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Episode 12 · 4 years ago

Ep.#12 Dating


We talk dating with special guest Karla Dayhoff of the Go Postal Podcast. This one has it all as Karla informs us how much the scene has changed with apps, absolute dating horror stories sure to blow your mind, Dave hosts our version of the Dating Game and we cap the show off with Nate providing a laundry list of musical miscreants.
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Dating Discussion- 2:26
Horror Stories (Locked in trunks/ Trashing toilets)- 23:33
Dating Game- 47:18
Nate's Notes- 57:00

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I know I personally am having a good day, despite the rainy weather in my area. Hanging in there Carlow, about yourself. Oh, I'm great. Thanks for having me on the show, first of all, guys, but yeah, I'm awesome. So I'm going to I'm going to bring it back around that you guys always start the show with cats or pets, and we just adopted a kitten in our house, so we're pretty excited. Little Tortoise Shell for we goal bundle of fluffy joy. All Right, thanks for Pat Thanks for picking up the slack on our little animal pattern or routine, if you will appreciate that. Carlo, happy to help and thank you for being here. You are a contributor often on the show by responding to our questions on twitter and everything else. And I'm a little confused, though, by Your kitten. You mentioned it has a tortoise Shell. Is this a mutate of some sort? You Know Kate came part of the package. I guess it's probably adoption package. Tortoise Shell included. Okay, Hybrid, a hybrid? Yeah, what are they making in the labs nowadays? And you know we're here to talk dating and you know basically now vers is then, and some of the horror stories we have had in our experiences with dating. But since you brought up kittens. I'm a little curious about something here. Is, you know, let's talk about the check boxes. Right for me, it doesn't matter if someone owns a pet, or maybe even their religion or certain things about the person before I might start dating them or hook up with them. Do you guys have certain checks that you must have before you engage in any sort of relations Um? I mean I personally. I mean pets are a plus if someone's cool with pets. I I've always been an animal person, as our listeners may know by now, but that's, you know, that's if they're not into animals, it's not such a big deal. But if they're against animals, if they're not pet people and they don't like animals, that's that may be an issue, but as far as you know, it's it's not important for me if we're just talking animals, but I don't know why. I mean are before we get to Carlo Real quick. I just meant in general, though. I'm like any there any prerequisites that you need checked off before you start dating somebody? Like you said, pets are a big deal. Do you don't want anybody who might abuse animals or hurt them? Oh, absolutely, but you know, I'm yeah, what's on your list of things that person would need to have besides loving furry fucking fleabags? Well, you know, it's funny that that sort of thing is not a that's one of those things where I'll know it if I see it. There are definite deal breakers, I'm sure. Okay, it's hard. It's hard for me to just come up with a list of like no, this is what I look for. Yeah, in a person. It's it's more just I know it when I see it, you know, a kind of things clicking right, right. How about Carli? I mean you're active in the dating world. Me and they are a couple of old, funny duddies who who are kind of out of the ring, so to speak. What about yourself? Well, and I have been married, so I will put that out there as in a relationship for about eight years, married for six of those. So I have been there. So that I'm on the other side of serial dating, unfortunately unfortunate, but I oh man, the the tinder world is a...'s a rough place, but kind of like nate, I wouldn't say I have, you know, boxes to check off, because I think of it more as like. Well, we'll put out the the Mario Kart analogy. When you go to choose your cart, you know you have certain qualities. You have speed, handling, off roads, toleration and so like. You want you want a good balance. But you know, if someone has more of one thing than the other, it can kind of make up for something else. So I'll never like completely say no to someone if they have this you know, like really great quality somewhere else. But we'll go with like if you're on tender and automatic swipe left, which is a no. would be like if they're holding a picture of a fish or dead animal or a gun. If in their bio they have, you know, God. First, intense religion is a pretty much a deal breaker for me, just because it's something I think that's really fundamental to someone's of values and kind of belief system and that that is important to me. To me, that's how they kind of structure their life and kind of will determine their actions and I might not always agree with it. So I think that could be a contentious point. So yeah, there's a there's a few deal breakers, but they're me clever, intelligent, witty and open minded. are are important ones are. It's a good, good foundation there for yeah, but what about looks? You guys haven't mentioned that yet at all. Well, I'd like to be attracted to them. I'd rather not have them put a paper bag up their head, but paper bag is kind of Kinky. You know, you only get that one chance, as they say, to make the first impression. So a lot of times, listen, I know online dating is a little bit different. Like you said, there's a profile, it's basically your resume for dating, but you really do have to be physically attracted to somebody first, don't you? Um, I think that that is definitely an easy way to find that connection, like if you're it's an easy first step, but I don't think it's inherently I don't think it's necessary per se. Well, that's not true. You know, I want to be I want to be politically correct to an extent and say, you know, looks aren't everything, but they are important. You are you know it is important. You know you have to there has to be attraction, there has to be some sort of yeah, that be physically attracted to them. You want to hold and that's not the way that put the fucker right. Right. I'm trying to think of another way to say it, and that's just that's as simple as you can get. I just said. It is wrong as possible. It's biology. You want to be able to reproduce with this person, like straight up basic human thing. And like when you guys were were dating before the the tender age and all that. I mean it wasn't. What else you're going to go off of? You don't know this person, you see them across the room, you're and you know initial want to talk to them is you are attracted to them. So and online dating is the same thing. If you don't put anything in that little bio. It is all about looks only. So you are swiping right just because you think someone's cute. It's the same thing as approaching them at a bar knowing nothing about them. But I don't know about you guys, but you know, I have been introduced to people, were met people, haven't been attracted to them right away, but you get to know them and so they they become more physically attractive by knowing them personally. So that's happened for me. About you guys, absolutely. I mean that it's often the case, as you mentioned, when you're in the old settings, like I would talk about, being at clubs, like I back in our day it was more you had to actually walk up to a person and start this interaction. And what's going to spur that on except being physically attracted to the person, obviously. So there's always that sense of social awkwardness back in our day where you you didn't have the safety of being behind a screen, you know, when you wanted to, when you're making these visual judgments on some and then kind of deciding what you wanted to do. You had to. You had to have the confidence that you were going to be somewhat appealing to them. To you know what I mean, it was or just that hope, I guess, and I guess that's still there with the swiping left and right. It's just it's just a little there's a little less of the sting of the rejection today. Maybe I think it. I know myself I had a lot of sank social anxiety issues when I was in that, you know, more prime dating age, and that I mean they still carry out of I'm fortunate enough now to be in a long term relationship with someone who can deal with all my little Peccadillos, if you will. But, but, but, man, you know, I just I know it was a it was a rough, rough scene back in the... Like having to you know, I spend a lot of time in social circles like concerts or the rave scene, was big when I was younger, and you're not only competing with all the other people that are in there, but you're trying to interest somebody with conversation over the sound of a loud baseline, right, yeah, you know, which is distracting. And and you know, and another thing that that I I feel like back then it was intimidating. You're at a social event in you're trying to meet someone. At least with the