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Episode 18 · 3 years ago

Ep.#18 Hot Air


There's just too much to talk about these days, so we're moving away from a single topic episode this time around and touching upon multiple subjects in a way that suits our society's shorter attention span...including our own! On the docket are dreams and their effects on our waking lives, a ridiculous new singing competition show of sorts that now pollutes our airwaves, ambivalence about the death of a pet, the importance of photographs, plus an old story of getting a bit too personal with a registered sex offender. Nate's Notes rounds out the episode with a tribute to some artists who found inspiration in their own impending death. Cheerful stuff, Nate!
1:48- The Masked Singer
7:20- A look at dreams and their effects
12:45- A four-legged farewell
16:12- Photography fandom
24:31- A night to FORGET
35:50- Nate's Notes (Brilliance of Blackstar)
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Hey, I'm Maurice. As a barber, you might think my scissors are my main tool, but really it's metro. That's where I got my iphone seven. It's camera makes sharing my cuts as simple as sniff, snap, share. Right now, get an iphone seven with a camera that shoots for K for just for one thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine. When you switch to the number one brands and prepaid metro by Tmobile, rule your day requires port, inevalentual number, not commaly active one tmobile network or active on Metro in past ninety days, and verification of hiking and independent abases than it for percounts household thirty two. Pick a by I phone seven model on the no temperance store for details in terms of emissions. Yeah, man, you dream about chickens, it means you want a fuck your parents infirmary. Media. You were now to dig to this selling out podcast. What it does is breaches into your brain chemically and now cat your happiest memory chemically and then blocks on to that emotion, raises it chemically and then it keeps your happy happy. Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to the selling out show. I am one of your host David Sholtz, we have a great one plan for you today, with a whole bunch of topics to talk about, and by my side is my good pal nate Gore Zinski, a nate nice GAMS. Thanks, man, I'm proud of them. There are you, man, they go all the way up, as old perverts in the s used to say. But he like I come from, with ankle socks and flipflops, I the old fogy style, and I actually stole that from a movie. Oh Yeah, what movie? I'd you remember the movie May yes, I loved may do you did, as the film from two thousand and two. I guess it's a horror movie. Yes, yeah, really, a beautiful leggs. I thought they were dams, Dam stems, wheels, whatever. First thing I want to discuss is I've been subjected to some of the most oily, disgusting, worst television of all time, and you think from previous episodes, listening to me speak, I'd hit the pinnacle of just crummy TV. Yeah, but you know what? There's more of the mountain to Climb, Oh yeah, or or there's more distance to fall, if you want, if you want to get honest. Yeah, more appropriately have you ever heard of this show called the mask singer? You know, it's funny, like I saw like a little preview, but other than that I have no answers extend it. So I'm not familiar, familiar, but it's an imported show, just like most are. I think it was Japanese or something, but now it's here in the states and this for judges, and the contestants addressed up in costumes, unicorns, monsters whatever, so you can't see their face and they come out and sing a ditty and the judges are supposed to guess, or you know, who they believe the singer is. HMM, like, are the singers celebrities or is it like, I don't I don't quite understand the you know what I mean, like are celebrities coming in and subjecting themselves to like wearing silly costumes and shit is yes, yes, supposedly. Okay, I'm going to play a clip from the the commercial right now because, you know, listen, I don't want to make this an advertisement for the shows. I'm a book to tell you how terrible the show is, but at the same time, if you have not suffered like I have, at least you kind of have an idea on what's going on here. So let's play that real quick so I can kind of scar everybody else out there in the free world. Sounds good. These nuary a top stepret celebrities singing competition will have everyone asking who there's something incredibly special about you. is you got me thrown off the masked singer. This show is messing with my mind. Are you a basketball player? Well, see, one by one, so celebrities will be eliminated and revealed. Oh my God. So this is a gist of the show, right, what they just said? You got these host Robin Thick, Jenny McCarthy, I didn't know. How does she even get on a show now? I have no idea. I thought she was famous like twenty five years ago plus. She's like one of those anti voxers, I think they goers. Yeah, anti VEX baxers. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then they got Ken Jong, who I think is moderately funny. Yeah, even though even though his shick is kind of like silly, like I'm the little nerdy guy. Yeah, and he plays it out, Hey boogies or whatever. And then there's a girl from the pussycat dolls who I can't remember her name. But here's the problem.

