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Episode 11 · 4 years ago

Ep.#11 Halloween Hootenanny


'Tis the season for all things spooky! This episode we take a look at Halloween. We're bringing humor to the holiday with tales of childhood costumes, priceless pranks, classic candy and ghoulish grooves. On the Sound Off we find out what treats our listeners love and find ourselves in the middle of a candy corn controversy. Finally, we get a taste for Goth music during Nate's Notes. Trick or Treat, y'all!

5:40- Halloween-ish History Lesson
10:50- Childhood Halloween
15:15- CCD VFX
20:05- Naughty Halloween Hi-jinks
24:12- Traumatizing a Friend
32:30- Halloween Now
36:35- Candy Inspector
45:40- Selling Out Sound Off
56:50- Nate's Notes
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...gave me to start the show. But you know what, we're not here to talk about coffee mugs and large franchises. Will actually maybe a little are a little. Halloween is pretty huge. Yep, it's a big deal. Like you walk into a store and the Halloween decorations are up. What midsummer? Yeah, it was like, yeah, they start earlier and earlier every year. Man, it's like Christmas or anything else, even though I don't think Thanksgiving gets its due. But maybe we can do a Thanksgiving episode in the future and kind of repay it for all the all the goodness it has brought me in my gut over the years. Yeah, we can eat Turkey on live on air. You know, I don't know how well that would work. Yeah, but my description of the coffee mug. It'll taste good though. So true, very true. But Halloween, man, it sucked for me as a kid. I'm sure many of you expect me to say, Oh, I love Halloween, costumes and candy and trick or tweeting and all the like, but realistically it was terrible for me as a kid, and the reason was my mother hated Halloween. Would you stand it? Oh my God, it was. She just hate the idea of taking me out to get candy from strangers. Actually, you know what, before we get into that, you want a quick history of Halloween, I would run form you in the listeners out there. I would love a little back story on the Halloween here. Yeah, before we get into my whole miserable childhood, let me give you just a quick, condensed run down on how Halloween came to be. It's actually a Celtic thing. It was originated with the ancient Celtic Festival of how do you say this? Sam Hane? Well, it's Sam Hey. I think some people say sow. Well, it's very funny that you say that. I just was doing some research myself and everyone says Sam Hane. There's even a band called Sam Haine. And Yeah, I noticed that in that Gaelic sort of tongue, that Celtic Gaelic tongue, it's actually yeah, pronounced sour win, which makes no sense. But then again, neither does the name Chivan or the name Shawn, even sea and those celts and that Gaelic makes no sense. But so I was crazy celts, crazy killing fucking nutty celts. And I'm actually inclined to say Celts, yeah, because we're from the Massachusetts area, in the Boston Celtics, but I will not do that today. I'm trying to stay true to history. So, anyway, the these people that the celts on sin or Sam Haine or whatever you want to say. HMM, they would light up bonfires and we're costumes to ward off ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory the third designated November first as a time to honor all saints. Soon all st state incorporated some of the traditions of Sau Win Sam Haine, and the evening before was known as all hallows Eve. So that was actually legit. They weren't just begging for stuff, they were lighting fires baby. Yeah, well, that's that's interesting, man. I love here in these like it's funny how these mainstream hallmark holidays often have like pagan beginnings or Celtic Beginnings, like when you you look at Christmas in how they've turned it into this. I know we're not in a Christmas episode, but just if they're similarities between how Christianity and American culture has sort of CO opted this holiday and turned it into something of theirs. But a lot of them would be shocked or in denial of of the Pagan or non Christian roots of these things. But absolutely. And speaking of CO opting or borrowing trick or treating, it's a quick recap on this as well. Borrowing from the Irish and English traditions, Americans began to dress up in costumes and go house to house asking for food or money. MMM, bankast is that? Yeah, BEGAS, get off my fucking porch. If you didn't give of them food, they would leave flaming turds on their poop again. He called the Shit Pool A presis. That eventually became today's trick or treat tradition. Young women believed that on Halloween they could divine the name or appearance of their future husband by doing tricks with yarn, apple pairings or mirrors, HMM HMM, or reading the end trails of fucking sheep. You know what I mean, like the other crazy shit you never heard of that, like people back to the day would tell fortunes or whatever by real lay cut open a fucking goat or a sheep or whatever and read its end trails. Just you know. Or, to a lesser extent, people would drink tea and look at the bottom of their tea cup and all the little flex of tea leaves. They would read into them and be able to tell someone's future, these diviners. But yeah, sheep's and trails. Look it up, I guess I will. I mean how bizarre the whole idea of that? When you mention it, it's just like disgusting, because you have to either kill something or take something that's recently being killed. Yeah,...

...and I'll pull out end trails, which does not sound enticing in the least. But how far off is that from someone who says they can speak in tongues? Right, you know, you know what I mean. Yeah, those are Wacky as people. It was whack ass motherfucker is all right. In the late eighteen hundreds, there was a move in America to mold Halloween into a holiday more about community and really get togethers and about ghosts, pranks and witchcraft. At the turn of a century, Halloween parties for both children and adults became the most common way to celebrate the day. Parties Focus on games, foods of the season and festive costumes. Hmm, let's see here. Parents were encouraged by newspapers and community leaders to take anything frightening or grotesque out of Halloween celebrations. Because of these efforts, Halloween lost most of it superstitious and religious overtones. By the beginning of the twenty century it was losing its bites. Yeah, totally, I guess the there you go. You can't dress up like Satan. What Fun is that? Come on, I don't know, I mean I again. Well, that's basically it for my whole Halloween recap. I borrowed that from historycom. So thank you for letting me play giarize you and take your information. Yeah, so, are you interested in getting into my sad tale? I am, I mean I I'm always a sucker for for, like I said, the origin stories, and any time I love hearing that Shit. But, Dave, we want to hear about your grinch of Halloween mother. And Yeah, she certainly was, and I I jumped into that. I get so excited about it. I kind of jumped the gun a little bit before I get into the history recap there, but it's all right. Yeah, so she never wanted to take me out. So my deal was I was always all dressed up with no place to go and I'd suffocate myself with those not actious plastic fumes. They came out of the Ben Cooper made Halloween masks hand candy out to other kids. That was my Gig. You were like reverse trick or treating. You would answer the door dressed up. You got it and I remember it so vividly to this day. I remember my my costumes one year as Batman, HMM, and I was so happy with my flammable Batman cost you and I was so proud of myself and I just had to hand out candid to others. Another year I was a mummy. Yeah, and I made a big deal out of it. I put on paint underneath my rap so if they even came loose, it looked like I was decaying or something. It was fairly, you know, elaborate for a kid in my age. But yet here's the butterfinger to the neighbor and I would just have to wash my face and shame later in the night. Huh, dude, that's a sad man. Yeah, there was one occasion she left the neighbor take me out trick or treating, and I believe his name was Jimmy. But even that was a little haphazard. Yeah, because, you know, it's a neighbor, I'm a little kid. He couldn't kidnaped me or something, or God knows what. My mom didn't care. Yeah, she's like just stop bugging me about the fucking tricky treat and go with this dude, leave me alone, go with fucking Jimmy. Yeah, that random Jimmy. What's call him random Jimmy? But you know, if I don't want to portray my mom in a terrible light, she was a single mother. She worked very hard man, she really dropped the ball on Halloween. Ma that sucks, man, I know. Yeah, well, what are you gonna do? You know what, though, the memories have stuck with me and I'm able to podcast about it. That's F day. So I guess it everything. It didn't all go for not right. Everything becomes the story in the future. Rough childhood's become interesting tales down the road. So I don't know, man, it builds character, Dave, you know, and I think so. Yeah, everything builds character. That's that's the way to kind of dull the sting of these childhood scars. But well, how is your Halloween as a kid? Was it the the exact opposite of mine? Was it joyous and happy and filled with, you know, Sax Full Of Candy? Well, it's interesting because I had to go far from my area, like I lived, to trick or treat. I had to leave my quote unquote, neighborhood. I lived on this back road that didn't really have neighbors. There were no kids in my area. The closest houses still had sections of woods between them, so it wasn't exactly a road to go trick or treating on. So I'd have to go somewhere further into town. My folks would never get trick or treaters at the House. So the good thing about that is my folks would buy a bunch of candy to hand out to trick or treaters and it would never get claimed. So we would end up with a bunch of candy at the end of it, and that that's still the case to this day. My folks by Bunch of candy for nonexistent trick or treaters they make it to all night. But I always had a last on Halloween. I had an older brother. I still have an older brother. He hasn't hasn't died yet, but yeah, yeah, it was let's ward off the evil spirits from that. What have you done? Yeah, exactly. Don't Jinks my...

