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Episode 19 · 3 years ago

Ep.#19 Falling to Pieces


We're moving further into the cold wasteland of winter but the Selling Out crew is just warming up! We learn about a detox with slick advertising and answer a listener question about bucket lists. This is followed by a discussion about weird personal rituals and a look at HBO's the Leftovers. Was this show worthy of a watch and what is Damon Lindelof's achilles heel? We then hear a couple bizarre stories in which we learn that drugs can either create problems, or solve them, depending on the circumstances. Finally, Nate's Notes is all about Mike Patton, a man with a unforgettable voice and the projects that define his legend.
2:00- Harsh reality of Rehab
6:00- Kicking the Bucket
11:18- Jinx Jabs
21:28- Damon Lindelof's Lost Leftover Aliens
28:56- Flu Season Solutions
33:44- Hammer for Heroin
40:10- Nate's Notes/ Mike Patton
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Hey, I'm andy. If you don't know me, it's probably because I'm not famous, but I did start a men scrimming company called Harry's. The idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced, overdesigned and out of touch. At Harry's, our approach is simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp, durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each. We care about quality so much that we do some crazy things, like by a world class German blade factory. Obsessing over every detail means we're confident in offering a hundred percent quality guarantee. Millions of guys have already made the switch to Harry's, so thank you if you're one of them, and if you're not, we hope you give us a try. With this special offer, get a hairy starter set with a five blade razor, weighted handle, Shave Gel and a travel cover, all for just three bucks, plus free shipping. Just go to Harry'SCOM and enter five thousand to check out. That's Harry'Scom Code five thousand. Enjoy, and you may be thinking Dave, you fucking moron, growing a beer. Does it make you lose weight, which technically is true, but it will cover up your double Chin in gramary media fo you were. Now to Dick to the selling out podcast. What it does is beaches into a brain chemically and no, cat your happiest memory chemically and then knocks on to that emotion and releases it chemically, and then it keeps your happy, happy. Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to the selling out show. We get a great win planned for you today. I am one of your host, David Shultz, and by my side is my good pal nate Gore Zinski. Nate, how the Hell Are you? I'm good man. It's it's winter, but we got a string of some warm days after the shitty cold spell, so I'm enjoying the warm weather and people who you know, this is radio, so you can't see it right now, but nate is in front of a green screen and he's showing me the wind gusts heading our way in all the various temperature gages and all that good stuff for those Smiley Suns and yeah, all that Shit's and unfortunately, starting off I'm a saggy not, but you do have some rain. Glad oxcuse. Way, did you hear that? I'm so I'm in drinking. Hey, you know, as I often do, I'm up late watching TV. Last night, I guess sucked in if it's like an s movie on MMM, I just for some reason I can't turn it off. It is nostalgic, makes me happy. Whatever. Last night was Summer Rental John Candy, but the thing about this was one of the commercial breaks they played a spot for a Rehab Center in Malibu, and this got me thinking, right, because when they show they show the commercial, everybody's happy, they're getting massages, walks on the beach. I mean it's literally like the happiest place on Earth for drug addict. Yeah, dude, it's like a retreat, a yes, thank you, a retreat. And even beyond that, I was thinking like, okay, imagine if you had heehaw and you mixed it with Rehab, so we can call it he hab. The moment you come through the door, here's a balloon animal. But yeah, but the thing is, you know, any of the listeners of the show would know that you have gone through many of these experiences yourself. Yeah, and I want to call bullshit I want to call this commercial out. Do you know the name of this place? I can't remember. It was passages, passages, massages, yeah, passages Malibu. Oh yeah, commercials are everywhere. Yeah, they're okay, everywhere, not just on late night TV. But what is Rehab really like, dude? Well, I'll tell you. Those commercials, man, it makes me think, well, our things change, and should I go back to Rehab now, because, you know, maybe they're all like this now? The same thing. When you watch the intervention show, it's like they send them to these places with like, yeah, ride in horses and in hot tubs and all this shit. But yeah, it's not like that. Guys, if you're thinking of fucking up and going to dtox because you watched a commercial like this, let me just tell you it's you're going to be disappointed, because most of them are. Yeah, you're rooming with people...

