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Episode 19 · 2 years ago

Ep.#19 Falling to Pieces


We're moving further into the cold wasteland of winter but the Selling Out crew is just warming up! We learn about a detox with slick advertising and answer a listener question about bucket lists. This is followed by a discussion about weird personal rituals and a look at HBO's the Leftovers. Was this show worthy of a watch and what is Damon Lindelof's achilles heel? We then hear a couple bizarre stories in which we learn that drugs can either create problems, or solve them, depending on the circumstances. Finally, Nate's Notes is all about Mike Patton, a man with a unforgettable voice and the projects that define his legend.
2:00- Harsh reality of Rehab
6:00- Kicking the Bucket
11:18- Jinx Jabs
21:28- Damon Lindelof's Lost Leftover Aliens
28:56- Flu Season Solutions
33:44- Hammer for Heroin
40:10- Nate's Notes/ Mike Patton
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...or getting up and with the dets in themiddle of the night, talking about bugs all over 'em and uh, the food's youknow pretty pretty awful and h everyone's sick and miserable and theplaces are dirty. 'CAUSE, they're not funded. Well, so don't go to detoxingan IT's going to be like passages man, it's it's. It's definitely falseadvertising and the only way you're going to one of those places is. If youhave a lot of money, I don't, I don't think they'r Takeng insurance, it's oneof these places where it's like thousands of dollars a day to go. Youknow so you're, probably not GOINGNA, not going to have the best detaxexperience. I if all detoxes were like that, I I I think it would be harder toquit. You'd be looking back fondly at the days where youwere in you know yourt tox program you're, like I don't know it's hooked on heroin. What's the worstthat can happen, I'm going to passagees Malabu man, it's really like the worsthamburger commercial of all time. I mean 'cause, we all know like the shiton TV at stake. You see that big juicy, you know Burger. You go well. When Iget to Burger King. I says flat piece of Meat Right, TAT's EWA here when theyshow the happiness and joy you're saying people are like freaking outyou're going to be surrounded by bomit e, find like a blinking, yellow lightin a corner fly buzzing around your head. So this is really really false.Advertise yea I mean yeah, no, unless you're rich. So what I was going to sayis that you you go and- and this is one place in particular I'm thinking ofaround here- where I've gone, and there are literally nights where I'd wake upto mice running over me, and there was a real issue where they would givepeople on the floor. Snacks, so they'd eat their snacks and they'd try toleave them in their room for later or whatever, and the mouse problem gets soout of control. It was it's, it's disgusting then, and it's in a reallyrough section of of worcesdermass, and it's just yeah everything's, just awfulthere and there's cockroaches and mice and yeah. So that's the reality. FolksReality Is Rehab is Hell on Earth Ma we have a fan of the show namedMelissa. Milla we've mentioned her in the past and recently she reached outto me with a few topics she wanted to hear us discuss and one of them piquedmy interest, because it's all about the bucket list, baby, a I realize I Istopped. I thought about this and I go. I've never had a bucket list, but atleast not like in a physical form or anything like I've, never writtensomething down like im a sky dive before I die, but I realized there wasone thing: I've always wanted to fuck and do in all my forty years. I neverdid it until yesterday. Well, et's o have you ever been in a doctor's office.Of course, you have and wow that was an en a's very easy, but you know how th youhad a lit scope to check like your ear and your eyes or your throat. I'venever looked through one of those things and every time I've been in thedoctor's office like you were my kids, the pediatrician yeah, I'm alwaystempted to say. Oh Hey. Can I take a peak through that and see you know whatit's Allon, but I feel like I'm overstepping my bounds. Io Cour, Idon't know if that's like a threshold, I want across you know, and the otherthing is when I'm left in the waiting room by myself, nd or I in the the roomitself. It's not actually the waiting room, not righ you're in the magazine.I I'm in the Examinaion, I'm sorry I mislabeled that, but I'm afraid they'regoing no come in the room Y E, while I'm hoking around with their shit yeah. But yesterday O I was in the hospital,my wife. She had something. Don't worry, she's fine if anybody's curious,everything's, okay, but I was like Oh shit, we probably get a few minutes,I'm like babe stay still and I grabbet off the wall and I looked in her ear. Iwish I didn't, but I d what I did and then, when I go home, I'm like I I live. It's done why life is complete. I evenGoogle Ix, I'm like well hut. Do they call those things and for everybodywondering in auto scope o to scope an you know what else I didn't know youcan buy him online for like twenty, so you could ave. You could havecompleted your bucket lists with twenty bucks, but y Hey, you didn't have tospend the tillion bucks you just had to spend. Oh, I did the cope of going tothe damn doctor yeah. It was ten dollars, ten dollars apeer on my wife's a year. Fifty percentof, but still a was like something all mylife. I've always wanted to do and it was a letdown. It really was and neverlot through what what's it like? It's it's not