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Episode 21 · 3 years ago

Ep.#21 Soup to Nuts


The Selling Out Show is celebrating it's 21st episode! Does that mean the show can legally drink now? Speaking of which, on this episode we will hear about Nate's early experiences mixing alcohol and amateur sorcery, followed by some of the guys' thoughts on surgery and anesthesia.
Dave is getting ready to do his least favorite activity, moving, and despite many such moves throughout his life, we learn that he's always held on tightly to his New England roots, and his accent. Meanwhile, Nate has a few thoughts on self-checkout lines.
As the episode winds down, we discuss the concept of how sometimes a single choice can alter one's whole life, and we hear a few examples. Nate's Notes looks back at the Early days of MTV, when those initials still meant something!
Happy 21st, Selling Out!

1:30- Drinking with wizards
3:38- Tales of anesthesia
9:57- On the move again
14:48- Registers disguised as robots
23:45- Everyone talks funny
32:10- It can all change in a moment
41:25-Nate's Notes (In Memory of MTV)
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Give your mornings a remix with the delicious new beyond Sausage Sandwich from Duncan say, but it's a tasty beyond meat sausage patty with egg and cheese, all on an English muffin. Oh Yeah, that's ten grams of great tasting plat based protein, great taste, plant breath. Wait, it's plant based? Yeah, it's plat based and it tastes great. Yea Dry duncans beyond sausage sandwich. It's a whole new way to start the day. America runs. I'm Duncan I fuck around with the waiters and waitress? Arey, I'll joke around with them and stuff, but yeah, you got to be careful with that, man. They will fuck up your shit. Yeah, they'll put cubes in your Pasta Infirmary Media. You were now to Dick to this selling out podcast. What it does is beaches into a brain chemically and no, cat your happiest memory chemically and then blocks on to that emotion and releases it chemically, and then it keeps your happy, happy. Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to the selling out show. This is episode number twenty one. Our podcast is legally able to drink. I am one of your hoys, David shows, and by my side is my good pal and parkering crime nake Gore Zinsky. Nate, how the heck are you not Batman? Let's celebrate our shows twenty one birthday. Yeah, tip, I'm back, Bro. What was your first drinking memory or experience? HMM, you know, it's interesting, like I didn't drink like a lot of people start with alcohol. I feel like I started with pot and I smoked for a while before I first drank, but I would still probably only I don't know, maybe fourteen, fifteen, and and I my first real memory of drinking was getting a little too drunk. I was hanging out with a few friends that you would even remember. I don't. I don't think you were there, but maybe I might have even been there. We were hang out with an old friend, Gary and this Dude Bob, who you remember? Bob and Tom. I don't want to say their last names, but they're from our hometown. They're kind of stranger looking people. You know wh I'm talking about? I do. I remember those stranger looking people. Yes, weird, yes, and so those people were also heavily into as a lot of our friends were, like live action, role playing, dungeons and dragons type stuff, you know what I'm saying. And I remember drinking a bit too much and feeling like uncomfortable, like the room was spinning and all this. And they wanted to go out to like a store. They're like, let's go out and do this for that, and and I was like, dude, I can't even get up. And I remember, I remember one of these DD friends getting all serious in like dude, I can do a spell which will sober you up. He put his hand up to my head and like was like muttering something under his breath. I don't know if it was psychosomatic or what, but he he. I was like totally into it because I'm young and I'm drunk and I'm like, I don't know what the Fuck's real. And Dude, I straight I got it was enough to get me up and move in and I didn't throw up, as far as I remember. So maybe the dude had magical powers. But what about yourself? I know you've had my first, my first yet yeah, I was a fetus. Okay, look at that, man. Why do you keep saying that? What Aberga Davern? Yes, Abracadabra, the latest thing, man. All...

...the kids are saying it right, Abraca. Damn Surgery Really freaks me out. I am going for a surgery shortly and the whole idea, and I've had him before, but the whole concept of surgery just really guess me unnerved, as it should, man. It's creepy. Well, I mean some of the reasons people get really kind of skittish about surgery because in essence, they're doing it to save your life, so it has to be a good thing or to make your life better. Not Everything is a life changing or altering surgery, I suppose. Yeah, but you have to be knocked out right anesthesia. Anesthesia, thank you very much. And that's the part that concerns me the most because it's it's almost like cryogenic sleep. Yeah, man, yeah, when I've been put under in the past, I don't remember any dreams or anything. I just wake up and I'm like, Holy Crap, am I alive? Right, am I dead? For the first like ten minutes you don't know what the Hell is going on. Absolutely, man. It's very trippy. Like you said, you've had experiences with this before. I remember being being around for one of your surgeries actually, but but yeah, man, is this? I mean, do we have to worry? Is that? Is this something? You know? I'm dying? I am near death. Well, actually, I say that in jest, because I do. I do kind of worry a little bit, because it's always those little routine surgeries that people get fucked up on. Right, like Joan rivers died when she was under anesthesia for like plastic surgery or yeah, but she was like eight hundred years old. Right, right, you're not quite there. I'm a crisp forty. Yeah, but even then it's always this random things like oh, yeah, this tooth extracted and he died. Right, man, now I'm taking for the worst thing ever. Dude, a hernia. They gotta put in a Mesh. Oh, dude, not a Mesh. Well, they's funny. You say that because I watched TV. Do those commercials? Yeah, exactly. They're like, have you gotten a bad mesh? And Yeah, moved and you know, or is it going to fucking kill you, Carl us, so we can sue them? It's like growing into people's skin. Dude. The commercials are all class action lawsuits for usually it says vaginal Mesh, which I don't know. Want to think that's what I'm getting. Yeah, Dude, you get an e vaginal Mesh. Well, patch right up. Well, hopefully it doesn't assimilate into your tissue. It sounds like the Mesh like grows into it, like when you see an old tree where the barbed wire is like growing into the bark of the tree. Yeah, I can. I can imagine the Mesh growing into your dude. Dude, and you're worried about the food. You're worried about the anesthesia. Did it's yes, it's. I'm worried about the like the anesthesiologist. I even say that right, anesthes theologist. Thank you so much. But like, maybe he had a bad day, maybe, or he is like his wife just left them. Hey, we're just lost a bunch of money betting on the super bowl or something. He's like, yeah, fuck this fat piece of Shit, I'm cranking this up to eleven. Yeah, and I never wake up again, you know, and then they get a bury me with this mesh imbedded, like you said, in my tree bark. I mean it's just the whole process itself. You go through it a couple times, like I mentioned I did, and you think you're comfortable with it. But as the actual date creeps up on you, you get a little freaked out. I believe it, man, I believe and you're not making it any better. Of course not, man, that's my job. You're like, oh no, the commercials. Oh Jesus Christ, you're going to turn. Well, swamp did. My Band has like a running joke about Mesh because I don't know, it's probably me that first brought it up, but I was like started talking about those commercials. So we we toyed with the idea of calling our band like vaginal mash. Sure, like, yeah, and Don Catchy. Yeah, it's good on a t shirt, absolutely. But my I do have a little, a little experience with anesthesia. I don't I don't have a history of surgeries. I don't believe I've ever really had a serious surgery. The closest I've had was I had my wisdom teeth out when I was in my mid to late teens. I was probably one six hundred and seventeen, and the one thing I remembered they...