...that are pissing themselves or getting up and with the DT's in the middle of the night talking about bugs all over them, and the foods, you know, pretty pretty awful and everyone's sick and miserable and the places are dirty because they're not funded well. So don't go to detoxing and it's going to be like passages, man. It's it's it's definitely false advertising, and the only way you're going on one of those places is if you have a lot of money. I don't. I don't think they're taking insurance. It's one of these places where it's like thousands of dollars a day to go, you know. So you're probably not gonna not going to have the best detox experience. If all detoxes were like that, I think would be harder to quit. You'd be looking back fondly at the days where you were in you know, your dtox program you like, I don't know, it's hooked on heroin. What's the worst that can happen? I'm going to passages Mallibu. Man, it's really like the worst hamburger commercial of all time. I mean because we all know like the shit on tvous fake. You see that big, juicy, you know Burger. You Go. Well, when I get to Burger King, this is flat piece of Meat Right. I see right here. When they show all the happiness and joy you're saying, people are like freaking out. You going to be surrounded by vomit. It's probably like a blinking yellow light in the corner of fly buzzing around your head. So this is really, really false advertise. Yeah, I mean, yeah, no, unless you're rich. So what I was going to say is that you you go, and there's this one place in particular I'm thinking of around here where I've gone in there are literally nights where I'd wake up to mice running over me and there was a real issue where they would give people on the floor snacks so they'd eat their snacks and they try to leave them in their room for later or whatever. In the mouse problem gets so out of control. It was it's it's disgusting, man, and it's in a really rough section of worcestern mass and it's just, yeah, everything's just awful there and there's cockroaches and mice and yeah, so that's the reality, folks. Reality is Rehab is hell on earth. May We have a fan of the show named Melissa Miller. We've mentioned her in the past and recently she reached out to me with a few topics you wanted to hear US discussed, and one of them Pique my interest because it's all about the bucket list, baby, and I realize I saw I stopped. I thought about this and I go I've never had a bucket list, but at least not like in a physical form armor anything like. I've never written something down like I'm a skydive before I die. HMM. But I realized it was one thing I've always wanted to fucking do and all my forty years I never did it until yesterday. Wow, what's out have you ever been in a doctor's office? Of course you have, we all have. Wow, that was an end. Yeah, what's very easy. But you know how they use that little scope to check like your ears, your eyes or your throat? I've never looked through one of those things and every time I've been in the doctor's office, like even my kid the pediatrician. Yeah, I'm always tempted to say, Oh hey, can I take a peek through that and see, you know, what it's all about, but I feel like I'm overstepping my bounds. Right, of course, I don't know if that's like a threshold I want to cross, you know. And the other thing is when I'm left in the waiting room by myself or in the room itself, it's not actually the waiting room, not right you in the magazine. I'm in the examination room. I'm sorry I miss labeled that, but I'm afraid they're going to come in the room. Yeah, like while I'm poking around with their shit. Yeah, but yesterday, Oh, I was in the hospital of my wife. She had something. Don't worry, she's fine. If anybody's curious, everything's okay. But I was like, Oh shit, we probably get a few minutes. I'm like, Babe, stay still, and I grabbed it off the wall and I looked in her ear. I wish I didn't, but I do, but I did. And then when I go home I'm like, I lived, it is done. Why? Life is complete. I even googled because I'm like, what the fuck do they call those things? And for everybody wondering, and autoscope, Oteo scope, and you know what else? I didn't know what's you can buy him online for like twenty bucks. So you could have. You could have completed your bucket list with twenty bucks, but you hey, you didn't have to spend a ten bucks. You just said to spend no, I did the cope of going to the damn doctor whatever. Yeah, there's ten dollars appeared in my wife Seyear. Fifty percent of but still that was like something all my life I've always wanted to do, and it was a letdown. It really was never looked through. What's it like? It's not as great as you think it would be, to be perfectly honest here. It barely magnifies anything and you have a little bit of a light, it shows you how many hairs you have in your ear. It's funny you said you know it's not as great as everyone thinks, because, dude, I am let down because I thought that was going to be fucking amazing. NOPE, Nope, no, I have. I have no need to ever do it again. No, Hey, and you've lived the experience for all of us, so now you know. I guess. I'm sorry, guys. Yeah, ruined it. Well, but it's...

...a weird thing. Is Weird request. Yeah, I've never really wanted anything more. Yere, simple man. It's simple. I am the simple man. Weird, weird needs. What about you? Do you have anything like you want to really accomplish before your time is up on this mudball? You know, it's it's funny that when you first brought up bucket lists, you said, you know, people want to go skydeving, people want to do this and that, because that's always it's seems to be the one that people think of, because I would have thought as soon as I heard the word bucket list, I thought skydiving, and I wonder if that's because there was a movie the bucket list. Yeah, with those at Morgan Freeman and and Jack Jack Niels enjoy your clams cock sucker, and they went Scott having as old folks. And did they think I actually have been skydiving? And I never thought about a bucket list. But if I were to make one, it's like, I think back, I'm like, I already jumped out of a plane. It was fun and I'm trying to think whatever, what else I'd like to do before you know it's I'm a simple man too. I don't know. I never had one either. You've never had a buckle list, so we're in the same boat. Maybe I shouldn't make one, but I think a better idea is to make a list of the things that you've done in your life that you're like glad you got a chance to do. You know what I mean. And Yeah, it's positive to have goals in the future and and make healthy plans that you really want to accomplish. But at the same time I think it's also important because I'm thinking of a buckle list and I'm like wow, yeah, I did. I went Scott having. I got to travel with my band with music and like do the tour bus thing and playing randoms states. That's something I always thought you know that. I'm glad I did right, you know, a lot of things traveled, gone to Europe, gone to just different places and I just I don't know, I'm happy that I've done a lot of things. I think. I don't know, I'm simple. The rest of my life I can kick back. Bro Good Man, here you're on cruise control. Yeah, yeah, I guess you could just make a list of like unrealistic things to do. HMM, I want to blow a rail of cocf for Queen Elizabeth's titties. Yeah, something that would never happen. You know, I mean I have some I don't really don't know what to do. I'm pretty satisfied too, so to Melissa Miller out there, I apologize, but yeah, bucket lists. Want to play in a black metal band with the Dali Lama? Yeah, get them to wear corpse pain. My Patriots are in this Super Bowl. I know you're not a sports fan. Not a big deal, but it brings me relative amount of happy excide. Yes, thank you, it is exciting. Thank you for appreciating them. Okay, it's hard to ignore it. The the excitement is palpable around here. Man. Yeah, totally. The thing is with the big game is I get nervous, I get worried, I get scared, my blood pressure goes up and I also have some really strange things that I do. I'd like to call them rituals maybe. For example, before the game starts, I have to be wearing a certain pair of underwear. You're lucky, Superman underoos or something. Well, funny you should say that their capit America to fit with the Patriot theme, but you're not that far off. But even my socks, if I'm wearing socks that might be the color of the opposing team. Oh Hell, well, this could have the same shirt I've been wearing for you. Oh yes, my friend, I have the same shirt I've been wearing for years and when they went I'm like, oh well, thank God I fucking stuck with that it. It confirms your you know your your opinions on the matter. You're like this is obviously working, so I'm going to keep doing it. But it's right. I'm neurotic. I'm their last Super Bowl win. They were it was a comeback against at land. I won't get into the whole thing here. I know not everybody is interested, but I refuse to sit down after they scored and I'm like, Oh, if I sit down, something bad's going to happen, and I stayed standing for like the next twenty minutes and they won the game. Go. So it's all thanks to me. Absolutely. You did it, man. You know, it's interesting. This reminds me when I used to be a shady junkie and I used to go shoplifting if I were, because to support my habit, which is embarrassing, but it is what it is. When I used to go, I would if I had to take a leak or whatever and use the restroom. I would never go before I went in the store. And now, mind you, if I had been busted, I would have been having a piss like while the whole process of arresting is going on right, something in me thought, if I don't go before I go, it was one of these ritual things where that was always the that was always my weird little Voodoo Ayad. Is Strange because you think the whole experience would be like enough to kind of stress you out, that you really want us hold that in and have to take a leak while you're in the middle of stealing something. Right, but it gave me the incentive where it's like hurry up and get this done so you can go to the bathroom. That's kind of how I looked at true. Well, do you have any other behaviors it might be considered, you know, besides my little superstitions there, because that's really what that is. Yet I know I thought, yeah, I have a few things that I do. I don't know. Again, I don't want to self...