social dating scene now, the the online social media, you you know you're there for the purpose of if you're on a dating site, you're there to meet someone to date, right, whereas back in the day it would be like I'm at a concert and I'm going up to talk to someone. I don't even know if they're interested, if they're even in the market, so to speak. Are On the market there? They could be just there to watch the concert and I'm bothering them. So there's all that. You know your creep. There's yeah, you're just a fucking yeah, you're just a dirty creep and you know, let's get off of your and I know you kind of old. You talk about the saw hops and everything. That's your lady friends. But to talk a little bit more about the whole, like meeting somebody and getting the attraction later, may be developing that over time. That's desperation, baby, and that breeds a lot of interesting results, because sometimes you may not again be physically attracted that person. But you don't have to be the the most attractive person in the room, just the only person in the room. You know what I mean? And I feel like I say that all the time because that's the story of my life and that's probably how most people view me. HMM, they go, well, Dave, he's yeah, he's okay, he's nothing special, but maybe if I hang around with them long enough, I'll be able to tolerate them and let him and let him mount me. You know what I mean? Dude? I guess I don't know, man. I I I feel like yeah, that's that's more of that whole. I I don't have to be yeah, exactly. You don't have to be the most attractive girl at the dance. You just have to be the only girl right. And Yeah, you know you're just in that way, I almost feel like the social media, the the modern day dating scene is is is far more competitive. You're see, you know, because now you've got this database of millions. You know, you don't find that exact one that you're like your you go on twelve days or like as this one was all right, or this one was good or but not quite, like there's just that one thing I didn't like. You be like, oh well, I can just keep swiping friends. That he was just like finding Nemo. Just keep Swiping, swiping. Yeah, and it's kind of a bummer aspect, though. I kind of hate that in a way. Like before I started the online dating, you know, when I was dating these people, it was like, okay, there were little things about them that, you know, my annoy me or you know it's not great, but the rest of it was worth putting up with those things, you know, but any of those things right. And now it's like if you find those little things into someone, I think people are more likely to be like, oh well, I can find someone without those little things, those little flaws like. So I think we've even put out even more of this idea of a mythical Unicorn out there with these APPs, like you can find the exact one, and it's still bullshit, like someone's always going to have that thing that annoys you. Yeah, there's that culture of just keep swiping and not making any meaningful connections. You have too much choice, too many options, and you may pass over someone that is fantastic, which I actually had that experience with the guy I'm dating now. I was on Bumble, which, for people who don't use bumble, it's like tender, where you're swiping left and right, but if you match, only the female can message first, so it's kind of filtering out women getting constantly baraged by creeps and, you know, Smiley face emoji's being the first line they said, or I've had some pretty awful stuff sent to me. So, but if you don't talk to the person within twenty four hours, the match goes away entirely and you can't and you have to like swipe again to reconnect. Kind of a thing. So with a guy I'm dating now, I let it go by twenty four hours because he had a great profile and he was really cute and I was just like I just just kind of like, I'm not really interested in talking anyone today, and he actually paid money to reconnect with me. So like if you pay you can start over that twenty four hours. I'm like, wow, he really wants to talk to me, because that never happens. I've had it happened once in like the two years I've been online dating. So I was like, wow, he actually really wants to talk to me. And you know, here we are a couple months later and things are going really well. They're getting fairly serious. So, you know, miss a lot of really fantastic people from such a shallow surface kind of experience. bumble sounds like the praying mantis of...

...the online dating world. The woman is in control, can initiate contact and also terminate anything right away. But you got a lifeline, like you said, your boyfriend use a lifeline to get back in touch with you and everything is worked out great, you know. And you mentioned bumble and tender. How many, if you don't mind me asking, how many online dating services do you are taken? Did? I've tried a good amount of them. Plenty of fish is kind of like the the I don't know, the dogging of the of the trailer park pretty much it's pretty awful. And I don't know. There's there's probably fifty dating APPs. I'm sure the big ones are tender and bumble, and it like the quality of guys on bumble actually tend to be a little bit higher because they're willing to wait and be approached, you know, they don't need to be aggressive in order to engage with someone, it seems like. So I found the quality a little bit better. Actually, just spit my out of my mouth, little base. I'm laughing. You're like, yeah, the stock of men on much better on here. It's like when we cattle. The quality, yes, the quality, but I don't know. On tender it's guys can be a little bit more aggressive of and you're not getting the kind of attention you might want, like right, yeah, does that make sense? Yeah, absolutely, yeah. Absolutely. I think it's important that women have more of that control in the APPS that you were talking about, though, because, I mean even in the club scene it was it's creepy. It's often unwanted attention. I imagine it's just way worse online because you just have this endless, endless barrage of potential Dick Picks and inappropriate messages and wink emojis. Could you talk about but Dave, I I think women. You talked about praying mantis aspect to it. Like the praying mantis aspect, I think. I think there's the the fear and the predatory aspect of men and and there's potential danger and there's that. You know, it's about time that women have this sort of this opportunity to do things in a safer level. They don't have to meet unless they want to, and even then it's it's still a risk when you finally meet the person, of course, but you have that that they at least give you a little bit more of the power and you don't. You you can start things off without that initial risk and and I think that it's my point is that it's good to have, you know, that safe aspect, that sort of firewall. If you held between Carlo, do you agree to you find that to be like a firewall? Um, yeah, it is. It is really nice to be able to kind of cut like say it's someone's resume, to screen these guys out, and I I can pretty much I've talked to enough people have gone on en updates at this point that I can pretty much tell with on the first few lines of dialog if this is someone that's going to be worth spending any time on in person and taking the risk. And you know, I on my profile. I have I think my favorite line is at my age, is the only friends with benefits I want or those with healthcare and for a one K. So automatically that's screened out the guys that just on friends with benefits, because there's a lot of that. I think there's more of that than actual people wanting relationships. And then I say something like, you know, a Mario Kart is the best invention of our generation, and I've had guys open up with these lines of Mario Kart, bring it, and so I'm like yes, yeah, you are someone I want to date because you get it, you get you know what I'm what I'm putting out, what I you know, I'm interested in, and kind of maybe even my sense of humor. And so guys who open with that rather than a week Emoji or I think once I got a guy ass, does that ass bounce back and I'm like what is that even supposed to mean? Yeah, me, if I'm confused by this whole thing. I you know, listen, Carlos, I'll tell you right now. When I use online dating, which is probably what like seven years ago was the last time I used it, I didn't even bother with friends with benefits. I wanted girls with daddy issues and alcohol is a that's what I wanted, because I just wanted to hook up and not af to worry about being with anybody long term. So I used it solely for that purpose. Yeah, there's a there's a weeding out factor anyway you use it. You know, it's like some people weed out the ones that aren't going to be good long term mate and some of you, like you know, like to weed out the ones that, yeah, are looking for the long term date, so a long term mate. So, and I thinks it for both. So I mean I when I was not interested in a relationship, I could go on lots of dates me lots of interesting people because actually a way, because...

