Selling Out Show
Selling Out Show

Episode 20 · 2 years ago

Ep.#20 RoboShark!


Join us as we search for subliminal messages within the internet sensation known as Baby Shark. Then we'll hear how Dave is plagued by robocalls. He's developed a nifty way to fight back, but someone beat him to the app. Also, if aliens are observing us, what behaviors would they find the most odd?
We'll hear a tale from the dark days of unemployability and chaos. Finally, Nate's Notes is a fist shaking rant against the modern trend of mumble rappers.
2:27-Sinister Juvenile Shark Phenomenon
9:07-Robocall App Owes Dave a Dime
15:47-Weird View from Above
22:00-More Embarrassing History
32:15-Nate's Notes- Mumble Rap Misery
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Hey I'm Maurice as a barber, you mightthink my sissors are my main tool, but really it's metro. That's where I gotmy eye. Prom severn its camera makes sharing my cuts as simple as snit.Snapchair right now get an iphone seven with a camera that shoots four K forjust forty nine. Ninety nine. When you switch to the number one brands inPrepa, O metroby Temobile Rule Your Day retire sport in Avilito number not caryhas to ant to Moven worwar afte onmetral, past Andin, anderpetition,Titin, independent Ace, an t, borporcous Huch, Hossle terd to e bytion seven model on Ta era, es Wor, tosand, tenonnitions, tolking, kids,don't take it out of the children, they leave the children alone. I know I'mlike yelling an rilet's, see Rockar CR A. I probably heard that off formaymediayou were now tooin to theselling out ougon. What it does is breaches into a brainchemically and no Gatyour happiest memory, chemically n block on thatemotion, reased it chemically, and then it keeps Yor, happy, Happyhello, hello,hello and welcome to this selling out show. I am one of your host Davidshelts and by my side is my good pal Neorzinski Nat Howtha heck are Yo, I'mgood thed, I'm trying to deflect my cats from getting too close to the Mikethey're trying to make guest appearances, and so I'm just kind ofdeflecting cats like an enjorer here, but otherwise I'm good man, Yeah N mymind. I can t see the fist flying fur going everywhere. All that great stuff,yeah man. Well, you know that's a wonderful way. To start a show is thefact that you're beating up on your your Furry Feline Ran. I'm wondering Iwant to tell the listeners out there. We get a great wim plan for them. Todaywe have a wonderful show. Am I overstepping my bounds really by sayinghow great of a show we have planned for the people today? Well, you know it'sit's a tall order to live up to but uh, but I think we got confidence. Uh,that's that's warranted sounds like Ma. Has Some concentrated conpidence rightthere? Let's bottle it, sell it sprints it and go disappoint. Some. Ladies Se,mach lived on studies. You know sixty percent of the time it works every time.Let's go see if we can make this little kitty per you knon Na there's things in life.That constantly surprise me, especially being a parent. One of these things happens to be aphenomenon going on right. Now that I was completely unaware of until my sixyear old thought, I was lame that I didn't know it was going on, and thatis something called baby shark. Were you familiar with the baby sharkphenomenon? No blessfudly, not until you brought it to my event, I'm poisoning your mind. You see how itworks. It's almost like a a Virusi'm sharing it with all of you, but forpeople out there who don't know, maybe you don't have kids or anything there'sa song on you tube, called Baby Shark made by this production company calledPink Fong, and the reason why I I keep stating that is phenomenon as big isbecause it's had over two point: Three billion views on Billand to billiant,with a B wit, the B wil, the Bi. I understand some of repeat views. Somepeople may want to put it on. You know all day, so it keeps their kidsoccupied en don't have new any human interaction. I suppose, but here'sanother thing it hit number thirty, two on the billboard top one H, whil t etbroke into the sharts. It did br Yo did it most. Certainly did there have beenpapers written on why people consider this so catchy? What's the Hook and thesong? Basically, how is it ingraning itself into your child's mind like mine,because the ditty is a little catchy I'll give it that I had to Surgh itafter my son brought it up to me and I couldn't stop humming it for the restof the day. I do want to War Ow you find folks out there and PO cast land.This song has a Nack for burrowing its way into your soul. So if you have aheart condition- or maybe you know- you just can't take this level of happiness,you may want a fast Ford, a little bit or step away from whatever device thatyou're listening to Givit about twenty seconds. You can come back with yourintegrity and your you know: General Demeanor intax for everyone else B,prepared for joyous beams of color and rainbows to blow your eyeballs out oftheir sockets, I'm going to play a...

