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HELLO! Dave got adopted by a dog, stupid characters we create to fill the void, Nate uses a live set from Between the Buried and Me to kill delta doldrums, PLUS all the usual Selling Out shenanigans you've grown to love. CLICK PLAY

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What it does is reaches into a brainchemically and do teach your happiest memory chemically and in flocks on thatemotion and rased it chemically, and then it keeps your happy happy hello, hello, hello and thank you fortuning into the selling out show where we screw up life at our leisure. ForYour listening pleasure, I am one of your hosts, David shels and over hereby my side, is my partner in crime, the master of grime and yes, he may evenstick his feet in some slime, nate Gorzenski nate. How are you I'm? OkayMan, my feet are a r little slimy I'll be hard, the yeah, it's mostly justit's because of the heat, the sole, the heat. Okay, it's very yes. We are stilldealing with some summer time. Temperatures over here, I feel like,should roll up my sleeves like the weather man and stand in front of agreen screen, but there's you know we haven't been on air in a little bit andthe reason for that is in fact, due to Mother Nature. Yeah, that's true,because you were stuck in some stormy weather. Is that not correct? That'strue? Last week we were going to record this very episode and and Yeah we gotthis hurricane warning. We were watching the news it was coming uptowards US and a couple days prior, we had actually had flooding in my placebecause of a rain storm that was, like you know, heralding the the hurricaneor tropical some whatever it was right a few days prior, but then they're likeoh, but then the real hurricane is going to go, come through so getprepared, so we're playing right so having just fl yeah having just floodedout days prior at my place I had. I did all this prep work, like diggingtrenches in my yard, like like fucking up my lawn and shit, to get the waterto like go away from the House that we were about to get so. I didn't have towet back my place out again, but the day comes like after all, this prep andwe got a lot of wind and a few branches down, but the rain was really not much.I I guess the storm kind of went west right before I was going to hit us, soI think I'm just going to go with. It was the Juju of me doing all that prepwork actually diverted the storm from its path and possibly saves some lives.You're welcome to every day. I take some credit where it's not do. Whydon't you yeah, I was going to say, maybe got a PhD in irrigation, Yeah andyou're, saying no, I'm out there fucking saving lives, digging ditches!That's what I do. I actually recall. I sent you a text to brace for the storm,and I mentioned something about going outside wearing beads and yelling.That's right storm! So well, I didn't know if you may becontemplated trying that I didn't have time. I was too busy digging trenchesand whatever it was. Maybe it was the just the concept I did do some someyelling at the sky and dancing around. So maybe that was but that could havejust been the LSD. I don't know well that would be a contributing factorindeed right. So you yelling at the pink elephants to get out of yourtrenches yeah how? How do you been doing at it? I me, Oh me, I'm good, I'mgood. I did the unthinkable, oh yeah, out of unthinkable things so you'reGoin to narrow it down. You got it. You got a really keep in consideration. Mypersonality M, because I mean, if you think about me as a person, and Ireally narrows down what those you know unthinkable things could truly be, butto any of the long time listeners of our humble little program, you knownate is a pet lover as at loves dogs, cats, camels, humpback whales, whateveranything that isn't a human, you love it. That's true, however, me. On the other hand, I am not a fan.I don't see the point in owning pets. I sometimes think that we are in factpets ourselves to a Illuminati or something, but there was a night a little whileback where I got home from work, and there was a little dog running through the parking lot nearlygot hit by a couple. Cars came straighten up to my wife and we looked at the thing we're like whatdo you want at the fuck away from me, but it seemed to really be in tunedwith our Shakra and my wife picked it...