I had moved to Nashville for after I got my graduate degree, I didn't know a single person here and it was actually a good way to start meeting people and and getting to see Nashville a bit more. So that was kind of a positive but it's also draining at the same time. It's it can be a little bit soul sucking because you don't again make those connections because you sleep with someone then they're done and you move on and still don't have a friend. So yeah, it can it can go either way and it can work for against you. But it's a good tool, I think, used in moderation, like most things in life. Yeah, I imagine that's it's that seems like a double edged sword. It's like you can use it in a new town to to meet people. Like you said, it's like you, but you, but are you really making those long term connections that they have? Like a site like that just for making friends, just like they must, right, and they actually do and they it's on these APPs. So there's tender social is the one, okay, and then there's bumble bfs. The only thing with bumbled bfs is that it'll only match you with your own gender, and I don't kind of weird. Yeah, that tend to like women that much as friends, especially the cut. A lot of the kind of women that are here in Nashville's like that very sorority caddy type person and that's just not me. So I was having a hard time making friends, and most of my friends tend to be men. So I was like, well, I just but not, you know. But then you know, what guy is going to sign up for a friendship at at the same time? No, nobody. I would even bother with that shit exactly. But Nay. I will say to you that, not being very experienced with that. I mean, if you just watch television, there's like farmers onlycom, Christian singles or something, mingles with the singles and get down and funky. Yeah, all that Shit. So no matter what kind of, you know, thing you're into, there's a little group that you can join and try to hook up with somebody that way. That's cool. Yeah, look at that. It's brave new world. Yeah, I've been hiding in a cave. You know, I kind of want to go rogue because I'm care I'm kind of curious about what kind of people would meet on farmers onlycom. Like you talk about cows, you talk about Salo Silos full of Hey, what do you what do you do? What's the real interesting are like, Oh my track, you're blew a fucking tire. No Shit, let's make out. I don't know. So I kind of wanted to discuss go milking, exactly right, you know, fucking it's show me your teets. I want to go in undercover and find out what's going on with those fucking people. It's good way to infiltrate that. They have, like they must have all kinds. Yeah, you said Christian mingling. They must have like Mormon this some I think coffee meets Bagel is wait, what? Cockle Meats Bagel? Coffee Meets Bagel. Yeah, I think. I'm not sure, but yeah, wow, there's there's it's what? There's something forever, and there's even one dating sites for the people are like over fifty. HMM, yeah, that's it's for the Aarpek, I got an idea. I'll go hit farmers Onlycom Maate, you go check out that one. What do you say? Well, reconvene and talk about it in like two days time. Yeah, we'll compare notes. Yeah, go join Silver Cotton CANDYCOM and I'll do the stuff with the the farm animils. Kid, I'll infiltrate the Mormons. How about that? Sounds Great. That sounds good. Yeah, I don't even know the difference really betwetween Mormons and whatever, but I guess as a topic for a different day. Yeah, man, I'm a little cure. You can ask me any time. Okay, yeah, sure, we'll do that in private, you know. But let's let's talk more about some of the dating horror stories, because I'm sure you guys have some. I mean, I wasn't a traditional dater by any means, as you might already be able to tell from this conversation. I'm more of a you know, let's drink and fuck kind of guy, which is terrible, but I'm a terrible person. But you guys seem normal, well adjusted, right. Yeah, man, do you have any examples or any stories of dating's pass it might Weis ugly head on this show today. Well, first of all, Dave, I would say that it's all on how you define dating. I think drinking and hooking up is dating to a lot of people. So that's just or wrong. Yeah, I think that that's the definition of dating for this is for a lot of people. Cool. I've got some horror stories myself, but I don't know if I feel like I feel like since Carlos our esteemed guess, maybe maybe we should let her go first with the whether you wanted to discuss positive or negativecy have anything that you really want to you feel as noteworthy? Absolutely, I've had a few and it's funny. You talked about getting a miggy slip. To you, I did actually get drugged on a tender date. Oh shop and I don't. It wasn't my date. He was never around my drink or anything. I think I accidentally got someone else's drink, like the martenders had mixed up a drink and they're like, oh, that wasn't yours. Take Anyway, but that that is another story for another day. That is not today story. So I went on the same with this guy who I thought, okay, well, this could be really fifty. This is before I was like very like piggy on, who...