...quick clip, a baby shark for those whodon't know exactly what I'm talking. aboutten a baby ceckion an insted, ababy checkineito the babys he shte o I di Eete, Gededdida moey sheto Duid. I didn't Moyssoe tetary sort of Tirde TRF TARY SUC e, Tir B Taesaso,you hook me man h talk about an earworm, you know yeah, but II. You feel good. It's ahappy upbeat toon. I guess it's like sugarrypoison Oy, Kagrat wa. To put it,but I mean it really: Hase, no educational value. There's! No! No! Ithink if you learn from this song, you just kindof gradually goes throughevery member of the family. Being a shark, I mean, there's always been anelement of nonsenseical material for kids, that lacx real educationalsubstance. You you hope the things you're, showing your kids or that areon t V for kids have educational value, but we've always had you know the. I love you. You love me like songsthat just yeah, just they get in your headand your kid sings them in the annoy the heck Adia. We Hade the wheels onthe bus song when we were kids, Atree, rhymes yeah ans like that, but but itreally wasn't until the telet Tubbyis, when you saw it like the teletumpis,seemed like just something colorful and bright for the kids to watch and notreally anyth they weren't learning anything. It was just like put your kitin in front of this. It's bright and shiny and they will leave you alone yeah exactly well. This thing justreally piques. My curiosity, because do you remember back in the day whenpeople would suggest? Oh put, that metal record in reverse, and it's goingto tell you to do some evil. Sinister Shit Man Right? Well, you know here Iam today wondering- are the fine folks at Ping, Fong trying to influence ouryouth into doing some misguided deeds? Like I don't know, potentiallymurdering me in my seep, this is some serious hardcore research not to betaken. Lagtely suckit led Zepplin, so without any further adie here is babyshark, or should I say, Chrisniardarb backwit, Usha Woud, I itssh, you know what that's actually catchinin itself. Yeah I mean granted or ER. I I do have a weird irresistible urge toUm Murder, my grandmother? U, Oh that's probably just coinsilarri. I don't want to be blamed for that.It's like Dave, Flaye me this backwards, and now I went on a killing spreeacross twell that Ait I'm blaming the kids in their little shark voices andsharks on that's I'maing. You take take down pink fong leave Dave alone. I meanthere's really nothing to be found there. I I tried, I try my dambest tobring down a baby shark, there's something insidious happening here andOnywhen. He said when you said Pink Fong. Just for the listeners. That's fo,Ng Irat, you were saying pink. Thong like underwear like like that seems alittle weird for kids. You know: Production Company, Pink, thawl, nopink, fiverent video entirely right. That one is no, this pink o. They arethe whole thing. I read a little bit about it. It's inspired by KPOP, whichI really can't speak about. Ri ht. I don't know much about k pop whatsoeverand there was it'd been around for a couple of years, but apparently therewas a hash tag: Challenge the Hashjag Baby Shark Challenge, which inspiredpeople to do some dance moves or something and that's when it started togrow and more people started watching it on you too. Whenever there's a danceinvolved, things get huge. You know whether it's the fricking macarana orthe the baby sharks, I'm just looking out for the kids man, I wantto makesure once they hear their song they're, not out there pulling an Ozzioosbourneand biting the heads op a bat and wait. I just a humble public servant here,looking out F whas best for mankind, so you know what you're welcome. Let meget this out there right now when I say...

...that Robo calls are an absolute fuckingplague. I get maybe ten to fifteen robal calls a day. I've tried variousmeans to cut them down and it works a little bit, but they still seem to getthrough the cracks and find me. So I develop my own method on dealing withthese Robo callers. A what I do is this is. I answer the phone and Iimmediately pretend as if I was in an accident now I apologize ahead of timefor anybody whose family members may have been involved in accidents due toa phone call on the road is happened to members of my family. It is a tragedy,but I fhigure you goin to take something that serious to Kindo likestop these guys. You know what I mean Y, a so I'll answer and I'll say: Oh, myGod, who is this? Who is Thi and a lot of times? They really don't want totell you who is calling right off the bat you Kinda have to pry a little bitand say: Oh, what is your name? What company S and once they do say that yousay? Oh, I just drove off the road. I had to answer your call. It distractedme. Can you please call nine one and one for me, my leg is bleeding reallybad automatically, hang up Ey, whateverworks man. Hopefully these guys have a heart and they're not just trying tocall back they're like hey. Well, do you have a moment to talk while you'rewaiting for the ambulance? Well, no, if they had a heart, they'dprobably say well, let me help you athing, but they don't thin is oh, ohShyeah and they they hang up right away. Yeah! In all fairness, it's probablysome. You know twenty year old temp at an office making these calls. Theydon't give a shit. Well, when I was a kid, I was atelemarketer for a short amount of time like two weeks and I coiln't stomach it.It's a terrible business. It's awful and I used to mess with telemarketers,because I knew there 's a a script that they were reading from and evectuallylike anything in like that script will come to a clothe yeah. So You keepsaying Oh tell me more, I'm not really sure I keep going through keep goingthrough the motions, eventually they're goingto say: okay, sir. I'm sorry can't help youtoday with the robe of calls. They just keep coming and coming man I'm in Texasright now, and I think Texas is one of the worst states four robal calls. Idon't know how bad they are in Massachusetts or, but I think it's aproblem that most people have to deal with on a daily basis. Yeah, it's amodern issue. It's a modern problem. It really is, and it's a terrible problemto have because, like I said, I use a distracted driving thing is an excuseto Kinda mess with them a little bit. But it's a scenario that really doeshappen because people are so focused on their phones, especially on the roadsure sure. I wonder if the same guys ever called twice and you try to use itand he's like wait a minute. Were you in an accident again and you're likeyougot you're, ruining my life. This is two cars. Now, you've bucked up yre Ann,a bicycle, yeah N it so recently. I learned this new