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Episode 2 · 3 years ago

Ep.#1 Hello, Hello, Hello


Hosts Dave and Nate begin by tackling the topic of Church. It's starts with wondering why there are no Christian Glam Rock Bands and ends with them discussing if an afterlife is worth wanting.
A mystery jogger with a serious case of the runs assaulted an alley in New Mexico and Selling Out has the scoop.
Nate has discovered an herb called Kratom. A natural remedy that may have the ability to help many people. What does it do and how long will we have access to it?
Dave makes a plea to 80's star Phoebe Cates, requesting her return to the public eye but gets side swiped by the Patrick Swayze flick Steel Dawn.
Nate reviews the Punk in Drublic Draft Beer and Music Festival headlined by NOFX.


2:30 Bowie would make me read the bible
8:20 Superstitions
9:44 Religious Weaponry
11:45 My Dad's Cult
15:00 Community
17:00 Not to Worship, Atheist vs Agnostic
20:30 The Afterlife


26:03 The Jogger
32:06 Kratom
43:09 Plea for Phoebe
53:07 Punk in Drublic Review

Are you happier as a Shmup? You were now toin the selling out Oue. What it does is breaches into a brainchemically and o Kacyour happiest memory chemically en lockson thatemotion, reased it chemically, and then it keeps yor happy, happy, Andlo, hello, hello and welcome to thedebt of selling out I'm one of your host David Shilts and with me I have mygood friend, Nake Arzinsky Nat. How are Ye not bad they've? It's been a goodday. I've been doing a doing the domesticated life Wen to bring two catsto get fixed this morning, and then I've been doing yardwork ever since soexciting and keeping yeah man. It's you're, wildmanl you're, a wild man.Now I did mention this is our debut and it's not just about getting your petsspade or neutered, which is which seems to be nate's life, but we're going totry to be unscripted, honest D, hopefully topical and just kind of youknow, bring up stuff. Our own philosophies on things because listenme and NA we kno spring chickens. Ok! Well, I mean in the grand scheme ofthings. I guess we are. We just a blip on the radar right, but realistically we're we're hoveringaround the age of forty. We've lived, some crazy lives and we kinda want totalk about notonly that but again how we feel about the world we live in ingeneral. So every topic is on the table here. Everytime out, nothing is taboo. We just want Ta Talk to you absolutely. This is.This is just the perspective of two close to over the hill, guys who burnburn the candle at both in so it was big. What is over the hill now? Is itstill fifty like if you go ing to a spenser gift, its like the fifty yearold, like you're, an old Fart, tshirts and cads, still applicable or or what Ithink I think fifty is the the new sixty at this point, so we're good man,everything's ins, something or other, isn't it absolutely yeah? So recently I relocated to Texas. I amfrom Massachusetts, as is Nate and interesting thing about living in Texas.Is it's very religious? There are tons in tones of churches here, I'm a justlike na I'm domesticated, I'm a married man and my wife loves to put onChristian rock on the radio. I well that's the thing: I'm not a veryreligious human being I've never been overly religious at all M we're Gon totalk a little bit more about that as we go on, but it led me to wonder I'mlistening to this, this music on the car radio. You know it's, okay, it'snot bad! It doesn't like it's not like th. What you would think Christian rockwould be, which would be like a gospel choir or something they. They use allkinds of genrees here, rap R and B, but I certainy wonder: was there ever aGlam rock Christian band? And if not, why? Because that's the kind of musicthat would appeal to me yeah good point: I mean yeah, the th. That seems to be athing for a while they'd have like Christian metal. I saw a lot ofChristian metal or Christian I've seen Christian hip hop, but you don't seeChristian Glam like a like a David Bo. Ackly yeah of a the religious set there, okay woult, beat nickel back right, but they're not comfortable with themselves to come outall outd, glitter and say they're from...

...another planet. I've seen I've seenChristian black metal and black metal is stereotypically like satanic, butthey just wanted to to invade that market. So, oh, that's, not necessarilyradio friendly either right. That's true! So yeah, that's a good point.Yeah they could. They could be pulling in all the all the bowy or Trex fanswith the Glam. You Know New York dolls. I think dude. I think that the M, theclergy would get into those types of outfits: Pecifically, the Christian Guy, yeahyeah, thyrethey're scared, they're scared of the glamb rocks thinking thatpeople are Goingto, think they're h. The abdor swings both ways right yeah,maybe that's IT- maybe they're afraid it cuts too too close to home. Ah Maybe,but you know the whole thing isn't just about me wanting a GLAMROC Christianband. It's just that church in general. Okay, I go to church, I mentione, I'mnot religious. I I don't have any religion. I I often have to ask peoplewhat religion means. What because I have no idea, if you told me Christianor Catholic, I couldn't tell you the difference. I really could right.That's how ignorant I am- and you know my my family's Irish, so my grandmotherwas religious. My Great Grandmother, you go in their house, thoas symbols ofreligious imagery and I still don't know what to hell. It Really Symbolizoir means. I just mentioned my wife, she's, religious and she's. The reasonwhy I go to church- and I sit through this stuff- every Sunday yeah just toappease her more or less yeah- to keep her happy you're, not trying to saveyour soul N. No. In contrast, I'm probably punching my ticket to hell alittle bit faster because when you're in church- and you don't care aboutwhat they're talking about you tend to look around and you K W. I admire thestaine glass, I'm like wow, that's really beautiful, and then you lookover and you see like a Um I' this. This is it I'm on fire rightnow nate, but you see like the hot soccer mom or something with her FamilyOo. Look at that! Look at Hersulook at that. Look at that Cug lookat that oneover there they get dalled up. You know for their Sunday best or whatever yeahyeah, totally yea place to meet women dude. Well, the only it's funny. Yousay that, 'cause years ago I work with this guy. His name was Leuis I'll,never forget him, and I was single at the time and he's like. Oh Man. This ismy my terrible Puorto Rican accent for Lewis. He's like you want to meet agood girl, go to church, so many hot girls theyre men- oh they like to havefun and I'm like. Is he trying? Is he a pimp trying to sell me a girl in thestreet, or is he trying to recommend Christ? I don't. I don't really knowwhat's going on here with this guy, but in a way he was right. There's a lot ofbeautiful women. They go to church. You got ta like t. They seem to have a goodself esteam. They appear to have their head screwed on right, so I don't know,but how about you did you ever go to church when you were a Cabes? Your giveus a little bit about your upbringing with with religion and church. Well, mydude, my folks. They tried for the beginning th I was. I was brought upCatholic, my parents, my my father's Polish. His whole familywas like really Cathlin. My mother. Take it to leave it anyway. Theybrought me to Catholic Church at least long enough to get confirmed, which islike at age, twelve or thirteen or whatever, and then they just Kinda itfell off. They were like all right. We did that and now, as as adults like Eeras an adult, I talk to my parents about how bullshit not to be too blunt, but religion isand my mother, I don't know she can't really explain why she brought me otherthan the sense of tradition or whatever, but yeah man, I that's even even whilegoing I always was more just bored by the service. I I I figured it didn't,make a lot of sense and then once I learned that Santa Claus wasn't reastop how dare you say that spoiler alert? I didn't care about you being bluntsaying all this Shi Beng, Lo, religion sucks, you know, but to say Santa Clausisn't real. We have drawn the line in the Sameand, I'm sure there's a lot ofH, young children. Listening to this show right now I mean kids sor, don'tknow I'm not going to backpaon no keep...

