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Episode 18 · 2 years ago

Ep.#18 Hot Air


There's just too much to talk about these days, so we're moving away from a single topic episode this time around and touching upon multiple subjects in a way that suits our society's shorter attention span...including our own! On the docket are dreams and their effects on our waking lives, a ridiculous new singing competition show of sorts that now pollutes our airwaves, ambivalence about the death of a pet, the importance of photographs, plus an old story of getting a bit too personal with a registered sex offender. Nate's Notes rounds out the episode with a tribute to some artists who found inspiration in their own impending death. Cheerful stuff, Nate!
1:48- The Masked Singer
7:20- A look at dreams and their effects
12:45- A four-legged farewell
16:12- Photography fandom
24:31- A night to FORGET
35:50- Nate's Notes (Brilliance of Blackstar)
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Hey I'm Maurice as a barber, you mightthink my sissors are my main tool, but really it's metro. That's where I gotmy eye. Pom Severn its camera makes sharing my cuts as simple as snit snapchair right now get an iphone seven with a camera that shoots four K forjust forty nine. Ninety nine, when you switch to the number one brands inPREPA, O metroby Te Mobile Rule your day require port in a Vilato number.Not cary has to ant to move worwar afte on atral past man, Dins Anderpetition,Pitn, independent AE, an t, Bor, porcouts, Hach, housle terd to ee bytion seven model, ony Aees, wor, O o Tosand, ten conmisions yeah man. Youdream about chickens. It means you want to fuck your parents, formaeediayou were now tintothe sellingout aution. What it does is: reeaches Indow, abrain chemically o Kec your happiest memory, chemically n, lock, O thatemotion, preased it chemically, and then it Keepyo, happyhappy, Allo, hello, hello and welcome to theselling out show. I am one of your holist David shows. We have a great oneplan fyou today with a whole bunch of topics to talk about and by my side ismy good pal nate Gorzzinsky enate Nice gams thanks man, I'm proud of Hemthey're are youn men. They go all the way up, as as old perverts in theeighties used to say, like I cover Hem with ankles socks andflipflocks, I the old fogi style. I actually stole that from a moon. LOWYEA,one movie Ha, do you remember the movie? May Yes, I loved May udjid as the filmfrom two thousand and two. I guess it's a horror move. Yes, you have reallybeautiful legs. I thought they were gams. GAM, stamswheels, R verstly I want to discuss. Is I've beensubjected to some of the most oily disgusting worst television of all timeand Yououd? Think from previous episodes? Listening to me speak I hitthe pinnacle of just crummy TV, but you know what there's more of the mountainto Clim, Oh yeah or or there's more distance to fall. If you WAN, if youwant to get on yeah more appropriately, have you ever heard of this show calledthe masked singer. You know it's funny like I I I saw like a little preview,but other than that. I I have no interest in it, so I'm not familiarfamiliar, but it's an important show just like Mostar. I think it wasJapanese or something, but now it's here in the states and uh there's fourjudges and the contestants hare dressed up in costumes, unicorns monsterswhatever, so you can't see their face and they come out and sing a ditty andthe judges are supposed to guess or you know who they believe the singer.Ishmlike are the singers celebrities or is it like? I don't I don't quiteunderstand the you know what I mean like are celebrities coming in andsubjecting themselves to like wearing silly costumes and shit. Yes, yes,supposedly, okay, I'm going to play a clip from the the commercial right nowbecause you know listen. I don't want to make this advertisement for theShokee me tell you how terrible the show is, but at the same time, if youhave not suffered like I have at least you kindof have an idea on what's goingon here. So let's play that real quick. So I can KINDOF SCAR, everybody elseout there and the freewar sounds good anuary, a top secret celebity singingcompetition. Everyone ask there's something incredibly special aboutyouythe mask singer, so is messing with my mind: Are you abasketball placer one by one celebrities will beeliminated and revealed, so this is Ta Gist of the show rightwhat they just said. You got these host robins thick Um, Jenni mccathy. Howdoes she even get on a show? Now? I have no idea. I thought she was famouslike twenty five years ago, plus Shewas like one of those anti boxers. I thinkthe paxers yeah antive Naceryeah, and then they got Kenjong Hol. I thinke is moderately funny yeah, even though, even though his skicky is kindo likesilly like I'm the little nurdy guy and he plays it out, Ande, bugies orwhatever, and then there was a girl from the pushy cat dolls who, I can'tremember her her name, but here's the...

