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Alien Bunny Love


Hillbillies invading Dave's vacation, Aliens invading Earth, Bunnies invading each other, Music genres invading Nate's geriatric sensibilities...whew, I really suck at writing episode synopsis! It's great, hit PLAY

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What it does is reaches a jew brainchemically and don't teach your happiest memory chemically and inflocks on that emotion and rated it chemically, and then it keeps yourhappy happy hello, hello, hello and thank you fortuning into the selling out show where we screw up life at our leisure. Foryour listening pleasure, i am one of your hosts, david shultz and over hereby my side, is my good buddy and partner in crime, nate, kurzin sky nate.How are you man, i'm hot and sticky it hot as walls up here in new englanddave? Oh, i don't want to hear any of that. No, no! No listen to this. I knowi'm sure you're in texas, i'm sure it's awful, but just quickly man as we'rerecording this it's two weeks into july and the whole month so far has been rainwith is barely any sun pokin through this summer it's been miserable, butfinally we get some heat and it's like ninety five hundred degrees up here. Soso it's wet sticky and that's how i'm doing? How are you doing it? That's howi like it. I, like it wet and sticky me, i'm i've finished my vacationing.Now, i'm refreshed that's right, rejuvenated and lost more faith andhumanity, as if i didn't have enough already over the last, whatevereighteen months just completely said: fuck it fuck out two legged meat bagspieces of crap. No, i mean i went down to the ocean and i don't know like it'sone of those things where even though you've been vaccinated, i still wear amask. So people don't think i'm like some kind of fucking republican orsomething, and then you just see people running around all willy nilly and iread stuff about variance and it just it's just one of those things where ijust am like people man, i think we're a little too eager beaver to justtotally ditch any kind of precautions whatsoever yeah, but other than that.My vacation was a success, because any sign of a good vacation is when youcome home broke and a little bit beaten up anthat was me baby. That was me sounds like heaven. Oh yeah, my own littleslice to heaven. There was a lot of hill billies in galveston, texas, too, so what the hotel i was staying at.There were some people in another room who had an suv, and i see that the backof it and it's like america love it or leave it and eagles and all kinds oflike this. Even the fuzzy dice are the the southern flag, boy yeah, andi'm like what is going on with these people, everything this is rebel andwhatever confez and that yeah confederate mother fuckers. I my oh boyhere i am, and i don't know, red neck heaven. You knowthis is going to suck, but the funny thing was- and i said to my wife- i'm, like youknow all this stuff regalia on the automobile and it's a fucking handiyeah yeah, so no america, first yeah and he's fucking driving japanese. So icall it the hill billy han di so yeah, but you should have seen the peopledriving this fucking thing they were. They were like straight out of, likewhatever your mind's eye would see for people who'd own a vehicle like this.They were that yeah man, no, i picture it. It seems like i hate to say itbecause our nation, you know we should be proud of our nation. You know weshould symbols on whatever they mean a little too much to some people, butit's gotten to the point where, if i see a bunch of american flags are like over ally, notso much american flags, but definitely the confederate flags like iautomatically am like and like. I don't have to interact with these people and,like i don't know, i guess that's that's not true of american flags ingeneral, i shouldn't say that, but it just seems like like, for example, ifyou see a car driving or a pickup truck, rather with a giant american flag likeflying off it like just you know that dudes a duch bag. I'm sorry you knowlike why take it went further ne if there's even a little american stickeron there. I think doucha all right, so i'm not a were in america. We get it.It's like where, in the fucking, the bands t shirt to their show. We get it.You, like rush you at a rush, show you don't need to wear the fucking rush, tshirt. We understand you like rrush,... were here, that's erat point man w.I never thought of that. You know correlation the band t shirt at theshow. That's exactly what it is! You're too much of a fan like yeah, a friendof mine, pointed out a while ago, like before biden, became president. He waslike watch when biden gets elected watch me, never wear a biden hat orsure to like, like it's not normal to be that supportive, where you knowthat's where it turns into the actual cult thing: they talk banatin right,it's just a lashes over zealous. You know, but to like me, man, dudespeaking of that stuff. Like i don't you know, i hate getting sucked downthat whole discussion of quang on and right versus left. It does get. It getsold to me. Just i don't know, but i will say that cult like attitude. It'sgoing to be really hard to break man, because it's like we're dealing withpeople who they're thinking they're, seeingsecret movements in like hand, gestures or like the way trump says a sentence.They pick it apart and say: oh it's a code like the first letters of this,and this are this and they equal q and, like things like that, you know thatthat's what the whole q and on movement is based on, and i was thinking likeit's going to be really hard to reason. People at that, because these are alsothe same people that are evangelical christians usually, and these peoplelook at all the random shit that happens in their life