...going y a low on through yeah yeah. Ifyour kids are listening to this Youe got bigg OPAIONS and you're a terribleparent you're, a horrible human being. You know I don't remember personallybeing taken o church much unless someone died, one of my earliest memories f having todo anything with religion or God or or Satan or thinking about it was I livedin an apartment with my mom and my dad and the toilet had kind of a long flushlike, and I remember I would flush the toilet and I would run to my room- andI would say to myself if I don't make it into bed before that sound ends. Theresognation stops Satan Geins, my soul, wow and I don't know where that camefrom dude. I still do stuff like that, like. If I throw trash towards thepaper, you know n the basket it's like. If I make this I'll get this or I'llyou know I, if n, I don't know what'll happen if I miss, but I know it's bad,you know what I mean like, but I still do that stuff. I don't know Wi wasmaking a deal with the devil whenever seven years old SA Hey. If I don't makeit in Bedan time, you can keep my soul for eternity. My the Fucker, you know,you', O didn, go that Yeah. I was going to say what kind of deals o you makingwhen you miss a miss a hoop in the waste basket. When you you miss thisSwish. You just think something bad is going to happen to you like a piano w'sgoing to fall on your head dude. I just I just got problems man. I don't knowwhat it is. Don't we all dude, I'm so atheistic in and nonsuperstitious, but at the same time I have these weird little superstitionsthat persist and it'sust. I think it's just ingrained in US yeah, just it'swho we are do just quicklyn like talking talking about religion. It'slike a and things being ingrained in us. It's like I feel, like religion is oneof many things in our society. That is just there to enforce tribalism.There's this tribalism, where it's US versus them. We should fear the otherand Um and, and that goes into religion. It goes into right versus left politics,Du that goes into sports teams. Li People that yeah that will hate anotherperson because they they follow. A different sports team, you know, peoplestart fights, people kill each other parents at at their kids sports games.It's like that sense of tribalism is, is I it instills a healthy sense ofcompetition, perhaps, but at the same time it's it's keeping us from. Youknow world peace getting along if I can get all hippy dippy for a while for it, but you you know what I'm saying I feellike as long as you remember Flashgordon, when we were Kidssurcourse well, Muming, the merciless ca control over all these kingdoms, allthese, whatever all these areas, by keeping them fighting amongstthemselves right and he just controlled them, and I feel like the right verses,left, divide and, like I said religion and all these things, it's it's easyfor the people who are really in power which are the wealthy, the businessowners, all these people to control all of us. Well, Wi'th, fighting over. Youknow these little differences. I mean, I don't know sports neams religions.It's all! It's not that different when you really get down to the knittygritty, but I don't know like th th. The similarities between us are greaterthan the differences, but at the same time you know- I don't know it. Just itjust keeps US distracted from paying attention to what the real shit bags inlife are are doing. WELLRELIGION in itself is an easy weapon to weeld right.It's it's an easy thing to to sling at somebody. You Know I. My theories arebetter than yours. My Book Is Better Than Your Book. It's a great way tomanipulate people, and I know this first hand because when I was a kid, myfather was a terrible alcoholic. He had a lot of problems. Whe was an abuser inhis life and he turned to something called the way. International, okay,which you thought was your traditional. You know religion, group or religiousgroup. I honet again, I can't remembr.

If it was Christian or Catholic I'dhave to Google it but uh they would do with the whole thing with speaking intongues, and he would tell me my toys were demonic. I remember him smashingmy magic egpt ball sayg. This is Satan's device, you know and I'm likeJesus Christ. Two years ago you could barely mop yourself up the floor Yyou're, fucking, alky and now you're, trying to dictate to me what I can andcannot play with, but it was a cold it was. It was a very weird society andthe the good thing about it was. He would take me to these meetings and Iwatch all these people say they were channeling Christ with them, which Ifound bizarre honestly you're a kid. You know eleven years old, you thinkit's weird when people start being like speaking gibberish and then afterwards,like that, was God telling me that I have a purpose and you're like yeah?Okay, but but you know what they loved back to the future. My calculations arcorrect Mt. this baby hits eity eight miles per hour, they're going to seesome serious ship. They love this fucking movie. No, I ded serious. Soafter they'd had their Bible reading and they're speaking in tongues,everybody would sit around with some pupcorn and watch Michael J Fox, justfrigking kick in nineteen and eighty five and back to fifty five and theythoughtit was the best thing ever and I loved that movie, and I think it Kindofgrew for me going to these Colt meetings with my dad. You know so. Thethe Church of DOR EMT Brown yeah pretty much great Scott Ao we prayed to, butyeah. That was a good thing out of, but still I saw how it was just okay, I'vegot problems in my life, I'm an evil person, but yet I can just turn turnthe cheek turn a new leaf and all of a sudden, I'm like I'm a holy person and,of course they have been proven to be accult. They were stealing people'smoney. You know the whole nine yards, but again that's where I'm coming from.Where someone gives you an option. Someone gives you an angle to say hereman: This is your ticket out of the gutter. This is the way and people justvaloe it and absolutely, and it freaks me out- I'm say: Oh no no' worry t thin.It freaks me out a little bit. You know yeah dude people, people tend to dothat. They they feel like something saved their life, whatever. It is,whether it's a religion or a a self help program or whatever, and thenthey feel as though there now they're now able to dictate what'sbest for everyone else, and it makes themselfs righteous perhaps and I feellike Theye roote cause of a lot of these problems, whether it's addictionlike something your father, had it it's M, and I know personally it's it's aself centered issue and when you get clean that selfscenterness doesn'tnecessarily go away. It's just you put the drugs down, replaced it withsomething else and you're still a self centered piece of ship perhaps know Idon't know man, that's it's. It's a tricky business man, it's good to getbetter, whatever helps you, but you I don't know it's just the underlyingissues are are pretty strong sometime. They they are there and to be perfectlyfair, though there are plenty of Nice people, because you know I mentione Igo to church now because O my wife Wat, I meet plenty of of Nice friendly folks,absolutely you know. No, I hear you the. I feel like th, there's a great senseof community. We going to church all these things, but you can you don'thave to find it in church. You know what I mean I I personally Um haveended up in th. You know my own twelve step program. I you know we talk abouthaving kind of crazy histories. Well, I ended up, you know, messing up and andhaving to go to meetings and do my thingnowadays. But the point is I get a sense ofcommunity that way I you know, I mean I'm in bands, it's I I play music,there's community there. It's you, don't need that religious thing, youdon't you don't need the fairy tale to go with the sense of community as Allt,I'm saying: No, you do not and they they actually, they ler you one withthese great church names. Even no a church named hever bland, so I's, Lik,t e house of Light. You know, worship...