I went out with, and like Oh, maybe he's just kind of shy online. Let's let's see how this goes. We went out for a burger like tune the after and he's like, Oh yeah, I really want to take you out on a proper date for proper lunch, Mike. Okay, cool to me. That means well, he'll probably pay for it well, which is nice. I don't mind going Dutch, modern woman and all, and so I'm asking him. It's he's really shy, he's really quiet, not really talking much. I like cool, what do you like to do for fun? Apparently he's unemployed and lives at home with his parents and it's about my age, almost thirty. I'm like okay, well, you know, we all have struggles in life. Whatever. He's like, Oh, I like to sit in the corner of my room and serve the Internet. Wow, AKA, watch porn. All right, okay, fine, whatever. I don't know where to take this from, like there's nothing going to build this conversation off of. So we keep talking. We start talking about road trips and he's like, Oh, I you know, I've took a road trick to Texas, and it's like, Oh, you should go on a road trip with me to Texas, and like, I literally met you ten minutes ago. I'm not going on Roacher right. He's we're what? So then he was talking about he went on this road trip to the coast and got there and he's really tired, so he decided to take a nap before he drove back and he took a nap in the trunk of his car. Okay, all right. So I'm like how did you get out and he's like, oh well, it's kind of a thing of mine. I like to lock myself in the trunk of any car I've had and escape. But most things happen escape release latches in the trunk. So because of people getting kidnapped, you know, they can release themselves. It's actually a thing. I did not know that you guys. Before the that release latch there was a woman who was blocked in trunk. I had to kick out the tail light and like wave her arm around, and so after that incident they started putting those release latches anyway. So he's like, I like to break out the trunk of My car and he looks at me and he says, Stru grate faced, would you like me to lock you in the trunk of My car? My God, I look at him. I like I rate, I look at the way to some like check please. So the bill cume doesn't even end there. That's a scary part. So the check comes and it was like thirty five bucks, you know it was. It was terribly expensive. And he pulls out a hundred and eighteen dollars, a hundred dollar bill in eighteen bucks and he's like, oh well, I'd have to break this hundred if I paid for all of it. Oh all right, just put in the eighteen and I'll pay for the rest. It's fine. I'm like, I just want to be over with. So we're walking out and he's still talking. He goes on to say how he had two browser tabs open, one with Nickelodeon on it and one with, Huh, porn on it, and he's like it was like thirteen year old kne's wet dream, and I'm like this is literally the second time you have mentioned porn on a first date. Wow, okay. So we get to his car and he opens up his trunk. I'll sort like yeah, this is the trunk, and I'm like, thank God's broad daylight, busy parking. Yeah, don't tell me you got in the car. I definitely did not go in the car. We drop separately. So I'm like, I have a lot of errands to run. I gotta go skype my parents because we would talk every Sunday since we live in different cities. I'm like I gotta go, and he's like, all right, this is nice. So I'm out doing errands and he's like, Oh, yeah, I got home safe. Oh Yeah, I'm still out doing errands. And he's like, Oh, if I known it was going to take so long, I would have come with you. I'm like no, and I'm like, you know what, it was really nice meeting you, but I just don't think this is gonna work. All right. Well, I'm like the hey, it was funny. You offered to lock me in the trunk of your car. And again, so serious. He says, oh well, if you ever want to, if you ever want me to lock in the trunk of My car, if you everyone to try it out, just let me know ahead of time so I can clean out my trunk for you. He just did not get the hint. then. Now creepy and weird. So yeah, I was I was offered to be locked in a trunk on a first date. Did you tell them about Mario Kart before the offer was made? He knew it. Okay, all right, yeah, well, it's on her profile. Yeah, because I'm thinking like maybe, have you ever seen that latch nate? I had? I know I don't spend a lot of time in Truman, but I've seen the latch and it's like a dude, like springing out like Mario, like jumping in like bricks. Oh the simple dal and I'm escaping certain death. Yeah, so maybe he thought that was related. I really don't know, but that's like almost a ten out of a ten, I mean, aside from actually being kidnapped, of a fucking horror story. Yeah, so we're lucky to be speaking with you today. I I think so. And he lived in like backwoods, middle of nowhere Tennessee as well, so plenty of places to hide a body on the way back. Wow. Yeah, so I've become far, far, far more particular. Like if there's just if it's not an instant, like one hundred percent connection, like enjoying conversation, I just don't bother. Wow, you can afford to be choosier in this age of, you know, swipe left and swipe right. You know, it's it's not with hanging out with the guy in the corner watching porn and Nickelod weird way to right. He's like yeah, I don't even know your cartoons and then watching a gang bang. So fucked up.

That's weird. It's just a weird topic to bring up with a new date at all. I mean hey, people, watch point. It is what it is, but you don't bring that up right away. Maybe eventually down the road, if you're in a relationship where you're comfortable with the person and you discuss it, that's great, but you know, you don't start things off all. Yeah, I'm not for yunging anyone's yum, like exactly, but at the same time, like, let's use into that. Yeah, well, may can you match this story of well shrunk lockery said even a word. I just made that up. I think I'm roll with it. Okay, cool, thanks, man. I feel like a lot of my dates came from either, you know, like I said, the rave scene, or when I used to playing a band's you know, someone would approach me after a show and there was this okay, unfortunately, I was going through my first experience trying to kick opiates. Our listeners will be no strangers to the fact that I, you know, have my issues with with dope back in the day, and a little known fact about withdrawal is that it really messes with your sexual performance and when you're using, you can often have sex for hours, to the point where it's actually not even fun anymore, like you're so sensitized, you can't even feel anything. Right. Yes, so when you get off the shit, things just go the opposite way. You know, let's say, things go embarrassingly quickly sometimes, you know. So, anyway, this lucky lady invites me over, this girl that's been, you know, coming to my shows. She's a fan and she's expressed an interest. Like I hang out with her. She's like, you want to come back to my place and you know, she wants to spend the night. So let's just say I didn't impress her. Okay, Hey, I barely started impressing her. When I was done impressing her. So wait yet, spunk your pants. Well, ryanty pants or say, but it just didn't go very, very far. You know, the night didn't last very long. They what else you supposed to be? A fucking rock stap man, Paul Stanley? This isn't happened to guys at his ilk right. Well, this is what I'm saying. This is my example. Are Shitty night. Yeah, so this is you know, you don't. You don't try to have a hookup with someone when you're kicking dope. Is Right, but can you try again, or was it a onetime like ooop, sorry, the volcano erupted. Let's just say it wasn't. It wasn't happening that night. But this is just the beginning. Well, this is part of the story. So we both go to sleep. You know, she's disappointed and I'm embarrassed and, dude, like I I barely slept at all because, like a I'm kicking and that's another example of, you know, a symptom of withdrawal is is you barely sleep at all. And so I'm just sitting there thinking all night of how Shitty, you know, the night was, and and then I get up in it's like five in the morning, it's not even light out, and I'm like, you know, dealing with another symptom of withdrawal, which is like your stomach's all messed up, and so I got to go use her restroom and she's not even awake yet. And, yeah, I ended up making kind of a mess to the point where the the toile gets clogged. Oh No, and and I having a lot of trouble fucking getting it fixed. And let's just say I was at a stage in my life where, yeah, between social anxiety, the fact that I was already embarrassed the night before by my lack of performance, if you will, and I just I just skidaddled. I fucking Ram took off, left her disappointed and with a clog toilet and d dude, you abuse the wrong plumbing dude, I'll say, you know, like being in fear of being thrown in a trunk is one thing, but but when you are left unsatisfied and with a clog toilet and I don't know, it's hard to beat that for a Shitty Day. You know what I mean? Yeah, I I still think about that night. I mean that's still one of the ones that I'm like uh, man, like it's it's funny because my my ex husband, we met on mutual friends, hooked up, got your we were teenagers, Guy Seventeen, he's nineteen, got drunk. He was homeless at the time. So I met him at a home, a shelter for teens, through a mutual friend. We all went back to my plays, got drunk, hooked up and as you're falling asleep, he was telling me, Oh, yeah, I shoot up heroin and coke and I'm like, Oh that's bad, don't do that, and he decided to get clean and so I went through the withdrawals with him from heroin and he like moved into... mom and I's apartment that week. She's like well, yeah, he's a nice kid, let him move in. That's risky. It was a weird time in our lives, but you know, we're my mom had a really big heart, has a really big heart. So moved