apt this touting thatit's the best on the market by using these stake voices and I'm a little bitmad because they're stealing my mother, fucking Stip, so the APP does what youwere doing. Basically, yes, the APP provides fage voices to mess with theRobo collars, but I had a clip here from a a news report about thisabsolutely play that real, quick for the people, so he downloaded a Robocalled blocker that turns the tables on the callers. It's called Robo killer,instead of just hanging up it plays games with the callars t has what'scalled answer Bot and they fool the spanbox into thinking that you're, anactual human and then they give up calling you Paul's phone has two dozenresponses designed to full automated calling systems. One of my favorites issomeone who's speaking in a Russian accent, and he pretends that he doesn'tspeak English very well. Robal killer costs about two dollars amonth to use, and the Federal Trade Commission says it's safe for you. Areyou telling me whaithing you're telling me now some of the voices may not bepolitically correct and it plays a bit into stereotypes like the Russians, butif that offends you, you always have this option. Hasbeen disconnected now what pisses me off the most aboutthis is they're, making two bucks a whack off this ap for something I'mdoing for free. I mean, I guess, they're saving you the trouble ofcleverly coming up with something you know this is for less inventive peopleyou, you have a creative mind so and you almost it seems like enjoy the theLittle Act. Interaction to a point I mean obviously you'd rather not havethe call happen at all, but you right yeah, but you kind of relish in the h, the awkwardness that you that youcreate, but man y. You know, I guess it's just a matter of shit. They gotthe patent first, they created the thing and but na like they mentioned on th thewhole piace there it's racially insensitive. I I have a lot that we could say aboutthat, but you know I think people just need to calm down if anyone'sintefenitive, it's th, it's the people calling and interrupting dinner, orwhatever you Kno, Weli I'll. Tell you another thing that also Kindo irks meabout this. Is that whole Russian accent thing they got going on yeah,something abof the Gulag or whatever H...

I wance. When I was a young man, Ilived down the street from a college, one that I didn't attend, but I was ahappy gold lucky guy I like to drink a lot, as you recall, and one night I Ihad a few too many and I went to the campus and I put on a a fake accent,Eastern European accent and UH. I scored with a girl. Well, it got melate h. They loved that Foreign Dick well that well tha, surprise o Fon,taking all his local read and raised it was me you Trojan horseom. I really did I sscafishing beforecatfishing, I suppose so. For me, it's like no only do one take my whole thingaway about, maybe being in an accident or turning the tables on these guys alittle bit an then too the accent come on now. Maybe it was one of thosecollege students that started this and they h. You know they met you and theyremembered you and they're just making money off of your life. Oh I'm sure ifthey remember me or I'm sure well that poor young girl, I haven't thought about her in years,but imagine I didn't eventually reveal that that was all fake, a you still UNaround so w. no, I have no idea whatever happened to this girl or whereshe is now. Hopefully she's, everything's well and maybe she'smarried and has kids or whatever. But the thing is I, I really do hope shefigured out what was wrong with her poor, misguided soul. I mean, after all,hooking up with me. You know, fake acent or not is still a questionableact to say the least. Athe truth is out there. There is something to be found beyondthe star some kind of higher intelligence and someday it could verypossibly maybe it is already very well I could be, but I have aquestion for you is: Let's say you were an alien mm and you were visiting ourhumble little planet for the first time, he's found me out folks, Ye you're,like a serpent man, wha lizard man or whatave. O Conspiracy is reptillyprize.Everybody Ratil, yes, exactly! Thank you. What part of humid behavior wouldgive you pause, or maybe even you'd, find disturbing hm wow. So as a newcomer looking at humansas a species, Ye w, what trips me up about them? Well, the same thing thatfreaks me out as a human man when I look at people and see specificallylike religious c ceremonies in rituals or even practices that people do,whether it's traditions like Christmas trees andEaster, bunnies and Easter a or just going to church. If you were as acomplete newcomer to go into a Catholic Church and see all the pageantry andstand up sit down, kneel pray eat this little wafer and do this, and that- andthis Waforip is, is the body of your savior and you're eating it. So it'slike pseudo cannibalism going on here, like that ship would trip me up anddoes sothats a Oubo sick good da exactly. But what do you think wouldfreak you out or yeah give you pause? As you said, if you were this visitingalien mm, well, there's a lot of basic functions that we do. That's just awed,you kind of look at them from afar. Sure at I think. If I was new to thisplanet, sleep would bother the fact that human being sleep for acouple of reasons on if I was an advanced life form I'd hoped that wewouldn't need to sleep anymore, because sleep really dominates a large part ofa person's life or to the point where it's like. Oh, my God, I' I've made itto be ninety four years old, well, half of those years he basically spentsleeping. So you would think that person fromfrom the great beyond there from from out there, the galaxy, maybe defeatedth the need for Slee Rihe itconquered that you know conquered. Yes, thank you,but I mean even above all that when you see like a nature show- and you seemaybe like bats or something hurdled together,O sleeping it creeps. you O t a little bit yeah or snakes in a pit they're alllike yeah yeah, like a pilea like shuttering and clicking noises andeverything else. It's just weird. You know, but humans we're basically thesame. We don't we may not be you know in a big mass together or anything, buteven individually in our own beds, we snore yeah. Maybe we Hav, Ah Yeah TalkRight, slaping your lips together, ecause you melt INS dry. Sometimes youspeak and you sleep you roll over. You Toss and turn yeah. Imagine beingsomeone new to the human race and just watching people sleep. It Wutd! ReallyFreak me to fuck out tell yeah man Y A it's. A weird thing we have to ourbodies have to shut down and we just go into this weird dormant state. For likea third of the day and yeah man, I mean...