...up and went door to door. No one knewwho the dog belonged to so we brought it inside and I discovered the thingwhich riddled riddle. I say with emphasis with fleas O pestilence. Oh myGod, it was disgusting, I'm looking at it's a cute dog, but I look at it oneof these all the black flick all over it Scot Jasus Christ. Oh No, so I lockit in my son's bathroom it go to Walmart I get like the flea treatmentsand stuff anyway in the for a little brevity here I ended upadopting this dog because we couldn't find the owner. I spent a lot of moneycleaning it up. I took it to the vet to make sure it was healthy and in gooddog shape. You know buff dog right, O ripped, yeah, doing curls and yeah. Sonow I am a dog owner wow and it's very needy. Well, Dave our listeners longtime, listeners that is, will remember you discussing a dog that you used tohave a long time ago and you weren't such a fan. If I remember correctly,Yep you're right, I'm not a fan, that's what I mean. I don't like pets. I don'tlike people who parade their pets around getting attention for them orsay they need them for anything. You know for me, it's just like an extramouth to feed M, but this one happened to land in effect on our doorstep andwe felt bad. I guess we could have taken it to the pound or pass the buck, taking it to a kill,shelter yeah exactly just had it murdered, but no, my son who's going tobe turning dine. He wanted a dog and the dog is very affectionate. Itbehaved itself very well and I figured what the fucking I guess it didn't hurtthat I saw something on the news. It said dogs will help. You live to be ahundred and fifty years old ulterior motives. Yeah I want to. I want to liveforever, even if I'm like, stuck with a weird like long that someone needs tocrank and I have like robotic parts as all acceptable, but ill it'll be thanksto the dog but yeah. I don't know so. We have thedog. Now it's very needy. It just always wants to sit on you and spendtime with you, which is annoying. It bothers me. I guess like that you do. Iwas going to say if someone was like really old, I get it because you havelike no one visits. You anymore right. Your family has forgotten about you.You are worthless, you're about to die. This thing cares about you yeah, but Istill have people who love me so fuck, you dog due there, are people that at nursinghomes, where they'll bring dogs in just to cheer people up at the nursing homeslike they call therapy dogs. So years ago I used to train dogs or help train dogs for needs.This group, I forget what the acronym stands were, but it's for dogs thathelp out people that have whatever disabilities and things so so we'd haveto teach them how to turn on lights switches and do this a lot of it wasjust getting them to answer to commands and whatever it was a whole process.But if there were a dog that wasn't taking to the training or waskind of stupid, or was you know old, because an old dog can't learn newtricks, as we all know, then they could still be used as a therapy dog wherethey bring him to a nursing, home and cheer up old people as long as theyweren't gonna like bite or jump on arone. You know those dogs are justbeyond. We just shoot them like old yeller, yeah, glue, factory right right,there yeah sure mobile yeah. Well, I mean I'm going to keep everybodyupdated and see if my heart changes, if I get warmer and kindler and gentler, Imean there's been a lot of photo ops. My Wife's been taking pictures of thedog sitting on me, so I guess it shows. I'm a nice person and down in theresomewhere. I guess I don't know dogs or great photo fodder, photo fodder, photopotter, fiddle fatal sure O that yeah and in reference to what you brought upearlier with my last dog for those who weren't around to hear the story, thatdog was a pain in the fucking balls. It was like the most useless fucking dogof all time done. Is Shit Bunga? Yes, thank you. You remember you remember, but he was untrailed. He would justshit fucking everywhere, chew up all the fucking furniture. I'm like allright enough enough. We knew someone who had plenty of dogs a big house andYad where they could go Rome and have fun. We gave Bunga away to those peoplein the fucking dog, got hit by a car and killed like a week later, so maybe that weight in on my decisionsomewhat with this this new one- I don't know- maybe I was like well- wecould have taken in because we doomed our last dog, we shust, let it fuckingstay in the house everywhere and in she on my shoes and still be alive. TODAYITOM is a bag of rocks, but still alive.

