie, but my friend at the at theparty that I was talking about, I was asking him, well,what? Because they believe that aunt Arctica is not Antarctica. It's without gettingtoo into it, they think it's kind of like game of thrones, thisbig ice wall around the whole disc of the earth, that the earth isa disc shape. Blah, Blah Blah. My friends seem to think that therewas an endless amount of territory beyond the boundaries of what we know,and that's what's being kept from us. There's resources, fertile regions and allthis stuff that they just for some reason don't want us to know about.And they're keeping us in this small, even though the earth isn't small,but they're keeping us in this limited, you know, sphere, so tospeak, of of natral territory. And Yeah, they what what's really outthere is, you know, so much bigger and so much more lucrative orwhatever, and and they want it all to themselves. Whoever this shadow,you know, controlling body is so interesting stuff. It is very interesting.And I'm not like a huge conspiracy theory guy. I just assume everybody's lyingto me all the time, right, whether it's politicians to a dude,a valet to park you knows, everybody's always lying to you. That's howI just feel about life in general, you know. So if the earthwas proved to be flat tomorrow, I wouldn't be shocked. HMM. That'swhat the last two years is done to me. You know, I wouldn'tbe surprised anymore by anything. If anything happens. Yeah, who knows?I but it is a very interesting thing to to watch. I mean Iwouldn't. When I say watch, I mean the documentary. I'm not hoppingon Youtube to watch these guys videos. Yeah, it's not necessarily my cupof tea. There's many other ways I could entertain myself, right, butit is, I guess, something to keep tabs on. Sure. Andand just a quick little addendum. In the movie there are two circumstances.One you briefly touched on. That the flatter there is. Did experiments todisprove the sphere, you know, theory of the Earth, and in bothcases they seem to disprove their own, you know, hypothesis, whatever boilers. Yeah, I mean, I just try not to spoil it for him. And here you come along, Dude. I mean, if you couldn't figurethat out, I mean, I sure we all know vaping saves lives, but now I want to save you some money. Visit Northland Vaporscom,probably made in North Dakota. Northland Papers Line of e liquids contain no artificialsweeteners, are dike tone free and won't gunk up your coils. Whether you'requitting smoking or an experienced paper northland carries a variety of flavors and hardware,making it a onestop shop for all your vaping needs. Northland believes quality doesn'tneed to be costly, and right now you can use coach, selling outnineteen and save nineteen percent off. They're...

...already amazing prices. So what areyou waiting for? Getting your head into the clouds and shop online at Northlandvaporcom or visit their locations in morehead and but Midgey, Minnesota. Some productscontain nicotine. Adults only. Dude, it's funny, like I occasionally willrag on you on this show or whatever we make. We joke about itthat you are into, you know or have watched some some seedy sort oftelevision programs. You know. Yeah, I'm and I apparently am not immuneto bottom of the barrel television, because I've been hooked on this show andit's been on for a few seasons, but I've only recently jumped on andit's called sixty days in. I believe it's on a and E. I'mnot sure exactly what channel. I watch it on online. So the thingis this show is one of the countless inside prison shows that have become popularin the last decade or so, and people often ask me like why areyou watching the stuff, like Don Havn't you know? Why would you everwatch something that takes place in a prison or whatever? You've been there,you've got out of here. Why do you want to return, even onTV? Right? Well, interestingly enough, I for some reason often enjoy thoseshows. I don't know what it is. If it's just seeing afamiliar place, if it's knowing that I'm not there anymore so being relieved aboutit, or whatever it is. I just there's something about watching shows,whether it's the scared straight shit or whatever it is, that I kind ofare the world's toughest prisons, all these things. I kind of enjoy watchingit. It's I feel like when I started doing time, I had noclue what it really looked like inside a jail and all you see are theold movies, whether it's escape from Alcatraz or Shawshank call, these movies whereit's like this old fashioned prison with bars and whatever. And Yeah, goingin there as it's, you know, a younger person, it's nothing likethat. And now you actually I thought this was a section of life thatI had seen, that most people just would never get to see, andnow you're seeing it. Like anyone really knows what the inside of a realmodern day jail or prison looks like. But anyway, this this show,sixty days in that I'm getting sucked into. They each season they take a handfulof people, like three or four men and three or four women.These people are not sentenced per se. They're they're going in willingly