I look at my dog when he's sleeping,and sometimes he starts like running you know it's notthat animals dream.First of all, that's a whole other thing we won't get into, but like yeahman, it is weird it's it's and it's a really vulnerable thing like imaginebefore we were out of the food chain and and living in our comfortable homes.Yeah sleep would be so fucking scary. Do you'd be like I'm going to beunprotected for Yoa for, like eight hours or whatever you probably onlyslept an hour or two at a time back then just to just to get a little bit.Ofrest 'cause yeah, it's it's a weird fucking thing: man, sleep am Righti is,and I mean eating is strange. There's a lot of weird Dans that we do is peopleif you were an alien light form you'd, probably say what the Hell is. Thepoint of that you know we're recharging our batteries yeah exactly if you havean opinion on this or any of the other topics that we discuss during our showreach out to us. ONWINTER at selling out show shoot US an email selling outshow at gmale com or justry a messenger pigeon. I get a few of those with myRobo callssure. We all know babing saves lives, but now I want to save yousome money. Is it northland, vapors dcom, probably made in North DakotaNorthlarnd Papers, Line of pee liquids contained no artificial sweetners aredike, toned free and won't gunk up your coil, whether you're quitting smokingor an experienced vapor northland carrys, a variety of flavors andhardware, making it a one stop shop for all your vaping needs. Northlandbelieves quality does appee to be costly and right now you can use coatselling out nineteen and save nineteen percent off theiare, already amazingprices. So what are you waiting for? Get your head into the clouds and shoponline at Northland, vapor, docom or visit their locations and more head inMamigi Minnesota some products? CONTAIND, nicotine adults. Only looking to experience ultimaterelaxation in relief of chronic pain, you need to try the healing power ofCBD with mpons visit, Hembams dotcom for a wide range of pure premium C bdproducts from oils, capsules, gummies, team, freeze and Moor and Palms has allyou need in store. BETTERSLEEP has proven to boost your immune system andif you were a love, one live with thiscomfort CBD is a natural, organicremedy that works start living your best life to day with ambombs Banto.The show can now save fifteen percent off by using codes selling out acheckout. Again, that's one word selling out to enjoy the benefits ofCBD for fifteen percent off at hembams dot com. So speaking of questionable moral choices, when when Iwas living in these questionable ways, I I definitely was not the mostreliable employee and H, I was litte. I was lucky. If I had an actual job, youknow I usually would would just hustle and do whatever I had to do and andwhen I was living that way. If you hired me, you know, God help you 'causeman. I H. I was not trustworthy and I did some shady things, but but one thatreally stands out was there. Was this gas station in my home town growing upin our hometown that was apparently willing to hire anybodybecause they they hired a friend of mine, who was a a good friend and running partner atthe time like someone who I was very close with and an rag the same problemsas me, and they hired this person and then theperson who was hired called me and said you know hey if you're looking for ajob man, a this place will hire anybody, so they gtoputing the door. Absolutelythey hired us. It was a convenient store or slash gas station, and thiswas back about thirteen fifteen years ago in dude. This must have been thelast gas station that I know of to not have a single security camera in thebuilding, O, that's wise, yeah and all that's ofh wet, I mean even then thejob itself doesn't require. You know: College Education or in ear you knowstandard thing: You'rn ven need a resume, a Youe, no up and they're. Likeall right well, can you stand up and chat you hired and mind you. I mean Iwasn't. I wasn't a spring chicken at this point. Most of these a lot ofpeople working at these convenience stores. Are, you know, High School, thecollege kid whatever I yeah and I'm you know in my late twenties, probably atthe time and working at this convenience store, but man that lack ofcameras. I tell you men, they would put me and this friend of mine on just thetwo of us in this store for a shift and, first of all, we use the place as ourown personal cooler or refriger. It's...