It might have died from trying toingest a shoe. Maybe you saved yourself the real guilt of like actually causingthe death, or maybe you would have you know gotten mad at it and old yelleredit yeah. Well, I made it death by aglettes and it swallowed like thelittle plastic end of a shoe lace and then I'll have peat up my ass beforeyou fucking know Oh yeah, but yeah, I don't know we'll see. OW L see how itturns out yeah speaking of dogs. So yes, as youmentioned, I have a lot of pets and you do you're a nut, you're, fucking, crazyor insane. What's the matter with you, it is overwhelming at times, but it'smore that I I am with a woman who cannot help herself from from obtaining new dogs, all the or newanimals. Lately it's been dogs, but it was horses. We have three horses at onepoint. We had five we're down to three horses. We have two bunnies, we havefour cats and we have three dogs at the house.Now we have two dogs, but we have some people staying with us at the momentwho have a Chihuahua, and so it adds to the chaos in the house, because we'vehad a doberman now for just over two years,Calli is our Doberman and in the beginning I was fed up with this. Dogdid not want the duck because a puppy is frustrating and you know you don'twant to be cleaning up all the time, clearing up poop and pee and having adeal with you, like you, mentioned chewing on everything, puppies aren'thandful and and- and I'm glad I found this out before I had a child because Ifeel like I would have snapped on it get at this point. Oh my God, but Calli at some point grew old enough,my doberman to to be an awesome dog who I love like I could now. I can'timagine not having cally she's my buddy, but at some point recently we got alittle pug and the Pug is the pugs adorable, I'mnot going to lie, but the PUG is starting to try my patience a little just it's that same thing that you're mentioning like you can't stopher from chewing on everything. You can't start like when it's like, no matter what you do like she runsover and she starts chewing on the recliner, like the chair for somereason, like that's how that's the intelligence level we're dealing withthis, but animal chewing a Tradin God to turn on a fucking light in a roomright telling me you can't stop a Pug, listen shoeing on your freaking pennyloafers. I don't know she's she's, not the brightest dog, okay, but I don'tknow: She's got a dumb, Pug, she's, adorable, she's kind of dumb. She likeruns into walls and things and she's. I don't know, but again she choose on therecliner. You move her away. She does everything she can to get right back tothat spot and she want it again. You distract her with something not runsright over, like she's single minded about her idiotic behavior- and I don'tknow, I guess I just don't- have the patience for it again. I'm glad Ididn't become a parent, but now we have a chihuahua adding to the chaos. Wehave two tiny dogs constantly it's when they argue argue when they flew whenthey argue yeah, I'm very logical. No, when they fight when they they sound,like people talking, and you sped up thetape like that high pitch sound yeah, but it's even in the chipmunk'sChristmas album yeah, but it sounds like if the chipmunks were like on a PC,p, hallucination or something I was just like a chaos but anyway, so it'sbeen chaotic at the House and with the hurricane thing happening and all thisit's it's been a handful day. If it's been, it's been eventful but trying, itdefinitely is trying. You know, you're, like Joe Exotic M, you get out. You getall these fucking animals at your compound. That's right! I even have atiger. Now I have a cat that has strikes like a tire as a unique sort oflook to it, and I call him my tiger and yeah now that you mention it. I am alittle bit like Tiger King. I I have I'm I'm less homosexual than JOE exotic,but yeah you know other than that. It kind of sinks up. We line a well, youknow your girl she's, the taker in of all charity cases when it comes toanimals. So who knows maybe a tiger's on the horizon, a chimpanzee, I don'tfucking know it's. The weird nor wall is going to be in your bathtub, have apet in our wall, yeah like where the fuck does this come from. Oh, theydidn't have a home. I found it. You know, I don't even know where were thehell wold a Narwal hang out and no will is funny. I bring it up because Ialways thought they were fake. No, there, like, I know, accordance of theyeah. It's weird like I'd, see one in like a movie or something in ananimated movie. I'm like yeah. I look at my kid. I'm like those are all makebelieve, and he looks at me and he's like no dad those things are fuckingreal. I'm like what I was forty...

...something years old when I realized aNarwal was a real creature, not something that was like hanging outwith Zeus and Hercules or something so yeah the notes in the Centaurs Yeahexactly yeah. What's next right, fucking Pegasus pegis Pegasus! Yes, butyou know I feel kind of weird talking about this, sometimes because I am likeso out there with my feelings on pets like I lay it all on the table rightright. Really, all the gods are out there and people must think what ashitty despicable fucking human being. This guy is because he's honest andopen about his disdain for dogs, cats and birds and whatever the fuck turtles.I don't care yet. I feel like this is an interestingexperiment or it may prove to be, because, ifyou're listening to our show now- and maybe in two months from now I'll bethe guy fucking, Oh yeah is but my dog, a cool sweater off Amazon, right orI'll be the same attitude just saying I fuckingpunt had a dog of the Goddamn window. I Mus that dog a tent, so I like to think of myself is a funDad Happy Dad, I'm not overly strict and I'm a fairly goofy human being. Ialso have a firm belief. There's a little weird owl in all of us, and lifein itself is just one giant parody account. But lately in my home I've been doingvoices not hearing voices but do in