and they seesigns of god and it they see like miracle yeah god's communicating withme. He wants me to do this because a bird flew by or some shit. You knowlike it's it's going to be really hard because that shuts so ingrained inpeople. It's gonna be hard to talk them out of that. As my point, so we got ourwork cut out for us. Yeah. Good luck with all that, oh my god. It was badenough. I was thinking i just started. This whole conversation aboutvacationing, with probably a bunch of heino fucking, weird ose right now,you're like how do we get rid of them? The answer is we don't we're justfucked we yeah you're, eleine, utterly fucked, yeah you're down south yere andabbot territory or in ted crew central down there man, i don't. I don't envyyou that, but yeah gag me a spoon. I don't know. I'm surprised you weretalking about. You were talking about running into that that person with thehundi like it was like weird, and i thought you living down there. That'sbasically you were the odd man out and the rest of them were all that like it.I know it's just the the proximity of everything the guy was in like the roomnext to mine right, i'm, like i really don't want to fucking bump into thisguy. When i have to go to the ice machine, you know yeah or his wife, whois completely un unavoidable because she could have been in fucking free,willie, three, the fucking like dude. She was like that's what i mean: theyhadn't seen a dentist in forever yeah and they've never passed on the the chance to have afreaking ho ho or a ding dong. It's like she was so big that everyone inthe hotel was near her, like yes, exact and i have no issue with with peoplebeing pleasantly push sure you know. I am myself, and i happen to like theladies to have a little extra meat on the bone right and i have fat friends.So i can say this stuff, yeah yeah, that too yeah absolutely, but i meanshe was yeah. She was fucking. I think she was just fucking, pure sugarcoursing through her veins. You know naples syrup so nay. You know we talked about theque and on the cue people you know just to kind of go back to that real quick.If you haven't seen the documentary on hbo about that yeah, it's a the storm is really good.It's really good, and it just justifies the fact that everybody who likes it iscrazy, but i'm not immune to being susceptible to things that isee online and influenced by various things and recently now you know i'm abig fan of kids in the hall. You are a many people out there are. They have arevival coming on amazon, prime, hopefully the sooner than later? Yes,but i happen to follow day folly on twitter grow. If you don't follow him,you're, probably not aware of the fact that he is an advocate for how shouldit put this like ufo awareness, okay, boy, okay, he's a believer. He is abeliever that there's alien life forms and they have visited the earth andthat the governments of the world have covered up their existence for yearsand years, and i'm not really a big conspiracy theorist. I don't really sitlying awake at night thinking about aliens. I just don't it's like one ofthose things that scientifically cannot really be denied that they probablyexist right right, statistically, it seems impossible that they don't. Youknow like that. They at something out there right exactly there has to. Imean i i everybody says: oh well, the... The conditions were just right.Well was to say i mean the cosmos is fairly big. The galaxy is massive, whoalmost infinite sure infant. Yes, exactly so to think there are no otheralien life forms out. There is just ridiculous, so i'm on the twitter. Ilook at some of the stuff he posts and, to be honest with you, if fuckingterrifies me, it scares the living shit out of me. What because talk about likelike links to things or just yes or what? No? No! No i'm sorry. Yes, thankyou for forcing me to clarify. There are links to articles okay, scientific journals, even about thevalidity behind aliens and alien space crafts ufos that have been citedspecifically by the united states government and recorded and are justcompletely unexplainable and the whole. I mean scenarios of how these things are likeplanes without wings, and this is an even have present obama discussing it.So i'm reading all this stuff- it's not like even from some blog right, that'swritten by this was already released. Recently they had like a yeah, like thefbi, acknowledged that they didn't acknowledge like oh, there are aliens,but they said yes there's some shit that we've seen that we can't explain.Basically that's you know and- and they showed video footage of like pilotsstuff they couldn't you know, so i'm assuming that's what you're talkingabout or yes, his whole information dump, sure a giant. You know and no onegave a fuck. No one cares yeah whatever ufos that, don't that don't mean a god,damn thing, but then even me, like i said i used to scroll by or whatever,and then this one day i clicked on it now i'm fucking terrified, because i'mthinking about all the bad scenarios that could happen here and i wish i hadlived my life more successfully to the point where i have like a cabin in thewoods or a bunker. That's six, an ell to that! Yes, yes, success to you dad,there's e to be like a uni bomber. No well! No! I because i don't want alittle shanty like that. I don't want to be fucking completely crazy, sendingpeople mail that could explode. But you know what i mean where i want like aplace where i can run and hide yeah. So that's all i want, and you know successlike yeah. Oh, i want a man should know you don't want that because the ufo, ifthey are you know with bad intentions, can just roll up on your pad and sayfuck, you kim card ashing and blow your shit up. That's so i need to go. Youknow, dig a hole somewhere, so i like it to