...just like. Oh You'R hungrall grab afucking soda. You know, I'm sure plenty of people do that they re like whocares about a misingatoraid man, but we had this whole system down where in th,when we first pulled in and got to work, we would you know, take the money weneeded out of the the register say we just needed forty bucks to get straight.'cause we'd go to work sick. One of US would hold down the fort and work whilethe other one ran out with that forty dollars and got some got some drugs.What we needed. So we would always make sure that our register added up at theend of the night and an easy way to do this was that people would come up filltheir tanks, and this occasionally really happened. Someone would wouldfill their tank we'd be so busy with a line of customers that we wouldn't evennotice that the person had driven off, and next thing you know were lookingdown and we're like shit pump for has never been paid for and they punkedsixty dollars worth of gas and they just ran and there's no way to know wh.You know we didn't have a a camera to catch their license, played Anra, yeahrigh exactly so. We learned pretty quickly that say somebody pumped eightydollars. They come inside drop four twenties on the counter and walk outand say thank you. We just pocket the eighty dollars and say you know theyrove off yeah and prove me wrong. THERE'S NO CAMERAS! So man I mean itgot so out of control that I mean eventually, one day I went to look atthe schedule and Grabe my paycheck, and when I got there the schedule did nothave me on it for the whole next week, surprise: Pri Yeah, I mean we had thisnew manager that that was. You know he had been there for a few weeks at thatpoint and it seemed I don't know he was. He was Kinda. He was really friendly toeveryone, but it turned out they had hired him to to snake out who wascausing all this loss in merchandise because it was noticeable at this pointwe had been there for a couple months and basically to catch you yea, that'sthat's what it Wan yeah, an against security cameras or anything like we',going to hire a human being exactly to hunt you down some detective, somestore detective anddude. This guy I mean there was no like I said. As longas our register is added up at the end of the night, there was nothing theycould really do so. This guy whent, I I went up to get my check and I said Oh,I notice I'm not on the schedule for next week and he kind of smiled at mewith this icotious smirk and he was like Yeah Man, you'R you're out of here,you're fired like I'll, come yeahand, I'm like well. Can I grab mylast check then or whatever and Begoe? You can do one of two things either youcan sign over your last check to us or you can take your last paycheck and Iwill make sure our lawyers go over your transactions with a fine tooth comb andcatch every little. So I called this fucking bluff. I said Givemi my check,Mati Kay dear Rambo I'll, take my money here and guess what it's fuckingfifteen years later, never heard a word back from them and that place hasclothes and I'm sure I had a big hand in that and again I I' I'm not sayingthis stuff bragging. It's just like because it's it's it's gross, but youknow it's just weird stories, man. I can't believe after we, my friend and Istopped working there after we stopped work after we were booted fireplaceyeah. There was this dude that lived across the street that used to come tothe store and party with us. Basically all night, while we were working, hejust lived there and real. You know: He'd come over nd wuld smoke and joinout back and doing coke in the fucking in the back room or whatever sure yeah.This Tud ends up getting hired and from what I understand this guy would takeit a step further. He would take like a whole book of new scratch tickets and just activatethe book and start scratching 'em and just hoping that by the end of the bookhe would make enough money to pay for all the ones he had already scratchedand a yeah dude. I guess he got really hemmed up for that, because that thatthat's a lot easier. We never went that far. You know we would like e said. Wemade sure all our numbers added up and everything due to all the all thethings we used to do all these hustles I mean nowadays I look back and I' likeit was so tiring. It takes it's a young man's game to do all that. Shipman andyou know folks, don't be anaddict whers, something I mean first off RamboBuss, you, okay. Can you really blame the Guy Right that that was his Jobsur?Well, be it? The company itself had flawed policies on security, apparentlyfrom the GECO and even then after they let you go. They hired someonepotentially even work. I God knows what happened to him in the lottery: TiketYeah EAN. Even then you're, not even frauding the company anymore, you'refrauding the state right right, but my whole thing now is: can you really beangry at Tha Ey at all dude? I am not angry. Any ofthei am fully aware that Iwas the villain in that situation, and...