likevoices and try to entertain my child and one has gotten quite popular andit's annoying the ever living shit out of my wife, because I was watching anold SNL skin. Let me know if you're familiar with this, if not just let mekeep talking, I suppose, but Chris Catan played a southern lawyer who was in court, but no one couldunderstand what the fuck he was saying now. I have lived in Texas for a fewyears and it came to my attention that we are close to Louisiana I've onlydriven through Louisiana, maybe once in my life, but for some reason justgoofing around my kid. I started doing a little bit of a weird drawl sayingI'm a Louis or oh yeah, but I broke match and the thing is is picked up with my sons, so bad he'sactually trying to figure out what the Hell I'm saying when I'm doing thisvoice and now he's imitating it around our house. That's awesome so ratherthan just say to his mother or I'd like a glass of milk, he'll start off byfirst proclaiming a Lui del. I like a grass a meal, and my wife doesn't know what to dealwith this. She is now how to process and the poort woman, like English,isn't even her first language I mean she speaks it fluently, don't get mewrong, but then we start throwing curve balls at her like this. She might thinkthat we're having strokes right. That is a problem medically with either oneof US yeah. So do you ever like kind of just walk around your house and kind ofgoof around and do voices at people or think you have a little mill blankstyle or anything like that? Or is that just me in my household, because I am amoron well, I think I think we all have a little of that in a state. I hopereally because I'm always doing that Shit and years ago it was always like my Marvin,the Martian voice at home. Oddly enough, the you know the Space Machu literator,you know you guys got that one for free, I usually get paid for that. But thatsort of thing you know what I mean Joey- would love it and yeah and even justthe other day I was telling the story and just kind of like I didn't realizeI was making a voice and a friend one of the people that's staying with uswas like you know. I love the voices. You do man, you know he's younger, sohe's easily impressed, I guess but sure but man I you know, I don't evenrealize I'm doing him Alf the time I feel like. Maybe I'm I'm always usingit, but Dave. Are we all using voices playing parts in our lives? He wit Ha?Are you playing a right? You might just have split personalities, I don't knowyeah. I don't realize I'm doing it. I just like jumping from from behind acorner and going are you a crack cat fish or you a crowd at her, really a low? That's what I like to do. So if youknow what kind of story were you telling? If you don't mind me ask Ithink I was just telling a story like a regular story and it's one of thosethings where, when you're indicating that the person you're talking to issaying something stupid, I you may be... o o B, they came back at me withyou. You know it's one of those where I apparently have a good one of thosevoices, those that's usually assigned to people of authority rights. Thatkind of low like O, then he said what the fuck are. You doing you, I thoughtI told you o yeah, yes, yeah, fuck, the police, that's right, man fuck, thePoles said fuck em, oh yeah, to lock Em. Let's mock those people in authority,Dave- hmm, HMM, oh totally, yeah yeah exactly mock those. I mean even thistimes I just kind of like you know I like to make up songs and reads likethat, and that gets me in trouble. Sometimes to so yeah bears just cut the shit. I don't know.I think it's just too honest av you one of those people you're, like I tellpeople how I feel about animals, I I say fuck the police and I make voicesand sing songs about people that they may find offensive m. You know you're arebel dive. I am no deny it brow, I'm with me a badge or something don't giveme give me a shiny metal, rebel metal and rebel metal. Yeah just gonna be arival metal, please. This is the point of the program whereI like to think our partners. Yes, indeed, lemon squeezy. These are greatproducts and companies, and you should be checking them out now. We make iteven easier because we get some coupon codes. That's right, Hash Tag, deals,deals it's like stealing nate. It really is it's like running out of thestore with Free Shit, wow called the cops call the Po Po first step. 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Now, last but not least, we have spunk Loob,Oh nate, the SMUNKO. We talk about it every episode, but what else is thereto say? HMM, you can't go for the ride. If you can'tget inside, I think we came up with a new catchrage for them and the you go put that on a tshirt baby. I'm no put that on ashirt. They should do that immediately and send you a royalty check, but yeahspunk Lub is used by professionals in the adult film industry, and now youcan have it delivered discreetly to your home check them out at spunk Lubotoday, and you can thank me later now. What do you say? We hop into some natesnotes: do up your LP its time for na no. No.Last week I went to my first big show back from the year plus long quarantine,I mean I had gone to see a friend play at a bar a couple weeks ago, and I'veplayed a few shows myself since April at