...poor awesome brother, but anyway, he was quite skilled at makeup and making these really intricate, elaborate golry effects out of liquid latex and different you know, fake blood and whatnot that we would load up around Halloween because that's the only time they would really sell things like liquid latex that you could use to make all these awesome effects, and we'd actually do it at throughout the year at other times to, just for the fun of it, makes some weird gory scar on my arm or whatever. I actually my brother made this really convincing scar on my arm and the funny thing was it was around Halloween that it happened and I went to at the time I was young and my parents tried to put me in CCD, like a Catholic sort of after school class thing. And Right, right, CCD people, you know, are shutting familiar. They were all God fearing citizens in United States of America. fucking right. So so, anyway, I go to CCCD with this gear. It's gross wound on my arm that looked like it looked like my brother made it look like you could see bone in it and in about yeah, I looked and it looked charred and blackened, use like black and red and all these colors and fake blood and all this shit where I told my CCD teacher that I had reached into the fireplace and a hot log had fallen and charred my arm almost down to the bone. And this freaking guy, but not only did he not think it was a little coincidental that this happened to be Halloween, when people dress up and do these things, like he fell for it and actually let me leave CCD. He was like, you know, Dude, you know, you got to get out of you shouldn't even be in class with a wound like that, you should be getting to a hospital. And where? I believe he offered to call me an ambulance, but I told him no, I would make a call and get picked up, and I ended up just leaving CCD and hanging out outside and probably smoking a cigarette. Bad. Yeah, Saul, stop bad. You know, it's great night. What's that? Is that? Like that was awesome that you, brother, were so good at the visual effects that you got out of CCD. Yes, but if that happened now, the Teacher, Oh my child welfare protection services. Hell, yeah, you know what I mean. Yeah, letely different time. Yeah, my fotes, I would have gotten my folks into some serious shit nowadays. Yeah, but but dude, like I was thinking about it and yeah, okay, so he was gullible enough to believe that that should you know, to make a little comment here, that shouldn't surprise me too much. The Guy was teaching CCD, he but he believed in boats that could hold, you know, millions of animals, and the guy was gullible enough to believe some crazy shit. So anyway, that's my little rant about that. But Yeah, man, we had we had happy Halloween's. We had a lot of fun and I don't know, I've got some other stories, but I don't want to hog all this. Is there? No, but you made me curious now about your folks. Yeah, how's that? This is this is decades they've been buying Halloween. Can't even know apparent reason. Yeah, other than to eat it, you know, after Halloween. Yeah, and Halloween Candy is not cheap. If you go to like a walnut is something. It's like fifteen bucks. A bag of nerds or whatever is sort of assortment of Candy. Sure. So why don't they, if they really just want the candy? MMM, buy it two days after Halloween at a discount and get their sugar fix there? Well, I totally see that. That logic. But the thing is they're not doing it for the candy, despite the fact that we end up eating the candy, like I'll go over there and grab handfuls myself when I go visit them. But they are they're not doing it for the candy. They're holding onto this blind you know, hope that maybe kids will show up, maybe this year will be different and and some kids will we'll actually come visit and and bring compliment us on the shutters. Yeah, you know my folks. Yeah, folks are, you know, they're people, people, they want to believers. Yeah, they want to see kids, they want they bring joy to these children. And and nobody wants to come and get joy from no, he said, your pockets are stuff with skittles and butterfingers and you're laughing all the way to a sugar rush. Yeah, man, had a boy, but you go. Yeah, Dude. So I'm glad you had a happy childhood. I'm glad your parents are still dangling onto that threat of hope. Yeah, someone will let you drive out of their way, which actually be a good deal. As tou bid, we couldn't just release her address right now? MM. And Yeah, man, block a flock of people coming go the children, just my foot. No, overwhelm them. Yeah, they would love me if I'm giving out their address on fucking pudcasts. Now, that's ill advised. That's definitely ill yeah, but I... know, I want to tell you about this is that, even though my childhood sucked, with Halloween, and this is kind of like a warning for anybody out there who doesn't like Halloween, like myself, that abandoning your child's Halloween hopes well, only breed rebellion, MMM, and angst later on in teenage years. I think that goes for all kinds of things. But yeah, Halloween. Yeah, you're probably right now. Yeah, that seems to be the trend where you see, you can't do something, they're only going to do it twice. Is Much or even worse. Yeah, when they get older, a man. And when I reached my teenage years, I was into the hi jinks of Halloween. MMM, the little naughty things that you could try to get away with on such an evening that would not be common on any other night. We all know what they are. Egging houses, toilet papering some people, I kind of talked about earlier, leaving flaming Pooh on a doorstep. Good, you know, there's all standardized practices on this is evening. Pumpkin smashing. Now, I didn't, I didn't get fully involved in all of those per se. I definitely did some egging. Yeah, and I remember my I had a friend named Matt. We go around his neighborhood and he actually like to throw eggs into houses that had like windows open up. Man, yeah, so he was. He was double the prick when you end up throwing eggs inside people's house. Is Not just outside of people's houses. Damn toilet papering did occur. Yeah, I was never the kind of Guy who'd Steal Candy from kids, but I know that happened. Yeah, and one year my mother got wind of me acting out my you know, criminal activities or well, now, criminals. Okay, well know they were. They're really worthy, I guess, putting it mildly, I guess. Yeah, and she's like, you can't go out, Jesus, Oh yeah, Oh, yeah, I can't go out. You remember what happened when I was a kid and I couldn't go out? Fuck this shit, Ma, and I would grab like a hair spray in a lighter. Yeah, and I just sat in my room lighting fireballs for like wow, wow, man, you're like my you gonna Piss me off. I will fucking turn into a PYRO and you'll you'll regret not letting me go out on Halloween. I'm going to burn this motherfucker down. Yeah, I'M gonna pick up a Parson charge. Yeah, it was a weird thing to do because I was just I mean, she wasn't sitting there right a chair like Oh, nice fireball day. She's like yeah, fucking shut up, going your room, see you tomorrow. And I'm just in my