Right, you hear that commercial and someone like me, I want to think I'm above like subliminal messaging or being hooked in by advertisers. Unfortunately, my wife is a complete opposite. She sees a commercial and she goes, Oh wow, I've got to watch this. So the night it is on, and I'm sure there's been a few episodes since then, but I only watched the premiere. She was like Oh, Dave, come on, come on, you gonna Miss It, you're gonna Miss It, and I'm like, Oh, you gonna be fucking kidding me. She really wants me to go sit down and watch this fucking thing. And I'm a loving guy, I'm a good husband. I did just that. The problem is is so overly produced, cheesy, and I mentioned earlier how the hosts, or the judges rather, are trying to guess what celebrity it could be. HMM, they're so outlandish they might as well be like Oh, that's Bob Dylan, or Ho Shit, that's Elvis Presley. Because, like you said, like would celebrities subject themselves to wearing costumes? I mean, if you're really famous, why even bother? I know dude like that seems like like I understand. I'm getting this sense that the judges themselves, like you mentioned Jenny Maccarthy, you mentioned some of these people, that they aren't at the peak of their celebrities. So I understand that. But but the ones that are coming into sing like what, what sort of level are you at where you, like I said, you're dressing up like a furry or a Freakin mascot from a Shitty Japanese baseball contage to yeah, like a right, right, interesting, interesting, I am not well, not an interest. I'm sorry, I'm not interested at all, is what I meant say. Yeah, we do not promote this show in any shape or form. All I can say is this is one of the worst things I've ever watched. I watch the entire hour of it and of course it's one of those things where they going to reveal who one of the mass singers are at the end and to spoil it for everybody, because I hope you don't watch it. Anyway. The first singer was Antonio Brown, who I know you're not familiar with, but the wide receiver from the Pittsburgh steelers, and it was a terrible song and there's even one she's dressed like a unicorn and they give clues like who they could be, and they're vague. But she says that she was raised in Beverly Hills, grew up rich and no one could believe she would ever have a singing career and people always put her down. So this is her chance to show the world she could sing. She's saying like Shit, like fucking add a Gabage, and I thought to myself, okay, you fucking loaded, you had rich parents or whatever. Right, you could just make an album. Everybody does. No one has any talent anymore. True, yeah, people going on Soundcloud, just putting up their own shit. Anybody can record nowadays, dude, right. But because she's trying to do the sympathy thing, where I'm good, no one believes in me and the crowd goes all and the judges go all and I just cry Bullshit. Get the fuck off the stage. I just want to smash my tv into a million pieces. Recently, dreams have been really fucking me up. Dude, they've been fucking you up. It's weird, like I had a dream where and I know no one wants to hear someone else's dreams. You mentioned this to me before pre show. Yeah, I just I wasn't trying to be cruel, like for the listeners day. was coming up to me and saying, you know, I I've had this dream that I wanted to discuss on the show, and I remember a standup comic at one point saying there's nothing more boring than hearing someone else describe their dream to you, because it's always impactful or whatever to the dreamer, but it's full of shit from the dreamer's life and emotions are there are subjective. So to a listener it's not going to sound great. It's always like Ha, you know, you were there, but you had, you know, Jim's head. So it was really fucked up and it was making me sad for some reason. And and there, you know, it's just you know. So the person listening it's kind of like, okay, I get it and I'm not going to do that to you. Okay, I'm going to talk about the after effect because at my age, I'm forty years old, and now when you have a bad dream it's almost like an omen. Yeah, you worry when you wake up, and I had this really vivid dream of an ex girlfriend to the point where I woke up kind of shook. I texted you about I'm like, man, that was really messed with my mind. I looked her up and I haven't even thought about her and God knows how long, just to see if she was still alive. MMM Yeah, some like why would I have such a deep dream like a just to, I guess, a nightmare about this person, unless something bad happened to them? Well, maybe because your mind was bored. I feel like dreams are just your mind being bored and taking all these images and concepts that you're familiar with and making a movie for you. So to me, dream I don't know. There's all these dream dictionaries and dream you know whatever books, some things that I've never bought into it. Well, on Christmas Eve I had another dream. Again, no details here, but I woke up and I couldn't breathe. It was terrifying. I actually stood up, ran to the bathroom gasping for airs if I was underwater, I know, and I'm like, Oh shit, am I gonna die on Christmas Eve? That's going to look really great on my tombstone. And it took a couple minutes of me just you know, being the fish out...

...of water there to finally calm down, mm and relax, and I'm like, if a dream can have that much of an impact on me, I'm in some big trouble. Yeah, well, yeah, you know, if you're in danger of dying for Dream, I've mentioned before how I you know we've pulled muscles in our sleep. You you were talking about that before. And where. You know there's multiple ways to die just in your sleep. As you get older, apparently you know where we are vulnerable people now that we're getting older. Why? I used to think that when I was a kid, like old folks have passed away in their sleep. That's why they died. They probably had a like, a really nasty nightmare and just couldn't handle it. They fell in their dream. And when you die in a dream, you die in real life. You ever heard it's Daddy. There you go. It's like Freddy Krueger's out there is something. But no, it really did. It shook me and I was like I really don't want to fucking Croak and I definitely don't want to Croak that way, waking up unable to breathe. So not cool, man, not cool at all. Fuck you dreams. I'm glad you're okay, Dave. I'm glad this, this dream didn't kill you, and and I'm glad the the X that you mentioned, is apparently still alive and well, although I haven't heard from her or talk to her and decades at this point. But you know, yeah, well, that would have been whatever. Yeah, it is what you know. It is what it is, but at the same time, if you have something that, I don't know, just vivid, you think something seriously happened. So well do don't get me wrong, like dreams, dreams can really affect you. I mean I know that. I know I I constantly wake up like my dreams are very vivid. My I'm not saying that I'm not affected by them, and I'm not. I mean I I definitely have the outlook that they're not as serious or as important as a lot of people, especially new agey sort of hipsters, tend to think they are. Like I've dated girls in the past or known people who are like, Oh my God, I interpret dreams for people and I I do this and I have all these books that show and it's like that to me is nonsense, but I'm not going to say that my dreams don't really affect me like I've I'll have dreams where when I wake up the rest of my day is fucked up just because of a dream I had and and it's it's simply because, dude, I read somewhere, I forget if it was a philosopher a scientist, had said that a dream or a hallucination is as real as any other experience to the person experiencing it, because the