as great as you think it wouldbe to be perfectly honest here. It barelymagnifies anything and you have a little bit of a light. It shows you howmany hairs you have in your ear. It's funny. You said you know it's not asgreat as everyone thinks 'cause d, I I am let down 'cause. I thought that wasgoing to be fucking, amazing, no, no, no n! I have! I have no need to ever.Do it again. No and You'e you've lived the experience for all of us. So nowyou know, I guess I ar guys yeah ruined... wlbut. It's a weird thing, its aweird request: Yea Ive, never really wanted anything more mere simple man, Eis simple! I am theeable man, weird weird needs, but what about you? Do you have anything likeyou want to really accomplish before your time is up on this mudball? Youknow it's! It's funny that when you first brought up buckalists, you saidyou know, people want to go skyif. You want to do this and that because that'salways it seems to be the one that people think of 'cause. I would havethought as soon as I heard the word bucket list, I thought skydaving and Iwonder if that's 'cause, there was a movie. The bucket Laya yeah with was atMorgan, Freeman and Um and Jack achnes enjoy your clam cock sucker and theywent sot having his old folks and did they think I actually have beenskydiving and I never thought about a bucket list. But if I were to make oneit's like, I think back a'm like I already jumped out of a plane, it wasfun and I'm trying to think whatever what else I' like to dobefor. You knowI'm a simple man too. I don't know I've never had one either. You've never hada Muckoliveso, no we're n the same boat. Maybe I shouldnt make one, but I thinka better idea is to make a list of the things that you've done in your life.That you're, like glad you got a chance to do. You know what I mean and YeahT's. It's positive to have goals in the future and make healthy plans that youreally want to accomplish, but at the same time I think it's also import'cause, I'm thinking of a buckalist and I'm like well yeah. I did I went syhaving I got to travel with my band with music and like do the tourbusthing and playing random states, that's something! I always t. You know that.I'm glad I did UM. You know a lot of things. Traveled done to Europe gone tojust different places, and I just I I'm happy that I've done a lot of things. Ithink I don't know I'm simpl the rest of my life. I can kick back RohHagoodman Yo you're on Cruis Dro, a I. I guess you could just make a list oflike unrealistic things to do. I want to blow a rail of Cogra or QueenElizabeth Tidys, something that would never happen. Youknow I mean I A. I really don't know what to do. I I'm pretty satisfied tooso temalissa Miller out there. I Apologize But y Muckiin ta play in ablack metal band with the Dali Lomaget 'em to Wer corps pain. My patriotts are in the superbowl. Iknow you're, not a sports fan, not a big deal, but it brings me a relativeamount of happy excitin yeah. Thank you. It is exciting. Thank you forappreciating them. Okay, it's hard to ignore it. The the excitement ispalpable around here man yeah totally. The thing is with the big game. Is Iget nervous? I get worried. I get scared. My blood pressure goes up and Ialso have some really strange things that I do I'd like to call them ricuals.Maybe, for example, before the game starts, I have to be wearing a certainpair of underwear, you're, lucky superman, underos or somethin well.Funny Yo Shoul say that Theyre Capt America to fit with the Patriot T, but you'renot that far on, but even my socks. If I'm wearing socks, it might be thecolor of the opposing team. Oh Hell, well Thi's GOINGTO havpen the sameshirt. I've been waiting for you. Oh yes, my friend, I have the same shirt.I've been wearing for years and when they went I'm like oh well, thank God,I'm fucking stuck with that it. It confirms your. You know youryour opinions on the matter. You're like this is obviously working, so I'mGong to keep doing it, but that's right, I'm neurotic I, their last superbowlwhen they were there was a comeback against Atlanta. I won't go into thewhole thing here. I know not. Everybody is interested, but I refuse to sit down after Theyescored and I'm like. Oh, if I sit down that something bad's going to happen,and I stayed standing for like the next fifteen twenty minutes and they won theGago. So it's all thanks to me, absolutely you did it man, you knowit'Sintrinki. This reminds me when I used to be a shady junkie and I used togo shoplifting. If I were cause to support my habit, which is embarrassing,but a was when I used to go. I would h if I had to take a leak or whatever anduse the restroom. I would never go before. I went in the store and nowmind you. If I had been busted, I would have been having a piss like wo. Thewhole process of arresting me is going all right. Something in me thought if Idon't go before I go. It was one of these ritual things where that wasalways the that was always my weird little Voodoobe. But that is strange because you think the whole experience would belike enough to kind of stress you out that you really want to hold that inand have to take a league while you're in the middle of stealing somethingright, but it it gave me the incentive where it's like hurry up and get donesand go to the bathroom. That's kind of how I look at true. Well, do you haveany other behaviors that might be considered? You know, besides my littlesuperstition's there 'cause, that's really what that is Y. I know yeah. I have a few things that I do. Idon't know...