...offered me, you know, they said do you want just like gas or local anesthetic, or do you want intravenous sedation? And I could choose and at that, you know, tender age, I was already experimenting with this and I was already drinking with wizards and so some like IV sedation. That sounds fun. And Dude, the the drug they give you, or they did back then, was sodium Penthethal, which is what the military would give people as a truth serum, like there's that scene in true lies with Arnoldsworth. Yeah, of course I remember, and so I'm like this sounds interesting. So I remembered them given me, like putting the IV in, and I remember them saying, you know, count backwards from one hundred or whatever it was, and they said by the time, you know, you get to ninety five, you're not going to remember any of this. And they said something like you'll be conscious, but you're not going to remember anything. Yeah, right now, Dude. I've remembered the whole time thinking what are they talking about? I'm going to remember this, like I remember I'm conscious, I'm going to remember this, and I still remember having those thoughts, but I do not remember what they did, what was going on. I just remember thinking I'm going to remember this, and the next thing I knew I was waking up in like the waiting room and my father's like you need help, walk into the car and this aid and I remember they gave me a nice hefty script of codine to go home with and that's about it. But I don't remember the surgery at also, know, so vulnerable, you're at their mercy. They could have been flicking your WII. Dude, you never know. I don't know, man, you're completely naked. It's the other thing. They don't really wear underwear, so they have floppity around. Your Dingledong is, who knows, you know, if it's cold. They're like, operation room is embarrassing. Yeah, they're like, we need to shave your privates. I'm like, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out. What is this? But Hey, another funny thing about that countdown, yeah, is I always I'm afraid about what I'm going to say. Yeah, because now, Sarah Baby, that's some nasty shit. You could be like wow, hey, look at that nurse Nice Rack Band. I'm just kidding, you know what I mean. But seriously, if you want to have something me while I'm asleep, go right ahead. You're like nos, yeah, they're like how are you feeling? You're like, okay, I like a finger in my bum during say exactly. You know right well, it God, I hate to move and I am amidst a move right now. I am in the process of packing up on my shit and hitting the road yet again. Dude, I got a headache just thinking about it. Man, AH, the worst and the thing is is when I was a kid, I was the worst buddy in the world, because you know how it goes. Everybody says, Hey, I'm going to buy some beers, coming, you know, helped me move for the weekend or whatever, and I was that guy who would drink all the beers, pass out and not help anybody with did Lee Poop, like you'd answer the ad but then just not really follow through. I wasn't doing classifies or nothing. This is my friend. No, I know, I know, I'm talking. You know, you know what I'm saying. You just talking. That's all you doing. That's right. Here for is a podcast. We just talking. But yeah, and now is Karma, because I get nobody to help me right be hauling all my shit everywhere. It's going to I dread it, man, I dread it like a plague. Yeah, I mean the fun thing is when you set everything up and you get the new space and it feels fresh and we're moving is bigger. Of course. Yeah, I'd hate to say, Oh, I'm moving to a smaller place and he happens. But things are on a upswing thing. That's looking good. It's an uptick. Congratulate. Oh Yeah, thank thanks the bunch. I'm going to think about that. When I got a fucking couch on the stair. If I were anywhere near you, I would, I would definitely help. I will say not to to buy one. But I've usually been pretty good about helping friends move. But a lot of that was because for a long time I drove a truck and when you have a truck you are usually the first person that everyone calls when they need help moving. Oh yeah, and but I was usually pretty good about it anyway. It's like yeah, well, like you said,...

