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Selling Out Show

Episode 20 · 3 years ago

Ep.#20 RoboShark!


Join us as we search for subliminal messages within the internet sensation known as Baby Shark. Then we'll hear how Dave is plagued by robocalls. He's developed a nifty way to fight back, but someone beat him to the app. Also, if aliens are observing us, what behaviors would they find the most odd?
We'll hear a tale from the dark days of unemployability and chaos. Finally, Nate's Notes is a fist shaking rant against the modern trend of mumble rappers.
2:27-Sinister Juvenile Shark Phenomenon
9:07-Robocall App Owes Dave a Dime
15:47-Weird View from Above
22:00-More Embarrassing History
32:15-Nate's Notes- Mumble Rap Misery
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Hey, I'm Maurice. As a barber, you might think my scissors are my main tool, but really it's metro. That's where I got my iphone seven. It's camera makes sharing my cuts as simple as sniff, snap, share. Right now, get an iphone seven with a camera that shoots K for just one thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine. When you switch to the number one brands and prepaid metro by Tmobile Rule Your Day requires port inevidual number not conly active. One tmobile network for active on Metro in past ninety days and Arification of hiding and independent actase. The ITT for percount household thirty two. Pick a by I phone seven model on you, no temper and C store for details in terms of emissions. fucking kids. Don't take it out of the children, they leave the children a little. I know I'm like yelling and let's see, I know I probably heard that upstairs infirmary media. You were now to Dick to this selling out podcast. What it does is reaches into your brain chemically and no cat your happiest memory chemically and then knocks on to emotion. Pleased it chemically and then it keeps your happy, happy hello, hello, hello, and welcome to this selling out show. I am one of your host David Shilts, and by my side is my good pal nate Gore Zinski. Nate, how the Heck Are you? I'm good man. I'm trying to deflect my cats from getting too close to the MIC. They're trying to make guest appearances and so I'm just kind of deflecting cats like a Ninja or here, but otherwise I'm good man. Yeah, my mind I could see the fist flying, fur going everywhere, all that great stuff. Yeah, man. Well, you know, that's a wonderful way to start a show, is the fact that you're beating up on your furry feeline friends. You know, I'm wondering. I want to tell the listeners out there we get a great one plan for them today. We have a wonderful show. Am I overstepping my bounds really by saying how great of a show we have planned for the people today? Well, you know, it's a tall order to live up to, but uh, but I think we got confidence. That's that's warranted. Sounds like nate has some cont and traded confidence right there. Let's bottle it, sell it, sprits it and go disappoint some ladies Hatchi much done studies. You know, sixty percent of the time it works every time. Let's go see if we can make this little kiddy per. You know, nate, there's things in life that constantly surprised me, especially being a parent. One of these things happens to be a phenomenon going on right now that I was completely unaware of until my six yearold thought I was lame that I didn't know it was going on, and that is something called baby shark. Will you familiar with the baby shark phenomenon? MMM, no, blessedly not. Until you brought it to my attention. I'm poisoning your mind. You see how it works. It's almost like a virus. I'm sharing it with all of you, but for people out there who don't know, maybe you don't have kids or anything, there's a song on Youtube called Baby Shark, made by this production company called Pink Fong, and the reason why I keep stating that is phenomenon is big, it's because it's had over two point three billion views on billy tube. BILLION WITH A bee, with a bee with a beat, and I understand some of repeat views. Some people may want to put it on, you know, all day, so keeps their kids occupies and don't have to do any human interaction, I suppose. But here's another thing. It hit number thirty two on the billboard top one hundred. Wow. Wow, it broke into the charts. It did break. You did it most certainly did. There have been papers written on why people consider this so catchy. What's the Hook of the song? Basically, how is it ingraining itself into your child's mind, like mine, because the ditty is a little catchy. I'll give it that. I had to search it after my son brought it up to me and I couldn't stop humming it for the rest of the day. I do want to warn know you find folks out there and podcast land. This song has a knack for burrowing its way into your soul. So if you have a heart condition or maybe you know you just can't take this level of happiness, you may want to fast forward a little bit or step away from whatever device that you're listening to give it about twenty seconds. You can come back with your integrity and your, you know, general demeanor intact. For everyone else, be prepared for joyous beams of color and rainbows to blow your eyeballs out...