emotions and the heart rate, all that shit is is really happening. It's just that you know the the circumstances aren't necessarily real, but you go through that Shit, Dude. I mean so I definitely understand that but, like I said, I just don't put a lot of stock into meanings or deeper, you know, whatever translations of these things. But I definitely Tom Penny had it going on running down a dream, dude. I know, I I can't quote the rest of those lyrics. I don't know exactly how it goes, but but yeah, yeah, I actually my band covers that song. It's funny. It's funny and you don't remember the word. I don't because I don't sing it, but I but I can play the shit out of the baseline. You know, I did pick up a dream book recently, since I've been so, you know, concerned with them, and I got to have you ever dreamed about a chicken? Not that I can remember? Good, then you don't have an oedipis complex. Thank God. My dog died. Oh, oh, segue H wow, that's that's a real experience. I'm sorry to hear that, but, recalling the way you've talked about your dog in the past, I don't know how sorry I am. How how are you feeling about this day? I'm torn on it because I gave the dog away, so technically it wasn't my dog anymore. The whole deal with that was because I had so much disdain for my dog, as our listeners might know from previous episodes. I was like, I'm not giving my dog to best life it could have, and I knew another family that had multiple dogs. Love Dogs, and I thought, you know, if they're willing to have them, they should, they should take him because he'll be able to run free and be happy and all that good stuff. MMM, and so they did. So I was thankful for that. I was happy with that on occasion, as I got you know, cleaned up his stuff and get rid of his toys and everything. I felt a little sad, you know, is one of those things. I was the only person who took care of the dog to begin with. So, but anyway, over the holiday break I found out he got hit by a car, Oh my God, and died. Wow, and I really struggled with this because I was sad. But then like my inner dude, I guess I could call him, was like, book up, motherfucker's just a dog. Yeah, we bitched about the dog. You always complained about the dog. Can't go crying about the dog now. And I kind of had to accept that part be like yeah, I let him go. Yeah, not not into the street like these other people did, but I let him go to some other family. It wasn't my my responsibility anymore. Right, right, but it did bring a certain level of sadness and I definitely struggled with so. I didn't want to see him die. Yeah, man, I mean that's sad. I mean you you...

...had washed your hands of your dog, but you know, emotions are still there. There's residual fucking feelings for any living thing. You're human, you're not a fucking monster. You're not a robot. You feel, you have a much this is true. I do feel, but I usually don't feel for animals. I really don't. Yeah, I don't have that connection. We've talked about this in the past. For me, it's a pet, you know. And again, that's that's what went on in my mind at the time. was like, pets come and go, you know, don't fucking dwell on it. It is what it is, right, I mean, imagine if they didn't call you to tell you, you would have known. So right, that's true. Live and keep rocking and rolling, but I still still kind of little punch in the gut there, you know. Absolutely, Dude. Yeah, no, I'm you know, I'm always I'm an animal lover. So I'm sorry. I didn't know your dog. But you know, it's sad. But then again, you know, I'm sure a million dogs were hit by cars yesterday that I didn't know. So it is, you know, but you are I feel like it's it's good. It shows that use that you know, that the dog did make an impact on your life. Yeah, you know. Yeah, I didn't tell my son. Good, sure, you know. No, I never wanted to like kind of like deal with the whole pet death things. That's another good thing about giving the dog away. Yeah, I'm like, well, I will have to deal with that. And of course I've had the opportunity now to process my emotions over Bonga as a dog lingo. That's right, Bonga and see, yes, he was a pain in my motherfucking ass. So well, a pain in the ass no more. When Cameron was in the gypts, my camera, photos, photo appear into my soul. You are a snapshot of the Sublime Photo. They last forever. They printed on your mind. Photos. You know, I'm a parrot and a lot of parents out there take videos of everything their kid does. I've said this in the past where it's in like Oh, he's eating a grape, take a video of him eating a grape. Yeah, but I stopped and thought about that for a second. I almost felt guilty. I was like, you know, maybe I should take more videos so my key can look back, you know, like a home movie or whatever. Right, and those are all fine and Dandy, but I think photos are the perfect form of like a snack sized entertainment, right, meaning you can take a photo and you can easily look at it for one second or you could look at it for ten hours, right, depending on how much you enjoy that photo. Right. We're in videos. You kind of more committed to sitting and watching something for, you know, predetermined amount of time. That's true. So I defended my own stance and I felt better about it. I'm like, well, okay, so later on in life, if my case is dad, why didn't you take more videos of me at my baseball game? White as fucking twenty pictures. I'm going to give them that reason. He might look at me like I'm a complete asshole, which in many ways could in fact be true, but I really do believe photos are the best ways to capture your memories in life. Yeah, well, there were a great invention, man. Think about back in the day when people had to when you know, I was listening to something recently where they were talking about how the old pictures, how nobody was ever smiling in those old like eighteen hundreds factors or whatever, and they said that the main reason was because it took so long for a picture to actually like now it's you click and it's done. Back then they literally for the for the image to be exposed onto the film or whatever it was like you had to sit there for like minutes on ends and people just didn't feel comfortable smiling for that long. Nobody, I don't think, back in the eighteen hundred smiled for longer than like fifteen seconds at a time because life was so miserable. So so to sit there with a smile for a three minutes while the picture that does sound terrible. And I once took a trip to fenway pack and I took a bus and there was a Japanese tourist on the bus, him and his wife, and she was taking fucking photos of everything. But I found humorous about it was, I mean the most obscure stupid things, like we're on the bus and there's like stand up, take a picture. He wouldn't smile. And then, you know, I saw him outside of the ballpack in the they were doing the same thing, like stand by the statue. He wouldn't smile. Yeah, and I'm like what's The fucking point of this guy taking eight hundred pictures if he doesn't crack a smile in any of them? None of them. Yeah, here's me being sad over here, here's me being morose over in the bus. Here's me, yeah, it's not even a rose. It's like I exist. Yeah, I once existed. In this moment in time, here I am, you know, and I don't have to be happy about it. And he could have been happy about it. Maybe he's just very businesslike kind of guy. Maybe had a shitty smile. Yeah, why would you take them all time? Why would you take pictures of yourself smiling all the time if you have an ugly smile? You know, some people let's keep some people have ugly smiles, you know. True, you could have had some rotted chiclets up in there. You know, I didn't even consider it because I never saw him open. His mouth. Was Right, right. Maybe...