...again. I don't want to self diagnosemyself and say like I'm neurotic or I'm arm cuckoo or anything, but it's theways, ore things that I use to cope and feel better. What kind of techniques do you have? Well, I mean they're they're kind ofcircumstantial. You know it's it's one of these, where I do the thing where,if you I have mentioned this, I think on other episodes where, if I throwsomething at the waste paper basket and it get, I'm gonna get whatever I. Youknow a at the moment that I desire or whatever it is, and so I've got a lotof those I've got. I don't know man. I've got weird ticks. I I CA't I'mtrying to think e there's so many of 'em, it's hard to like the pame point'cause. My whole life is a series of these, like weird, almost turret style,ten ticks of like little rituals. Whether it's you know, I don't know it.I sound like a total freak or o now, but it's all stuff like that. If I, ifI get to this, stop like before it turn red t en this, and that it's more thattype of stuff well you're worried about sounding a little freaky. U A lot ofpeople have the same issues I mean one that I do is. If I have a negativethought- or I think something bad I'd poke myself in the chest like reallyhad really like man, Bang- and I try to do it when no one else is around, butsometimes if I have that negative thought creeping in my brain, I can'thelp ut. I got T, do it in Fror, an other people and th. What's the matterwith you and I'm like? Oh, oh just Um, you know something hurts in my chest orI had little bit of heartburn or something, but it the way this all cameabout. Is it's like an unspoken language between me and a higher powerand I'm not trying to say God per se or anything, but you know whatever or evenwith fate itself, wherein blame me put my negative thoughts back on me and mealone, not the people who love me or people who care about me or even thepeople I may be thinking about and have those negative feelings at the timelike I am to blame, and hence poking myself in the chest like a fuckingmadman, this this is deep shit man thinks crazyyeah. Well, what kind ofNegat? What do you mean by negative thoughts? I'm confused okay, allright,negative thoughts like if I think, um someone I know like. I always run thesescenarios through my head and were in like what, if someone died, wh what, ifmy mother passed away or what, if you know a horrible accident, happened hereor let's say I'm driving to the market and and someone crashes into me. I meanany kind of negative thing involving me. My family love ones, anybody M thatwould result in the Po poke. I see so it's like hypothetical negative things.Ays! Yes thank Youoio! God forbid. I get cancer. You know what I mean noteven just me. Like someone, I love whatever I'm trying had to go ce deepintori go byll like Yo thejt, canceling out the jinks. Yes, your leg, I'm notJINKSAND MYSELF S! You know I got! I didn't worry about Jinkss, quite a lot.It it bothers me, and I don't know why I'm not like in overly. I somethingsfreaked me out like a black cat, don't like it a I'm like ofbuck, a black catjust cross. My path and not necessarily saying something bad happened or everwill happen. It's just like ingrained into my mind: Seyeah you'd hate being here 'cause, myhus 've got three cats, one of them's completely black and two others arealmost all blong, so yeah, I'm surrounded by bad luck: cat, Oh yeah,but du Ya, man, jinks and all that stuff. It's. I think it's funny that Ican I've. I laugh at religious people or not laughing. Well, I do laugh lying,but but but I mean I laugh at the beliefs more than the people to be morerealistic, but but I end up doing all this weird bootoo shit like that, likeyou know, yeah, like I'm big into that Jinxis and, like I don't Wantta screwthis up and like think the wrong thing at this I don't know I have those twoman. It's O weird. I wonder how many peoplereally do or 'cause like I said I often feel kind of nuts ou. You know thinkingstuff like that, but then I'll talk to someody Yah we're we're talking dyou're, telling me Y D. I wish people would write in and and tell us eitheron our facebook page or on art, witter to or t just let us know if, if thesepertain to them o they can I'm really curious, ere's an easy Painin yeselthat can do it can follow us on twitter at selling out show you can send us anemail selling out show at gemale com. We also have a phone number, a phoneline here: Seven, seven, four: Seven: Zero One, nineteen, ninety three andthat's a a message line. So I'm not going to answer you don't have to worryabout that. You feel free to leave us a message and tell us anything you wantto and as nat mentioned, we also have a dreaded facebook page. But nate runsthat one. I don't touch it. Ye Yeah facebooks made domain yeah. But if you look a, I do pop in fromtime to time, but if you look up at...