...of their sockets. I'm going to play a quick clip a baby shark for those who don't know exactly what I'm talking about. Baby check. Did a baby check? Did baby shake? Mommy shout did? Did it? Did at Mommy shot to do did it didn't? Mommy shout did. Did it didn't? Mommy shout. So you hook, Nate Man, Huh? Talk about an ear worm? You know, yeah, but does it make you feel good? It's a happy, upbeat tune. I guess it's like sugary poison. Oh, okay, great, great way to put it, but I mean it really has no educational value. There's no nothing to be learned from this song. You just kind of gradually goes through every member of the family being a shark. I mean there's always been an element of nonsensical material for kids that lacks real educational substance. You hope the things you're showing your kids or that are on TV for kids have educational value, but we've always had, you know, the I love you, you love me like songs that, oh, yeah, that just yeah, they are just they get in your head and your kids sings them in the annoy the heck idea. We had the wheels on the bus song when we were kids and nursery rhymes thy yeah, things like that. But but it really wasn't until the teletubby's when you sought like the teletubby seemed like just something colorful and bright for the kids to watch and not really anything. They weren't learning anything. It was just like put your kids in front of this, it's bright and shiny and they will leave you alone. Right. Well, yeah, yeah, exactly. Well, this thing just really peaks my curiosity, because do you remember back in the day when people is suggest Oh, put that metal record in reverse and it's going to tell you to do some evil, sinister shit. Man. Right. Well, you know, here I am today wondering are the fine folks at Pinkfong trying to influence our youth into doing some misguided deeds like, I don't know, potentially murdering me? You might sleep. This is some serious, hardcore research, not to be taken lightly. Suck it, led Zeppelin. So, without any further ADO, here is baby shark, or should I say Christian ality, are but backwards. You know what? That's actually catchy in itself. Yeah, I mean, granted I'm here, I do have a weird, irresistible urge to murder my grandmother, but oh, that's probably just coincidenty Nan, I don't want to be blamed for that. It's like Dave played me this backwards and now I went on a killing spree across twelve states. I'm blaming the kids in their little shark voices and Shark Song. That's I'm not having. You Take Down Pink Fong. Leave Dave alone. I mean, there's really nothing to be found there. I tried, I tried my damnedest to bring down baby shark. There's something insidious happening here. And it's funny when he said when you said Pink Fong, just for the listeners, that's Fong. I got you were saying Pink Thong, like underwear. Like I'm like, that seems a little weird for kids. You know, production company. Pink Thong, no, pink fall, different video. Entirely right. That one is no, this pink Pong. They are the whole thing. I read a little bit about it. It's inspired by KPOP, which I really can't speak about right I don't know much about Kapoplis Hooever, and there was. It been around for a couple of years, but apparently there was a Hashtag challenge, the Hashtag Baby Shark Challenge, which inspired people to do some dance moves to something, and that's when it started to grow and more people started watching it on Youtube. Right whenever there's a dance involved, things get huge, you know, whether it's the freaking macarina or the baby sharks on. I'm just looking out for the kids, man. I want to make sure once they hear this song, they're not out there pulling an Ozzy Osborne and biting the heads off of bats and wait. I'm just a humble public servant here looking out for what's best for mankind. So you know what, you're welcome. Let me get this out there right now when I say that Robo calls are an absolute fucking plague.

I get maybe ten to fifteen robo calls a day. I've tried various means to cut them down and it works a little bit, but they still seem to get through the cracks and find me. So I developed my own method on dealing with these robot callers, and what I do is this, is I answer the phone and I immediately pretend is if I was in an accident. Now I apologize ahead of time for anybody whose family members may have been involved in accidents due to a phone call on the road. Is Happening to members of my family. It is a tragedy, but I think you got to take something that serious to kind of like stop these guys. You know what I mean? Yeah, so I'll answer and I'll say, oh my God, who is this? Who is this? And a lot of times they really don't want to tell you who is calling right off the bat. Right you kind of have to pry a little bit and say, Oh, what is your name? What companies? And once they do say that, you say, Oh, I just drove off the road. I had to answer your call. It distracted me. Can you please call one one for me, my leg is bleeding really bad. Automatically hang up. Hey, whatever works, man. Hopefully these guys have a heart and they're not just trying to call back. They're like Hey, well, do you have a moment to talk while you're waiting for the ambulance? Well, no, if they had a heart they probably say well, let me help you right anything, but they don't. They just Oh shit, yeah, and they hang up right away. Yeah, in all fairness, it's probably some you know, twenty year old temp at an office making these calls. They don't give a shit. Well, when I was a kid I was a telemarketer for a short amount of time, like two weeks. I couldn't stomach it. It's a terrible business. It's awful and I used to mess with telemarketers because I knew there's a script that they were reading from and eventually, like anything in life, that script will come to a close. Yeah, so you keep saying, Oh, tell me more, I'm not really sure, and as I keep going through the hit keep going through the motions, eventually they're going to say okay, sir, I'm sorry, can't help you today and right hey, with the robot calls, they just keep coming in coming, man, I'm in Texas right now and I think Texas is one of the worst states for robot calls. I don't know how bad they are in Massachusetts or but I think it's a problem that most people have to deal with on a daily basis. Yeah, it's a modern issue. It's a modern problem, it really is, and it's a terrible problem to have because, like I said, I use a distracted driving thing is an excuse to kind of mess with them a little bit. Yeah, but it's a scenario that really does happen because people are so focused on their phones, especially on the road. Sure, sure, I wonder if the same guy's ever called twice and you try to use it and he's like, wait a minute, were you in an accident again? You're like yeah, Dude, you're ruining my life. This is two cars now you've fucked up. Yeah, and a bicycle. Yeah, damn it. So recently I learned this new APP is touting that it's the best on the market by using these fake voices, and I'm a little bit