be a lavish all right, right,yeah, just like a hole in the ground like like in the walking dead orsomething you know like well, not like, and i don't know i i want to go in thathole and have it be like liberace's house, okay, duds, a yeah i got. I havesomething to tell you there is. There was a story that vice did a few yearsago. It was a story about basically just a narrow it down. There was a guywho manufactured lsd who had in the underground bunker, was like some oldmissile silo like it was a series of tunnels, but it was this huge thing andhe had it set up like a tripping palace like there were hot tubs mirrors. Therewas all this shit, it's exactly what you're talking about like you shouldsee if it's for sale, because this dude went to prison ultimately and somebody else seemed to have theproperty, but i'm sure you could talk to someone polson strings, but maybethe point of what you're saying is that you, you haven't, lived your life tothe point where you could afford that anyone right! Yes exactly so it's likewhat you're saying it's with mexico and el chappo's house, you can buy a raffleticket and maybe win it, but i'm even at the point now where i think i'mgoing to crowd fun. This i'm going to get other people like me, okay, who arenow terrified of the idea that aliens will in fact be hostile, and then iwill take their money. Okay, i will build a giant either underground,complex or just remote. You know compound somewhere sure where selectfew can come live with me when all this shit goes down anindependence day becomes a fucking reality right. You just need guns todefend it. You know you got to well train some guards. Yeah! That's that's!That's a sticky situation to because you know me i'm anti gun, i'm not intothat kind of stuff. So i don't that honestly hasn't really crossed my mind.Yet more dislike a place to go, run and hide and fucking. You know just yeahsafe. What not you say it i got. I got to think of something maybe you've seenyou've seen movies you've seen both the walking dead or george, a maro zo. Thezombie apocalypse, for example, is always a backdrop to human drama. It'salways like other people that are the real danger in those movies. It's likepost, apocalyptic and the ones you have to worry about arntee the zombies. Theyare the other humans that are desperate and trying to les true and in an alienapocalypse or whatever n invasion. I...

...suppose it wouldn't be any differentday so yeah we see i was just thinking like to get around the guns. I wasgoing to go well aliens if they invaded their technology as far as superior toours anyway. So what good would guns really do? But then you just prop thefact that you know cousin sal is going to want in the compound. So i get afucking blow his head off to keep it away from my harem that i will handpick and select to repopulate the earth. That's when everything is over and thedust settles. So this isn't scare you at all this. This isn't like like me.Bringing it up now affect you in any any way. If you think about it, i meanyou could go through your life, scared of countless situations, potentialsituations, but i don't know i feel like in my life just to get a littlemore serious like ever since i got off hard drugs. I feel like a lot lighterin my self. I worry about things a lot less. I just i feel, like i've, beenthrough a lot of garbage, whether living on the streets or in jailwhatever it was like where i know, that's a totally science fiction sortof scenario with thinking but but really like you know if i end upwithout a home or we end up without electricity or whatever like, i will be: okay, yeah. I don't know ifi'd be okay, i don't want to go that, for i probably be dead within a week,and i probably kill myself for long, but but i just mean i don't worry aboutthose things as much from ahead of time. You know what could be. I live moreokay now you know what i'm saying in brue yeah do totally you're so downwith becoming a domesticated pet for an alien. Why not yeah? I know, and it'ssomething that will probably never see- and it's like this weird paranoia thatjust came over me suddenly, but it's something i think about now. I'm like!Well just add it to the list and, like you said you just don't focus on it. Itry not to either i mean everybody and that's the whole point of the rat raceright. We all exist. We wake up. We go to work, we pay our bills, we dowhatever, and this is all a major distraction from the entire point of life, which isto ask questions and wonder and theorize and ponder on. You know thepurpose of what we're doing here. This is the man holding us down so yeah.What's it, what difference would it make if i was an alien, i'm alreadygetting fucked by my fellow species? Yeah, you so keep your head down find aroutine if he on his land, you just find another routine and live with that.You know so now yeah it's all! This is in a new routine. It maybe they'd beallergic to salt water like an alien nation, and i cans have a house boatright or just water like in signs m m night chamelon how stupid would alienshave to be to in vain of atlantic yeah. That's like that much water! Seventypercent water. Human beings are what is our bodies presented water? Probablyseventy percent. To that just seems like the tenie number yeah yeah so butwater will fuck us up. So that's what we're doing we're coming after you,water people and a lot of world yeah, there's not that o, no, no, definitelynot! But hey. If anybody out there is interested in joining me out in the middle of nowhere orpotentially underground to hide and make love and to you know, weird shit,you can always contact us. The selling out show selling out show at g malcomon your socials, like twitter and instagram, at selling out show or onfacebook at selling out show