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Ep.#2 The 80s Ate My Brain


On this episode we tackle a topic that befuddles every Father raised in the 80's. When can our kids watch the stuff we loved at their age? Not your traditional Now vs Then as Dave and Nate define being a Dad Selling Out style. Adjust those antennas and tune in!
PLUS: We investigate a bizarre bar burglary that starts to sound like a biblical bender in the case of the Louisiana Liquor Lizard. During Nate's Notes we take a look at the 2011 Documentary "The Other F Word". Punk rock is plucking it's grays but have these bands become traveling salesmen or soldiers trying to keep the scene alive?
The 80's Ate My Brain- 3:15
Johnny Appleseed of Porn- 19:30
Cutting the Cord- 24:57
Selling Out Sound Off- 28:41
Louisiana Liquor Lizard- 32:16
The Other F Word- 40:14

And now prepare your ear holes for penetration as we bring you another great podcast from the book culture extended universe. You were now to Dick to the selling out podcast. When it does is reaches into your brain chemically and low cat your happiest memory chemically and then blocks on to that emotion and releases it chemically, and then it keeps your happy, happy. Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to the second episode of selling out. I am one of your host David Shelson. By My side is my good alley boy nagos in skate name. How are you not bad? I was just picking up some dog poop in the yard. So whoo, US the worst. Yeah, it's got to be done, though. So you know, I have some exciting news about the show, but before I get to that, I have a problem with the dog excrement myself where and I have a neighbor who just lets her dog duke all over like the community area. That's a pretty the worst, right. So people should pick up after their pets, right. I have a dog. I don't really care for them, but I'll pick up after them. Yeah, and my thing is I really want to like just go up to and be like lady, you're a fucking pig. You hit me pick up after that dog, but I can't because she's like Super Hot. Yeah, that terrible, right. Yeah, that trump's manners. Sometimes it does. It's terrible. I don't know what's the matter with me. I should just, you know, stick up for what's right, but instead I look and I Mama, yeah, they oh, maybe just let you do what you want. They call that hot privilege. I wish I got that, but I most certainly don't, and actually I guess it's our news is kind of keeping in the theme because we've recently partnered with the fine folks over at the poop culture network, the PCE. You and we are now on there on their air waves. So that's pretty exciting stuff. That is the good people over at poop culture, man, good folks. Yeah, they produce a lot of great programming and I'm tickled pink to be on there. Absolutely. I've been enjoying their podcasts myself some and yeah, this is a wonderful new step, man, step in the right direction. Right, and you're going to be on one of their episodes upcoming. I actually said upcoming episodes. What I say episodes upcoming? Why? Am I getting dyslexic all of a sudden? I don't know, man, but this is a more, even more great news coming down the Pike. So stay tuned for all that good stuff. I can't wait. We got a main topic this time out, and last time we kind of came out swinging with the whole church talk. I don't want to call a church debate, because you pretty much agreed on everything. How much? Yeah, right. But this one I wanted to talk because we're both were both, you know, dad's. We both are responsible for kids. You know, I'm more of A and I'm more of a step dad, so to speak, but yeah, I still take part in raising a youngster. Dude, a step dad is still a dad. You're shaping a young mind here, absolutely, you know. But this is all about media, sheltering your kids and basically media. You know, now versus then? Yeah, because this is a big issue I have in my parenting because when we were kids, man, I pretty...

...much ran the gamut as far as watching crazy shit, listening to the wild music like. I guess it's because my parents really didn't care and they said whatever, just leave us alone, and I absorbed like it just insane amounts of television. Yeah, not exactly how helicopter parenting back then? Yeah, no, but now it is, you know, and I am so conscious of what my kid is exposed to. I don't know if it's good parenting or it's just straight up nauseating. Well, I don't know, man. I mean it's important. It's important to protect the young minds and make sure they don't grow up to be serial killers and whatnot, but I don't know, what do you think it contributes? Do you think watching like, you know, for example, when we were kids, what do you think was maybe the worst thing you were exposed to or something that you should have watched or maybe you should have been sheltered from? Well, I remember, I specifically remember watching certain movies in the theater that like, I went to see robocop in the theater when I was probably eight years old when that came out. And and that movie is still one of the bloodiest, most violent. Yeah, you know, it's like an exploitation, violent, you know, crazy movie, and a dude get shot in the Dick. Yeah, man, his hand gets blown off with a shotgun. It's it's pretty graphic, man. and Oh yeah, yeah, I don't know. If I'd be bringing, you know, the youngster in my life to go see that anytime soon, but not. You know, not to hijack this, but I've been trying to be the the cool authority figure, so to speak, in the house, and we've been. We do watch some things that are maybe a little questionable. been we've been watching sequentially the Friday the thirteen movies, which I mean he's he's almost twelve years old, when, by the okay, by that age, I was watching a lot worse. But I don't know, I don't want to say look how I turned out, because that's not the best example. But you know, he's handling it pretty well, is what I'm saying. We're up to part six right now. So No, he didn't hijack anything. By the way, that was perfectly valid point to bring up, because now he's twelve. You said he was almost twelve. Yeah, he'll be twelve in a couple months and that that maybe stop me if I'm wrong, because I haven't watched Friday the thirteen in a long time. But that Gore, wasn't it still kind of I remember it is being fairly Cheesey, kind of slapsticky and ridiculous, like he laughs more than he gets scared. So yeah, right, it's entertaining. Yeah, I'm sure, and it must be a fun thing to kind of go through and be able to do so, you know what I mean. Right now I'm in a situation where my birthday is coming up, hitting the big four. Oh, actually, by the time this airs, are while this is airing, because we're biweekly show. If you didn't notice, right now it's I will be the big four. Oh, but I want to go see the new Jurassic world movie. M and I love Jurassic Park, I like all that stuff, and my kid loves fucking dinosaurs like nobody's business. So He's like, Dad, I want to go see this, and he's so excited. I mean he sees like a baggage ships branded with Jurassic world. Dad, check this out. And Mind you, he's five years old and he just he's fucking super. How how did kids get high? You know, they get high when they see things they enjoy, like they just can't get enough of that, and that's him right now with the whole Jurassic world thing. But I'm fucking terrifying, man, the moment someone like pulls out a fucking gun or oozy or something and starts fucking Mowin down fucking raptors. What am I going to do? Dude? This is so amusing to hear, just just thinking about the way we were when we were younger and in thinking of you as this responsible yet apparent it's, yeah, blowing my mind. Well, I'm telling you, I don't want to make him scat. I don't want to. I don't want to fuck them up, like you said. You don't want to be raised or grew up to be like a serial killer or something because you exposed into violence too early. Yeah, I don't...