in, went through all the withdrawals from him and and saw those symptoms and you know, I'm sure this female, if she was, she probably would have understood, but I can imagine what that anxiety. Yeah, you're like, I don't even want to stick around to apologize about this, like screw it. Yeah, yeah, no, like she did not respond well to the fact that the that the sex was disappointing. I'll put it that way. Like we both went to bed and it was like awkward. It was one of those where she wasn't even like understanding or willing to, you know what I mean, like and I I don't know, I'm not going to like I would have been disappointed to you know this this this was somebody that was like, you know, we had been flirting on and off for I don't know, for probably months at that point, going she'd come to shows, but we had never spent spent the night or whatever, and then here it is, the the night finally comes where we're, you know, hooking up, and it was just a disaster from all fronts. And Yeah, so what age would you were you at this time? Like, would you say she was and you were? I was probably eighteen and she was probably watching Nickelodeon. No, no, no, she may have been older than me. I think she was like twenty, but regardless, it was just yeah, I mean I'm sure, I'm sure I'm not the only disappointing sexual exploit she's had, but it's just you were that wasn't yeah, and you know you're the only one that's ever disappointed. Yeah, no, it's I think that's something that kind of comes with age, to the understanding. Like if I was twenty, I've been like that's it, but now I'm like, you know what, life happens. Let's wait a few minutes ago again, I'll be even better. You know, right, right, right. It's like chill about it. You know, everybody's different. Things happen. Just Ye, the flow. And because I have had partners that, like, you know, they haven't had sex in a long time, and so just yeah, immediately and you're like all right, cool, like I'm glad, I'm that good. You know, I just take it as a compliment to myself. But yeah, but this was, this was embarrassingly fast, and this was I'm talking. Obviously that's not I mean the point of the story is less like, you know, a guy only last two seconds. That's that's a diamond, doesn't that happens all the time. It's more the the added yeah, plumbing issues that came afterwards and me just like ditching out with like yeah, she, but she had the foot the build even a mortal man. Yeah, man, honestly, like that is my worst nightmare is plugging, clogging up someone's toilet when I'm at their house, especially if it's like a first or second day or like a meet the parents situation. Really, yeah, I'm flooding your Houseboul this is awesome. Yeah, yeah, it was. It was embarrassing. I'm the type that I look back on things in my life and I still like cringe about shit. You know what I mean? When I think back, like I still have this weird social anxiety. Let's look, let's turn this into a therapy session here, where I don't know. I have so many just horribly embarrassing dating scenarios where I'm just like grateful that I've found someone that, yeah, puts up with me and is, you know, we're we're happy together and things are going well, because I did not enjoy the uncertainty of dating really, you know what I mean, I was yeah, I was always somebody like Dave talks about hookups and, you know, Davia talk about the fun of getting drunken hooking up. I was I was always more of someone that, like was, was happy being in a monogamous relationship and you know, it's I don't know. I mean I definitely had my fun. We definitely partied when we were younger, but right, I don't know, I was I was definitely a too anxious to really feel confident in that. So, you know, nat, it's not like I don't want the listeners just think I only care about that stuff in my life. You know I mean I commit a relationship now and everything. And you know, when I was a teenager there was a couple girls I really fell for hot right, but as you get older you start realizing well, this there's a lot of pain associated with that's lot of bullshit involved in that. So fuck it, I don't need it, you know what I mean? And I there's a stage in my life where I went through a divorce and then after that is when I discovered the online dating and got into the trenches and again look for the girls just to have fun with the kind of so my wild oats, so to speak. But yeah, you know, it's just one of those things where I think when you're young, you're more vulnerable and you're more apt to be into the whole Lovey Dubby, Oh my soul mate is out there somewhere, but as you age, as you experience people and everything, it's like, fuck that Shit, there is no soul mates. That's all fucking hot, you know, hogwash. So...

...that's just it's just me. I feel like that. That concept of a soul mate is is. Yeah, it has its place in music, it has its place in like, as we said, you know, and in movies, but it's just, I don't know, it's not it's not reality. No, yeah, yeah, and I mean there's seven billion people on this planet. There's going to be a lot of people that could quotable qualify as your soul mate. Like right, you know, there's not just one person. There's probably hundreds of people, sure. So, Yep. So don't give up, folks. Your soul may could live two hundred years ago in Victorian England or so, I don't fucking know. You know what I mean. It could have been anywhere. So I don't believe in that Shit. I think everybody, to a degree, will settle despite you might have again the check boxes, like someone has to earn so much income, somebody has to look a certain way. Okay, they meet all that criteria. Great, but realistically, are they the person that you were destined by some I don't even fucking know to be with? Probably not. No, you know what I mean. You just hope to get the best out of the litter, or as Carla call them. You know, the what did you say they were? The quality? The quality? Yeah, exactly. Yeah, so you know it's got a better quality stock. Yes, thank you, there we go. Exactly. That's like us, like an ope for it's a it's a weird, uncertain world. I'll reiterate the fact that, yeah, I'm I'm happy to never have to go out on their clog up toilets again. Yeah, man, yeah, I know now that is now I clog up the toilet. It's just, you know, it's I did that shit on the regular. Now that's just, it's all good, you know, I'll fix it. That would actually you're dating profile if you hop back into the game now. That'd be like the first line, like carlost thing about Mario Kart yours to be like, can you accept me totally trashing your you know, come Ode. If so, swipe right. Be sure to own a plunger. Yeah, I should have just started bringing one around with just bring your condoms, your plunger. You know, you have to keep it on your back, like a sword or something. where. Where would you put a plunger? Got A holster? Yeah, okay, keeping a trunk. Would you like to see my plunger? Well, like I said, that was my first thrill encounter with with withdrawal, and unfortunately had a lot of subsequent experiences with it where I should have learned at that point, you know, because because that, that wasn't the last time I dealt with embarrassment and or bad dating experiences because of my my habit. Well, I want to know now, Carla, Nathan, do you guys have anything more you'd like to add to the topic before we take a break and come back and I have something for you guys. Okay, you got me intrigue. I do, I do, but is there anything else you want to add before I surprise you with what I've got? I mean just looking back like and we, you know, kind of being comparing experiences. I don't know if we ever really came to the conclusion if it's better now or if it was better then, or what's easier? It was better than yeah, I mean, hands down, there's nothing better than chain smoking butts outside of a roller rink and you look across and you see that girl wearing those those Zoobaz pants and you say, yeah, baby, you got what I want, come give it to me, and then you, you know, change, smoke, winstance together. You cannot beat that with a stick. Yeah, Jing it goes and chain wallets and oversized shirts and things. Yeah, that was great. I feel like nowadays would win. You have, like I said, the women have a little more safety with with the preliminary meetings. You can kind of pick and choose. The guys can can learn to how to word things without just like making an ass out of themselves coming out talking. You know what I mean, like you at least have time to formulate your sentences when you're typing, and I feel like now, even though I come from the days of old, I feel like now sounds a little a little more of an appealing way to do things. Mean, personally, that's interesting. I don't know either what I like. I think you're a like you get options and choices now and that added safety aspect. You know, you don't have to go out to a bar every night. If you want to hook up with someone, you can just find someone online pretty easy. Yeah, or but, yeah, and I felt I find that most relationships, though, tend to start the old fashioned way. They got introduced by mutual friends. Right. So, okay, that's interesting. Yeah, you're right, though, Carla, because if you just want to hook up with somebody now you don't have to go to the bar first. You can sit around your underpants, scroll and go, Oh, you know whatever is set up a couple dates and then you know, you're all lined up and see what happens. It's true, right, yeah, it's true. Hay, to say it sounds. It sounds very like predatory almost. It's probably makes me sound bad, like you know, you're a wolf in the Henhouse, so to speak, but it's true. I mean guys specifically say I'm not looking for something long term. They're literally looking for booty golf. That is that is exactly the translates to. Okay, well, I think this ends our little free form conversation about dating. We will take a commercial break...