mad because they're stealing my mother fucking stick. So the APP does what you were doing. Basically. Yes, the APP provides fake voices to mess with the robot callers, but I have a clip here from a a news report about this. APPS only play that real quick for the people. So he downloaded a robot called blocker that turns the tables on the callers. It's called robot killer. Instead of just hanging up, it plays games with the callers. That has what's called answer bots and they fool the spam bots into thinking that you're an actual human and then they give up calling you. Paul's phone has two dozen responses designed a full automated calling systems. One of my favorites is someone who's speaking in a Russian accent and he pretends that he doesn't speak English very well. All, are you? All? Are you calling from the Goulog Robo killer costs about two dollars a month to use and the Federal Trade Commission says it's safe to you. Are you telling me what I say? You're telling me now. Some of the voices may not be politically correct and it plays a bit into stereotypes, like the Russians, but if that offends you, you always have this option. We're sorry, you have reached the number that has been disconnected or is no longer insert it now. What pisses me off the most about this is they're making two bucks a whack off. This APP for something I'm doing for free. I mean, I guess they're saving you the trouble of cleverly coming up with something. You know this is for less inventive people. You have a creative mind, so you and you almost it seems like, enjoy the little active interaction to a point. I mean, obviously you'd rather not have the call happen at all, but you right, yeah, but you kind of relish in the the awkwardness that you that you create. But Yeah, man, you know, I guess it's just a matter of shit. They got the patent first, they created the thing and but may like, they mentioned on the whole piece there. It's racially insensitive. I have a lot that we could say about that, but, you know, I think people just need to calm down. If anyone's insensitive, it's the it's the people calling and interrupting dinner or whatever. You know. Well, I'll tell you another thing that also kind of irks me about this is that whole Russian accent thing they got...

...going on. Yeah, some about the Gulag or whatever. Yeah, I once when I was a young man, I lived down the street from a college, one that I didn't attend, but I was a happy go lucky guy. I like to drink a lot, as you recall, and one night I had a few too many and I went to the campus and I put on a a fake accent, a eastern European accent, and I scored with a girl. Well, it got me late. Yeah, man, they love that. A Foreign Dick. Well, that's well, that's surprise. Yeah, it's not forward Dick at all. It is locally bread and raised. It was me, you, Trojan horsome. Yeah, I really did. I think this catfishing before catfishing, I suppose. So for me it's like, not only do you one take my whole thing away about maybe being in an accident or turning the tables on these guys a little bit, yeah, but then to the accent. Come on now, maybe it was one of those college students that started this and they you know, they met you and they remembered you and they're just making money off off your life. Oh, I'm sure if they remember me, or I'm sure. Well, that poor young girl. I haven't brought about her in years, but imagine, Guy, I did eventually reveal that that was all fake and she's still hung around. So wow. Yeah, now I have no idea whatever happened to this girl or where she is now. Hopefully she's everything's well and maybe she's married and has kids or whatever. But the thing is, I really do hope she figured out what was wrong with her poor misguided soul. I mean, after all, hooking up with me. You know, fake acts in or not, is still a questionable act to say the least. Make the truth is out there. There is something to be found beyond the star, some kind of higher intelligence, and someday it could very possibly, maybe it is already a very, very well could be. But I have a question for you. Is, let's say you were an alien and you were visiting our humble little planet for the first time. He's found me out, folks right. Yeah, you, you're like a serpent man, or was lizard man or whatever. The whole conspiracy is reptilian prize, everybody. Yeah, your reptiliou. Yes, exactly. Thank you. What part of human behavior we give you pause, or maybe even you'd find disturbing? Hmm Wow. So, as a newcomer looking at humans as a species, what what? What trips me up about them? Well, the same thing that freaks me out as a human man when I look at people and see specifically like religious cell ceremonies and rituals or even practices that people do, whether it's traditions like Christmas trees and Easter bunnies and Easter eggs or just going to church. If you were, as a complete newcomer to go into a Catholic Church and see all the pageantry and stand up, sit down, Neil, pray, eat this little wafer and do this and that and this way for rep is is the body of your savior and you're eating it. So it's like pseudo cannibalism going on here like that. Shit would trip me up and does. So that's it, Huboosi good dog exactly. But what do you think would freak you out or, yeah, give you pause, as you said, if you were this visiting alien? MMM, well, there's a lot of basic functions that we do that's just odd when you kind of look at them from afar. Sure, but I think if I was new to this planet, sleep would bother me, the fact that human being sleep, for a couple of reasons. One, if I was an advanced life form, I'd hope that we wouldn't need to sleep anymore, because sleep really dominates a large part of a person's life, sure to the point where it's like, Oh my God, I made it to be ninety four years old. Well, half of those years he basically spent sleeping. Yeah, so you would think that person from from the great beyond there, from from out there the galaxy would maybe, if defeated the need for sleep right right, conquered that, you know, conquered. Yes, thank you. But I mean even above all that, when you see like a nature show and you see maybe like bats or something huddled together, Toure Sleeping, it creeps you out a little bit. Yeah, our snakes in a pit, they're all like yeah, yeah, like a pile of like shuttering and clicking in noises and everything else. It's just weird. You know, I right. But humans, yeah, we're basically the same. We not be, we may not be, you know, in a big mass together or anything, but even individually in our own beds, we snore, yeah, maybe, pop, yeah, yeah, talk, right, slapping your lips together because your melt is dry. Sometimes you speak and you sleep, you roll over, you toss and turn. Yeah, imagine being someone new to the human race and just watching people sleep. You would really freak me the fuck out. Hell, yeah, man, yeah, it's so. It's a weird thing. We have to our bodies have to shut down and we just go into this weird dormant state for like a third of the day. And Yeah, man, I...