...or they use these. These big radios,words Ha Suckyan, how comist ever just like. I don't know Peach Church, JEMIS,church, yeah, Smith, Smith, ceurge. Actually, when I was a kid, my my greatgrandmother went to one called Saint rocks, which was pretty bland incomparison, but even then it sound a little strong, a little powerful. Theyhad a little scandal going on there too. That's the thing, too. You get a lot ofdistrust and I hate to say it mentioning that I've met a lot of Nicepeople at Church. I in community and everything else we just talked about,but with all the scandals and everything else, you start justwondering Gee, I don't know man do. I really feel safe there. Sometimes, evenwhen the the face of everything looks warm and friendly and inviting man it'sthe world, we live in, You'e got Ta Gete people, the benefit o th the doubt,and if you like to worship, it's your right to do so, but you also rememberit' everybody else's right to do so as well in anyway that they see fit rightor not to Rin a ins, everyone else's right to believe, whatever they wantand and again that's where that whole US versus them tribalism is is theissue, but well you mentioned you're an atheist, I'm I'm too lazy to benathuest. I can't do it see. I don't know. I I hear that a lot.I hear this issue of like well I'll call myself an ignostic, because anignostic sounds like I'm just a non committale atheist, but H, but I don'tknow I listen to a lot of people that kind of describe it better. I'velearned through listening to to different sources that the term atheisand termignostic describe different things. The termgnostic to me describes what do I know the tur the root wordnosis. It means knowledge in Greek or whatever and M so agnostic means nothaving knowledge. So to me it the termignostic means. Do I know whetherthere's a god or not, so I'm agnostic and most people are the term atheistasks. What do you believe and to me I don't believe I don't. I haven't seenthe evidence brought forward that there's some supernatural mover. Youknow first cause whatever is a mover very so to me it's a question of how doI live my life? I live my life as though there isn't a god, because Ihaven't seen evidence. Thus I don't believe thus I'm an eatheist, but somepeople- I don't know some people just don't understand the difference. I Ican't do that. Nai can't live every day as if there were no god, because I'm sofucking lazy it. It just makes me feel, like I'm a useless thing. This blobaflesh thrown upon this mudball spinning around the Sun wats the point of it allbecause it's not like everyday. I live my la my day like it's, my last or I'mmotivated to do a bunch of stuff. So it's like, I I don't know it's almostlike if Youe believe in Gode or something you're like well someone'sGoin ta plan. For me I sure Asel don't, but someone elsedoes ri ht. It relieves a little responsibility, an ansurance hell. DoesMan Yeah, we well see to me. I feel like I'm. I don't know I guess thatmakes sense. 'CAUSE 'cause. The current thing is to believe in God, but nothave a specific denomination. Like you hear a lot of people say well, Ibelieve in God, or some kind of unifying force or something and theydon't Wantna. I don't N. by doing that, you don't have to agree to go okay.Every Sunday I gotta go. Do this in my morning every I got to read this bookevery so often I gotta eat certain thing. It's like you can just say. Well,I believe in a God you can be lazy. You can be a lazy believer like you, but tome I feel, like I'm so lazy. Actually, I was going to try to make somethingfunny about that, but, to be honest men I just I just don't see the evidence,man if, if there were some evidence for something supernatural, something otherthan what can be defined with our scientific methods, we would have heardabout it by now, whether it's God, whether it's ghosts, whether it'swhatever I I don't know. I just feel like there would be some kind ofevidence by now. That would be big money. Somebody discovered that for thefirst time they would ave made a lot of... and cashed in humanity's too tooselfish to to pass up the chance to make a buck with with actual evidence.You know what I mean yeah. I I've always been freaked out by the wholeconcept, though of like the afterlife. That's really terrified me for themajority of of my existence, because when you're a kid you get told hey, youknow you're, a good guy. You do what you're supposed to do and you get tolive in eternity with happiness and your family and everything else, and Istarted thinking about that. I'm like is living forever, necessarily a goodthing and then too your family, some family members, I'm not very fond of.Do. I really want to hang out with them like forever yeah and do they have netflixk in heaven? Is Your Net flix is Tyour Amazon, because to me that wouldbe good eternity if I can just order comic books forever and watch Um Cooldocumentaries, I'm a huge documentary guy on Netflix. What is happiness? Whatis eternal happiness? We don't know what does that mean to people to you?Evidently Eternal Happiness means netflix and chill forev yeah, it's justan extension of my normal lazy routine. Absolutely you know- and I don't wantto hang out with my uncle or you know, especially the weird one fromThanksgiving who wasn't the balloot uncle. Is She invited too 'cause hew's,always trying to like French kiss my mom yeah, no he's in Hell, oh good, allright, so I'm safe all right. He doesn't want to come over and watch A.I don't know Ozark or something on on my cloud. I used to have panic attacksabout that, though 'cause I was like who wants to live forever dude, Iremember you used to be the type that would tha. You know you were afraid tolike smoke pot for a while, because you'd be like. Oh, if I smoke, I justthink about death, I'm like wow you're, a morbid dud Wa to bring up the room,Dave, awe're, all fucking, hitting bongs and you're talking about H, yeahthe end of all days, you know, and luckily with age you know I had. I hada kid and that mellowed me out. It gave me kind of like a sense of purpose andit distracted me from like myself. I stopped thinking about like no. Whatabout me? What about my soul? What about this? You start thinking about.You know this life that you created and be the best person you can be for himand we have a good friend named Dave antea. I hope he is't my name droppinghim. We call him floyd and one day I kindo kept it. Like my full extent ofmy feelings and panic attacks, a secret like you guys knew it was about deathand stuff, but I felt like it was like a plague. If I explained it to somebodyelse, they would t be cursed. The same way that I thought I didn'twant to do that to somebody else. You know infect him. No right ND here I amttellng enybody on the pod cast now H, I'm other fuckers. It's like thever ring frandlaexactly,but Wyou know in just a typical for you guys who don'tknow him he's a verymatter of fat kind of guy he's a very thoughtful guy and he said: Listen Hegoes dude. What are you going to do about it he's like? What can you doabout it live for today. Stop Projecting stopped doing this and itwas so weird because all my life I needed that- and it took me opening upand sharing with someone I trusted and then I s gave me a really simple answerand I felt really good about it ever since, and I don't apanic attacksanymore dude Floyda Zen, like that he infected you with his goodnesse. Ah Otold he hewas great, so he's like that yeah, it's great, so m, Ay b we canhave them on the show sometime, maybe he'll, hop on and tsell out with us.You know DT, unfortunately, he's he's got a kid too now and unfortunately y student Tua e finding Ti. I don't,unfortunately, God bless ind, you know, got invisible, God bless him, o themagic rag yeah, but but that's funny, the listenersdon't understand the three of us. You Tal we're talking about floyd. Thethree of us were in this band and or our slogan back in the day used to besteel de drugs, FUC yeah, and that was how you know that was kind of the themotto for Life Back that three Rond er. Now all three of us are raisingchildren, doing doing yard, workand...