...well, we'll throw you some beers, maybe order pizzas if you help me move. And I don't know, I was usually pretty good about it. But Yeah, man, I do not envy you for that. Man, because of all the people that have helped move, men, I've been pretty lucky. Might my personal items over the years just from my crazy life, as never gotten too big. I've never been somebody that's owned a bunch of stuff. So it's like when I move, it's like usually a car load, you know, right. Yeah, well, the whole truck thing. That's why I drive a dodge Omni. Yeah, that way. No one ever asked me to do anything for them. They don't even want to ride to the bus stomin. But I mean, the other thing about you said about possessions is if you remember my previous moup, I do. The listeners know nothing about this, so I'll inform them. I gave a lot of my stuff away. It was very freeing. It felt good to do so, but now I've recollected and reamassed a bunch of Shit. It happens quick as you know, the wife and the cake in a bunch of stuff. If it was just me, I'd be like you a call. Oh yeah, that would be you know. But Dude, I know it's rough man, especially with a kid. It's just like you just amass toys and all these things that it's like you know half the stuff. It's like this even play with this anymore, but you don't want to throw away as you know what I mean. It's like maybe he'll forget about it some of it in the course of the WHO and you can get away with, you know, paring down things. But but does that make me a horrible person to say? No, not at all. I've actually suggested giving things a way to charity. Yeah, and my six yearold is like what, what? What? Are you crazy? And I'm like, Dude, this is broken, and I do the whole explanation like Oh, this little kid out there and may not have money or parents. I mean just im making up whatever right shit comes to my mind, and my son is still like no, the still has valued of course. So, yeah, I have a future hoarder in the making. Art. I don't know what I did to screw them up like that, but he he's a pack Rath Dude. I think a lot of kids are like that. My girl's son is the same way. I mean he's gotten better, but he had this like toy chest thing that was just dude. I'm talking. It was overflowing. The stuff at the bottom hadn't been seen in years and if you mentioned throwing any of it away or just paring down your possessions, he would freak out and so he had to kind of do it on the on this on the sly, and I mean but yeah, that that horder sort of mentality comes in. I think a lot of it's normal as a kid, so I wouldn't worry about it. But but then you start to wonder. It's like, you know, certain behaviors definitely get worse with age. So it's like, is this this normal? Should I just kind of like educate? Should I? What should I do here? But I think I wish you'd said that a week ago before I have my kid institutionalized. Not to worry. Dumped up on Thora Zene and, you know, in a rubber room stone, some listeners maybe thinking, Dave, you know, you lays he fuck, why don't you just hire a mover? MMM? And the reason is is my experience with movers is they're even lazier fucks than I am and they charge for every okay, course, man, they break shit and then they like, oh well, we're not responsible for that, sign this waiver, but if you need a box or something, Oh yeah, yeah, let me twenty bucks right. Moving pads boxes, yeah, we get charged per step. Yeah, so every steps Canna be five bucks. You like, you son of a fucking bitch. And they don't. They don't put things certain places and right I fucking hate movers, movers or scum of the earth. Yeah, so if you are a mover and you're listening to the show, fuck you. So I'm always bitching about like the way the world is changing, you know, being an old fogie at this point, and and a big element of that is like seeing how the workforce is being affected by modern technology. And you know, I'm not the first person to complain about something like self checkoutlines, but the concept of self checkoutlines used to bother me because I was like, dude, this, look at this. It's it's an example of technology removing people from their jobs and and kind of a precursor to robots and all of this, and I'm like looking at like that. And then it came... me the other day. I'm like, dude, this isn't like modern technology. They just took the fucking register and turned it around and are making me do the work and they like they're still costing people their jobs, but dude, this isn't even like technological progress. This is just like here, you do it, I don't want to pay these people anymore and like, dude, that's even worse. Well, yeah, well, they do have a couple of people that man the lines. Have you ever noticed that? The most incompetent motherfuckers on the face of the earth? Of course they're just kind of like, you know, the the Lunch Room Monitor, you know? Or yeah, exactly, sloppy Joe, and so you go, the slaps of meat on top of the scan. But I do specifically remember remember you in your you freaking out in a fucking CBS when they when they first started using these self checkout lines, and you were like hoot in Holland about people losing their jobs. Yeah, so, yeah, bother when you when you mentioned to me, Oh well, it didn't, it doesn't really bother me. Now I'm like, well, it sure as fuck bother yeah, well, it does. I mean it does bother me. Like I said, it does bother me. It's just that I might my reason for it bothering me has changed, you know. But the thing is, I'll admit when it first started happening, when these check outline started taking over, I'm like, you know what, fuck them. I was still kind of in my pseudo criminal mind state. So I'm like, you know what, if they're going to leave it up to me, I may accidentally not hit the Barcode on this certain item and like act like I'm scanning it and just put it in my you know, I've I'll admit, I did that a few times over the years, and you know how dare you? Well, dude, it's funny. A CERTAIN STAND UP COMIC, Bill Burr, has been very vocal about self checkoutlines as well. I noticed I found a kindred spirit in him, and I'm he mentioned. You know, if this is the way it's got to be, I'm going to be rolling hams out the door and fucking you know this and that. He's like fuck it, I got to the checkout line, I waited for you guys, you didn't show up, so I fucking left and I took all my shit. So he's got a blame, you know. But I'll admit one day I went into the self checkout lines and I was like, you know, and I accidentally didn't scan something and I put it in my bag. All of a sudden the whole computer system shut down and it was like see attendant, and I noticed that there was like they turned cameras around facing everyone and at their own thing and they can see everything you do. So yeah, people, just a little word of advice. I mean I was able to be like, Oh, I accidentally didn't skin it. I thought I heard it Beep, you know when I skin it. But you know, just just so you know, be yeah, don't be rolling hams out the door. Yeah, man, I mean I feel like a lot of my little talking points here involved, you know, don't be a piece of shit like I was. And so, you know, everyone life less. Yeah, they check out your own stuff, do it correctly, but if you can go to a line where there's somebody actually getting paid to do the work instead of you doing the work for them, because you know, I've no, I personally haven't gotten a paycheck since I started checking out my own items. So very true, very true. You know, someone mentioned to me there was like a meme going around, a mem a about how I you know, you getting your tax returns. I still haven't got my tax return from Walmart. For you. Using their self check out two thousand times this year, but I never use them. Really. The reason why I don't is because the line is always so fucking long. Yeah, yeah, also, one of these drones are like I'm going to save time by checking out this shit myself. No, you won't, your asshole. At the fucking line is thirty seven people long. Yeah, man, it's true. Why to stroll on over to freaking Roberta over here and she checks me out. fucking lick any SPLAT, bless you bring, Bang, boom. Yeah, and, like you said, I don't want to do the work myself. I figure I'm going to put shit on the fucking conveyor. They bag it for me everything. How much times I really save? You? Don't dud it. It's one thing if you're getting like one or two items and you want to hurry up and get through the self check out, but I see people walking up with like a whole cart and I'm like, there's no way you're more skilled at checking and bagging these things than somebody that's gonna do it. Well, I guess, I don't know. I guess slow your roll on that one. It's...