for sixtydays behind bars, and I think they've done different jails or prisons each season. I don't think it's all in the same one. But but basically theyagree to go in and each one has a little mission. The the sheriffthat organizes the whole thing, tells each one like your mission is to getin there spend your sixty days finding what kind of drug activity is going on, if there's anything we can do about that. This other person your jobis to find out jail operations, what could be improved, what is anissue as far as the staff and the conditions and etc. And and sothat's I've come to notice that that's more of just a sort of whatever.It's just an excuse for them to go in and have some entertainment of thesepeople behind bars. They're not really getting anything done. Yeah, right,right, but but the interesting thing is, I mean these people are in there, the guards don't know that they're not real criminals or real inmates,the inmates don't know and so they're basically there to see what it's really likein there. And this season in particular, there was one woman that it mademe laugh because when they were when they introduce each character, each person. They're like this person was a former jail guard himself and, you know, wants to go in and see what it's like on the other side.This person is a cop and wants to see what it's like in the actuallyhave police that are behind, you know, undercover in there, which is weird. But but then this person, this woman, they said she's alifelong conservative. That was her whole qualification and her her little introduction. Shewas like, I'm going in there because I know that people that go toprison are just spoiled and and you know, these people are treated too well,and I just want to go in there and prove that prison is nobig deal. And basically, she wanted to take meals and television, yea, yeah, and she what? Yeah, she wanted to reinforce her own viewson this shit. And the funny thing is she's in there like she'sincredulous, like Oh my God, I told the CEO that I needed thisand they just laughed at me, or...

I telling on people, these people. It's so funny because they go in and they don't know and a lotof them are like, you know, just going up to the CEO's likehey, so and so took my fucking shampoo and bloom, like in reallife. It's like most of these people would you know? You don't youjust you don't do that and make can I tell you something real quick?I'm sorry to interrupt you, absolutely just because I don't want to get freshwhen you talking about this woman, when I never seen the show either.You recommended it to me. I went on Youtube and one of the firstvideos I saw was one dude Jack and another motherfucker up over tater tots.Yeah, so when you tell me like, oh, she's still my Shampoo,oh my God, this gonna be a blood bath. Yeah, man, dude, it's it's nuts, like I've always said, like when peopleare in prison or in jail, they take so much from you that thelittle things you have you hold on to really tightly and you really you anda lot of people seem petty because you're like, dude, you're ready tofight over some tatertots, but it's like, dude, that's all you're getting toeat, that's you know, that's you don't have much, so thatshit means a lot more to you to fight. Had An obvious cause andeffect. Ricky was supposed to give his hashmouns to cody. He didn't givehis Hashmrouns to cody. He got beat up for it. It's funny tosee how people interact in a situation that's like they don't belong there. It'slike an interesting social experiment. I mean, I'll Recoggenz, I'll recommend the showto our listeners just because, a you get a sense for not justwhat it's like behind bars, but what it's like for a person who's neverbeen there. You know, because some of these shows you see, youget a sense of what it's like for people that are hardened criminals or forthe guards, but to really see some of these people who just are goingfrom the street. They don't know what the Hell is going on they andthey're usually blown away by like you see. I'll be honest, you see alot of good fights on the show. If you're just there for sick amusement, it's an entertaining show because, yeah, you see a good amountof fights. You see petty drama. I saw an episode where a guy, he was a store manager right anyway, in there and one of the otherinmates didn't take his meds and I started punching them on his bunk,right, but for whatever reason, just because the guy was, you know, off his rocker, right, like, why is he even subjecting himself tothis? Is He win any money? Right? When did you get likea year supply of dishwashing soap? Why would you do that? TheKid who's getting beat up, the contestant, so to speak, is just dumb. I founded he he gets off his bunk and starts yelling like hey, hey, he's hitting me. Or what are you doing in Blah,blah, blah. What did you do? Hey, if you're really in jail, you don't do that. If someone picks a fight with you,the last thing you do is make a big scene about it, because that'sbasically snitching. And Anyway, it's it's a really entertaining watch for people