...problem right. You hear that commercialand someone like me. I I want to think I'm above, like subliminal messaging orbeing hooked in by advertisers. Unfortunately, my wife is a completeopposite. She sees a commercial and she gos. Oh Wow. I've got to watch this, so the NIEO is on and I'm sure there'sbeen a few episodes since then, but I only watched the premier. She was like.Oh Dame come on, come on, you GOTNA, miss it you're gon, no, miss it and I'mlike Oh you're, going to be fucking kidding me. She really wants me to go,sit down and watch this fucking thing and I'm a loving guy, I'm a goodhusband. I I did just that. The problem is, is so overly produced cheesy and Imentioned earlier how the hosts or the judges rather are trying to guess whatcelebrity it could be. MHM they're, so Olt landish they might as ell, be like.Oh that's, Bob Dyllin or O Shit. That's ellvhis! PRESSON! U, like you said,like ond celebrities, subject themselves to wearing costumes. I mean,if you're, really famous, why even bother I know d like that seems Liklike I I understand I I'm getting this sense that the judges themselves, likeyou, mentioned Jennie McCarthy. You mentioned some of these people thatthey aren't at the peak of their celebrities. So I understand that, butbut the ones that are coming into sing like what what sort of level are you atwhere, like I said, you're dressing up like a furry or fricking mascot from aa Shitty Japanese baseball hondage to yeah. You know like very interestinginteresting. I am not Injo, not an I'm. Sorry, I'm not interested at all aswhat I must say. Yet we do not promote this show in any shape or form. All Ican say is this is one of the worst things I've ever watched. I watchd theentire hour of it and, of course it's one of those things where they're gonto reveal who one of the mass singers are at the end and to spoil it foreverybody 'cause. I hope you don't watch it anyway. The first singer wasAntonio Brown wh. I know you're not familiar with, but the wide receiverfrom the Pittsburgh stalers and it it was a terrible song and there's evenone she's dressed like a unicorn and they ket clues like who they could beand they're vague, but she says that she was raised in beverly, hills grewup, rich and no one could believe she would ever have a singing career andpeople always put her down. So this is her chance to show the world she couldsink. She sang like shit like fucking out of garbage and th. I thought tomyself. Okay, you fucking loaded, you had rich parents or whatever, but youcould just make an album. Everybody does no one has any talent anymore.Through? U Know People going on sound clouds. Just putting up their own shit,anybody can record nowadays due right B, cause she's trying to do the sympathything where I on no one believes in me and the crowd goes ow and the judges goaw and I just cry: Bolshit get the fuck off the stage. I just want to snatch mytv into a million pieces. Recently. Dreams have been really fucking me up.Dude they've been fucking, you up. It's weird like I had a dream where and Iknow no one wants to hear someone else's dreams. You mention this toMEFOR preshow yeah. I just I wasn't trying to be cruel. I for the LISTENINSDay was coming up to me and saying you know I. I I've had Thi tream that Iwanted to discuss on the show, and I remember a stand up comic at one pointsaying: There's nothing more boring than hearing someone else describetheir dream to you, because it's always impactful or whatever to the dreamer,but it's full of shit from the dreamers life and emotions are are subjective soto a listener. It's not going to sound great. It's always like you know. Youwere there, but you had, you know Jim's head, so it was really fucked up and,and it was making me sad for some reason and- and you know it's just youknow to the person listening- it's Kinda Likecan, I I can nd I'm not goingto do that to Yo. Okay, I'm going to talk about the after effect, because atmy age, I'm forty years old and now when you have a bad dream, it's almostlike an omen. Yeah, you worry when you wake up, and I had this really vividdream of an ex girlfriend to the point where I I woke up k ND shook. I textedyou about Im like man. That was really messing with my mind and I looked herup, but I haven't even thought about her, and God knows how long just to seeif she was still alive M, I'm like. Why would I have such a deep dream, likejust I guess, a nightmare about this person unless something bad happened tothem? Well, maybe because your mind was bored, I feel like dreams of just yourmind being bored and taking all these images and concepts that you'refamiliar with in making a movie for you. So to me dream I don't know, there'sall these dream, dictionaries and dream. You know whatever book songs that I'venever bought into it. Wellon Christmas Eve. I had another dream again, nodetails here, but I woke up and I couldn't breathe. It was terrifying. Iactually stood up, ran o the bathroom gasping for airs. If I was underwater,I know, and I'm like Oh shit, am I going to die on Christmas Eve. That'sgoing to look really great on my tombstone and it took a couple ofminutes of me. Just you know, being a... out of water, there t to finallycalm down M and relax and I'm like if a dream can have that much of an impacton me. I'm in some big trouble, yeah well yeah. You know if you're in dangerof Yeah Dying for D I've mentioned before how I you know we pulled musclesin our sle. You were talking about that before and were you know, there'smultiple ways to die. Just in your sleep as you get older, apparently youknow we're. We are vulnerable people now that we're getting older. Well, Iused to think that when I was a kid like old folks that pass away and theirsleep, that's why they died. They probably had a like a really nastynightmare and just couldn't handle it. They fell in their Dreamang. When youdie in a dream, you die in real life, yoveits Bady th. You go it's like Fredycurgers out there or Sothing, but no it really did it shook me and I was like Ireally don't want to fucking Croak and I definitely don't want to Croak thatway. Waking up unable to breathe so not cool man, not cool at all, fuck.You Dreams, I'm glad! You're! OK, Dave! I'm glad this! This dream didn't, killyou N and I'm glad the the X that you mentioned is h, apparently still aliveand well, although I haven't heard from her or talk to her in decades at thispoint, but you know yeah well, that would have been whatever yeah you knowis what it is, but at the same time, if you have something that I don't knowjust vivid, you think something seriously happend so well. Do don't getme wrong, like dreams, dreams can really affect you. I mean I. I knowthat I I know I I constantly wake up, like my dreams are very vivid, I'm notsaying that I'm not affected by them and I'm not a I mean I. I definitelyhave the outlook that they're not as serious or as important as a lot ofpeople, especially new age sort of hipsters, tend to think they are likeI've dated girls in the past are known people who are like. Oh, my God. Iinterpret dreams for people and I I do this and I have all these books thatsho like that to me is nonsense, but I'm not going to say that my dreamsdon't really affect me like I've, I'll I'll, have dreams where, when I wake upthe rest of my day is fucked up just because of a dream I had and and it'sit's simply because I read somewhere, I forget if it was a philosopher, ascientist had said that a dream or a hallucination is as real as any otherexperience to the