...upper it doesn't take the most finesse. It's the fucking roll something over a scan list. And I'm trying to save these people their jobs, you know. I'm trying to like, you know, make them sound more skilled than they are. Well, maybe they can start reciting poetrys they check you out her. We can give some other tasks to do is if they don't have enough. I mean, I understand dealing with customer yes, must be a fucking pain in the ask. There are times I go up to him and I'm like, Hey, how you doing today? He's get a grunt or a look. Absolutely and there are the Times they're nice and friendly, but I mean they got to do this over yeah, over again, repetition, and they're on their fucking feet all fucking day dealing with God knows what people. I mean some people still use paper money and they're going to deal with age and everything else. I've been in lines before. People use multiple cars, yeah, to check out, and that's the worst because me, my cardinal sin is I don't want my milk to hit room temperature. So I always get my milk last before I hit the check out mine and if I do that, if someone's holding me up, I look at my milk sweating, I look at that fucking person with with like the death look man like do not let my milk get warm, God forbid. I swear to God. Man these people, it's like customer service is a skill in its own. I know that because I personally have. Whenever I was, you know, applying for jobs, looking for work, my last resort was interacting with public. And that's not because I'm some like shut in hermit, it's just it adds an element of a job that's like some people are built for it, and I'm not an awful person at talking to people. Like I said, it's just that I don't know. Some people are salesman, some people are, you know, just really good at small talk and bullshitting, and I have a hard time faking it. Man. I'm I'm okay talking to waiters and waitresses. Like I'll give my girlfriend a hard time because she's very businesslike with a waiter or waitress. She's to the point where I'll give her a hard time. I'll be like are you being like mean to that waiter? Like I always rag on her for it. But like she's like look, I'm just saving them the trouble, like you don't have to blow sunshine up my ass, like let's just I'm here to order food, you're here to bring it to me. Let's just be business like about it. And she tips well, she's like look, I've I always tip well. So, even if they are like someone offended or not happy with how I'm not being super friendly with them, like I always make up for it with the money at the end. And I can't agree and I can't argue with her. But when it comes to, you know, checking people out in line, it's like, I think that's a skill that, yeah, it would drag me down after a while. So I respect these people that are doing it and while it's tempting to check my own stuff out so I don't have to have that fake interaction with people, in principle I'm opposed to it. Right on. Walmart pays people so little as it is where, you know, people that have a job at Walmart still need to get on welfare and because they're not being paid enough to survive and they're working. So I don't know, without getting into that whole topic, Oh yeah, it's a whole nonether can of worms right there. I will. It's great that your girlfriend also tips with the only problem with that is that's after they've already righten her. For me, that's a good point, man. You know the like. Yeah, that fucking woman so damn rude. And as far as customer service, here's the customer service you're going to get at the self check out. Man, this isn't working. It's broke. Looking to experience ultimate relaxation in relief of chronic pain, you need to try the healing power of CBD with himp bombs. Visit HIMP Bombscom for a wide range of pure, premium CBD products for Oils, capsules, gummy it's, pain freeze and more. Hemp bombs has all you need in store. Better sleep has proven to boost your immune system and if you were in love when live with discomfort, CBD is a natural, organic remedy that works. Start living your best life today with hemp bombs. Fans of the show can now say fifteen percent off by using code selling out a check out again, that's one word. Selling out... enjoy the benefits of CBD for fifteen percent off at hemp Bombscom. Howdy night, how are you today? Hey, you know, fucking wicked. Good Dude, wake a good buddy. Nice accent. You got there. Thanks, man. Accents are weird. I mean you live in Texas and and you know we're from Massachusetts, a place where there's a definite, you know, known accent, dialect, whatever you want to call it. There we have our own way of speaking and I don't know, it's strange coming from here. You, like I said, you moved down South and sure, and my girlfriend and I go down every year to South Carolina. So we're in the thick of this, you know, sort of southern drawl area. And I mean I look at the positives and negatives of moving down south. Man, like being from someone that's so cold and we have our winters, I've mentioned before. I get that seasonal effective disorder where I get really I feel shitty in the wind or and I'm depressed. I would love to get away from that and just have nice weather, beaches, if necessary, sunshine. The South seems like really nice for that. But but there's a few things, I mean, aside from the pervasive religion and Christianity down there, which would drive me nuts, and that's a whole other subject. I don't know if I no offense to any of our listeners that may be down south, but dude, your accent kind of drives me nuts after a while, the no offense, and I'm sure ours drives you nuts, you know, I'm sure, but man, there's something about that southern accent where you like, it's almost like adding syllables where like if someone's like stop being a bitch, you would say stop being a Baitch and and you add like a syllable. It's like you take a vowel sound and like turn it into two vowel sounds, and part of me wonders, is that where the old hip hop thing of like beach does that come from, like people in the South? I don't know. I don't think you added a syllable. I think you added some Sass, a little SASS. So you did right there. I mean, Hey, and I think about moving south, though. Yeah, no snow, but the fucking critters that can kill you. Oh yeah, that's another thing. Shit, it's more poisonous animals, and that's the thing. Use it given to take. See, like, all right, no more snow, and that's fucking great, don't get me wrong. But then you know, you have tornadoes. Yeah, your whatever toe bitten by a fucking rattler, rattler, yeah, he go. Yeah, they accents are funny and I put mine on extra thing. Yeah, here, okay, in Texas, because it kind of I don't know how I should put this. It scares some people. Yeah, if I meet a stranger or whatever and I put it on. Maybe the thing I'm a tough guy or something. Yeah, some of this East Coast motherfucker talk. Yeah, I don't know what it is. I've always kind of had the accent right now. I fully embrace it. I don't try to ever hide it. Even when I lived in New Jersey for a short paid of time, people, they're thought it was weird, and I mean that's back east. Yeah, that's not even the matter. Different like no, no, it's not. And I remember one night I had we had the security badges, to which I call them cads, that would let you in and out of the facility. Se AARD CAD cards, but I would say cads, and somebody need to borrow mine. And when they came back and said Hey, man, where's my cat? And he's like excuse me, I'm like my cad, my cat, and I mean this guy fucking he didn't know what the fuck I was talking about. So I'm not seate a caught exactly, and I'm like I need my card and he's like, Oh, you sound like you're from England. Man, I like New England, Mother Booker, ha ha, don't you forget it. But I mean, yeah, that's that's just one of those things. Wherever you go is these regional accents and we think they sound and no wise dumb or whatever, but to them is the same thing. It's like yeah, well, dude, Hey, man, you guys sound fucking ridiculous with that ash s right, I mean, but the thing is, I understand where you're coming from, because you're in a new place, but you're retaining the identity of where you come them from, you...