...know. You know. So there's a lots of diet. There's a lot to be said about, you know, violence and media and how that affects people. But I think there's I think there's a distinct difference between shooting up dinosaurs and then, you know, an angry in cell kid going and shooting up his school because he can't get laid. You know. Yeah, I don't know. I think there's deeper issues there. I think you're raising your son right, man. I don't you know. Well, I appreciate that, you know the validation there, I really do, but it's not an easy thing to do. It's tricky. The other night I was on Netflix and kind of scroll around. He's like, Dad, you know, I want to watch ghostbusters. MMM, the original, think it. Well, yeah, but they had both of them on. They had number one to number two, and so in my mind I'm like, I'm gonna put on a number two. I think it starts out more tame because, if you remember, the first one has the library. See, Oh my God, Dude, just quickly. That's scared the crap out of me. That was yes, that was my first memory of being scared in a movie. was actually that scene. Yeah, and that's why I didn't want to play it right. So I'm like, I'M gonna go with number two. I think it's a safer bet, and so I put it on. The family sitting on the couch. I turned to turn to the ball and chain and I'm telling her about how, when this movie came out, my mother took me and I was wearing a ghostbus his t shirt and she couldn't stand it as like the last movie she ever took me to. Blah, blah, blah. And then I turn and my kid has a pillow over his face and I'm like, what's the matter, dude, what's the problem? And the opening scene in that one is where the baby carriage hits the GOO and just takes off through the streets in New York City and he's like, Dad, I'm afraid that the baby's going to get hit by a car and this and that, and I'm like, Oh God, am I please? No, especially not pre Jurassic world. If this freaks you out, I'm completely fucked. You know, it wasn't even the ghosts that scared and it was the right real day baby care child. And Yeah, which is good. That means he's a caring kid. I appreciate that and everything, but still, I had to do the whole talk room like, dude, this is fantasy, you know, it's movies and we've done this numerous times. Should explain to him, you know, because it's the same thing. Like I'm a comic Book Fan, right, and some of the earliest stuff I was exposed to that I shouldn't have been was actually in comic book form. Okay, I was checking out Allan Moore swamp thing at like age nine, you know, and that was some really deep and heavy shit. Yeah, Alan Moore's good like that. Well, it created a lifelong swamp thing fandom for me. But at the same time you start thinking like should I have been reading that? Should I have been in the back of Chet smoke shop, you know, checking those out? There's a lot of sexual themes, violence, everything else. Shout out. Might out out to chet smoke shop and webster message. Yeah, there you go. Is it still open? I don't think so. I'm not sure. Anyway, my point was like same thing with like Superman. He flies. Does that mean kids are going to fucking throw a towel around their neck and go jump up, jump off a roof? You know what I mean? You still have to be grounded in reality somewhere, and your kids got to know what's real and what's fiction and what's possible and what's impossible. You know, I think there's more of a danger of someone on LSD doing stuff like that and you know, I don't think. Yeah, I don't think we're at that stage yet. But Yeah, man, I don't know. I I remember when I was, I think, nine years old, I went to a friend's birthday party. Had this big sleepover party and we were the big thing was his mother had rented us a movie to watch and it was a scary movie. It was the original, well, the s return of the living dead, which was, like, you know, not quite the original Zombie movie, but it was a had a lot of punk rockers and zombies eaten brains and it was right. To this day, it's one of my favorite movies. And but the thing was, we watched it, it was so inappropriate for these nine year old kids. And there's, I mean there's full frontal nudity. Yeah, there's, yeah, people's heads getting bitten open, there's all kinds of nastiness.

And how old were you? Did you mentioned that was nine. I would okay now. Yeah, and and the thing was, after we finished watching the movie, some of the kid I thought it was cool. I, you know, no nightmares, none of that, but some of the kids at the party were like luckily, the mother had rented a second movie too, kind of like a chaser the horror movie. Yeah, it rented flintstones meet the jets, and so we pop that. That's it got to kind of cleanse the palate after the quite the contrast there, buddy. Yeah, big, big time, sweet dreams, guys. You're going to have, yeah, you gonna have weird twisted dreams about Fred Flintstone Eaton George Jetson's brains and I don't know. Yeah, rosy is evil, but but the point is, man, that I don't know. If anything, it just kind of opened and appreciation for horror movies. For me, I don't think it really disturbed me, but I don't know. Some of the kids, like I said, wanted to watch that flintstones movie, so obviously affected them a little bit. They were freaked out. So it depends on the kid. Man. I don't know. Maybe you'R see that. It seems like we're both shaped at the age of nine by what we were looking at, me swamp thing comics and you the horror flicks. Man. Yeah, because, in a similar instance, my aunt Missy, Yep, she's only seven years older than me, so she was always babysitting me when I was a kid and she was like a huge metal head. This is back in the the S, and I'd always have to sit with her friends and watch whatever they were watching, and they were watching that evil dead movie. Love it. Yeah, okay, but which one was? It was the original of the remake, the one where he his girlfriend comes back to life, but she looks like a Barbie Doll and she rises from yeah, that was part two. Okay, I knew you'd know that. So it does. Yeah, she does look like but that. Yeah, she looks like a Barbie, don't I remember? That fucking gave me nightmares, man, that totally freaked me the fuck out. Yeah, you know, and that's carried with me. You know, just just a little aside. Dude, the shorter I had seen return of the living dead at that party. I I was with another friend one night not long after and we went to the movie store to rent movies, as you did back then, and I looked for return of the living dead because I wanted to watch it again, and they didn't have it. So I picked up evil dead too, because it had the cool cover with the skull with the like human eyes in it, like, and that's how I was introduced to evil dead too. It's funny you bring that up, because that was probably the second horrors Zombie movie that really impacted me, and that one was fucked me up. Yeah, that one was cool, man. I had to do with a chainsaw, hand and all kinds of stuff, so I don't know. Yeah, good, it was cool for you. Fuck me up, man, I'm telling you, I was. I was completely and even to this day, when it's someone asked me, like what, what movie or something that really just screwed you up as a kid? I say that one, that scene in particular, fucked me up. Yeah, a little. So headless Arbe dull dancing around and yeah, I've been into the posts are head and a vice and shit, and I'm like, what the fuck is going on? Stop it, please make it, stop. Love it, you're going down, you know. Yeah, and you love it as one of yeah, that's great, but that. But again, that that raises a question. It's like, all right, I already mentioned and I love my mom, I really do, but she just let me, you know, do whatever I wanted to do. But even then my babysitter, being my aunt, exposed me to this stuff. Right. So, as a parent, how much can you control what you kid sees? I'm lucky. We're in my kid again. He's so young, he's in kindergarten age. You know, they're sharing weight, the flat stone jetson stuff. They're not like hey, man, check this flasher flick out. You know, kids aren't into that, right. But once they start reaching you know, Eleven, twelve or whatever. That's when I guess maybe I'm only assuming here. That's when the friends started saying, Hey, come over my house and check this out