person experiencing it, because the the emotions in theheart rate, all that shit is, is really happening. It's just that. You know thethe circumstances aren't necessarily real, but you go through that shit dudeI mean so. I definitely understand that. But, like I sai, I just don't put a lotof stock into meanings or deeper. You know whatever translations of thesethings, but I definitely ham penny. Had it going on running down a dream Dude,I know I I I can't quote the rest of those lyrics. I don't know exacy how itGoe, but but yeah. Actually my band covers that song. It's funny Um, it'sfunny and you don't remember the word. I don't because I don't sing it, butbut I can play the shit out of the baseline. You know I did pick up a dream bookrecently, since I've been so now concerned with them- and I got have youeven dreamed about a chicken, not that I can remember good, then youdon't have an edipis complex. Thank God. My dog died, oh SEGUEA, ow. That'sthat's a real experience, I'm sorry to hear that. But recalling the way you'vetalked about your dog in the past, I don't know how sorry I am how how areyou feeling about this day, I'm torn on it because I gave the dog away sotechnically it wasn't my dog anymore. The whole deal with that was because Ihad so much disdain from a dog as listeners might know from previousepisodes. I was like I'm not giving my dog the best life it could have man. Iknew another family that had multiple dogs, Love Dogs, and I thought you knowif they're walling to have 'em they sh they should take 'em, because he'll beable to run free and be happy and all that good stuff mm, and so they did so.I was thankful for that. I was happy with that on occasion, as I got, youknow, cleaned up his stuff and get rid of his toys and everything I felt alittle sad. You know T it was one of those things. I was the only person whotook care of the dog to begin with so but anyway, over the holiday break. Ifound out he got hit by a car- Oh my God and died wow, and I reallystruggled with this because I was sad but then, like my inner dude, I guess Icould call him was like book up mother Fucker, it's just a dog H, hes, pitchedabout the dog. You always complain about the dog can't go crying about thedog now and I kinda had to accept that part it'd be like yeah. I let him gonot not into the street. Like these other people did, but I let him go tosome other family. It wasn't my my responsibility, anymorebutbut. It didbring a certain level of sadness that I I definitely struggled with. So Ididn't want to see him Diei. Ah Man, I mean that's sad. I mean y. You hadwashed your hands of your dog, but you...

...know, emotions are still there. There'sresidual fucking feelings for any living thing: You're, you're, humanyou're, not a fucking monster, you're, not a robot, you feel wel. This is true.I I do feel by. I usually don't feel for animals. I really don't yeah. Idon't have that connection. We've talked about this in Thea. For me, it'sa pet. You know and again that's that's. What went on in my mind at the time waslike H, pets come and go. You know, don't fuck and dwell on it. It is whatit is. Raer I mean imagine if they didn't call you to tell you. Oiwouldn't have known so ri e lets. Jip Live and keep rock ind Rond, but Istill still kindo little punch in the gut there. You know absolutely do yeah,no, I'M! You know, I'm always I'm an animallover. So I'm sorry, I didn't know your dog, but you K W it's sad, but thenagain you know, I'm sure a million dogs were hit by cars yesterday that Ididn't know so it is you know, but you are. I feel like it's it's good. Itshows that you that you know tha. The dog did make an impact on your life yeah. I didn't tell my son O Sur O. I Inever wanted to like kind of like deal with l, the whole pet death things.That's another good thing about giving the dog away I'm like well, I won'thave to deal with that. Of course, I I've had the opportunity now to process my emotions over Boga as a dogLan lets Ri Ungn S. Yes, he was a pain ind. My mother, fucking ass, so well apain in the ASS. No more camern was anges. Amron go moto te appear into my soul. You are asnamshon onthe, sublime modothey last for rever, they printit on your mindand Botos. You know I'm I'm a parent and a lot of parents out there takevideos everything their kid does. I I I've said this in the passwore. It's SA,like oh he's, eating a grape take a video of him. You Hank it Grat, but Istopped and thought about that for a second I was fell guilty. I was likeyou know. Maybe I should take more videos, so, like ki can look back, youknow like a whole movie or whatever, and those are all fine and Danny. But Ithink photos are the perfect form of like a snacksize entertainment right,meaning you can take a photo and you could easily look at it for one secondor you could look at it for ten hours, depending on how much you enjoy thatphoto right, wherein videos you're kind of more committed to sitting andwatching something, for you know a predetermined amount of time. That'strue! So I defended my own stance and I felt better about it. I'm like okay, solater on in life. If my kide says dad, why didn't you take more videos of meat my baseball game? Whi Jus fucking twenty pictures I'm going to give himthat reason. He might look at me like I'm a complete asshole, which in manyways could in fact be true, but I really do believe. Bhotos are thebest ways to capture your memory is in life yeah. Well, they were a greatinvention, man think about back. In the day when people had to. When you know II was listening to something recently where they were talking about how theold pictures, how nobody was ever smiling in those old like eighteen,hundreds, jurs or whatever, and they starte it. The main reason was becauseit took so long for a picture to actually like now it's y click- andit's done back then they literally for the for the image to be exposed ontothe film or whatever it was like. You had to sit there for like minutes onends and people just didn't feel comfortable smiling for that alonnobody.I don't think back in the eighteen hundred smiled for longer than likefifteen seconds. At a time, 'cause life was so miserable Soso to sit therewheth, they smile for three minutes, while the picture that does soundterrible and I I once took a trip to fenway pack and I took a bus and therewas a Japanese tourist on the bus him and his wife and she was taking fuckingphotos o everything, but I found humorous about it was I mean the mostobscure stupid things like we're on the bus and jits like stand up, take apicture, he wouldn't smile, and then you know I saw him outside ofthe ballpack. They were doing the same thing like stand by the statue. Hewouldn't smile, yeah and Ke. What's The fucking point of this guy taking eighthundred pictures if he daesn't crack a smile in any of them? Yea. Here's mebeing sad over here. Here's me being Moros over in the bus. Ese Me it's not even arosit's like I existyeah. I once insisted in this moment in time here I am you know, and I don'thave to be happy about and he could have been happy about. It. Maybe he'sjust a very businesslike kindo gus maybe had a shitty smile. Why would you crist them all Nige? Whywould you take pictures of yourself smiling all the time if you have anugly smile? You know some people, let's Kee, I some people have ugly smiles.You know true, you could have had some rotted chiclets up in there. I didn'teven consider it ecause. I never saw him open his mouth, one rase. Maybethat's why, or maybe the wife was just...