I saw myself as someone who was sick,who needed to get what they needed to get for the day. And I, and to be honest, I'm looking atthis corporation as a faceless, you know capitalist. You K, ow YeahSureever, it's not! I don't look at it like I'm hurting an individual 'cause.I hear a lot of T. atticts say that oh I shoplift, but I would never stealfrom an individual. I would never you know do this or that, but it's likeit's all bad. You know, and- and so I am aware of that- and I was aware atthe time, but when you're in that lifestyle you're just you know in for apenny and for a pound, you're already doing illegal drug and doing what youneed to do to get it. And I mean if someone was dumb enough to hire yetthat some those yrops yeah those poor unsuspecting. You know business owners,'cause man, we definitely did a number on them and I wanna I don't want to putthe name of the place out there, just because you know legal ramificationsand what you want to get sued coming after you now I want it statedthat I am you know I I do feel bad about things that have done, and I havemade a lot of mistakes and whatever, but you know every so often it's justone of these stories and my head POPs up, and it's like, I gotta, dosomething with it. So here I am Ow. It is by the masses I'll tell you, Mani,somethong hit gas stations when we were young. I had a lot of buddies thatworked at gasaghs and the stuff that we got into there, which just ridiculous Takan acid hanging out and watchingemployee videos in the back of one particular place. Yeah totally freakingme out, 'cause it Seeng where the guy it's like how to deal with angrycustomern and the guy stills gas. He looks ragt the Camre. I just filled gasall over my car and when you're halloosenating men, you jump back liketwenty feet. Looking at me. Well, you feel, like you, jump twenty feet, eevermessing myself up and you oget myself e. You know bleeding I'm like Jesus chrise.I was scared. Yes, but even then going three am to y your buddy who's workingthe night shift at a gas station a they just hire anyod hell. You should feelbad. You are a terrible ou being I was an alagtful Irresponragu aw awful, butat the same time you wear it alone day from the selling out show here to tellyou about. Spanklu spoblood is a multi award. Winning Moverian used byprofessionals and the adult film industry. Spok is available at Hybrid,pure silicone, natural and Pik spoke is made with the highest qualityingredients and is nonstaning hypoelogenic and cleans with ease anhands. Your love like with Spuk right now, spunk lube, is by three get onefree. There's no excuse not to give it a try, Punklu high and Brodic for anaffordable price in its Mung Loum on Com. Today, and you can. Thank me,Latero DOGERLP IN TIME FOR NA no N, it's funny man. I know this whole showis basically just two dudes realizing we're getting old and looking at shitfrom these old guy perspectives. Maybe we reminisce about old times. Sometimeswe look at Shit, that's happening nowadays and get crmugenaly about itand we always are the first to acknowledge our get off my lawn, youwhipper snapper's tone. Well now it's definitely one of those times so hasalways going to be some kind of music that the youth is into that previousgenerations. Just can't wrap their heads around there were old fogies thatthought. Jazz was crazy, hagnistic madness for black guys that wanted tointroduce their daughters to the devil's lettuce, punk rock terrifiedparents in the late seventies, and of course, when eighties and ninetiesgrown up squares, heard hip hop. They said it was just talking over someoneelse's records and they didn't get it now. I personally have always been openminded when it comes to new musical movements and experimental, sometimesnoisy stuff, that I'm sure would confound most of my own generationnever mind my parents. If something is interesting as a concept or doessomething cool sonically, whether it's superminimal in structure or crazycomplex, I will probably get into it or at least grant that it has merit. I canbe a snob about POPs, sensibilities and overproduced sugary radio hits, but Ialso appreciate what it takes to make a really catchy sweet melody or just adanceable pop song in limited cases. But of course there has always been aton of shitty lowest common denominator. Pop Music, mostly copying somethingthat came before there will always be a...

...certain artist that breaks through withsomething unique but undeniably poppy your elvest, your beetles, your Madonnayou're lady Gaga, but but then there will be a ton of filler that just playsit safe and puts out stuff that fits into a preciated slot, a slot that wascarved out by those unique artists. It's like the fast food of music. Itlooks in tastes like a cheaper version of something else, and it contains alot less real meat. You know some people are happy eating McDonaldsevery day, I'lll pop in once in a while, but it gets sickening really fuckingquickly. But to me Anderback to my original point, I'm seeing this patternin popular music, specifically hive hop that just makes me feel fucking old. Iremember when soldier boy came out, however, many years ago, and he wassome self promoted kid who wrote some kind of catchy song but mumbled his waythrough it to the point where it seemed like a novelty song were peoplelistening to it in a tongue and cheek BIS Marki, you say, he's just a friendsort of way, but of course even Bismarqui was an actual respectedrapper with lyrical talent, soldier boyjust sounds dumb, like can't formwords Dun and now there's this entirely new paradime in hip hop of mumble rap,where the performers literally are sometimes not saying real words orthey're so bond on Zanax or Codine that they slur their lyrics incomprehensiblyand a lot of the artists wh, who you can understand, are doing some realbasics, sing, Songi, abcgefg, hi, JK, lmenop sort of patterns with this newgenre of trap music. It's honestly way more about your street cred thananything. Now I know I listen to some artists with unintelligible lyrics.Over the years I listen to death metal. I listen to Nirvana Shi, listen tocigar roast a band from Iceland who sings in a made up language, so it'sbasically meaningless lyrically to the listener. But my problem is mostly thathip hop is a genre that revolves around word play. The first wrappers were guyswho would grab the Mike at Discos and just flow over the beats wrappersbattle, each other with words competing in metaphors and cleverly wordedphrases with double meanings. It's all about the word play now. You've got abunch of marginally talented kids with functional hipe machines at their backs,and they claim to be the dopis shit out there. This is an art form that wasborn roughly when I was I remember, seeing RUNDMC and the beasty boys on TV as a kid L, coolj and DJ Jazzi Jeff and the fresh prince were mainstreamand lyrically entertaining. There were artists like third base Eric B andRuckhym CR s, one stuff, that I'd hear and light, but I never really got intohip hop fully until nineteen years in the nineties. I know we all romanticizeour youth and we associate music with memory, but I can't see how you canargue against the quality of rap music that came out in those years. It wastruly the Golden Age. The wootang clan and all its associated acts alone makea compelling argument for that fact. How can you beat and act with so manyindividual voices? Styles different energies? There were a lot of classicsfrom not just Wootang albums, but all the Solo, albums Staten Island produceda team of truly talented, visionary, dudes method. Man, Rysa Ray Kuan, ghostface old, dirty, bastard shit. The nineties saw great work from groupslike Dala soul and a tribe called quest lyrical grats like most deaf Nas,twopockand Biggie. Yes, our generations rap had an issue with street redlooming over an artist career as well, but again, at least under all the chaosand drama there were some seriously unique voices. We had revolutionary voices like deadpreys. We had characters like busted rhymes. We had poets like Talibqualiand common. We had G funk from Doctor Dran, snoop, Warrand G and weirdprojects like doctor, Octagon, just tons of talent and much of it squarelyin the mainstream. There are some...