right right. Well, like I said, I'm I'm kind of being that influence now, like my stepson... at that age and I'm being the one that's showing him Friday. Yeah, well, movie. That's like the parent was like yeah, come out, you know, stay home and have a drink, don't go out with your friends. And you like, well, what are you doing? Given an eighteen year old or seventeen year old, you know, a shot like well, I'd rather him do it here, right right. I can on the street, I can gage his reactions and if he seems creeped out by it, I always told him you can stop it at any time, but he's been surprisingly STOIC watching it. He's a I don't know, he digs it. He's he's the type that's like if we were in a theater, he'd be yelling like he he basically is yelling the whole time, like don't go in there, you idiots. He's good, that dude. You know he's enjoying it. You know it's it's popcorn, fun slasher movie stuff, and he's digging it and I'm so proud again. I can't tell you how proud I am. We're watching Predator, all these movies, we're watching a lot. Oh Cool, Predator was great, man, and that's the thing to eat. We were watching Indiana Jones, Predator, all these GRET s movies. You mentioned robocop earlier, and whatever was on cable or whatever someone rented. And again, I don't know if parents really cared too much or again, if they weren't around. I don't know. Yeah, but man, we were seeing a lot of stuff that it's like, was it really appropriate for kids to see? Because the movie ratings didn't seem to mean anything. Right, right, unless it was like x, yeah, exactly. That's when you get in trouble. Yeah, yeah, man, but I think, I think a good gateway drug, so to speak, for getting your kid into scarier movies is Predator. I mean predators got some questionable stuff, but for the most part it's an action movie, swartzenegger guns, the jungle, it's just I don't know. It it was good because it wasn't too gary, but at the same time it was enough where I could say okay, I don't know you can handle this at five years old. Man. I can just see the alien start clicking, doing his little voicing and my kids being like fuck this, and we'll not saying that, of course, but in my mind that's what you screaming as he runs out the room and terror. You know. Yeah, I gues. It's a tough call, it really is. It's a tough call. That's not for everyone, but you know. So this Jurassic world is my big dive into it. I was saying to my wife, like I wish I could invent like a sunglasses ear muff remote control Combo. Yea, you hit that could plop it on his head. Yeah, exactly, like hit a button. It's like, okay, you can't see this, yeah, you can't hear this or something, because I'm like what am I going to do? Well, I mean, I don't know, I don't know. The other day he watched batteries not included. Oh yeah, and I'm thinking I hadn't seen that in fucking years, man, and I'm thinking, how much more safer can you get this? An old couple, a couple of alien flying sauces, and even then there was some questionable language in that movie and there's a moment where the artist was like painting, I think her name was Rosita. Yeah, even though she wasn't nude, he painted or new and right, and I covered my son's hand face with my hand so fast I didn't realize I left it open like a crack, like I was doing like the spock thing or whatever. Live long and prosper. And he says giggling and I'm like, what's the matter, dude? He's like, I can see through your fingers. Dad, like, Oh darn it, Yah, you know. So what can you do? What really can you do? Yeah, you know what? That's like a perfect metaphor. It's like you can only do so much, you can only protect them so much, and they'll still it'll get through somehow. Now I mentioned that x movies earlier and since we're talking about being exposed to crazy stuff we were kids, we got we gotta bring that up, because everybody had a friend. I mean I did. His name was Mike D. I won't say his full name, sure to protect the innocent here. Well, in a Stech, just protected. Yeah, it's going to say I'm slow myself down, but this guy's dad had like a insane porn stash and Mike had it perfectly the system down to a tea, because his dad would actually like write down the Times he stopped a movie, which I find slightly insane in itself. But that's smart. But Mike.

Yeah, but Mike would know. He'd be like, okay, my dad paused whatever Bikini Babes from planet Xylon at, you know, one hour, fifteen minutes and thirty two seconds. And he was like a scientist when it came to watching porn. But still, after school you go over his house, you be like, come on, guys, I got the good stuff. Yeah, did you have a buddy like that? I had a friend I can think of, that was always the pervert kid that had the connectors. Or is dad rather was the curator of some porn museum or whatever. But, but do you remember? As kids we would be like walking through the woods and sometimes you just happened upon a couple like pages, ripped up and dirty like a porn magazine. Right, it was always what is this doing on the train track? What is this doing over here? It was like a treasure in the woods. If you happened upon it was like what, Oh, you know, and yeah, but I don't know, I don't think you see that anywhere. The print medium is good. Yeah, yeah, but how often have you've been going through the woods? Are On the train track? Yeah, I guess said. And even then, how fucking gross is it that we were picking that up, going wow, check this out and like some Hobo who's probably masturbating to it, like last night? Yeah, I don't think I ever even thought of that. Like how horrible, yeah, was I'm that up. It's like a peatree dish on a page. Or is there like some kind of like Easter bunny or something, some kind of like mythical creature that just drops random porno pages in the middle of nowhere for children to find? The Johnny Apple seed of porns sprinkling around? Exactly where does this shit come from, man, I always wondered them, like is it all from one magazine and like if you picked it all there other and pieced it together, some amazing thing would happen, but it's like a patchwork quilts. Yeah, yeah, it's a puzzle you're going to put together. Yeah, I can't wait to get to the bottom of this. This issue a hustler. Oh my God, man, I can't remember the first porn and I saw. I can just only remember Mike and is his crazy I don't even know how to call I want to call it like his laboratory. Yeah, of his father's porn. But the other thing that kids nowadays will never understand is there was also a way with TV's back in the Oh yeah, where you could like kind of put it on the channel near the porn, no channel, and kind of dial the the whatever the vertical hold or whatever the the thing was, and you'd write a scrambled porn where you're like, you can't really see anything and all of a sudden it's like, is that a nipple? Is that a you know, but cheek. I can't tell. But you know, you were like in the danger zone. Yeah, you knew you were doing something bad. It could have been an elbow, but you were just like fuck, yeah, man, I'm fucking this is taboo. Baby. I wonder what that does to your your sexual psyche. Like you, I don't know, turned on by weird distorted images and like, I don't know, man, what did it do to us? How? I can't really quantify, well, I really can't. I don't know what contributed to me because, you know, we weren't the model citizens of the world. I mean that's a parent right, to put it lately. Yeah, yeah, I guess I was trying to be political about it or whatever, but I mean, I think we've turned out fairly okay. You know. Again, we're raising youths and we're trying to be responsible human beings. But to get here, it was a wild ride. Yeah, but what contributed do that? What made us, you know, do drugs or completely like fuck off, like what was that? Yeah, I don't know, man. I think was it music? Was it movies? WAS A TV? I don't know, I don't either, man. I think that that it did have something to do with not being monitored as much, you know. But but again, is it's a question of how much monitoring is too much, how how much sheltering is too much? Yeah, you know, to find line, but and it's a you're experimenting with a life. So it's really, you know, it's kind of sketchy, it's really you know. So you want to you want to care...