...that's why. Or maybe at the wife was just overbearing. I can understand that too. Maybe it's tired to take a fucking pictures. Yeah, like just one is fine, baby. Yeah, I'm making me take a picture next to the bus driver, then next to the the coin collector, the little token thing, and then, I mean it was literally everywhere, like he could have, I don't know, ted a shoelaces and she's like, Oh, take up picture if you tie your shoelaces. So poor bastard. But yeah, imagine his funeral when they put up all the photos and stuff, this is stone face, fucking guy. Yeah, everywhere. I mean you could have been like by the Pyramids of Egypt's yeah, that would be weird if all the pictures were of him looking like that and then when you looked in the open coffin at his wake he was like some for some reason they made him smiling in the coffin. So it's like the opposite of user. But Hey, if anybody out there has the opinions on any of the things that we've talked about thus far, you can always hit us up on twitter at selling out show or shoot us a line via selling out show at GMAILCOM. Maybe you're a video guy. Maybe you want to defend your stance of taking a hundred videos off your kid fucking, I don't even know, stumbling over myself, falling down the stairs, I don't know, but any of these things, dreams, whatever, terrible TV show, it doesn't matter. You can talk about your cat. Yes, we want to hear from you. We want to hear from you, so make sure you drop us a line and follow us on twitter please. Hemp bombs nate, we have a new partner in the form of ww dot hemp Bombscom, the makers of a variety of CBD products. They were kind enough to send us a bunch of samples and, Holy Calaman, I am enjoying the dickens out of him. How about yourself? I as well am enjoying them, and I I'm specifically enjoying the CBD oil drops. 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Shittier years that I've referenced. Ad Nase you on this show. But but yeah, I I was thinking about how dreams specifically sometimes could be disturbing and effective when you have good dreams. It's not always just bad, disturbing dreams, right, because I remember specifically this period where I had some rough times where I was I was homeless. I was staying at a shelter in the nice weather. I would actually occasionally sleep outside. I do it. It was bad, it was like. But but the funny thing was, I say it was bad because objectively, this is a bad thing. You're homeless, you have nowhere really stay. But when I wash. This was like I was in my early S. I was young, I was healthy and it was almost kind of, I don't want to say an adventure, but, dude, it was summertime. I'd sleep out in a park if I didn't want to sleep in the stinky shelter with all these people. Because, to get back to the dream thing, I noticed I would sleep in the shelter and I would have good dreams about the the positive days. Like, say, I'd be dreaming about hanging out with some old friends or being with, you know, and again ex girlfriend or something where it was positive memories. And then I remember specifically like having this really good dream and then waking up to the sound of a homeless guy next to me farting so loud it woke me up and him up, and he like looked at me like was that you were me? I'm like, God, I think it was you, dude, but uh, yeah, but but imagine that offended. was he like how dare you know? I think he just kind of laughed at off and I'm like, dude, I was just having this dream of like how good my life was a handful of years ago, and it's almost like that was more disturbing because then you're waking up to the nightmare, you know what I mean? Like not to get too dark, but it was like but anyway. So, so, those times you do and I was when I was kind of going through that homeless period. There was I don't know, I just I started thinking about this this time where I was I was going to work a day every day. You know, I didn't, I couldn't hold down a real job, so I would go to this workaday place where they'd find you labor jobs for the day. You'd work like, yeah, hours and get a shitty check for like under fifty dollars. I get hours or work or whatever, but it was enough to go. Yeah, I wasn't that the keys in hall skin about the boots? Yeah, yeah, that's all. Okay, ladies, we're gonna eat twelve guys today. You you are steel toe boots. Yeah, yeah, Dat. I'd work at this workaday and I noticed there would be this co worker that would always be on the same jobs as me and and he looked familiar, you know, he was somebody that I'm like, I've probably seen him around either on the streets with me or a done time. So maybe I'd seen him in jail or whatever and dude, I I one day he was after work. He's like, Dude, I got you know, I got. I forget if you got like an SSI check on top of his work, a day check that day, whatever it was. He was like. He's like, nate, you want who you know? You want to go? I'll get a hotel for the night and will will get high for that way. We don't, because he was, I believe, bouncing around and crashing in the shelter and stuff too. So so it's like yeah, man, we'll get a hotel. He was offering to get me high for the night. You know, dude, wow, some coke, do some dope whatever. So all in yeah, man, I'm down. So we get a cab and the funny thing was the cab driver kind of hurt us talking. The CAB driver ended up hooking us up, which was interesting in itself. Things were just kind of aligning that night. It's like where we're going to get our coke, and the cab drivers like, Oh, you need coke, I got you. So yeah, wow, hey, lucky, you perfect. So he brings us to the hotel and, dude, it's interesting, like I didn't know the guy that well, but we're in the hotel room and for our listeners who don't do a lot of cocaine, especially smoking it or injecting it, you get really quiet. You're not really talkative and friendly when you're doing you you do. You do a blast, a cook and you're like looking out the windows. You're kind of like you're not talking if somebody makes a noise, like because you think fucking cops or aliens or hair and are