...interesting points about this new cropof wrappers that definitely sets them apart from their forbears. Aside fromthis complete change in style, a big factor is common references to drug useand even drug dependence, whether it's fetinel coding Syrup or Zannx. A lot ofthese guys rap about getting high on shit a lot harder than just herb surethere have always been references to drugs in rap, but whereas Biggi wroteabout not getting high on your own supply, recent horrible excuse for amusician stitches from Florida actually has a song where the refrain is. Do Iget high on my own supply hell yea, a lot of these dudes have serious habits,and quite a few have already died. Well, I'm personally aware of the reality ofdrug addiction, and I don't even agree with the old way of being proud to sellthe Shid. I don't think bragging about one's own junkiedom is a great look.Then there's the ever present face. Tattoos, you know the good ink is goodin regardless of where you put it, but these guys look like they gave theirfriend a ballpoint pen and told them to just doodle Ong their face. ImagineJailhouse Tats, but without the artistic detail, there's a weird cross,overything happening where the whole hottopic scene is fused with this newhip hop as well, what a companies a Shitt he faced hadto, but some neon haired eye and some weird vampire contact lenses. I'm notgoing to be so stuck in my ways that I go off on the skinny jeans, but it allmakes for a really weird look yeah. I know I'm old. The worst thing I can sayabout a lot of these new rappers is that they have no real respect fortheir forbears. I don't know if I should tie that into a seeming globalphenomenon of disrespecting one's elders, but in most artistic or musicalfields, the current crop at least acknowledges the debt they owe to thosewho came before but hip hup. Is this weird genre where the new school seesanything old school as wack and passe, at least for a large part of theinterviews I've seen wow? As I say these things, I hear moreand more the old guy voice in my head. You Disrespectful Young ONS and yourtight pants respect your illness. Anyway, it's not all bleak. There isdefinitely still a vibrant underground, we're truly great artists like Asop,Roc, Mf d, Ra, the rugged man and vinnypas. They keep the fire alive.Sometimes we have a true talent that makes some real waves in the mainstreamlike comptons Kendriglamar, or the current collaboration between killerMike and LP run. The jewels jz is still considered royalty and he'salways had the skills to back that up. Weird dudes, like tyler the Creator,Earl, sweatshirt and childish Gambino are doing interesting things. Greathipop is definitely still being produced. It's just that a lot of kidsdon't know any better than to idolize some dude mumbling nonsense in pinkdreads, while he drools on himself from drinking too much lean. Let's just hopethat the young listening public comes to its senses soon, causdude. I am fucking likedisheartened, you know, let Meletmest tell you something: the Yeah I'm goingto give you a wood nickel for every artist that you named in that whole bitan es nose because you named a lot of fucking artists yeah, whether it begood or Shitty yeah, I mean well that's my point, though there was so muchtalenting as much as I hate conye West in his attitude and his fucking,whatever like his controversial opinions and his ego, everything yeah, but I at leastacknowledge he has talent, but I see him working with a dude like Fuckinlitle pump due. I know that Y. This isn't your style, but Oh, no, no, butdude little pomp eas do with pink dreads. I hethe one whot rools all overhimself that you just meantnot specifically, but dude I mean there areartists like there's. These songs ther's is like dude will be in thestudio and they will be so fucked up and they'll find themselves justrepeating a phrase and that's what the Sothe base of the song like. Maybe itdid happen with little pump 'cause. He he is this song. His first big breakoutsong was called Guci gang and the chorus is literally just in go good toget an good Yor, gaing good. You Ge and good Yoga, an good you're, Gett, ING,good Youre get and good Youre Getan,...