Shit. and U it's Kinda crazy, but uh. Idon't know that's the point of the POCAST, I guess selling out. You knowit's like who who would have thought when we were kids, we wouldhave lookedat our grown up cells and said you sell out you sold up to the air exactly yeah.You know, that's why I say: If IFYO eighteen year old self m your fortyyear old Sel, what would happen? He would look at you, Wuld be disgusted,he'd, be like you're, a fucking joke you sold out and then you look at himand go you moon. What are you doing? You know I would say to my younger self:It's better to fade away than to burn out yeah. True, no n! That's the thing is back.Then you thought well Kirk Cobang's, the coolest man. I want to leave alegacy behind now, you're like no. I don't want to leave anything behind. Ijust want to live dude absolutely kn. He was dead at twenty seven like likeso many other peop. I look back. I'm like twenty seven I wasted my year.Twenty seven I did. I think I was in jail all year when I was twenty seven E.Like I don't know, I had a lot of wasted years back then. If I died thatearly I'd be pretty pissed off man, I would have missed out yeah welwe'redeviating a little bit off the church topic here. But that's it's go it'sprone to happen with us, but Um free form. I don't know, do you haveanything else? You want to say about the topic of church or or religionright now or anything of the top of your head, not at all man. I think Ithink we've covered it. Okay, cool! Well, I do want to say to anybody outthere. WHO's checking us out. If you have any thoughts on this and theopinions on this, you can find this on twitter at selling out show or you cancontact this via email selling out show at gmal dotcom. We always want to hearfrom you. If you have any topics, you want us to kind of go on and rambleabout and want to hear our opinions on feel free to send those to us as well.I, like news, do you like news? I love new, you love it. It's always bad newsright, newe call it the bad news. The bad newsbears it's always bad. You turn on the news you're like Gol, fuck, fuck, fuck,fuck fuckand. Then then they they show like the last two minutes. Someonesaved a cat from a tree and Yeu go on, and then they go someone's dead. You GoThu Tuck Buck Buck Fuck, so on my travels is scouring the Internet forkind of fun stuff. I came across this story from Cot seven on Youtube about ajogger in nob Hill, New Mexico, who has a serious case of the runs: Let'slisten in Aman, caught on security, camerarelieving herself next to a house and Nob Hill, and it's not the first timeneite AC, Epora Bli of Colorado has a hard to believe video and Doag andShelley at first. The man who lived in t at home thought maybe it was ahomeless person. Maybe it was one time accident when his security camerascaught the same young, unner pooping right next to his house. Yet again, itwas time to hand a video to us like that. It was time to hand the video tous yeah after he's used it for his personal pleasure more times than weprobably cared to admit. You know how long did he have it before he decidesto give it to the news and he's like I'm done with this. They served his purpose. If you knowwhat I mean it', Easter Sunday, a young woman on her morning run, she makes aturn jogging towards this alley. Then a security camera catches. This drops herpants and let's go putt her shorts back upwithout Anye wipe nothing else. The man who lived at the home did not want hisface on camera and Wantes to call him bobby. I Bet Ya. His real name is bobby.He just couldn't think of anything better at the time. Probably this is malicious. Pegaldistribution, malicious fegal distribution, nate. That's it asn'thealthful! That's I don't know, that's horrible,that you just said that the ton s malicious fecal distribution andmouthful in the same sine, I'm just couhying. What Bobby said it wasn't? Ididn't come up with that. I'm not smart enough to come up with that. BBY! Youthrew you threw mouthful in there. Yah kind like how a's delicious, thoughlike compared to what is it like? A good natured, fecal yeahs, justaccidental shes, soditn, Eq Tis esorry...

...about that spontaneous peakaldistribution, she's come back multiple times at leastfour times bobby says he has no idea who she is and why his home has becomeher personal toilet bobby says she always strikes on weekend mornings. Infact, his security cameras caught her once again this past Saturday. So Iguess even even these domprunners, these evel malicious fecal people,whatever we want to call them, get a case of the Mondays to the point wherethey they can only strike on the weekend. Huh they let loose on theweekends they let their hair down Shi en yards Saturday. Well, I guess she's easy tofind everybody's working for the weekend. GTHAT right. I saw this little blondegirl running down the street and I was like, Oh my God, that's that's, got tobe hurt, I'm sure bobby left his home and did some errands when he came back.The evidence was there. This is calculated. Look, look. Look I'mdropping my pant as I'm running he's hoping this story makes whoever theculprit is stop once and for all. If it happens again, I want to run out therewith a hose and hose her down and say bad human. I like how Bobby's responseto dealing with this is is probably the way he deals with all of life's issueshe's like N. I didn't get that raise. I wanted so I scraed my boss down andtolashed him as if he was a dog, bad human ad bar sparnbed bed come get youwo now bobby has not called police and made a complaint. He says he's not sure.If police will take this seriously, we reached out to APD it's possible. Ifthis woman is caught, she could be charged with a misdemeanor for publicnuisance or disorderly conduct. Imagine you get the Luok, and I've mentionedthis to you in the past, like you meet a girl in a bar and she's, really hotshe's out of your league or for some reason, she's interested in you andyou're, like oh wow man what's going here and then I'm like she must leaveit like a secret double life that makes her available to a guy of your caliberand for for you yo like wow this his girl'sgreat. But then she turns out to beat the secret nob Hill pooprunner nob, l, nob, hell pooprunner in NewMexico, and you like fluck. You know I thought I was on to something here.This is going to be a great life. I was going t have we're going to get married,but she just likes to deficate in people's lawns on the weekends andnobody's perfect yeah s he's still going to bring her home to mom. You gotto be careful. She might do something on the lawn. We don't know. I don'tknow. Is that a deal breaker? You know I for me: Kinda, it isn't yeah twentyyears ago, maybe not, but now yeah, I don't know maybe bobby might be intothis might be. This might be a romantic story in the end, it'll turn out. BobHe's found the love of his life. Just you and NA that's such a sweet story totell your kids some day. How did you? How did you an mommy me? Well, she wasshitting in my yard and I hosed her down. You know the rest is his history.This is just a weird new new storyis actually from Um. I didn't say thisfrom the jump, but this is from like five years ago. So I wonder I haven'tseen any updates online. Where are they now exactly? We need notate. We neednothing. We needo know wher she ever caught. Did she go into hiding sheliked the unabomber living in a cabin up in the wood somewhere? Seeminglynorbl, we don't now. So if anybody out there hears more stories like that,make sure you send them in to us we'd like to cover them on the show, and weguet some more stuff we're going to talk about the first, a word from a FIGsponsor. This is crack Rock Cokin, it isn't glamorous or cool or kids stuff,it's the most addictive kind of cocaine and it can kill you what's really bad is nobody knows howmuch it takes so, every time you use it, you risk dying, it isn't worth it look. Everybody wants to be cool, butdoing it with crap isn't just wrong.