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...through this period, apparently wherehe believe he's still. He he left twitter because he was just under firefrom people that were th the lo I mean there were some people that that louded,the the lost venaleand talked about how amazing it was, but there were othersthat just really they felt like the show just kind of meandered and yeahand never tied up lose ends whatever. I know we're talking about a show. That'syears y yeyears old at this point but and even the leftovers ended, I believeit was at least a year ago, but it's one of these shows where the firstseason kind o takes a while to get into, but please sick through it 'cause it'sit's worth sticking sticking with, but anyway, so Dan Inland lef yeah he's Also responsible for the new star Trek movies, which I guess a lot of peopleenjoy. I don't know, have you seen those? Oh, I love those. I thought twasn't that JJ abrhams so well, Gj Abrams, I believe, directed, I think,Damon Lan lawame Yeah Thee's, all the people. Behind that the lost ne loss,the show lost, went on to do some cool stuff, Jj Abrams of Norse, the StarTrek Sar wars. Um mentioned linlof went off, he left owers Calton Qes wasbehind the strain, which was a great show on F X, but I would personallyconsider loss one of my favorite top two T v shows of all time, but itinvented something. Then I fuck in hate, and that was with mid season finale, H,yeah ID, never seen. Mi Season Finaly before loss came about. Whee was likewee, got to give you a cliffhanger and then make you Wang for two or two and ahalf months. Until the series continues, I thought to myself: listen, we alreadyget the fucking finale right. Why you getting into it make me: Wait fuckingBite my fingernails and shit. You Ass Sries me crazy. I know all these showsstarted doing that s all of them. I know every Onan show does that now andit's just like. Oh thanks lost thanks abun and I mean I coul be historicallyoff you. Maybe some other show run it to the to light or fruition before LosUli memory serves, is lost, being the O g behind all that, but Y, I was onewhojonswere continued with the leftover his nate. I started watching it. It wasa little slow for me. I said I'll catch up with it later and later never came,I'm telling you man, a lot of people say that it just starts, and I eventhink that, but once you get through the first fewepisodes in honestly- and I know this is asking a lot but h, but where itreally picks up is season too, and I know it's a lot to a we'll stickthrough a season, but honestly by the time you get you know into season whenyou are usually into it, but season. Two and three are just some of the besttelevision ever and the interesting thing as much as people get pissed atLimnedaloff for what he did so alien and whatnot. He you were saying about lost how much youenjoyed it. I watched lost up to a certain point and enjoyed it, but Ijust kind of fell off at some point. I did enjoy what I saw, but my brothermade a made a point when he was watching. I I told him watch leftovswatched leftovers and, and finally he did after me badgering him about it andhe told me Hew's, like you know, I appreciate you suggesting that I watchit because I wouldn't have, and I'm really glad I did. He said I think thething with Lindaloff is: If he, if he works with an existing property,he kind of fucks it up. He has his own ideas that don't don't pin out well islike sometimes it's ambitious ideas, but it's just they don't work or theypiss people. U, but when he starts a project when he's involved in creatinga universe of his own, he does some wonderful things. So so everybody againcheck out check out the leftovers for sure and stick with it y. You won'tregret it I'm telling so here we are in January and you knowits flu season. Actually I don't know when flu season like stops. It seemslike three hundred ene. It's always fucking flu season, I'm one of thoseguys where I might have gone off on ranc before where I don't. I think evenlast episode talking about Jenny, McCarthy check our archeyes for thatone um I had mentioned she's an anti vaxer and that bugs me, but I'm alsoweird, because I'm an anti flu shot Kindo Gu. Just for me personally, I don't really do flu shots. I figure.You know what I'm resisting. Whenever strain is coming at me and when all theshit hits the fan I'll be roaming with the cockroaches and I will repopulatethe earth. Do you ever give the healthy immune system h? Well, maybe but yeah? How about you, man? Doyou ever get in the annual flu shot? I've never been the type to do it. I'mI've been with my girlfriend for years now and she's a nurse and she is alwayssaying you should get one she's, always gottand she's like it's super easy toget you on. I an get you N, so so with...

...the option to get it so easily. I havegotten it, but I don't every year and before she and I got together, I I hadnever goten a flu shot and I really or maybe- if I I don't remember- I just Inever never cared about it. I was figured by the time you get the shot,there's probably another strain of it. That you're, not you know what I mean.There's so many strains each year of tru, flus t they mutate and you mayhave a vaccine for this one and it's you get infected with another onewellmay. It looks like we better find some. Ladies of like mind. Otherwise hthere will be no repopulating the earth. Theres Thee be eand. You walking aroundwith those giant cockrooches that look like crabs, but here's a thing man. I once gotterribly ill with the flu. I was probably I wan to say, nineteen yearsold, or so I was living up in Portland Maine at the time, and I mean I reallyfelt like I was catching my death to the point where I almost went to theemergency room. I called into work. One night was working third SHAP. They saidsorry just can't make it ND. I need to go to the hospital and one of myneighbors. I lived in a funny little apartment, building whereeverybody was on the same age and were all a bunch of kind of like crazy dudes. He came by e Dame why aret you at work-and I I mean I'm leakuing stuff. I can barely move my head and he's like h.You know here try this and he gave me a cup of cheap Banca, of course, not goodstuff, the cheap stuff and he held out his hand. Much like was it the Matrix?Yes, Norpheus you take the Blue Pol the story, end you wake up in your bed andbelieve whatever you want. You take the red pill. You stay in Wonderlandmorpheuse. Thank you but in his hand, was a tab of masculine and he said Igreovous micrt M, like a micro dat, and he had to me- and I I was a stupid kid. SoI'm like sure, whatever I took it Y, didn't take long started tripping myballs off next thing. You know I am running around Portland Maine in themiddle of the night, with no shirt on climbing statues, just acting a fuckingfool all over that poor city. But here's where I guess interesting right,I go home. I pass out. I wake up whatever four or five hours later. Myflu was Gonew, God completely gone, not at trace. My nose wasn't runninganymore. My throat felt great. My everything was back to normal and I satthere