one, because we are the fucking best. Don't you forget it come go. My goshbungry with us come get me a monkery, yeah un. You know i mentioned theprevious episode how i started making soap right. My instagram for my soap isblown up baby nice to dude. It's getting up there, which i think isfunny, because no one really to be perfectly honest, gives two fucks abouta podcast instagram, and i get it. You know whatever everybody's going tofucking podcast, but still like we talk about stuff that affects humans. Righti mean people were deal with. The same problems are the potential listeningpublic yeah would list would deal with. You know yeah and they're, like yeah,whatever okay you're a podcast, but then i just start showing off picturesof soap at shultz, soap, schultz. To spell the name, because i want more ofyou and follow me, people like it, they like hey, i can wash my nuts with that.I can't do that with the podcast. No, no, you can't wash a nuts with apodcast. This is sad but true, you know h. Earlier i just mentionedyou could become a great domesticated... for an alien. It's like porno forpiros, saying about way back in one thousand nine hundred and ninety three.If nobody remembers we'd make great pets, be you are pet lover. We havediscussed this many times before at great links. Yet that being said, you haven'tencountered a new problem with some of your furey friends. Hmm,some would call it a problem. Some would call it a solution. Dave. Okay, ihave these two rabbits like i've got a million pets. I've mentioned before wehave horses right, dog cats, all all kinds of shit, and we have these twobunnies that honestly sit there in cages and, like you know they don'tthey don't interact because they're in separate cages. But recently i've beenlike. Let's let these guys hang out. Their cust seem kind of like boring,and we have this pen that we can put on the grass it's just like a fence thatyou can connect to itself in a ring, so they're they're both in there, but iwould put a partition wall of also of like a fencing, almost like a chickenwire ish fency, a little thicker than that, but but between them, because they've neverlived together. He've been separate cages, so i figured, let's put them.You know, put a little separation in between them, so they yeah, okay, sniffeach other, but yeah. You know before they just dive into life together, butanyway, that little partition in the middle is a little lower than thesurrounding ring, like the it's a shorter wall between them. If you will-and you know i mean they've- been out therea couple days- you know i'll put them back in their cage at night, so foxesdon't get them or whatever, but i'll. I put him out there during the day andthey've been out a few times and it's never been a problem, but today i goinside after putting them out, and i look back a few minutes later and oneof the rabbits has somehow gotten over that little partition and is bangingaway at the other brother like like, like a rabbit having sex. You know likeyou, i imagine it's fucking bunnies, that's what they do, but i was justlike you know. I immediately run out because he like my initial instant isthese dudes are are actually brothers, so this is kind of fucked up in allkind of levels. You know i've. No problem is gay. Bunnies they're, bothmales, but you know brothers- is you know as a taboo, i'm not willing to eto just like turn the other way right. You know i had some questions so i ranover and i like grab one of them off the other one and put him back on hisside and like oh may, you know i reinforced the wall a little bit, so itwouldn't tip over as easily when he put weight on it and i go inside. I make sure they're fine fora while nothing's happening. I go and say the same thing happens to you knowlong story short. I could not keep these bunnies from fucking and you know,love will find a way as they say. Yes and apparently he apparently that's thego. So you know i figured like if one ofthem is always going to jump into the other one's side anyway and they'reboth on that side, which is half the size of the thing i might as well justtake the fucking wall out, so they're going to be together anyway. Now theyhave more room just like you know so, for their indecile fest us gave himmore room to brop. Well, i wanted to make sure i was safe. First, i'm likelet me well not that i was safe, that the bones were safe, so i felt fairlysecure. You know in this whole scenario, but i look up, is it you know? Willbunnies kill each other? Will two male rabbits murder each other? If you leavethem alone- and it was saying you know, watch them put them together and theywill fuck. They will bang and like establish dominance and is reallydisturbing the watch. But it's actually a positive thing, because it's just athing they have to do and you know he's looking at me he's like sorry man. Ijust got to do this. I know it's disturbing, but you don't don't. Look me in the eyes,something like guys. Do the dudes an albino his red eyes and he's staringright at me while he's fucking his brother, it's just really creepy gone,but i look it up and it's like you know, they're supposed to do that more orless they as long as they're, not like clawing at each other, and you knowbloodying each other up and they you know they will stop eventually and anddude. You know what the article said. It said a lot of times: they'll reverseamount, each other, which basically means fucking each other in the facelike the climb on, and they said you know even that'sfairly normal, it's just a dominant behavior, but it o l. The only dangeris if the rabbit like choose off the genitals of the other one, i'm like. Ohjesus, that you know and which did not happen. You know spoiler alert this.This all ended pretty blood free. Just...