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...yeah, I I'm inclined to agree. I would say the most, the biggest number on that is the one that would lie. Well, the biggest number would be eighty percent, but you are both wrong. Is Actually forty percent, with twenty percent of women lying and forty percent of men. Women use false photos or old photos, while men like to lie about their profession and their jobs. Interesting. Yes, I misheard completely and miss the eighty. I must have had a bug in my ear. It's I'm going to shake that out. Will you may killed by insect? Ear News Eleven, but I would have been wrong regardless. Okay, the next one. What percentage of people married within the last year met online? Would that be ten percent, seventeen percent? Third be three percent or forty six percent. Nate, why don't you go first this time. I'm going to you understand everything right. You know the what's that steak can right, and where you're saying? Okay, good. I would say thirty three percent. All right, thirty three. And, Carlo, I'm gonna go with seventeen. You know what, we finally got one right and it is Carlos. Seventeen percent is correct. Next up, the question is how many women have had sex on the first online dating encounter. Is it eight percent, twenty two percent, thirty three percent or forty percent? Carlo, would you like to take this one first? Yeah, you said twenty two right. Yeah, I said eight percent, twenty two percent, thirty three percent and forty percent. I'm going to say twenty two percent. Okay, nate, I'm gonna go forty. Forty, you are both wrong. It is thirty three percent. Wow, so little under, a little over there. There you go, right in the middle. Okay. Next, what percentage of Americans in long term relationships met in a bar or a night club, so not online here people. Would it be five percent, thirteen percent, twenty one percent or thirty two percent? Hmm, who you asking? Whoever, whoever, wants they answer. I've been going back and forth, but you know what, this is just this like Mad Max. All right, I'll say thirteen percent. Okay, Carlo, I yeah, I'm gonna go with Pail that one actually. All right. Well, wonderful, because you are both correct. The answer would be thirteen percent, with the rest, of course, either meeting online or some in school or other kinds of ways other than a bar or nightclub. HMM, all right, when I said I find most relationships are and happen because of friends meeting friends, and exactly what I was talking about? Well, most people using online dating or young between the ages of eighteen and twenty four. What amount our seniors, aged fifty five through sixty four? Would that be three percent, twelve percent, twenty four percent or thirty one percent? Carlo, take it away. I'm going to say twenty four percent. He's pretty high. Okay, HMM, I'm gonna go with the twelve. Really, you know what, you would be correct, nate, because it is in fact twelve percent. Wow, I'm tied up now. You are. You are in fact tied up, and you know a lot about Nana. Final question. How many folks base your dating choices on looks, then say something like common interests, fifteen percent, twenty seven percent, forty nine percent or fifty four percent? MMM, I'll go with forty nine percent. Okay, Carlo, I'll go with forty seven again, the snifit of now about everybody's garbage. Okay, Great. Well, you know what? This will determine a winner and who lives or dies right here on the selling out show. And the winner, because they just guessed correctly with forty nine percent, is a gores asking Carluka trucking shot. I get to choose how I died. Yeah, I guess you could, but you're going where. It is in a trunk. Yeah, what do you select? What do I select? Yeah, what do you picking? How do you want to go? I don't know. This one's going to be part of the it isn't. I'm just a jerk. Yeah, making the death by Kittens. Yeah, that's my kids, that's by cuteness. Just that's for me. With kittens and all died from cuteness. Okay, Great. We're going to take another quick commercial break and when we return it's notes. Hey, kids, I'm the Reverend Johnny Blumpkins and I host a show that's about jokes and stories and games. There's pirates, go fuck yourself, there's swearing, there's stories about poop. It's like Mr Rogers neighborhood on crack. Blumpkin and friends, we are on Itunes and pod bean at Blumpkin show dot pod beancom or on twitter at Blumpkin show. What's up, Dude. Welcome to free men in a podcast. Overall, I'm day. I'm Blake. Three men in a podcast or a proud path. You also infirmary media network. We're... to bring you the best new and obscure music, make some of our own and make your lawful of weird view musicians and celebrity guests from all over the world. 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Dust up your lps in time for nate. No No. In the past I've discussed how I was sort of intrigued by the gruesome beginnings of the Scandinavian black metal scene. The true crime aspects were what first attracted me to it, whether it's because I'm a fan of horror and all things dark and creepy, or just because all humans seem to have that rubber necking habit when you pass a car accident, and black metal in some ways was like one big car accident for a time. There's certainly no shortage of morbid tails in that era of hair heavy metal. But of course, shocking criminal activity is by no means limited to the world of extreme metal. Musicians are just people and a percentage of people will always do some fucked up criminal shit. In some cases a criminal past can do wonders for a musician's credibility and image in general. On occasion the crime is such that it ruins the person's career or even their life. And inexplicably, sometimes the crime is heinous and horrific, but somehow the musician retains their status as pop icon or idol. During my teenage years we had the infamous East Coast West Coast rivalry and hiphop that ended the lives of many a talented youth, ultimately robbing us of two of our generations brightest talents, Tupac and biggie. It was senseless gang violence brought to the national stage. These artists. Street cred was what gave them much of their record sales, but ultimately it sent a lot of them either to prison or to an early grave. Likewise, the world of Country Music has always had its share of outlaws. In the S, Johnny paycheck was known for two things, the song take this job and shove it, and being...