It could be dead wrong. Aren't everybody. I hope you listen toPewee, follow his h life lessons there and make sure you stay off the thecrack. yesalways. Listen to always listen to to we, especially when it'sabout crack cocaine, but m. You know it's kindof funny that was playedbecause I N. I need to pick him up every once in a while. I'm up t betwelve guy. I I take the vitamin supplements to kind AF, get me movingand shaken. But recently you had told me about something t t you have tried and it's been working out, pretty good.What's the stuff called again all right, so it's called Cratum Rato r yea KratoM kindo sounds like a Crados from God of Yehs Scrododem Yah Credos as screwem creedom. That's how to remember. I can imagine ingesting that would giveyou a a warrior's net, refact strength, yeah totally, absolutely mea. No, I Iswear by the stuff. It's funny you hear about all these like herbal supplements,or you hear about these like synthetic weed and all this crap that most ofit's just useless garbage but dd I gotto say cratum is it's worth all thehype and everything like Allri, full disclosure to our listeners. I havestruggled for you know the last few decades really embarrassingly with myown substance, abuse issues. You know specifically heroine and UH. You knowthat's that's story. For another day we can write more about that Yep, but uh, but anyway, I've you know trieddifferent things. I've been on method, one I've been on SBOX and different. UH,substitution, therapies and whatnot right go to meetings. Do all this stuff,but Um. I gotta Saymen I'd heard a lot about cradum in Thi within the lastyear or so, and it's this it's it's. Basically, it's like a leaf from a treethat grows in like Thailand or Vietnam, somewhere out there in the SouthPacific a hat to interrupt you, but you mentione, Thatyou, know with thestruggles and everything now you heard this wot in the community, like withrecovery from other bisses yeah how'did. You get win to this. I caught Wen ofthis from I think the first place I' really heard about it was just online.I go okay, you know th yeah the way the Internet is set up. Now they th y. Theynotice what type of sites you're visiting or what type of things you youand oriarly send stuff your way. So, all of a sudden I'm getting videos andads for all this cratum stuff, and I watched enough of hem where people said.Look this stuff. First of all, like I said T it's it's a leaf. It's just it's!It's not some kind of processed thing. It's just a crushed up leaf that youget Y, you mix it in a tea or you swallow it in a pill, and it's totallylike some natural stuff. You can get e extracts which are stronger but anyway,the point is it works on the same receptors that opiates do, but it's notan opiate which basically means if you have an opiate dependency. If you getsick without opiates, this will actually keep you from getting sick. Itwill kind of satisfy that craving without being on an addictive drugcratum is not addictive. It's not you're not able to overdose on it. It'sit's fairly, safe, like the worst thing. That's GOINGTO happen is you're GongtaPuke, but well, why? How would youvonit? Because you overingest it or BeusyeahYeah? If you take too much of it, I mean it's just like anything. If youtake too much tylnall you're going to throw up, if you take too m, you knowwhat I mean if you drink too much coffee you're, going to feel Shiy, yeah.Okay, all right! I didn't know if it was like a side effect. I didn'tknowokayit's. Nausea is not like a usual side Effectat, I'm just saying ifyou take way too much of it and Um, but for people that struggle with substanceabuse and for people who don't it, it provides not only like a substitutionfor those opies, but it it honestly...