...diagnose myself and say like I'm neurotic or I'm arm Cugu or anything, but it's the ways I or things I used to cope and feel better. HMM, what kind of techniques do you have? Well, I mean they're they're kind of circumstantial. You know. It's one of these where I do the thing where, if you I've mentioned this, I think another episodes where if I throw something at the waste paper basket and it gets it. Yeah, I'M gonna get whatever I, you know, am at the moment that I desire, whatever it is, and so I've got a lot of those. I've got I don't know, man, I've got weird ticks. I can't I'm trying to think them. There's so many of them it's hard to like in point, because my whole life is a series of these like weird, almost turette style ticks of like little rituals, whether it's, you know, I don't know, it's I sound like a total freaqurent now, but it's all stuff like that. If I if I get to this stoplight before it turns red, then this and that, and it's more that type of stuff. Well, you're worried about sounding a little freaky, but a lot of people have the same issues. I mean when that I do is if I have a negative thought or I think something bad, I poke myself in the chant like really had really like Mag Bang, and I try to do it when no one else is around, but sometimes if I have that neg of thought creeping in my brain, I can't help. But I got to do it in front of other people and they was so matter with you and I'm like Whoa just you know, something hurts in my chest or I had a little bit of heartburn or something, but it the way this all came about is it's like an unspoken language between me and a higher power, and I'm not trying to say God per se or anything, but, you know, whatever, or even with fate itself, wherein blame me put my negative thoughts back on me and me alone, not the people who love me or people who care about me, or even the people I may be thinking about and have those negative feelings at the time, like I am to blame and hence poking myself in the chest like a fucking madman. This, this is deep shit, man, you think so crazy? Yeah, well, what kind of negative what do you mean by negative thoughts? I'm confused. Okay, all right, negative thoughts, like if I think someone I know or like, I always run these scenarios you my head. We're in like what if someone died? What if my mother passed away? Or what if, you know, the horrible accident happened here? Or let's say I'm driving to the marketing and someone crashes into me. I mean any kind of negative thing involving me, my family, loved ones, anybody that would result in the poke. Yeah, I see. So it's like hypothetical negative things and Oh yeah, yes, yes, thank you. I go to God forbid I get cancer, you know I mean, or not even just me, like someone I love whenever. I'm trying not to go too deep into it here. I got but you know, like get the gist, canceling up the the JINKS. Yes, you like. I'm not jinks in myself. So you know, I got shit. I do worry about Jinks's quite a lot. It bothers me and I don't know why. I'm not like an overly. Some things freak me out, like a black cat. Don't like it. Yeah, like off, fuck a black cat just cross my path and not necessarily saying something bad happened or ever will happen. It's just like ingrained into my mind. Right, Shit, I hear. Yeah, yeah, Dude, and you'd hate being here because my house I've got three cats that are one of them is completely black and two others are almost all blue. So, yeah, I'm surrounded by bad luck cats. Oh, yeah, but dude, yeah, man, Jinkson all that stuff. It's I'm I think it's funny that I can. I've I laugh at religious people or not laugh at it. Well, I do laugh a lot of them, but but, but, I mean I laugh at the beliefs more than the people, to be more realistic. But but I end up doing all this weird Voodoo Shit like that, like, you know. Yeah, like I'm big into that, jinxes and like I don't want to screw this up and like think the wrong thing at this. I don't know. I have those two man, it's weird. Don't wonder how many people really do or because, like I said, I often feel kind of nuts. So, you know, thinking stuff like that, but then I'll talk to somebody. Yeah, we're talking and you're telling me you do. I wish people would write in and tell us, either on our facebook page or on our twitter to or just let us know if if these pertain to them. Till they can. I'm really curious. It's an easy way to do so they could do it. Can follow us on twitter at selling out show. You can send us an email. Selling out show at GMAILCOM. We also have a phone number, a phone line here. Seven seven, four, seven, zero one, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, and that's a message line. So I'm not going to answer you. Don't have to worry about that. You can feel free to leave us a message and tell us anything you want to. And, as nate mentioned, we also have a dreaded facebook page, but nate runs that one. I don't touch it yet. Yeah, facebook's my domain. Yeah, but if you look at this I do pop in from time to time. But if you look up at selling out show one,... will find the facebook page hemp bombs. Nate, we have a new partner in the form of ww doot hemp Bombscom, the makers of a variety of CBD products. They were kind enough to send us a bunch of samples and, Holy Calaman, I am enjoying the dickens out of him. How about yourself? I as well am enjoying them, and I I'm specifically enjoying the CBD oil drops. Dude. The results were palpable, like. I took some before bed last night slept like a baby, like noticeably comfortable, refreshing sleep. I've been having a lot of back pain and I took some this morning and, dude, I had a noticeable reduction in pain. I strongly recommend this product. They're a great company, right. You know, it is great that you bring up pain relief, because a lot of people think relaxation when they think of CBD. I really hadn't dabbled in it before we got a lined with these guys and I got to say, man, they speaking of pain. They have a pain freeze jel and they sent me. 