...a you know two bunnies laying aroundsmoking butts but being posted or head. This is good to know when you do getenslaved, but a alien race that you can just go face, fuck somebody and be likehey he's cool, i'm just establishing my dominance. It's right turn the otherway look away. He yeah, but, as you said in the beginning,it's an issue. I had not really dealt with before, like i mentioned onanother episode, how i had hamsters as a kid and one of them like we left themalone, and they made it a as a man and if he worried the other one yeah yeah,one of us, erated shewed, the head off the other one and then choked on thebone, so they both died. Like that's what was in my mind about this, and thearticles, just like no bunnies buddies is gonna fuck. You know i'm sayingthat's what the article said a bridge version so funny. You should put this into written formand kind of make a soft core, bunny porn or all the other weird pet lovers likeyourself out there. Why would you even own animals? I don't get it like. I'vesaid this so many times, because i don't, i can't get into the whole into your mind, to understand the loveof animals, but let like an animals, do fucking crazy shit like this. It's enough to make you go well, that'sit! I'm done now incestuous homosexual rabbits. I think you know, i think it s.That's enough! I think i'm good males, you know, stick to gold fish. I don'tknow a man yeah, but you know what the i'm intodeep dave. It's like. I already have yeah t. What am i going to do is likejust smash their heads because they're fucking like or give them away, let frolike. Let him go, not crew. Let him go, let them go free in the woods and theycan go fucking jump and face fucking hump, whatever the hell they want, andit's not your responsibility, anymore, yeah and that's the way out on my puchyeah at the way nature intended. I mean you know whatever just let him go, you know what they say. If you lovesomething- and you said it free, if it comes back to, you is meant to be sothere you go, you know, because, what's the benefit with the you have these sins, i get to see thisstar crossed lovers. It's like a it's, a romeo and romeo story, but they're nom montagues. They both you, know, brothers fucking. This is the point of the program wherei like to think our partners. Yes, indeed, lemon squeezy. These are greatproducts and companies and you should be checking them out now. We make iteven easier because we get some coupon codes. That's right! Hash tag, deals,deals it's like stealing nat. It really is it's like running out of the storewith free shit, wow call the cops, call the po po first step. We have alpinehampo, the c b d revolution has arrived. Now you can be suffering from a widerange of elements or maybe need some better sleep, just some better techniques to relax.Well, guess what c bd is there to help? An alpine hemp has great prices onthese products. So don't wait visit alpine hampole. We also have northlandvaporous baby. I love to vap. I am a former smoker and i say former becausetaping changed my life. It made me feel better. Healthier and northern vaporhelped me get there all of the eligat are dyke tone and artificial, sweetenor free. You may be asking yourself dave why the hell is that important,because guess what big tobacco ain't telling you what's in their productsbut northland they care now, both these sites, you can visit them and usecoupon code selling out nineteen to save nineteen percent of your entireorder. Hence what i was saying earlier about running out of the store withthat big old discount. Now, last but not least, we have spunk loob, oh nate,the smunko. You talk about it every episode, but what else is there to say?Hmm, you can't go for the ride. If you can'tget inside, i think we came up with a new catch fridge for them and be you goput that on a tshirt baby. I'm gonna put that on a shirt. They should dothat immediately and send you a royalty check, but yeah spunk lub is used byprofessionals in the adult film industry, and now you can have itdelivered discreetly to your home check them out at spunk lubo today, and youcan thank me later now. What do you say? We hop into some nates notes up your lp, it's time for nat? No, no.I was listening back to some of my previous comments on an earlier episoderegarding mumble rap and a lot of the current hip, hop artists and somethingoccurred to me e. Firstly, i noticed...

...that i sounded crotchety and old,complaining about the music young people. Listen to sure i am old. The popular music beingbought and listened to by young people isn't for me just as drum and bass,techno or death metal in the s wasn't. For my parents, generation evolution isjust a fact and just as in biology, we see gradual changes from generation togeneration. Evolution occurs in other ways too, in thoughts and attitudes inwhat becomes socially acceptable as well as taste in art and entertainment.The world is always moving forward. Us old folks can shake our heads at whatthe youngsters are getting up to if we want, but let's just remember that ourfolks and their folks probably shook their heads and or fists at a lot ofour trends and artistic contributions. I think a lot of my frustration withmodern hip hop came from the fact that i had some cognitive dissonance over awrapper like takashi, six, nine or card being technically in the same categoryas most deaf or a sop rock. It just seemed silly to even compare theirtechnical skills now leave alone. The fact that thereare still a ton of modern, popular rappers with those technical skills, beit kendrick, lamar or jaco. That's not the point, i'm trying to say that skillisn't relegated to just how technically proficient and virtuosic one is attheir chosen craft. It depends on the context the style of music you're eventrying to make there are a ton of eddie van halen ordave mis taine fans who would poopoo the more simplistic guitar work ofjohnny, ramon or even kirk cuban. But you know what johnny, roman and kirkcobain were really fucking good at writing. Catchy rifts and puttingtogether simple but solid tunes. Guitar wangery is just a different skill thanthe more punk rock style of the ramones or nirvana, for example, and there's anaudience for both the lyrics to knowledge of self by black star can'tbe compared to a song like whap by card. The intent is different, the style isdifferent. The whole subgenre of rap is different, which leads me into my nextpoint now dave and i have both said a lot about how annoying subgenres can be.I listen to a lot of metal and the list of metal subgenres could take up therest of this segment. If i were to try to list them off, you have the basics,like thrash death, metal, black metal power, metal, the new wave of britishheavy metal goth metal industrial metal in on and on that would be overwhelming enough. Butthen there are bands that take elements of multiple subgenres and mix them. Soyou get blackened death metal, which is naturally death metal with black metalelements. You get the idea, it even gets more confusing you get symphonicblackened technical, brutal death, metal and, yes, those are all real mixin matchable subgenre. I'm sure there are a ton of symphonic blackenedtechnical, brutal death, metal axe scattered across the interweb right now.So what am i getting at? Well as ridiculous as all that sounds, it doesserve a purpose other than making nerdy metal heads argue over how to labeltheir favorite band. These titles can actually be really helpful for both theartists trying to sell themselves to an audience who's never heard them before,as well as to that audience. Looking for a specific, sound, it's just forease of categorization and the more specific you can narrow down the searchfor music, the more efficient the whole thing becomes just don't getdiscouraged by the dorks, calling you a poser, because you called suffocation.A death metal band instead of a brutal death middle bind with technicalelements or whatever to bring it back to hip hop. Sometimes we forget thathiob subgenres too, and just as i am not a fan of power metal, but i love mesome technical death metal. There are ways to narrow down your search for hiphup. You may not be into trap music with its stark, robotic, beats or thesimplistic lyric patterns, but you may really get into o a backpack wrapperlike common or talib quali with their...