...on the side of caution. I guess you want to make sure you can put a motherfucker on the moon. But we still got no instructions for kids. Yeah, weird, right, it's bizarre. Everybody has an opinion, but I mean there's no like definitive guy. Sure everyone's individuals, so the the instructions are just as individual, you know. Yeah, well, I'll let everybody know how it turns out next time we record. Like if I could even stay through the whole movie, I don't know, but I'm worried, I'm concerned and you know what, we're interested in knowing your experiences. We want to know if you're a parent, or maybe even if you were a kid and you saw some stuff you shouldn't have seen and maybe you thought, I don't know, what affected you somehow, or maybe you're like a psychiatrist and you just want to, I don't know, help us out because you think we're nuts. Whatever the case, maybe you can always find us on twitter at selling out show, or email US selling out show at GMAILCOM. Come at us, Bro another thing I want to mention, since we're on the topic of TV, is I did something really old school recently and it's been fucking fantastic. Oh Yeah, what's that? I bought an antenna, and a TV antenna. Yes, no, for my head. So I can contact the aliens. Yeah, for the TV, but they're not like bunny ears anymore. That like this flat piece of plastic. It just looks like a flipper, a little black flipper or something. And I got it because we cut the cord, you know, paying for cables or ridiculous. All these channels. You don't want to watch him. The only thing you really miss is a DV A. Yeah, but anyway, someone recommended it to me and I laughed at him at first. I'm like, Dude, those don't work. No one. What channels do you get? And I hook this thing up when we got a really good amount of channels. I mean half of them are Latin American channels and Evangelical, you know, trying to get your money type of stuff, but other than that we get some really good ones, and one of them is called me TV. Have you ever seen me to? Ever even heard of it? Okay, it's fantastic because it's like a bunch of old shows from the S and S. every night I can watch wkrp in Cincinnati. Awesome. It is awesome. And how weird is that? Like Venus flattrap? Yeah, I know, but if you told me, Oh, W K RP is on fifteen years ago. I've been like, yeah, fuck that, I saw that when I was a kid. I don't care. But I guess a nostalgia noodle whips us all, you know, and pulls us back. And there's a couple guys I'm friends with on twitter. They actually do a couple podcast a Dr Frenzy show and bat books. Are Beginners, Chris and Jerry, really cool guys, and they were telling me about this thing called Fen Gholi. Huh, and it'spen Goolie is this character. He's like a dungeon master comedian kind of Guy, if you've never heard of him or never seen him before. And every Saturday night he puts on an old like horror movie, a cheesy can't be movie. Awesome, but it's fantastics. They're really like live tweets when it's going on. It makes cracks and jokes and it's been a lot of fun. But Anyway, I thought to my off how weird is it? Here I am forty years old and I buy an antenna for my TV in two thousand and eighteen how man, and it works great. Loving love I recommended to everybody doing you. There's still they're still sending broadcasts over the air waves. HMM, they are indeed interest the only tricky thing was my son was like, Dad, I want to watch this now, and I might. Dude, it's regular TV. Yeah, he's like, I hate these commercials as fast forward. Like no, no, this is regular TV, and he has no idea that it even existed at one point in time or this is how it works. He was like, Dude, put on dinosaur train right now, I don't care, I want it now. I think so. I think that that's probably the best thing that you're doing for your son's development, because that's teaching patients, getting away from instant gratification. You have to wait for the commercials to be over. I think this whole instant culture is a bigger issue than horror movies and whatnot. I think it's a culture of entitlement and we need, you know, we just need to be aware of that, you know, just teaching patients in teaching.

Yeah, that you know. Yeah, I don't you like it's on when it's Ond sure, sure, but then I get frustrated because he's bitching about it. So I was put on Netflix anyway. So lesson lost. You know, I know, I don't have the patients for it anymore. It's rough, but I'll tell you what, it is fun. Is Fun to rediscover these old shows and even now you're with a fucking antenna. I'm interacting with people on twitter, yeah, about something that's on, and I guess I could have done that with cable to but fuck man, thirteen bucks. I don't have a monthly cable bill is Pretty Rad and I still have my streaming services or whatever. But you know, yeah, and speaking of twitter, I would like to do a little selling out sound off, if you will. Cool, let's do it. Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure. Okay, this week I was asking people in the TV theme, saying that we're going to talk about it this week. What was your favorite show as a kid? Nate, did you have one? Well, I was always a big thundercats fan. Oh, yeah, it was a big transformers fan and but yeah, pretty much those two. Those were my big ones. Gi Joe Maybe? Oh, gijoe was great. It was great. Actually just exposed my kid to he man ice. That was he's loving massive. Yeah, I was fucking great. It is great. But we got a bunch of responses on there. I want to thank everybody who replied. But there was one in particular that stuck out to me and I thought it was really unique. And this was from at Holy Nosebleed, great twitter handle. His name is Brian K Pittman, and he brought up that his favorite show was spiral zone. Do you remember spiral zone? I don't even know if I know what that is. That was one of those just like every anything in the S. right, this was late's from one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven, but it was a cartoon based on a toy line. Okay, there was a bandi, I believe it was Tonka, also had the license at one point and they had a comic book. Do you see comics? So you know, everything was tied together to sell your kids shit, basically. But it was about like a mad scientist who drop these devices on the earth and created these these zones where like people were under control, almost like zombies, and the certain soldiers, I think it was like five or six of them, where the combatants to fight back. But but still it is something wherein I hadn't thought of spiral zone in so fucking long. It was I it just like struck me him like that was a good answer. I like that one a lot, so I'm looking at it right now. I looked it up. Cool and I do recognize that. Wow, I'd see that. Forgotten all about it. Yeah, very cool. So thanks for again, thanks to everybody else for replying. Sorry we only pick one, but that one really struck me as something truly unique. I also want to give out props to Carla from the go postal podcast, who's been really supported to us on twitter, where, one episode in She's been sharing everything, talking to us. Cool cat. So thank you, Carlo. We appreciate it. Good stuff, Carlo. Yep. Now, nate, you got anything else you want to add? Or should we give these fine folks a word from a fake sponsor? Let's just do the spots. It's the best part of the day. You put all your kids getting ready for us on your face my wheel, sir, soul relationship will draw. Look for Special Columbia House offers this month and selected magazines, newspapers and your mail. All right, so last week we had a little news segment.