room, whoshush, and I'm lucky. I didn't start anything. Environment. How, how else could I get out this this anger I had inside to me? The all my other friends were out doing terrible things to other people. You know, I was locked inside. Your anger was was emanating in the phone. It was manifesting as fire. The fire inside of you was coming out in a physical way. And I want. I want because with my mother had to go to work. She had no more handspring left and she had to go with a dull flat hair do. Fuck you man, think that. Ma Take that, put that new pipe and smoke it. Yeah, alloween forever number Aquinitte for you. Yeah, exactly. Now, I'm not going to go into a fully the things I did and did not do on Halloween. Yeah, but dude, you ever get wrapped up in any of that stuff? Well, yeah, I mean, we had her our share of throwing shit at, you know, houses and throwing eggs at cars. I remember a couple friends and I we still will quote occasionally, or I still do, this one guy that we we were on the side of the road. We saw a car coming as we were walking around trick or treating. We decide to duck behind a Bush or whatever throw an egg. It hit the car. Of course. The car slams on its brakes. Oh Shit, and the guy gets out and we're all like is this Guy gonna fucking kick our ass? What's going on? This dude total opposite technique. He comes over and it was like he was trying to guilt us. He to death. He was like he was almost like going to cry. He's like who did you? Did you just do that? Why did you do that? Wide what did I ever do to you? And he was had this whiny voice and and four years that was like a quote that we would use an appropriate times. You know, what did I ever do to you? Just the way he said it. I guess it's one of those had to be there things, but in Bolli, you know, yeah, we were awful, but this dude, to be fair, when he got He was this little old man, but you know, he did kind of make us feel bad about it. It's behind absolutely, you know, he's yeah, some people like you feel so bad that you mocked his voice for the rest of your life, you know. But some people like to threaten kids. So I'm like to guilt them to death. But, dude, speaking of feeling guilty, though, I have this sort of little anecdote about Halloween, if you don't mind, sure laid on me. So we had a friend, I had a close friend since I was in probably kindergarten, who was we found out pretty early on that he was quite a gullible kid.

In my brother and I were probably a little rough with on him as far as we would convince him of supernatural things, whether it was the house is haunted, whether you know, there are zombies in the woods, whatever it is, this kid would buy all this Shithook line and sinker to the point where he was genuinely scared. And it was it was always fun for my brother and I. So we we planned this one night on Halloween. I think I was about twelve years old. So this kid, I mean he wasn't old enough to you know, he was still not even a teenager, but to be honest, he should have been old enough to realize all this shit was bullshit, because we do it again. It's Halloween, so that alone should make you realize there's something fishy about should be a clue. Yeah, you know, man, we had like a script almost for how we were going to do this. We planned this little sware in the woods, a little fire in the woods behind our house, invited a bunch of friends over, all of whom were in on this, except for the kid. You know who we scared. I'll just call him Andrew for for the sake of telling the story. But sure, and it's good. We had convinced him. Over the last year we did a bunch of prep work setting this whole thing up where we had convinced him that we had found some random old documents in a cave in my woods behind my house, and we had even produced these. Like a friend of my brother's realized that you could make paper look really old by brushing lemon juice on the paper and then holding it over a fire. It would yellow the paper up and burn the edges so it looked like an old document. It was very convincing and and he tried to write it in the sort of calligraphy scroll. And Yeah, dude, it was involved. I'm telling you, like this sounds it, dude. So we had everything from a document like like tried to make it look like an old warning in the woods, like all ye who enter these woods beware, these woods are cursed with, Oh, you know, the the damned spirit of a Werewolf and all this. But anyway, we had this whole thing planned. We had convinced Andy that there was, you know, Werewolf activity in my woods and we the night of this whole thing we had. We had it planned where we'd all be sitting around the fire and we'd actually try to summon the spirit of this damned soul, this this poor guy who is cursed with this lecanthropy, you know, curse. Maybe he jerked off in a cemetery and became a werewolf quickly. Just so everybody knows what nate is talking about, he's actually referring to episode seven in our archives title fear. He doesn't necessarily endorse jabbing your Jerky in a cemetery. So yeah, we had this whole thing planned where we would, one by one, one of us would hear something in the woods go to investigate, like, what the hell was that? You hearing that? And they walk off into the woods and then we wouldn't see them again, and then the next person would say, you know what happened to so and so, I'm going to go look for him, and then they would never come back in and eventually it was just a few that remained. And I mean we got pretty far into this whole thing where the people that had vanished, had walked off and vanished, would eventually be stumbled upon by Andy. We made sure he would stumble across their bodies. The you know, whoever had gone missing would be laying on the ground with fake blood coming out of their mouth, maybe some kind of a wound, visible wound, and make it look like they were killed by a werewolves. So, you know, kind of a weird little horror movie scenario. And the problem was thinks. Okay, so things were going well, and almost too well, to the point where Andy was starting to cry like he was really which is understandable. I mean, we didn't we didn't realize how we're just thinking of how funny it was that he believed all the shit. We didn't think that were like tormenting this poor kid in like you know, this could be scarring. You're seeing your friend literally dead man and and we're just stupid kids, like, I don't know. So anyway, one one of the party goers, this kid Keith, decided he couldn't you know. He first of all, he wasn't a regular with our group. This kid Keith, decided to come along to the party, but we weren't super close with him and he was in on the whole thing. But when he saw how andy was reacting, Keith couldn't take it. He was just like, next thing I knew, I was a dead body laying on the ground. At this point, I was already had gone missing and was now laying with fake blood coming out of my mouth, sticking with just yea, Oh man, I'm here totally staying a plant, while this Keith Guy Wants to say the JIG is up. Yeah, well, what happened? Yeah, so I'm laying there and I just hear people yelling he knows,...