...overbearing. I can understand that too.Maybe that's tire to take pockeng pictures like just one. I fine, Babey Y,Ah Maki me take a picture next to the BUSHDRIVER. Then next to the coincollector the little token thing n I mean it was literally everywhere likehe could have. I don't know tied his shoelaces and she was like otake apicture if you ti your Shoela, so poor bastard but yeah. Imagine it's funeralwhen they put up all the photos and stuff T s's stone face pucking guy everywhere Imean you could have been like by the Pyramids of Egypt Yeah. That would be weird if all thepictures were of him. Looking like that, and then, when you looked in the opencoffin at his wake, he was like some for some reason they made him smilingin the cocpet, so it was like the opposite. Hof Usual Way. 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I would actually occasionallysleep outside I di it was bad it was like, but but the funny thing was I sayit was bad because objectively, this is a bad thing. You're homeless, you havenowhere really to stay. But when I weah this was like, I was in my earlytwenties. I was young. I was healthy and it was almost kind of I don'tw nt to say an adventure butdude it was summertime. I'd sleep out in a park. If I didn't want to sleep inthe stinky shelter with all these people, because to get back to thedream thing, I noticed I would sleep in the shelter and I would have gooddreams about the the positive days like say: I'd, be dreaming about hanging outwith some old friends or being with you know, an again x girlfriend orsomething where it was positive memories, and then I rememberspecifically like having this really good dream and then waking up to thesound of a homeless guy. Next to me, farting so loud, and it woke me up andhim up, and he like looked at me like- was that you or me D, I'm like I thinkit was you did but yeah but but ma theye ffended was like ow, Dar Ya. Ithink he just kind of laughed it off and I'm like dude. I was just havingthis dream of like how good my life was a handful of years ago and it's warthat was more dis triant because then you're waking up to the nightmare. Youknow what I mean like not to get too dark, but it was like, but Anwai, so sothose times oand I was when I was Kinda going through that homeless period.There was I just I started thinking about this. This time where I was, Iwas going to work a day every day you know I didn't. I couldn't hold downa real job, so I would go to this work a day place where they'd find Yo laborjobs for the day. Ou'd work like a hours and get a shitty check for likeunder fifty dollars, oriege hours of work or whatever, but it was enough toLi, wasn't thete the Kis in the hallskit about the boots: Yeah Yeah,that', okay, Ladies Egetin, Twelve Guy Day, Oyou ere, 'n steel, told boots yeahy I'd work at this work a day, and Inoticed there would be this coworker. That would always be on the same jobs as me and, and helooked familiar you know it was somebody that I'm, like ah I've,probably seen hem around either on the streets with me or I done time. Somaybe I'd seen him in jail or whatever and dude. I I one day he was after work. He's likedude go. You know I got, I forget if he got like an S, SI check on top of hiswork a day check that DA whatever it was. He was like he's like nat you, onewho you know you want to go. I'l get a hotel for the night and we'll w'll gethigh f. That way we don't 'cause. He was, I believe, bouncing around andcrashing in the shelter and stuff too. So so it's like yeah man, we'll get ahotel. He was offering to get me high for the night. You know. Do Ou o somecoke do some dog whatever. So all in yeah man I'm down, so we get a cab andthe funny thing was the cabdriver Kinda heard us talking. The cabdriver endedup hooking us up, which was interesting in itself. Things were just kind ofaligning that night. It's like. Where are we going to get our coke and theCAB drivis like? Oh, you, meak coke. I got ya so yeah wow, hey lucky, youperfect, so he brings us to the hotel and dude. It's interesting, like I didn't know the guy that well butwe're in the hotel room and for our listeners who don't do a lot of cocaine,especially smoking it or injecting it. You get really quiet, you're, notreally talkative and friendly. When you're doing you, you do. You do ablest to cook and you're like looking out the windows, you're Kinda likeyou're, not talking. If somebody makes a noiselike sh'cause, you think cuckingcops or aliens or hair on no they're coming yeah, whatever it is. So so it'sit's all awkward in the room and- and I mean eventually I I calm down with somedope- we call it landing gear when you're all geeked out from coke, andyou need to come down a little comfortably. You do a shata heroine inthe callit landing gear. 'cause. It's like you come down easier so anyway,I'm I'm on my hotel bed H he's over there on his and I'm you know in my ownworld, I'm either watching t v. whatever I was doing and I happend tolook over at this dude on his bed and dude. I don't know first of all he'slooking at a magazine. I don't even know where he got the magazine. If hejust carried around with him or 'cause, we didn't stop at a store, but I noticehe's got a Porno magazine on th yeah h. This is the days before cellphone pornand what not sorseig yeah so he's looking at a magazine and dudehe'sopenly masterbating on the bed.