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Just to specify for the audience, yes, it is. Thank you for correcting me in the way that I speak, as you often do. It is selling out one word for fifteen percent off. Go and do that. Why wait, pause the show? Get yourself some CBD. They got CBD gummies. Nate mentioned the the drops. I have you liquid. I mean they got so much stuff out there, capsule, absolutely so anything. You want to try us on their website and again, even better, you say some money. Get your biscuits over there. People, Nate. Let's talk about a dude named Damon. Yeah, man, so Damon Lindeloff is a kind of controversial figure in certain circles and I was bringing him up because it's interesting. I'm watching my favorite series for like a I believe I'm on my fourth and maybe fifth run through the series. Like the show's the leftovers on HBO. It was on HBO. It's already over now. It was a three series season series and twenty eight episodes total. And, Dude, I'm honestly. I mean I've enjoyed other shows before and HBO's had a lot of good series. This is a show that really touches me, like in a way that's like it's that sounded really gross, but it's. It's showing on the don't power leftovers touched you, nate. It's it's a really impactful show. And the interesting thing is, I watched the show I had no idea really who Damon Lindelof. I'd see his name on the opening credits, but I went to tell my brother about this show and how much I enjoyed it, and my brothers has apparently he the first thing he said was, I'm not watching that. It's by Damon Lindelof. Like who the Fuck Damon Lindelof? And you remind me so, Dave of the Damon Lindelof was the man who fans of the Alien Franchise, Aliens, Alien, Alien Resurrection, all those great movies. I don't know how they feel about Prometheus, but a lot of us Prometheus was a movie that was supposed to answer a lot of questions about the alien franchise or tie in somehow and it ended up just being this nonsensical piece of shit movie. And Damon Lindelof basically wrote the movie. Are He had a hand in it and and basically, yes, so he's responsible for that. You watched the series lost love Gent TV, right, yeah, you you followed it. How did you feel about the finale? A lot of people were disappointing with the finite. Well, what people aren't disappointed with just about every finale? HMM, I really I'm not a big fan of leaving things open for interpretation. Right, you've invested a lot of time, your emotions, everything into a TV show, comic movie, whatever. Don't end it with people lingering, wondering and asking more questions. All right, I understand that. And like he, Damon Lindelof went through this period apparently, where he I believe...

...he's still he he left twitter because he was just under fire from people that were the the lot. I mean there were some people that that lauded the the lost finale and talked about how amazing it was, but there were others that just were really they felt like the show just kind of meandered and yet never tied up loose ends. Whatever. I know we're talking about a show that's years and years old at this point, but in even the leftovers ended. I believe it was at least a year ago, but it's one of these shows where the first season kind of takes a while to get into, but please stick through it because it's it's worth sticking, sticking with. But anyway, so Damon Lynd left. Yeah, he's also responsible for the new star Trek movies, which I guess a lot of people enjoy. I don't know, have you seen those? Oh, I love those. I thought that wasn't that. Jj Abrams, though. Well, JJ Abrams, I believe, directed, I think Damon Lyndlaw. Okay, yeah, I think there's all the people behind that. The lost, the lost, the show lost went on to do some cool stuff. Jj Abrams, of course, the Star Trek, Star Wars, right. You mentioned Lindle Loft went off to the leftovers. Carlton Ques was behind the strain, which was a great show on F X, but I would personally considered lost one of my favorite top two TV shows of all time. Well, but invented something that I fucking hate, and that was the mid season finale. Yeah, I never seen a midseason finale before lost came about. Where's like, we got to give you a cliffhanger and then make you wait for two or two and a half months until this series continues. I thought to myself, listen, we already got the fucking finale right. Why are you giving to it? Make me wait fucking like my fingernails and Shit, you assholes. Drives me crazy. I know all these shows started doing that, all of them, I know everything can show does that. Now it just like, oh, thanks, lost, thanks a bunch, and I mean I could be historically off you. Maybe some other show brought it to the light or fruition before lost. My memory serves as lost, being the og behind all that. But yeah, I was one who didn't continue with the leftovers. Nate, I started watching it. It was a little slow for me. I said, Yep, I'll catch up with it later, and later never came. I'm telling you, man, a lot of people say that it just starts, and I even think that. But once you get through the first few episodes, and honestly, and I know this is asking a lot, but the but we're really picks up is season two, and I know that's a lot to as well, stick through a season, but honestly, by the time you get, you know, into season one, you are usually into it, but season two and three are just some of the best television ever in the interesting thing, as much as people get pissed at Lindal off for what he did to alien and whatnot, he you were saying about lost, how much you enjoyed it. I watched lost up to a certain point and enjoyed it, but I just kind of fell off at some point. I did enjoy what I saw, but my brother made a made a point when he was watching. I told him watch leftovers, watch left overs, and and finally he did, after me badgering him about it, and he told me he's like, you know, I appreciate you suggesting that I watch it, because I wouldn't have and I'm really glad I did, he said. I think the thing with Lyndeloff is if he if he works with an existing property, he kind of fucks it up. He has his own ideas that don't don't Pan out well. It's like sometimes it's ambitious ideas but it's just they don't work. The piss people up. But when he starts a project, when he's involved in creating a universe of his own. He does some wonderful things. So so, everybody again, check out, check out the leftovers for sure, and stick with it. You you won't regret it, I'm telling so here we are in January and you know, it's flu season. Actually, I don't know when flu season like stops. Seems like three hundreds. It's always fucking flu season. I'm one of those guys where I might have gone off on rants before, wh I don't. I think even last episode talking about Jenny McCarthy. Check our archives for that one. I had mentioned she's an anti vaxer and that bugs me. But I'm also weird because I'm in anti flu shot kind of guy. Just for me personally, yeah, I don't really do flu shots. I figure, you know what, I'm resisting whatever strain is coming at me and when all the shit hits the fan, I'll be roaming with the cockroaches and I will repopulate the earth, right. Do you ever get the healthy immune system? Yeah, well, maybe, but yeah, how about your man? You ever getting anual flu shot? I've never been the type to do it. I'm I've been with my girlfriend for years now and she's a nurse and she is always saying you should get one and she's always gotten one and she's like it's super easy to...