coming. Yeah, whatever it is. So so it's all awkward in the room and, and I mean eventually, I calmed down with some dope. We call it landing gear. When you're all geeked out from coke and you need to come down a little comfortably, you do a shot of heroin in the call it landing gear because it's like you come down easier. So Anyway, I'm on my hotel bed, he's over there on his and I'm, you know, in my own world. I'm either watching TV, whatever I was doing, and I happen to look over at this dude on his bed and dude, I don't know. First of all, he's looking at a magazine. I don't even know where he got the magazine if he just carried around with him or because he didn't stop at a store. But I noticed he's got a Porno magazine on the yeah, he's this is the days before cell phone porn and whatnot, so worse, right. Yeah, so he's looking at a magazine and Dude, he's openly masturbating on the bed... to me, like the bed is, you know, under five feet from my bed, you know, and he's just like not even concerned with the fact that I'm that I'm next to him, you know, and when I looked over, he didn't even acknowledge that I had looked over. It's not like he was like, oh, sorry, you know, he just kept going and never asked permission. You never said Hey, buddy, you might if I just rub one out right. Not at all. Heard like the Fok fuck folking turned over and, oh Jesus, apparently, because I don't know if he felt entitled because he had he had to be honest, and this is probably what kept me from getting freaked out. or well, aside from the fact that I was so geeked out on coke that I really didn't want to move much from where I was. But looking over and I was just like, well, he did pay for all my shit that night. He paid for the hotel room. Like he's not asking me to do anything. He's not like sexually assaulting me or anything like that. So I'm like, you know what, do a thing, man. I'm sure if somebody, I'm sure if somebody saw me shooting whatever drugs I was doing, they'd think that was dirty and gross. So I'm like, how am I going to judge this dude? Whatever, he should have gone in the bathroom, but it is what it is. You wanted to be comfortable on his bed that he paid for. So I'm like whatever, I let you know. He finished, he did his thing. Apparently I didn't. I didn't witness him finish. You know, I was I was just kind of like pretendant, observing. Yeah, I pretended he was, you know, not there. Did my own thing. And then it's interesting. I'm thinking about it, I'm like, I remembered that image of him master being made me remember where I knew him from. I when I had done time. I used to work in the kitchen. I think I've mentioned this on the podcast in the past. Yeah, sure, and and when I worked in the Chow Hall. The different blocks would come through and get their food and we'd slap their shit on their tray as they walked by. And when the dude I remembered him from the protective custody, the block that would come through, the the block full of rats and skinners and whatnot, and in it made perfect sense. I'm like, Aha, I used to see that dude come through line and it's funny. He was wearing these trademark aviator glasses with like a red tint. That was very like memorable like that as I and he was wearing them in the hotel like while we'd work together. So you'd think. I was like where do I know this dude with the red tinted aviator glasses from? Given sounds right, and he had a like a porn stash cheesy mustache. I'm like, this dude look like a sex offender and how did I not realize? So He is, and here I am at a hotel with a sex offender, this dude I'd spent hundreds of dollars that night to get us both high. I'm not comfortable that I hung out with a sex offender. Don't know, of course, not right. And and I've never hung out with him since that night, but it's just interesting how paths can cross in unexpected ways. Because, Oh and another just a little addendum to that, is that when I thought about, like this Dude's master being next me, this asshole, you know he's somehow, you know he's like it's offending me. I thought about all the times when the PC block would come through chow and we would add a little like cup of urine to their juice or whatever we Tain't somehow Tain't their food, and I thought about I'm like, you know what I can get. I can live with this dude masturbating in front of me after all this shit I probably did to his food. You know, I don't. Granted, I don't know what this kid, this guy did to be a sex offender. He could, I mean, he could have just pissed in public and been called a sex offender or whatever, or ended up in the skinner block because he was a rat. I don't know, buddy, the red glasses and porn stash and I'm not able to keep from masturbating in front of someone like that. Seems like you're having trouble controlling urges. You know what I'm saying like so, so, yeah, man, I or he could have said you, Hey, can you go in the bathroom for a few minutes? I guess I'm not going to try here, right here. And it's blew a whole bunch of money on cocaine in a hotel right. Or Hey, nate, you want to run down to the store? Here's twenty bucks. Go get me some liquor or whatever. And while I'm gone, do you think like? There are plenty of ways you could have he could have handled this, you know, but but he didn't. And and it is what it is. I spent a night no hotel room with the sex offender and and he masturbated in front of me and and it is what it is. But so he might have drank your piss. You could possibly drink your piss in prison. That's true. Our Stars somehow aligned in a few ways. But you know, that's not my proudest moment, you know, obviously, but right, you know. But there's there's a lot of others. I mean, I I can go into some other things, but talking about dreams made me think of the dreams in the shelter and which brought me to this. And I'm not going to go into my whole train of thought, but you know, yeah, like you said, it was a low period for you. You were homeless at the time and, you know, still addicted to drugs. Were in someone off as you a bunch of Free Shit. You don't say no,...