Next to me, like the bed, is you knowunder five feet from my bed? You know and he's just like, not even concernedwith the fact that I'm that I'm next to him, you know, and when I looked overhe he didn't even acknowledge that I had looked over it s not like he waslike o sorry. You know he just kept going and ever asked or permission. Heever said: Hey Buddy, you might, if I just rub one out re ad at all: sor liketh tk, the fookfolk and turned over, and Oh Jesus, apparently 'cause. Idon't know if he felt entitled because he had he had to be honest in this isprobably what kept me from getting freaked out or well aside from the factthat I was so geeked out on coke that I really didn't want to move much fromwhere I wa, but looking over at, I was just like well, he did pay for all myshit that night he paid for the hotel, like he's not asking me to do anythinghe's not like sexually assaulting me or anything like that. So I'm like youknow what do aything man, I'm sure it s a I'm sure. If somebody saw me shootingwhatever drugs, I was doing they'd think that was dirty and gross. So I'mlike how am I going to judge this dude whatever he should have gone in thebathroom, but it is what it is. He wanted to be comfoul on his bed that hepaid for so I'm like whatever I le You know he finished. He did his thing.Apparently I didn't. I didn't witness him finish. You know I was just goingto l Wernan, observing yeah contendtad. He was you know not. There did my ownthing and then it's it's interesting. I'mthinking about it! I'm like I remembered that image of him masterbingmade me remember where I knew him from I. When I had done time, I used to workin the kitchen. I think I've mentioned I son, then pod cast in the Pastya, yes,and and when I worked in the Chowhall, the different blocks would come throughand get their food and we'd slop their shit on their Trai as they walked byand when the dude. I remembered him from the protective custody, this blockthat would come through the the block, full of rats and skinners and whatnotand and it made perfect sense, I'm like Aha, I used to see that dude comethrough line and it's funny he was wearing these trademark aviator glasses, with like a red tint.That was very like memorable like that and he was wearing them in the hotel,like while we'd work together. So you'd think I was like. Where do I know thisdude with the red tinted, aviator glasses from GIV sounns right, and hehad it like a pornstash cheesy moustache inm like this dude, lookslike a sex offender, and how did I not realize who H- and here I am at a hotelwith a sex offender. This tod had spent hundreds of dollars that night to saidget us both high. I'm not comfortable that I hung out with a sex offendered,don't Gow a horsenot right and I've never hung out with them since thatnight, but it's just interesting how pats can cross in unexpected ways,because Oh in another, just a little adentum to that, is that when I thought about like this dude'smasterbing Nex me this asshole, you know he's somehow you know he's likeit's it's offending me. I thought about all the times when the PC block wouldcome through chow and we would add a little like cup of urine to their juiceor whatever we tain somehow taint, ther food, and I thought about t and, likeyou know what I can I can live with this dude masterbating in front of me.After all the Shit I probably did to his food. You know I don't granted. Idon't know what this kid. This guy did to be a sex offender. He could I meanhe could have just pissed in public and been called a sex of en or whatevr orended up in the skinner block that I don't know: Bute the red, glasses andPonstash and I'm not able to to keep from masterbating in front of someonelike that seems like you're having trouble controlling urges. You knowwhat I'm saying like sir, so yeah man or you could have send you. He coa yougo in the bathroom for a few minutes. I guess something: Ik Gi, ry, her brinthere and av lew a whole bunch of money on cocaine in a hotel right, hey nate.You want to run down to the store heres. Twenty Bucks Wo get me some liquor orwhatever and while I'm gone, do you thing like? There are plenty of waysyou couldave. He could have handled this, you know, but but he didn't andUm, and it is what it is. I spend a night in a hotel rom with a sexoffender and H, and he masturbated in from me and and it is what it is, but so yo mighthave drink your piss ypossibly drank your pace in prison. That's true, ourstars somehow aligned in in a few ways, but you know that's not my proudestmoment. You know obviously, but you know, but there there's a lot of others.I mean I I I can go into some other things, but talking about dreams mademe think of the the dreams in the shelter, a D which brought me to thisand I'm not going to go into my whole train of thought. But you know yeah,like you said it was a low period for you, you, you were homeless at the timeand you know still addicted to drugs. Werein, someone offis, you a bunch ofFreesheet, you don't say no, and you...