...a violent drunk, ultimately shooting a dude in the head during a bar fight. The guy lived. Johnny went to jail, found Jesus and got his act together, but he's still primarily known for those same two things. Even rock and rolls founding father, Chuck Berry, had some nasty skeletons in his closet. In his teens he was arrested for armed robbery and car theft, but, as with his music career, he was destined for bigger things for someone who has such a respected musical legacy. The man's adult record would get most people killed in the joint in one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine, he notoriously kidnapped a fourteen year old girl, presumably not to take her out for ice cream, and drove her across state lines, which made the crime a federal offense. Yet somehow only got him locked up for two years. Then, thirty years later, as a decidedly creepier older man, he got a suspended sentence, meaning he didn't actually do time, and settled a class action civil suit with fifty nine women when someone discovered video cameras in the ladies room of a restaurant he had opened. And Elvis was another incredibly well respected musical icon who for some reason gets a pass historically, despite his pensiont for criminally young girls. He met and started, quote, dating his wife Priscilla, when she was only fourteen. Elvis was a drugged up gun toting a Feba file, but yet he's second only to Jesus Christ in many households across Merica to this day. And to drive the point home that the founders of rock and roll were mostly shit bags, I guess I'll mention Jerry Lee, great balls of fire, Lewis. This dude not only married a thirteen year old girl who still believed in Santa Claus, but she was also his third cousin Ah, the noble south of the mid twenty century. Now, that particular child was his third wife, and that seems shady enough, but both his fourth and fifth wives died suspiciously, which adds even more shade to this already shady tree. Do a little research into this dude and you'll never listen to whole lot of shaking going on again, or maybe it will shit. A lot of other people still respect the guy. Punk rock is another scene populated largely by Weirdos, drunks and druggies, and some of the biggest figures in punk's heyday of the late s into the s were known more for their wild antics than their musical prowess. I mean, even many people who don't listen to that style of music know the name said vicious. The dude joined the sex pistols as a replacement bass player, despite not really even knowing how to play, simply because the dude just embodied the nihilistic image of the scene. He looked good on stage, he acted like a lunatic offstage, and eventually he met the love of his short life Nancy spungeon, who took him further down the road of strung out debauchery until one morning he woke up to find her stabbed to death and apparently couldn't even remember if he did it or not. He got arrested, he bailed at a jail and he overdosed on dope immediately thereafter, leaving the mystery of Nancy's death forever unanswered, at least in an official capacity. But if you want to talk truly legendary Punk Rock, violence and nihilism, one name stands above all G G Allen. The man's father named him Jesus Christ, honestly believing his son was the second coming of the Messiah. It became Gig when his younger brother couldn't pronounce Jesus, and, honestly, the name is where the comparison ends. I don't want to go into too much detail about the man's antics, particularly because it's all been documented many times before, but mostly because I just feel gross even talking about it. He was always naked and intoxicated on stage, cutting and bruising himself for entertainment purposes. He would provoke and assault the crowd physically indiscriminately attacking men and women with the micstand or bottles of booze or whatever was handy. He'd often take a handful of laxatives and wash them down with whiskey before the show. You can use your imagination on that one. He his his antics garnered him a bunch of charges ranging from assault to indecent exposure. He'd often get his ass kicked while performing, and sometimes fans were turned off watching him beat up female fans, but over all, the guy is still a punk rock icon. He ohdeed and died while still covered in blood and fecal matter from the nights show, and that's how they buried him, stinking foul, wearing a leather jacket and a jock strap and nothing else. Role models anyway.

I could keep going listing these famous musicians turned famous criminals, but I guess my point remains that famous musicians are just people who choose to try and capitalize on their talents and despite the fact that their faces are familiar to us all, that they end up on magazine covers or that their songs are really well known, they're fallible humans just like the rest of us, and in many cases worse than most I know that sounds obvious, but, like I've said, a lot of people are still willing to listen to Chuck Berry or Jerry Lee Lewis or Elvis, despite them being real creeps during their lifetimes. I've heard people say respect the art, not the artist, but nowadays we're willing to take the cosby show off the air. Louis K lost his livelihood. They had to reshoot all of Kevin Spacey's scenes in a movie with a different actor, for God's sake. So why does the king get a pass? I'm not advocating for any kind of action here. I still love my black metal. I still love my hiphop, although modern mumble rapshit sucks, but shit, I recently went to see quicksand, a band I loved as a kid, and they were short a guitar player that night. It turns out, a few nights before I saw them, he got busted stealing a bunch of shit from a CVS while on a stop in some random city to pay for his heroin habit. I still love quicksand, but to me, being a thief to support your drug problem is far more forgivable than, say, recording girls in the bathroom without their consent. I guess it's all a matter of personal morals and how much you are willing to forgive. I basically was just trying to think up some interesting crimes in the musicians associated with them, and I came across so many that I was like, dude, I could listen, I could, I could go off and list, you know, pages and pages of these of these people and and each one could garner a whole segment talking about them. But it's like, I don't know, I did. Did you realize there were so many stories of these like these respect did musicians? Like? I see, I'm cook, like, you know, he was murdered, but it was actually selfdefense kind of thing because he was trying to rape a woman. Like, Oh wow, yes, see, that's an interested in story. Check out SAM cooking, his demise and about all that. It's fascinating. But yeah, cool, yeah, well, cool, I mean cool, man interesting. Yeah, yeah, I mean I was, I was looking up stuff and I initially was going to talk about, you know, a few of the more modern cases, but I just got so bogged down with with a lot of these these you know, punk rock and like there were a couple that I wanted to discuss, but I never got around to them in here. Like there was this story of the singer of a band called, as I lay dying, Tim Tim Limb Beasus, yeah, eely dying. Okay, so you know about how the singer who this band was more or less a Christian rock band. I mean they were, you know, they didn't specifically sing about Christianity, but they all profess their faith, and then the singer starts taking steroids. Looks, you know, about a hundred pounds heavier. All of a sudden he's all jacked and then he's caught asking people how to go about killing his wife or or trying to set up a hit on his own wife. And the guy goes to jail for whatever it was, however many years. He's out now. But but it's just that sort of thing. Or I don't know, think they the say, are you trying to tell me, do you? Is Velvet painting I have here, the king, is actually a painting of a child molester. What sextident? Tell me that our Kelly don't know how to use a party? Is that right? It's just interesting Shit, man, and that's a whole nother thing, though, our Kelly thing, and exactly. It's a little cult or you can. I mean we didn't even talk about Michael Jackson exactly. Phil Specter Cole, there's