Went over very well with the listeners. Get a lot of good feedback on it. So we decided to take a crack at the crime stoppers captivating the youtubers out there, and it's unlikely superstar Captain Higgins of St Landry Parish on this edition of the selling out scoop. On July twenty seven, that four am, this country ball was broken into by a lone criminal. The man was dressed all in dark gray, covered from head to foot. He broke in through a glass door crept around a closed ball like a big gray lizard. So we are looking for a velociraptor in gray sweats. Apparently he is skulking around very, very creepily there. I like that. I wish I could move like that. Busted Open the ATM and a Poker Machines and fled with ten grand in cash. Watch how he moves, Slytherin like that. He's done this before, crept around in the dark. Pay attention to his build. He's skinny and probably around six foot or slightly taller. His clothes are sweats and the pants have cargo pockets on the side. Recognize them by his black and soul. How else he going to recognize somebody? I mean, I from one. Always recognize people by their by their blacking souls, don't you? Oh Yeah, now I recognize him. I was focusing on his outfit. If, if he didn't say that, I would have totally missed that black and so, dude, that's Jimmy. I know that black and yeah, well, anywhere. I don't even know why he brought the fact the guy was in the sweats. He just she just came with this. Hey. Yeah, fucking evil motherfucker with the black and soul. He's a career criminal thief. Bout Oz bars been around for a long time. It's a place where cowboys coming to UNWINE. I've been here myself to have a cold beer and shoot a game of pool. Ladies Ladies, ladies, this cowboy copies single and ready to mingle. He's a swinger. This scoundrels from around here. He lives nearby. He knew where the motion sensors were. He checked the alarm display. He knew his way around inside the bar. Mr Lizard, put down your pipe for a minute and listen. Good, look at me when I'm talking to you, son, Mr Litt. That's a good I like Mr Lizard. It kind of makes me think, though, he should be saying you got beakers and dryss like Mr Wizard. Yeah, he's very formal, Mr Lizard, Mr Lee. Yeah, and plus, how does he know this guy has a pipe? And why is he staring in the camera like that? So we're looking for a crack smoking reptilia carrying a bunch of cash. I know, the fucking guy's insane. He's just fucking insane. I looked into your eyes while I watch these surveillance films and there was nothing, only darkness, like a crawling thing. You've passed a point of no return. Listen to the words long written down. You shall lick the dust like a serpent, like the crawling things of the earth. You should come trembling, turning dread, and you shall live and fear. What the fuck is he talking about? I know he gets seriously did it gets all biblical. He he always does this it on these videos. Anyone that's watched anymore of these in this there's nothing worse than a self righteous cop quoting Bible versus. Yeah, the southern accent just sounds appropriate, though I don't know. I almost think the Bible was written to be said in a southern accent. It just sounds so, you know, powerful that way. Good, good Lord Man. Imagine, if you like, driving down a Celtic get pulled over like in like, I don't know, Jacksonville, Florida something. It's like three am and this guy's like roll down your window. Do you believe in gold? You like, Oh far, I'm getting raped tonight. That's what's going to happen. The cash you stole is gone, invested in the final demise of your humanity. Your last chance... to turn yourself in and SEEC redemption. All of these videos, man, he always seems to try to convince the PURP to turn themselves in. Like He. He's always like, I know you got away with ten grand and all we have is a video of an ankleosaurus stuff in his side pockets of his sweat pants. No money, but hey, why don't you just walk into the station with your hands up like Kevin Spacey and seven? Make it easy on us. Would you miss the Lizard man? Yeah, you got me. I'm busted. Your days are numbered and you know it, because, even though your pockets were briefly filled, your soul is eternally empty. Well, I'm sold. Could have been the dramatic pause, I don't know, but he's got me on bap of crime stoppers. I'm Captain Higgins. If you have any information on this crime called crime stoppers? Dude. I yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard of this guy before. That's why I kind of want to do it on the show. Take a look at him, but man, he is something else. Dude. I did you think this is scripted or he just kind of risks? No, man, it's it sounds pretty pretty quick. I don't know if he's got que cards, but man, this dude, he's he does that weird juxtaposition of like Redneck drawling through poetic Biblical terminology. It's like it's like it's like if your southern Fried Co worker at the warehouse asked you to his one man show at the local pub. It's like, please, come check it out. I'M gonna be reading this Soliloquy from the TAME and of the shrew and it would really help came and showed your support. He's a fucking slam poet. He's trying out for like true detective. This guy you wouldn't want to date is Donno, put it that way. God, you would not want to date this guy's dawn. Who did? The guy believes in reptilions. He's like, I don't know, there's like that whole conspiracy theory. There is like that writer David Ike, that talks about how Reptilians have infiltrated our government and it's like a whole like alien race of people that are secretly control kind of like they live the old movie with Rowdy Roddy Piper, of course. Yeah, sure, there're have people that really believe that Shit, and I'm I'm starting to wonder if Captain Higgins, or whatever his name is is, is one of these conspiracy theorists. While you're getting real deep with I thought maybe he just watched too much, too many episodes of land of the lost or something. Yeah, this he's a slee stack. Yeah, right, you know fucking well, that Lizard man, he's cheese Lue's going to be at the theater watch in Jurassic World with you. Oh Boys, oh no, oh no, imagine that, because you'd have to turn his whole body to me because he can't turn the neck. He's like, can you believe this shit, son Johnny, right now, that raptors in a world of trouble. If I ever find I'm he been at turn himself. Yeah, I don't even know if I was just doing his voice for I was doing. The dude from what was Billy Bob Thornton was that famous movie, a lead sling Blabris fucking taters. Yeah, that Shit. There you go. That's like the the traditional if you're trying to do some kind of weird rednecky voice or something, where you going to tote all that warsh they whatever you just said. But man, that was an experience. So that guy, I can see why he's so popular. The twitter views are off the chat. So, you know, Ay, twist one up roller, do be smoke it, laugh your ass off and, I guess, laugh at the COP. I don't know what to tell you, man, not trying to make, you know, light a law enforcement here or anything, but that guy, he's a piece of work. Yeah, I don't know. I have no problem making the light of law enforcement, but that's just me. Cop Don't like me, so I don't like cop. Just like that. You know, that's your department, just like music. So how about another word from a great, fantastic fake sponsor? We like these and when we return someone nate's notes. He's, like many us, mired in the routine of upward mobility, but all that is about to change with an unexpected trip to a place called Cleveland, a romance with a girl named Everley. You only imagination of who average done alone. A Tech George Lucas presents coward the..., a Willard hike film, a Loria cats production, rady PG, starts Friday. All this first, I so like theaters do up your lps. It's time for nate. No, no, all righty man. You told me about a documentary here called the other F word. You recommended it to me. I watched it and I enjoyed it. I'll say that right out of the gate. But what what was the attraction initially for you to watch this? Well, okay, so I tend to, you know, be interested in anything music really. We talked about it last week. We're trying to kind of make this a regular thing where maybe I can like talk about something musical, even peripherally. This is sort of my musical right, so to speak. So this movie, I don't know it was. I think it was basically just recommended on youtube because other things I've watched and it ended up being a kind of a pleasant surprise. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it but the movie seemed to fit right in with our sort of Mo the my yeah, yeah, okay, because it's it's about guys that have been in punk bands their whole life, punk rock bands, and how, as they get older, that kind of nihilistic lifestyle of their youth takes a back burner to raising a kid. Specifically, the other F word in the title is for Fatherhood, and it kind of the movies basically about Punk Rock Dad's, you know, guys that are now in their ff s whatever, and and how they're dealing with family life after living this hedonistic sort of punk rock lifestyle. And I don't know, I thought it was an interesting movie. I'm glad you recommended it to me because even if you're not into punk rock, is still hits, hits a vein, I guess. I mean. All right, so the main attraction is if you dig punk rock, you like these bands, because it focuses on this dude from penny wise, the lead singer, Jim Lynn. Yeah, Jim Jim Lindburg. So he's basically the centerpiece of this documentary and about the scene, about the punk scene, you know, gives you a brief history, I suppose, through these guys in particular, who they talked to. They talked to a wide array of these you know guys throughout the the era. I remember I mentioned you. When I was watching. I'm like, yeah, you get some of these hardcore dudes like from no effects or whatever, and then you get the guy from blink one hundred and eighty two. Yeah, which, if you kind of think, is a turnoff, but it all makes sense, it really does, man, and let me let me hear you guys with some facts, I guess, because that's what I'm here for. The documentary is called the other F word. There's a two thousand and eleven documentary directed by Andrea blog run. I hope I pronounce this correctly. Nevin's is actually inspired by Jim Lindbergh's Book Punk Rock Dad, which was released in May two thousand and seven, and they mentioned you can you can catch it on Youtube. I'm sure you can download it on yeah, anything really right, I'm sure. I mean it's always better to support the art, I guess, but if you're cheaper just want to watch it, you can always, you know, always buy it later if you felt, you know, felt like supporting them, but but I don't know, I thoroughly enjoyed it, like like we're saying. It kind of the the main thread throughout it is Jim from pennywise and it goes through a year of touring now that he's got three daughters and and he's older, and it shows how the things he packs nowadays for tour, for touring is a lot different. He's he's packing hair dye and and acids and things like that, where you know a lot of guys are just packing a bunch of booze. But yeah, you know some still do. Absolutely. But there's there's a lot of heartfelt moments in it.

There's, you know, kids are a way to kind of tug at the heart strings, I guess, and it's anyone who's who's a parent or, you know, interacts with kids a lot is going to be touched by this movie. My my girlfriend isn't particularly even into punk, but I was watching it and she got sucked right into it too, because it's it's just a good movie about, you know, parents and it talks a lot about what we were saying about when our generation was less monitored. A lot of these guys in these bands had rough childhoods. Either they were neglected or they were mistreated, they were abused or they were just living on the street, some of them, and right all of them, is see, like pret you much, and yeah, I mean and it shows how a lot of them are like, look, I don't want to do that to my kid, like the way they were raised, or or the lack thereof of raising it was. It's kind of like they don't want to do that. And there was a great quote by by Jim Lindberg at the end of the movie where he says, you know, maybe that's how we changed the world, instead of by writing a punk rock song, maybe we just be better parents. And that's right. It's you know, that's something I probably would have liked scoffed at as a kid, but dude, when you get older, you like that is going to do a lot more towards changing the world. You can, you can write some rebellious punk song that you know may reach a bunch of kids or do whatever. But but there's a lot of interesting points of view, like Brett Gurwitz, who's a member of bad religion and he's also the founder of epitaph records, which anyone who's familiar with punk music, epithaph is like the the probably the biggest punk right. Able there is. They still hold the record for the top selling independent record, which was offspring, smash album from that's still the best selling independent record ever. But anyway, they Brett Gurwitz had a few good quotes where he was saying like, you know, I no longer put on boots and commit random acts of nihilistic destruction. He said, you know, when your kid, that's kind of the time for that, but when you get older they call you a terrorist if you're still hit like that. And he's right. Absolutely, he's right. He's I think. I don't know, man, not to interrupt you here, but in youth it seems like I agree with you, like if there was a twenty year old kid, you know, influence heavily by music, watching this right now, you fair like fuck those old men, Dude. You know, rock and roll never die, right, and you go. Well, when you're young it seems like you never stopped to take a breath, like but these guys even it's like, okay, they were there, but now they've stopped right, at least, you know, in their own minds, and just took a breath and said, okay, yeah, this is where I'm at. Okay, I can still be against the system, I can still rebel, but there's a different way of doing so than I thought existed when I was twenty years old. Right, right, you're not throwing a brick through a window. You're yeah, they're great. Yeah, he's a better generation or whatever. Yeah, Brett, that same die Brett Gerwitz from epitaph records said, you know, you write a song when you're eighteen that says fuck the world, I'm going to die before I get old, but then you get old and you don't want to die and it's yeah, you know, it's no. That's something. That's a great line, because that's exactly how I felt, exactly exactly that really is. When you when we're in bands back, you know, in the the S and early thousand. So I'm like yeah, fucking forty, that's never going to happen. Party, you know, let's go get as much pussy as I can, drink as much as I can, and now I'm like, Whoa, Whoa man like I don't even I don't even drink really ever. Yeah, wow, and I and you know me, I used to not be able to do anything unless I was drinking. Yeah, anything. I couldn't even go to a movie now unless I had a few shots first. And that's why that Dude Fat Mike from no if, no if x to... I didn't like what he had to say because I okay, listen, he's higher profile human being that I am. I can respect that, but he's like, Dude, I'm a dad, but when I go on tour I never stopped drinking. Well, I'm like, that's almost just as dangerous or as irresponsible as if you were drinking at home. Absolutely, you know, twice a week or three times a week, because these guys are on tour forever. Yeah, I know, man, you know what I mean. And it's funny that that that you mentioned fat Mike, because anyone that happened to listen to our last episode, I had just kind of did a little synopsis of no effect show I had been to and talking