...deeper subject matter in jazzierproduction. There are lots of subgenres in hip, hop as there are in jazz andjust like you can retrace the development of bebop or big band jazz.Throughout the years you can see how gangster rab, like n wa, graduallymorphed into dray and snoop's g funk and ultimately to trap music from ti orgucci maine, all the while refining its sound in representing the culture fromwhich it springs socially conscious, wrappers from the s like k, r s, oneand chuck d, ultimately, birthed artists like erica badu and thenkendrick lamar. Now i'm just talking popular artists. Here, the undergroundis and always has been a fertile place for talent, and one can completelyignore the main stream. Should they choose, there are countless artistsworking there as there are in the underground of any style of music. Soif i were to try to put a cap on this whole mess of an essay in which irambled about dorky subgenres and mostly sounded like an out of touch olddude, i guess it would be this popular music is in ever evolving species. Itchanges over time with the tastes and sensibilities of the public as we liveand die. Those tastes aren't always going to make sense to us as we age outof that targeted demographic, but there's still plenty out there for us.Even if we can't stand what's in the charts shit, i don't think i ever caredabout what was popular as a kid. So why would i pay attention now? Much ofwhat's popular just is not meant for me and finally, there's a skill setinvolved in writing a stupid catchy pop song. It's just different than writinga really deep, thoughtful piece of art and some artists can manage to do bothat once. The world is old, and so am i. There have always been shallow catchypop acts. Why would it be any different? Now i'm going to go, listen to somewood tang and pretended still one thousand nine hundred and ninety six?Well, you know billy joel, had something to say about this with hissong. It still rock and roll to me, and that was in reference to the whole punkmovement right because we had to say: oh is anstey's young people, it'scalled punk and he's like now what fucker is still rocking row? Oh ieveryone's talking about the new way move. I rock and roll to me on t yeah.I don't know the lyrics e rights, but he like the point, is every ois checked?Yes, thank you. Thank you, but the and i'm going to use a word that i like tohave come out of my face, which is going to make me seem intelligent,especially since earlier in the program. I couldn't say the word confederate. Iwas like. Oh, that's. A southern flag quickly fix that, but we knew a malgamite amalgam which for many years theycalled amyl game to show you how smart? I really are, and but how smart, ireally are see, i'm on a fuck in you're following apart day. Yes, i need help.Someone helped me, i'm still worried about being anally probed, which is funny enough. I didn't bringup ter in that whole alien segment on one bit. So here i am, that was one bigset up for an anal joke yeah. I didn't use it so until you brought the bunniesand we didn't even use it, then so jesus mit was sucking at this, but thereason why i bring up the word malgamite ause, you know you blend, youtake different elements of everything you put it together and you have music,it doesn't matter what style or type it is and you'd mention that we've talkedabout this before, because i don't like all these labels, but, as you justmentioned, it does make it easier for someone to find maybe what they'relooking for and what they like sure yeah man, it's just the thing is thatpeople get nerdy about it. Like anything else, you go online and youfind a bunch of people. They just want to argue about something so yeah, it'slike well, that's they're, not a yeah, brutal death, metal bein there, atechnical, this yeah, it's like! There's a lot of that nonsense. Andagain that's young people, and here i am an old guy- those those discussionsaren't for me like i'll, listen to what i want to listen to, but let the youngkids argue and listen to what they want to listen to. I've earned the right tosit back and just go e. Let me pop in my old walkman, because that take ityeah, you know yeah exactly. I like the fact you're doing, voices now you're inyou're in the voice business. Add it to my repetoire. I will add it to thatrepeter as a matter of fact, but you know these kind of discussions happenedwhen we were young, it was just between five people in a basement yeah. Theywere arte with people in the...