...mean I look at my dog when he's sleeping and sometimes he starts like running. You know, it's not that animals dream. First of all, that's a whole other thing we won't get into. But like, yeah, man, it is weird, it's it's and it's a really vulnerable thing. Like, imagine before we were out of the food chain and living in our comfortable homes. Yeah, sleep would be so fucking scary, Dude. You'd be like, I'm gonna be very protected for yeah, for like eight hours or whatever. You probably only slept an hour or two it a time back then, just to just to get a little bit of rest. Because, yeah, it's a it's a weird fucking thing, man, sleep, damn right, it is. And I mean eating is strange. Is a lot of weird things that we do. Is People sure that if you were an alien life form, you'd probably say what the Hell is the point of that? You know, we're recharging our batteries. Yeah, exactly. If you have an opinion on this or any of the other topics that we discussed during our show, reach out to us on twitter at selling out show, shoot us an email selling out show at gmailcom or just try a messenger pigeon. I get a few of those with my Robo calls. Sure, we all know vaping saves lives, but now I want to save you some money. Visit Northland Vaporscom, probably made in North Dakota. Northland Vapors Line of e liquids contain no artificial sweeteners, are dight tone free and won't gunk up your coils. Whether you're quitting smoking or an experience vapor northland carries a variety of flavors and hardware, making it a onestop shop for all your vaping needs. Northland believes quality doesn't need to be costly, and right now you can use coach, selling out nineteen and save nineteen percent off. There already amazing prices. So what are you waiting for? Get your head into the clouds and shop online at Northland vaporcom or visit their locations in more head and Bemidge, Minnesota. Some products contain nicotine. Adults only looking to experience ultimate relaxation and relief of chronic pain, you need to try the healing power of CBD with hemp bombs. visit hemp Bombscom for a wide range of pure, premium CBD products, from oils, capsules, gummies pain, freeze and more, hemp bombs has all you need in store. Better Sleep, has proven to boost your immune system and if you were in love. When live with discomfort, CBD is a natural, organic remedy that works. Start living your best life today with m bombs. Fans of the show can now say fifty percent off by using codes selling out at check out. Again, that's one word, selling out to enjoy the benefits of CBD for fifteen percent off at hemp Bombscom. So, speaking of questionable moral choices, when I when I was living in these questionable ways, I definitely was not the most reliable employee and I was like I was lucky if I had an actual job. You know, I usually would would just hustle and do whatever I had to do. And and when I was living that way, if you hired me, you know, God help you, because man, I was not trustworthy and I did some shady things. But but one that really stands out was there was this gas station in my hometown growing up, in our hometown, that was apparently willing to hire anybody because they had they hired a friend of mine, who was a good friend and running partner at the time, like someone who I was very close with and in righting the same problems as me. And they hired this person and then the person who was high had called me and said, you know, hey, if you're looking for a job, man, and this place will hire anybody. So they could your foot in the door. Absolutely, they hired us. It was a convenience store, gas station, and this was back about thirteen, fifteen years ago. And Dude, this must have been the last gas station that I know of to not have a single security camera in the building. Well, that's wise. Yeah, and all bets are off. Well, I mean even then the job itself doesn't require, you know, a college education or you know, standard things. You don't even need resume. You show up and they're like, all right, well, can you stand up? Yeah, yeah, hire. And Mind you, I mean I wasn't. I wasn't a spring chicken at this point. Most of these people, a lot of people working at these convenience stores are, you know, high school to college kid whatever. I right. Yeah, and I'm, you know, in my late s probably at the time and working at this convenience store. But man, that lack of cameras, I tell you, man, would they would put me in this friend of mine on, just the two of us in this store for a shift, and first of all, we'd use the place as our own personal cooler or refrigerator. It's just like, Oh, you're hungry, grab a...