about how fat Mike was screwing up his whole set the whole time and was a drunk mess on stage and how, you know, it's endearing to some of us that go see them, but really, when you kind of look at objectively, it is I mean it's a little sad. He is a father, he is a guy who, in his s at this point and you know, it's it's amusing, but I'm detached from it. If I was a member of this family or even a member of his band, it might be getting a little old at this point. You know. Yeah, he totally. He's the exception. That movie mostly focuses on people who have kind of real is, the error of their ways, kind of, you know, to an extent, but fat Mike is one who's, you know, raising kids, his his daughter. I don't know how many he has, but I know the daughter in that movie is now inner teens. You know, that movie was released seven years ago, but you know, he's he was still a mess when I saw him, you know, less than a month ago. Right, it is what it is, man. But but yeah, it's a great movie. I recommend it. I'm glad you checked it out. I brought it up and I'm glad that you, you know, you enjoyed it and I figured a lot of stuff hit home. Yeah, exactly, I figured that. Would you know, it kind of fit right in with what we discuss on here. I think it did. Just encompassed everything, the show in general, the whole selling out thing I'm about us being a certain age looking back and going. You know what kind of fucking numb skulls were we? And now our strange perspectives are thoughts on life. But even then, being there and now again with this specific episode, talking about how do we raise our kids? What do we show them? What everything else it really yeah, it is the nail on the head. And there was a part, well, a couple parts in here. One flee from the Red Hot Chili peppers in it and he hits the water works a couple times. Yeah, and there's one where again, if you were younger, you would have said, come on, man, cut it out. But now it makes sense to me because him and Jim kind of we're talking about how they sobered up for their kids, right right. You know, they were like my kids changed my life, right fleet that, they shaped me. You know, lie said that, he said. You know he said the the thing you hear parents say a lot of this time is, look, I gave you life, I can take it, you know, I can take it back, or whatever the the phrase right flee says. I look at my kids and say, you gave me life because it brought you and I can take you out. You know that whole thing. But flee says. You know, his kids gave him life, they gave him purpose, and that's, you know, that's something that people that aren't parents can't understand. I I'm peripherally a parent, so I understand it, but it's like, I can give yourself some credit, guest. Sloppy, I guess. motherfucker. Humble. Nobody reminded me of humble bread. That's fine, perfectly fine. But when my wife gave birth to my son M and I've never even told her this is I was like, okay, I need I need a few minutes ago breathe. And it wasn't like right after. I wasn't like I'm out of here, but it was like that night or whatever, I went over to the liquor store there's across the street from the hospital, and I bought some nips and I sat in a fucking bus stop and I downed them, wow, because I was freaked the fuck out, and there were, you know, a couple I can't say any specific ones here, but people in a documentary mentioned like how freaky or how heavy it was. I think it was even the guy from ever clear. Yeah, I forgot his name. To thelead singer. Yeah, there you go. He has some really deep stuff in there's documentary, but he mentioned how it...

...felt like an elephant was on his chest. I can't say the same, but still it was like a wait, yeah, and I never told people about this because it's embarrassing a little bit, because you should be filled with joy and happiness, and in one way you are, but there's another part of you. I don't know if it's like the inner you that Kid's like fuck now it's time, I've I've got to grow up. And I was in my Midr S, okay, and I sat there and I was like, what the fuck am I doing my life? I hope I don't fuck this little guy up and everything else, and I got a buzz on and I went upstairs and went back to the the maternity war or whatever, and that was it. Man. I pretty much been pretty clean ever since. I mean I have a few beers here were there, but I don't touch drugs or anything, and that's why a lot of this, yeah, really did resonate heavily with me, especially again I flee and Jim in particular. Yeah, not fat Myke, not fat Mike, I don't know. No, no, don't, don't look to fat mic for inspiration and if you know, but unfortunately seems like a nice enough fella. Get me wrong, I'm sure he's great to party with, but yeah, but that's for sure. But yeah, man, I mean that's that's something that's a gamble thought what you're talking about. Like some people, I've heard of people having kids thinking well, this is what I need to straighten my life up. Like they do it with the sole intention of like I mean, I'm not saying they I'm going to impregnate somebody to fix my leg I just mean they decide to keep the the child or whatever is going to happen right, and they think well, this will fix my life, and sometimes that has disastrous results. I know a lot of people who ended up, you know, they have kids they don't even talk to because they couldn't curtail their substance abuse issues or there whatever, and now it was the worst mistake they ever made. And so it's really awesome that that worked out for you because, man, you and I were both probably two of the people that our group of friends were not betting on to kind of, yeah, straighten up and and you see get that rightly, man, have it's it's it's inspiring. Not to get all to your jerky and whatever, but it really is. Man, you've really done a lot and I don't know, I don't say that to you a lot, but it's it's I appreciate it. No, no, I do, it's just it's I was always kind of though, like the functional alcoholic, though I had like a job, a good job. I made good money. I mean, you know, I remember one night, Jesus, and I know I'm going off the path here a little bit, but there was like a night where basically I had an overdose and four hours later I was at work. Yeah, because I knew I had to work. It was like my thing, you know. So I could still not be at a hundred percent because do what I had to do. And my decision wasn't like I, Oh, I know my son is going to be born, I've got a sober up. It was more just like instinct maybe kicked in, and I think it happened that moment in a fucking bus stop in Jersey City, New Jersey, so of all places, you know. But yeah, I teach their own. People have different stories, different tales, and and I guess that's another great reason to check this out, because a lot of this might be very similar to what a listener, someone who's listening to our show right now, went through, as it did for us. But I get a question for you. Okay, and I was thinking about this, because they're older punk rockers, like you mentioned, s fifty, some even in their S. do you think these guys being portrayed is like aging punk traveling salesman or more like soldiers like that are just hitting this the scene or going out there to keep the scene even alive? What do you what do you view them ass personally, I mean I have a lot of respect from being a musician myself. I I can understand where they get there. There again, there was an interesting quote in the movie, I believe Greg Hutson from bad religion said it, where he said there's there's an element of feeling like a birthday clown to it because when you're that much older in the crowds are still young. A lot of the the people in the crowd are. You are young, you know concert goers, and he said... feel like you're up there trying to dance around on stage and entertain these kids, and so you can't take it too seriously. But I have a lot of respect for these people for still doing it, because it's