just like. I think I discovered the cure for the common cold thatnobody can take. Wow Man. The government is trying to keep us sickman. It's all it's all conspiracy. They know that Mescline it would cure theflu or the cold, but they won't. Let us have it because then the pharmaceuticalcompanies and all the fucking Nik as going to go, broke ITA the same. In thesame token, I wouldn't recommend it either because it is a tricky thing todo, because I don't Wa, I don't listen. I don't want anybody to listening tothis, show running out, buying Zenkavaka and Mesculine and go oh yeah.Dame said I'm going to be cured, but I will stand by my statement that it mostdefinitely worked for me and, if you're going to do it anyway, try it whenyou're sick, but again you wouldn't like recommend it to a kid or anelderly person or someone who's, heart or health couldn't take it but Dambrogh.The fucking thing worked for me and I've told people over and over againall these years. It's been what twenty years that that is the care for theflute. So take you shot and stick it where the sun don't Shinedo. You need aNew Year's resolution that you can actually stick to this year. I've got agreat one for you star, two thousand and nineteen by finally quitting thatdeadly habit of smoking cigarettes. I know you're, probably thinking I'vebeen trying to stop for years and nothing ever works. Well, guess whatNortherland Vabor company Ives here to help there's no reason to beintimidated by the idea of abing with retail locations in Temigi and MoreheadMinnesota Northland makes it easy for you to walk in and start your Journeyito a menter lifestyle. Northland VABOR's outstanding line of e liquidsare proudly made in North Dakota and contain no tiht tones or artificialsweeteners northland papers. Mottois quality doesn't need to be costly, soyou can be comvedent N, knowing that you're getting the best productavailable and a brice, it won't break the bank. No more excuses make twothousand and nineteen the year that you decide to live a better life andfinally break free from smoking cigarettes, but more information visit,Northland, vapor dotcom, some chronix contained nicotile, Adulle somly. Soback in the day I remember being on probation and it was a pretty strict probation. Ithink I was on the ankle bracelet at the time where they call it housearrest, but you technically have to go to the sheriff's office prettyregularly for groups and classes and...

...whatnot, and I still had a habit I hadjust been put on probation. I knew I was going to get regular drug testingand I'm thinking of myself, I'm I'm fucked. I don't know why. I evenaccepted this probation. I know I'm going to fail my first drug test and goooh. Go right to jail. Yeah an so so anyway, 'm I'm meeting my dealer oneday and I'm telling him I'm venting to him about my whole scenario and he'slike weldude. I I had a friend who was was on probation and all he did was hetook a hammer and he whacked his little bone in his hands wher below his Pinky,like the one in the hand itself, and he just he cracked it pretty hard with thehammer and cracked and he got a script for you know I think he got purcis hatbut hes like at the time they could only test for opiates as a Category Fal,Teste or individual. You know vacain versus perk set versus heroine. Thatwas, it was just opious, so agotya right. So if you had a prescription foropiits, you could get away with doing heroine. So he tells me this and I'mthinking you know this is crazy. Whak yourself in the ham, with a hammer likehow bad is my life, where I have to mutilate myself. You know I get awaywith this, but you know that's just the tip of the ICEBERT for my craziness,but so I so I go home and I I I get high, I'm sitting there high as a kitewith with a hammer like owaving it around over my hand going, and I I give it a little test swing.I'm like I don't know how hard to hi t I I probably should have just whacked.I probably shouldn't have done it at all. Really but yeah s like ripping off the Bande ight, justget it over Wita snacked the sheet out of your hand. Well, I took I took alittle practice swing and just wanted to see how this was going and dude. Iwas like there's no way it. It was just I realized, I couldn't do it sosomething and how can I get prescription for opiates and I had acracked tooth that was like a piece had broken off and I'm on the bracelet. ButI, if I was going to a hospital you could get away with it. You know aslong as you yeah, you know, had a doctor's note or whatever. So I sure MI go to the doctor and I tell him look man. I've got this pain in my too looka and he looks and he sees the crack tooth and I'm, like you know I I needsomething that whatever I b Profenis not working whatever, and he comes backwith a prescription for Tramadal ultrams, which are non narcotic pain,Kirasan and I'm, like you know, I I tried arguing with him but h. There wasnothing he's like well, you know you just going to need to get the toothpulled and Ruberbo and you wouldn't he wouldn't butg. So so I go home.Minithis is all the same day. I'm sitting there with a hammer. I goto the doctor for a tooth, hi go home and I'm like. I need to do something.So I I stee, I start punching a supportbeam in the basement of my house,which is like I don't even know like concrete, whatever it is, and I'mpunching it and punch in it until my hand, swells up like a balloon, and I'mlike this has got to be cracked at this point, and I go go back to the doctor and this. Luckilyit was a different doctor, but uh and I'm like you know it looks, like my hand, is broken. I WI. I don't even remember what I told him. I did there, but he says Oh yeah.That definitely looks like what they call him boxers fracture and I'm sureit's crrack. So they do an Xray. It wasn't broken, of course, but he heactually says I I'll give you a prescription for ecause. I think I toldhim. I have a reaction to tramadoll 'cause. He asked me, do you have anyallegy Mi Ol? Yes, and he I had learned and- and he goes all rigright anywayrise me script or Vicinin. I go to my probation officere the next day for mygroups and whatnot, and I have this slip in a prescription and she's, somad she's, like you're here for opiutes, and now we can't test you for opiutsshe's, like what's the point you' e even being here and like I agree, youknow, but criminal justice is one of these technologies. Where you, you seethe progress in real time, it's they are constantly up to. You know up todata evolving tear. So it's interesting! It's a you are a man on a mission andwhen I find humorous here and I'm sorry to kind of laugh here, it's your ownpredicament, but it's like you couldn't do it with the Hammer. Yet you couldpunch the beep yeah. It was like inflicting damage on yourself was okay.If you were going like rocky style on the meat yeah, you know. Well, it'sit's one of these, where the impacts on the hands with the hammer it'sdifferent than punching. When you punch in something you just kind of get angryand Punchan, you K O, but when you're swinging a hair, you could say wellonn't just get angry and swing the...