...he knows, and whatever. I just the and yeah, this kid keith blew the whole thing. But but it was fun and I look back on it I feel bad that we did this this poor kid andy, but we were kids and you know, he came out of it pretty well. Kids doing well now, so whatever. But sure about that? Sure you have fucking night terrors or wet his bad might he isn't therapy to this day talking about way. I don't know, maybe he's jerking off in cemeteries. Yeah, for you it's all right because you're just like oh well, yeah, he's well adjusted, or he seems to be now, and yeah, he does well with his life, but who knows what it would his thoughts are in private, right. But also the question is, who is the one that's more damaged? The one who witnessed his friends dying, supposedly and all that, or the one who likes to torment his fucking friends and convinced them that his friends are done? You know what I mean? Like I was, I probably need some therapy for the fact that you're the victim. Yeah, well, you know, you know, it's picture you and your brother like like druid robe or something, dude, and you're like, Oh fuck, we put on these for nothing, fucking key, fucking ruin it. Yeah, well, that's the thing. We were a little I mean we understood why he, you know, admitted that it was all because, you know, he's a decent human being, unlike the rest of us. But we had put a lot of fucking work into this thing, man, you know. Well, yeah, you said you took a whole year to plan the damn thing. I mean pretty much. Yeah, I mean, give or take, you know. And Yeah, I mean we had a lot of stories of scare and Andy like that, but you know, that one was on Halloween and was a fun memory in my childhood, Fun with fear everyone. I think. Yeah, I think we have to reach out to Andy at some point and see exactly how he is doing. Yeah, man, and maybe he's like recessed or put the memories in the back of his mind. Yeah, if we can, we can invoke goes and bring it back out of out of him and we can have a whole episode about his trauma, thanks to Natan, his brother Steve. Good one, guys. Yeah, have this little Freudian episode where we bring back repressed memories and maybe hypnotize him and and he's ask so no more pappers. I mean where were year to plan that? How does that sound? Yeah, let's do it. Let's take a year put that one together really, you know, get ahead of the game on that and then get Andy on the show. We need my brother. We need to get my brother back in the game. You know, Steve, it's time to come out of retirement. We need your skills. But, uh yeah, if you're still alive after nate just jings to you, please come on and let's fuck up Andy all over again. Yeah, memories, you know. Oh Yes, the memories, I'll tell you. You know. Now let's get into the now. Okay, Nitty Gritty of today, the here and now, here and now. You know, I have evolved as a human being over the years, and my mother's disdain for Halloween is now mine. I Hate Halloween. I never dressed up for Halloween. I don't enjoy it. I don't like handing out candy. HMM. If I get invited to a party, I'm that guy who just like slap a name tag on and be like, yeah, look, this is my costume. I am that fucking asshole. Yeah, I really don't like it. I don't know, and someone says Halloween Party to me, I'm like, AH, fuck, I don't want to go to a Halloween party. HMM, you are borderline curmudgin Lee. I'm a hundred percent like proudly curmudgeon form. Absolutely, it's just not my bag. And I know a lot of people dig Halloween. They like the the ability to let loose and be somebody they're not or pretend to be somebody else. You everybody always says, Oh yeah, you know. It's like, Oh, I love it when women dressed up like French maids on Halloween. Calm down, hornballs, take it easy, slow down, you know, it's not a freaking peep show, right, just because it's Halloween? Yeah, but it's still a lot of people lose your inhibitions and they just want to have a good time. I completely in utterly understand that. Sure, that's just not for me right right, hey, man, know thyself, you know you yes yourself, and that's all it is. I, on the other hand, still enjoy Halloween. I don't dress up anymore per se, but I definitely enjoy the Halloween season with my stepson, who seems to he loves them, and he's he's at that age. He's about to turn twelve, and for the last like five or so years that I've been in his life, we love Halloween. Man, the kid dresses up like we had an awesome Ninja costume for him a few years ago and he had dresses up as these all kinds of weird creepy shit. Like I've mentioned another podcast how I'm getting the kid into horror movies and we we've been watching the nightmare on ELM street franchise lately, which which is great for a kid who still is susceptible to...

...nightmares, you know, a movie about a dream demon monster killer guy, and but he handles it well, man. He we tried to watch the movie jeepers creepers the other night and that was a little too much for him. But I don't know if any of our listeners have seen that. I enjoy a jeepers creepers. But anyway, that's tangent. I'm not going to go off. Yeah, no, and actually the Tang you almost made me start another one because I think at Dawkin o Warriors, yes, sniper, no, street three. That's where we are. My brain immediately. Oh really, that's right where you were. Were about to watch part three. That's our next one ends. That's my favorite one, and that's not even because of duck and doing the theme soun man. It's as as alluring as that is the reason I just part three was awesome, and people fighting back against Freddy Krueger. Anyway, you know what? I'M gonna call his mother. I got to talk to her right away. Oh yeah, well, because you mentioned, he's turning twelve, which is the ripe age you to terrorize him. Yeah, Oh, and make him believe they're werewolves out in the woods and ruin his life completely. She's got to know about this. I have to alert her to this right away. It's not suffer the fate of Andy did. You'RE gonna ruin my hope land and sorry, Buddy. No, I'm not that much of a monster. I'll only torment friends who I'm not related to. Little bit of a monster? Yeah, and I'm not a monster either. Speaking of kids, I try to do the best I can. My son is five, he's going to be six soon, so he's super into dressing up and everything else. I mean every day in his life, not just on Halloween. Right he's like three here he has like three different Halloween costumes, nice and he's like, oh well, I'm gonna wear this one to my school party, I'm going to wear this one out and everything else, and you know, that's all fine and Dandy. I'll take him on the rounds so he can go get his candy, although I am a super paranoid. Oh Yeah, about candy. Now, like when I was a kid, if you said here's some candy, I mean like yeah, great, let me just fucking eating. The reason now? Yeah, exactly, the old not the wives tales with the urban legends. Right, HMM. There's razors, is fucking cyanide is. I saw a news report now that there's like ecstasy pills or whatever, and they to me, they look a little cocks to but the police of warning people watch out for the candies that may appear to be some kind of Halloween treat will make you trip your balls. Dude. Nobody is giving away free fucking ecstasy, these paranoid fucking people. I'm dude. I'm so tired of people that like spreadshit like like either, dude, somebody is dosing people for free. It's like, I don't know between that shit and I don't know I but anyway, yes, I understand the paranoid of the fear of let it. Dude. It is kind of crazy. You let kids go from door to door and just accept food from strangers, complete strangers, and and it's like, yes, the majority of mankind is good, I think, but that, dude, that's one of those situations where one fucked up individual can can be like it can be life for death based on one fucked up individual. It's not like, you know what I mean. At Ninety nine point nine nine, ninety ninety nine percent of the people you go to their houses on Halloween could be great, but if you got one bad one, that could fucking mean death. Now that, and now that I've terrified you and made you even more paranoid, where you're not going to let your son go out. Nope, no where, baby, I'm not taking him nowhere. Well, I mean it was like in the early s they had that thing with the aspirin. Yeah, yeah, when poison the ASSPIR now we get the safety cap, but whatever. I have to be aware, right. But I'm a I'm also the kind of guy where I I never let my son take a picture with the Easter Bunny. Oh yeah, and the reason for this is when he takes the picture with Santa, at least you can see the guy's face, right, who's in the Easter Bunny? Cause, yeah, could be this fucking dude with a yeah, I don't want to get into this, SPACI. Oh, yeah, you're about to stereotype somebody. Yeah, looking do with like a tear drop tattoo. Yeah, you know, some CREP. No, I mean, but I don't know. That's the thing. I don't know who's in there. I don't know. Everybody thinks I'm nuts, and I am a little bit, but I just think that's weird. Again, accepting shit from other people. He's also a little bit strange. So you try to find the right neighborhoods and everything, but realistically it doesn't matter. Like you said, it's like ninety nine point nine percent of people are fine. I don't write anybody's doing anything sinister to their no, yeah, sweets, of course, Dude. Yeah, I mean I, like I said, I am now that I'm older, I understand the fear of it. I understand, but I don't want to say what are the odds and changing. So, oh, yeah, but but yeah, dude, like I said, most people are good and I think it's cool. Man With the the neighborhood we go trick or treating with with my girl and her son there. We it's awesome. We go with a big group.