...who you get C Yo a managegain go o yeahdit's. I man that sounds great. It's no better than baby shark. Oh You KNOWVACATCHY! Maybe maybe it's you know preying upon that same thing. Wherepeople want a simple. You know: Hoo Repetition, yeah, but that's what it'sall about now n and yeah. These artists, a lot of 'em, are onzanixt. There wasthere's an artist, I think he's kind of fallen off. Now I say artists loosely,loosely yeah, there's a Du went by the name Lilzan and this dude. He hepersonally looks like he's about fifteen an he looks like this little. Iguess he's Hispanic, but but he looks like this little white kid from thesuburbs, with like yeah some shitty faced, hattoos he's always like his. Hesounds like a friend who you be like calling nine an one one 'cause he'sFuckin slurrying and yeah incoherent, yeahmn, and that's how a lot of thesedudes are and the point of all this I thought was that this was poetry. Thiswas it was people showing that they had some sort of talent that others did notpossess. I feel Tik none of the shit that's being produced now, aside frommaybe the production like, I, I respect producers making beads. Even if it'ssomething simple like I said, but the word to play is just not there and Ifeel like nobody. That's breaking through is showing anything, but maybethe ambition t to follow through in a business sense like they're, notshowing any real, unique skills that can't be replicated by anyone else. Aperson Aright, maybe maybe say a person. What what they're? All about or Theyrlook yeah man I mean it could be it's because that's IT B t, but even allthat is starting to look the same like these guys. It's this weird fusion ofof the hot topic wearing weird contact lenses and spikes and type hants andcolor and hair eye with the you know, I'm gongto wear my skinny jeans, butpull hem down. You know, or you know- and I don't know I', hear Yo at leastwhen we were kids. If someone's pants were sagging around their ass, it wasbecause pants were all huge. You know it was like my pants are falling up,chingos or whatever yeah. My whole thing is the lack of originality. Ican't keep up yeah if I see a new story about one of these new mumble wrappersor whatever you mentioned little pump, they're all little something Littleannelite pomp little pep, all he everything is little and my nickname in highschool was little date right. LD malid changed it to LD, so sick. Everybodycalled me a little whatever yeah that always implied something I didn'tWanif. You know what I mean, but still the point is it's like come on guysthink of something new, think of something different. You mentioned theface tattoos they all have and they all look like Shittn. I mean I like tattoos.I have tattoos but they're nonsensical, weird scribbles, on their face orcrosses you're like Youe got to regret that one buddy right like K, W, maybenot now, but eventually later you can remerin that shit. Like I mentione theGuy Stitches, who said, do I get highm my own supply, hell yeah that dude he'sgot a tattoo on the sides of his cheeks, like from the corners of his mouths, tomake it look like almost like the joker where he rippe, you know in theirstitches agais tatchus of like a bigger smile made out of stitches, and then Iswear to got. The guy has a Tatto of a tiny AK, forty seven on his cheek aswell like just a picture of a fucking rifle and assult rapl, just for somereason on his Chine Sheeka. But whatever man like, I said, we'regetting old. I understand that I'm not going to necessarily understandeverything the younger generation's into, but I feel like there. There isstill so much good ship being made in the underground, like. I still discovernew artists that are amazing but they're. Just not breaking throughbecause kids are too interested in the nonsensical repetitive mumble rap. Soyeah, I don't know man, I I can't explain it either. I don't know if it'sage or just respecting you mention how they don't really acknowledge the actthat came before right. I I think when you see quality n music, even at aGenree, you may not like h. You can still appreciate the craftsmanashipthat goes into it sure and early in your neks nose. You mentioned, like thefast food of Music Evers. The First Act that pops into my brain mega,successful artist. I again loosely like you mentioned pit bull, Oh yeah, that'sanother one, and pit bull is terrible, but MIPPL fuckin eat that shit upbecause you can dance to it. The lyrics are nothing they're, no good, they'rewortless. You know what I mean he h he'll take a beet from an existingeighty song drive it into the ground, throw some female vocalist on it andnextthing. You know it's a hit for me. I sit back and he go how how are peopledigesting this? They ioing this so easily. I agree, andI have no problem if it's done tastefully or interestingly, liketweaking a sample taking something from it ear like that's not what bothers me,but I understand what you're saying if...'s like, there's no originality andthe lyrical flow doesn't even make up for it. There's always going to be awho let the dogs out or a whoomp there. It is like ongs yeah, exactly like Shit.That is just sugary whatever, but this, hopefully it goes away soon. The partyis now officially over. You don't have to go home, but you can't mumble raphere. I want to think each and every one of you for tuning in virtual hugs,for all of you. We appreciate you taking the time to listen to us,basically complain about everything in our life. I M Dave that is nate, and this hasbeen selling outinfirmarymedia girl scout, cooking and spire. 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