...get you and I can get you one. So so, with the option to get it so easily, I have gotten it, but I don't every year. And before she and I got together I was I had never gotten a flu shot and I really or maybe if I had, I don't remember. I just I never never cared about it. Well, I was figured by the time you get the shot, there's probably another strain of it that you're not you know what I mean? There's so many strains each year of true, of Flus, where they mutate and you may have a vaccine for this one and it's you get, in fact, with another one's well, Nadia, looks like we better find some ladies of like mind, otherwise they will be no repopulating the earth. Is it'll just be me and you walking around with those giant Cock roaches. It look like crabs. But here's the thing, man. I once got terribly ill with the flu. I was probably, I want to say, nineteen years old or so. I just live it up in Portland, Maine at the time, and I mean I really felt like I was catching my death to the point where I almost went to the emergency room. I called into work one night, was working third shift. They said, sorry, just can't make it, I need to go to hospital. And one of my neighbors, I lived in a funny little apartment building where everybody was of the same age and we're all a bunch of kind of like crazy dudes, and he came by a day why you at work? And I mean I'm leaking stuff, I can barely move my head and he's liked, you know, here, try this, and he gave me a cup of cheap vodka, of course, not good stuff, that cheap stuff, and he held out his hand much like was it the Matrix? Yes, Morpheus, you take the Blue Pill, the story end, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland. Morpheus, thank you. But in his hand was a tab of Mescaline and he said the great yes, Mike Ro look a Microdet and he handed to me and I was I was a stupid kid, so I'm like sure, whatever, I took it. Yeah, didn't take long. started tripping my balls off. Next thing you know, I am running around Portland, Maine, in the middle of the night with no shirt on, climbing statues, just acting a fucking fool all over that poorous city. But here's where it gets interesting, right, I go home, I pass out, I wake up whatever, four or five hours later, my flu was gone. Wow, gone, completely gone, not a trace. My nose wasn't running anymore, my throat felt great, everything was back to normal. And I sat there just like I think I've discovered the cure for the common cold that nobody can take. Wow, man, the government is trying to keep us sick. Man, it's all it's all a conspiracy. They know that mescaline would cure the flu or the cold, but they won't let us have it because then the pharmaceutical companies and all the fucking Nike was going to go broken. The same to the same token, I wouldn't recommend it either, because it is a tricky thing to do. Because I don't want I don't listen, I don't want anybody listen to this show. Running out buying Zenke Vodka, getting mescaline and go oh, yeah, Dave said I'm going to be cured. But I will stand by my statement that it most definitely worked for me and if you're going to do it anyway, try it when you're sick. But again, you wouldn't like recommended to a kid or an elderly person or someone whose heart or health couldn't take it. Yeah, but damn, bro The fucking thing work for me and I've told people over and over again all these years, it's been what twenty years, that that is the cure for the flu. So take your shot and stick it with the sun don't shine. Do you need a New Year's resolution that you can actually stick to this year? I've got a great one for you. Start Two thousand and nineteen by finally quitting that deadly habit of smoking cigarettes. I know you're probably thinking, I've been trying to stop for years and nothing ever works. Will Guess what? Northland Vapor Company is here to help. There's no reason to be intimidated by the idea of vaping. With retail locations in Bemidgee and more head Minnesota, northland makes it easy for you to walk in and start your journey to a better lifestyle out northland vapors outstanding line of e liquids are proudly made in North Dakota and contain no dike tones or artificial sweeteners. Northland vapors motto is quality doesn't need to be costly, so you can be confident knowing that you're getting the best product available at a price it won't break the bank. No more excuses. Make two thousand and nineteen the year that you decide to live a better life and finally break free from smoking cigarettes. But more information, visit Northland vaporcom. Some products contain nicotine, adults only. So. Back in the day, I remember being on probation and it was a pretty strict probation. I think I was on the ankle bracelet at the time, where they call it house arrest, but you technically have to go to the sheriff's office pretty regularly for groups and classes and whatnot, and I still had a habit. I...