...said you want ot tit into the dreamswith the whole fat. But I would ask you if you had sweet dreams at night in thehotel room, but I know you didn't sleep yeah. I didn't sleep well at all thatnight to be honest with you, but could it have been to Cokin? It couldhave been a mix between the cocaine and having a sex offender sleeping lessthan five feet from me, but at's a clencher efinily clinch up when youknow that person's within five feet of you Yessir, but oh man yeah. So my lifeget is more and more of an open book to these listeners as as we go on, but Iwill have no secrets after a while. You Know Day from the selling out show hereand tell you about. Sponklo sponbloon is a Malti award. Rinning movriand usedby professionals in the adult film industry, smok is available. An hybridpure silicon, natural NPI spok is made with the highest quality ingredientsand his non standing hypoelogenic and cleans with ease enhands. Your lovelife with span right now. SPUNLUKE is by three get one free. There's noexcuse not to give it a try, SPUNKLU, high and Bronic for anafordable price.Is it Munglu dotcom today, and you can thank me Laterdo, do or LP in time forna no o a talented artists can express things in a way that has the power toaffect the lives of others. Maybe they have away with words that just makes uslook at things in a new way or they create a persona for themselves thatends up being compelling to the general public, to the point where we just wantto know as much as we can about them. Obviously, this can be a double edgedswoard to many celebrities. They want recognition for their work. They maywant adulation in love, but occasionally that concern poisonous indfame can be a sort of curse where an artist ends up hounded by Paparazzi orover zealous fans who want more invasive access into their privatelives. It's got to be weird just trying to live your life and people who don'treally know you feel like they do. It's a fine line, getting really personal inin the details of your art and lyrics. I I feel like the best art comes frompersonal introspection, but there are a lot of cases where confused fans end upfeeling a personal connection with their idols, and we are all aware ofstories where that stuff goes bad quickly. Like look at the Qterelationship between Mark David, Chapman and John Lennon, or the storyof Yorks would be assassin, Ricardo Lopez who started as a loving fan, butsomewhere that line got blurred in his head and his feelings led him to killhimself, but not before sending an armed acid bomb to the object of hisunrequited affections, an Icelandic recording artist that he had neveractually met. It's a tricky business, letting people into your private lifethrough your art. However, that's often the most evocative material sure thereare great fiction authors who can instill emotions through completelymade up characters and situations, but often it's that raw emotional honestythat resonates with me and I've never seriously contemplatedstocking any of my favorite artists. So that's a good thing. I simplyappreciate when an artist gets real and even shows some human vulnerability,and a few artists have let us in on the most vulnerable of moments, namelywriting about their own mortality. One of my favorite authors and really justone of my favorite people was author news, contributor, informidable,debater, Christopher hitchins. He was a staunch etheist, an ruthlessly debatedreligious figures and criticized sacred cows like mother, Teresa and Gandi fortheir true actions. Instead of just perpetuating the holier than thoufacades of these fallible historical figures, he was a formidable warrior onthe side of science and reason and an enemy of superstition and religiousdogma to the end and at the end, when his voice was being ravaged by thecancer in his throat and he could no longer physically engage in publicdebate, he continued to write. He began his final book mortality when he wasdiagnosed with issofphagial cancer and kept writing until the end. The bookfollows the course of his treatment, starting from the day he first went tothe doctor after waking up feeling, literally like death, warmed over andcontinues and passages and entries as things progress and his health declines,all the while letting us in on his...

...inner thoughts and struggles. He writesuntil he literally can no longer do so and because of that, the ending is abit abrupt and anticlimactic kind o like most realistic endings. It's apowerful book, especially to those of us who looked up to the man. Warren Zevan was a super talentedsongwriter, with a biting sarcastic wit that came out in a lot of his music.Those was not familiar with. His name may still know his songs, which includelawyers guns and money and werewolds in London, but the guy had a long career,an impressive body of work. Far Beyond those couple hits at the end. Warrenwas diagnosed with Mesothelioma and rather than spend his last days inpainful or incapacitating treatment, he decided to put a cap on his legacy bywriting. One last album that album called the wind includes gues spotsfrom everyone from Bruce Sping, Bruce Springsteen to Tom, Petty Joe Walsh, toEmmy Luharris and a lot more. A documentary was made during therecording sessions and David Letterman featured Zyvon as the only guest for anentire one hour. Episode of the late show where he performed and spokeopenly about his illness after Zyvon died. The Wind was nominated for fivegrammies and one too, it was powerful, a powerful final statement that is fromsuch a talented, prolific artist and speaking of talented prolific artists.I have to bring up a true legend of our time. David boy began his careerplaying catchy folk pop rock stuff. That was all great in its own right,but really only hinted at the genius of his subsequent years of output. Boy wasan enigmatic artist who pushed boundaries and played with the idea ofrock startum along the way, inventing multiple stage personas in challengingthe public's social sensibilities and prejudices. We could do a whole episodeon Boi Dave and I are both huge fans and for good reason. The man was achameleon who managed to make music in the framework of many different stylesthroughout his decades long career, but there was always something inherentlybowy like in all of it, his voice literally and metaphorically, shownthrough whether he was playing glamroc soul, music, scynthpop, industrialdrummon Bass and so on. He had an awesome way of putting to words whathis methods were all about when it came to working in different styles andbeing influenced by four bears and each of the genres he'd dip his toes into.He basically said he would take all the metaphorical sawdust from the work ofother artists who inspired him and use a little scotch tape to put italtogether in his own way. Sadly, we lost this amazing talent acouple of years ago to liver cancer, but in his usual creative individualway, he found inspiration. Even in his impending demise, he hadn't revealedpublicly that he was ill, but instead wrote one of his most interesting andexperimental albums. To date, he released the record called Black Staron January eighth, O Thousan and sixteen and died two days later,leaving the public stunned, but with a final gift that continues to blow mines.To this day, there are themes of mortality throughout the lyricsmentions of looking down from heaven and references to sending a finalmessage. The musical compositions alone are mind. Blowing. He was trying toveer completely away from traditional rock and roll from what he reportedlydiscussed with the others. He worked with on the record. There are syntheticbeats and synthesizers saxophone and artsy jazz passages, ombient soundscapetype stuff. The whole thing is a really captivating Leston, truly a worthy swonsong of an album after such a storied and almost mythological lifetime ofcreativity. An interesting detail that was also kept secret until after thealbum had been released was that the artwork on the physical copies, whichat first glance, seems kind of minimalistic and fairly simple, heldsome secrets of its own. When you hold it up to a light source. The plainblack fields on the cover actually displays a field of stars like in thenight sky, there's also a weird effect where, if you reflect the light off ofthe vinyl record itself, the shine that hits the wall. Think of like when youfuck around with a friend by reflecting the sun off your watch or whatever intotheir eyes, yeah well, that reflection...