a couple, local breweries, but Ihadn't gone to like eight thousand plus capacity venue to see a band sinceeverything shut down. It was cool. This band called between the buried and mewere playing right at the palladium in Worcester, which is super close towhere I live. I was initially supposed to be going with two friends, but theyhad to bay a last minute. Luckily, I found two other friends who wereavailable and also interested the thing about between the buried and me or B tBam. For Brevity, the acronym is that they're not for everyone. They playthis complex nuanced style of metal. That really requires an open mind and abit of patience from the listener. Their songs usually hover around theeight to ten minute mark and they can shift stylistically from super heavyrifts and death, metal growling to like jazz fusion or blue grass, or somebeautiful piano, ballad and then back to metal. Often the shift through several styles,and at least a dozen rifts or melodies in one songtheir albums are these bigcohesive concept pieces with repeating...

...motifs and cal backs, and usually astoryline or basic theme running through the whole thing. They'reactually reminiscent of classic progressive rock bands like yes or KingCrimson, just in a more metal core sort of context on their current tour B. tdam is foregoing any opening acts instead doing a tour called an eveningwith between the berried and me. First is like an hour and a half set thatshowcases songs from across ther now twenty year career after that comes ashort intermission, followed by a second set in which they play one oftheir complete albums. All the way through this is pretty awesome, becausetheir songs work best when heard in the context of the complete record. Thefirst half of the show, while still great, was a lot less satisfying thanhearing them show case, their full creative potential. In the latter halfthe album they performed. The great misdirect is ten years old and it's afan favorite. So for many of us this is a great tour to attend. The greatmisdirect is actually the first record of theirs that came out after Idiscovered them all those years ago. It's their fifth record, but I had onlyjust been introduced to them a year or so prior to its release. It's like thefirst thing they put out that I was actively anticipating, so it has somespecial meaning to me back in two thousand and eight twothousand and nine. I was in a halfway house for paroles. It was the firstreally happy peaceful time in my life. In about a decade of active addiction,I met a lot of great people there from the staff to the other residents to allthese people who would come and volunteer at the house, cooking mealsand just getting to know us. Some of these were church groups, some justfamilies who wanted to be kind and helpful. This one family, the Sullivans,would come cook and eat with us a few times a month. They were that awesometype of family who seemed really wholesome, but they had no issue withthe kind of conversations that invariably took place at a dinner tablefull of ex cons, the younger son, who was maybe seventeen at the time. I wasinto a lot of cool music and we would often talk about different bands. I hadspent the last several years either locked up or on the streets hustling,so my references were a little dated. I once told him how I liked Mister Bunglein the Mars Volta two bands that have fairly schizophrenic song structures.He asked me: Have you ever listened to between the berried and me their mostrecent two records will blow your mind. I confessed that I didn't know them andthe next time the Sullivans came by. He brought me two burned CDs of those twomost recent albums Alaska and colors I'll admit that it took me a while toget what they were doing, but there's only so much to do at a halfway houseand the Internet was very limited back then so I voraciously consumed any newCDs. I managed to get my hands on it. Wasn't long before I was obsessed withgetting lost in their meandering song structures and weird tempos. Every songwas like a journey. The great misdirect came out, not long after that, and nowall this time later, I've become a huge fan of their work, and it's just gottenmore polished and perfected as they've gotten older, so yeah, I'm not a badgroup to herald the beginning of my return to concerts. The two guys I ended up going with areboth working guitarists, who have played their share of live gigsthemselves, they're both scholars of the guitar one teaches lessons and theother works on the instruments themselves. The reason I mentioned thisis that it was good to be at this show with a couple guys who understand justhow hard it is to pull off what B T dam. Do I mean anyone could be blown away bytheir performance, but if you really know how complex and difficult theirmusic is it's that much crazier to see them, do it live so seamlessly so yeahgreat show super happy. I got to see them. I hope there will be lots of moreshows in my future as long as the world doesn't shut down again and as long asit's fairly safe to attend public events at this rate, who really knows, but I'm trying to be optimistic, Yepfuck that no way in Hell, you will get me to go to a live, show. No thank you.UHHA S, hardpass yeah man. You've said...