...does just kind o give you this sort, opositive feeling, you feel very it'. You don't feel high, it's not like itdoesn't hi it doesn't Um. You don't feel sloppy. You don't feel high. Youdon't feel you know not fucking you up, yeah you're, not getting fucked upmaried Y, it's more that you're! Just upbeat you feel positive and Um. Idon't know I like that. It's like yeah. It's like a mood. STABILIZER UM! Idon't know if any of our listeners have like have tried. Gabapenton or n ranit's a certain type of psychmed that people get. That gives you like apositive sort of feeling. This feels similar to that. If you're not familiarwith that, whatever you know, Google, I takit it Oyes, but but I I stronglyrecommend it. It's been helpful and that's really all I want to say aboutit. It's just been: it's been kind of a life saver for me and I I recommend itto others, we're not sponsored by any cratum distributors, but yo it'd begreat. If some of Hem some day did Sposwere, you go wink Wik Nudge, dodgethere you go yeah, I I mean I gotta, try it. I I'd like to try it becauseI'm always looking for tha that pick hem up and I mentioned Um. I've had a couple of back sargrees inmy life and anytime after my Baxserg, I've always been prescribed percaet,which is an Opian drug and of course it gets you high. It makes you feel good,but that's not the effect. I really liked the most about it. I like how itmade me sociable, and I am already to a degree, I'm not the kind of guy who ushangs his head when he walks around like nobody likes me, but at the sametime sometimes you go to the market. Maybe they don't want to talk to you ava Casher, but when you're on these certain drugs, that's I mean thepurcare Sens, o Mak me be like. How are you doing today, good to see it boy?You are one hell of a cashier: Did you go to cashier school yeah, so I kind ofmissed that in my life- and this stuff is legal, it is as of now the s is likewith so many other. You know herbal remedies or even marijuana. It's likebig Farma is trying to quash that really quick. It's like it. It'sstarted to become popular within the last couple of years and at the sametime, there's all this talk about scheduling it as a drug as as an Opiaas this, and that but honest o God minits like you, can you can still findit now and I recommend getting some while you can 'cause who knows what'sgoing to happen, but um a it's really done a lost. I go. I hell your palmshelter Youhav the stuff because they're going to ban it, yeaand you' takit away limited grow inyou said you ss grown in like Vietnam or something yeah man. I saw somespecial werds, it's funny 'cause out there believe it or not the place thatgrows it. These people have trees in their yard, they'll just they'll, justpull the leaves off the trees and chew 'em, but their government is crackingdown where like. If, if the government finds out, you have a tree in your yard,they'll th they're, starting to crack down like that type that place. Youknow the section of the World Um. If you get caught smoke in a joint, youmight go to jail for the rest of you. You know what I mean like likeSingapore ti like Asia is kind of weird with drugs and they yeah it's like people just growtree in their yard, banking, on the fact that the cops aren't going tonotice and yeah. They chew it like it's. You know like t's their morning, coffee,they chew a leaf whatever Huh and I'm surprised by the drug laws. Ther'cause,isn't it like in Asia, where you can buy like a a cat's tail or like a a Yax?I don't know you know what and that's what Youa on. Is that kind of fuckingout there too yeah, but there's a difference between like weird oldremedies and like psychoactive, substance, N Ang this doesn't thisdoesn't get you high? It's like yeah. You can buy a a Yax, liver and chew onit for your to get no erection out there, but you're, not necessarily ableto like, I said smoke, a joint is that... or you just make that up. No, I'm,not Oh! What the Yang Yal ierver yeah, I'm just okayi'm, going to go. Do thatone right now, I'm going to go, find a Yankal Paccaha, we're offending everything. It's okay!That's what we're here for I meanthis is the first show we already came outswinging. We talked about Church and then we talked about the mad pooper inTheroun and now we're talking all this crazy stuff. So this is what Ho get youknow? Hey It's free. The show is free, AP o this way, you looking! What do youwant? EXWHAT? Do you want? What do you want? Pomi come on at least you'reyou're recommending something that it might actually help. Some people out,Hereis Tha that rying listen, I'm going to start the Church of crade and we'retalking about churches, man, Oh yeah! I am y profit for the shit that soundsevil, though the Church of creatum, that's Grat, the sound sinister. Itreally does we w we worship, cradoses, screwed, Hem. Imagine Te stayined glassin that one: Huh Biger a mural yeah, what a yerol theygot there. Big Old set, O bangolangs. Ah credum is our sacramental herb,Creatim Thyeah? No, I'm definitely going to try it though Um to do it. Youcan get it online. You can fi dude. I find it in like certain smoke. Shopslike can go to a hedgehop. We I live in Massachusetts still and Massachusettsis on this verge of like legalizing marijuana, recreationally, it'stechnically legal, but there's head shobs, there's all that shit to sellpipes, but you still aren't seeing it in stores. Yet it's in this weird grayarea. But the point is you go to the head shops and one thing Y, you willfind is cratum, but it's a lot more expensive at the stores. So I wouldlook online, as is usually the CH writing things see. I don't do all thatWacky Tabaki anymore, because you know I'm I'm a responsible adult. I couldn'teven think about smoking grass anymore when I was a kid Yo Lord we used to, but now yeah, but now forget about. I II don't touch thi stuff, but I do vape and Um. Instead of smoking, traditionalcigarettes, so yeah, I hear what you're saying where a everything's cheaperonline when youvape all the supplies, everything there's no sense and I'msorry t t e the brick and Motar store owners, but the cost is two dawn high.So you really you got to go on Ebay. You got to go wherever and buyyoursteff from the online vendors. So I'll do that I'll go check it outonline. It's a fat Jack! I just want to make sure again. I want to make sureit's legal, because I don't want like any funny packages coming to my houseand then SOM Elgemen shut. My door say what you got there W. would you US yoAl as if now you should still be good man? That's Lokay cool, so yeaheverybody checked that out too. If you have any, I wonder about pain issues,so I I saw e lot of back pain. I wonder if it helped me t at all with that orjust the mood. No, they say that it does S A M: it's got painkillingproperties, it's got anxiety, wol curing properties, yeah, it's Du! It's!It's it's pretty amaz it how I know it will be banned because it does goodstuff. If something does good for people,someone has to control it alway, absolutely right, yeah totally now Um.I want to switch things up a little bit now you like how we just takin thesesharp right turns after every top. When you talk about you know, slam thebrakes here take the corner, but fedycates VB, fucking cates has beencrossing my mind lately at little pray. Why wouldn't yo? Well, that's the thing.She's been gone from public consciousness for such a long time. Shehasn't made a movie n forever, but when I was younger I mean, if youthink, of the eighties and you think of the hottest most beautiful, a one steaksauce gorgeous girl of the eighties is sthemycase. So No, I won't argue with O. Who can I dare? If you want to argue withme writ US contact me tweat me at me. I don't give a fuck, I dare you to okayand UH, so we've it seems. Like E, we... everything we mentione, thatwe're we're googling your herb. I was googling the news and, of course,Onsoro Scoogle sponsor yeah right, that's going to happen. So I still I looked her up a S. I'mlike. I wonder what happened to her. You know, and we all know she marriedKevin Klein, challenged actor great actorbut, a complete duch bag fortaking her away from us. She Ma crime against humanity, and you see her nowshe's a mom, she's, older and good Godman. Has she aged well? Well Y? Youthink about one of the do you think about the other actresses of theeighties, all be some of them a little bit older, like Kathleen Turner,beverly, Te Angelo or or you think about, maybe SOM close to her age likean Alishiti right. They look like Shit, they look,terribiathey've fallen the fuck apot age, nothing fux Yo, like timerih. No,it doesn't it really. No, it's crazy! So how she's held up and look so goodat her age blows my mind: What is your secret Phoebe cratum? Maybe he's crat em, I don't know, I don't know what it is B.I really want her back. I wanted to. She was a cauented actress too greatabsolutely now. I brought this up to you when we're doing preplanning forthe show what we're going to talk about and Youhad mentione dude. She was inthis movie called Paradise, with the dude from Charles in charge andBuddyaddy from Charles in Jer, and so I I looked it up an my God holy Cowi,even though it it was how long ago that was the early eighties yeah it was likenineteen eighty nd, I still feel like a dirty old man. ' Looking these pictures,I'm like Jesus Swat Mental Don you I know, but but you feel bad watching thexactly so I'm like well, you know I'm going to watch that movie, I'm going towatch it. That's t what I'm going to do and you know what happenedto me was. II was like I'm going to look it up, I'm going to watch it, I'm Goingnto rent itwhatever and instead I was just flipping through the channels, and Iended up watching steel dawn from pacrick's Wayz. He Ad Ste. that's a total right turn there exactlyit's Ain, just totally fucking going off the rails here and in still dawnfor those who don't know it's from eighty seven Patcrick swazy has a alittle rat tail is after world war, three post apocalyptic movie and it'sthe worst Hunka Shit, one of the worst sunk hunks, a shitever Ma way are. Are you talking steel down or red? No stealed on no red downwas good dude. He did two post apocalyptic yeah an eighties o one andlook up stealed on. Yes, he did and he plays a guy named no mad. Justjust to warn you. That's almost as bad as is snaklis. Well know: Snake Bliskinpe, that's popular people, Love Snake, absolutely Lok Hert Russell, but who'sgoing to remember nomad from stealed on nobody and it was like so bad. Icouldn't turn away and my intention was to watch somephoebe cates that night yeah man Swazie will do that man, I'm telling you dude,I'm sorry, but he was not a good actor. He was not ind. This movie- I don'tknow his wife was in this movie too. There was, it was just the villain wasjust a guy with a British accent. It was like the worst Mad Max rip offclone movie ever H, well, Ma'N, but yeah. I don't think I've ever seen thaton anyw you listen. If you see you don't see it on a big deal, but let'sall join together and make hem plea to phoebe to return Kevin cline. Youoppressive son of a bitch set her vree. Let the world have that not just younot just Hou Free Phoebe. You know. I appreciate the fact that you were inDave. I watched that many times. Do you remember that movie Dave Yeah? Ofcourse that's at Dod Dave is one of those movies that made Donald Trumppossible. I'm sorry it's one of those movies. How do you mean? I I just meananybody could be present. I was about... every man who went into t and waslike some everymen could go in there and fix everything and I'm not sayingdoal Fros in every man- and I know this is a tangent, but just quickly man,Dave they've screwed up our perception of like O R, our faith in politiciansbecause it all of a sudden I became well. Anybody could do that job and doa better job than those people, and here you are, but I disagree. Idisagree, though, because I see I see what you're saying, but the pointedDave and I can't believe we're debating this right now was he was acompassionate human being Sur. He had a moral core, he was someone who caredabout people he was in. I you know so that that's where that came fromthegeneal trumpthing to me is like if tomorrow- and this W- this I adentaltrump's presidency gives me hope for is that tomorrow I can walk into anemergency room and saying IAM, a neurologist, I'm the best neurologist ever I'm afucking surgeon. The best you've ever seen believe me and they're going tosay ooh. Dr Schuls, thank you for coming in. Please open up this man'shead rack down, fucking doging, open open that coconut, like nobody'sbusiness, because if this guy came to say I'm the best I'm this and thatfucking Blah Blah Blah and become president. That means all of us can bewhatever we want to be just by saying it: Wild Huh, yeah, we're silver liningtype people now, yeah, that's still Yo! Well, I'm not saying that's a goodthing, but it gives us hope. Yeah Anin, this age of reality, TV anyone can be astar or I was going to say in the age of this presidency, where nobody hasany hope whatsoever. 's been sucked out of US terribly that's the one thing wecan all plan on is tomorrow. We can be anybody. We want thanks for thisfucking this idiot, but uh. I'm not here to talk about that. I'mhere to talk about Phoebe, and I think this weekend I'm going to have a moviemarathon. I will watch paradise. I'L WATCH GREMLINS UM RE fast times that wea yeah oo, my Goshuh drop dead, Fred that one's going to be last. I don'tyou think I should watch it first or last 'cause, like maybe get it overwith I'm the kind of guy like if I eat, Bacon and eggs. I save that one pace ofBakun til writ till the Yankas Bacon's my favorite and that's the latter bite.I want to have Sureso Ma, Mak Sou, Sam O, you saying vast times for the end.Okay, they save paradise for the end, then well, that's what I'm not familiarwith. So I'm not sure what I'm going to get out of it other than you know alittle bit of spank banking, Yeah Yeah. You know that might be. I don't knowthat sounds like Bacon. O me way to finish it up a great way to finish armeal Hadt be some Daptins, please, but again I want to encourage anybody.WHO's Listeng, to the show, if you have any suggestions on this or anythingelse, anything that we talked about. It is up onwater at seming out, show orvia email which people seem to use. I guess now more than that snailmail weshould get a snailmale address. I want people to send me a letter. My Baby,she rote me Aletto. I will sign up for a land line next landline a newsletter,but you can hit us up at selling out show at GMAL DOTCOM IF ASYO preferredway of talking to us, which I hope you will alright well telegraph. Oh yeahthat'd be Good Messenger. Pigeon S, I'm Gong to get pigeon's going to show youexprand yeah was gon. PITCE is going to show P en my window, sill I'm going TaHeare, Peck Pack Peck. I wounnto open it up and like well. Look at that.There's a note tie this little pigeon here and as if a pigeon would standstill, I will take it off its leg and it will say: Watch drop dead, Fred.Third Sendsen you got sent a raven fromwinterfell eud check out paradise last yeah make sure you do that a make surenobody's home locked the doors, yeah ork. So right now, let's do anotherword from a fake sponsor and we come back you're going to talk. Somemusactest pilot Toct Kendleton wants to make history supermarket clerk Jack,quatter LEDs, a vacation, tare carrid...