...hammer it's like, because the thing I'mhitting with anger is myself is my hand. So it's just I don't know, there'ssomething inside me that hesitate. I don't don't do it, but when you punchsomething it's just a lot easier to Kinda, I don't know it took a fil makessense. You might what you just said makes a lot of sense to me. Now H, tyou said it yeah, but H. Hopefully, nobody finds themso that predicament.Don't you now houly, not don't do drugs message from Nekois in SK, no popnofills no crack. No smack. No coke, no exceptions, yes, maccisweck day fromthe selling out show here and tell you about. Spanklupanloum is a Malti award.Winning Moovrkan used by professionals and the adult film industry. Smonk isavailable in Hybrad, pure silicon, natural and pick spoke is made with thehighest quality ingredients and is non staning hypoalogentic and cleans withease in hands your lovelife with spon right now, Spun Luke is by three getone free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. I punle high and Brodic foran afordable, crice Isit Monludacom today, and you can thank me laterdoyourl in time for NAT. No, when I was a kid Shi, probably around age, nine or ten,I saw a music video that blew my mind. It featured rain and lightning andhands with eyeballs in the palms like in the old Harro movied the gate and afish flapping around gasping for air, as a man played the piano at the end,the guy walks away from the piano and the piano explodes. Even if the song didn't grab me, whichit definitely did, I couldn't help but love the videos, weird imagery at myyoung impressionable age, that video was for Phaitha Mor's, breakout singleepic. Their next video was no less weird, with more hands with eyes, aweird skinless head and more fish. But this time it was the fish that exploded,not the piano. The singer of this weird band was wearing different outfitsthroughout the second video for the song falling to pieces, including asort of clockwork orange inspired thing, and sometimes a blood spattered set ofdoctors. Scrubs again, the song definitely grab me, but the video wasthe cherry on top that may be stuck in the head of a kid with an appropriatelyshort attention span. For my age, the Almat contained these two singleswas faithin wor's. Third, album the real thing. It became the second CD Iever owned when their next album angel dust was released. I remember mybrother getting it and we listened to that album so much it's crazy. I Istill think it's not only one of my favorite fat Te, more albums or ordefinitely my favorite favorite Fatorl, but one of the best records I've heardperiod. They had a lot of atmospherics since their trademark pounding almosttribal drums, and it was the last full album to feature Jim Martin on GuitarJim Martin, with his Psychodelic, almost classic rockish guitar playinghis Super Curly frizzy mop of hair that concealed his face along with usually abeard and some dark glasses. Sometimes goy would wear two piers of glasses atonce. It's like it's like it was conintentionally concealing his face. Ibarely know what he looks like now, and I've been the fan since, like nineteeneighty, nine strange dude and we fade them more kept going without gym andwhile their sound changed somewhat after his departure. The main songershave always been theyr, basist and Keyboardist, so they were able to keepfaith and more going. They broke up for a long time after ther n nineteen,ninety seven release humbly titled Album of the Year and save for a couple,one off performances here or there. They remaine split up until releasingthe album soul invictors in twentand fifteen, and I got to see them untor.After an almost twenty years, drought theye're still great, live by the way.An interesting thing about Fatha Mor is that their first two albums featuredchuck mostly on vocals, and they did release a few singles, but they neverreally broke through until nineteen and eighty nine when they released theaforementioned the real thing with new singer Miktpen, while their materialwith Mosly is Grav Patten just had a vocal range in stage per sona thatbrought them to another level. The real thing only hinted at what hecould do when they released angel dust. His talents were more on display withthat album's, more experimental nature, but in patents, subsequent career evenAngeldas, seems tame and rather reserved one night. As a kid of probablythirteen years old, I was