...know what I mean? Like you, when you talk to these people, they that's a part of your identity. It's like you're you, don't you know? Never mind that you're probably walking around with the Patriots gear on, a Red Sox fucking shirts and whatnot, the red sox hat, but like your identity also comes out and how you talk and people before they even ask you, they can probably tell you're at least from the northeast. I don't think there's that much of a difference between like the New York accent in the Boston accent. But there's huge rivalries between New York and Boston, obviously, but both accents kind of get rid of that. Are you know what I mean? And and there's definitely subtle differences. The whole quaffee coffee and talk and all that is New York, whereas Baston is like by like a like. I don't know. Is that a that's a guy from Massachusetts doing a mock man. Yeah, Saxon Pack, the cat and Havid, yeah, dude, and the yeah, not too fast from the cat. You go get the chout out out a dude. Yeah, man, I spent some years when I was younger actually consciously trying not to Oh, you know, dude, I don't know. I tried not to have that accent just because when I was younger I didn't really hate. Sounds snobby, but I didn't think it sounded that intelligent, I'll be honest with you, but it doesn't, you know. But and I'm not yeah, you heard it here first, folks, but Nah, man, I'm just saying. I I think now that it's, like I said, it's almost a badge of I don't say badge of honor, but a badge of like this is who I am, this is where I'm from, and I bring my culture with me, whether it's just in you know, my lack of consonance. So yeah, well, I mean when you're younger you want to kind of like branch out right, maybe pretend like you're from somewhere else, set yourself apart from what you're ass more exotic, to think you're from some other place, right, and then as you get older you accept and for me, I've moved around a lot, so I've read different locations and it's become, yea part of my identity. Sure, people say, Oh, that's the guy from mass or they say Boston, even though I'm not. Yes, Boston, it might be Worcester, mass, but right, it's become a thing for me and I do embrace it, I do enjoy it and I like it and, as you mentioned, I'm already walking around my red sox patriots stuff. Yep, so it's kind of like a you know, tip right there. Hey, this guy is not from around here, but you're like a you're like a caricature of a New England person. You were wearing Patriot you got a patriots fucking shirt, red sox hat and you're not pronouncing your fucking ass and you say I'm wicked and I got a fucking Duncan donuts coozy. Right, yeah, the my ice coffee. I mean, I don't go that file bad. It's just it's natural. It feels good, sure, and I like it. I like it, but at the same time I don't like it when people say Donna Sour. Yeah, it's just look, I'll say dinosaur, man, why are you gonna say Donna Saur? At least with our accent. We're just leaving shit out. Yeah, man, I feel like the the problem I have with the whole Inno sour thing is that they think that dinosaurs existed with with humans, that God put us out on that. At the same time, humans and dinosaurs coexist in and the earth is only sixzero years old and anyway, and that is some weird shit. You know what, if you believe in that in the whole, I mean, whatever you believe, and if you don't like accents, if you love acts, if you have an accent, it's easy to reach out to us. We want to hear from you your opinions on the show, everything we talked about or any suggestions you may have. We're easy to get a hold of. You can find us on twitter at selling out show, or just send us an email. Selling out show at GMAILCOM. We want to hear about everything. Your whole entire life. We want to stock. You. Never relieve me, never good I find you. Sure we all know vaping saves lives, but now I want to save you some money. Visit Northland Vaporscom, probably made in North Dakota. Northland Vapors Line of e liquids contain no artificial sweeteners, are dike tone free and won't gunk up your coils,...

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...certain single days of life could alter everything. I mean, I don't know about you. Do you have any of those sort of memories or sure? Yeah, one choice is a tough thing to think about really, because you can't do anything about it. Right, everybody has a fantasy. If I could turn back time, not to share song, but still, you know, if I could go back what would I fucking change? And for me, when I was seventeen, I did like this self. Emancipation, m from from my mother, I moved out. Yeah, I got my own apartment with my buddy. I was partying all the time. I was a senior in high school and, much like you're opiates story, it felt good. I was having a good time. With hindsight being two thousand and twenty, I can see the terrible, terrible emotions I put my mother through, yeah, my entire family through. How much of a fucking prick bastard I was, how much I fought for this tooth and nail, to be free, to be my own man, because I knew it all. Yeah, just so I could get some fucking pussy. Yeah, yeah, that's what it was. Without any restrictions, without anybody telling me what to do. That's all I wanted. All my friends were older, they were in their S. I mean even then some of them lived at home, right, but I looked up to them and thought they were like these role models and that this was the way to truly live. You had to have fun all the time, unrestricted. Yeah, on Risch, and it was. It was a blast, man. I had times I mean I get stories up to Ying Yang, but what are they worth now? They're not worth a fistful of sand. Right, being older now, looking back, I go Jesus, all that fuck. I put everybody through the ringer. I just so I can have a good time, and I'd go back and change that if I could, but I can't, so I won't. Absolutely I'll podcast about yeah, let all the people know what kind of miserable son of a bitch I am. Yeah, man, I mean it's just like I said, it just kind of drives you nuts because, as we mentioned, there's nothing you can do about it. There's IT'S A it's a thing I cannot change. So and maybe you can alter your choices in the future because of something you learned in the past. But man, after years of life being altered because of that, man, I'm it's it's kind of heady. Man. I wonder whatever happened to that kid in jail that I met the like I said, man, this kid was he was young, he had he looked scared and part of me wonders if, after that two and a half years of being locked up man like, sure he still had some trace of that. In a sin sin and naivete or whatever when I met him. But by the end of two and a half years, man, you can come out of that place a totally different person. And you know what I mean. He may come out with a whole different kind of education than he was planning on. And and those next ten years of of probation, I mean the he might be almost done with that by now, like I might be done. He probably is done with all that by now. This was so long ago that and less that probation ended up being a set up for him. Like I said, the kid gets out of jail at a young age. Still, yeah, with all this probation and he's he's on drug test and all this stuff. It's like, I don't know, I don't know. Yeah, but nate, you know we all make mistakes. We just talked about ours. Yeah, and you know you're detailing his, but you almost seem like you want to make him a sympathetic character here. I you know, behind him a sympathetic character? I don't. Okay, I don't. And the reason why I don't use because he killed somebody, okay, and God forbid, I know I possibly could have killed somebody myself. Luckily I did not write, but I can't look as an outsider here listening to your story. I can't, you know, I can't look at the whole situation and go, yeah, I hope you did all right. Yeah, I hope he's okay. I don't know him. Yeah, but if you get drunk, you drove, you killed somebody, whatever happens, he happens to you. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is. Sure, sure, he's got to pay for it, but it's like, and like I said, it's his sentence. Seems kind of light for a lot of people. When you think of someone die, yeah, you don't think two and a half years and probation. But but at the same time, like I said, one choice, man, you know what I mean, and it was a bad choice, but oh yeah, hey, whatever.