...fucking soda. You know, I'm sure plenty of people do that the like who cares about a missing gatorade man? But we had this whole system down where in the when we first pulled in and got to work, we would, you know, take the money we needed out of the registers, say we just needed forty bucks to get straight, because we'd go to work sick. One of US would hold down the fort and work while the other one ran out with that forty and got some got some drugs what we needed. So we would always make sure that our register added up at the end of the night, and an easy way to do this was that people would come up fill their tanks, and this occasionally really happened. Someone would would fill their tank. We'd be so busy with a line of customers that we wouldn't even notice that the person had driven off and next thing you know we're looking down. We're like shit pump for as never been paid for, and they pumped sixty worth of gas and they just ran and there's no way to know what. You know, we didn't have a camera to catch their license plate anyway. Yeah, right, exactly. So we learned pretty quickly that, say, somebody pumped eighty, they come inside, drop twenty, he's on the counter, and walk out and say thank you, we just pocket the eighty and say, you know, they drove off. Yeah, and prove me wrong. There's no cameras. So man, I mean it got so out of control that, I mean eventually one day I went to look at the schedule and grab my paycheck and when I got there, the schedule did not have me on it for the whole next week. Surprise, surprise. Yeah, I mean we had this new manager that that was, you know, he had been there for a few weeks at that point and it seemed, I don't know, he was he was kind of he was really friendly to everyone, but it turned out they had hired him to to snake out who was causing all this loss in merchandise, because it was noticeable at this point we had been there for a couple months and and basically to catch you. Yeah, that's what that's what it was. Yeah, and again, security cameras or anything like. We're gonna hire a human being exactly to hunt you down, some detective, some store detective. And Dude, this guy. I mean, there was no like I said, as long as our registers added up at the end of the night, there was nothing they could really do. So this guy went. I went up to get my check and I said, Oh, I notice I'm not on the schedule for next week, and he kind of smiled at me with this iconscious smirk and he was like yeah, man, you're you're out of here. You fired, like I'll cough. Yeah, and I'm like, well, can I grab my last check then or whatever, and he goes you can do one of two things. Either you can sign over your last check to us or you can take your last paycheck and I will make sure our lawyers go over your transactions with a fine tooth comb and catch every little the man. So I called his fucking bluff. I said give me my check, Maddie, Kay, there, Rambo, I'll take my money. Yeah, and guess what? It's fucking fifteen years later, never heard a word back from them and that place has closed. And I'm sure I had a big hand in that. And again, I'm not saying this stuff bragging. It's just like because it's it's gross, but you know, it's just weird stories. Man, I can't believe after we, my friend and I, stopped working there, after we're stopped working, after we were booted fireplace. Yeah, there was this dude that lived across the street that used to come to the store and party with US basically all night while we were working. He just lived there and really, you know, he'd come over, we'd smoke a joint out back or doing coke in the fucking in the back room or whatever. Sure, yeah, this dude ends up getting hired and from what I understand, this guy would take it a step further. He would take like a whole book of new scratch tickets and just activate the book and start scratching them and just hoping that by the end of the book he would make enough money to pay for all the ones he had already scratched. And Man, yeah, dude, I guess he got really hemmed up for that, because that that that's a lot easier. We never went that far, you know, we would. Like I said, we made sure all our numbers added up and everything dude, all the all the things we used to do, all these hustles. I mean, nowadays I look back on him like it was so tiring. It takes it's a young man's game to do all that Shit, man, and you know, folks, don't be an addict. It's if well, here's something I mean. First off, Rambo Bust you. Okay, can you really blame the guy? Right, that was his job, sure, all be at the company itself had flawed policies on security, apparently from the get go. Even then, after they let you go, they hired someone potentially even worse. Right, God knows what happened to him in the lottery tickets. Yeah, we mean, even then, you, you know, even frauding the company. More you're frauding the state. Right, right. But my whole thing now is, can you really be angry at the guy at all? Dude, I am not angry at any of them. I am fully aware that I was the villain in that situation and,...