whoare interested in what it's like in there, because to an extent, it ispretty realistic. And and yeah, these they've actually had to pull peopleout for their own safety. And and yeah, it's it's an entertaining showand it's a guilty pleasure. Mind it looks real. I mean I alwaysquestion reality shows because most of them are scripted reality. Right. The thingthat made me a little suspicious about this one was how all the cameras werelike perfect. So I'm like, do they use jailhouse cameras like the securitycams? Did they install them ahead of time? Right? And plus differentprisoners would give like their testimonials? Yeah, like you see on like big brotheror whatever. So well, do they think there was just a documentarybeing made and they weren't told that there was? I think what you justmentioned that they don't know that there's a mole or whatever on the show.So there's some more I can I've only seen a little bit of it,so I don't really fully understand it. I can explain that now. Theinmates are aware that there are camera crews, though I believe what they're told isthat they're just doing one of those life behind bars type of shows.So the inmates at large are aware of production crews and cameras, and theway they do it is they interview, you know, random inmates. Theyinterview people that aren't on the show, so to speak, and so itdoesn't look weird. They they just randomly pull all kinds of inmates out tobe interviewed. And when they pull out these contestants they're able to talk,yeah, you know, about their experiences, but it doesn't look shady because everyone'sbeing pulled out and and you can pay me enough fucking money to beon that fucking showman. I'm sorry you had to be in there. Yeah, because, I mean, I was learning some things I didn't know,of course, like putting on your sneakers. Oh yeah, lace and that's oneprison. Lacing up means you're going to fight. I'm like, OhJesus Christ, how can you live that way? It's like savagery. Yeah, man, yeah, you got a lace up, you good. Imean there's some people that spend their whole time locked up, like they neverthey'll see this dudes walking around in his flip flops all day. That that'sthat's a no no, because if you... that, it means that you'renot ready to fight and you got to always be ready. But usually peopleare walking around in their sandals and then, yeah, if it comes time tofight, you lace up. But but yeah, man, I meanI've seen people, I think I've mentioned on the show, like I've seenpeople get in fights from the shower when they're a buck naked and fighting,you know, and whatever. So I mentioned that. Yeah, it happens. I'll tell you what, this works for me, man, that scaresme straight. There's no way and fucking in Hell I want to go there. Ever, and I mean you call it like bottom of the errold TV, and I understand because it is a reality program but it's not like yourtypical lot court show right where you see someone suing somebody else because they fuckingstole their parent. This is this is some serious fucking shit. People getreally fucked up. And you mentioned the drama inside, the politics inside.Yeah, how you can wake up every day not knowing what could happen tome? It is just unfathomable. I just cannot grasp it. So andthat is why I'm glad that people are able to see this, because asmuch as you hear about jail in prison, unless you've been there or you actuallynow, it seems like if you've seen this show, you you know. At least now you have more of a kind of a idea, becausethat's I do find that show fairly realistic. SNITCHING and weird drama and notwithstanding,there are a few weird, suspect things in there, but but forthe most part that show is pretty realistic in the although it's in a differentcounty than I'm used to, it's it is fairly realistic and fairly eye opening. So if you have any thoughts on this or any other topic that wehave discussed during the show, or basically just want to tell us anything whatsoever, we are easy enough to reach. You can follow us on twitter atselling out show or send us an email. Selling out show at GMAILCOM. Weappreciate your thoughts and want to hear from you. 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Progressive Rock bands like Genesis and yes tookfull advantage of these techniques, and producers arena rock bands like queen were puttingout excessive, some would say bloated, records, and soon a whole generationof artists started making music to rebel against this trend, eskewing perfection for amore accurate recorded representation of their energetic live performances. It wasn't completely unprecedented.These bands were following the lead of earlier grittier acts like the MC five,who sang kick out, the jams, and the Proto punk of the NewYork dolls or Iggy and the stooges. Again by one nineteen seventy six,certain people's frustration with the sonic excess of all that prog rock and other stylesof music from country to disco had prompted a return to the rawness of Real, rebellious rock and roll. People started calling it punk, but bands likeNew York's the Ramons in London sex pistols...