listening to... local college radio station, and Iheard a song that I would have sworn was faith, the more but more chaotic innature. I definitely recognized Patten's voice, but I owned everythingfathe more released up to that point, and I'd never heard this song with achorus refrain of love is a fist, not long after that. The mystery was solvedwhen my friend Mike asked me. If I had ever heard the band Mister Bungle. Heexplained that it was a band that Patten also sang, and actually it wasthe band that Faen more recruited him from Mike recorded a copy of the bungleoubum onto a blank cassette, the old days you know, and there it was onside to love as afist mist resolved that first major label bungle release was pretty outthere, especially for the time it jumps from Ska to heavy metal to circus incalliope music. There are weird time signatures and subject matter, rangingfrom a song about a dead pet dog to an ODE to pornstars. It was a dizzyingLissen for a kid, my age at the time and truthfully it took me a while toreally get it. Bungle continued to work together, even as Fath emore were doingtheir thing in the second bungle ALN DESCO Valante was an even morechallenging, listen than the first album. There were a lot of specieelectronics and Free Jazz added to the mix. Again, it was one of those thingsthat took me awhile at my age to fully grasp, but by then I was smoking potand doing acid, so I warmed up to it a little quicker this time in ne thousanine hundred and ninetynine bungl released what would become their final album? California, it stilldoes a lot of experimental, jumping from style to style and it's by nomeans a radial friendly release, but it may be their most cohesive in linear,album. The whole thing has a kind of Beech vibe there's a lot of Surf Rockand beach boy's style, vocal work, but then all of a sudden there's a weirdsong that sounds like punk rock meets traditional Turkish music. It still gotthe trademark o bungle weirdness, but it's a good introductor album forsomeone who wants to check them out but isn't quite ready for the artseejourney. That is disco Valante. I have a lot of good memories surrounding theCalifornia album. I remember the first time I heard it was on a trip to thebeach with a car ful of friends who were as excited as I was to hear thenew record and it fit the aesthetic of our coastal excursion perfectly inninety. Six. In Ninety, seven Patten released a couple solo outins thatconfounded us as listeners even further. Nowadays, as a more mature appreciatorof music, I can understand the desired effect of some of this work, but at thetime it was weird to hear an album of a dude like shrieking into a microphoneor just breathing heavily or whatever he was doing on any given track. Hewrote a little forward on the first album adult themes for voice that herecorded everything in various hotel rooms, while on tour with his otherbands, often just sitting with a four track,Porto studio and a microphone in his hotel, Bathroo or whatever these solorecords. In a lot of his work with Jazz Pioneernx insaxophonist Jon Zorn onprojects like Moonchild and weird little boy are at the most challengingend of the spectrum. Not Easy listens by any means, but they are interestingexperiments with sound in the vein of maybe John Cage or Carlhinestockhousing. So I've already mentioned, like five projects. That Patten hasbeen involved in counting the solo output and that's maybe about half theprojects he's done. He really stay. Sultree trip hot project with Dan, theautomator and Jennifer Charles called lovage, who released an album andtwered together. He worked on a more traditional pot project as he referredto it under the name Peeping Tom, with basically a different collaborator oneach track from massive attack to Raselle Cool Keith to Nora, fuckingJones being a qut pop act. Peeping Tom is probably the most accessible thinghe's done aside from Fath the more, although luvage is pretty comfortableto listen to on the heavier side of the musicalspectrum. There was a period in time where hardcore math rock pioneers thedylinger escape plan found themselves without a vocalist, and so patentcollaborated with them and put out their best record. In my opinion,called irony is a dead scene and speaking of heavy phantomas is a superheavy artsy project. He started with Buzz Osborne from the melvins in DaveLobardo from slayer Phantomas have...