...that sort of thing before about like atthis age, you definitely are all set with going to live, shows even beforethe pandemic. Even before all that Shit- it's just you had said if the flaminglips, which is a band that you've always loved, they were playing likedown the road from your house like not far from your house, and you were likenow, I'm most you. I remember that yeah I don't want to pack, I don't have topack the cat and get stuck in the traffic. No, thank you. I mean I'm inthis like thing right now, with movies, I see these films being advertised thatI know we're coming out and they only in theaters, and I go oh. Why why Imean I pay off for all these streaming services and I'd be even willing to paya premium, for example, like Disney plus, does towatch these films at home, and this is something I've wanted for years. Thishappened when I first had a kid I was like. They should have a streamingservice that releases new films, so young parents do not have to find ababy sitter and do this and go through the pains of just having a nice nightout and now it's here. It's arrived, understandably for shitty reasonsbecause of fucking pandemics and variants and everything else, but this is what I want this. Is it manand then, when you talk about shows, I just don't want to be around all thosepeople. Yeah has nothing to do with about breathing in their crappy air andgetting sick. It's just. I don't know you. What do I want to be this close toyou anyway, yeah man who are you? You know it's funny that you mentioned that,and I mean it's more for the health reasons, but the first two people thatI was supposed to go with. I mentioned how I ended up finding two replacementsto go with me, the first two backed out because of the Delta Varia and howeverything's, just like, I guess in wister it was starting to get a little.You know out of control, not not as bad as it is in Texas. I imagine, but OhGod, but yes, but in worcester the thing is, I mean, I'm vaccinated.Everybody in my household is vaccine. Everybody I really know, is vaccinated,so I felt a little more safe. The people that were going to go, they havelike a child in the house, that's too young to get the vaccine plus one ofthem has you know some health issues where they may feel less comfortablebeing exposed to you know whatever it is. They felt unsafe because of that,and so it was this mad dash to like it. It was like the day before the show andI've been looking forwards and all o a sudden they're backing on like fuck,and I found two people to go because I didn't even have a ride. That was themain issue. All of a sudden, I'm like Shit, you know. Not only am I losing mytwo friends that were going in the show with me, but they were my ride and like so I told some friends, you know, lookif you you want to come, see this band and they happen to be. It ended upbeing two guys that, like I said, they're working musicians they playguitar, they study the guitar, they know what it's like to play a live showand to make everything click on stage, and these this band is like so manypieces have to fit together, just right for it to sound right like it's so muchchaos and like but organized you know and like, like I said, going from weirdjazz tempos to like death, metal speed to like weird like folk music, like allthe shit, but they do it so seamlessly and it's great and it was nice to go with people who arelike wow. You know, I know how hard that would be. So it's the only thing Ido it in the studio. It's another thing to actually be able to perform that ina live setting exactly man, which is a rare thing. I think yeah nowadays, themore and more. I realize, like a lot of these younger acts, go into the studio.They use all this equipment, they use all this technology, but then, when itcomes to, Oh, they have like a someone else perform on their trackright and then like. When it comes to being a live performance, they don'thave that person there so they're playing. You know it's like. I do,cording yeah yeah exactly and everything else you lay what the fuckall the magic happened in the studio when you had all the tools Dick headright but I'll, be honest man. It's two different art forms. You know, there'sa there's studios and how much fun that can be, and- and if you want you canjust record something, not worrying. If you can do it live and that's its ownart form. It's like like a composer somebody that can co composes something-and it's just like look at this piece of alight. Just like a painting likeyou, may not be able to recreate that painting live, but it's cool to look atso this album. It is what it is, but maybe it's like I don't know. The coolthing was this band between the berried and me: have these crazy albums andthey did that whole album live the since their albums are such conceptpieces and like concept albums whatever they will occasionally go. Okay. Thistour we're doing this album this Tory...'re doing this up and and yeah it'sso cool to see that because it'd be like, I don't know, I don't even know.If I don't know, I guess pink Floy sprobably done the whole wall, you know live or dark side of the moon life. Iwould imagine, but it's that sort of thing where it's a storyline, weirdPSYCHEDELIC, music, different movements like like the wall like dark side ofthe Moon, you know so yeah. It was nice to see thatcomplete piece and as I mentioned it was I had a special place in my heartthat album just but yeah man, I don't know I am hoping that shows- will continue tobe open, but it sounds like I heard nine inch nails just canceled anyupcoming dates. They have for the foreseeable future, because things arejust getting crazy again. Things are getting at a man, so I don't know, butI wonder yeah now, and I know you have experience with this- is you rememberback in the day you be at a show? The music is rocking and pumping you lookover. You See. Some dude looks like he just got face fucked by a grizzly bear,and he just passes you this, like Ratty, looking ass, fucking joint and you justbe like Oh cool man read and you take it and you'd hit it and pass it on andgo throughout. The crowd are those days officially over. They are for me, youknow. Okay, like I didn't see any of that going on. I smelled some weed atone point, but I oh and here's another thing like I wasn't in that huge crowdlike up front. It was a theater, it was you've been to the plading. It's thefloor is just like any place where you're all standing shoulder toshoulder and mash pits whatever it's this whole thing, but we were up on thebalcony like the mezzanine and had seats, and there was space between USand other people, so that was another thing like I felt safer being in thatsort of environment rather than being crushed up front with all the people.You know and yeah. I smelled some pot, but I wasn't going to take a hit ofsomeone past it. I feel, like everyone is bringing their own vaper inside,like I don't even know why you smell pot in a place anymore, just bring avap, you know, may be nobody smells it, but it is what it is for. Those werethe good old days weren't they. You just see some like woman who fuckingpulled a gibber out of her bra right. Yoohoo someone's got some dope yea, soyeah, I hope they're over with I mean I don't know, happily accept that, buthey I don't know college just like I said it's been many years yeah sinceI've even been to one. So the etiquette may have changing now with the wholecorona virus thing who knows, and then you talking about bands playing fullalbums. I know, and I'm sure you've heard of Primis is on the road nowright playing tribute a farewell to kings right by rush I rush. So thatseems to be a theme. That's gotten some steam yeah. I mean it's it's cool. To See, I meanthere's I feel like in the days of the pandemic, where I've mentioned on thisshow before there were so many online performancesand what not like bands found ways to keep fans happy and to still hopefullygenerate some income just performing shows online and doing it from home andzoom in this whole new world- and I don't know it's like you wouldsee things like that, because it was so easy for them to put on a show like allyou had to do was hook up the Internet and you know whatever it was very easy.I wasn't like moving all your equipment to each. You know on a tour buseverywhere, so so bands would do that sort of thing. They'd be like hey whatthe hell- let's, let's just do the whole album. Please the fans like oneof our old classic albums, and you know I saw that kind of a lot to be honestwith you over the last year and that was cool and now that things areopening up again I mean between the Berry. To me are one ofthose bands. As I mentioned, they do that fairly regularly because theiralbums are concept pieces, but I even saw other bands doing a lot of thatover the last year and it's cool because I'm an album person, I'm thetype of person that yeah singles cool or a song. I have favorite songs, butreally I love when a band puts effort into making an album like a cohesivething, or it doesn't necessarily have to have a whole story line or aconnective lyrics, but just put some thought into the flow of it. You knowit starts like this, then there's a lull like a little further on a mellowsong, and then I get some energy. But you know a little bit of thought intoit and, like you know, a powerful closer to the album of power with thelast song that like makes you go yeah, you know at the end, when you turn itoff you're, like Oh man, that was there was a powerful ending and that's one of the things that bandbetween the very me does. They have very powerful closers all the time, soit was cool. I just always consider the desire for liveentertainment a youngperson's game. I like to think of...