...were really just playing simple, fastrock and roll, just stripped down to its glorious, imperfect roots. Thisinspired others and before long the dead boys, the misfits and others were filling inthe blanks, beefing up the scene in New York and New Jersey,centered mostly around clubs like C B G B in Max's Kansas City and puttingout roughly produced records. Of course, in England the scene not only hadled to more popular acts like the exploited in the addicts, but it alsomorphed into the death rock or goth scene represented by Bauhaus Specimen, sex gangchildren and others. The scene in Britain actually got pretty huge, almost commercialized, more so than America even. But in North America, as underground asit remained, this imperfect alternative to mainstream bands morphed into a bunch of otherscenes too. The raw production in somewhat sloppy energetic rock sound continued with actslike Doa, the germs and the circle jerks. Some of the roughest soundingstuff was found in the emergence of the hard core see California's black flag.In DC's bad brains and minor threat released unpolished albums of short, fast andheavy anthems in the Reagan years of America's s punk also eventually found favor withthe skateboarding and surfing community on the west coast, which led to bands thatfused the speed and distortion with melody and even sweet vocal harmonies, bands likebad religion, pennywise, no effects. In the vandals. This disdain forshiny production and artifice found its way into other musical movements as well. It'shard to get rougher and harsher sounding than the industrial metallic banging of ND stirsand Dennoy bountain or test department, or the electronic experimentation of throbbing gristle orBoyd Rice. The instrumentation may have been different, but the industrial scene wasoften more punk than punk. One scene that emerged in the early s thatholly embraced the sort of low fi ethos of punk too extreme degrees was theScandinavian black metal scene. In a reaction to the emerging trend of slickly producedmetal coming out of the US and other parts of Europe at the time,a bunch of young, idealistic headbangers in Norway started just recording with whatever shittyequipment they could find. One artist, the controversial figure Varg Vikerness of bursM, who have mentioned on other episodes, claims to have recorded into a pairof repurposed headphones in instead of a decent mic, specifically to get thatscratchy, distorted sound he was looking for. To these bands, the more Lowfithe recording, the more honest, or true, as they say,the resulting material. Shit quality became almost a badge of honor, and,to be honest, they weren't completely wrong. The atmosphere created by this style ofmusic is haunting and disorienting, and a lot of that was created,perhaps accidentally at first, by this cheaper, truthfully halfassed way of recording. Eventually, a lot of the Norwegian band started using keyboards and more traditional studiowizardry to create their atmosphere. Dimmu Borg, gear and SATIRICON, two of thebigger names to come from that era, each eventually performed with an orchestra.Alla Metallica and Emperor's fourth and final full length album bordered on prog metalarrangements. But when mayhem and darkthrone were creating the template for what this movementwas supposed to sound like, it was initially a sloppy, almost punk responseto the overproduced record starting to come out of the Florida death metal scene atthe time. And of course, one of the most popular takes on thispunk rock ifying of music took place in the late s into the s.There were a bunch of gritty, no easy bands like flipper, the JesusLizard, scratch acid in the Melvins, the buttle surfers took the punk rockethos and added a head full of acid, creating some really unique psychedelic records.In this genre, such as it was, with its fusion of noiseand distortion mixed with some oddly catchy songs, directly influenced one of popular music's mostimportant movements, arguably a chunk of the young population in the Pacific northwestat the time. We're making some exciting music, so exciting in fact,that they completely changed the face of mainstream... again after a period of bloated, overproduced success. Just as punk rock in the s responded to Prague andAdult Contemporary Pablum, this new scene, annoyingly dubbed Grunge for ease of pigeonholing, was an exciting breath of fresh air after hair metals, gross slicklyproduced hold on the air waves. Suddenly the spotlight was on Seattle Washington andbands like sound garden, alice and chains, mud honey, screaming trees and,of course, Nirvana were all of a sudden the sound de jure.So basically, what I'm getting at in all of this rambling is that whenthe musical landscape becomes a mess of corporate, mass produced Cookie Cutter slop or justoverly polished bombast, as it always seems to there's always a bunch ofidealistic kids with instruments jamming in their basements or garage is ready to add somemuch needed vitality to the system, and the Grimeer, the Grittier, themore low fi, the better. Again, maybe this point of view is justa remnant of my own youth. Maybe I'm thinking too much about it, but I'm happy whenever that Old Punk Rock Spirit rears its head, whetherit makes its way into mass consciousness on the radio or