All of his cousins go with us. So it's a bunch of kids getting dressed up and yeah, it's like we're like a mob walking down the street door to door. And and honestly, I kind of get to relive some of that and I really enjoy it, man, and I get excited. I love helping him, like, you know, when he when he's discussing the what he wants to be, I get excited with him. And, you know, once he's getting dressed up, but it's like wow, you look awesome, like I get excited about it still. Man, it's I don't know. Some neighborhoods go all out. I know some people open up their garages and like give shots to the parents or whatever. You know, if you're from New England, like me and nate, that actually be good because it's chilly. Yes, you can remember, like most people like we wear the costumes, we need a jacket. Yeah, kind of remember. Is Not conducive. Yeah, exactly, running around like Superman or whatever. Yeah, but even then I would want to do that. I'd be like, Nads, give me the fucking Freak Candy and let me go home. Yeah, man, I'm not here. I don't want to Patty with you, with you, but you know, whatever, yeah, whatever. I'm a terrible, terrible person anyway, but I'm doing the best I can, aren't we all? Okay, that's all that matters. I don't want my kid to grow up resenting me. Sure, for Halloween, absolutely not, I think. Anyway, I don't know, you're a good dude, man. I don't think anything to worry about. I'm or despite your Halloween prejudices, your son is going to have fun memories of going out with this curmudge and Lee Father and taking candy and inspecting it for Razor Blades and ecstasy pills and Yep. So if I see an ecstasy on a puppet, fucking here, take it, like. What is this whole thing? It looks like a penis. This is Yep, this is for me. Yeah, look at the elephants around the room. Everybody who yeah, it's in the not in the habit of putting penis shaped objects in your mouth. But I don't know. If it's a pill, may have I will if they make me happy, baby, there's nothing wrong with that. Nope, nope, nope, yeah, I'm Kiddy, I'm fucking soul full of Shit. I would never take ecstasy again. Really, I would never know. No, I would never take any of lucinogen ever again. No, no, I got that out of my system. Well, no time ago. Yeah, I don't know. EXCEC is still still fun. One man, I don't I don't think it's possible to have a bad time on extacy. But you know, we're not going to go their own. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. All right, let's let's move on. And actually we're going to take a commercial break and when we returned, discuss more candy, because I reached out to the fine people of twitter for the selling out sound off. Video stores maybe all gone, but video rangers podcast is still open for business. Video Rangers podcast is a member of infirmary media and you can join US each week is we discuss only the finest rentals movies like no retreat, no surrender, Teen Wolf to please, Academy for Citizens on patrol, the heavenly kid meat balls, part two, cool as ice, Miami connection, and a whole bunch of films that'll keep you up all night. Hey, kids, remember TV's very special episodes? Well, we got those in stocks, so meet us at the bike shop for more information. Search Video Rangers podcast on Facebook, twitter and instagram. Sure, we all know vaping saves lives, but now I want to save you some money. Visit Northland Vaporscom, probably made in North Dakota. Northland Vapors Line of e liquids contain no artificial sweeteners, are dike tone free and won't gunk up your coils. Whether you're quitting smoking or an experienced vapor northland carries a variety of flavors and hardware, making it a onestop shop for all your vaping needs. Northland believes quality doesn't need to be costly, and right now you can use coach, selling out nineteen, and save nineteen percent off. There already amazing prices. So what are you waiting for? Get your head into the clouds and shop online at Northland vaporcom or visit their locations in more head and but Midgey, Minnesota. Some products contain nicotine. Adults only tune into the all new dueling decades, the game where you become a Retro Warrior and play along at home as the s and s fine it out over Earth's mightiest topics. I'm the S am totally awesomeness will destroy the s on dueling decade side Julian, the s will never beat the S, brother. Nope, not gonna happen, not tonight, not never. The S is gonna snap the s like a meat stick. Brother. Oh Yeah, I'm the Honorable Judge Cross and when you're in my courtroom, baby, I'm gonna judge you like Ryanhold. I'm here to uphold law and order, like Mariska Hockete, Julian, the s is gonna beat the s over the head with a piece of the a grow crag.