...everything like pouring M, because youwatch porn right, but no one ever goes well. I jeeze so much better. If I wasthere well, maybe they do think that, but still there's never an opportunityfor people to go. Oh well, I'm going to go to see this poor n star befor live.HMM! You got to watch a O, though yeah. I guess maybe maybe you're up ending myargument here. Well, I don't I'm with you like I, you know I wouldn't want tobe there. It's like that's a point of point. Is A voyeuristically yes right!Well then, you know you want to enjoy something in the privacy, your own home,you don't you know so for me. That's way more appealing right, especially if you want to master Bateto a record AEXA tly, it's hard to do that at alive setting without gating trouble. Well, who knows it might be welcome. Wedon't know what kind of venues you're visiting but yeah. You know it's just Idon't know man, I'm at the point where it's just like I'd. Rather just doeverything at home. Everything at home is fine by me. I don't care all myentertainment. That is I'd rather do it home. I mean listen to certain thingsthat you can't avoid like. If you wanted to go to. I know, for example, like Jurassic Parkor drastic world. Has This interactive dinosaur experience? If you watch on TVit does you no good, you want to go there and see the animatronics andfucking get freaked out or something I understand all that, but I mean when itcomes to watching a band player, seeing a movie or watching a girl Gaggle on afucking bunch of cocks. I can do that on my cell phone or on mysmart TV, and I don't know it's still as much as that's becoming the norm. Istill get creeped out when I hear things like now. You don't even have toleave the house to do this or now you don't have to leave the house to shopfor this or now you don't because it's like, I don't know like I'm starting toget to the point where, if I stay inside all day, I feel like a like apiece of shit and I feel uncomfortable and I almost feel like anxious and shit.I don't know it's weird. I hear you no, I hear you but that's why I like I goto a park and I'll walk around with my familylike for me. That's when we go out because again back to the health ofreasons you not cram next to anybody or not in a room or anything else, you'refree to Rome and enjoy the beauty that is our world sure and also again itkeeps you from getting anxious or anxiety or feeling Castro phobic. I'mjust kind of staying strictly to the world of entertainment. Okay, I got you,you know I mean I don't I don't ever want to go to a movie theater again. Ireally don't want to at all and fucking. I don't know- and I was even trying tolike I'm, not a smart guy. I am pretty dumb, but I was like trying to think ofokay. Well, how much, for example, does Disney lose money wise? If I don't haveto go to a theater to see this movie? Are they making more money by chargingme a base rate of safe thirty dollars? Because what, if I go, see the movieand it's a matinee, so I'm only paying whatever six bucks a ticket and thenthey get a percentage of that has to go to the movie theater and then all theother money is going to concessions anyway. So how much is the the movie production company reallymaking off my ticket? But if I just give them boom is thirty bucks? I meanI got no friends, so I'm not I'm not inviting like twenty people over towatch the movie. I'm not pirating the thing right, so aren't they actuallymaking out. I don't know, I always thought it was the opposite, and I thought because tickets now are soexpensive and yeah. You can go to a matinee for cheaper, but if you pay thebase thirty dollars whatever for that premium access, that's just a one timeshot after you've seen two or three movies. It seems like they'd, bemissing out, like they're losing money after, however, many movies, if youwatch a bunch of them and actually scarlet Joe Hanson, was, is in thatlawsuit with Disney. You saw that yeah, but about how the rest of the Avenger'smovies all got these big, theatrical releases and were able to make so muchmoney because the ticket prices are so expensive and now it's it's thrown alloff. Just for her movie specifically, and I mean yeah she's kind of a victimof circumstance. It's not like anyone targeted her for it, but she does havean argument. You know it is kind of like it sucks you know like, but Idon't know if that's grounds for a lawsuit, I mean you know, you've got tomake do with what's happening. You got to kind of deal with it. At least themovie came out. You know yeah, I I don't know the specifics of that likeif it was her contract and it was t you like she got a percentage of the sales.I don't know because that that's the only thing that would make sense to meand I'm not well read on it yeah, because either we talk out our Assala.Of course our ass is our favorite mouthpiece, but the thing is is like:When you see that just on the surface at all, it makes me think of likemetallica versus napster or something where you got these multi millionairebillionaire sayinghey, W W W and you're... well you're, still making moneyoff something. No, no, no, I'm not making my full fucking amount off ofthis. I know people are suffering out there in the world, but I got to get memines. Yes- and I know that's not the full deal, I understand that you know,but the same time I mean this. The initial thought sure I mean yeah. Itdoes seem a little tone deaf. You know it seems a little like at face valueanyway, it seems a little like yeah that doesn't look great, but at thesame time it's also the whole. You know well she's a woman she's only like thesecond woman lead character in the avengers to get a movie and is it youknow, that's not fair to you know I'm as liberal as they come, but itseems like there are people that are kind of latching on to that. Like it'slike not fair to the woman, when it's that's not the point, you know it'slike it wasn't. That's just I don't know again. That's collateral theAmageshtin because of this pandemic. It's not like someone's, like it's justa woman's movie, we're just going to put it out on this. Like you know whatI mean, if they could, they would have, they would have capitalized like theydid with Captain Marvel. It was like this. The first female led, you knowthey it's very important to have those things, but at the same time it seemslike I don't know there are people that latch on to things and kind of make toobig of a deal. I tell you