Selling Out Show
Selling Out Show

Episode 10 · 3 years ago

Ep.#10 Prison Pt.2


Prison. The topic so nice Selling Out got locked up twice! This time around you'll hear some shocking statistics, learn a little about the underground contraband trade and discover a not so appealing alternative for when you just can't find a smoke. The Sound Off delves into prison nicknames and Nate goes a little nuts in solitary confinement. Tune in and get a legit account of life on the inside.

2:35- Some alarming statistics
20:30- Tales from the contraband marketplace
22:00- How bad do you need a smoke?
27:25- Nate, jailhouse entrepreneur
39:10- Where there's a will, there are opiates
42:20- Nielsen ratings in the joint
50:20- Hands on activities to kill time
54:03- A discussion on dreams
1:00:25- Sound Off
1:11:30- Nate's Notes

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