...dude, and you said you want to tie it into the dreams, with the whole thought, but I would ask you if you had sweet dreams at night in the hotel room. But I know you didn't sleep. Yeah, I didn't sleep well at all that night, to be honest with you, but you could have. Could it have been the cocaine? It could have been a mix between the cocaine and having a sex offender sleeping less than five feet from me. But as a clincher, yeah, definitely clinch up when you know that person's within five feet of you. Yes, sir, but man. Yeah, so my life get is more and more of an open book to these listeners as as we go on, but I will have no secrets after a while. You know, day from the selling out show, here to tell you about spunk loob. Spunk loube is a multi award winning mover can't use by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in hybrid pure silicone, natural and pick spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients and is non stating, hypoellogenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love life with spun right now. SPUNK LOUBE is by three, get one free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A high end product for an affordable price. Is it spunk loubecom today and you can thank me later. Dust off your lps. It's time for nate. No, no. So the talented artists can express things in a way that has the power to affect the lives of others. Maybe they have a way with words that just makes us look at things in a new way, or they create a persona for themselves that ends up being compelling to the general public to the point where we just want to know as much as we can about them. Obviously, this can be a double edged sword to many celebrities. They want recognition for their work, they may want adulation in love, but occasionally that can turn poisonous and fame can be a sort of curse where an artist ends up pounded by Paparazzi or over zealous fans who want more invasive access into their private lives. It's got to be weird just trying to live your life and people who don't really know you feel like they do. It's a fine line getting really personal in in the details of your art and lyrics. I I feel like the best art comes from personal introspection, but there are a lot of cases where confused fans and up feeling a personal connection with their idols, and we are all aware of stories where that stuff goes bad quickly, like look at the quote relationship between Mark David Chapman and John Lennon, or the story of borks. would be assassin Ricardo Lopez, who started as a loving fan, but somewhere that line got blurred in his head and his feelings led him to kill himself, but not before sending an armed acid bomb to the object of his unrequited affections, and Icelandic recording artist that he had never actually met. It's a tricky business letting people into your private life through your art. However, that's often the most evocative material. Sure, there are great fiction authors who can instill emotions through completely made up characters and situations, but often it's that raw emotional honesty that resonates with me, and I've never seriously contemplated stalking any of my favorite artists, so that's a good thing. I simply appreciate when an artist gets real and even shows some human vulnerability, and a few artists have let us in on the most vulnerable of moments, namely writing about their own mortality. One of my favorite authors, and really just one of my favorite people, was author, news contributor and formidable debater Christopher Hitchens. He was a staunch atheist and ruthlessly debated religious figures and criticized sacred cows like Mother Teresa and Gandhi for their true actions, instead of just perpetuating the holier than now facades of these fallible historical figures. He was a formidable warrior on the side of science and reason and an enemy of superstition and religious dogma to the end. And at the end, when his voice was being ravaged by the cancer in his throat and he could no longer physically engage in public debate, he continued to write. He began his final book, mortality, when he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and kept writing until the end. The book follows the course of his treatment, starting from the day he first went to the doctor after waking up feeling literally like death, worn and over and continues and passages and entries as things progress in his health declines, all...

...the while letting us in on his inner thoughts and struggles. He writes until he literally can no longer do so, and because of that the ending is a bit abrupt and anticlimactic, kind of like most realistic endings. It's a powerful book, especially to those of us who looked up to the man. Warren Zevon was a super talented songwriter with a biting, sarcastic wit that came out in a lot of his music. Those not familiar with his name may still know his songs, which include lawyer's guns and money and werewolves of London. But the guy had a long career an impressive body of work far beyond those couple hits. At the end, Warren was diagnosed with Mesothelioma and rather than spend his last days in painful or incapacitating treatment, he decided to put a cap on his legacy by writing one last album. That album, called the wind, includes guest spots from everyone from Bruce spink Bruce Springsteen to Tom Petty Joe Walsh to Emmy Lou Harris and a lot more. A documentary was made during the recording sessions and David Letterman featured Zevon as the only guest for an entire one hour episode of the late show, where he performed and spoke openly about his illness. After Zvon died, the wind was nominated for five grammys and one two. It was powerful, a powerful final statement, that is from such a talented prolific artist. And speaking of talented prolific artists, I have to bring up a true legend of our time. David Bowie began his career playing catchy folk pop rock stuff that was all great in its own right, but really only hinted at the genius of his subsequent years of output. Bowie was an enigmatic artist who pushed boundaries and played with the idea of rock stardom along the way, inventing multiple stage personas and challenging the public's social sensibilities and prejudices. We could do a whole episode on Bowie. Dave and I are both huge fans, and for good reason. The man was a chameleon who managed to make music in the framework of many different styles throughout his decades long career, but there was always something inherently Bowie like in all of it. His voice literally and metaphorically shown through whether he was playing Glam Rock, soul music, synthpop, industrial, Drummond Bassin in so on. He had an awesome way of putting to words what his methods were all about. When it came to working in different styles and being influenced by four bears in each of the genre unras he dip his toes into, he basically said he would take all the metaphorical sawdust from the work of other artists who inspired him and use a little scotch tape to put it all together in his own way. Sadly, we lost this amazing talent a couple years ago to liver cancer, but in his usual creative, individual way, he found inspiration even in his impending demise. He hadn't revealed publicly that he was ill, but instead wrote one of his most interesting and experimental albums to date. He released the record called Black Star on January eighth, two thousand and sixteen and died two days later, leaving the public stunned, but with a final gift that continues to blow minds to this day. There are themes of mortality throughout the lyrics, mentions of looking down from heaven and references to sending a final message. The musical compositions alone are mind blowing. He was trying to veer completely away from traditional rock and roll, from what he reportedly discussed with the others he worked with on the record, there are synthetic beats and synthesizers, saxophone and artsy jazz passages, ambient soundscape type stuff. The whole thing is a really captivating listen, truly a worthy swan song of an album after such a storied and almost mythological lifetime of creativity. An interesting detail that was also kept secret until after the album had been released was that the artwork on the physical copies, which at first glance seems kind of minimalistic and fairly simple, held some secrets of its own. When you hold it up to a light source, the plane black field on the cover actually displays a field of stars, like in the night sky. There's also a weird effect where, if you reflect the light off of the vinyl record itself, the shine that hits the wall. Think of like when you fuck around with a friend by reflecting the sun off your watch or whatever into their eyes. Yeah, well, that reflection on the wall is in the shape of like a star on one side of...