not like there. We're not talking about, you know, the rolling stones or some big band that's live in this lab right lifestyle. These guys are still touring and you know, modest. Yeah, they means. They showed Jim Lindberg staying at the ECONOL exactly exactly. You know. Yeah, it's not a glamorous lifestyle, but they do it because it's and especially the way the music industry is now, you're not making money with record sales anymore. This is what these bands have to do right. Yeah, to raise their family, they have to tour a lot, and so I respect that. I think of them as soldiers. But there's you know, there's a few who are. You know, I think there's an inherent respect in anyone that's that old, that's still able to live that lifestyle. But I don't know, man, I guess you got. Could you do it, you know, could you be away for a two hundred days out of the year just to, you know, put food on the table and buy a nice fucking couch, pay the mortgage, you know, pay your health insurance? Because that's why I kind of view them more as the traveling salesman then this soldier trying to keep punk rocking and rolling because they got mouths to feed, you know, and I related to that. I'm like, okay, there's worse jobs to have in the world. You're not shoveling shit, right, you know what I mean? You're not a fucking janitor, you're entertaining people and, as you would just mentioned about the whole circus clown thing. One of them, and it might have been Jim again, who mentioned like Hey, I don't want to be the guy who's like hey, they're milwaukee, Hey, there's Chicago, Hey, there Boston. Great to be here and you're doing a script every night on the stage, but sometimes you feel that way, right, you know. So to me it's more the traveling salesman, and I don't mean that in a negative light, because I would, I would do the same thing if I could provide a good life and I was getting paid a certain amount per show and it's better than fuck and hitting the bricks, then yeah, do it. Yeah, man. I mean that. There was an interesting quote by Dwayne Peters from the US bombs where he was he was mentioning how you know, I'm out here, it's my nine hundredth day and I'm singing the same song, you know, however, many hundreds of times and it doesn't need sick of it. Yeah, it doesn't even mean the same thing to me anymore and I'm bored with it. But there's some kid in that audience right in front of me, and it means everything to him to see me singing that, you know. So I have to have to at least be convincing, you know. And so that poor bastard to man he was. You know, they get to his tragic story later in the film, but even I feel bad because I was kind of like judging him, and that's a whole thing too, is like some of these guys. They end listen, I got questionable tattoos and stuff, so I figure who the guy was. Who Was it? Who with the Tattoo on his neck? which and as for how, rancid? A Lars Frederickson from rancid. Okay, thank you. Thank you, and I happen to have one on my wrist. Is You, as you well know, and as a lot of times, like if I'm interacting with with other parents, I'm like they're fucking they looking at me bad or whatever because I get this tattoo my wrist or you know, and I know it's two thousand and eighteen everything, but he said, Hey, I'm the fucking guy with a tattoo in my head. If you go to a PTA meeting, you know you're not going to be a be the most popular guy there. But even me sitting there with the tattoos I have, I was kind of looking at him like man, that must be a rough cell like you with the fucking spikes on and everything else, and that dude from US bombs, he look like he was fucking on a different planet. Man. Yeah, he the way he spoke and everything else. Like Jesus, this guy's a fucking mess. Yeah, but later on you find out what happened when you like, Gee, he has every reason to in fact, yeah, like to just be it a mess, you know, how to fill the Li listeners. And his son, as a teenager, was killed in this horrific car accident and it was...

...just a really horrible, sad part of the movie where we're Dwayne Peters was talking about contemplating suicide to follow his son and to death when he found out his son was dead. He he was like I I ran to a gun to say I got a hurry up and join him before he gets too far away. And and crazy it was. Yeah, it was surreal. But but yeah, guys, you know you can't judge people. We can't judge a book, but it's cover to get all and I do sometimes, I really do it as terrible. Yeah, well, I try to think of myself as like a really open minded person and for some reason I sometimes I get that first impression by looking at somebody like Ye, I don't know, I don't know, and I'm like what's the matter with me? You know, these are the values I'm trying to give to my own kid right like the other day he saw, I K A guy who had like, I think, what's called it, the skin pigment problem. Yeah, like vittle, I go, or impetite. No, I forget, impetite, I don't know, I don't know. All right, anyway, everybody knows what I'm talking about. And he didn't say anything to the GUY, but he said to me, like Dad, Hey, the guy looks a little funny. I'm like no, no, I'm like sometimes people look funny, but there's still people. Dude, you know, and but here I am kind of being a judgmental prick and I'm forty. So what the fuck's the matter with me? I don't know where that came from or why. Maybe maybe even became a thing with me because I'm a parent and it's like a protective nature. Maybe maybe I don't know. I don't know, I really don't. But this documentary was great. It was really enjoyable and you don't necessarily have to like punk music or rock music. You May. You don't even necessarily need to be a parent. It's just a really good indepth look at the human condition, I guess you could say, parenthood and all that insummation. It's a good movie worth checking out. Recommend it. Good Choice, nate. That thumbs up all right, and it like he's mentioned. You can watch it for free on youtube if you want, or you could throw them a couple bucks, because I was doing the wikipedia before the show to get some information and it didn't make a whole buttload of money, and it's a shame because, compared to a lot of the fucking tripe that's put out now, it is you go, you go throw a fucking you know how much at a movie star in the Rock. That's a waste, a complete waste of fucking sell you, Lloyd, and then something like this exists for seven years. I didn't even know about it until you told me about it. So you know. Yeah, they deserve a few bucks, that's for sure. Check it. The money is going to the wrong motherfuckers. All right, buddy boy, you got anything else you want to add a should we close this this thing out? I think we've. I think we've set a mouthful. Yeah, Hey, I mentioned earlier in the show and just if you if you'd missed it or you don't want to rewind end. If you ever want to get in touch with us, follow us on twitter at selling out show. You can also reach US via email if you get one of those, you know, fan dangled email accounts as selling out show at GMAILCOM. We want to hear from you, we want to interact with you, we want to hear you know your perspective, of your experiences and who knows, people give you a shout out on the show. You know so. So give it a shot, that's for sure, and I also want to thank each and every one of you out there for tuning in. We appreciate it. We are nothing but two guys just rambling on about our fucking stupid lives without you tuning in. So big goal, virtual hugs for each and every one of you. Without you, there is no us. Well, that's not true, but without you it would just be us. So yeah, I don't know, that's still kind of fun, but I like having I like having them around, absolutely. I enjoy you. Make things better everyone. Yeah, I agree with this. Until next time. This has been selling out with Dave and nate, see around. What you just...

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