...quite a few releases at this point,including an album of covers of movie scores from Rosemary's baby to Kapefear and, while on the subject of Cinematic Music Patten, also workedwith a forty member orchestra, doing covers of fifties and sixties era,Italian Pot music, because, oh didn't I mention my pattent- is also a fluent inItalian. Why wouldn't he be that dude? Does it all I could go on and on- and I kindo havealready it's hard to discuss this dude without it, starting to sound like justa long list, but it's seriously an impressive resume and for as long asI've been conscious of music in general, I've oice had something of pattens tocheck out in ponder over sure. Sometimes it leaves me scratching myhead, but it's always thought provoking depe. I think you had the solo albumsbefore Idid Yeah D, when we were younger and it was like a Hinki had tosteal them. For me, Ye had to Piss yeah so yeah, but I did. I was a big MikePatent disciple. That's for sure we all were together. You know, like our groupwas, was pretty patent centric yeah. I got a lot of great memories, startingwith Baith, no more. I I remember seeing them. I want to say it was likeon the grammyes or something e h and the Empty Vigo Wards or something O. Inow it wasn't m t V. I think it was a big time show alone. Anybody Ell Daycan correct me from wrong. I want to say: Hou was a grammusand. They performepic and, to be honest with you, Ot was terrible. Yeah yeah, I lefe a reallybad taste in my mouth, like he was flopping around like a fish on thestage, and you know I was like yeah yeah these guys I like their album, butif this is how they sound live, I don't know, but, as I later learned in life,seeing God again with faith them war, there's a concert called local BEZUCAor a festival. YAND WOCESDERMES was to mass up three days straight on crystalmet to see face no more, and it was awesome. I mean they played incredible.You mentioned Phantomas, I sat tomahawklie. Oh yes, Mr Bungle liveyeah. These were all fucking, incredible n performances and you mentiond how Chuck Mosley as thefirst thing of fee no more- and this is interesting to me, because everythingchanges once Mike Patten becomes part of the project. It becomes more diverse, more varied in styles, more wide, moreopen, more just amazing and Um no mattr. You know I can really credit eachindividual member of every band that he's worked with. For you know, talentsin their own right, Mi Patn is the thing that makes it click and trulymakes the project shy. He he brings the diversity too. You know, like yeah,exact, let's try to write a circus song, Ores Ri to Rigt. Let's cover fuckingLional Richi like chances are, that was Mike. Paten N Fatom were covered easy,some of the earliest stuff too m. As you noted it's weird, because if you mention Ohtry, Mr Bungle, you really do have to be specific to that person. o D, belike, Oh California, do California! First, if you listen to their debut,album, is completely and utterly different. It's like thrashcorp, Idon't even know what you want to label it at H, speed, rock piny, metalaveingot horns and all that you know what I mean the Freven, the lyrics. The lyricsO m see more juvenile yeah, as you mentioned more about you know having asex with, I don't know, Ns whatever and Morin Stars and everything else. SoCalifornia is a more complete record and more. I think, indicative to the sound and my pat himself, but stillthey all have attributes that make them worthwhile and h be honestly just flatout there an important part of music history now over the years, I've kindof like losh track, but I mean I do that with everything and everybody andanything you know, entertainment, wise or but a couple of weeks back, he wassupposed to sing the national anthem. I had a playoff game for the NFL for thethe rams and he was a no show. Well I mean apparently he canceled he got sick.You K, ow, that's whet, he getting sick, but that was a disappointment. I wasreally excitid for that. I'm like I, don't even give a fuck about thenational Lancin, but to hear my patesing right holy moly. I gotta behere for that. Absolutely he cancelled that yeah he put out of releas that hewas sick and he also cancelled like three days later. There was a ChrisCornell tribute show that he was supposed to be at and he cancelled.That too so sounds like he really was sick, but I don't know he. I went andsaw Fathan more, as I said, when they reunited and put out soulin victus therlast album there in twent y fifteen. They still put on a great show. I meanI had seen them. You mentioned the Loca Bazouka show I I actually saw them yeahthe same tour, but I saw them like the night before you went to that show. Isaw them in Providence, Rhode, island and yeah loopo Ye yeah. That was agreat show too and or it might have been the strand. I don't remember itwas one of those shows, but well I was going to say that bungle performance atLopos. I believe that was nineteen.

Ninety nine! I still cite that as thebest live performance I've ever seen in my life is amazing, those guys that wasfucking, incredible h and you can find it online. Unfortunately, the soundquality isn't so hot R, which is I mean it was Ou, know the era at the time itwasn't cell phone, some people recording with actual like vvhscamcorders, nut h, but even then uh to be there and to tell the story of thoseshows. Is it's important to me? I'm glad I was there and we often bring upbowy, as we did last episode again check check our Backhad long go Maan!Listen to it if you haven't, but Mike Patten is up there e handtheon ofamazing performers. In my mind and legend absolute leg, you know check outpatent check out boy. You know, I'm sure you have this isn't news. You knowthe BRINGIN NES check out ship from thirty years ago, but but yeah greatgreat performance, and if you haven't heard any of those bands, just googlethem check him out, give hem a Google and definitely give him a listennigt gostuff, grat plenty of stuff to to explort, Oh yeah. So, oh absolutely,and now this is our swan song. I can't do it a as good as my pat and wooding.I don't think I'm even gongnt try to sing us out here, but goodbyeeverymoney. Thank you so much for listening. We truly appreciate itwithout you. We are nothing you make this show. I am Dave that is nate, andthis has been selling outinfirmarymedia. This is no ordinary subshop. This isfirehouse optired of overpriced lunches that under deliver on flavor head tofirehouse sups, where for a limited time you can get a four ninety ninechoice of choose from a medium smoke, Turkey, Virginia Honeyham or roast beef.Their custom made hot subs and a price ready made to make you smile just four.Ninety nine, only at firehouse sups enjoy more subs, save more lives,participating locations plus taxd on e time offer preses Mak ary for dilipery. This is deryck the Raliato part storyafter the third time jump starting my car. I finally realized my battery wasdying, so I stopped by old rileigh to have it checked. They tested it rightthere in the parking lot. It was bad real bad, but they helped me find theright battery from my car and even installed it F R free now my car startslike new allrightaparts.

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