...had just been put on probation. I knew I was going to get regular drug testing and I'm thinking of myself I'm fucked. I don't know why I even accepted this probation. I know I'm going to fail my first drug test and go go right to Jailia and then so. So, anyway, I'm meeting my dealer one day and I'm telling him, I'm venting to him about my whole scenario and he's like, well, dude, I I had a friend who was was on probation and all he did was he took a hammer and he whacked his little bone in his hands where below his Pinky, like the one in the hand itself, and he just he cracked it pretty hard with the hammer and it cracked and he got a script for, you know, I think he got percoset, but he's like, at the time they could only test for opiates as a category. They can't test for individual you know, like it in versus perkset, versus heroin. That was it was just opiates. So I got you right. So if you had a prescription for opiates, you could get away with doing heroin. So he tells me this and I'm thinking, you know, this is crazy. Whack yourself in the ham with a hammer, like how bad is my life where I have to mutilate myself to know right away with this? But you know, that's just the tip of the iceberg for my craziness. But so I can. So I go home and I get high. I'm sitting there high as a kite with with a hammer, like Oh, waving it around over my hand, going yeah, and I give it a little test swing. I'm like, I don't know how hard to hit I should. I probably should have just whacked. I probably shouldn't have done it at all really, but I don't. Yeah, stills like ripping off the banding, right, just get it over with, right, smack the shit out of your hand. Well, I took I took a little practice swing and just wanted to see how this was going. And, Dude, I was like, there's no way I it was just I realized I couldn't do it. So so I'm thinking, how can I get prescription for opiates? And I had a cracked tooth that was like a piece had broken off and I'm on the bracelet. But I if I was going to a hospital, you could get away with it, you know, as long as you, yeah, you know, had a doctor's note or whatever. So I sure I'm him. I go to the doctor and I tell him look, man, I've got this pain in my tooth and look at and he looks and he sees the cracked tooth and I'm like, you know, I need something that whatever, I'd be provence not working whatever, and he comes back with a prescription for tram a doll, I'll trams, which are non narcotic pain killerson. And I'm like, you know, I tried arguing with him, but there was nothing. He's like, well, you know, you just going to need to get the tooth pulled and rubble blood. And he wouldn't, he wouldn't bude. So so I go home. Mind you, this is all the same day. I'm sitting there with a hammer. I go to the doctor from a tooth. Huh. I go home and I'm like I need to do something, so I still I start punching a support beam in the basement of my house, which is like, I don't even know, like concrete, whatever it is, and I'm punching it and punching it until my hands swells up like a balloon and I'm like this is got to be cracked at this point and I go go back to the doctor and this luckily, it was a different doctor, but and I'm like, you know, I looks like my hand is broken. I what, I don't even remember what I told him I did, but he says, Oh, yeah, that definitely looks like what they call a boxer's fracture and I'm sure it's cracked. So they did an x Ray. It wasn't broken, of course, but he actually says, I'll give you a prescription for because I think I told him I have a reaction to trauma doll because he asked me, do you have any allergy? Slide dog. Yes, Andy, I had learned and and he goes all right, right, anyway, writes me a script of Viken and I go to my probation officer the next day from my groups and whatnot, and I have this slip in a prescription and she's so mad. She's like, you're here for opiates and now we can't test you for opiate's. She's like, what's the point of even being here? I'm like, I agree, you know, but criminal justice is one of these technologies where you see the progress in real time. It's they are constantly up to you know, up to date with evolving year. So it's interesting. It's a you are a man on a mission. And when I find humorous here, and I'm sorry to kind of laugh here, it's wrong predicament. It's but it's like you couldn't do it with the Hammer. No, yet you could punch the beam. Yeah, it was like inflicting damage on yourself was okay if you were going like rocky style on the meat. Yeah, you know. Well, it's one of these where the impact on the hands with the hammer it's different than punching. When you punch in something, you just kind of get angry and punch and you know. But when you're swinging a hair you could say, well, why don't just get angry and swing the Hammer? It's like because...

...the thing I'm hitting with anger is myself as my hand. So it's just I don't know, there's something inside me that hesitates. I don't don't do it, but when you punch something it's just a lot easy here to kind of I don't know, it took a few makes sense. You right, what you just said makes a lot of sense to me now you said it. Yeah, but hopefully nobody finds themselves in that predicament, don't you know? Hopefully not. Yeah, you don't do drugs. Message from Nake or Zinski. No POPPO kills, no crack, no smack, no coke, no exceptions. Yeah, smack is wack. Day from the selling out show, here to tell you about spunk, loob Spun Loube is a multi award winning mover can't use by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in hybrid, pure silicone, natural and pink. Spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients and is non standing, hypoellogenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love life with spun right now. SPUNK LOUBE is by three, get one free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A high end product for an affordable price. Is it? Spunk loubecom today and you can thank me later. Dust off your lps. It's time for nates. No No. When I was a kid shit, probably around age nine or ten, I saw a music video that blew my mind. It featured rain and lightning and hands with eyeballs in the palms like in the old horror movie the gate, and a fish flapping around gasping for air as a man played the piano. At the end, the guy walks away from the piano and the piano explodes. Even if the song didn't grab me, which it definitely did, I couldn't help but love the videos weird imagery. At my young, impressionable age, that video was for faith them or's breakout single, epic. Their next video was no less weird, with more hands with eyes, a weird skinless head and more fish, but this time it was the fish that exploded, not the piano. The singer of this weird band was wearing different outfits throughout the second video for the song, falling to pieces, including a sort of clockwork orange inspired thing and sometimes a blood spattered set of doctors scrubs. Again, the song definitely grab me, but the video was the cherry on top that maybe stuck in the head of a kid with an appropriately short attention span from my age. The album that contained these two singles was faith the Moor's third album, the real thing. It became the second CD I ever owned. When their next album, Angel Dust, was released, I remember my brother getting it and we listen to that album so much it's crazy. I still think it's not only one of my favorite faith the more albums, or definitely my favorite favorite faith in more album, but one of the best records I've heard period. It had a lot of atmospheric since their trademark pounding, almost tribal drums, and it was the last full album to feature Jim Martin on Guitar. Jim Martin with his Psychedelic, almost classic Rockish Guitar, playing his Super Curly frizzy mop of hair that concealed his face, along with usually a beard and some dark glasses. Sometimes a guy would wear two pairs of glasses at once. It's like it's like it was content intentionally concealing his face. I barely know what he looks like now and I've been a fan since like one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. Strange Dude. Anyway, faith them are kept going without Jim and while their sound changed somewhat after his departure, the main song rays have always been their bassist and keyboardists, so they were able to keep faith in more going. They broke up for a long time after their in one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven release humbly titled Album of the year and, save for a couple one off performances here there, they remain split up until releasing the album's soul and victus in two thousand and fifteen, and I got to see them on tour after and almost twenty year drought. They're still great live, by the way. An interesting thing about faith. The more is that their first two albums featured Chuck Mosley on vocals and they did release a few singles, but they never really broke through until one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, when they released the aforementioned. The real thing with new singer Mike Patten. While their material with Mosley is great, patent just had a vocal range in stage persona that brought them to another level. The real thing only hinted at what he could do. When they released Angel Dust, his talents were more on display with that album's more experimental nature, but in patents subsequent career even Angel Does seems tame and rather reserved. One night, as a kid of probably thirteen years old, I was listening to my local college radio station and I heard...