...philippines yeah. Well, that's thewhole point of the internet. Right talking is to argue, like this moviesucks that movies great this song sucks. You know whatever you know, everythingis about dissenting opinions and negativity, and you have like thecertain people out there who are like yeah, you going to be positive, all thetime yeah and they probably have way more followers and likes, and peoplesmash in those ding dong button cling clang is, is i like this person, butyou know to kind of bring it back around to social media. I stay quiet onthings i see very often, and for those who don't know, my wife is mexican so, and i've spent aconsiderable amount of time in mexico. So i fairly familiar with some of thecultural aspects of their music, and i saw a debateraging where someone was comparing latino or latin country, how it's nottahan, and it's not notaio music yeah, it's not this andthat and like they really got to put it in a pigeon hole. What they're producing and i'm likewhoa whoa like to me. That was like too much like you want to argue over thatand and whatever, but i mean yeah back to your piece- is applicable witheverything, especially with the hip hop y mentioned, and i have never listened to a cardy besong. I couldn't tell you one song. She sang, but if i said oh yeah, that's hiphop to a hip hop fan. They probably be like well what the fuck man, like you,don't know anything about this, so you just don't generalize and call it thisand the same thing with the latino, music or country or whatever. If i tryto like just you know, put it in one package because it's easier for me totalk about that way or explain that way. I am alienating, and you know excludingand infuriating whole another base of folks. It's weird. I know man but, likeyou said it's there's always something to argue about, and the internet isfertile ground for that sort of shit. Man. It s is that, where you're seeingthis stuff like about the death metal, because you brought that up like twiceo technical, that's on the book. Well, technical death metal is a style, it'smore like just to narrow down there. There are like these. These. These subgenres do make sense. There is a reason they are different, like the like. Ablack metal song is way different than a technical death, metal, song and anddeath metal. You add technical to it. It's just basically, death metal soundslike morbid angel in the s it's very like muddy and like growly vocals, andyou know intricate drums and guitars and stuff. But it's kind of sounds likea monster playing music. You know it's fucking dark shit. Technical deathmetal is when you get like, like an invasion style guitarist like insane,guitar playing and and not just solos, like the song structures like the theverses, are more complex to play than like an eddie van halen solo. You knowwhat i'm saying like it's insane shit and that's why i love it. It's mindblowing to listen to its so virtuosic, but at the same time, i'll listen to ablack metal band, which is some of them, can barely play guitar and it's justabout atmosphere and a cool sort of riff, and it's like the punk of metalwhich i've i think i've done a segment about, but it's basically they're twothings it's both metal, but one of them. You know one. The guy that plays blackmetal could never probably play a technical death position, see yeah it'sjust yeah proficiency. But but again it's two different styles and that'swhat i mean like cardie, be from what i've heard i be granted. I haven'texplored her catalogue so much, but as an ignorant, you know few time listener.I would say that her lyrics aren't quite as deep as somebody that or likemost deaf or are a sop rock, as i mentioned, or or at f doom like there'ssome. She she has skills, she's able torhythmically put stuff together and she has a story to tell he is a verycomplex backstory. I don't you know, i don't. I don't know what the word is.Dispossessor of that, like she miss right, dismissed that thank you, she's,you know got plenty to talk about. She's have an interesting life fromwhat i understand, but, and she puts it into art, which is a lot better than alot of people. Do like that's what i always say about people that complainabout modern hip, hop. It's like at least people are making art. You knowthey're doing stuff and they're they're, putting forth the effort to createsomething in a studio. You know how fun that is, recording like on a four trackand putting down vocals, and you know doing stuff like that's cool to do so.It's like people are creating and i think that's always a good thing. Evenif i don't always like the finished product, you know we'll reply with that.On the next time you see a tweet or a host where someones like yaman, you get. The fucking gen were wrong. Youlook o the buckin. This isall art all creating. Don't you...