Uh Huh, I saw myself as someone who is sick, who needed to get what they needed to get for the day. And I and and, to be honest, I'm looking at this corporation as a faceless, you know, capitalist, you know, yeah, sure, whatever, it's not. I'm I don't look at it like I'm hurting an individual, because I hear a lot of addicts say that, Oh, I shoplift, but I would never steal from an individual. I would never, you know, do this or that, but it's like it's all bad, you know. And and so I am aware of that and I was aware of it at the time. But when you're in that lifestyle you're just, you know, in for a penny, in for a pound. You're already doing an a legal drug and doing what you need to do to get it. And I mean if someone was dumb enough to hire me at the time, that those corps, yeah, those poor unsuspecting, you know, business owners, because man, we definitely did a number on them. And I want to I don't want to put the name of the place out there just because, you know, legal ramifications and what you want to get sued coming after now. I want it stated that I am you know, I do feel bad about things that I've done and I have made a lot of mistakes and whatever, but you know, every so often it's just one of these stories in my head pops up and it's like I got to do something with it. So here I am now. Is for the masses. I'll tell you, man, it's something with gas stations. So when we were young, yeah, I have a lot of buddies that work at gas stations, and the stuff that we got into there, which is ridiculous. Red taking acid, hanging out and watch an employee videos in the back of one particular place. Yeah, totally freaking me out because he's a scene where the guy's like how to deal with angry customers? MMM, and the guy spills gas. It looks like the cameras. I just spilled gas all over my car and when you're Hallucinaty, man, you jump back like twenty feet. Looking at me where you feel like you jumped twenty feet. I remember messing myself up and, yeah, get myself everything else bleeding. I'm like, Jesus Christ, I was scary. Yeah, but even they going three am to you your buddy who's work in the night shift at a gas station. They just hire anybody. Hell, hell, yeah, man, you should feel bad. You are a terrible human being. I was an okayful, irresponsor of guy. Awful, yeah, awful, but at the same time you wear it alone. Day from the selling out show. Here to tell you about spunk loob. Spunk loube is a multi award winning mover can't use by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in hybrid pure silicone, natural and pink. Spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients and is non standing, hypoellergenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love life with spun right now. SPUNK LOUBE is by three, get one free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A high end brought a for an affordable price. Is it? Spunklucom today and you can thank me later. Dust up your lbs. It's time for nate. No, no, it's funny, man. I know this whole show is basically just two dudes realizing we're getting old and looking at shit from these old guy perspectives. Maybe we reminisce about old times. Sometimes we look at Shit that's happening nowadays and get, I'll curmudgingly about it, and we always are the first to acknowledge our get off my lawn, you whipper snappers. Tone well, now it's definitely one of those times. So it is always going to be some kind of music that the youth is into that previous generations just can't wrap their heads around. There were old fogies that thought jazz was crazy headenistic madness for black guys that wanted to introduce their daughters to the devil's lettuce. Punk rock terrified parents in the late s and of course, when s and s grown up squares heard hip hop, they said it was just talking over someone else's records and they didn't get it. Now, I personally have always been open minded when it comes to new musical movements and experimental, sometimes noisy stuff that I'm sure would confound on most of my own generation, never mind my parents. If something is interesting as a concept or does something cool sonically, whether it's super minimal and structure or crazy complex, I will probably get into it or at least grant that it has merit. I can be a snob about pop sensibilities and over produced sugary radio hits, but I also appreciate what it takes to make a really catchy, sweet melody or just a danceable pop song in limited cases. But of course there has always been a ton of shitty lowest common denominator, pop music mostly copying something that came before. They will always be a certain artist that...

...breaks through with something unique but undeniably poppy. Your Elvis, your beetles, your Madonna, Your Lady Gaga. But but then there will be a ton of filler that just plays it safe and puts out stuff that fits into a pre shaped slot, a slot that was carved out by those unique artists. It's like the fast food of music. It looks and tastes like a cheaper version of something else and it contains a lot less real meat. You know, some people are happy eating McDonald's every day. I'll pop in once in a while, but it gets sickening really fucking quickly. But to meander back to my original point, I'm seeing this pattern in popular music, specifically hip hop, that just makes me feel fucking old. I remember when soldier boy came out, however many years ago, and he was some self promoted kid who wrote some kind of catchy song but mumbled his way through it to the point where it seems like a novelty song. We're people listening to it in a tongue in cheek. Bismarcki, you say he's just a friend sort of way. But of course, even bismarck he was an actual respected rapper with lyrical talent. Soldier budges sounds dumb, like can't form words dumb. And now there's this entirely new paradigm in Hiphop of Mumble rap, where the performers literally are sometimes not saying real words or they're so bombed on xanax or Codeine that they slur their lyrics incomprehensibly. And a lot of the artists who you can understand are doing some real basic sing song, e. a, BCDE IF G H JK, elementop sort of patterns. With this new genre of trap music, it's honestly way more about your street cred than anything. Now, I know I listen to some artists with unintelligible lyrics over the years. I listen to death metal, I listened to Nirvana Shit, I listened to Sigur Ross, a band from Iceland who sings in a made up language. So it's basically meaningless lyrically to the listener. But my problem is mostly that hip hop is a genre that revolves around word play. The first rappers were guys who would grab the mic at discos and just flow over the beats. rappers battle each other with words, competing in metaphors and cleverly worded phrases with double meanings. It's all about the word play. Now you've got a bunch of marginally talented kids with functional hype machines at their backs and they claim to be the dopest shit out there. This is an art form that was born roughly when I was I remember seeing run DMC and the beastie boys on TV as a kid, Lt Cool J and DJ Jazzy Jeff in the fresh prince where mainstream and lyrically entertaining. There were artists like third base, Eric B and rock him krs one, stuff that I'd hear and like, but I never really got into hiphop fully until my teen years in the S. I know we all romanticize our youth and we associate music with memory, but I can't see how you can argue against the quality of rap music that came out in those years. It was truly the Golden Age. The Wu Tang clan and all its associated acts alone make a compelling argument for that fact. How can you beat an act with so many individual voices, styles, different energies. There were a lot of classics, from not just Wootang albums but all the solo albums. Staten Island produced a team of truly talented visionary Dudes, Method Man, Rizza, Ray Kuan, ghost face, old, dirty bastard shit. The S saw great work from groups like day law soul and a tribe called quest lyrical greats, like most deaf Nas, Tupacin Biggie. Yes, our generations rap had an issue with street cred looming over an artist career as well. But again, at least under all the chaos and drama there was some seriously unique voices. We had revolutionary voices like dead Pres we had characters like bust of rhymes. We had poets like Talib Quality and common. We had G FUNK FROM DR DRE AND SNOOP WARREN G and weird projects like Dr Octagon. Just tons of talent and much of its squarely in the mainstream.