...the record and on the other side with what is reportedly like a spaceship. It kind of looks like a bird flying, but it's it's definitely a cool shape. It's not apparent at first look, it's kind of cool. The Black Star on the cover of the album also glows a cool blue color when it's under a black light. Granted, the artwork may not have been physically done by Bowie himself, but it's still his album, and all these little secrets and whatnot add to the air of mystery and legend that surround his final work and the man himself. It's an impressive enough feat to continue to create unique works throughout multiple decades of one's life, to consistently provide people with thought provoking material and art that can be revisited over and over, but to be able to release a true finale to one's Ouvre and somehow be inspired even by mortality and death itself is a special kind of courage that not many possess. Did you get into Black Star? I know your big Bowie Fan, but I don't know if you like Black Star and all the little details that you brought up about the album. I had no idea until, I want to say, maybe five months later or something. Yeah, yeah, a lot of people didn't. And when you first heard the album on the day release and whatever, you're thinking, okay, this is cool, but you didn't really understand the whole meaning behind it. Right. Yeah, and then it's just so interesting, like he was able to keep like somebody such a public figure, was able to keep the details of his own illness so secret, and I feel like there's there's an element of, yeah, you want to keep your life private as a celebrity, but I almost feel like that was tied into the outle like I feel like he not only worked his death into his art, I almost feel like his life itself became a work of art at the end, you know what I mean, like he wanted Bowie was like this. He had all these, like I mentioned, characters that he would experiment with, whether it was ziggy start us to Laddin, Sane thin, my dude, great, yeah, all that stuff, and and and so it makes sense that his yeah, even at the end it's like there's references to to ziggy stardust. If you watch the video for the Song Black Star, there's there's references to ziggy start us, which which he mentioned throughout his career. If you listen that, there's the album ziggy stardust. Then there's ashes to ashes in the s where he mentions, you know, we all know major Tom's a junkie like to. Oh, I'm sorry, Major Tom, not ziggy start ust. I'm sorry, I'm confusing. Major Tom was the whole other shit. That's what you are man. I'm passionate, but I'm getting flu mixed here. So seeky start us was a character, but Major Tom was even before ziggy start ust. If you think about it, space oddity, which first referenced Major Tom, was before ziggy starts was even an idea. You know what I mean, like space oddity was I don't know, I'm sorry, I get so excited talking about boy. I know you do too. So yeah, totally, we could again. We could make episodes. An episode and we seem to talk about him and makes notes quite quite a bit because we're both just huge admirers of his work and how we did things. And you mentioned the Sawdust and Scotch tape. Yeah, and that's something I apply even in my own life where and sometimes you get frustrated if you're a creator anything. Well, this there's nothing original left and right. There isn't. But there doesn't have to be, do you know what I mean? And that's another he embraced to words like it doesn't have to be something brand fucking new as long as people believe it's new exactly, and and and it's not. It's yes, it's interesting that he did something totally new with existing genres. Yes, but totally his own. Once he get once he puts his fingerprints on it, it's definitely his own, because you can say, okay, he put out an album that's primarily drum and bass or jungle, the earthling album back in the S. yeah, but it's still a very bowie album, you know what I mean? It's still very much his own. And and yeah, before that there was the industrial period with the outside album, where he toured with nine inch nails and actually did music with Trent resider. Like he he's just somebody that stayed current, I feel like. And and there are detractors that will say, Oh, you know, he he just would latch onto whatever was popular at the time. I've heard those criticisms. But to me I'm like, he just saw a new Palette to play with and and and was like cool, you know, like I can play here now and and I see it as he stayed current and he did his own thing with with whatever was there. He worked with the tools that were around totally and at the ends, man, he he blew all our minds one final time and and I don't know, to me he continues to like I listen to Black Star. Just the other day, like when I was doing this, when I was writing this,...