Listen to all the fun now for free at Pool Culturecom Day from the selling out show. Here to tell you about spunk loob. Spun Loube is a multi award winning Uber can't use by professionals in the adult film industry. Spunk is available in hybrid puersilicone, natural and pink. Spunk is made with the highest quality ingredients and is non standing, Hypo allergenic and cleans with ease. Enhance your love life with spun right now. SPUNK LOUBE is by three, get one free. There's no excuse not to give it a try. SPUNK LOUB A high end product for an affordable price. Is it spunk loubecom today and you can thank me later. I up and we are back in on this selling out sound off. I reached out to people on twitter and I asked them I actually had a pole here. What's the Best Halloween Candy? Now on my poll I only this is only so many options they give you on twitter, so I just chose snickers, peanut butter cups, candy corn no and other comment below. Now we have two hundred and forty eight votes thus far, so I guess that's a fairly good indicator. It's better than family feud, which only use the hundred. Yeah, and by far and away, the clear winner was peanut butter cups, with sixty percent. MMM. Snickers came in at twenty four. MMM, Candy Corn No came in at eleven and other was six percent. Really HMM. Now I guess a few responses here. I'll read. But do you have a particular favorite Halloween Candy? Well, I know one thing. Candy corn. No. D Candy corn tastes like sweet whacks, like it's like whax Shit like that. You said that. You know. It's a very waxy and gross and fucking. The colors are nasty and dude, I don't know. But but as far as candies, I love me some peanut butter and chocolate. So peanut book up is Great. But one candy that I don't recall ever seeing in the little miniature trick or treat size that I maybe it was, but that I loved and I don't even see them really in stores anymore. Do you Remember Watch McCall it's Oh, absolutely, I fucking love me some watch McCall it. I don't know, I haven't seen it. Great, but they're a little flat. Yeah, that's a thing. They don't have meat on them, you know. Yeah, I don't know, but it's the now get, speaking of me, of that sweet nugget anyway. But do you know what else is really good? Speaking of Flat Candy, I remember back in the s somebody introduced me to score bars. It's like toffee. Those are sure fucking great, man. I don't know. They're they're flat and their crunchy and the toffee gets stuck in your teeth, but they're they're pretty damn yummy. But anyway, well, you know, speaking to your candy corn thing real quick, we had someone point out to me the aftermovie diner was anything without peanuts. You have to peanut options here, and candy corn, which you don't seem to like, obviously, since I said candy corn. No, but I didn't even think about it. Like snickers and peanut butter, costs is both peanutss like whatever. They're just candy. And I actually responded about nuts, US being nuts. So why wouldn't we want nuts? But as for candy corn, do people enjoy them with those same people? Not on a candle? MMM, because you said it's just like fucking wax man. It's just it's disgusting. Another guy, Willem Malinga, actually said that candy corn is actually uniquely Halloween, MMM, compared to the other candies that are out there, whether it be again like a twizzler, nerds, right, because their seasonal and everything else, and I understand that. Yeah, but the moment you say mini, yeah, I think Halloween. Yeah, absolutely. You know, we had some other votes on here for such candies as Milky Way, Kit Kats, I guess, the normal fair yeah, good stuff. Yeah, but one that caught my interest was do you remember those Taffy's that would be wrapped in like a black rapper or orange rapper? Oh yeah, yeah, just for Halloween. Yeah, like a saltwater Taffy, but it's yeah, they're red, orange and black. Yeah, I know what you're talking about. Yeah, somebody, somebody put those on there and call them like poor people's Hershey's kisses. I believe they were, and I don't remember, get that now. They were kind of implying us like a ghetto thing. I just think it's a disgusting thing. Yeah, you know into those? No, no, absolutely not. I mean my favorite personally, is butterfinger. MMM, I and I. You know what I like it so much too, is because it's not something I really enjoy over the span of a year. Yeah, but when I see... a little butterfinger mini in my kids bag, I'll scoop them up and put him away in the cabinet. Yeah, I steal, I'm a thief. Well, and I really enjoy them. You're entitled to it. Then you're like, you know, you have to test that one for razor blades. Oh, yeah, yeah, I gotta. I'm using. My mouth hurts, but the taint feel good. Yeah, man, nobody better lay a finger on your fucking butter finger. Yeah, and I know a lot of people here were actually defending candy corn. But I think it was just to be like contrarian. Yeah, because how much I seem to be against it with the Pole, because I really can't see how anybody would really go all in on candy corn. Yeah, I guess maybe you take one bite and go up, it's fucking Halloween, and then you throw them in the fucking trash. Yeah, I don't think the question is do you like candy corn or do you not like any corn? I think the question is do you hate candy corn or can you stomach candy corn? You know, it's not like. I don't think anybody's like I love candy corn, or maybe you know, maybe there's some fucking Weirdo out there. But now, something that's always confused me is people who will throw something in a bag without a wrapp up. Yeah, like like a marshmallow. Yeah, what the fuck is that? Don't fucking put a mashmallow with my trick or treat bag. Yeahsshole, I'm not going to eat I gotta throw it away. Yeah, he's speaking a safety concerns right. It's a loose shit, some loose loose candy. Loose fucking who gives that shit out? Man, even fruit I was that fruit was a weird one, you know what I mean? Like I understand the concept of like, Oh, I want to take part in this fucking ritual of Halloween giving shit out, but I can't in good Unchian's give a kid something that's so harmful. Someone to give him fucking fruit. It's like a it's loose, your hands have been on it. It's fuck it, you know what I mean. Like the same thing with the marshmallows. But also there's that whole stereotypical, played out cliche of like the kid is not going to eat a fucking apple when he's got a bag full of candy. You know what I mean? It's just no, yeah, just seems and I actually I started giving out the comic books, a little many ones you can buy. Oh cool, they actually sell them in like a Halloween package. For me, I'm a comic Book Fan. I'm like, Oh, this is great, I'm giving out the love of reading and of superheroes and everything. But I got to warn you. If you do that, you got to give some candy to hmm, otherwise the kids will also think you're an asshole because, you know, sure they dig like a Batman Comic Book. Every kid does, but they're like, well, this is all fine and Dandy there guy. Yeah, but I really want some twigs, right. I can't wrap my teeth with Batman. Yeah, yeah, that can only rop my mind, which I'm trying to wholeheartedly endorse. Yes, but, yeah, I'm a terrible candy giver to I don't like spending all the money on fucking, you know, all the good stuff. I'm not. I'm not like I got to be the best candy guy in the in the in the neighborhood or whatever. Yeah, I don't care, as long as you just get your shit and get the fuck out of her. Right, move it along, take take your free stuff and stop sucking on the fucking teat. Okay, yeah, getting the free wellfare, that's what that's what Halloween is. fucking welfare entitlements, man, yeah, fucking a right, you know. So, yeah, whatever, but that was a selling out sound off. That's pretty much all I got to say about that, unless you got anything else you'd like to add. Good. All right then, let's let's break into another commercial stint here and when we come back nates notes, one day ends one's Day, frenzy, motor speed where watch me. Green infected splint turbo plastic seals off the competition and is devastating. Aspen Dragon Ruling thundercarns crank up the sixteen fouve madness in his overblown and deadly L Camino Maxica. Watch the fake boys rampage down the full page spreads and interact mayhem with vive Wednesday man head to head, nick in neck, roaring down the pull list of deaths every Wednesday while the electricity holds out. It's it's it's the professor friends show. It's a show that's the friends a show, but that's friends. 