You know this. It's a controversial subject in everyone's going to think about it differently. But when I met the kid, I could tell that this kid was like, imagine not just having to deal with the time and all that, it's like having that on your conscience too, and it's like yeah, maybe you don't have sympathy for or maybe it's your sympathy is tempered by, you know, by the act that he did. You know, the the fact that somebody died. But but man, maybe maybe I'd feel different if I knew the family of the person he killed. To you know, there's a lot of factors involved. I mean I've had someone of my family died because if someone would distracted driving. Okay, I've talked in previous podcast episodes about the texting right, having lost a family member be yes. So, yeah, cars and deaths and hot it's just I don't like it. Yep, I don't like it. And Yeah, so, I mean if we all know all the circumstances involved, sure, but the same time I can't really feel bad for him on that level. Okay, well, I can't see human thing. We all make mistakes, big or small, right throughout our entire lives. We all have regrets. We just have to push forward and hope we can defeat them in a way and I, like you said, learn from now right not linger on then right day from the selling out show. Here to tell you about spunk. Loub Spun Loube is a multi award winning move can't use by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in hybrid pure soil the call. Natural and pink. Spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients and is non standing, Hypo allergenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love life with spawn. Right now. SPUNK LOUBE is by three, get one free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A high end product for an affordable price. Is it spunk loubecom today and you can thank me later. Dust up your lb in time for nate. No, no, no. I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. There aren't a lot of stoplights and even less so when I was growing up. I lived on a long woodsy road and houses were usually like a quarter, two a half mile apart. It wasn't a neighborhood per se, and my brother and I didn't have neighborhood kids to play with, so we spent our days playing in the woods, building rope swings or even cabin like structures. Our imaginations were sharpened by our need for adventure and fun. Of course, we didn't have the modern distractions of social media or the Internet at all. In fact, the first decade of my life was bent without so much as a Nintendo. We didn't get the new fangled N S Nintendo entertainment system. Until I was roughly ten years old, we had an Atari Twenty six hundred, but even a couple little kids could only hit that single orange button so many times before it got a little boring. We were still pretty outdoorsy kids, so we definitely stuck to those old patterns of play, even while being gradually possessed by the home video gaming bug in its infancy. But this segment isn't about gaming. It's about another distraction that disrupted our play schedule around the same time, give or take a couple of years. Being that it was a podunk little town when the mind blowing new thing called cable television started spreading its coaxial tentacles a few decades back, it took a while for them to reach us. I remember being so excited to go to my grandparents house in the big city of Worcester, partly because wooster had cable years before we did and I could watch HBO and Vhone and, of course, MTV. When cable finally arrived in our town, I suddenly had access to those channels and all the others, which back then probably numbered...

...around fifty, and it got appropriately harder to do my homework. Being a lifelong music junkie, my real weak spot was MTV and, to a lesser extent, vh one, which wasn't quite as good, but it was a lot closer to MTV back then, before it grew into its adult contemporary identity. Of course, eventually, years later, both channels mostly eliminated music all together in favor of reality shows and other forms of Vapid, lowest common denominator garbage. But in those care free, healcyon days of youth, MTV was still a fairly rebellious little station that played the limited music videos that even existed back then. It was a new medium, this music video thing, and but in context this Shit was mine candy to a kid like me, and the ones with decent production values we're usually memorable, like I remember seeing the flashy computer generated video clip for dire straits is money for nothing. And of course Aha's take on me video is kind of the gold standard for memorable s videos with its cool, sketchy animation and dramatic chase seen love story vibe. But along the way I also had Peter Gabriel's videos for sledgehammer and big time. I remember watching run DMC and Arrowsmith team up for walk this way. I loved I ran by a flock of seagulls. As I got a little older, MTV would start airing non music video centered shows here and there, and some were cool. I love of the sketch comedy show the idiot box. It had Alex Winter, who played bill and bill and Ted sexcellent adventure. The idiot box was fairly ahead of its time as far as sketch comedy goes, but it actually did intersperse videos in with the sketches. Liquid Television was a great showcase for unique animated shorts and it gave birth to both eon flux and Beavis and butthead but my favorite shows were usually just niche video shows. headbangers ball was great alternative nation in a hundred twenty minutes. We're often pretty reliable and I have great memories and at one point a vhs copy I recorded off the TV, but that's long gone now, of an awesome show hosted by veteran Weirdo Radio Dj Dr Demento. He played all these bizarre comedy, parody or just weird novelty song videos. If you've ever heard the song fishheads by Barnes and Barns you would remember, and if so, it'll probably get stuck in your head now just thinking of it. I hear a lot of musicians complain about music video clips. A lot of artists don't like that a certain visual element is suddenly linked to a song they wrote, usually a visual element created and directed by someone else. Music creates its own imagery, but it's abstract in unique to each listener. When you release a videos, suddenly there's an associated set of colors and images to the song and it takes that subjective experience out of it. Of course, there have been bands that embrace video and members tied the music to imagery themselves. Adam Jones, the guitarist of tool, has always been very conscious of the visual side of his band and he's animated a lot of videos for his own songs. Now I'm not the biggest tool fan anymore, but of always respected their clarity of vision. How it all makes one package, the music and the imagery. I think their best days are behind them, but they allegedly have a long awaited impending new album. Maybe they'll surprise me this year. Oddly enough, a band with more than one connection to tool is green Jello. I don't know...