whatever, or justshows up in small clubs or, in these modern times, in small,dimly lit corners of the Internet. Here's to all the scruffy dudes making noisechallenging the status quo. I may be a huge sellout in most areas ofmy life, but I still appreciate the spirit of passionate music making that comesfrom that true punk rock mentality. I mean, I know I'm rambling here, dude, but I feel like a lot of what I'm trying to getat is that, you know, Punk Rock, as it were, isis an easy catch all term to kind of describe a certain movement that happened. But if you look at it, like punk has many faces. Andwhen you say Punk, some people may think of, yeah, like cheesyShit, like no effect. I mean well, no effects is kind ofcheesy occasionally, but like blink UN and eighty two or pennywise, these kindof the offspring people. Pople think of that as punk. Some people thinkof the Ramons, some people think of IGGY pop. But if you lookat it, Dude, punk rock to me is just that kind of spiritof you know what, not overproducing, not overthinking, to just kind ofyou know, as as few stops between you and your guitar and the record. You know what I'm saying? Like to me it's just a sort ofthat unpolished sort of like it's just me, just my instrument, and how doyou like it? I don't need a lot of studio wizardry and Ijust I know you and I, as we get older, we listen towe've mentioned. You know, you listen to your Michael McDonald. We likeour brain. Yeah, we like Shit, like yeah, but but I stillhave that young sort of whatever it is. That that that Joi deVI vive. I can't speak French. That that fucking Juna SI qui.Let me try more French, whatever whatever you say. That that that thingthat makes me appreciate. Yeah, like rough, unproduced, like I'm stillready to call people to sell out, you know what I mean, andI'm fucking I'll be forty this year. So yeah, whatever it is,it dies hard, you know, in me so well. You can't speakFrench. So I'm going to kind of loosely interpret something they say in Mexicowhen they say street Taco is a better because they're season with a little bitof dirt. To that as a joke. Yeah, it's a joke right,but they're saying, you know, it's more are real, is morehonest, it's more raw, the tackles you get on the street that youwouldn't a fancy restaurant. So I see what you're saying. where it maynot necessarily be labeled as punk music, but punk still has its hooks inany any kid out there who's rebelling against the system or whatever. It's popularand hip and cool at the time it says fuck it, I'm doing itmy way and it's going to be dirty. Yeah, it's gonna be rude,right, it's going to be in your face. fucking a. Thisis rock and roll, Dude. You just blew my mind. That quoteis so perfect, man, like a little bit of dirt. That's exactlywhat I'm talking about. You just summed it up in one sentence. Brokeshows over. That's it. No, basically, I thought it was brillianthow you just tied basically a bunch of different rock and roll genres together therein your knees. Knows, because I don't hear this before you do iton air, right, so I'm just like the listener. I'm listening toyou talking and I go wow, that's amazing how you tied this to thatand every other thing. So yeah, it hats off to you as well, my friend. That was very well done. Thanks, man. Imean yeah, a lot of people don't seem to think you know, blackmetal w when you think punk, but to me they're so similar. Andanother one that I didn't really touch on... the the grindcore movement in Britain. If you look at grindcore bands like napalm death and some of these artiststhere. The the main thing. Yeah, some of it is. So it'sall pretty much unpolished and gritty and one of my favorite music reviewers onlineuses the term blood caked. He says I like my death metal and mygrindcore a little blood cake. It's a little rough and gross sounding. Idon't want it over produced, and so I see a lot more connection withwhen I listened to grindcore and especially early black metal, I see a lotmore connection to punk rock than I do to like even black sabbath or ledZeppelin or early proto metal bands. I see. Yeah, I see moreof a connection to the stooges or the MC five even. And Yeah,I just hope that continues. Basically, what I was getting at is thatI hope that there's always some kid banging on a set of drums or guitarand recording into a four track or a tape deck that he has. I'dalthough I doubt. Let's fine, that's I wouldn't think that's happened. Butyeah, I get the vibe because sending out there. Yeah, but that'swhat concerns me, because every every movement you just talked about her. Everystyle genre is very cyclical, where it's like, okay, this was theproduct of pop radio being this right, but I'm so out of touch nowI couldn't tell you, as far as rock and roll goes, what ispopular now. What is is there anything to even rebel against? What arethe slick sounds being produced now? I mean, I'm aware there's these bandslike savage dragons. See, yeah, they rock. Are they even arock? Man? I don't know. I don't know. Man. Yeah, that Shit. What is? What is the most Popular Rock Act?Yeah, right now, I don't know that there's them. There's some bandcalled the hell. I don't know. Yeah, imagine dragons is one.I mean the fat I call him savage dragons are imagine? I don't know. I think I might