There are some interesting points about this new crop of rappers that definitely sets them apart from their forbears. Aside from this complete change in style, a big factor is common references to drug use and even drug dependence, whether it's fentinel coding syruppers annex. A lot of these guys rap about getting high on shit a lot harder than just herb. Sure there have always been references to drugs and wrap, but whereas biggie wrote about not getting high on your own supply, recent horrible excuse for a musician, stitches from Florida actually has a song where the refrain is do I get high on my own supply? Hell Yeah. A lot of these dudes have serious habits and quite a few have already died. While I'm personally aware of the reality of drug addiction and I don't even agree with the old way of being proud to sell the shit, I don't think bragging about one's own junk edom is a great look. Then there's the ever present face tattoos. You know look good. INK is good ink, regardless of where you put it, but these guys look like they gave their friend a ballpoint pen and told them to just doodle on their face. Imagine Jailhouse Tats, but without the artistic detail. There's a weird crossover thing happening where the whole hot topic scene is fused with this new hiphop as well. What a companies a shitty face tattoo, but some neon hair dye and some weird vampire contact lenses. I'm not going to be so stuck in my ways that I go off on the skinny jeans, but it all makes for a really weird look. Yeah, I know I'm old. The worst thing I can say about a lot of these new rappers is that they have no real respect for their forbears. I don't know if I should tie that into a seeming global phenomenon of disrespecting one's elders, but in most artistic or musical fields the current crop at least acknowledges the debt they owe to those who came before. But hip hop is this weird genre where the new school sees anything old school as whack and passe, at least for a large part of the interviews I've seen. Wow, as I say these things, I hear more and more the old guy voice in my head. You disrespectful young uns and your tight pants. Respect your elders. Anyway. It's not all bleak. There is definitely still a vibrant underground. We're truly great artists like Asop rock M F doom are a the rugged man in Vinnie Paz. They keep the fire alive. Sometimes we have a true talent that makes some real waves in the mainstream, like Compton's Kendrick Lamar or the current collaboration between killer Mike and LP. Run the jewels. Jay Z is still considered royalty, and he's always had the skills to back that up. Weird dudes like Tyler, the Creator Earl Sweatshirt, and childish Gambino are doing interesting things. Great Hip hop is definitely still being produced. It's just that a lot of kids don't know any better than to idolize some dude mumbling nonsense in pink dreads while he drools on himself from drinking too much lean. Let's just hope that the young listening public comes to its senses, because, dude, I am fucking like disheartened. You know. Let me let me tell you something, nate. Yeah, I want to give you a wooden nickel for every artist that you named. Yeah, in that whole bit of Nate's knows, because you named a lot of fucking artist. Yeah, whether it be good or Shitty. Yeah, I mean. Well, dude, that's my point, though. There was so much talent, like, as much as I hate Kanye West and his attitude and his fucking whatever, like his controversial opinions and is his ego everything. Yeah, but I at least acknowledge he has talent. But I see him working with a dude like fucking little pump. Dude, I know that you have this isn't your style, but like no, no, no, but dude, little pump, he's just do with pink dreads. It's either one of drools all over himself that you just meant, not specifically, but dude. I mean there are artists like there's these songs. This is like dudes will be in the studio and they will be so fucked up and they'll find themselves just repeating a phrase and that's what the song and the base of the song like may be. It did happen with little pump, because he he is this song. His first big breakout song was called Gucci Gang and the chorus is literally just him go Goodcha, Gang Goocha, gang Goocha, gang Goocha, Gang Goocha, Gag Goucha, gang Goocha, gang Goucha. Get Good, you get into gang gooch yeah, dude, it's..., I'm in. That sounds great. It's no better than baby shark. Oh, you know, he's sure that they can't. She maybe, maybe it's, you know, preying upon that same thing where people want a simple, you know hook, repetition. Yeah, but that's what it's all about now. And and, yeah, these artists, a lot of them are on Zanex Dude. There was there's an artist. I think he's kind of fallen off now. I say artists loosely. loosely. Yeah, right, there's a dude went by the name Lil Zan and this dude, he first of all, he looks like he's about fifteen. He looks like this little I guess he's Hispanic, but but he looks like this little white kid from the suburbs with, like, yeah, some shitty face tattoos. He's always like his he sounds like a friend who you be like calling nine hundred and one because he's fucking slurring and, yeah, coherent. Yeah, man, and that's how a lot of these dudes are. And the point of all this, I thought, was that this was poetry, this was it was people showing that they had some sort of talent that others did not possess. I feel like none of the shit that's being produced now, aside from maybe the production, like I respect producers making beats, even if it's something simple, like I said, but the