...if you remember them, but yeah, I know. Craft foods soothed them and they had to start spelling their name jeal why, instead of Jel Looh, but if you ask the band the pronunciation never changed. So they technically still go by Green Jello. They're the ones who did the old three little pig song way back in the S. well, green Jello released a whole album of songs with videos like they released it as a vhs tape back in the day. Who knows, maybe you can get a DVD now. I'm sure it's all online. But the point is, if you had the album on like CD or LP or whatever, it was called a soundtrack to that video collection. Like each song had an accompanying video clip, all incredibly low budget and full of paper machee and foam puppets and costumes. Occasionally there was some stop motion animation, as in the video for the aforementioned three little pigs, but it was an interesting and ambitious concept, making an album of all videos. I still remember a lot of it and I haven't seen it and probably twenty five years at this point. And by the way, aside from sharing a record label and producer. Back in the day, both tool and green jello featured dandy carry on drums back then, and even tools singer, Maynard James Keenan, shows up on a few jello songs. Hell, he's the voice of the three pigs, so that's that connection I was mentioning between tool and green jellow. Nowadays you can watch any of these old videos online and new ones. Artists are still making videos. It's cool. The need for MTV is gone in the age of Youtube and Vivo, which is good, because MTV stopped being MTV years ago. I mentioned earlier how it's no longer anything like the channel it used to be. It seems like one is lucky to even see music videos on quote music television at all these days. For years it's been a collection of dumbed down game shows and Internet clip shows, a lot of quote reality TV, and actually one can point at MTV specifically for the advent of that horrible reality programming bullshit. Remember years ago in the early S, when they had the great idea for the show the real world. Sure, that show seems like an interesting idea at the time, but looking back now, I think that was the beginning of the end as far as reality TV entertainment goes, but that's a whole other subject. In conclusion, I guess I'll just say that music videos became a necessary part of music marketing a few decades ago and many artists still make them, but the venue for displaying them has changed considerably over the years. I don't really care what happened to MTV specifically. If I want to watch the video for Michael Jackson's thriller, I'll just find it online. Thank you very much. I mean MTV was a pretty big part of our youth, Dave. I mean we were part of that MTV generation, but it's just a yeah, like many other things in our lives, that kind of just fell by the wayside over the years, you know. But you just put a lot of my plight with that whole names notes, bunny. That's a lot to digest. I mean I'm thinking back on that era of MTV and how you know, you mentioned the shows from liquid television. I remember the head, that show, the head. Oh Yeah, man, yeah, I used to had that on VHS. I really enjoyed that. As a teenager, I had the hots for Kennedy. Yep, yeah, which is kind of gross now. But yeah, but then it was like a thing. It was like cool, alternative, hot girl. Wow, I never see those on the streets. You know. Know where? Do you know where Kennedy ended up? It wasn't she like some kind of conservative, yes, Wacko or something. Now he's on Fox News. Now she's she's all her hair's all cut... this neat Bob and her glasses are, you know, a little more rich, you know, fucking she's got. She looks very conservative, but it's just weird. She was this hipster sort of vay who was the cool one, and now she's she's part of the machine, man, she's part of the right wing machine. Yeah, MTV has outlived its usefulness. I don't know what artist, and I'm not hip or cool or down with what's going on now, but which artist break because MTV? Is there any? I honestly don't know, man, I don't think there would be. I mean, with everything being so accessible, who really needs MTV or a music video to be broadcast on their channel to make it? I mean, back in the day you'd have to get blow jobs and gratuitous amounts of cocaine just to get on MTV and now nobody gives a fuck. I know, I know, it's strange, man. Like I said, why? I just don't confused why they even still call it MTV anymore. You know, you think it would be something you could change a name to something involving youth culture or something like that instead of MTV. But I guess brand yeah, branding, and it's kind of like the whole KFC where Kentucky Fried Chicken is no longer Kentucky Fried Chicken. It's just KFC and they're not. You know what I mean. It's like the yeah, it doesn't mean Kentucky Fried Chicken Anymore. Really, they sell tecs, right, right, it doesn't matter anymore. And I'm glad you brought up Green Jello. We talked about that off Eric's. I had that vhs and at the time it was like the coolest thing ever. I'm like, this is a really new concept, this is pretty wild. Yeah, and whatever happened to them? They never get brought up anymore. This might be the only show and the last decade bringing up the Green Jello experience. It's funny talking about them today. I wanted to get a few of the details correct, so I was like looking up stuff online about them and apparently they still perform, like I noticed that. And their roster of members, because it's all puppeteers and artists and whatnot, is like I'm talking dozens of people have been involved in this band and of course the only two that have any recognition are the two that were that ended up in tool after, you know, right, three little pigs or whatever. But but yeah, it's bizarre. Everyone knows tool, but nobody knows the origins of their drummer. And you know, Mainard from tool. But yeah, they came from Green Jello, staying up late on a Saturday night to watch headbangers ball and Ricky Rachman, yeah, D who's really just a fucking Dank. But it was better than a hundred and twenty minutes because I didn't want to watch more see videos. Right. Well, see, I enjoyed the Morris. Well, I don't like mores. I never liked Morris, see, but I like the depech mode and cure videos. You may have seen on a hundred twenty minutes and what. But Oh, yeah, right, right. I mean, I've see like the lemon heads and I like the lemon hands quite a bit and they have had a hundred twenty minutes on headbangers ball, but sure you know there's a phase I went through as a teenager. It's going to be heavy, it's gonna be a fucking metal all the tour. Yeah, they're playing sepule tour and panter videos on their man it was cool, you know they that's yeah, I think. I think head bearers ball was where I first heard seple tour. I remember. It's funny the series of movies. I don't know if you remember the decline of Western civilization movies. They know, there are a series of three documentaries made over the course of like twenty years and the first one was all about the punk rock scene in California. Had like black flag and, you know, the germs and all these bands and it was about kind of the street punk culture and all this. And then the next entry, which was all about the hair metal phenomenon in the sunset strip and all those bands and how decadent ends. There's a really famous scene of like the guitarist from Wasp sitting in a floaty in his pool just guzzling bottles of vodka, like pouring down hole bottles into his mouth. It's you know, like God blassroom and his mother is sitting looking all depressed, just kind of like yeah, that's massive,...