...on the wall is in the shape of like astar on one side of the record and on the other side w what is reportedlylike a spaceship. It kindo looks like a bird flying, but it's it's definitely acool sheet. It's not a parent. At first look, it's Kindo cool the black star onthe cover of the album, also glows, a cool blue color. When it's under ablack light granted, the artwork may not have been physically done by BOIhimself, but still his album and all these little secrets and whatnot add tothe air of mystery and legend that surround his final work and the manhimself. It's an impressive enough feet tocontinue to create unique works throughout multiple decades of one'slife, to consistently provide people with thought, provoking material, anart that can be revisited over and over, but to be able to release a true finaleto one's Uvra and somehow be inspired even by mortality and death itself is aspecial kind of courage that not many possess. Did you get into Blackstar noryou're big Bowy Fan? I don't know if you I, like Blackstar and all thelittle details that you brought up about the album, and I had no ideauntil I want to say maybe five months later or something yeah yeah a lot ofpeople didn't and when you first heard the album on the day of release orwhatever you're thinking. Oh okay, this is cool, but you didn't reallyunderstand the whole meaning behind it. Ihyeah and then it's just sointeresting like he was able to keep like somebody. Such a public figure wasable to keep the details of his own illness so secret and I feel likethere'sthere's an element of yeah. You want to keep your life private as acelebrity, but I almost feel like that was tied into the outlike. I feel likehe not only worked his death into his art. I almost feel like his life itselfbecame a work of art at the end. You know what I mean like he wanted. Bowywas like this. He he had all these, like. I mentioned characters that hewould experiment with whether it was Zigistartus Te, Latin Saint Ido Kraa,all that stuff and and and so it makes sense that yeah even at the end, it's like there'sreferences to to Zigi startust. If you watch the video or the Song Black Star,there's there's references to Ziggi starnas which which he mentionedthroughout his career. If you liste there's the albums that you startust,then there's ashes to ashes in the eighties where he mentions. You know weall know major Tom's, a junkie like T, I'm sorry major Tom Nazzigi Startus,I'm sorry, I'm I'm confusing major toajaoo o! That's what you are man, I'mpassionate, but I'm getting plemixed here. Si E startes as a character, butMajor Tom was even before Zigi startist. If you think about it, space addity,which first referenced Major Tom, was before Ze startus was even an idea. Youknow what I mean like space adity was, I don't know, I I'm sorry I get soexcited talking about Bo. I know you do too so yeah totally. We again we couldmake episodes and E and we seem to talk about him. An nakes notes, quite quitea bit we're both just huge admirers of his work and how we did things, and youmentioned Tho Sawdus in Scotch tape, yeah and that's something I apply evenin my own life, wherein sometimes you get frustrated if you're a creator andthing well, there's there's nothing original left and Rihti. There isn't,but there doesn't have to be. Do you know what I mean and that's o heembrace too, where it's like it doesn't have to be something brand fucking newas long as people believe it's new, exactly and and and it's not it's yes,it's interesting that he did something totally new with existing genres. Yes,but totally his own once he get once he puts his fingerprints on it, it'sdefinitely his own 'cause. You can say: okay, he put out an album, that'sprimarily drumm and base or jungle the earthly now, but back in the ninetiesyeah, but it's still a very bowy album. You know what I mean: it's still verymuch his own and Um, and yet before that there was the industrial periodwith the outside album, where he tored, with nine nch nails and actually didmusic with Trent Resne, like he he's just somebody that stayd Carmont I feellike and- and there are detractors that will say- Oh you know he he just wouldlatch onto whatever was popular at the time. I've heard those criticisms, butto me I'm like he just saw a new pallet to play with and and and waslike cool. You know like I can play here now and, and I see it as he stayedcurrent and he did his own thing with with whatever was there. He worked withthe tools that were around totally and at the endsman he he blew all our minds.One final time and- and I don't know to me he continues to like- I listen toBlack Star just the other day like when...