what I would love to be herlidice yeah. I bet the Louis here a little for Scott. A joins O call back,calour crowd, Fisher or Crow r scarlet. You, like my Bolo time. You can be yetback so the way way back yeah. But the thing I don't know man, this fuckingnews. Lebe get me start on news news bothers me. I can't I don't know whatthe fuck you know. I was watching TV the other day and there was acommercial and it was for a new show on the local channel called verified, andit said you watch news all day, but we are here to tell you if what you'veheard is real in the like. We fact check this and that and I go what thefuck is, the point of the news anymore. If now I need a separate show to tellme if I just watched was legitimate right right, like what the fuck is, thematter with the world. This misinformation campaign is one of thegreatest successes right I've ever seen. If we had put half the effort we didinto Miss Information. Imagine the things that we could accomplish as arace as a species is a culture. Is Everything right, but we don't right,there's too much money to be made in misinformation and too much power to begotten, no matter who it's from, I m. that's not a partisan thing. It's just.It is what it is like if you can somehow get people to spend their moneyor get people to vote for you or whatever it is, and it takes you kindof been in the truth or in this day and age completely. Making Shit up likeyeah and and the problem is there's enough of that, going on where andeveryone starting to doubt, what's real and it's making things so muddy and alot of it is yes, the problem with with the Internet and now accessible it is everyone. Can access the bullshit likeyou if you want to spread some bullshit and you do a good enough production onyour video or you're, whatever you're putting together like it will getbelieved by enough people where all of a sudden yeah it's just. I don't knowit's just too easy to confuse some asshole producing a video at home witha verified news piece or whatever you know it's. If you create enoughdistrust, you can just make you can. I don't even know what the endgave your s like. What's the point like what a yourself I'll twist it up like apretzel there body I mean you just say we fucked up the Internet, we reallydid we fucked it up a well. The key is to cause that kind of distrust and thenconvince people that you're the only one that has the truth. That's the endgame is just to get people to believe that yours is the right one, and youknow that's the game. If you can do that, man good our podcast is the onlypodcast that matters. That's right, the selling out show is the only place youshould be getting podcast entertainment from its right if anybody else saysotherwise they're bull of shitting. Yes, we talk out of our ass, but if anybodyelse says something different lies, that's right, yeah, that's all it isman, I'm telling you fucking, I well! You know to get off of that yeah,because we could spend all day on that and we probably will you know, I'm glad you enjoyed yourshow. I M glad you didn't get sick from going to your show, because you are infact fully vaccinated, that's right to which everybody should really go out,and do I don't care about your arguments? All I know is this: Is thatyou're angry that you have to wear a mask? Now? Is Your fault yeah andunvaccinated it's going to get worse. So if you're like a mass, is a big deallike asking someone to put on a mask is...

...the equivalent of putting barbed wireon your genitals. Well guess what, in probably six months time you're goingto have to wear a fucking biohazard suit, because your ass refused to getvaccinated and you're going to fuck it up for everybody else, so I meanthere's so many common sense arguments out there on the Internet that arebeing ignored, safety reasons or even to kind of like quell anybody's doubtsand why they should get something they're, not really sure what it is putinside their body. I mean just fucking, be a decent person, you cock, sucking,go, get fucking vaccinated, stop making life Shitty for everybody else, andthat applies to many other things to stop being a fucking Dick Bag, whateverit maybe don't cut off that guy in traffic jerk yeah at least until thekids can get, can get their vaccinations, the ones that haven'tbeen able to yet once everyone's available, and they can get the onesthey want, like the ones who want it can get it after a while. It's like thehospitals are just starting to get fed up and be like look. If you can't likeright now, the kids still are a risk because they're not in control ofwhether they can be vaccinated or not, but the ones that are choosing to notvaccinate themselves are. I don't know it's once once everyone's vaccinated. Thatwants to be it's kind of like all right. You guys. You know the problem is, and it fills up thehospitals, though you know what I mean well and then the virus just feeds offthe people who didn't get vaccinated and goes. I know how to get strongernow right, mutates, I'm going to mutate, so fuck, your vaccine, I mean I Ishouldn't even talk. Sometimes because there's many years I was like I'm notgoing to get a flu shot. Yeah Yeah I never got a flu shot either. Thelast person on earth will be me and a bunch of cockroaches fuck the flu shotand then now, as with everything with time with age, with getting wiser andhopefully a little bit more compassion start realizing what the fuck was. Ithinking so yeah yeah. Well, I don't know you know youknow so yeah but anyway, I think that does it forour show today. What do you say? Nat You get anything else you'd like to addbefore we hit zero? No, I was just going to say yeah man we're windingdown and we're getting into these topics that are like we can just go on.We should have started the show with this ship like now. Let's spare ourlisteners that have probably heard US talk about the shit constantly likethis yeah. They know the format of the show you like these guys, don't usescripts man, they just free ball and then, by the end of the show they get.So God, Damn angry they're in the weeds. Just do go and kick your dog yeah.Don't do that? Don't kick! Don't kick a stranger's dog. Please don't kick anydogs? No! No! No! No, but I want to think each and every one of you fortaking the time to tune in today virtual hugs for everyone. I am Davethat is nate, and this has been the selling out show.

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