...a song that I would have sworn was faith no more, but more chaotic in nature. I definitely recognized Patten's voice, but I owned everything faith and were released up to that point and I had never heard this song with a chorus refrain of love is a fist. Not long after that the mystery was solved when my friend Mike asked me if I had ever heard the band Mr Bungle. He explained that it was a band that Patton also sang and actually was the band that faith and were recruited him from. Mike recorded a copy of the bungle album onto a blank cassette, the old days, you know, and there it was on side to love is a fist. Mystery solved. That first major label bungle release was pretty out there, especially for the time. It jumps from sky to heavy metal to circus and calliope music. There are weird time signatures and subject matter ranging from a song about a dead pet dog to an ODE to Porn Stars. It was a dizzying listen for a kid my age at the time and truthfully, it took me a while to really get it. Bungle continued to work together even as faith the more we're doing their thing, and the second bungle album, disco Volante, was an even more challenging listen than the first album. There were a lot of spacey electronics and Free Jazz added to the mix. Again. It was one of those things that took me a while at my age to fully grasp, but by then I was smoking pot new an acid, so I warmed up to it a little quicker this time. In one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, bungle released what would become their final album. California. Is still does a lot of experimental jumping from style to style, and it's by no means a radio friendly release, but it may be their most cohesive in linear album. The whole thing has a kind of beach vibe. There's a lot of Surf Rock and beach boys style vocal work, but then all of a sudden there's a weird song that sounds like punk rock meets traditional Turkish music. It's still got the trademark bungle weirdness, but it's a good introductory album for someone who wants to check them out but isn't quite ready for the artsy journey that is disco Volante. I have a lot of good memories surrounding the California album. I remember the first time I heard it was on a trip to the beach with a car full of friends who were as excited as I was to hear the new record, and it fit the esthetic of our coastal excursion perfectly. In Ninety six and ninety seven, patent released a couple solo albums that confounded us as listeners even further. Nowadays, as a more mature appreciator of music, I can understand the desired effect of some of this work, but at the time it was weird to hear an album of a dude like shrieking into a microphone or just breathing heavily or whatever he was doing on any given track. He wrote a little forward on the first album adult themes for voice that he recorded everything in various hotel rooms while on tour with his other bands, often just sitting with a four track Porto studio and a microphone in his hotel bathroom or whatever. These solo records in a lot of his work with jazz pioneer and exen saxophonist John Zorn on projects like Moonchild and weird little boy are at the most challenging end of the spectrum. Not Easy listens by any means, but they are interesting experiments with sound in the vein of maybe John Cage or Carl Heinz Stockhausen. So I've already mentioned like five projects that patent has been involved in, counting the solo output, and that's maybe about half the projects he's done. He released a sultry trip hop project with Dan the automator in Jennifer Charles called lovage, who released an album and toured together. He worked on a more traditional pop projects, as he referred to it, under the name Peeping Tom, with basically a different collaborator on each track, from massive attack to Rozel Cool Keith to Norah fucking Jones. Being a quote pop act, peeping Tom is probably the most accessible thing he's done, aside from faith, the more although lovage is pretty comfortable to listen to. On the heavier side of the musical spectrum, there was a period in time where hardcore math rock pioneers the dillinger escape plan found themselves without a vocalist, and so Patten collaborated with them and put out their best record, in my opinion, called irony is a dead scene. And speaking of heavy, phantomas is a super heavy artsy project. He started with Buzz Osborne from the Melvin's in Dave Lambarto from slayer. Phantom has have quite a few releases at this...