...and lay that night good. You know it'sCupon Day. Hutonan Pendleton is about to be militerized placed into thisneedle and then injected into this Rabi Lakit. All somthing went wrong and tuks about to get a new destination.Itside Jack Putter, I'm a man! Can you hear me? I wnt noJack's got twice the problems: buthe's double the man with Tuck on his sideon his caseyou'Renoer, your Libaryjack handly, twenty four hours less for Jack to getout of danger so that t can get out of Jack. Denis Caye Martin Short, give yourself a shot of adventure,inner space, gay, Naty, Nady. Anybody y ever callyou naighty before I don't think I've ever even called you Nady, that's e,weird thing to say: Yeah! No, sometimes it might be at first yeas. She justflies out of my face for some unknown reason. But nates you love the MUSAC.You Love The music you like to rock out it's something: I've Kindof Lost Myhand Alon. As a teenager. I loved the toneange, now less and less I'm more ofa talk, radio kind of guy but yo 're you're still out there. I know I know,but you are too but you're in the scene. Man You're, hip, you're with it Dudeiwill say man, I'm I'm still pretty active in music. I still look for newmusic, I'm still excited by music. I still play music, I'm still in a F I'min a couple of bands. Right now I um and I and I love all kinds of musicdude, the last just quickly. The last four concerts I went to were doctoroctagons reunion, toursas Um, like a hip, hop show. I went to seeiron and wine, which was like a folky neofolk type mellow, music Righton. Iwent to see cattle decapitation, which was an incredible death, metal,extravaganz awesome show, and I just wanted to talk about today. The lastyear I went to this weekend to see no effects and bad religion. Few bandsfrom our youth Rigyeah- I don't know yeah and Um the concert f this weekendwas called the punk in Drublic Festival. Punkin drublick was an album by noeffects back in like ninety three, it's like they're classic Oun, their bigbiggest selling album, and they decided twenty five years later, whatever to dothis festival, where they toured with a few PUNP bands and Um. In keeping withthe title punk in Drublick the play on drunken public AI, they had um, it wasa also a craft beer tasting festival. So there were yeah, there were tons of tents, set up with different breweriesand displaying their wares, and you got a Little Cup as you walked in the doorwith your admission and you could sample God hundreds of Beers and Um.They let you do that for the first, like four hours of the show, and afterthat you had to buy 'em. So they got you started and made a lot of money offpeople. Yeah were yeah trying to keep the party going, but Um, but anywaythey. The point is the music dude. There were so many good bands that they,the interruptors, were banned. I wasn't super familiar with theyre incredible,but um bad religion tried in true punk band from Godstarted in like nineteen. Eighty and there's still I got ta, say man. Theywere one of the BES. These dudes are in there they're, probably sixty at thispoint, and it was one of the best performances I can remember seeingthese guys are just masters of their... like Melotic, punk rock from theeighties and nineties, two thousand theyre they're, still doing it andthey're they're just there's a reason. They're still doing it, they're amazing.So I was most excited about seeing no effects, no effects, they're e funnygroup of guys you go see, Hem live there. You Know High Energy Punk, rockplus they're, just I don' they have the type of banter on stage. That's likeyou know it's kind of their thing at this point, they've been doing it forthirty years, an least in right, and by now they just you know, people respect them as these kind ofpersonalities, not just musicians. So the singer fat, Mike specifically overthese last, like fifteen twenty years, has kind of developed a little bit of aa substance abuse issue of his own ocon yeah, the it's funny 'cause back in theeighties early nineties. Their drummer was a heroin addict and cleaned up andthen years later, the singer, who never really was a drug user into histhirties, decides to start partying and now he's so out of control. You neverknow what you're going to get when you go see them live so and he's playing afestival where booze is being doled out like nobody's business. Absolutelythat's the point I sayso I do to be honest. I kindo expected it to be ashit show like I went there. I expected to see some funny dudes on stage tryingto play songs through their Alcoholic Hage, and that's that's what I got man.You know people were disappointed. We we, I went with a good friend of ourwell a few good friends of ours and h. They both seemed a little disappointedbecause they felt like at this stage in NORFEX's career. They should be moreprofessional. They should be able to, you know, remember the lyrics to theirown songs and you know not be fucked up on stage wasted, like you know, thatshould have been years ago. was that phase of the band right right? Youwould think so, but you know I I went there kindo expecting to see a sloppypunk show and that's what I got. The songs they got through were awesome.The songs that he forgot, the lyrics to were amusing. It was like to me it waslike watching a bunch of clowns on the stage and I don't mean thatdisrespectfully it was amusing like it was yeah like I said, high energy,it was you know, they're, they're, really good songwriters, so like itjust felt like watching a bunch of drunk friends play music and that'spretty much what it was, and I had a really good tme and he got to drink alot of beer yep. It was, and it was all with the price of admission. Iliterally you did not buy a beer for those first, like four hours. You couldjust you know, drink your fill, oh right on yeah, it was a. It was a greattime ten, so it was fun. You had fun like you said. Some people judged itbecause you know they t were having t. The band itself was having a little bittoo much fun, but you like had element of it Yo. You know you had a goodtimeso. I enjoyed it. That's my point and uh: Are they still touring with this? Is itstill going around the country or was it like a one time deal was was up withthat tour? I believe there's a few more dates. I know it was a pretty limitedrun. There were maybe like eight dates throughout the whole countryp pullingthat number out of my ass, but it was something like that less than ten datesand Um yeah, and they this was probably the third or fourth stop on the tour and UmYeah. It was already a mess. Well, if you missed it, if you misse it, itsucks to be you, but you can still drink beer in your house pop on th. Iwas going to say the CD, but do people even have CDs, anymore, nop, all theold H, atus and rockouts, and new FFX and breakshyour house right right, rigtIgh, I'm I'm glad you go to concerts... I like this. I like livingvicariously through other people, Doi'm keeping the dream alive man. I love theband the flaming lips right. I was down in Mexico a little a while they wereplaying a festival close to my house, not within walking distance but likemaybe a ten minute drive andmy wife's like Oh, you love the Flam Lips. Youshould go and I was like I got to buy a full ticket. I only wantto see one band and then we get ta fine packing and you know you got ta buywater when you're there and thin like no. No I'm going to pass I'm just goingto listen to t music. I I don't need to go to the show and I thought to myselfman. This is Kindo like to the whole thin. We talked about forty meeting.Eighteen IGI would have cut off my fucking left foot to see that showtwenty years ago, and now, like ten minutes from yourhouse, Dry Yeah Wer, whatever Y ur, your your eighteen year, oldself, wouldhave kicked your a Oh yeah, oh yeah totally, but now like yeah, I don'tknow, but I think backand. I go well some of the reasons why I'm not crazyinto going to shows anymore, and it was like two reasons, one of which was EvanDande Riht, because I saw Evan Dando in Portland Maine. I was what eighteenyears old and after the show I met Hem- and I was like o remember yeah I waslike do the music you've done. The stuff you do would give Mo hange andthe ballsurfers, and he didn't give a fuck. He did not want to talk to me.All he wanted to do was make out with underaged girls, and you know I don'tblame him. You're, a rock star. All you want is is some ass and it was aninteresting night because we walked through the streets of Portland. He wasplaying. Guitar were all behind him, a bunch of kids like a band of merrymenand we all went back to his hotel. I didn't go out to his hotel, but thegirls did, of course, THECR and then radio had we saw Radio Head in Bostonand we all go on the subway and it was crammed. It was terrible. It was hot.My face was jammed into someone's armpit who had terrible Bo and radiohead was great. Don't get me wrong, but I started thinking about all theseuncomfortable experiences. I went through just to see music and whenyou're that age as cool as fun as a story to tell, but now at this ageyou're like I don't want to, I don't want to deal with that. I don't want todo that. Don't know man, I'm still, I'm stilloky with it. This this show, I will say it was for there's a lot of old punkersat this show. At that festival I went to and we were all still getting pretty prettydirty and close and personal man like it was. It was one of the rougher shows.I can remember- and I mean some one no affects his music- is pretty upbeatenlike happy sounding and it was a pretty damn rough pit. Just 'cause you got abunch of these old school punkers is like no effects. Kinda has a reputationfor being, like you know, true to the scene, they've been doing it for solong and they started. There were just some snotty kids starting to Beso.Their fans are tried in true punkers. We all were still UPASTU. Almost fortyand I was budding heads and you know runningthrough crowds of people I felt like I was twenty years old again. I Yeah I'mhappy to still go get dirty and grimy with with the mass and yeah see thatn'tappeal to me. I it as just M my thing I I'm like. I don't want to get dirty. I can't do I don't want. I don't wantto bump against some stranger different, strokes d yeah exactly. Idon't want to do that. Respect that yeah. It's just not my idea of a funtime. You know I want to go up in the elevator and tap my foot to theelevator music version of H, Lisa Loeb and the nine stories or whatever theFuckitg is Y. I'm just making us up as I go alone is ripping here, but but youknow what I mean, I I'm a sports talk, Radio Guy, I like listening to BaseballGames. I like listening to podcast with very few bands that are still in myrotation and I hate social media in general. Ihate facebook. I like twinter, I hate...