I was doing this h when I was writingthis. I was just revisiting that album and it's dude, it's it's so amazing andI think it's one of his best pieces of work and and that's saying a lotconsidering the frigging body on work in Yeah Holy Shit men, but I find itinteresting that you kindof did the polar opposites of guys who were insimilar situations with Warrens Evon, who openly admitted that he was illyeah and he didn't have a lot of time left. You mentioned the Devid Lettermanthing, yeah, devoting a whole episode to him. Him Basically saying this: Isit bunnies? This is what you get Rythis is the album, while Da boyy was in facta shocker that really I caught me up God. I was like wait. What and it's oneof those things where he's an old. He was an older guy yea, so you alwaysfeel more sympathetic to people who are young righit might have died in likemore tragic circumstances, whether it being overdose or whatever, but thatone really impacted me hard being such a big fan for amajority of my life, even though I will admit to you the one celebrity deaththat made me cry. Wasn't David boy, it was Stanley. Oh Yeah Stanley died. I sat there for a secondND. I got a motionlie cry a little bit, I'm a big SOFTEAER, and even now, whenI see something about Stanley on TV- and he was ninety five fucking Y, Istill it s, it's a GRANDPA or something right. It wasn't a tragedy, you knowwhat I mean being it wasn't like. A young person tragically died, but he'ssomebody that, to be honest, touched our lives longerthan boy like you. Maybe we got into Boe as teenagers Stan Lee. You werereading, Stan Lee's work since you were, since you could read, you know what Imean Lik like you were reading, fricking comic books. Since you were atot. You know so and you brought up stockers in the beginning of your NATnotes there and I've never been a stocker, but I came close. I tried yeah,but I failed yeah I failed is the Sollay moonfryght call? Oh, that'sright! REMM! I call up Ni nine one one she might have been calling nine oneone. I called like four one one- and I was like I ne remember for O so laymoon, fry Hollywood. California, I din't even know where she lived. I wasjust drunk, you know whatever, but I really wanted to give her at Allil, belike Hey, I think you're Rad, just it just didn't pan out. They thought I wasn idiot and they said they couldn't find the number and they hung up on it. Well to unfamiliar listeners. Solamoonfory played punky brewster back in the eighties and UH. You know she grewup into a Buckom, attractive woman and Yeah. Ican understand why you were attracted to her and- and I think it's funny thatin a sort of drunk night you did you were Tryig y. You made a halfheartedattempt to contact countactor. You just dit for one one and said: Hey: what'sPunky brusty's number, basically, that's basically what you dod, so Idon't think that's the same as mailing an acid bomb to Bork, but no O. No,this is true. I do remember actually saying you're full inbcause Li e Ianunsin in I was like Solay Moon Fry C S. I wanted to make sure theyunderstood me fully. I didn't want to, you, know, see a honkey sure Su, but Imight have called it said. Henry Waltemot I get ever Ano mine on thehole please where's, comet is coment running around in the in the farm.withyhe've had kind of a lot of h kind of some dark topics today, but I I Ifeel like overall, it's it's it's just showing that we can be affected by somany different things. It's not necessarily bad. It's like we. You knowwe, whether it's bad dreams or having a good dream and waking up to a shittyperiod in your life, it's allor or being affected by an artist H in theirdeath. It's just it really. Just kindo shows you the beauty of life and thatlike to be able to be touched and and feel some real feelings. Man. I knowpersonally, as someone who numbed my feelings for years with drugs anddidn't want to be didn't, want to feel shit. It's like it does kind of feelgood to be affected by things like this, whether it's Yana you know and and it'srough you know yeah when you're going through it sometimes yeah. I can. I canhear your hesitation, but but but to just kind of put a cap on this thingman I just I feel like if someone can affect your life in that way or or youcan feel those kind of Feeli. I don't know as like I said as an x addict orwhatever, and I get I feel like I get chat it's powerful D. It is, it ispowerful. I understand what you're coming from, because I also now myselfwith alcohol, for so I yea yeah, just like you know, forget how Shittylightit was or whatever, but now I cry at like the ending of Paddington too exactly and I'm a forty year old mancheering up. You know watching a movie with my kid Oror like the stupidestshit, I fuckan cry over now and I'm like am I even it even have mos. What'sgoing on, I don't even know, but I at a goodthing or a bad thing. Well, I have it's all in perspective, but I want. I wantaend this on a happy thing. You know I'm...

...not trying to rush things but I'. Idefinitely have to get moving soon. So I wanted to first before you go. This is the mostdepressing episode of Cellou ever you want to say that Bas and to lift thingsup what you get to cheer us up here. Budy M. I don't know I wanta rainbowsand ice cream and UNA cort Fars. Well, I I to be positive. I'm playing a showtomorrow with some friends. That'll be good and don't know, I appreciate thelisteners and definitely happy about our new sponsor the hempbombs and theirCBD magic. I, yes, that's a positive thing to talk about and uh, so I'llleave it to you dave you're you're, the type that do that likes to rapthes upso I'll. Let you say I will rap it up by telling everybody virtual hugs forall of you. We appreciate you listening. We thank you for it, because withoutyou guys, we don't have a show where just a couple of guys crying an stupidmovies and the death of celebrity. So anyway, thanks again for all that, I amdame that is na, and this has been shelling. outyoinfirmarymedia girl, Scou, cooking and spire. Flavorsare now wi h Duncan when the spirit of the girl scouts meets dunk and coffee.It's easy to get a Delicious Cup of Cann do thin. Mince ind, coconutcaramel flavors are here to help you tackle your day, grab a Mediam MateorCappucino for two dollars from two to six PM and take on whatever lies ahead.America runs on Duncan the girls Cot name to redmark and alsosated TradMarcon lobetyps, including e tinminesmark ore owned by girls, coutsof the USA, limited time off for Participati on May vary, excusionssupply, four bills; three bills, two bills, oneat first Commonwealth Bank. We make it simple to consolidate your bills intoone easy payment with a home equidy line of Creni at especial one point:Nine nine percnt APR find out more in person or an FC bacont dot com. One T,hunded percent interductor EAP for six months, adjust to a variable rate basedon Wall Street Jeurnal, primary cluster miister Marcin with a memimory o fourpoint: Four: Nine percent: An a maximum rore tof eighteen percent off Fer,subject to change wit; withdraw any time, call Oneo hundred seven one one,two, two: Six: Five for details about credit costs in terms equal housing,lander, member of Thic,.

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