another one. Yeah, you know, there's so many, but I just I don't know. I got into this, truth be told, I fell into a youtube rabbit home just looking at weird, you know, crimes associated with musicians, and they got me thinking and and the my main question was, yeah, about how much are you willing to forgive? How many? You know how much? I remember, Dave, you and I talked about or I did a segment on black metal a while back round it on death metal and black metal, and you had questioned whether I was or how I was still able to listen to it when these people were murderers and what. Yeah, and you know what I mean. Murders are what there, when things are preying upon innocent kids, when there's like someone who's dating a thirteen year old or marrying, I don't know, I get I guess it's all bad. I don't know. I'm sing myself say it and I'm hearing the hypocrisy in... voice, but I just I don't know. There's a spectrum to I think for sure. Thank you. Yeah, thank you, Carlo. Some some crimes are worse than others. The the fact is simple. Will you look at who in jail is being killed for their crime as opposed to, you know what I mean? If someone goes to jail and they're just there for murdering someone, they may be left alone, but if they're in there for victimizing children or you know that, that that doesn't go over well. Even the other criminals don't want to be around those people. And so it's when do you boycott the music? When you just say that is enough, I'm not going to support it with my heart earned dollar. If you are a fucking you know, whatever the case may be here, I would think that murder is a serious enough crime to make me reconsider my tastes, especially when there's so many alternatives out there to listen to. Is it necessary that you must listen to this, this specific artist? As far as golden showers, how bad are those? Are they on miners? I don't know. I mean it's a can of worms, it really is, you know, but that's but that's is it consent? Well, if it's miners, is not consensual. But if it's, you know what I mean, if it's just somebody's into weird, kinky stuff, then that's that's that's no big deal. But if it when it treads, yeah, it's a personal choice you make, and music is music is a hard one too, because you're not actually seeing the person, whereas I fight so like musicians, I have deat like a Michael Jackson Song was still come on. I'm not like his biggest fan or you like actively go look to listen to Michael Jackson, but when it comes on, and it's especially as older stuff, like hmm, yeah, like this is this is still a really good jam, but it it's because I'm not like looking at him or seeing you, whereas with the visual media, I find that a lot harder, because you're looking at Louis C K do stand up and you're like Goddy is kind of a pervert, but like I love what he does, but I hate that he has done these things. So it's it is our and you're let you don't want to support them financially. And someone brough up a good point. Well, maybe they should lose royalties for things if they, you know, if they are doing something criminal, do they deserve to make money off of that? which has gained them, that that ability to commit those crimes. So right, I don't know. It's a hard place to be an also, do you punish an entire band for one person's act? That's true too. That's why I strictly base my listening. Now I wonder, did he sprinkled glitter on his nuts? He said the kind of guy that was sprinkled glitter all over his ball. So so I'm not gonna listen to him because he's up to some nefarious shit, just like Michael Jackson that Carlo alluded to earlier. That's where I draw the line. Man, you can picture sprinkling glitter on its nuts? No, no, I wouldn't do it. Personally, I'm not. I don't know how that would work. I'd probably throw it from far away. Kind is, you know, curveball, and they like Bah, there's a glitter on your balls, buddy. But yeah, you know, basically the artist is willing to do that is dangerous man's risky business. Yeah, I'm going through my spotify playlist right now. I'm like, you know, I think I'm okay. I'm not listen to anyone that's a puttter on their their ball sects. I think, yeah, they just ruined music for everybody, because now you get a second guess who's doing what with whom. I feel like a lot of those people that I mentioned I wasn't really into anyway. I mean there's I've never been an elvis fan. You forgot about one singer in particular who is synonymous with locking people in their trunk, and that Saline Beon. Okay, she is. She's terrible with that. I know Carlo's a big Fan. I mean, I wake up every morning to my heart will go on. So you caught me. I imagine the latch clicking, actually closes on you and watches Nickelodeon and porn in the front seat while you suffocate in the back. Well, they that was a very interesting thing. Again, it's really eye opening and what have you. So, is anybody else have anything else to add about this? Or we all just really bummed out and depressed now? And me, yeah, I don't know, go wallow and something Goo yea, I might have to lock myself in my own trunk. There you go. See what you did the calinate. You See, I feel like I'm I'm always the life of the party, bringing up all these happy fact you are. You're like a fucking clown if you were John Wayne Gacy. But anyway, you know, listen. I want to thank Carlo for coming on today. We've talked about it for a long time. She's always been such a big contributor to our show, so we are tickled, pink, that you finally found the time and made the time to be here with us today. Well, I'm really honored that you guys have me on. I really appreciate it. So I love I love what you do and the deep dives you get to take, and so he keep to what you're doing. It's thanks. On topic to explore, even if you are an ould rumudge and Dave, and Nice Way to Jab me right before we end the show. The low blow. I know you know we're we're personal fans of the go postal podcast as well. We want to let you hype your your own work here. So why don't you let listeners know where they can find your output? All right, so you can find go...

...postal to talk to us if you want to find us on twitter or instagram or facebook. Where at go postal podcast, but you can listen on Itunes, spotify, stitcher, pod being pretty much wherever you find any of your podcast now. So yeah, and if you you want to send us your own stories, you can send it to go postal podcast at gmailcom or send it to our Po box, which you can find on our social media. So thanks, guys. Appreciate that. Very cool. And you made it through the whole show alive. You may have lost the round there of the dating game, but as far as I can tell, you're still breathing. Well, I'm looking forward to the death by cuteness. So yeah, it's kind to happen. That's ASS coming. Just take a look at me, just look at me. That's cuteness enough another day. There you go, nate. You Yeah, you don't deserve it, though. Okay, you just don't deserve it. All right. Well, I want to thank everybody out there for listening. We appreciate the ever living crap out of it. Virtual hugs for all of you. I am Dave, that is nate and Carla, and this has been selling out. You Swag on infirmary media. Give your mornings a remix with the delicious new beyond Sausage Sandwich from Duncan say, but it's a tasty beyond Meat Sausage Patty with egg and sees all on an English muffin. Oh Yeah, that's ten grams of great tasting plant based protein, great taste plant bread. Wait, it's plant based? Yeah, it's plat based and it tastes great. Yea Dry duncans beyond sausage sandwich. It's a whole new way to start the day. America runs. I'm Duncan. This is no ordinary subshop. This is firehouse ups. Tired of over priced lunches that under deliver on flavor? Head to firehouse ups, where, for a limited time, you can get a four hundred and ninety nine choice up. Choose from a medium smoke Turkey, Virginia honey, ham or roast beef. Their custom made hot subs that are price ready made to make you smile. Just for four hundred and ninety nine only at firehouse ups. Enjoy more subs, save more lives. Participating locations plus tax limit time offel prices may carry for delivery.

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