...and on on the edge of the pool like this older woman. It's this, it's the movies are oddly touching and kind of deep for such silly subject matter. But anyway, in that second decline of Western civilization movie they interview a young Ricky Rachman before he was on MTV. He was the owner of this club on I forget the name of the club he owned. It was like not the Viper Room. That was what's his name's Club? Johnny Depp's Club, but it was something like that. The like some Trendy Club on the some sunset strip. That's where Ricky Rackman came from. He was just some club owners promoter. Yeah, and then they gave him a show on headbangers ball, like called headbangers. Well, he was more from the Glam era and he's trying to seem like this hardcore metal head, which is I don't know, which is why I think he got he got punched a few times over the years, once by like Dave Msstaine and once by Al Jergens, and I remembers. You know, people clashing with Ricky over the years and then he cut his hair. fucking sell out, right, that's worth all boys. Yeah, alicating there, those are those things were a big deal back thing. You know, I can't believe looking back that people took it that serious, but it really was. I mean it was a style, style choice. And now you look at some of the big artists, and again I'm not super familiar with all of them, Nicki Minaj, right, yeah, she changed her look every five minutes, right, and it's cool. That's a thing, you know, and back then you'd lose your cred if you change age, you style, you weren't the same artist. You couldn't be right because you visited the fucking Baba. Well, it's it's about branding, like you said before. You know, your image can be part of your brand. Well, even the original artist like David Bowie famously loved MTV. A lot of the British bands were making videos before MTV even existed. Sure that's why a lot of them broke, I guess, in America. Well, you're the music experts, so I need your help with something here, because I'm going to make a bold claim right now. Okay, I think the demise are the sort of demise of MTV's importance? Was it the band when they called okay go, the ones that would do the song with her on like the treadmill? Here we go again, here whatever. Yeah, yeah, yes, what was the name of that band? Okay go? That was a oh, okay, wow, I got one. Yeah, the ready of fucking cookie. Yeah, but that's the kind of stuff that was at that time. was going viral. So you were watching on your phone, you know, people were emailing each other at the office HMM, that video, like, oh, check this out, it's all one continuous shot. Yeah, and they didn't to see on TV, they were just sending it to each other. So I'm a fucking historian, motherfucker. Nail it down, look at me go. Yeah, let's put the final nail in the coffin of MTV, man, because I think it's you know, right now it's basically it's death rattles. It's doing all these shitty Internet clip shows and all these I don't know, man, I'm tired. I haven't watched it in years. I wouldn't I could even begin to tell you what's on it. Yeah, I mean, I don't really either. That's why? I'm kind of being vague about it, about what's on it now, but I remember over the years seeing such awful shows like, you know, my my whatever, sweet sixteen bird, where these spoiled kids. I know that's probably old keen mom. Yeah, all these shows that were just like, dude, this is just embarrassing for our culture and in the really contribute to the downfall of society because, and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being a teen mother, I don't give a fuck. Yeah, I don't do whatever you want to do, but just don't be fucking trashy about it really, but that was the thing. A lot of people could be trashy on TV and they looked at look at those people like role models. You know. It's like Kim Kardashian. Why is she famous? She was rich, she had a sex tape, right, she was famous for being famous. Exactly. Now she's selling fucking comforters. It sears. So I mean that's just our culture now. That's how it is, and it's like I can't talk about the now, I can only refer to the past, hmm, because that's really all I know, and so it's hard to say with the future of MTV will be, but I can say with a fair amount of certainty that it's it's time, is over and it's gone...

...the way of the dinosaur dinos, and just like dinosaurs, this show is now extinct. fossilize us. We have to go. We got to hit the road. Nate's been fun talking with you. HMM. I want to thank each and every one of you out there for taking the time to listen to us and our humble little program. Virtual hugs for all of you. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out. You Swim Infirmary Media. This podcast is sponsored by oasis, a PAYCHEX company. Oasis provides small and medium sized businesses with an all in one solution to simplify back office complexities like payroll, benefits, HR and compliance. Let Oasis Take Care of the HR administration so you can focus on growth, your customers and continue to run your business fearlessly. Learn more at Oasis Advantagecom. Slash podcast. Give your mornings a remix with the delicious new beyond Sausage Sandwich from Duncan say, but it's a tasty beyond meat sausage patty with egg and she's all on an English muffin. Oh Yeah, that's ten grams of great tasting plant based protein, great past plant breath. Wait, it's plant based? Yeah, it's plant based and it tastes great. Young Dry Duncans beyond sausage sandwich. It's a whole new way to start the day America runs. I'm Duncan.

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