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...the usual tropes and ended up putting down the foundation for what would eventually be known as post punk. Susie and the BANSHEES and, a couple years later, bowhouse, both worked this dark, almost vampiric look into their respective projects. Bowhouse is first single ended up becoming a goth anthem. It's called Bella Lagos. He's dead and it's an odd song to release as a single, if you ask me. It's repetitive, almost to a fault, and it runs like nine minutes long. It's it's been covered by lots of acts over the years since then, from nine inch nails to Mike Patten's recent project dead cross. And speaking of covers, bowhouse does a pretty decent cover themselves of Bowie's classic Song Ziggy Star Dust. But I digress. Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, another Goth forefather, Nick Cave, fronted the challenging and exciting postpunk group the birthday party before breaking off to form Nick Cave in the bad seeds, proving himself a talented and prolific songwriter with his own unique voice. There are elements of Johnny cash in there, some Tom Waits, but there's often that trademark darkness to the lyrics that ensures cave will always be a figure in that Pantheon of Goth musicians who got the initial black ball rolling. But postpunk is really only a small part of the musical landscape inhabited by these pasty ghouls and their black hair dye. Industrial Music is often lumped in with the goth culture, but that wasn't always so. It took bands like skinny puppy, who added gruesome props and fake blood to their live show, or ministry, who wrote another goth anthem of sorts every day is Halloween, and then just grew darker and more aggressive with each release. Those acts where the bridge from industrials almost impenetrable machine noise beginnings with bands like throbbing Gristle or in Stirz and Deinoybouten, to the more listener friendly electronic rock music of nine inch nails or Roemstein. The S saw a surge of bands getting air play that had an industrial element to them, which basically meant they had a keyboard player and or a drum machine. But along with that came the inevitable surge of new young fans, and before you knew it, someone had to invent fucking hot topic where a kid could get some spiky leather chokers or fishnet stockings without having to go to a sex shop. The scene was finally big enough to be profitable in a mall setting. You also see a lot of metal bands with gothic vibes to them, whether it's some dark, depressive, atmospheric black metal band like rushes nokra or the symphonic Italian Goth metal outfit Lacuna Coil, the two genres tend to fit together easily. Even Glenn Danzig from the aforementioned misfits went on to form Sam Haine or sow and, as we discussed earlier, and finally Danzig's eponymous project Danzig, both of which, Sam Hayne and Danzig, are black clad goth metal acts, and good ones. And finally, I have to mention perhaps the best quote Goth Metal Act to have blessed us with their music. TYPO, negative, beautiful melodies, lyrics that dealt primarily with either sex or death, or both, a singer who looked and sang like a giant vampire. They were a great band, but sadly, Peter Steele said, giant vampire died like a decade ago and thus far he hasn't climbed back out of his grave to write another album. So while I wait for that to happen, I will spend this Halloween rocking out to typos, older albums like October rust or bloody kisses. I'll bump ministries, every day is Halloween, or bowhouses, dark entries, or maybe I'll nod my head to nick cave in the bad seeds red right hand, all of which are goth enough to be appreciated by the Goth scene and appropriate Halloween party music. Yet they all sound unique from one another. I mean I remember you and I Dave used to listen to the type negative when we were kids. Are Oh yeah, dude, I remember when October rust came out. What a fucking great album, and I I don't know if you'd amazing them at all. bazing, no, I don't, yeah, but but yeah, I did see them live though, in Portland, Maine. Wow, and speaking of the whole hot topic scene, boy, yeah, we there was enough, like you said that, the choker necklace, yeah, on them, and everything you could think of there. But they put on a really good live show. Absolutely, man. I mean I've only seen video footage. I never got to see Typo. I'm so embarraed. Well, I'm not embarrassed. I'm I'm saddened by the fact that I never got...

...see him on you. Yeah, man, but dude, Peter Steele, that fucking Dude, man, he was. If you watch interviews with him, that's a funny dude, because Peter Steele started in a band called carnivore that was more of like a hardcore, pseudo thrash metal bands, like before Typo, right, and he said that he started typo because he was dating this Goth Chick and, you know, became more into that sort of type of female like and he wanted to write music. He was unashamed about writing music specifically for female fans. He's like, fuck it, why wouldn't I? You know what I mean? Yeah, lady wants to get something money, absolutely man, and he realized that, you know, the way to a woman's heart is through her black fucking nail Polish. So guess well, you know, you mentioned you were embarrassed. He was ashamed. I'm actually a little bit embarrassed. I saw the show, not not because I mean again, there were amazing live yeah, but it was more like a phase I went through as a teenager more than anything else because, like we just mentioned, I don't listen to their music anymore. Sounds like a hankering. I ever have right to pop on some TYPO. Yeah, see, I I recently for I. Maybe it's Halloween, maybe it's that, but for some reason these last few days I've just like, I've been listening to a lot of Typo, negative and the guitarists not, you know, not to go off on something of the guitarist as a new project. That's pretty interesting. So I was listening to that. But but yeah, dude, Danzig. You know, I was mentioned in Danzig and whatnot, and like you know, I know that you and I were both Danzig fans, you more so than me. It took me to get a little older before I was really into Danzig, but my first concert was Danzig. Right, exactly, man, I mean Dude, you know, bitch as I might, about this special little subculture getting over exposed and, like you know, the hot topic thing and how it's gross and cheesy. Dude, I have to admit that I've found a decent band shirt or two in that store. I Buy, like my replacement piercings for my I got my labrette pierce and I you know, that store is functional. I mean, I don't go in there and buy fucking leather chokers and shilling hanging out. Yeah, you're not. You're not like yeah, man, let me hang out and talk about dude, I can hear the kids now. I mean, I'm a little old for that, but but what I'm saying, if you want, you're kind of hip, you are kind of Hit, because you just mentioned you like to listen to this shit around Halloween. Yeah, well, me, I'll pop on the monster mash a man I was working in the lave made one night. I'm a have funny duddy. Yeah, it is. Well, I mean, yeah, I I don't even. It's weird, man. I listened to all kinds of shit and, like, I don't specifically go out of my way to listen to Halloween music around Halloween or whatever. But the funny thing is on last Christmas, or pretty much every Christmas, I actually put on Typo negative for Christmas because they have a Christmas song called Red Water, and in parenthes Jes is called Christmas morning. But like m you are, and like mourning and of course yes, because they are Gothian depressing. But that song, Dude, is I mean I always loved that's on red water. But it's like the older you get, the more it really does make sense to you. Because that song. We're associating Typo with Halloween here, but I think, like I said, I associate them more. I I go out of my way to listen to this song on Christmas. So it's odd, like Typo is more of a Christmas band to me now. But this song is all about how, as the years go by, at Christmas gatherings there's less and less people because everyone's dying. You know, he he throws in some of the cool like Carol of the Bell's music, you know, Motif into the song. He are, I say he they but the lyrics even twist up like this one lyric that's like God, Damn Ye, Mary, gentleman, and Shit. And I know this isn't a Christmas episode. I think I mentioned a Christmas a few times. You're ruining Christmas for me to make that. You're making me all bummed out. I was about to say typo negative was like for for people in their s and everything is not like pumpkin spice. Yeah, yeah, say, Oh hey, it is the season. Is Halloween pop on some typo negative. Yeah, head on down to the the what we talked about earlier, the starbucks of the Duncan. Don'tus to grab your Pumpkin. fucking how can anybody even enjoy that shit? I can't stand Pumpkin is grouse. I like a Pumpkin Pie. I will you do Pumpkin bread or all that shit of that Pumpkin...

