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Selling Out Show

Episode 21 · 2 years ago

Ep.#21 Soup to Nuts


The Selling Out Show is celebrating it's 21st episode! Does that mean the show can legally drink now? Speaking of which, on this episode we will hear about Nate's early experiences mixing alcohol and amateur sorcery, followed by some of the guys' thoughts on surgery and anesthesia.
Dave is getting ready to do his least favorite activity, moving, and despite many such moves throughout his life, we learn that he's always held on tightly to his New England roots, and his accent. Meanwhile, Nate has a few thoughts on self-checkout lines.
As the episode winds down, we discuss the concept of how sometimes a single choice can alter one's whole life, and we hear a few examples. Nate's Notes looks back at the Early days of MTV, when those initials still meant something!
Happy 21st, Selling Out!

1:30- Drinking with wizards
3:38- Tales of anesthesia
9:57- On the move again
14:48- Registers disguised as robots
23:45- Everyone talks funny
32:10- It can all change in a moment
41:25-Nate's Notes (In Memory of MTV)
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