...facebook. I should say that I don't doinsoram a that stuff, but I've noticed is like a lot of things where Peoplewil challenge each other like. Oh, what record is in your rotation all theseyears later day, nine of ten or whatever and each day Youre Gong topost. You know music, and I was thinking about that. I'd like how muchstuff is actually still something if I'm cleaning the house or if I justKinda wantto rock out what I listen to man. One of the things top on my listis faith, no more Faiththan Moreis, something. I've listened to, since Iwas a kid all my life virtually since you know the the early nineties isnever gone away, but a lot of the bands I did like I thnot something. I'm likeooh. I've got to pop that on you're, not cranking the MELVINS every dayanymore. No melvins is funny. I I was listening to them the other dayrandomly, but I know the Melvins Aren' and that's something again when we werein high school or something I'd be like fucking name, Ere n, the melvins turnedit ot dude and I was like Turne it down a little bit. Could you could you, Turkthat is we bit the Melvins are coming around? I might go see. Ah. Well thereyou go. I live again. I live through you, you go get dirty, you go fuckingMash, you do whatever, and you can tell me the story and I feel I feel cool.I'm like I was kindo there yeah all right, that's fun! You know I'll, beyour avatare at the middle of yes, you will by Avotar theyare a cool man yeahI like them. So Hey! I now. I'm glad you had a good time, and hopefullyeverybody who tuned into this debt episode of selling out had a good timeas well. I hope you all stick around. Tell your friends about us and, ofcourse, overtime like like us. Like our lives, we're going to evolve, the showwill evolve and I've Seid it a few times during the course of this thing.We want to hear from you so reach out to us. If you think of something youknow you want to hear about, you hate us anything anything you want to sayyou want to talk to us about your your fifteen cats M. I think nate would bethe guy to talk to about that, but still solutely, but still you knowanything you want. We want to start a conversation with you. We want to hearfrom you. Yes, you don't look around you. So absolutely we we crave yourfeedback. I want to think all of you out there for tuning in taking a shoton us and H. We appreciate it. I do. I know that as Leterofyou feel the same,you appreciate it. You dig it yeah you're down, Wih Fiel, the love, you docool yeah, Nice. Well, that was it and by the way we ere going to be a byweekly podcast. So if you look for it, if you did like is- and you look for usnext week- hold on hold your horses slow down there Shameuss we shall beback, but in two weeks for now, but who knows if the demand's there? Maybe we can do every week? What do yousay? Yeah? Alright, let us ease into this thing: Yak, don't rush US JUSTATTIMP! This is malicious, peecal distribution. She she has come back.Multiple mineall audio and sound clips used on the Sellingo, podcast or rightsof the respective owners and are intended for personal enjoymentpurposes. Only the opinions expressed on the selling out show are uniquelyour own and do not necessarily reflect those of our affiliates we'd like todedicate our debut poecast to the memory of a friend that we lost far toosoon. Andrew Clement Jones.

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