...remember come on now, simma down nowcome on. You know. Yes, that could be your old person's stance. You know thanjust grumble grom a grumble can't we all just get along i'll pull the rod okaoh man. We have certainly dated ourselves this time around. I wastalking about the movie alien nation, i'm taring king chuck ye holy macaroni.Here we go someone fit us with some walkers with tennis balls on the bottom.We have earned it, i'm telling you and then i don't know if it's a blessing ora curse, that i have never heard a card song and recently i realize i havenever watched to my recollection a fast and furious movie, because there's beenall these memes about vendez and the new movie, that's been out aboutsomebody like yeah. You don't need this. If you got family and i'm like- i don'tunderstand that reference. I don't get it yeah, but i've never seen one of thesemovies. I got no need for it, you're, not missing anything. You know again,it's very young people that, like they, have a raging hard on and want to drivefast cars. Well, it can't be for that young people because the franchise hasbeen around for like a decade. I my kid was watching the nightmarebefore christmas, the other day and i combated to somebody yeah, i'm not intoit, because you know i was too old for this when it came out and then istopped- and i thought about it and like wait, the people who made thiswere older than me: oh yeah, tim burton and danny elfman and the peopleinvolved, and for me to say it was like agenerational thing is weird because it was made by a generation before mineright. So it's just a matter of taste. It was a matter of age but sure yeah,that's another interesting thing: it's like a lot of the artists, yes they'reyounger, but they're still making it for people younger than them. Usuallyso it's like the stuff the kids are listening to is being made by almost ageneration older than them or or at least half a generation. You know.Sometimes i guess i don't know. I guess yeah is a broad spectrum, but the pointis we're fucking old and ah there are young people and there's nothing. Wecan do about it. Yeah there are yet we make them. That's what we do. We arejust young people making factories, and that is actually the point of ourexistence. You know i'd mentioned like we got togo to work. We got to pay bills, we're going to make kids. That's all part ofit to this whole. Hey like at this look at this. Don't look at that. Look atthis get distracted, como. Now, i'm always well yeah. I keep your nose,then i'm always blown away to by our attention spans being so short. Weforget things and the red hair rings thrown our way to keep us distractedand from the real topics that need to bediscussed and sure every don't talk so much like that, though, because you'llsound like a flat erther or a cue to bring it back, we bring it it backaround us. We do. Time is a flat circle, man. What we do in aleut flat circle toit is it is, but i mean i often say like what happened to the kids in cagesat the border. We don't discuss this any more. Are they still? There isfucking ted crews that piece of shit still angry about colin capernicus,like all these things again, kids at the border, man yeah, but i mean peoplea fucking rage, tweeting and angry about all this stuff that you knowpeople should be angry about the water in flint, michigan and everything else,and is it fixed? I don't know i i couldn't tell you, i hope so, but idon't know no one's pissed off about it any more. So we ain't hearing about it.No more an know, i don't know sit back drink a lemonadelike an old man. You know you, i get a coffee here. They that may drinkroughly sixty four ounces of coffee a day. So i don't know if that's going tobe one of those things where i live to be a hundred and ten and ever he goeswhat's the secret to your longevity in life, and i say: oh sixty four ouncesof a coffee a day where, if i died in like a week and they said what killedthem, l sixty four ounce is a coffee a day. I'll tell you what, if you do? Idon't know if you don't get that sixty font s as a copy a day, but you have aheadache like if you try to go a day without that, because i used to do thesame thing and i would get fucking headaches. It was like an addiction,but, like you, don't realize it's happening, you just drink in it becauseyou enjoy it and then, if you tried to go a whole day without it, i bet you'dhave a headache. I still drink copy. Don't get me wrong, but i just know iused to drink like that much every day and and i used to get headaches withoutit. So if i don't drink it, i walk around with a massive erection, so i'm sparing the world my self to begold. Boner yeah consult the doctor, for you wit drinking coffee. No, i need it. I don't know i just likeit taste good, but it's better than the alternative. I mean i was an alcoholicfor how many years so i be is like well when i'm in the need of having a goodtime. I just pull myself a cup of joe.

That's all you need to know. You knowwhat i mean. It is better yeah for sure yeah, i sure is i like how wecontinuously just let conversations fall apart, yeah and then we, but thething is we tie things together. We let things just dissipate, it doesn'tmatter we're so fucking all over the place. You know there's so manypodcasts and radio shows out there that use scrips. We are obviously not one ofthem completely free form completely. We just wing it for your entertainmentpleasure. Well, hopefully, hopefully they are people out there are liking.It that's true man. We hope so, but otherwise we'd still be just talkingand like a empty void. You know, because that's yeah we like to talk soyep work. The way we used to do it conversing via messenger pigeon rightright, so yes smoke it, but unless you have anything else you want to discusstoday, nate. I think we should let these fine furry folk go right abouttheir day and do whatever the hell they plan on doing, whether it is drinking amassive amount of coffee or running from aliens or banging up stopping yeah.Well, i was going to go see. I was going to say separate the bunnies okay,but if you want to bang a bunny, i mean you don't ably want to see you don'twell, i was going to say, see help, so you should tell somebody a because ihold like a jeffrey domers in the world, probably get started and stuff. So itsounds like there's a lot of shame involved in that lifestyle. I don'tknow hmm, i would imagine that's where furres come from mas, what happens withthem? You know what a way to bancs up dave fence is a little too short. Theygot to jump over to the other side. Oh yeah yeah. I was yes wrapping uplike that, but i do want to think everybody out there for taking the timeto listen to our humble little program, virtual hugs, for all of you, i am davethat is nate, and this has been the selling out show piece. I e.

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