word play is just not there and I feel like nobody that's breaking through is showing any thing but maybe the ambition to follow through in a business sense, like they're not showing any real unique skills that can't be replicated by anyone else. A person at right maybe maybe say a person at what they're all about or their look. Yeah, man, I mean it could be it's because that's it. But, but, but even that, all that is starting to look the same. Like these guys. It's this weird fusion of of the hot topic wearing weird contact lenses and spikes and tight pants and color and hair dye with the you know, I'm going to wear my skinny jeans, but pull them down, you know? Or you know and I know. No, I hear you. At least when we were kids, if someone's pants were sagging around their ass, it was because pants were all huge, you know, is like my pants are falling up, Jan goes or whatever. Yeah, my whole thing is a lack of originality. I can't keep up. Yeah, if I see a new story about one of these new mumble rappers whatever. You mentioned little pump. They're all little something, little Zan, little pump, Little Pete, all these things. Everything is little. In my nickname in high school was little date, right, LD man L I change it to LD so sick. Everybody call me little whatever. Yeah, so that always implied something I didn't want here, if you know what I mean. Yeah, but still the point is it's like, come on, guys, think of something new, think of something different. You mentioned the face, the tattoos they all have. They all look like Shit. I mean I like tattoos, I have tattoos, but they're nonsensical weird scribbles on their face or crosses or you like. You got to regret that one buddy right like I met. You know, maybe not now, but eventually later you can regret that shit. Like I mentioned the guy stitches, who said, do I get high on my own supply? Hell, yeah, that dude. He's got a tattoo on the sides of his cheeks, like from the corners of his mouths to make it look like almost like the joker where he ripped, you know, and there're stitches. I guess tattoos of like a bigger smile made out of stitches. And then, I swear to God, the guy has a tattoo of a tiny AK forty seven on his cheek as well, like just a picture of a fucking rifle and assault rifle, just for some reason on his chiny cheek. Yeah, but whatever, man, like I said, we're getting old. I understand that I'm not going to necessarily understand everything the younger generations into, but I feel like they're there is still so much good shit being made in the underground. Like I still discover new artist that are amazing, but they're just not breaking through because kids are too interested in the nonsensical, repetitive mumble wrap. So, yeah, I don't know, man, I can't explain it either. I don't know if it's age or just respecting HMM. You mentioned how they don't really acknowledge the acts that came before. Right. I think when you see quality they music, even in a genre you may not like. Yeah, you can still appreciate the craftsman ship that goes into it. Sure, and early in your Nicks knows you mentioned like the fast food of music. Yeah, First First Act that POPs into my brain. Yeah, mega successful artist, fight again, loosely, like you mentioned pit bull. Oh yeah, that's another one. Hit Bull is terrible, but people fucking eat that shit up because you can dance to it. The lyrics are nothing, they're no good, they're worthless. You know what I mean. He he'll, he'll take a beat from an existing s song, drive it into the ground, throw some female vocalist on it and next thing you know, it's a hit. And for me I sit back and I go, how, how are people digesting this? Yeah, excepting this so easily. I agree, and I have no problem if it's done tastefully or interestingly, like tweaking a sample, taking something from a real I liked. That's not what bothers me, but I understand what you're saying.

If it's like there's no originality and the lyrical flow doesn't even make up for it, there's always going to be a who let the dogs out or a womp there. It is like song. So, yeah, exactly, like Shit. That is just sugary whatever, but this, hopefully it goes away soon. The party is now officially over. You don't have to go home, but you can't mumble. Wrap here. I want to thank each and every one of you for tuning in. Virtual hugs for all of you. We appreciate you taking the time to listen to US basically complain about everything in our life. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out he's infirmary. Media. Girl Scout Cookie inspired flavors are now at Duncan. When the spirit of the girl Scouts Meats Duncan coffee, it's easy to get a delicious cup of can do. Then Mint and coconut caramel flavors are here to help you tackle your day. Grab a medium lot to your Cappuccino for two dollars from two to six PM and take on whatever lies ahead. America runs on Duncan. The Girl Scouts Name Trademark and also seeded trade marks and Lobo types, including the thin mince marker owned by Girl Scouts of the USA. Limited time off participation may very exclusions apply. How to show up with COCACOLA energy? You're tired and you're thinking of canceling on your friends. Don't do it. Every time you cancel on a friend, a Unicorn loses its horn and becomes a regular horse. Do you really want that on your contents? Instead, grab an ice cold can of cocacola energy with delicious coke taste and reinvigorating energy. Keep the UNICORNS alive. Show up every day with Cocacola Energy, energy you want, taste, you love,.

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