call him savage dragons. Won't there play that backbecause of the Comic Book Right I showed? It shows just how far out oftouch I truly am. Well, but that's what I mean. Idon't know what was I don't know what top forty rock looks like right now. Yeah, so I don't know what the rebellion would sound like either.I have no idea. That's how out of touch. I am. Yeah, no, I'm with you, man. I'm pretty out of touch with alot of it too. But I I do occasionally go and see what'swhat's popular. I'm just just in looking at the shit. I like.I occasionally will accidentally happen upon something that's, you know, popular, just becauseit's in my whatever, it's in recommendations or whatever, and I yeah, I don't know, there's there's some interesting stuff. I mean I justget, yeah, you get this heartened. When it's like this, everything startsto sound the same, you get one band that really changes it upand is this whoa like all of a sudden, yeah, the Mumford andsons, as lame as they are, at least they were. They werelike this new sound. That's like. Well, it was a new takeon an old sound, and that was like revolutionary in that it was,you know, bringing back something people hadn't heard in a long time. Andthe next thing I knew there was this whole neo folk, neo whatever,retro, neo, retro. How was that for a sound? You know, but sounds great. You know, put it on a CD and sellit. Yeah, and we're so fucking old we're talking about tape decks andCDs. Those things are even fucking exist anymore. It's ridiculous. But Ohmy God, we're out of touch. Well, let's just hold my God, we're such old fogies. Good Lord. Well, let's just hope there's somekid, like I said, banging on a fucking guitar somewhere and he'sgot the way of the world. He's the hope of our whole you know, musical landscape of the future. This there's always got to be some kidsthat just want to make noise and some kid out there tapping on a notebookwith his pen. That's that's how some of the bands I always him whenI was a teenager get started. People didn't have a drum kit. Yeah, so you'd show up with a NOTEPAD, you pen, start tapping it.Someone started singing and you know, in hindsight, how ridiculous is that? But but that led to someone buying the drum kit, that led tosomeone buying a guitar and then before you know it, jamming out in thegarage and trying to do different thing. Even when there's some great movement,a lot of times you'll have all these copycats that water it down and andscrew it up. But we need people to just keep as long as thespirit is there and it's you know, you can hear authenticity. I feellike you get to an extent you are you can hear artifice. You know, you can hear fake. Yeah, and so, yeah, we justwe need you kids. Anyone, anyone you know buy guitars by fueler rooms, Bueler? Well, I guess nate. In the meantime, will we wait? Can you bend over because I want to throw some dirt in yourTaco? You throw dirt in my Taco and I'll blow air and your balls. Too late, too late. Our...

...hurts when I laugh. Oh myGod, we know what I want to before we go. I want tobecause we're dying. Your Voice is going Rasp my stomach is killing me.So the fact that we put this show together in itself isn't accomplishment of troopers. We are troopers. But before we hit the road, I want togive it thanks to the professor frenzy show, the good pals of ours, andthey always give us a shout out every episode, but the last onewas really special to me. Chris and Jerry are really nice guys and theywent on and talked about some of the topics that we discussed in our show, namely I am TV, cable television and stuff, and that meant alot to me, especially now because I've been trying to heal up. Yeah, of course that's all fucked up because nate's been making me laugh, butstill I appreciate it all the same, just like I appreciate each and everyperson out there who checks out our show, if you're a regular listener or anew listener. I love the crap out of it. Virtual hugs forall of you, and that wraps it up to this episode. We gotto hit the role because I need to lay the fuck down. I needto rest my voice up. Apparently I am Dave. That is nate,and this has been selling out. He's out infirmary media. This is noordinary subshop, this is fire house ups. I'm tired of overpriced lunches that underdeliver on flavor. Head to fire house ups where, for a limitedtime, you can get a four hundred and ninety nine choice sub. Choosefrom a medium smoke, Turkey, Virginia, honey, ham or roast beef.Their custom made hot subs that are price ready made to make you smile. Just four hundred and ninety nine only at firehouse ups. Enjoy more subs, save more lives, participating locations plus tax, limit time. AFEL pricesmay vary for delivery. This is no ordinary subshop, this is fire houseups. Tired of overpriced lunches that under deliver on flavor, head to firehouseups, where, for a limited time, you can get a four hundred andninety nine choice sub. Choose from a medium smoke Turkey, Virginia,honey, ham or roast beef. Their custom made hot subs that are priceready made to make you smile. Just four hundred and ninety nine only atfire house ups. Enjoy more subs, save more lives, participating locations plustax, Lembit time. Afa prices may vary for delivery.

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