...point, including an album of covers of movie scores from Rosemary's baby to Cape Fear. And while on the subject of cinematic music, Patton also worked with a forty member orchestra doing covers of s and s era, Italian pop music. Because, oh, didn't I mention? Mike Patton is also a fluent in Italian. Why wouldn't he be? The dude does it all. I could go on and on and I kind of have already. It's hard to discuss this dude without its starting to sound like just a long list. But it's seriously an impressive resume and for as long as I've been conscious of music in general, I've always had something of patents to check out and ponder over. Sure, sometimes it leaves me scratching my head, but it's always thought provoking. Dave, I think you had the solo albums before I did. Yeah, and when we were younger, and it was like, I think I had you steal them for me. Yeah, I had to Piss. Yeah, so, yeah, but I did. I was a big Mike pattent disciple as for sure. Yeah, we all were together, you know, like our group was was pretty patent centric. Yeah, and I got a lot of great memories, starting with faith no more. I remember seeing them. I want to say was like on the Grammy's or something. Yeah, and the empty paper awards or something. I know, I know it wasn't MTV. I think was a big time show. Anybody out they can correct me from wrong. I want to say it was a grammy's and they perform epic and, to be honest with you, was terrible. Yeah, yeah, left a really bad taste in my mouth, like he was flopping around like a fish on the stage and you know, it's like, Oh, yeah, these guys, I like their album, but if this is how they sound live, yeah, I don't know. But, as I later learned, in life, seeing God again with faith no more, there's a concert called Loco Bezuoka, or a festival. Yeah, and was two mess was two mass up three day straight on crystal met to see faith no more. It was awesome. But I mean they played incredible. You mentioned Phantomas. I saw Tomahawk live. Oh, yeahs Mr Bungle live. Yeah, these were all fucking incredible performances. And you mentioned how Chuck Mosley is the first thing of faith them or, and this is interesting to me because everything changes once Mike Patten becomes part of the project. It becomes more diverse, right, more varied in styles, more wide, more open, more just amazing, and no matter. You know, I can really credit each individual member of every band that he's worked with for, you know, talents in their own right. Mike Patten is the thing that makes it click and truly makes the project shine. He brings the diversity to you know, like yeah, exactly, let's try to write a circus song or let's try to right, let's cover fucking Lionel Richie, like. Chances are that was Mike Patten when faith them more covered easy some of the earliest stuff too, as you noted. It's weird because if you mentioned, Oh, try Mr Bungle, you really do have to be specific to that person be like, Oh, California. Do California first, if you listen to their debut album, is completely and utterly different. It's like thrashcore, I don't even know what. You want to label it as speed rock metal. He's even got horns and all that shit. You know what I mean? The first but even the lyrics. Yeah, the lyrics and more see, more juvenile. Yeah, as you mentioned, more about, you know, having sex with I don't know, points whatever, moign stars and everything else. So California is a more complete record and more, I think, indicative to the sound and Mike Patton himself. Yeah, but still they all have attributes that make them worthwhile and, to be honestly, just flat out there an important part of music history. Sure, now, over the years of kind of like lost track, but I mean I do that with everything and everybody and anything, you know, entertainment wise, sure. But a couple weeks back he was supposed to sing the national anthem. All Right, a playoff game for the NFL, right, for the the the rams, and he was a no show. Well, I mean apparently he canceled. He got sick. Yeah, that's what I get sick. But that was a disappointment. I was really excited for that. I'm like, yeah, I don't even give a fuck about the national anthem, but to hear Mike Pattinson right, holy moldy, I gotta be there for that. Absolutely. He canceled that. Yeah, he put out a release that he was sick and he also canceled. Like three days later there was a Chris Cornell tribute show that he was supposed to be at and he canceled that too. So sounds like it really was sick, but I don't know. He I went and saw the faith the more, as I said, when they reunited and put out soul and victus their last album there in two thousand and fifteen, they still put on a great show. I mean I had seen them. You mentioned the local Bazuka show. I'd I actually saw them. Yeah, the same tour, but I saw them like the night before you went to that show. I saw them in Providence, Rhode Island, and yeah, Lupo's right. Yeah, that was a great show too, and our might have been the strand, I don't remember. It was one of those shows. But well, I was going to say that bungle performance at Louopos. I believe that was one...

...thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. Yeah, I still site that as the best life before warmants I've ever seen in my life, as amazing those guys. That was fucking incredible and you can find it online. Unfortunately, the sound quality isn't so hot, right, which is I mean it was the era of the time. Yeah, it wasn't cell phone, so people recording with actual like V VHS, camcorders and stuff. But yeah, right. But even then, to be there and to tell the story of those shows is it's important to me. Sure, I'm glad I was there and we often bring up Bowie, as we did last episode again, check, check our back catalogs, back and listen to it if you haven't. But Mike Patton is up there in the Pantheon of amazing performers in my mind and legend, absolute legend. Yeah, check out patent. Check out Bowie. You know, I'm sure you have. This isn't news. You know these? Yeah, breaking news. Check out shit from thirty years ago. But but yeah, great, great performances and if you haven't heard any of those bands, just google them, check them out, give them a Google and definitely give them a listen night. Good stuff, great stuff, plenty of stuff to explore. Oh Yeah, so, oh, absolutely. And now this is our swan song. I can't do it as is good as Mike Patton would. I don't think I'm even to try to sing us out here, but good bye, everybody. Thank you so much for listening. We truly appreciate it. Without you we are nothing. You make this show. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out the examine infirmary media. This is no ordinary subshot. This is firehouse ups. Tired of overpriced lunches that under deliver on flavor, head to firehouse ups where, for a limited time you can get a four hundred and ninety nine choice up. Choose from a medium smoke Turkey, Virginia, honey, ham or roast beef. Their custom made hot subs at a price ready made to make you smile. Just for four hundred and ninety nine only at firehouse ups enjoy more subs, save more lives participating locations plus tax. Limited time offer. Prices May vary for delivery. This is Derek's a ribbyatto parts story. After the third time jump starting my car, I finally realize my battery was dying, so I stopped by Oriley to have it checked. They tested it right there in the parking lot. It was bad, real bad, but they help me find the right battery for my car and even installed it for free. Now my car starts like new. Parts.

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