I was just revisiting that album and it's dude, it's so amazing. Is and I think it's one of his best pieces of work. And and that's saying a lot, considering the freaking body as working. Yeah, who by Shit, man. But I find it interesting that you kind of did the polar opposites of guys who were in similar situations, with Warren Zevon, who openly admitted that he was ill. Yeah, and he didn't have a lot of time left. You mentioned the David Letterman thing. Yeah, devoting a whole episode to him, him basically saying this is it, buddies, this is what you get right, this is the album. While David Bowie was, in fact a shocker. That really, I caught me off God. I was like wait, what? And it's one of those things where he's an old he was an older guy. Yeah, so you always feel more sympathetic to people who are young. Right. It might have died in like more tragic circumstances, whether it be an overdose or whatever, but that one really impacted me hard, being such a big fan for a majority of my life. Absolutely, even though I will admit to you the one celebrity death that made me cry wasn't David Bowie, it was Stan Lee. Oh yeah, we stanley died. I sat there for a second and I got emotional, like cry a little bit. I'm a big softy, sure, and even now when I see something about Stanley on TV and he was ninety five, fucking yeah, still, it's like Grandpa or something. Right, it wasn't a tragedy, you know what I mean? Being it wasn't like a young person tragically dying, but he's somebody that, to be honest, touched our lives longer than Bowie. Like you, maybe we got into Bowie as teenagers. Stan Lee, you were reading Stan Lee's work since you were since you could read, you know what I mean, like like you were reading freaking comic book since you were a taught you know. So. And you brought up stalkers in the beginning of your nates notes. They're sure, and I've never been a stalker, but I came close. I tried, yeah, but I fail. Yeah, I failed. Is the sole a moonfry call? Oh, that's right, I remember I called up nine, not nine, one, one. She might have been called nine when when I called like one and I was like I need to remember for a sole lay moonfry Hollywood, California. I don't even know where she lived. I was just drunk, you know whatever, but I really want to give her a call be like hey, I think you're rat. But yeah, it just it just didn't pan out. They thought I was an idiot. They said they couldn't find the number and they hung up on sorry, you'll call cannot be completed as dial well, to unfamiliar listeners. So lay moonfry played punky brewster back in the S and you know she grew up into a buxom, attractive woman. And Yeah, I can understand why you were attracted to her. And and I think it's funny that, in a sort of drunk night, you did you were trying, you, you made a halfhearted attempt to contact yea contact her. You just dialed for one one and said Hey, what's Punky Brewster's number? Basically, that's basically what you did. So I don't think that's the same as mailing an acid bomb to bjork. But no, you know this is true. But I do remember actually saying your full name because I like I had nunciated. I was like so late, Moon Fry, because I want to make sure they understood me fully. I didn't want to see punky. Sure, sure, but I might have called or said Henry Warnamont. I get every one them on on the horn please. Yeah, yeah, where's comet? Is comment running around in the in the farm with the with Bunga Bu? Yeah, but we've had kind of a lot of kind of some dark topics today, but I feel like overall it's it's it's just showing that we can be affected by so many different things. It's not necessarily bad. It's like we, you know, we whether it's bad dreams or having a good dream in waking up to a shitty period in your life, it's all, or or being affected by an artist in their death. It's just it really just kind of shows you the beauty of life and that like to be able to be touched and and feel some real feelings. Man, I know personally as someone who numbed my feelings for years with drugs and didn't want to be didn't want to feel shit, it's like it does kind of feel good to be affected by things like this, whether it's Yetta, you know, and and it's rough, you know. Yeah, when you're going through it sometimes, yeah, I can I can hear your hesitation. But but but to just kind of put a cap on this thing, man, I just I feel like if someone can affect your life in that way or you can feel those kind of feeling, I don't know as, like I said, as an x addict or whatever, and I get you. I feel like I get you. It's powerful, dude, it is. It is powerful. I understand what you're coming from because I also numb myself with alcohol for so fun and long. Yeah, just to like, you know, forget how shitty life was or whatever. But now I cry at like the ending of Paddington, totally exactly, and I'm a forty year old man and cheering up, you know, watching a movie with my kid or or like the stupidest shit. I fucking cry over now and I'm like, am I even do I even have bles? What's going on here? I don't even know. But is that a good thing or a bad thing? Well, I have it's all in perspective. But I want to I want to end this on a happy thing. You know, I'm not...

...trying to rush things, but I'm I definitely have to get moving soon, so I wanted to see first before you go, this is the most depressing episode of selling outever. You want to say that basic and to lift things up. What do you get to cheer us up here, Buddy? Um, I don't know. I want to rainbows and Nice cream and N acorn Fars. Well, I'm to be positive. I'm playing a show tomorrow with some friends. That'll be good and I don't know. I appreciate the listeners and definitely happy about our new sponsor, the hemp bombs and their CBD magic. I'm yes, that's a positive thing to talk about, and so I'll leave it to you, Dave. You're you're the type of dude that likes to wrap these up, so I'll let you say. I will wrap it up by telling everybody virtual hugs for all of you. We appreciate you listening. We thank you for it because without you guys, we don't have a show. We're just a couple guys crying at stupid movies in the death of celebrities. So anyway, thanks again for all of that. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out. He in burmary media. Girl Scout Cookie inspired flavors are now at Duncan. When the spirit of the girl Scouts Meets Duncan Coffee, it's easy to get a delicious cup of can do then. Mince and coconut caramel flavors are here to help you tackle your day. Grab a medium Lotte or Cappuccino for two dollars from two to six PM and take on whatever lies ahead. America runs on Duncan. The Girls Scouts name trade mark and also seeded trademarks and logo types, including the thin mince marker owned by girl scouts of the US a limited time off. Participation may vary. Exclusions apply. Four bills, three bills, two bills, one. At first Commonwealth Bank, we make it simple to consolidate your bills into one easy payment with a home equity line of credit at a special one point nine percent Apr. Find out more in person or at FC Bankingcom. One point nine percent introductory APR for six months. That Adju to a variable rate based in Wall Street Journal primary plus or minus a margin with a mini memory to four point four nine percent and a maximum ry of eighteen percent. Offer subject to change or withdrawal at any time. Called one hundred seven. One, one, two, two, six, five for details about credit costs and terns. Equal housing lender member FDIC.

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