Spice Coffee? Man, it is fucking nasty. I'm sorry, it's gross. I might just have something against pie anyway. I don't enjoy fruit and I don't enjoy things in pie form really well, maybe. Well, I don't know what it's like. A lot of people will have the debate. Is a hot dog or sandwich? Right, right, right, right. So you know what, if you took a meat loaf and just popped it in a pie tin, would it still be a meat loaf? Would it be a pie? It depends on if it's got a fucking crust. Man. I think a crust is what makes a pie. If you ask really, I think so. But then I mean, but maybe I'm wrong. Shepherd spy. But Shepherd spies not well, they go wow, curveball time. Dude, let's say fucking love me a shepherd's might well ask a good one. Yeah, shepherd spies good, but dude, I think pie. I think ID bye. I think the crust makes a pie and I think that your lack of enthusiasm for Pie, to put it lightly, is because you haven't found the right fucking crust. Bro You need maybe, yeah, man, you need a good fucking crust. You need a good pinny, a krusty crust, I might. I don't know, but yeah, typo negative. It's weird that you related to Christmas. I guess it's a unique thing. I remember that song in particular. It's a very good tune. I haven't listened to it in God knows how many years. It's good, but check it out. Was a phase I kind of went through where I was really into them. I can never say I was so goth. I never really, yeah, decked myself out, but I love dating goth girls. Yeah, Geez man was one of my favorites. Yeah, I was going to say who doesn't, but I guess there are some people who don't. Well, that's the thing. It's like it's a hard thing to bring home right. Yeah, I remember this one goth girl I dated. I was super into work, but she put like rubber bats in her hair. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and stuff like that. And that's a weird thing to like bring home to mom. Well, yeah, it depends. Yeah, I guess depends on your mom. I mean, I know you're right because because I think we're at that generation where the parents like nowadays, if our children bring home, you know, a goth chick or whatever, a date, we wouldn't even, I wouldn't even bat an Eyelash, you know, I wouldn't even fucking you know, I would think, which is odd. But this is again, years removed. I think, why is she trying so hot? Yeah, yeah, dude, and that's no, yeah, what I mean absolute yeah, I understand that, and that's what impresses me now, because I still see people and I don't even know if counterculture even exists anymore. Now it's all just culture. It's not counterculture, it's just a there're a bunch of other cultures, you know what I mean? COUNTERCULTURE has become its own culture. It's become just another excepting. But, and that's what I mean, when I see the girls with the Pale skin and the black hair and everything else, I think, you know, one I do find them attractive. I'm not going to lie. Yeah, you know, yeah, that's from my from my teenage years. But to again, why are they white? Why are they trying so hard? And I'm more impressed with someone who has knowledge about genre or whatever. Right, it might be a horror fan and it was a bunch about movies and everything else, but they look like they're going golfingly. Yeah, yeah, they don't need to rock the whole fucking thing. Like, dude, this there's this standup comic who would talk about goths and how it's like, you know, it's a lot of energy to look that miserable. You know, like people go through a lot of Shit, like I've got to put all this shit on every day, like, I don't know, I understand that, and that's that's what I was kind of getting at with the whole hot topic thing, like a it's like, dude, that that's a lot of I don't know, it's just a yeah, it's a lot of work to put into it, and my my youthful shunning of that sort of corporatization of all that Shit obviously is as you get older. It's silly. That's where I was getting at. But what I wanted to say is that if it weren't for those sort of underground bands becoming pop piller and being played on the radio or MTV, a lot of us never would have heard a lot of these bands. You know, especially the days before the Internet, you have to be introduced to shit somehow and whether it's like, Oh, I'm gonna go into this hot topic and you know, a kid might discover all kinds of cool shit. The whole scene stir fucking elitism. Bullshit is just silly, man. You see it in all these scenes. You see it in Punk, you see it in Goth, you see it in that black metal. Like, dude, it's crazy, man, like just people like. Oh, remember when we were younger, that word poser, how much that shit would get throng around. Huge. You're a fucking pose not really into the scene. Yeah, man, and I know now we're a couple of old guys and sounded silly talking about shit like that, but but you know what I mean, that was how it was when we were kids and now I'm sure it's still like that in scenes, but like, I don't know, it's just all the punk rockers. It say you need to punch the dude and a stuff you white shirt, you should be giving him a hug. Right, come on, man, you got to go up to him and be like, Hey, buddy, I know you're some fucking elite is bastard,...

...but you decide the music that I listened to and if it wasn't for you putting nine h nails on MTV, I wouldn't be into all the cool shit I'm in today. Right, you got to reach across the aisles and fuck it. Yeah, and love each other, man. People have this image of goths as being, yeah, these mopi depressed people. And Yeah, we some of US had our moments. Some of us were drama Weans who would, you know, get dumped by a chicken, mope about it for fucking months, smoke a pack of Windstead, yeah, down some blackberry brandy. But some of us, most of us, all of us, I'd say, were usually rocking the gear, but laughing and having a fun time. I mean, like I said, with the TYPO, the type of negative they're just you know, they're funny guys that just like the image. And let's break down the barriers, man. We need like you know, the dancing crossing guard you see with the whistle. Make a goth kids step up and be like, I'm going to be the happy crossing guard, blow my whistle, dancing and helping people cross the shock. I just happened to be wearing white makeup and jet black hair. How are you, O man, I want you to be full of happiness all the time. Looks like some dancing mime directing traffic, but I guess you would. You're right. Hug A kitten, you're a goth hug a kid. fucking perfect. I love. Let's do it all right. That does it for our Halloween episode. I want to thank each and every one of you for tuning in. We truly appreciate it. Virtual hugs for all of you. I am Dave. That is nate, and this has been selling out last time infirmary media. If you ever want to find out more about us, visit us on twitter at selling out show or our show page on infirmary dot org. Okay, I swear. That's it. I'm finally leaving now I'm going. I'm about security. Threats are everywhere, but with expedity Xbi, you're notified of threats to your inhome Wi fi network, so all your connected devices are protected. That's simple, easy, awesome. Switch to excerinity today and get a great offer. You'll get the best in home wi fi experience with expinity Xbi. What you'll get advanced security free with the XI gateway. That's the seventy two dollar value per year. No other provider offers this. Go Online, call when it hundred expinity or visit a store today. Restrict and supply. Girl Scout Cookie inspired flavors are now at Duncan. When the spirit of the girl Scouts Meets Duncan Coffee, it's easy to get a delicious cup of can do. Then Mint and coconut caramel flavors are here to help you tackle your day. Grab a medium Lotte or Cappuccino for two dollars from two to six PM and take on whatever lies ahead. America runs on Duncan. The Girls Scouts name trade mark and also seeded trademarks and Lobo types, including the thin mince marker own by girl scouts of the USA. Limited time off participation may vary. Exclusion, supply.

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